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Altoona Rustler Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1890, Page 4

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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - March 28, 1890, Altoona, Iowa The Pope favors convalescent from the influenza with exemption from lenten rules 1890. Ayers Sarsaparilla restores strength and vigor. Take it now. Prepared by or j. C. Ayer amp co., Lowell mass. L o euro ruin Wisnes. Sick headache. Constipation. Mulatto Lurer complaints take the Ealo and certain remedy Smiths r-0 sea l8tzi5 <-10 Little Benn to the Bot to. They Are the most convenient suit ail a a. In rect f either size hit cent. Per bottle. Wit cd 45 s Eye at 7, 17, 70 photo array Are Ivow Llew panel size of this picture tor 4 cents coppers or Stamps. J. F. Smith Aco. Makers of a bile Beans a by Louis to. Mil Patent i v 5 t g. Wilson a co sin Vav he Musich a i a wit int to in trial arson e Lii but. The Only Rte in and easy Curt. Or .1.1. Stephen s. I a Hanon. To. Stanley s Kew Book of in col outfit. J. M. Al Tom m a co. Omaha neb. Young men Tress in wanted to team to it i graph or. Situ Titan a in shed it Ai rail i hit it roof Janesville. Wic amp in of Peel lift Aad Staple it f Loi . In pattern. Mention this paper. K j cunning a a it it it a of for by Pees at oldest and bes self rcom Erial College. Circular free. A Ccu to to cd. Barie Dubuque la. Patents and Lur Carmilar. Fete its m pets ions St Hatrick o i , Tel t lit i Bend for a circular. Caw. A , d. It. Ii a pm ii Rill so lift null ail veil i w Reft Ltd Nicy we want an Aiom in every town. A 1 a a a a a i i it it i int Frei lit pre Psi i write at it me for Clr a it a it. . i Jinjr. Ii pub i in ii be at. A a Ini i i f Tun Witt a v or pension without Jug or a # delay put year _ up it i w tui i in i lie hand of jobup1i ii. Ii Nukk atty., watch foal a i it i. Urr or my amp past Shes Vogi saw a 2esr.5�s&hhbl Charleston la. Mas. Ensign \ i ii Pill to 4 to it Ilc. Kuo Csc fury prosecutes claims. Late i in i Jib examiner t p. I fusion Bureau. 3 yrs in int Al i Quot f Aims att late. How to win at cards a Sec pile Clr. A cure thing fell free to i ii i. Iii of a fat aim to Ltd to it a we i,.,.,., a Tel War ill i i Quot. Is Kin. Ski Chou bq., n. V. Potatoes sent of to it Prout i to on a Barer. No experience re Juii it Quot ii. Of r act for sprout in o-1 in e. Add t. A sober Columbus Kansas. Of will but the dest 5-ton Wagon scale 2tzz. Aas bean e z brio. St my for i or it to irs. Fonts he pars in / i Eit vhf Binghamton n. Y. 3 i Ai of # it Quot a want fowl bit Kall Tuy leu it German dry hop yeast. new made a Iii a Quot i twice to it Price common i. We it will a Sun a Ltd i v Listl i us a let by Mil Iliad. Oiler a huh or nil him ii Uci Iii in i i i a Cli get iou in to Tony. A fun i a if ail Oil ain.,. A your a Rolt Quot rim it of or Liu i t i Wiel to Illet Vuk amt to. Oms it Aku. Chichester s English pennyroyal polls Yaj cml Cross Diamond la ruins. I. Tto silly i Pill t Haft. J i / lot cur dint is Auk let Rulu for it Tole i 7. I Quot a a id la not. 1 red in lid Ai \ a tor a a i lbs we. Tali nuut . Aum. Of it urm is for Petru Tuiuri Aal a a Keller fur i i lid Tea a in utter in mull. Same i Aper. Cal Cletur chemical ce., Mainsail ny., to Hll Udu l a. A it a Erin a i to hat a t re to n w eatts r Wist me. Of a a us in Gnu curled be. On Clabau. Ohio. I or a Erlb and fully sailors by ii a Only ftp1 a i to or than Taiti fur Eft i it of be. U. Ii. I. O i a i \ i it. A Muter flu to i. N. V. We in Ltd sold big for Many years and ii Lins Civet Tiiu licit of Sal tut nun. Ila do us. Of. I Alnico. I. Is of. Sol i by in a the great French remedy Kava Fournier. Fok la Union i. \. Over. A a ,.c it a a it rss of i lit cried in ii Ding la ii a a a a ,. Lifted Iii i m it Gay ult v rein la a tier Leistn. A a. J i r a i ii in in ii 11,t t inno i ii Muir. I w. Til i i a i ii a Iii y in new i,.re i i Tkel Heiy t Iii i i i i i