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Altoona Rustler Newspaper Archives Feb 14 1890, Page 4

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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - February 14, 1890, Altoona, Iowa Hobson s Choice. Judge in it on it. A la Quot in who was pleading a Case notice i that the judge had fallen asleep. A a Iii f Irto there is no one to Hoar Mon a he it i a , Rah in. Iii. Voice. Quot aril i Quot replied the judge w aking up v. Till St in Quot ii is pm ii of because i was listening i i Viii i or i i fell to dispel colds headaches and fever Tolea use the system r textually yet gently when Ostive or bilious or when the blood is impure or sluggish to permanently cure habitual constipation to awaken the kidneys and liver ton healthy a Fly w Ihnut irritating fir weakening in Usis up of figs. A Large a Robin Rolt St is reported in Indiana. I lie largest Robin Roost in continent is in it Anada. For Throat diseases and coughs use in Max p bronchial troche. Uke All Ira n i uni things they Are imitated. Tin i i near it told Only in boxes. Silver bends Are popular for House Dressy v. Lien a Quot liar would seem stiff and a fresh t ult he something of an exertion to provide. Lucky Hamilton ladies i bon., i nit. I time la n Miry i. Tile times received word to Lay lint All Belll 15. Young cd no. A Hannah sin it West i id Bren so ii Lunate As to hold a winning Iii Thi Louisiana Blate pottery. A revolver it die i on or. Young and that gentleman a reticent about giving any parti lure of the affair. Ile. However told the times re a Ltd i relative that his Quot if had taken a. Hance in the gnat lottery tile drawing taking piece on la e. Lith. I lie Tiki t Quot lift to she in id i Iii which or. Young s sister had a share muss one Lor Tietti of is dad which Drew the first it no it it i Pii Rof . Iii share which come to the Hamilton ladles is .15,1 too. Or. Young to a i it i the repo that ii received the Money promptly from a new Orleans Hank by draft through one our lending Banks Here. It is needless to say that the ladies Are Cree in feg congratulations on account of their Good Fortune. They would not have gone into the a i ii Lait for a Friend w hours d them to try i Iii ii jut k fur i live Florida and the South. The i old St file a a Nashville Uail mad. With in double daily trains still affords the passe r gets f in i ii to la Aud t i bout hen.-1 tile Best flied Dies i no a quickest time with Tewe to changes. Only thirty is hours by. Louis to fuck Onville Al auge of cars. It Only thirty four hour t i Savannah twi qty of Breed hour. T it Atlanta. n hours to limit Arioga twelve hours i Quot Nashville. For any further my Mullion w i de . W. Al in. In is i.,n a agent i i i of Iii oui s us la Iii i la. A ii. R 1 ii a Sill irim t All n i Tain to old s of Low. I e a on u ill s .1 v it of line i line Fain t i it utile to win. I Tun Catarrh lag he fevers a w. Is tar by qty i my Ely scream Balm pay Quot be v or a a i rile a ii j it i j a i i. A Anil to narc . Price is Ai i ii int Isis to Mil ii. Registered nets. I in Mims v arum s v to to cur it Linn nem. Sick headache constipation liver Coni Petinu take the Sale and certain remedy. Smith s Jack i. Bra Las beams to the Small piz1 <40 Ludo Bennt it a hot the i they in the heist convenient suit ail i Daw it either sue u5 cent per tattle. Elf amp Dino a 17 70 photo gravure Isiu wiil it panel sire of this picture for 4 of lits i a pcs or nut it j i. I i Smith a co. Makers of a a my p.,-ar,-. By. , in. Grand Junction Colo. Swiss child Bradfield regulator cd a a Uta a Solo Brall druggists. In Stanley a new Book. A i la a it pc i rent Wand in Shier sex to pit Clin Thi great work. Here in a Chr a for j . Any ii Tenn a to Hook a tile whole would a Intel a 1 the Hook will centum a full Oit Ounla or nil of i my i a Isle la in Tarti a. . Nevin by a a in lilt est expedition for the Relief of Kiln hey. A Lieut 800 f i or and Ion in n new illustration maps a Xinpu be Mille a ii it in Turnell. V a i be called on receipt of to cents. To not delay in v rat Artif order util lit and i ii a a it on. Tin Ai Iii in new Stanley Hook out. Address. T Ulm pm i i i 1.1 him. I ll., 407 i i in. I la at., r h i info j i. Fresh ,,-1 celebrated tor i �-1111 \ and 11 