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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Amarillo, Texas Senate fill Robe kinds venture termed a failure Washington up a Senate investigators ended an eight year study of the trouble plagued tfx fill warplane Friday by accusing former Deputy defense Secretary Roswell l. Gilpatric of Quot flagrant conflict of interest in the contract award to general dynamics corp. He and other High Pentagon officials of the Early 1960s, led by defense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara were charged with compounding a management blunders on the tfx by deliberate attempts to deceive Congress and the Public about their mistakes. A Idle tfx program has been a failure a declared sen. John l. Mcclellan d-ark., in a Senate speech to present the voluminous report of his Senate permanent investigators subcommittee. A a a Mcnamara ordered the swing Wing Multi purpose plane to serve both air Force and Navy needs and thus theoretically save Money. Bul there were Early technical problems and its sophisticated electronics gear proved so expensive it had to be Cut Back. The most serious flaw was a weakness in the fills wings discovered a year ago after a Wing fell off one of the planes at Nellis air Force base Nev. Altogether the fill has been involved in 15 crashes three of them in Southeast Asia and numerous groundings. More than Soo of the planes which can Fly As fast As 2,000 Miles per hour have been completed and 183 Are operational performing principally As fighter bombers. The Navy cancelled its interceptor version completely because it was too heavy to use aircraft Carrier flight decks. A a a the subcommittee said Gilpatric now a lawyer in new York City a obviously should have disqualified himself from taking any part in the decision to award the tfx contract to general dynamics because of his prior connections with the company. Gilpatric said in new York that before he entered the Pentagon he was an a a outside Legal Counselor to the company on nonmilitary matters and that attorney general Robert f. Kennedy a office had expressed the opinion in 1963 that there was no conflict of interest. Mcclellan never finished Bis speech because of interruptions from a number of senator., including Henry m. Jackson d-wash., praising the subcommittees efforts. A tile record shows unequivocally that he deliberately attempted to mislead the subcommittee regarding his relationship with general dynamics corp. As it existed before he accepted appointment As Deputy Secretary a Gilpatric 64. Served at the Pentagon from 1961 until 1964. A a a a the record makes Clear the fact that he was a top level policy Counselor to general dynamics for 2vi years immediately before his appointment and that he was a de Facto member of the company a Board of directors a the subcommittee added. A the record shows that he Home edition Amarillo daily news vol. 62, no. 39 Amarillo Texas saturday morning december 19, 1970 34 pages 2 sections Price 10c 600 exposed to radiation season for -s?0ff of Vav Nick they re off to see the wizard a from left l Inda Templeton As Dorothy Ken Hin Don As the scarecrow and Renee Shapiro As the Witch appear in the Peter pitied players production of a the wizard of Ozz at Amarillo Little theatre. The show opened Friday night and performances Are scheduled at 2 30 and 7 30 . Today. See Story on Page 28. Salary cuts hinted o for Potter employees la site of nuclear Rte. A i Esting Mercury Nev. Apr about boo workers were evacuated from the Nevada test site Friday after an underground nuclear test shot blew a plume of radioactive dust 8,000 feet in the air the atomic Energy t of Mission said. It via it the largest number of persons reported exposed to radiation at the 1.35itsquaremile test site located in Barren de serf 80 Miles Northwest of Las \ Egas since underground testing began in 1983. The dec said a radioactive air mass was moving a North and Northeast very slowly but that radioactive Levels were a dropping very a a a the dec emphasized the level of radioactivity traced be. Pond the test site boundaries was a very lows and said it was Well within permissible Levels or humans. No towns in the immediate area of the test site were reported evacuated the closest town i is Alamo w Ith about 250 residents some to Miles North. An dec spokesman refused to say if it was possible the radioactive air mass would Cross the United states boundaries. Such an occurrence if it happened would violate the 1963 4 above ground nuclear test ban treaty signed by the United states Russia and other a Lions. The radiation was the second reported in four underground nuclear test shots Here since wednesday when minor spillage from one test Rose 400-500 feet above ground and was con fined to within the test shot site. Participated in the tfx award proceedings and that he advised Secretary Mcnamara to give the contract to general dynamics belatedly he admitted these facts under Cross examination by the subcommittee after the staff had discovered the True it also accused former Navy Secretary Fred k o r t h of a a impropriety and charged that former air Force Secretary Eugene Zuckert had written an inaccurate memorandum attempting to justify general dynamics selection Over the Boeing co., which had submitted a lower bid. Pentagon selection boards and military experts recommended Boeing on four occasions the panel said but this unanimous advice was overruled by Mcnamara Gilpatric North and Zuckert with no a paper work. No documentation and no special staff Mcnamara a efforts at reach ing the