Hill a i ump w itch Al her re m. Liter Rel lev i 111 la m i i f Rei Diedier sent it i -. It Wui. Her Udemie Smidi it it t my Kuva i n ruler a my ii it the cold i Star when Ila was left. Quot bless me. Tailor a hotly cried Quot Vout re made these trousers All too wide i the wind blows Way the inside then replied the tailor bold Quot for me this Day too serine ii cold you know your Bill la growing old a grand Junction. Colo naked Savages in Brazil. Nis Overle of or. Elire Nelch on the a Aguaya diver. Or. Ehrenreich a German explorer speaking of the Carara tribe of native brazilians says Quot this tribe i found on both Banks of the a Aguaya River in the province of Goy a far in Tho Interior. I believe no White Man has Ever studied them carefully before certainly to my knowledge they have never been described. They present Many Points of interest for the student of Orth topology. Their Man ners Are primitive to a remarkable degree and their customs unique. At the same time the men Are a Hardy Light footed and fairly intelligent set and the women who do the bulk of the work of the family and Community while less intelligent Are none the less Well formed. They nil have coarse Black hair which the men keep Short. A the women Wear Bangs strikingly suggestive of those affected by the caucasian ladies. Their hair is a Glossy color and their eyes Are so Bright and Black that they Shine like beads. Their skin is a very dark Coffee color. The men Wear no clothing the women a Breech clout Only. Their ornaments Are of Bone and shells worn around the neck in Tbs upper lip lower lip Aud can. Men and women alike Wear necklaces and the former Wear Eagle Feath ers in their hair and on their War Caps As befit warriors. Their weapons Are quite formidable consisting of Bone and Stone tipped Spears eight to ten feet Long and a Long Bow from which five foot arrows Bone tipped and feathered arc shot with great accuracy. A the Carara live in thatched Hilts the Corner posts and roof beams of Whit it arc made of roughly Cut Trees the Walls and roofs of Reeds and Pampa grass. They have a notably heavy jaw Aud slither dogged expression of a Tenn a Tiou. They seem to be Brave and lather Thrifty race. The menus faces arc notably More pleasing than those of the women. Both have Well proportioned shoulders urn limbs and Are capable of great ice 80,000 years old. A win in in Wheeli Titer i perpetual Frost. A few ?0to4 of to sube cure for poles ssi Bheim it it of. By a. Kimii i it it a . Ltd i s in j Khi i a a <70 is id by till to a. I i a out i of o Timnit Aivil et., Fen Tufo. In a. Of. Hut i Tom Felt a aft a co. Agr ills lie Mottle i a a cil Fornis a a a 9t.se i it ii la nil la. Wee i mph i Joi i i to in hic i i i 1111 i a i a in a cum ,i. Ji40 j a i oft1,1 int. Al. Ii alumni it. I i Iii. ,.i out i among 11 i m or i t a ll.1 la. I i in ii of a if la i i i lilt la my in non Ullin 1 i ill a i ii Iii 1�?~ihtnim of him san Iii Velev Mill my ado to i it 111 fair i k Iii i i i ill ,.mum a ill in Eva forum Vii i a a of a .nr,.miming Limner a i i i by no to ii to in i it in i ii i a my in i ii,.rill i in Al or nut is Rorr Suzhu in Wpm i a . In 1.1, Liftin ��i.,�?~ in it a i Hill i add .111 i Aillet of via ill Iroito la Ami , Ini made with Boi la no Wati. It. Of a Dor p p is 9 grateful com Fth f i no. Of o a Maul wit if boiling milk the All ii us Ltd of Hie Stevens mine on mount Mcclellan California is 2,500 1< i. At the depth of from a it to go i fret the a review matter ing of Silica Rah it Quot Ami tire. To it it it the surrounding Wall Rock is a solid Frozen mass Kays Ai. Exchange. Molt Lei inn in one of the highest a a to i ii spurs of the Sii Ouy Range. It has the form of a Hure Shuo w till a bold a Cai Pun i of Fehl spare Rock nearly ooh feet High. Which in some places is nearly perpendicular. Iii descending into mine no Lii ii unusual occurs until a depth of rightful ninety feet i reached a Lien the i Rozyn Terri Tuff begins and Eon Linnies in