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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - February 14, 1890, Altoona, Iowa The Ai Foona rus Ler. Vol. Iii. Altoona Polk co., Iowa priday february 14, Mio. No. 0 Iowa news items. A wholesale grocery is wanted at fort Madison. Another Mammoth hotel will soon be opened it Council Bluffs. A it Cost Thomas finn too to Lay his hands violently on a Dubuque woman. A wild geese Are reported flying North from several sections of Tho Sta e. I Hoo inmates of the Industrial school at Eldora have died from influenza. The Senate has passed a Bill for Tho construction of a Bridge at Burlington. A the work of getting subscript Lons for Tho Coal Palace at Ottumwa is pro greasing tit Cly. A Cedar rapids lawyers want three terms of Tho District court held in that City. .4<� h yet Ai. Kauffman proprietor of the Jefferson House at Guttenburg drop Ped dead feb. I St. I ii. Annual contest Ltd i the Iowa collegiate association will be held at i present it. Pleasant i cd. 27. A in the oratorical contest at the judges awarded the first prize to Hayesj a Rev. J. H. Anderson pastor of j the m. E. Church died at his Home in j Prairie City Fob. 4th. A Marshalltown City warrants Are at . And the City treasurer has $15,-0oo i Ity funds in Bank a Iowa City is having More than its of fire.-, Throe being from Thoro in one night. A their was a bad Fin at Malvern the Iii if of the Fob. A Block of Frame buildings was burned. John w. Rowley of Keosauqua has been appointed supervisor of census for Tho first Iowa District. Al Hogg has been agitating the bul .1 a of a town Hall or a place to accommodate Public gatherings. A one of Boone physicians Rode Over one Hundred mile in his visit to patients during thirty hours. A the chattel mortgage on the Iowa Iron works at Dubuque valued at $106,000, has been sold for $2,257. A win. Alexander is under Bonds at Dubuque for attempting to sell counterfeit Money in Buchanan county. Arthur Pugsley jumped from a ast train at Corning on the 6th and w As so badly injured that he cannot recover. A a Man claiming to to the agent of Tho now Vork ufos insurance company a robbed of $400 while on the train at Council Bluff. A Independence still leads a Tho Champion sporting town of Tho state. John l. Sullivan of Chicago suited an Axtell laundry there last week. Nearly All the Saloon in Keokuk have dosed their doors. This has been caused by the numerous injunction suits which have been filed lately. A the state auditor issued a Cert i Oate in the it orning state savings Hank of which a. F. Of key is president and f. L. La Rue is cashier. Capital $35,-000. A the Bill appropriating $100,000 for a Public building at Burl jog ton has Linen placed on the Senate a Almetar and is now ready for the action of that body a at Waterloo Jack Long was killed Ane Wilder Leardeen injured by being prep stated by the giving Way of a m afford. They fells i of. T. And Fong j., n neck a As broken. Adar rapids is reaching out after a stove foundry that intends to locate in some City in the late. The Plant will Cost $75,000 and will employ seventy five men at Tim stun. A Rabbit Hunt recently came Chi at Selma twelve Parson on a Side in which 612 rabbits were killed and a Arage of 2<> and Over to Tho gun men Al let la l it and ii. A ear loud of Corn provisions and clothing was shipped front Jewell june ton to the suffer is of South Dakota a few dais age amazed by generous citizen in my around that place. The two year old son of George i. Walker of Colfax a playing about the House and accidentally fell into a tub of boiling Viater and was or Loudy burned before it could to rescued. In housing does not Alvo s Iii i e Gnu i a Safe animal to handle. Bare Buke a Farmer near Clarion was Bulyc and trampled on by an animal whom horns had been removed Sud lied fro he injuries. The Calliope House at Calliope burned feb. 2nd. It was operated by m. Doctor formerly of the planters hotel Sioux City. The building is a total loss. Furniture damaged insure of. De. Winlen a brakeman on the c. It san. W., was run Over by a car at Polk City feb. 7th, and so badly int Jared Hauhe died the same Day. He resided at Ames and leaves a wife and one child. A the report of the Burlington Cedar rapids amp Northern railway filed with the governor shows the total earnings for 1889 to have been $2,786,-559, As against $2,632,550.71 for 1888, j an increase of $154,008.29, h. Williams at Reasoner dug a j six foot Well fifty two feet deep Anil came to Rock with two barrels of a j tor. In twelve hours. They drilled i fifteen feet in the Rock and the water disappeared. The Hole is now per feebly dry. A the Iowa Brick and tile association closed a profitable two Days session at Des Moines feb. 6th, about forty members of Tho a Anocia Tion being Of. Boling of Stanwood was elected president and g. S. Chambers Secretary. President Ellis of the Blue grass league Villisca has a plan to Send a train Load of Corn to the Dakota settlers. A Day will be set for each local association to Load their car and these will All to placed in one train and appropriately decorated. Miss Rebecca Morrison a resident of Nebraska has been arrested in Mcgregor for disorderly conduct and committed for one Day. It is c Blent that she is insane on the subject of Christian science having been attending tii in meetings for some time. James Rowan was shot through the heart and killed and his brother i mob dangerously Bot through Tho Chin by Lames Hallinan Early sunday morning february 2nd, in front of Mcnealy a Saloon in Clinton in a Drunken quarrel. The. Murderer Ere Ca Ped. Tho enterprising people of Sloan dedicated a Beautiful congregational Church recently. It Cost about $3,600 nod is a cruciform gothic Structure with Staisil Cathedral Glass windows in Queen Anne Stylo. The size is forty two feet by forty six not including the two vestibules a arrangements have been concluded for the formation of a Stock company in Dubuque for die reduction of Zinc Ore which abounds in the Bluffs surrounding that City. I he capital Stock of the company will be $100,000. Later a Zinc rolling Mill will be built to employ 300 hands. There is a vast amount of dry Bone which is the base of Zinc in that locality. A the report of the superintendent of the Glenwood Homo for the feeble minded which was filed with the auditor of state shows that during dec. Last there were 451 inmates. Warrants in Tho sum of $4,390 wort issued for the support of the same. For the support and expenses of the College for the Blind at Council Bluffs $15,700 was paid out of the i Tate Treasury. Current Kef its Cream of the news As gathered from dispatches. Events and happenings throughout the country during the past week Fleming Tho new govern or of West Virginia was inaugurated feb. 6. Expert have determined almost beyond doubt that Secretary Tracey a House was tired by super heated Teara a governor Melette of South l Ako to has appealed to Tho Chicago Board of Trade for subscriptions to the amount of $10,000 to enable the Farmers of his state to Purchase seed Grain and feed a the Jenners Miller Magazine for february sustains the High reputation that it has already won and contains in its table of contents a list of subjects calculated to attract attention. General Assembly. Synopsis of important proceedings of the state legislature. The murderer of a handsome Young lady takes his own life. On the morning of january 28, while walking along Obj of die principal streets of Denver col., in company with two other Young ladies mis Nellie Ryan formerly of Mirthea was shot and instantly killed murderer slipping up behind and placing a revolver almost against her breast and then making his escape through an Alloy. Though Tho whole police Force were Pui on his track the failed to catch him since then private subscription have been in of and a Reward of $1,000 offered. Dolt Clive scoured the state without a glimpse of the murderer. Several a i Hrey i a it its have been made bul each prisoner proved to la the. Wrong noun wit beginning to look As though one of the greatest a a Rimes it the history of the City a to go unpunished when by chalice some Railroad labourers at work in Miles South of Pueblo discovered the remains of a Man lying in a deep Canyon with two Bullet holes through his head and a re. Volver by his Side. The remains were identified As Tho of r. L. Scott the Young Man who a at first supposed to to the murderer he having at one time been identified with i Ryan. It i generally believed that Scott was the murderer and com i m it ted suicide from remorse. A Tho four Story Box factory of a k. Hunt. Rochester n. A a a a totally destroyed by fire. Loss $80, insured. A sneak thieves stole $4,600 Worth of diamonds