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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - January 10, 1890, Altoona, Iowa The Altoona rustler. Vol. , Polk co., Iowa Friday january to 1890. No. I. Iowa news items. A operations have been commenced for the new incandescent electric Light at Muscatine a the new $25,000 school House dedicated at Jefferson with appropriate ceremonies. A Iowa again stands at the head of All the states in amount of Corn raised and yield per acre. A judge Conner decided in Calhoun county that Tho Public Square at Lake City could not be sold. A grand Avenue savings Bank in Des Moines has been incorporated with a capital Stock at $260,000. A a disastrous fire occurred in Boone on the night of the 4th, causing a loss amounting to not loss than $60,000. A miss Nannie Anderson formerly if Washington county and of late years a teacher at Avoca died recent at i Edar rapids. A the City Council of Iowa City Bas tendered to the state the Large and handsome City Park for additional University buildings. A George Bailey arrested at Newton on the let charged with forgery committed at Atlantic to have been married on the Day of his arrest. A Fletcher Howard of Sheldon is a candidate for commissioner of pharmacy. The appointment is Worth $2,-ooo a year and will be made by the new governor a the Nevada jail too it fire from a defective flue and while the lire being put out Peter Wirt charged with burglary escaped. The damage by the Are Only Hoo. A sheriff o Neill fined $6 and costs in a Justice court at Council Bluff for assaulting two visitors to the county jail who had called to give a prisoner a plug of tobacco. A mrs. A. E. Stiles a resident of Muscatine who had gone to Albuquerque. N. A. For her health died thew on the 2nd. The remains were taker to Muscatine for interment. A the mail delivery successfully inaugurated at Creston and two deliveries made. Creston is now the Only City in the eighth congressional District having a free delivery. A Michael Tahey a respected Irish citizen of Muscatine while attending Early mass fell prostrate with heart disease and breathed his last in a few Momenta. He seventy years old and apparently in Good health. A Dunker amp Herdene a Large Cooper shops at Des Moines were destroyed by fire Jan. 4th. The loss on buildings and material is about $6,000, and several of the workmen lost their tools and chests. About Twenty men Are thrown out of employment. A Tho Home of Louis brei near Muscatine. Was entered by burglars now years Day who secured $100 belonging to or. Brei. $62 to his daughter Minnie and Between $80 and $10 to i daughter Katie in All about $127. The burglar has been captured and jailed. A a. Gordon a coloured Man at Council Bluffs who is half crazy filled up on bad liquor the other Day and finished up the other half. He came near seriously injuring several person with a broken Beer Glass but a locked up before any serious darn at done. A mrs. Record the wife of Rev. Record of Ogden struck by an East bound limited train and badly injured. She thrown Twenty five feet from the track one Arm broken and her hip badly fractured while she sustained serious internal Indurie the nature of which cannot be determined. A John Becker jr., attempted suicide at Creston by taking oxide of Mercury. This is his third attempt at suicide in the past four years. Or. Becker has lived in that City Many Yeam and is Well known by the travel ing Public As a former proprietor of the Summit House. His recovery is very doubtful. A parties from Vinton contemplate starting a Canning factory in Boone. Such an Enterprise would be a Good thing for Boone giving employment to a Adolph Voss who forged notes at Norway to the sum of $700, has teen taken to the Vinton jail under Bonds of $500 to await the action of the grand jury. A the Crown Sheet of a consolidated engine pulling an extra freight West on the a came Down one mile and a half East of Prescott killing David Henry Hines a fireman 18 years old scalding head brakeman j. M. Wilson injuring the Engineer severely in the stomach and slightly scalding the fireman whose Home is at Villisca. No other damage except to the engine. A the relatives of Henry o Neil of Mason City Are much alarmed Over his recent disappearance. He working in the Chicago Milwaukee amp St. Paul machine shops in Minneapolis. On the 25th of december he paid off and started to go to the Reading room. Since that time he has not been heard from and it is feared that he has been foully dealt with. They Are making every Effort to secure some clue but have As yet been unsuccessful. A Engineer Charles Stetson of Clinton who running the passenger train which ran into a freight at a Junction in Hastings neb., dec. 21, has been Given the whole blame of the wreck by the Coroner s jury which held an inquest Over the remains of Stetson s fireman James Cahill. The verdict reads that the wreck the a unlawful wilful careless and negligent conduct of Charles Stetson has been arrested and held