Arof fact. I Bere Are no indications of a thaw summer or Winter. I he ii Hole of Quot ii Lei of Frozen Walls is sunup my by massive rocks. Miner being unable to the Frozen material with pick am .Rill in the usual Way foil my that Tho Only i to mini ill a ii Peculiar lode Ivas to kindle a huge lire again the Quot fat e i., the Tunnel and in the Moi Bing take out Lite Ore that had been thawed Loose during the night. In filet this Vias the. Only Mode of mining used while going through Tho fro ii Belt ome ten or lift in veal since. The i ii ii Del is non Many Hundred b it deep and i ill i Here i tut diminution of the Frost. There is so Buas eau be Sien. No opening or Channel i trough h in ii the Lent could put it is Iii v a i v Rem lied such a dept ii from the surface. Resides this there Are Many other mines in the same Vicinity Iii a like Frozen state. I in i lie.i i ital i he Rock Ivas deposited in glacial times when Thoro Walt old enough to freeze the very Earth a heart. Iii that ease the mine is aft ice Hun a n 11 o m store Bai e remained unt hawed for it Lea Tho i Joo Veals. The phenomenon is not uncommon or inexplicable when openings can be found through which a current of air can pass hut cases which like Lite Stevens Mille. How no Oplt using Lur Fiir i urn it must be referred to imbedded iceberg. Of the glacial period. Over kussiau.1 have settled in mid around kill1 in it a1, o it Liq it if d. Second Fretter Iron a. A. I. Heitor Iii Ilia Anil a ii Inibig Ilia previous statements about this Heinatz Katie fruit and Terion its general climate and Tien i thin i Ness. An invitation to Send for description and particulars and a Good for method of examination. In Imi it rn>.\. C<do., mar. To i Suo Al. My nue inn a hmm. Since writing my letter of Lait. 1 from Brand Valley Many i tiers of inquiry have been sent by your readers to the grand Junction Board of Trade asking whether the statements therein set Forth were reliable. I now wish to reiterate every Stati ment made in my former letter the mein Points being that braid Junction Valley it Dorado has an ally ear round climate unsurpassed it be world that it Lins no extremes of heat or Eold. No cyclones or blizzards very few Cloudy Days nearly perpetual Sunshine is especially a adapted for those suffering from Pulmonic trouble and for invalids of ail i lasses is one of the Bliest fruit producing valleys of the world mid offers grand Ospur to unities for invalids w Ith a Small capital to i ii a by an easy and intr competence in raising fruit that ten acres of land set out in fruit .Rill vivid Mote net it Ash per year than average 800-acre farm of the Western states and that too with less than one tenth of Fri capital Quot i labor. I ii no Lut i spoke Prim i ally of fruit raising. Now i Nych to Call attention to the fact that veg it tables of All kinds Al it id abundantly and that White the fruit Trees a re go. Wing soffit inc vegetable and Small fruits can be raised Between the fruit Trees to More than pay All expenses of taking care of an Orchard. A Large Tannery will be built in Brand Junction ready tor next Hummer s crop of vegetables and the Mountain towns of adjacent mining sections furnish ample markets at Good profits. Sweet potatoes if a Fine Quality grow abundantly in the Slimy land and sell readily in the adjoining i ii us at from one Dollar and fifty cents Toto dollars per Bushel. I think that of the people w ii i contemplate a i Bange Mould Pool tog r itrel fend out Small committee from Moug their number to 1< of Over the advantage offered by this a von d locality it would so be div result Iii turning what is re a a Praet Catly a desert in one of Tbs most famous fruit valleys of world. Cram Jum Hon Boa id of Trade have recently issued a circular that covers nearly All ti., Points of inter St Bere and their it ret Ary will gladly Send a fret a on to anyone feeling sufficient interest to write for it. W. W. I. Wyoming territory is one of the Fen pined w Here