it. It in i in in Atli qualities. Duly i arid sri r tar ire Parka a a. And Novelty Chi rat with All i s to Arabi Ila Arr of so i Iii Litas i write for my Lulu atm. Ii i True Iii ii. A. Ii it k it i a a it Ort fur j Hunt taro.,. Kim Kud Uili i Pri Erlb and Folly in dorm in Kat to e duly Perih for the certain cur Quot of thin Tinea. Ltd. La. Indra Hamai Amsterdam n. A we have sold his i lot Many year and it Baa i von the Best of a a Tololi to. It. Dych e a oo., Chil a Quot a Iii. . Bold by Prue it. 3 a is 12? Caf what k Quot a Niv i amp ill Lxi German dry hop yeast. S. Led time Iii a made of i min ii la a rusting i a ice the Price common la ups in to will to a a y of ornery a it. Bull la Al Tirail inn i Al int a veil a1 used Keener lit to a1 Rrt Iona on ukr. A a a Chi to f t unit u Ith Arar a Rani i Noa Quot ill 11.eel&Quot j -1 i Mfd oui by la. Ina cd Jamaal 0#. Cine1 Anat Ohio. A Mejak in it a in to ii is Iii lie has t it end it �>., 44 vill i n ii. C h Ich stat re it pennyroyal pills. A of a a a Heil t Russ Dhim Ontl . With Only fur Lair Naff Sud in son ladle a a pro a la to fur Taun. urn id u r. ,1 f m. A a a. V j a us blur i.1.1 a t a Hatker. E or. I tor Paru Ealar. In a it Tallif fur i aul a a Ltd i i or. Or mall. Law Fujii a. Clit lit re Rte lib ural ti., flu Dleora   �., in Iau Uilia in at. Exod salesmen Prill Nee not lie in Illy. .1 v Piil to Aall our i Ai i ii Oft us by eat Simi. All aah. I in. I a i a i or air i. To., id no i of i i mine. A a 111,Jiin , Ivull Langton suet prob Cucui a Clit Irir. H pal la Titiner i1 Kaiou Bureau. I Fuyii Puust Vrain i at Jud Tutu in t Putty Ciuco. Len Sec via a Binm i Ifni v a Koiner Knoblo fruit Region a Well a for Agit in it ural purposes tor health Etc lr-. the Orange Judd i Tinner. Grand Junction Colo. Jan. Is 1890.�?for some time past i have noticed in the leading papers of this state and Moro especially in the great dailies of Denver glowing editorials and correspondent s descriptions of hic grand Valley. Thinking there might be something in that Section which would be of interest to your readers your correspondent made a trip Over there with a \ iou of inquiring into facts and furnishing them to the Public through the columns of the fat. J. Far mkt. Grand Valley or that portion of it embraced within the confines of Mesa county extending from the town of de Beque to some 30 Miles West of the City of grand Junction the county seat of me a count did not at the first glance impress me favourably. The climate is particularly dry and bracing being the nearest approach to perpetual Sunshine found on this continent and whilst a climate of this kind is especially healthful Ami congenial to the invalid and by no Means unpleasant i von to the robust without irrigation it is not congenial to Plant life. But As one looks Over the fruit Orchards Ami farms that have had irrigation and cultivation one s ii Cost impressions fade fast away and lie Beno in s rapt in admiration of the prolific soil with its wonderful productions of fruit and vegetation. The grand Valley is situated in Western Colorado on the line of Tho Denver and Hio grand r. It has an average Altitude of about 4,600 feet above sea level and until a few years ago Vvs As occupied by the Ute indians. It Soili Rich and demand its climate mild and ing Heator Eold and is free from Hail terms. Blizzards or cyclones in Short it is All that could to desired and i believe without a single drawback. Until with in the a ast two years its possibilities us a fruit raising country were unknown mid in fact not until tile crops of the past year were harvested did it Dawn Jinn residents of the Valley that in its i. Tile soil and magnificent climate the grand Valley possesses greater a Recs of wealth and happiness than the Rich Mineral Camps immediately Teit rounding it. Peaches pears plums Herrle gropes Ami especially those of Raisin varieties and berries of All kinds yield abundantly. From five year old budded peach Trees wet a Gatliu n <1 this last fall p�0 lbs to the tree. And apples even doubled that Quantity. When it is remembered i lint in a area of Coin try 7<u a too Miles immediately surrounding Colorado though Rich in precious minerals and eth d by prosperous communities yet with the exception of a few localities if limited area