and other jewelry from the residence of B. Perkins Cleveland Ohio. A disastrous fire occurred at Portland Maine on the night of the 5th. Three wharves and the buildings thereon were destroyed. At Lima Ohio die still at the Standard solar refinery exploded killing Patrick Ryan and injuring five or six others seriously. A fire in the matting factory of Joseph wild amp co., in Brooklyn. N. Did about $150,000 damage. The loss is covered by insurance. A Emil Meyers a Blind Man in new York struck and seriously injured his wife with a Hammer and then jumped out of a window to Tho Street killing himself. A fire at Ottawa ont. Burned the shed belonging to Tho Canadian Pacific railway company in which were a number of passenger cars. The total loss is $90, or injured. A the mansion hotel. Glens Falls n. Burnout. Stephen Cole a French doctor was badly burned. A number of guests had very narrow escapes from being burned to death. A mrs. George Lom Erade at Stephenson mich., gave birth to four babies a three boys and one girl. They weigh about two and a half pounds each and Are perfectly healthy. A at Brownville Texas two mexicans i Teodoro Nunez and Diego Aguilar fought with Eugene synchro and another party unknown and the former were both mortally wounded. A in a Saloon Row in Central City new Mexico Henry Brook a coloured Soldier shot and killed Deputy sheriff Dalton a coloured woman named Carrie drug and seriously wounded himself in the affray. A Alfred Andrews was sentenced to be hanged for the murder of Clara Price at carious pa., on november 27th, la Landrews evinced no emotion and when asked if he had anything to say a silent. A a convention of Western window Glass manufacturer was hold in Pittsburg. It was decided to Advance the Price 5 and to tier cent respectively. The prospects Are that prices will be further advanced in a Short time. The no argot is Good while the Stock is Small. A four Bod sewere found thirty mile East of Ini Roell Kansas by two Cowboy. Near by was a mover s Wagon and harness the horses gone. The corpses were those of a Man apparently fifty a woman about the same age a woman aged Twenty und a boy of fifteen. A the result of the conf rence Between Tho commissioners representing the Farmers of Kansas and lha railroads w As an agreement to reduce Tho rate on Corn. Applying to the whole Stab. The reductions Are substantial i by the same As those agreed upon to j Nebraska. J _ Budder Crowley of the Farmers Hank at Sullivan ind., went into i i barn Sot fire to it und then Laid Down and Cut his Throat. His body was found in Tho burned building. His a j counts Are straight and his family in. Intern were pleasant. The Caus of i i the suicide is a mystery. A the reason for the suicide of miss Char i Olla Dunlap of Susquehanna n. Y., who took Poison is Learned to be that she gave or affections to another than to Tho Man to whom she was engaged to to married it he left a note stating that she would rather die than marry her Bethron had. A Hiram Smith jr., Deputy commissioner of pensions a feb. 4th. Inform d by Secretary Noble that his resignation had been accepted to take effect March 5th. Smith is one of the pension officials re rated during commissioner Tanner s incumbency and received $6,000 arrears. For animals. The Hoard at a meeting j the physical culture article by miss appointed a committee to attend to the j Jenness has Many valuable suggestion. Request of the governors Communia j and the second chapter in the serial Don i Story a the philosopher of Driftwood a a the let to City of Elwood ind., by mrs. Jenness Miller is full of Strong suffered heavily from fire feb. 1st, i and absorbing interest. A the history eight stores being destroyed. Sklute0f St. Valentines Day a by Laura old Brothers were arrested and lodged in j dings suggest a new and unique form jail on the charge of starting the fire i of entertainment for modern society the came from Johnstown. Pa., a few i and a discussion of a men s dress a by Weaks ago. There was Strong talk of i mrs. Jenness Miller is full of ideas punching them at one time during the a that would if accepted be a grateful prevalence of the fire. Innovation upon prevailing fashions in a the planters House the oldest and i die masculine attire. An article on most famous hotel in St. Louie was closed by the sheriff feb. 8th. Tho merchants hotel another old landmark