in $5,000 Bonds. A at Oskaloosa on the morning of december 29th fire discovered in a the Magnet 1 dry goods House owned by weeks St Steward. The fire department prompt and though but Little consumed by the flames the whole Stock in. Ruined by smoke before they could be extinguished. The loss will Roach $10,000, which is fully covered by insurance. The breaking of the Large plate glasses in the front about ail Tho damage that done to the building. A Jake Hope Stone is the name of an Indian who with his wife is camping in the Woods South of Algona. Jake is a Winnebago and lives in Wisconsin but his crop this year very poor and he is spending the Winter reason in Hunting and trapping he is there after Muskrat and other fur bearing animals but reports the Harvest very Light. Jake appears to be a Good Indian and carries with he of a paper showing an honorable discharge from the army at the close of the Sioux . Current events. Cream of the news As Gath ered from dispatches. Events and happenings throughout the country during the past week. A Tho Iron firm of Curtis amp co., of Roland pa., assigned. Liabilities about $200,000. The works were established about 1810. A William Hughes and John Bunkie were instantly killed by the explosion of a boiler in a saw Mill on Green River near Chillicothe to. A mrs. Ellen Slocum 82 years old found dead in bed in new York with her Skull crushed in. Her husband who is a Ball player is suspected of being the murderer. A a terrible explosion of Gas occurred in the two Story Brick building in new Orleans demolishing two buildings and burying six persons beneath. The firemen and policemen succeeded in rescuing them without serious injuries. A a passenger train wrecked at Wabbaseka ark., on the night of the 1st, fifteen Miles North of Pine Bluffs on the Cotton Belt Road. Engineer apportion killed and several passengers were injured. Three coaches filled baggage car and engine were thrown Down a Twenty foot Bank. A Peter Rassmussen living near Iroquois South Dakota while Hunting terribly injured by Tho accidental discharge of a gun. Tho Load entered his Mouth cutting away a a George Baldwin of Boone a Man whose queer actions have led Many to believe he insane attempted suicide by shooting hint Elf the Ball passing through his left a High. He claims the shooting accidental the revolver being discharged in a fall to the floor but it is Given no credit. Several times before Hgt has attempted to commit suicide and once or twice has attempted to take the life of his wife and daughter. The wound May prove dangerous passing through la Groin. A the Railroad commissioner have ruled that empty Oil barrels returned to wholesalers shall bad Assed As fourth class freight but now Eomy a question from some of the railroads tut to what Are properly emptied returned even the officers of the same company differ some claiming that any empty Oil barrel returned should be As fourth class. While others hold that in order to Rome under this class the barrels must be returned by the original purchaser to the original shipper. The commissioners have not yet rendered a decision in the matter. The question becomes More prominent from the fact that empty tank cars Are voluntarily returned free by the railroads. A b. T. Con Liers member of the Council Bluffs fire department died Jan. 4th. His death the result of exposure and injuries sustained it a fire recently when he bravely stood at by Post and held Bis pipe until his hands and face were terribly blistered the Back of his right hand and wrist Uge Numar o7h�dl Bultot tit Quot a badly Burn Quot do a i Quot a a on and diking a red mark.-. It a Al a a a a a a a a a it a a or to Armer. That it ill by fire Broko a a a lab Lidid to almost a certainty. The i a a a a Ltd a cd building of Ute old pm Amy .111 by it jumped to two adjourn. Building j til lied. And it largely duo to his heroism la standing Between the blazing structures that Tho flames were controlled. Injury to at Sioux City the contract for an cd a ted railway to be a mile and a Hall the result of an Long has been let at a Cost of $242,-000, and is to be completed within a year. It will be the first of the kind in us we a Sarah h. Kelley aged 81, and Ann Kelley aged 79, Sisters in Philadelphia had their throats Cut on the night of Tho 1st by some one unknown. The women lived in a Little Frame dwelling and were awakened by the intruder after they had gone to bed. The mar demanded the Money and when they declared there none in the House he slashed them across the Throat with a knife. The women were removed to the Hospital and May recover. A in the Cherokee nation in 1886 or. Pyle and mrs. We. Kerr were found murdered in their houses one morning. John Stephenson to whom suspicion pointed tried convicted and hanged. Now comes a startling revelation. On the evening of december 27, a coloured Gambler named Rogers fatally injured by a Railroad train at Illinois station. Before dying Rogers confessed he committed the crime for which Stephenson