this whole vast Torri it is almost destitute of fruit and has to receive its Supply from Cali fornia then the importance and value f to fruit growing country which equals that of California situated right in the midst of this fruitless country Caribe appreciated. For the consumptive who has not entered upon the last dug s of tile Dis ase and in fact near every other invalid to altering from a Brome disease this Valley will prove i it in in i Paradise. Xu1 Only does to Quot Region offer health. But a it not Mal easy outdoor ecu a Ion and a sure competence. As an evidence of this fact. I will cite one in a Nee brought to my own observation. Hie c i in Here Over the age of sixty years with a paralytic Wile with Only a few dollars capital to Start with and not. Veil a horse to Aid him. Has by his own efforts put into fruit a tenia re tract sitting out about two fumes the first year and so on increasing year by year until his whole tract was planted. During that time he has supported himself arid taken care of Iii invalid wife by planting of Lier crops not tween i Trees until the. Vvs re old enough to yield. Here Are the results i rom his 6-year old Trees he Gat in red and sold Over seen Hunan d dollars Worth of fruit to Hie acre from his four year old Trees about three Hun or it d dollars per acre and from his three year Olds about one Hundred and fifty dollars per hero. His land has also nets a cd in value from Twenty five dollars pm acre to one thousand dollars per acre and lie Lias now an assured income of three to four thousand dollars per it Star. I Iii is not an i obit d Ca it it. V hat this old noun has done surely Uny one to Viii reasonable Energy and a Small capital can do. Tho Best fruit lands under ditch can still by to Iglus at from fifty to one Hundred dollars per acre Ami an i e it out into fruit Orchards at about thirty live dollars put r acre. And made to pay their Way by planting other crops by tween the rows and Iii e a ars they will be Worth four Hundred to live Hundred dollars per acre and will increase in value at the Tate of one Hundred dollars per acre pet year for several years thereafter whilst on account of climate As i have said this Valley must become the a Rad be of t Heck and it a fended. I do not wish to create the impression that equal inducements Are not held out to the robust and especially to those who fire situated in countries that Are subject to blizzards cyclones or extremes of heat or cold for beside the advantage of climate offered More Money can be cleared on ten acres set out in fruit in this Valley without the expense of hired help than on Muny three Hundred and Twenty acre farms with a Large capital invested in Stock and implements. Nor is there danger of the fruit Industry being Over done As it Al form is shipping to a county seven Hundred Miles nearer to grind Valley than to California Over ten million dollars Worth of fruit per annul Thoro is oms advantage this Valley possesses i must not Overlook it has a a bund ame of water for irrigation purposes More in fact than can Ever be used. Whilst so far i have Only spoken of fruit crops in my next i will have something to say of cereals and vegetables. Your correspondent is indebted to w. J. S. Mcfarland the Secretary of the grand Junction Board of Trade for valuable information and any one sufficiently interested in grand Valley to make inquiries will always find him ready to furnish such information As he May have. W. W. F. Statistics As to hand Sharks. Ten years ago a remarkable character died in Paris. To was known All Over France and the greater part of All Europe As Quot the Learned he was very wealthy and spent a mint of Money in the last fifty years of his life travelling in All directions making researches concerning his hunchbacked Brethren. It was in the Middle portions of Europe that he found the misfortune most prevalent Spain supplied the greater number and in a circumscribed locality at the foot of Sierra Morena he found that there was one Hump backed person to every thirteen inhabitants. They were also found to be quite numerous in the Valley of the Loire in France. The Little Hump backed statistician came to the conclusion that there was one Humpback in each 1,000 inhabitants. Or an aggregate of 1,000,000 against