women have a Quot direct influence Upton legislation. And Wyoming proposes to put on bachelors who have reached the age of thirty five years a special of in cranium. Syrup of Fife. Produced from the laxative Aud nutrition juice of California Fig combined with the to edit Mal Virtues of plants know n to be most beneficial to the human system arts gently on the kidneys liver and Hon Els. Effectually cleansing the system Olds aul headaches and curing habitual constipation. The weight of the great Greenland or right ii Hale i said to be too tons or220,<xxlponnd-Eijual to that of i Glitz eight elephants or 44 Bear. The Whah in lie in such a whale May by taken at if. W pounds and the Oil at from i i to Ito Tun. Scott a emulsion of pure to Ltd diver Oil with for children awl i nunnary tron bar. Ii w k Roy Point pleasant w. A says a i have made a thorough test with be ifs i us lion in pulmonary 1 rouble and general debility Iii have been ado Nishell it theg Ikel a nits for children with Llie Ket and Maras us it is to first Wagon main to Ider the v Otic r. In it Ion n Hen recently open i to sell lenient contained ten barrels of whisky Aud one bundled logs of Beer. It ii of a i. I Tow s. In. Feb. 25, ikat., j his in to certify that i have received great i in cult from the of win. Radam s microbe killer me it i. Hoard Man agent when noun neck ing its-1. I a troubled wit to nervous prostration and heart trouble. Have in in taking microbe killed for several month arid can cheerful la Reeo Aumend it to it it to afflicted. La Greco bail a. A Umi calculating machine. Invented Iii France obtained a Gold medal at the exhibition. The Midi Bine does addition multiplication and division with a Bis blog rapidity mid All by a turn of the w Tel. a ta., i cd. It. Imm. The Itada Mie Vobe killer co., by. Joseph to. V. M t. Ice pleasure Iii rating that Sale of die microbe killer has been Good. Aud Satis faction to purchaser has been general. In noise in w e Beard oms lain w. i m v t. Quot tits some lists Quot arc a new soil of nil urns kept by Young ladles who when they find a guest a bore go t him to write his name i the 1� of and then leave Bim to discover the title a ii. I he Novi r. A Poi i., i Mirror free to sin it key s of a tut Sill s i it Uay a . Cigar. A Lieis to of paper made from the web of the White spider Iii Bong Kong Luna is in the of n new \ Ork inti. It is As Light is air and almost a Trail Span . Helena the haul if i. Leading City of the great Northwest. In sur Paskil in d ii or cab health giving Cli mat and opt sort unit is for profit Utie end and line Traci t i nil information free upon application tort. 8. Appleton Helena Morgana. I it a philosophical principle Tho Light beads i in Iii is jus to e fellow to fall on hts to 11. It is Aid that mrs. Kendal a bought a Tho i hat it -. Hall Quot for production in Londo Cheyenne . In i lie t by in derm repo i upon Hie Lului Ustim it Vav Yon Init. Many fact were Given going to a How her As Richer in resource than any it her Sisters. Run territory Ever applied for. To Mboi mighty qualified. This report Abow the a Petal e la Al a a a to be one of the weal bleat vat cat ii r in the i rid. A she is met St a a Rcd a and to a permit. The Fatmi in Acile hallway Sanuw Rny try Jet in slip there. I Quot f ii Mui amt employ i a men. Till tact Coni. J with the orly admits on it the mtg the i causing a Rush to i ii k v a a k. Hut Ber i Salty la Alit Low we have the Hest radiance jump cry in the City and Otter Iii mini to 11. who will build a toiling to Supply the Linin edit the Maitil and Wei will net Twenty to tvs por Oit to induce a Quick espouse. Will i melted Monitor Quot i Mot a take in to till in Clem land or Cli Attles a mum 11 Cash nay infill. A Annc in one. Two and three a Mars All Ai our hey line Quot till e of address Interior land h id la a ii mgr Iii of company Ike Artex fit ii re Rado. Die Model husband Are the men who never mat \. A cat show ought to in hold Iii a me