decision it said a can at i Best be described As capricious lacking in depth and without factual a a a Mcnamara who left the Pentagon in late 1968 to become president of the world Bank refused comment on the report criticizing his decision to build a tactical fighter Homber that could be used by both the air Force and the Navy in the 1970s at a projected savings. Mclellan said o Ginal plans called for building 1.726 fills at a Cost of $5.8 billion. But he said the program will end in 1972 with Only 538 planes costing at least st.9 billion or $14.7 million apiece. A the Navy has abandoned its version the f111b entirely because the planes could not operate off carriers he said. A and the air Force has i removed All its fills Horn. Combat Aln a series of i Auto Plant fire kills 15 in Brazil Sao Paulo Brazil up a at least 15 persons were killed and dozens of others injured Friday when a giant tire swept through the Volkswagen factory in suburban sat Bernardo do Campos largest automobile Plant in latin America i police said the death toll could Rise As Many of the a injured were in serious condition. I the fire broke out in one Wing of the Plant where tires were mounted and the1 vehicles painted. The collapse of a Terree Story Wing shortly thereafter trapped police firemen and Plant Security workers. Estimates of the damage ran into the millions of dollars. Volkswagen do Brasil announced immediate suspension of production throwing some 50,000 workers out of jobs. A wire photo not her cd list nuts la till is a la or j mrs Carroll o. Rain of Albany ga., buddies her son Michael 32, at a ceremony at the state Capitol in Atlanta Friday honouring the families of prisoners of War and men missing in action. Her husband. L. S. Navy cmdr Anoil rain has been missing for 3 2 years. Good mar run of the Sun has shone Over Amorino 336 of 1352 Hoys in 1970. The forecast Calls tor a mostly Cloudy turning much colder with licht Snow. Partly Cloudy tonight and sunday. High today in toe upper 30 s. Low tonight in the Middle 20s. High i sunday in the upper 40 s with northerly winds 20 to 30 Miles per hour. By Jack Bonk staff writer salary adjustments made dec. 7 by the Potter county commissioners court May have to be Cut by Jan i. A county official said Friday that because of a decrease in population in the county since the 1960 census the salary adjustments which in most cases meant raises for county officials and employees is its an 1971 1960 by go beyond set by state Law the salary adjusting which were contained in amendment to the i budget were based on census estimates. The legislature however passed a Law in 1963 requiring that county salaries be adjusted according to the official Federal census which will be available at the first of the year. Lid i in Chance or moisture by Jack Clark staff writer a Canadian cold front which breezed into the Panhandle Friday night will make last minute Christmas shopping hippy throughout the Golden spread. Although skies were Clear As far North As Springer Nal at 6 ., the cold air Wras already moving into the North Plains at that hour with Dumas registering a 9 degree skid in temperatures within a 45-minute period Between 5 15 and 6 . A a a meteorologists said the rapid southward movement of the system held Little Promise of moisture a bad news to the area w h i c h is undergoing what May be the driest year in its history. By 9 ., the cold air was sweeping past Childress in the Southeastern Panhandle but Clouds were few at that hour As most Panhandle stations reported skies Clear to partly Cloudy. A a a agricultural advisories issued by the National weather service told Farmers of the South Plains to expect a some form of freezing precipitation but the much needed heavy moisture the Region has been hoping for was not Iii sight. Brisk winds were whipping Boise City okla., near Sunset and temperatures w Ere already in the 20�?Ts at Garden City Kan. And Lajunta Colo. By contrast Austin Dallas fort Worth and Waco All had record highs for the Date Friday afternoon and Southern portions of Texas were in 1960. The official census estimate for the population of Potter county was 115,580. The figure for 1970 for 1970 is 87,98,i. A a a Potter county j u d g e Edw Ard b. Nobles said Friday afternoon that county atty. Naomi Harney is studying the situation and the commission has Hopes of coming up with a tentative picture before the first of the year. An official in the attorney general a office in Austin said Friday that the effect of the census on salaries varies with various offices in county government and therefore each particular office has to be looked at separately to determine How much a salary will vary. An amendment to the 1971 county budget was approved Dee. 14 by the commissioners court. The amendment called for j adjustments in salaries ranging from a $7,000 increase in the salary of court of. Domestic relations judge Carl Peri Man to a $240 a decrease in the salary of juvenile probation chief e. A. Ballew. The salary increases were the first in three years for county officials and employees. Code named a Baneberry a the latest device planted 900 feet below ground had a listed Force of less than 20,000 tons of int. Like the three previous shots it was a military weapons development test the dec said a a a the dec said about 300 of the 600 workers evacuated from the test Sites northeastern Corner Quot were found to have radiation on their clothing and vehicles a they were made to take what the spokesman described As a nominal precautions such As showering changing clothes and washing their