hanged. A Joseph Kemmler the murderer in new York sentenced to death by electricity appealed to the general term claiming his sentence unconstitutional As it prescribes unusual and cruel manner of death. The court held that the evidence went to show that it not a cruel method of inflicting the death penalty and it therefore constitutional and remanded the prisoner to undergo punishment Kemmler s Only Chance for escape now is through the clemency of the governor which is not Likely to be exercised. Iowa teachers. Meeting of the Iowa teachers association at Des Moines. Over Hoo teachers in attendance largest educational meeting Ever held in Iowa. Foreign intelligence. A Mcnery editor of the Limerick Leader who has been on trial for intimidation has been found guilty and portion of the Tongue breaking the. A. ,. A sentenced to six months imprisonment jaw and Cheek Bone tearing out the Job w _ Teeth and making a wound that May prove fatal. A word comes from Indian territory that two notorious Indian desperadoes. Red Lendall and Choctaw Pete took Possession of the town of Tisch Wawa and carried things with High hand. In the midst of the excitement a quiet stranger appeared Aud when pounced on by the desperadoes Saboi and killed both of them. A judge solders at Cleveland o., sentenced Otto Leuth a 17-Yoar-old boy who recently convicted a i the murder of Little Maggie Thompson to be hanged at Columbus april 16. Leuth s Mother who during the Tria the object of popular pity fainted upon hearing the sentence of her son and had to be carried from Tho court room. A the body of lbs Sarah Nichols found Frozen in the ice of the Merrimac River near Lawrence mass. Miss Nichols disappeared from Lowell Christmas eve. She resided in Belvidere and recently swindled out of $1 ,000 by Charles Metcalf to whom she had for a Long time been engaged. The lungs caused by breathing the hot til. He thirty eight years of age Sod unmarried. This caused despondency and led to her suicide a the heavy rain of january i St demoralized the electric Light wires in St. Louis and occasioned several severe accidents. Four people were knocked insensible by coming in Contact with a wire which had fallen to the ground at the conker of seventh and Morgan Streeb. And a Horst killed in a different pact of Tho City by stepping on a who. A Edward Sherman a my a Larj to in Cincinnati awakened by the sound of some one working at the lock of the door of by room. Thinking it a burglar to fired through the panel and upon opening the door found he had mortally wounded w. B. Phillips a real estate agent aged 73 years who to coupled an adjoining room and had gone to Sherman door by mistake. A a writ of Hareas Corpus secured in new York from the supreme court by mrs. Marlin Mother of Hannah p. Southworth who recently killed Stephen b. Pettus requiring the production in court of her unfortunate daughter. The writ procured in an Effort to have mrs. Southworth re moved to the Hospital. Mrs. Martin says her daughter is afflicted with a complication of diseases and is slowly dying. A in Southern 8an Juan county it. M the Navajo indians were accused by the Cox brother of killing their cattle. The Indian fired upon the Putty when a posse of ten Whites organized and pursued the band of indians. The latter fired into them from ambush. Some fifty shot were exchanged one Navajo being killed but the cow men were compelled to Retreat. It is fear cd the encounter will Load to More Erious results. A during a fog on the River Clyde the Steamer Ovington came into collision with Tho Steamer Queen Victoria and the former Sank. Five persons were drowned. A telegrams from the Republic of j san Salvador state that the revolution Isis in to department of Cus Catelynn j Are retreating before the gov rement troops sent against them and the Revo Lution is of no importance. A thirty two russian officers have been arrested charged with being j members of a secret society the object of which is to abolish aristocracy and j establish a constitutional monarchy. J a the Czar b again reported indisposed. Many army officers suspected of revolutionary sympathies have Bee arrested. General Vanno ski. The minister of proposes that Noble Only should be allowed to become army officers but the car refuses to enter Tain the suggestion. A Tho Eightieth anniversary of Gladstone s birth absorbed so much attention As to make the quiet Sabbath of i dec 29th a Day of National remembrance. Telegrams and letters of con j j granulation and admiration poured into Hawarden from not Only All quarters of England but literally from All parts of the world. All the members of the Gladstone family Brancher j were gathered at Hawarden to meet and Greet their eminent Kinsman. A Earl of Zetland the new Viceroy of j Ireland in reply to addresses said he rejoiced that the condition of Ireland. Was to far different from what it i when i Ord Londonderry the late , we Lcy mid to Dublin in is i l he Tappy re eur that have been j the teachers of Iowa met in