was closed in Tho same Way the planters House was built in 1836. It was favourably mentioned in Dickens a a american notes Quot and has housed Many of Tho most distinguished Mea in America a the jury at Mansfield Ohio in due Case of Boyd in. Miller is. The new York Lake Erie so Western railway company for $20,000 damages brought in a verdict for plaintiff. It gives Miller $21,850 damages for injuries he sustained at Akron about the a etiquette of cards and flailing will give a great Many valuable hints to women generally. The Magazine is exquisitely illustrated and for original and artistic models of dress has no rival among the fashion publications of die Day. The Art Amateur continues to Moines feb. 8.�?after the announcement of pairs the forty ninth ballot for permanent speaker resulted Wilson 80, Hamilton 30. The balloting continued without in j Chient until the fifty eighth when Woods the democratic member astounded the House by j voting for Wilson but the excitement subsided j when Yergey beside whom he was sitting plumped for Hamilton. Two More ballots were taken and the House adjourned. Moines feb. 4.�?the Senate met but transacted no business. It adjourned until 3 30 to Morrow. House a called to order. Or. Holbrook for the democratic Side presented a proposition in effect As follows that Tho of i posit Ion to Tho republicans to make a division of Tho places and committees upon permanent organization into two Jarte such As they deem equitable fair and just and such opposition i hereby bind themselves and agree to select one it of the partitions into which the said places and committees upon Jer Manint organisation i shall be separated by the republicans and to j proceed to the permanent organization of the j House forthwith. Or. Luke speaking for the j republicans said the proposition was not one on which they could act. Three fruitless bahts Vav mss. To v justify the High reputation it a won j were the it a the House then adjourn for itself As an authority in Art mated until 10 30 wednesday Tern. A Well a an instructor in Art. I Kuna tvs Des Moines feb. A Bills were the february number is noticeable presented in the Senate As follows by Kegler not Only for it lit Rary excellence but also for its two coloured supplement plate either of which alone is Worth much More than the Price of the Maga two year ago while he a running a i Zinc we foresee a wide popularity Road engine which collided with r i for both these studies the one a a cat switch online in the Akron Yard. Sleeping Quot the other a Crocus bed in a another riot has occurred at St i Early Quot Adelbert a Church Buffalo. N. Y., where a factional quarrel had been going on for a Long time Over a change of priest. A polish woman led the rioters who numbered several Hundred. The woman a badly Hurt. A number of policemen were injured by bricks and other missiles no one was killed and finally the mob dispersed nearly All the rioters wore women the men contenting themselves with looking on. A a Bill a reported in the Senate relating to the Alaska Seal fishery. It authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury after advertising for thirty Day to lease for Twenty years from May i 1890, the right to engage in the Busine of taking fur Seal on the islands of St Paul and St. Theorge. Tho annual rental for the right shall not be in than $50,000 per annul and in addition a Revenue tax of duty of not less than $4.50 on each skin shipped from the islands. A a Tiro Herman named Kelley employed near Alligator Bay ark., hearing that his wife from whom he bad been separated about a year was intimate with a none then year old boy went to the House Sud finding or. Kolley and the boy there opened fire on the latter j killing him instantly. Mrs. Kelley re-1 Tai muted by firing twice at her husband who then shot and killed her. Kolley was Only slightly wounded and went to a neighbor Numond Owens made him Saddle a horse and Start out with him ostensibly to Forest City. As nothing has been heard from them it is feared Owens was also murdered. An old grudge it is said has existed Between them. A the Farmers of Greenville co Only Virginia in tin Southern portion of the state have issued a Appeal to the legislature asking for Relief. They Are entirely destitute und on the verge of starvation. Senator l. S. Syrrell a appointed by the Senate to investigate the