scum. Many Fine dinner a served is a course Way fortunate chicagoan. In he 111.i a Kansas traveler. Mal it. In the february Lith drawing of the Louisiana state lottery two f our Cit Lien Drew Cash prizes hich have made them wealthy of. A. Humburd. Of no. Is Mitro Politan Block is one of the Lucky citizens. To a traveler representative or. Bui Bui j said a a a held one quart Sirof ticket no. 4< mid which Drew the third capital prize of . The Asb $13, 500, War it caved by my Al rough the american is i Barlics Kozoil Al a it o., Bankers at id Washington by collected tor a customer. Through the state National Bank it let new t it in it an one twentieth of Loket no. Milch Drew the to Ajtal prize of . Or. Kor min Al in answer to Lii Airlee of the reporter mid Quot i have no authority to give the name of enjoined tor Vrh oin Telb collection wag made it is a fart. To Quot Ever thai ticket a promptly Honor of Aud the $15,000, lab Pat of. Of Lection planed to a be tilt of the Dej it i of caught his a new York Bun if six year old boy who Rode up fifth Avenue in a stage the other Day Doe not turn out to Quot be it Genius it will not lie the fault of his father. The latter looked like a prosperous banker and was Reading his paper. The boy who Knelt beside him. Was neatly dressed my kept up a running fire of question from fifty first Street to Madison Square. But the father w As so interested Iii the newspaper that be did not listen to these questions and answered them merely to keep ids son from Boring other people. The stage was Well filled when they it entered and As the youngster climbed Union the scat lie said a a of ii. Papa. What makes that lady a Cheeks so red of a Quot yes my a does she use paint of Quot Quot i guess a just like that of Sisters that made my sick when i at it Quot is that gentleman a sneak thief in a Quot should t wonder a a were Vou Ever a burglar a the prevailing phases. A great place to study Bumbau nature this a lie queried As he swung himself upon the platform and air sets crushed a boys toes i dict his big foot. 44mott Foo lot of it a he continued As he puffed the smoke from an ill Small lug Cigar into the open door. a it i a regular school to you a he said As be persistently stood in the Way of a lady trying to alight. a Bee All phases i sup Oseff is by crowded to it men along to get i on n bulk against the railing. Quot what phases predominate a a the hog and the idiot a briskly replied the conductor As he rang the Bell for a Street Eros in Gnew anti Superb dining car outfit. The dining cars just completed for i be great Rex Island rot the not Only embody All the latest improvements in general use but Especial and distinctive features of Excelle Nei w hich Render them Superior to Ordinary dining cars. They w ill he placed on the Rock j St a Jeu route West of the Missouri Uret on and after March 28rd. Isi and Quot ill impart the crowning Grace of perfection to its Boud be Stimen trails giving that Road a continuous Thoron it Xix cab by vice Between Chicago and Denver it and Pueblo. The Rock Island is the Only line that runs two Vestibule express trains every afternoon from Chicago to Denver. It is not Only the fast line. But it is also the most completely equipped of All the Colorado roads with elegant Day coaches Pullman sleepers free redlining chair cars arid the finest dining cars in the world. The Only one. The Chicago Milwaukee amp by. Paul railway is the Only line running solid Vestibule electric lighted and steam heated trains Between Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Minneapolis. The Chicago. Milwaukee debt. Paul railway is the Only line running solid be Tibule a electric lighted Aud steam heated train bet wet tilt Leago. I Uncle Bluffs Aud Omaha. The berth Reading Lam feature Iii t lie Pullman sleeping cars run on these lines is patented Aud Cannet be used by any other railway it m partly la i the great improvement of Mirage. Try it Aud be convinced. For further particular