the estimated thousand millions of the entire Earth. After the death of this eccentric individual his heirs found in place of a will a voluminous manuscript of 2,000 pages ail concerning humps. The last Page although it said nothing about tile disposition of property expressed the authors wish to have a Hump of Marble raised Over Bis grave with this inscription Quot Here lies a Humpback who had a taste for humps and who knew More about them than any other theological item. Rev. Ell soothe a coloured Parson has co Sld i rat lie trouble in collecting his salary from the delinquent inem Liers of his flock. Jim Crow in particular sin a a great Deal of do hoary in paying Ilia Pew rent. Not Long since soot met it lieu and tackled him on the subject. A Sec heal. Jim you has t paid up fur two my .-. Does t yer know Dat do of who serb at the altar Niu lib by the altar a a a lint so my beloved pasture hut Der am Ern udder text in Der Bible what am in conflict Quot id Dat a Quot a a bar did yer find it in a Quot Quot i searched do scriptures and found pm. Is one of de Sheet of it it Hock. Ain t i a a you is or. Crow hut i feel you am one Quot i. Do Mack a Kinder strikes me ver ainu to no Strawberry blonde j Erse of nit Ain t de commandment Gibbon Ter de shepherds and pastures of de flock a feed no sheep a nut ver comes to me one of de sheep and wants Ter be fed you Ole blackened Sepal hum. Of ver Means to hide or do Bible Why Dean yer Lead Dis in a sheep inter or Lech r Saloon Ai set up or dozen on do half Shell f la g or la took says a feed de sheep hut you do nothing hut Shear Mem. Whar did yer read a Sheet my sheep go Home Ole Man aha search de scriptures Quot Stead of nose no Erl rout Fer Money whet tse earned by do Swet of my brow a Taxa Kif things. A Surprise. Hope sir Voutil vote fur business blinks the blinks who inst gut out Quot of the Mienl tertiary of a a a no a a a of you mean the blinks just arrested for doodling a no i mean blinks the business Man Friend of eduction member of the Church and a a a a my stars How did he come to get nominated a a new York weekly. Settle edit. A Are Yon a sporting Man a asked a Short spoken Man or traveler who occupied the heat behind him in the train. A no sir i pm a commercial Quot it Iii i hat Seth a a hat do on mean a a i was just going to offer set �10 that i i Ould to ii the Best Arn. A Catarrh can the cared with local applications As they cannot reach the neat of the disease. Cat Arr is a blood or constitutional disease Aud in order to cure it Vou have to take internal remedies. Hall Catarrh cure is taken internally and Acta directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Halls Catarrh cure is no quack Medicine. It was prescribed by one of the Best physicians in this country for years and is a regular prescription. It is comi it used of the Best tonics known rom tuned with the Best blood of a Uri Flers acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Bend for testimonials free. P. J. Cheney a co., props., Toledo Bold by druggists Price 75c. A Plant purple is n Shad that indies of so Liou taste incline to. When baby wan sick we gave her a Asteria when she was a child she cried for it Astoria when Abe became miss Aho Clung to cast Ria when Alio had children she eave them Coloria i to irs a lev in is Colden is again playing in a a id pro takes pleasure Iii Tom it i suffered with consumption for some time and after the doctors said they could do not ing in i i Foi in i began taking your lung Balsam with wonderful results. 1 think i am cured and take pleasure in recommending it to every one who has consumption a a Tun j. Hende sox Walnut Grove neb Esther Lyons has been engaged to play the leading female part in a the Galley by ave the world s fair located where on the line of mime Apolini a is. Louis railway. A Albert Lea route a Hie licht Aud most pleasing mule Between by. Paul or mimic Al ills Aud him ago. Tin Only Lim which runs into brei Union depots at it bit ago thus avoiding Long mid tedious transfers to connecting lines. Tin equipment is in by any other Liin Ain a a dmm of i Unju a table Day coaches and Pullman Palace sleeping a bested by to in a for detailed information As to rates routes Etc., Quot Jill ii Oil any agent in tile Northwest i write to the