Des Moines dec. 31st in annual convention. After meetings of the educational Council and of Tho woman s round table held during the Day in the evening the state teachers association proper met in the congregational Church. Here gathered for the first time the the main body of Iowa teachers 700 or 800 or More and Many others who Are interested in school work. The Church Well filled and with the Clear and forcible annual address of Lottie e. Granger the president the association prepared for work. The address listened to with attention by All and its Many excellent Points met with evident approval by the association. This practically All of the first Day s work and a More auspicious beginning to what to be one of the most notable education meetings Ever held in the state has not occurred in late years. At the meeting of the educational Council the report of the committee on school supervision after discussion adopted. The following is a synopsis of the report 1. The superintendent must have distinct professional qualifications and must be selected for his professional ability. 2. His legitimate work in organizing and conducting a first class system of schools will develop a Public sentiment that will sustain him. We regard the j one ear press a ii proper Means of creating Public sentiment. 3. He cannot afford to adopt political methods or to to a time server in any sense. 4. In All business relations his conduct must be a Model. He must take a firm stand on moral and social questions. 5. The City superintendency is not a political office. To the superintendent s dealing with the Board should be purely professional. He is their executive officer and schools Tim. A Schaffer w. F. King a. Lough Ridge committee. The paper discussed by several parties and without amendment it adopted. At the meeting of the women hound table various papers were read and discussed. A teacher quacks the subject of a paper by miss Lyda Hinman of Waterloo. It a very Bright paper full of illustrations drawn from observations of numerous specimens of the family under consideration. A very general discussion followed. The conclusion seemed to be that however Many quacks May be found in the profession at present the number is steadily decreasing. The first general topic of the afternoon a you future profession a under three divisions a teaching to be made a life work a mrs. M. E. Boynton Nevada a better training of teachers a Alice Lewis Nevada a special lines of work a Elizabeth k. Mathews. Des Moines. These papers were of very great interest. Special mention should be made of the one by mrs. M. E. Boynton of Nevada. She began her paper with this quotation from Charles Dickens a what Ever i have tried to do in life i have tried to do my Best. Whatever i have devoted myself to i have devoted myself to the use and abuse of uniformity in education the second topic of the afternoon. The divisions secures uniform work a and tha it a prevents advancement in particular lines a considered by miss Buchanan and a better work done for larger numbers a by miss Carrie Ron Ary of Cedar Falla the papers throughout the Day were with scarcely an exception of unusual Merit the topics were Well chosen and the Large attendance of teachers proves that this department of work has already become an influential Factor in the work of the state teachers association. Tho women round table organized it is divided into five sections each Section holding two meetings during the year. They meet in annual Convent Ioa in conjunction with the state teachers association. The second Day Jan. 1st the Busy Day of the convention. Papers were presented and discussed As Fol lows by miss it. Anna Morris of lies Moines on a physical culture in schools a by prof. R. A. Harkness of Parsons College Fairfield on a College Entrance from the standpoint of the College a by superintendent h. A. Kinney of Woodbine on a Scharla after the meeting of the Gen should be through him. I eral the various depart 7. His recommendations upon teach i meet held separate meetings. A cart it St books a a nations should be made in a spirit which recognizes a joint i of superintendent and Board. 8. Patrons feeling themselves aggrieved she id first present complaint to Tho superintendent 9. Tho superintendent must recognize the teacher prerogative but i decision in specific cases should be final. 10. He must strive to Bridge the Gap which necessarily exists Between superintendent Aud pupils. Signed to w. Samson. C. P. Rogers. J. C. Yocum ii. In Seerley w. F. Cramer. Mrs. J. W. Mcclellan Amos j Hiatt a. Abernethy committee. Prof. Geo. A. Gates of the Iowa College presented the report of the committee on the problem of adjustment of organization to individuality in schools of which the following is a summary l a committee beg leave to submit the following synopsis of their Rej it Ort the great Imp Ortance of the. Question and greater difficulty of solving it Are recognized. Even Ideal education would suffer loss of the Esprit Decorps. The danger of an exclusively Pedago Gie i estimate of Pupil classifying strictly according to ability would do injustice in ail class of pupils roast it i Point. 