apply to the nearest Coupon ticket agent or address a. V. La. Arpen tvs general passenger agent Milwaukee Wisconsin. Cd 11 Lorn in . Pullman tourist bleeping ear excursion t it California and the Pacific coast Points leave Leago every thursday Kansas it by every Friday via the Bauta be route. Ticket rate from Chicago $47 50. From Kansas t by $35.00 by Ping Cai rate from it Birago $4.00 per Doubli berth from k an-a-1 it v it a on per double berth. Kary thing furnished except meal i Lese excursions Are Wjk a soundly conducted by expert Encell excursion managers who a company parties to destination. For excursion folder t Ostaf nitty full particulars and map Bilder and time of the Bauta be route and reserving of duping or berth. Addre a. In Osgood to n. At. A. T. A b. V. I i. To re by. Des Moitis first one of five. Any who Are it a visit or trip this sept oct w ill be glad to see announce of d the first of a Sei Lesof five excursion via. Tim min it pods amp by. In Nils railway which i arranged for april 22nd the others will follow May a Jufith. Bette inner itch and add and to Toloei nth from All Jauts in Iowa to Jed not Oil Hie Lim a the Minneapolis vol Louis railway w e t of Franklin also through of. Paul and of Yueai it Olls to All Jwo inns North and wet thereof at rata of one fare for round trip. Tickets Good for thirty Days Quot till Stop Over privileges. Inquire of your local agent or ail dress. M Pratt. Actg ii. T. A p. A. Minneapolis m Jiuu Haw hates to the far far wow via. The Chicago by. Paul a Kaii As City Bacilli a and i Vonnee Tighue. Five Home seeker excursions during the month of april May. Be get pm Ber and a a it tidier i Siti. It it Ade ire to go out West and by ome wealthy Avail your Elf of the extreme a Low hate announced for these Kocur Ion. Fol rates and detailed information Call upon i Pieket agents or address j. If. Green. General agent pass a de if j. Brooks. Travelling l ass r agent Kirkwood House Des Moines Iowa. The widow who wears the longest mourning veil i generally the one who cuts across lots to find another husband. Nat of Elwin is rending a play called a the congressman a by charts Dickens Ottawa Kansas. I in Hallam microbe killer co., by. Joseph to i have been afflicted with rheumatism. Neuralgia Aud kidney troubles for sixteen years and have tried almost every kind Quot i Medicine anti have found no Perm agent Relief. I have Lieen taking your microbe killer for three weeks and find myself feeling better than i have for fifteen year. My. I. J. lit it by a a k ails. Rudolph Llano the dramatist who died in poverty it be Horn Berg wrote 173 plays. When baby no sick we Gar her cast or la when she a a child she cried for Asteria when Abe became miss Abe Clung to it ast Ria when Aho had children Ehe rave them Cantoria something Nice for the major. One night recently major a torah went out to see his Best girl. And the Little brother came Down to entertain him until the Young lady appeared. Quot ainu to your birthday purty soon a asked the child. Quot yes a replied the major with a smile and a Hope. A i i ave Yon got nov use by a dazzle dazzle continued the boy. A not that i am aware a responded the major innocently. A a that a just like Girts ainu to of Quot remarked the boy wisely. Quot sister said she ii As going to give you a Lazzlo Dazzi for a birthday present. A have you your life preserver Quot she timidly inquired a looking Trust fully into the face of her Lover As the Little Craft Iii which they were seated skimmed gracefully Over the Billows. A Job he answered merrily Quot see Imre Quot and he Drew from his Side pocket a bottle of or. Bulls cough syrup. A Man usually has a ease of a a Bighead after a hilarious night but he does not feel very proud of it. A Elf the heart of a Man is depressed with cares the Mist is dispelled when a woman the author of these lines had been suffering for some time with an attack of acute rheumatism Anil the woman who entered such a timely