undersigned a m. Pit Ait aet a g. T. A A., Minneapolis Minn. Iii direct the the stage in Samuel fort of Baltimore t tour of lotto who returns to april. Wise Parent. I had a bottle of alien s lung Balsam and my in it us very sick with a Bud cold which culminated la a severe attack of pneumonia. With Fri use of that bottle he is entirely a 8. Buk Itald. Plainville Ohio great head the id hog. Heap excursion rats Der Moines to new it Orleans and return account National Banger fest Sud the Mardi gras. For further information Call upon or addles j. H. Green general agent Chicago by. Paul v Kansas City railway no. 230 fourth bt., Des Moines la. Another Case of predestination. A few hours before the engagement at Dandridge tenn., two members of theist Wisconsin cavalry had a warm dispute Over the matter of for ordination. One of them stoutly maintained that the time Aud place of every Man s death arc appointed before hand. With equal Fervour the other trooper maintained that Tho belief in for ordination is the greatest nonsense imaginable. Soon after the engagement opened the regiment which had been lighting on foot was forced to beat a Hasty Retreat Ana the b Bever in for ordination Ami his opponent in the recent debate were two of the most nimble runners among the halon troops. They happened to meet when the Pursuit ceased. The Roan who had condemned the theory of for ordination thought he had a Good joke on the other. A look Here Charley a he said a if the time of your death is foreordained what made you run a Well you see Quot was the reply a it was foreordained that i should run Ana run like the Devil of Ark t to the sound of humanity a rafts millions of people with aches and with ails. Headaches and Humours a merciless flood. Weakness of lungs and disorders of blood. Yet there s a Helper that certainly saves thousands of people from premature Graves. The remedy is or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery. It cures coughs relieves asthma Cheeks bronc hit purifies the Gores in Pitons and unsightly pimples and is without a rival for All the ills trod Spring from a disordered liver. All druggists. Done to Hawk and blow and spit but use or. Sages Catarrh remedy. Of druggists. The War on gambling in Chicago has proceeded so far and so vigorously that no games Are running in the grand jury room. Colds coughs and incipient consumption cured by or. Bulls cough syrup a remedy of fifty years standing known and used ail Over the world. Do yourself the favor to give it a trial. You will be amply repaid. Candle shades for dinner tallies have apparently reached the Acme of Beauty. The variety is endless and now designs seem to been trod red weekly. To promptly relieve and permanently euro rheumatism or neuralgia use salvation of. For Sale by ail druggists at 25 cents a bottle. Many of the handsome Coats and jackets seen on the promenade have the line of the sleeve and shoulder outlined Iii glittering passement Erie. They have discovered a sect of vampires in Kansas City but dispatches do not say whether they Deal in acres or inside property. Why not tart your elfin in by using the Best purest Mew economical soap Dobbins electric. Made Ever since 1864. Try it once you will use it Alv Auti. Your grocer keeps it or will get it. Look tor the Dame Dobbin. No stranger should leave the City without a Box of a Tansill s punch 5c. Cigars. At Home natural Flowers arc worn on the toe of dark slippers. New Orleans is shortly to have a Sanger fest. The latest fad is a Finger ring of blackened steel with a Small Brilliant Stone buried in it. How to Haiti flesh and strength. Use after each meal Scott s emulsion it is As palatal de As milk and easily digested. Delicate la Dale improve rapidly with its use. For consumption Throat affections and bronchitis unequalled. Or. Thor. Prix ala., says a i used Scott s emulsion on a child eight months old he gained four pounds in a mom the season of German opera at the Boston theater is announced to begin easter monday april 7th. _ California excursion. Pullman tourist sleeping car excursions to California and the Pacific coast Points leave Chicago every thursday Kansas City every Friday via the Bania be route. Ticket rate from Chicago . From Kansas it s35. Bleeping car rate from it Hiya go i