1 out. Dullness does not distinguish school pleasant feature of the Day the visit in a body to the statehouse where the teachers were received by the governor and other state officers and appropriate addresses made. On the closing Day a number of excellent papers were read and discussed. In the afternoon the first thing the report of the nominating committee made As follows president City supt. Las. Mcnaughton Council Bluffs fir it vice president prof. E. W. Stanton state agricultural College second vice president. Prim Lydia Hinman. East Waterloo third vice president county supt. J. Ii. Landes Van Buren county Secretary City supt e. J. Legate Marion treasurer supt. D. Vav. Lewis Washington member of executive committee co. Supt j. F. Riggs. Henry county members of education Council in b. Larrabee Creston and J. Lay Lander. Cedar Falls. The report wa., signed by Mary a. Tate chairman and and f. J. Sessions Secretary and on motion it adopted unanimously Aud the above declared to Las elected. Terrible catastrophe at Bull fight. A mexican achieved induced the government Raj from he in Genera persevere. The government he said a 1 a a a sanguine of further Progress towards Prosperity peace and Contentment Whit d All desired. Telegrams from Villa Lerdo Mexico loss Bernu of i give particulars of the fall of a Plaza. While a Bull fight in Progress. About 10,000 i eople were crowded into i k it no a Aku run Rnic Mark Kkt. Quotation from it or 1 Ert Chiru Omaha and Kiir Kin Omaha a Iamkis to it in so to mi4. A a Xvi to. I. Hut a. I or a a a Rii by. Ii a r i a Frt a. I 1 of crib if a i Ursry i it Rry a re yet ii i Ria it it a a a Quot or Ioli. I Fri to re it to. Pry by. I or it so Var a a. Wool Pis i r 101 a Ion n a ii pc win at f our bbl. To bolo.-, of la a is r ton. Hoary Host mix i-1 hoary it a a a ill or it lit it. Tier. New York wheat no fwd Celli so. 0� a hued Wren in. Pork. Lai Chi aug. We at b a bal. Corny Buzil. A oat a Kwh to maw. Pork. Lard. Ltd a a a Rota pack inc Aud his la or Cate a Stockar Anajo Urt sums saute. St Louis. A baath not. V red oath. A t Orny Bab to. Of Bathe. La it it mul aug. Leiua of Mara. A a a. A ii a. It i a is to Toas a # i of. A m. To it. Is it i. I ii ii log 7 Al. 3 of 6 i a. A it Al a a it Ltd a 3 a it n. A 1 in. Fat soft a in. V i it. Amp porn. Or. A is. 3 no a 3 so 3 96. 3 of a s Seti a Sarv Era a a a a j Lonj u i a Quot few a we Mavo of trouble the greatest in graded and building and when the second Bull High school. I no or seems to i Finiaz pm have the right the it by child go through he can. The la. Course the Best Tea her s rejoinder. I. Allow specials. Permit Bright being killed nearly everybody Rote and stood applauding and stomping their in t when suddenly one Side of the Plaza commenced to give . A it s a i or a % Ai a 91 Psoas a i a a j. J students to Toke work outside regular Rush followed Aud the extra movement classification. I of thousands of spectators caused Tho Structure to collapse Precipitin a the unlucky inmates to the ground distances ranging from to to 25 feet. Many were Burk a Iii the debris. In their desperate situation fights occurred among them and Many were stripped of every stitch of clothing Tho crowd of the opposite Side of the building which numbered several thousand became panic a thick a a and another in 2. Have one or More pupils it i apart to do a Large amount of ungraded work. 3. More frequent promotions. 4. No teachers time should be wholly take up with re citation w. Rat. Should move about among the Pup is giving individual assist be the committee offer the following suggestions touching the relation of individuality to organisation in the work of the teacher a in Many school life i All taken out of teachers by too Many written examination poor Economy. Teach i fell and trampled on one examination . Tsar Brach la. Our de. Or must at any coat be fresh before the Al of to or 3 i the trampling of the helpless and the 2. Avoid too Long papers agonizing Erie of men and a Omen j. Papers in of not to gone Over so the place the scene of i a Decroo is in lately a need not always a returned to the Pupil. 4. Have pupils Correct each others papers. In thle Ssu it Tbs teacher can do some class work wit the paper. 5. In larg towns one or More teachers specially adapted can take Large part of this paper work re cling credit for it. Signed goo a Gates Jas. E. Harlan t. F. Tobin. Julia Sweet Dan Shea. A. Vav. Rich a. Currier. C. Nourn. It not until out Ide help came to the Aid of people pinned Down by planks Aud umbel that the unfortunate victims were released Many physician were called and the wounds of the put Ople attended to. I he number of wounded will reach into the Hundred and while the injuries of Many of them Are serious and painful it a believed no Case will prove fatal
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