appearance brought a bottle of bal Tifton Oil that was different Quot you a lit to quit smoking cigarettes de Sapp. It s injurious to your Quot a a puff pull Quot yes physicians say cigarettes paralyse the a Law a puff puff a besides the princ cof Wales has Given them a you done to say in throws it away Dearie Rob cd and to cured by local applications As they can not reach the diseased portion of the car. There is Only one Way to cure deafness Anil thai is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed end lion of the mucous lining of the eustachian tube. A Hen this tulle gets inflamed Vou have a rumbling sound or imperfect bearing Ami when it is entirely dosed deafness is the result amt unless the inflammation ran be taken out and this tube restored to its Normal condition hearing will be destroyed forever nine cases out of ten Are caused by Catarrh which i nothing but an inflamed condition of the Mill Otis in faces. We Quot ill give me Hundred Dollar for any ease of deafness caused by Catarrh that we ran not cure by taking Hall Catanh it lire. Bend Ford Eulars free. F. J. Cheney a co., Toledo Par sold by druggists 75e. It Iii a singular fact that Glass do Wen live As Long a the average of Mankind and develop larger lungs than am body else. Most any Glassblower can expand Bis Hest five or six inches Aud there is one Man who can expand 1 m Ison i i v. Low i. Radant microbe killer >., by. Joseph to. Eli. 11.i or v a i have used Oue Jug of your microbe killer for my kidneys and it has helped me it re much i am going to get Anotia Jug. A. Beresford. A Hon a runaway match has l of it Brimstone ? will not go. More diseases an produced by using Brown an i pert unwed soaps than by Jinx thing else. A by run filch t mule risk w Hen you know Dobbin i in. I lie to ii i Pur and emf. It. Dobbins prevent bunds from Shapi ing. At annual Rabbit Fen ? at the Kau it a bombers Home at Leavenworth nine bundt rabbits All fat Aud Young were served up Iii the most approved style. During i Quot fires it High Watt r Bayou oysters appear to the keeping closely in their Little Beds. The Only guaranteed cure for All blood taints and Humours pimples blotches eruption and skin diseases of every name Aud nature is or Pierce Golden medical discovery. A certificate of guarantee from a responsible business House warrants it to Benefit or cure or Money refunded chronic nasal Catanh positively cured by or. Base s remedy. 50 cents by prize fighters who go to Mississippi will be polite now and a beg Pardon of the governor. Word Swallower ought to try saws awhile. They would be More toothsome. Werve pains. I colds neuralgia a neuralgia. Y vj1l neuralgia. Salt Point n. A a a april 16,1889. I suffered six weeks with neuralgia a half bottle of by. Jacobs Oil cured me no return of pain in three year. Have sold it to Many and have yet to hear of a single Case it did not relieve or permanently cure. 0. Jay Tompkins druggist. Green Island n. A., feb. La 1889. I suffered with neuralgia in the head nut found instant Relief from the application of St. Jacobs Oil w hich cured me. E. P. Rellinger chief of police. Rite a. Quot m Quot pm Quot a to 11 i it nil ii Iii i a i cart ittle i ver pills. Positively cured by these i attic pills. They also relieve distress f rom dyspepsia in digestion Ami to Hearty eating. A Pervert remedy for dizziness nausea drowsiness bad taste in the Mouth coated Tongue pain in the Side. Torrid liver. The i regulate the bowels in rely Veuy a table. Price 35 rent. Cater Medicine co., Mew Yore. Small fill. Small dose. Small Price. Hay fever 50 cts. Cold head i by Broth , 86 Warren St new York. Nation it ��?��., 80. The Elkhart Carriage harness mfg. Co. A a a Iii i in. H.,0 in a a Rop Totton to by rats a a i a kit. I Felt turf Tler apr full. Hal it Cire Alna Hort it corp a of fit pal fail rk�n.