m per Doh hic berth from Kansas City �3.00per double berth. Everything furnished except meals. These sex cur ions Are personally conducted by experienced excursion managers who accompany parties to destination. For excursion folder containing full particulars and map folder and time table of the Santa be route and reserving of sleeping car berths address. M. Osgood Gen. Agt., a. T. Amp 8. F. R., 180 4th St., Des Moines Iowa. The by. A a k. C r. R fast line Quot ill leave Des Moines at 8 Rn., commencing 8un-Day, eel Atli arriving Chicago att a. In leaving t Iii ago rite In. Arriving Des Moines at j 25 a. In. La Grippe or influenza. Allens Long Balsam has such a magical effect upon coughs colds hoarseness bronchitis and All difficulties of the Throat and lungs that it had been found of great value in curing the cough attending this new epidemic so rapidly spreading. It quiets the bronchial irritation causing free expectoration and contains no opium in any form. Allens lung Balsam is sold by druggists generally Price 25ets., ooets., and $1 a bottle. Dickhead Lonb s a Jacobs sure cures permanently sprains Saite re i lean in pain. 14 Sumner St., Cleveland Ohio aug. Plum. It in 1851 i sprained my him clubbing chestnuts suffered years in pain Ana could not lift my Arm. It was finally cured by St. Jaccobs Oil. Jacob Etz amp Asperger. At Duro arrs and Charles a. Vogeler co. Salt Lucre. I inc mitc wanted. Famous Missouri steam Washer Huch i Don Avo stir. St. Louis. To. For bust Haas at oldest and Beal commercial College. Circular free. Address c. Barless. Dubuque la. Patents i free A Lehmann Washington. My. Send for circular. Prospect ii and Sample perforated is i no. I ii a pattern. Mention this paper. M a co.cincinnati.0. Stanley a new Book fat Sarff to cts. For Outt. J. M. French a co Omaha neb. Opium habit. The Only certain and easy cure. Or. J. L. Stephens r Banon. Ohio. Kippers pastilles amp a a a a ass amp tips Ltd a a a u. Nasa f j cd by Studt. Tiona scr Panji penmanship. A i u 111 c rtt Inetie shorthand Etc., Thor la taught by mad. Low rate. Circulars free. Ants College 4 ,1 main St., a Niilo. N. T. Quot Lichi icky Carters fettle River of pills Post Velj cured h these i hit pills. Tiey also relieve Dis ires. I Quot in Daysja digestion and trollo Artvin rating. A perfect Rem Tedy drowsiness dad taste in the Mouth coated in the Side torpid liver. The regulate the bowels. Purely vegetable. Price 2a cent patents and pensions we Patrick of far Hill atty Etc a a Washington a c. A cd Ditc a Fautn Fornor enlarged Oil la or Auer i 9 Tyau i Cuti mar or outfit free no peddling endure Money sales made and goods Deldo Rcd n m l , wives Annulli and mar Snow no mid ran be eff ted without l an or danger information sent in ii a Vun Garva ads Coveri or. Al. H. Dye Buffalo n. Y. Once tried a two is used. Household the Hest in the Waikel. Caad i he. Of i in for m at to mild Roll mate Tarter of crops maps a and circulars free. Tims. Hole castes Medicine co., hew Yoss. Small Pill. Small dose. Small Price pensions of Joseph la. Install la. C. Of Yon want your pens n without de. Put your _ claim in t he hands Iii Nukk Allt a a a agents who can hive their whole time working Lur it eau cooly Ninke from gt5.no a a _ _ i Aioli per Mouth goitre Ino Munh luny i. Profitably employed a to. Pleasant work and permanent vii1.i.kh a a la us i. Ile Mollie to Eye nai40cfl nod month can a made Jio. Luj ave. A working for a preferred who can Fern la a a horse mid git their whole i Tine to Quot the Busine Apa in moments May he Proult Abl employed a1 a Lew Vadis in in town mid cutes b,?&Quot>sa< o., k , Sweet potatoes w be sprouted on slim no eve Peri pm req sent _ _ ult i j _ _. T Peri Esiee required. Dire lion for sprouting fit he. Addles. T. .1. Six my. 4 Olin ten. Mantas. Work shops of Wood and Meta workers without by equipped with outfits of Barnes Patent foot Power machine a allow i ewer Bidi of Jota and rapier profit thu Ether mean tor Dong work. Seta As Hiest to Iril in or or shop. Hot and of catalogue. W. F it Ino. Turn Khz oo., add i Hub bt., in it in. The great French remedy Kava Fournier. Fok Man Only treated in the leading farts hospitals. Used in Dally practice by All v ran the physicians. Medal and diploma of Honor. Fans exp Oslo ire. Acts with