vehicles. Some underwent tests to determine if any radioactivity was present in their bodies. The dec said there was no immediate indication that such was the Case. If first annual meet in City w Spearman mayor selected As new chairman of proc by Hal Marsh staff writer or. D. A Hackler mayor of Spearman was elected chairman of the Panhandle regional planning com Mission at its first annual meeting Friday at the Villa inn. He succeeds r. G. Mills. Amarillo City commissioner who was elected chairman at the organizational meeting of the proc in september 1969. Grady Hollifield Dumas City commissioners was named vice chairman and Wheeler mayor Pete Burton was elected Secretary. Treasurer will he Amarillo City commissioner w. A Nicklaus. In addition to the four officers elected at Large from the 25-county Region five men were elected i rom service areas and will serve on the executive committee. They Are a Sunray Alderman c. Pc Bedwell representing area i Dallam Sherman. Hartley and Moore counties. A a t a Lipscomb county judge elect Warren Jenkins area 2, Hansford Hutchinson Ochiltree Lipscomb Roberts and Hemphill counties. A Tulia mayor w. V. Swin Burn area 3. Oldham deaf Smith Parmer Castro and Swisher counties a Canyon City commissioner Jim Christopher area 4, Potter Randall Carson and Armstrong counties. A Collingsworth county judge Zook Thomas area 5, Gray. Wheeler. Donley. Collingsworth Briscoe and Hall counties. More than too persons attended the afternoon session w hich saw seven n c w members accepted bringing membership in the proc to 43. The general Assembly also approved changes to the bylaws increased dues a budget and a work program for the coming year. New members accepted include the cities of Wellington Clarendon Canadian and Mclean Donley and Armstrong counties and the Donley county Hospital District. Changes in the bylaws created the Only discussion during the session. Randall county judge Carroll Brown and commissioner Bill Butler objected to the expansion of the bylaws which basically spelled out he duties of the executive committee and the executive director. A a a judge Brown objected to the phrase a to eliminate duplication a saying it eventually could eliminate some of the local governments. A we might realize some real Economy and efficiency at the expense of losing Pongee proc on Page 18 it Here to find it expected to feel the bite from see cold on Page 18 Astro guide f amies classifieds editorials inside new Mexico markets not movies obituaries Cadio and to sports weather Page 7 ii 28-33 14 la 24-25 27 18 28 19-23 2 auth 7, hit killed by vehicle Hereford pc a a 17-year-old youth was killed and a 16-year-old girl injured Friday night As they were walking Back toward Hereford i1 a Miles East of Here on la. S. 60 after their Auto stalled. Apparently killed at the scene was Roger Parmer of s14 ave. A who was struck by a vehicle driven by l. L. Shultz of Hereford. The Accident occurred shortly after 8 . Investigating officers said Parmer apparently stepped into the westbound Lane of the Highway shortly before he was struck. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice see mishap on Page 18 All germ warfare stocks in . To be destroyed Washington apr a $12.2 million plan for the com plate destruction of All germ warfare stocks a it As announced j by the Pentagon Friday 13 i months Atter president Nixon renounced the use of these Dis ease carrying weapons j vast quantities of biological i agents in poisonous toxins capable of spreading global epidemics and killing crops will be destroyed under elaborate proce dimes guaranteed the army said to provide a absolute safety and destruction will get under Way Early next year after All Federal state and local Environ mental agencies have reviewed the army a plan. Officials declined to reveal How Large the stockpile is. Saying that information is classified. But the army said it will take a year to finish the Job. Which gives some indication of its size. The materials will be destroyed at their storage Sites at j Pine Bluff. Ark. Rocky Mountain Arsenal Denver. Colo. It Detrick my. And Beale air Force base. Calif. None of the biological agents or toxins will be moved the army stressed. The Pentagon apparently wants to avoid another controversy like the one that flared last year Over the movement of 26,000 tons of Obso-1 Lete nerve and Mustard across country to the Atlantic Ocean for disposal. President Nixon announced on Nev 25, 1969 that the United states would never use biological weapons either offensively or in retaliation for a germ attack. He ordered existing stocks destroyed and pledged this country would limit its biological research a to defensive measures such As immunization and safety last february the ban on Bio logical weapons was extended to toxins the poisonous products of bacteria which produce such fatal diseases As anthrax and typhoid the United states has spent $726 million on its germ warfare program since 1943, said it. Col. Gerald g. Watson project officer in charge of the destruction program. Most of the materials to be destroyed were produced after 1962 when the United states expanded production of germ warfare agents Watson said. Materials made before that time have already been phased out. Watson said that the need to assure Complete safety and to submit the plans to other Federal state and local agencies accounted for the 13 month lag in carrying oui the presidents orders. A the factors of absolute safety and Security were More important to us than Cost and time a he said

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