-. Len it Tufer Toroc of a or a it a a a a a. A it a a statome i a. Imti f. B. Pratt a it Ltd a a. Elkhart a Indiana i Noel w. Of. It. 1>. A1--024. No. 13. _ of in Appl tug to us of the above adm alter do not forget to Ray that you saw the to it Loire i. It in papi r it a in n Dill 4k 7 copy a i to Sharpen the appetite improve digestion purify and enrich the blood cleanse and strengthen the system and build up Tho flesh it reduced below the Standard of health or. Pierce Golden medical discovery hits no equal. Fit nub be Amutis Goi to furhop Quot soon t i Tatj p. A at Mulc b i Iii up iambic Ai Sti Hali ii,w.\. I i he. 2,5, i ski. I Hail been la intr ii dam Aii Lulu killer fur of r one Merit i. Of a or a civic ii ionic Pitnu e Tea it Sukit Aud it a used it i ant using it in nit family for lung trouble and it i doing Good not i can it Hee Lully recommend it i Une i Lieut reined. Cd Sown Thote fellow it w to dote on i Bell girl sometimes find Matrimony a powerful antidote. For it ouch and Throat troubles use j Quot in rown Lironis Himl i imm Quot they i atop an attack of my asthma cough vet v promptly. 1 Falch. A manii or i Quot aft r i 2 year of litigation heir to an eats in Northern Hugai i gel their Elim but the j heirs have in reused from the simple family re j the a shop of neat in Toon persons and i h will receive Only about 5. Tin Lier i t Send Quot not Only Mirten Lalyn and fist pain attending it lint greatly Dimitila lie inc danger j to life of both Mot or r and child Llu Fri n fat w month before confinement a rite to the Bradfield regulator t Atlanta for fur j Thor Pizyc Luijt bold by a 0fuggl�t>, do you feel Dull languid Low spirited experience a souse of fullness or bloating after eating Tongue coated bitter or bad taste in Mouth irregular appetite dizziness frequent or Adue Hes nervous prostration or Exham ton hot flushes alternating with Eli Llly sensations Sharp biting transient pains Hen and there cold feet drowsiness nil r meals Wal Cefulu a or distil bed and Unree re hiring sleep constant indescribable feeling of dread or of Imp diding calamity ? if you have any considerable number of thew symptoms you urn buffering from i Lions Dyson la. Or torpid liver associated with . Or Ludi Gellion. The More complicated you t disease the greater numb r and diversity of Ute symptoms. No Limiter what tags it a reached or. Firm n Golden medical discovery will subdue it ii taken according to directions Hgt a a reasonable length of time. Quot Golden medical discovery aet powerfully upon the liver Aud through that great blood purifying j Organ cleanses the it t in of All blood taints and impurities from whatever cause Art ing. In l equally Silica icons in acting upon the Kalnev. Aud other excretory organa he aiming is and Healing their diseases. Ii cures humor from to common bion ii or eruption to Tho wort scr Fula Stilt i Benni a a fever lire a Sealy or Hough skin in lion All nit uses caused by bad blood. I great eating l a i i rapidly heal inuit r its Henig Fri Lyviu Quot in specially a it Uku it a to i its Potency in curing Tetter in. in Erysipelas blk Carbuncle Sre Kilt set Rotu-,.u Soli and swell ii is clip joint i.i-e, a White a Iii Quot a a Aud enlarged gland a Golden medical i it Quot a it it a a to Quot i the Only blood mul no ii me did by i -. In Taraneh de t Bench it Quot i cure in Erin in. On or i rial or Money paid for ii nil he prom in refunded. Wont Midk it. A soc i i Imp. Prop it Kun. A no. Tart main Street in Usu. No y. I offered by to in Pic it a. In or. Radii a Catarrh blk Foy f a a a it of cat Quot re m Tho Hoad which tile no Quot Iii by ii mild. Kit Trio in. In i in in in a in a Atli shr. Saxes remedy cures the we rat Cane. Night matter of Low Ion Auad inf. .sa-., druggists. Reward Piso b Bidi in by Fri Catarrh i it t i apes. Relief to inane Xiiao. X cure it Dill Iii i in head it Lias no a Ciiab faded to use s Cort uti. Fur lid 5.�?Ty nil it i no ointment of which a Small Paril b i Ai Clute to lie nostrils. Flier so. Boid by Dru auit to in sent Ormai. Adda it. Jct 11 a /1 i , Fin i
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