magical rapidity in of a Sara it urn absolutely i Hose chronic eases which other remedies Only relieve. Full package remedies sent c.o.p., Cypress pre said . Ilm Idonis Maniph Lefree. Ii a Fournier agent a. Isl .1311 i. To y a new or it Hod fsr or od4i� to. Sure cure for piles Salt Theu it a Quot of by 3 of a a in ring glow a myth Talt Oiw. / o be Edorph of a Sleege. . Hurl by. Ii Rue a a a of Rule Des made with boiling water. Epps a grateful comforting Cocoa made with boiling milk. Free Onliest Hook 4ver printed. Vij11? a coma i j Foj i let a packet j Puiul upward according to in Illy i Arcley or cont. It Licu emt of any by of. ,4 la. . Pulali it Hue free. Of. Ii. Hock lord Iii. A one foot in the How Oft in do we Hoar Tiro n give Kau i of some poor Pilgrim Over life s thorny put ii Whoso tottering a to get ital i id face unnatural glitter of Tho Eye Alia hacking cough and its Tho accompanying involuntary prs tire of hand Over Tiro lungs the Mit of the dread Dis him consumption that cat we tile remark i too frequently Alan and in tile interest of much unfortunates thin is in Ned to assure them that their Steps need tend no longer towards that narrow Reoe a talc that await nil a that la until life a allotted space is Oover Ltd from any such Muse for Tho scientific researches of or. In v. Pierce of the invalids hotel and surgical Institute of Buffalo n. Y-., re Hulting in his a Golden medical discovery have wrested from nature a remedy which never fails to cure this Scourge of our Nee which is really nothing More nor a than scr Fula of the lungs if taken in and Given a fair trial. For scr Fula in All it myriad forms whether affecting the Hing Tigs Trou or other organa or a Marta i r. Pierced Golden med i Leal discovery is a Sovereign Ren Idy and the Only one that is sold by druggists under a positive guarantee from its menu i far tuners Liat it will Irone flt or cure if taken in Tirol and Given a fair trial or Money paid for it will i refunded. Enlarge glands tutors or a Bunch a Are Dis-1patol by its Usa old sores or ulcers Hon Hal a a w Hite swellings a hip joint i Oase and Kindrell ailment in Rena gently cur l its a int Puchir not a beverage a concentrated vegetable extract without sugar or syrup in its Iro Yoeup. Done to get drunk urdu. As it ii and marvelous in Carn live pro Jhu to Quot Soh in its composition. Its Mission a to cure not p Illiane. A Golden medical i>lw.? invigorates Aud Hitren gulp no the liver and lungs Sharp tar write a it h at w Era Vou Haltli log to with a Well Martini. All orders filled promptly. Ens the apm Tite. Improve a i Gostion Spurill the blood Cox Tisev the a Stein Ulm builds up is it the flesh and strength when reduced by wasting Clisi of leads All other medicines in amount of Sale. There a ii thing Lik it for the diseases for which it is rec Onu Irosido to done to Belo oust into accepting any Guh statute said to isl a just a j s no insult to your intelligence when unprincipled dealers try to Palm off something Els u kit a you just to make a utile better profit an Hon it dealer supplies what Bis customers Tuut without Quot zoning their intelligence. World s disk Narv my Dicapi. Association top rotors Buffalo n. Y. Rills 4 4 is Wmk great tubular Well and prospecting machine famous for rots Ltd to intr others have mho. Self cleaning f Drill cd rep a a a a Koll Quot ii Man intr. Catalogue free Loomis amp Nyman Tiffin Ohio. Fidelity Mutual fire association Iha i 4 i Xii in iou a in Aca a St a i a 13 fun is offered in limn Fai Turer gof do. Same b 8�?tar, m i i 9 i of Erna my Aall Cai ache or my do for to Cise of t Katurrh Al Ato Zyl Jill Tho head which they Carmot cure. By its Vav w no Rii Nii mild a Othling and Healing pro i get of Lee or. Bagous re in of y Cunt the worst Calm no Kmon a of How Long standing. 50c., by druggists. Janita by int i hog. Losses and due jesses adjusted and not due. Nom i0.481 Nadj Nib d son. Shi Lino ii ill lib. A held g75.657.5i dividends paid to in ii try tiers. A fund. .�?Ti0,ui8.u0 Antic irises k o rant Jund. Some i risks written. 1 boo my a no to. 1.kc, tee. X. I two by y. He. F s Tkv jul . S. Yoh Lvi soils Khi Fah it a Aho meet Amsl t 5ceos a pc. Ca Alty. W0scs 0 Thuc. Stjohn asalzer1 a Sta Fosse vows
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