Appeal. He has done so. And says the destitution among the Farmers is appalling and that it i even worse than reported. The legislature will at one take action in the f matter and a Bill has been prepared appropriating $10,000 to Aid the sufferers in their extremity. It will doubt-1 less promptly pass. A private subscription looking to the same end has i also been started. A another horrible electric wire a j rident took place in Cincinnati. Feb. 4th. A squad of Mon were engaged in j repairing the wire of the Brush electric com . Among them wit tic Cunningham at a 80. Suddenly the men on neighbouring pole vier at tract cd by a smother shout of anguish from Cunningham. B Iona they could turn their attention to their unfortunate companion lie fell to the Street. To Amend the divorce Laws and allowing divorce in five years after desertion by Kegler in relation to taxing Telephone line by Kegler to establish a Board of commissioner to regulate the Price of school text books and to furnish the same free to indigent a Hildrea by Latch for a Board of supervisors few stat institution and by the same a Bill imposing a tax on corporate franchises and share of Stock by Meservey for the repeal of chapter 4s Laws of the 17th general Assembly and to enact a substitute by Bills to Amend chapter 151 Law of the bib general Assembly relating to the state Board of health. Lim a the Bouw met St i 3rt, and a opened As usual after which Luke submitted a reply rejecting the proposition made tester a to the practice of Art und which j Day by the democrats. The rest of the morning session was spent in discussing propositions for permanent organization. In the indeed we know of no More desirable addition to the literature of the Home than this Magazine which i full of varied and interesting information on nil matter pertaining to the decoration of the House a Well no one who wishes to become proficient in Arl needlework Wood carving Oil water or China painting brass hammering or Book or Magazine illustrating can afford to be without. Brice. $100. Single copies 85 cent. Montague Marks publisher 23 i Nion Square. N. Doings of Congress. A summary of the proceeding of Tbs 51st Congress. , feb. 8.�? immediately after the rending of the journal. Cameron announced the recent deaths in the Fain i re of two member of the Cabinet Sod moved adjourn but. Which was agreed to unanimously. Met Ltd. The journal having Brett read in sex tense St the Ulhand of the democrats the question recurred on ordering the previous question on the adopt kit of the Rupert Iff the committee on Dee Lions and it was ordered be pkg nay nothing. Four Roll Calla were required Lief Ore the vote ame finally on seating Smith contestant but at the end be was declared entitled to the seat by a Rote of yeas j 16,1, nays none. Pm Ltd appeared and took the j oath of office and the House adjourned. Ben , be 4. Immediate is after the. Consideration of routine business tin a1.1 pro nil to the a it executive business and after a Long discussion ratified the at Noah treaty. After Louic other business the Senate went into executive session Ai d then a i journey. Hot continued in the Bouse. The tactics of the minority were repeated in their demand for the Reading of the journal in full a number of democrats sufficient to make a quorum were entered pm the journal a a sent and not tot it g i he journal in approved the speaker arranging the Eon stir Quot a1 i won to As in pro ions instances. I ids tort Mot ions were continued until the Louse adjourned. A sex ate Washington feh. 5.�?-the he to provide for h Tuii Nsnan govt Romett a i the territory of it Oklahoma came up and the clerk i cumin a i. A to a t Tim i ill but had not finish re when Al 3 o clock a we to Ald in the Stab tis Hirut Aud temporary a up a vat of common schools taken up is unfinished by i iwo. Att. R a. Viv session adj grind 11ot -1 a number of the members having gone to Aden i the funeral of or and Mise ii Ace. The s i. I k was Permute i to read the. Journal in its abridged form. In House then at 13 15 a 11< i i >1 r\ate.s-Washington. Feb to the til i for a Tempo Ary government of Oklahoma was taken up i it was. Laid aside and Blair continued aft. Noon seven ballots were taken All result i log in a tie. The House the adjourned to 10 30 to Morrow. I Moines. Feb , Bol i Ter and Dungan were appointed a special com j Mil tee on Rule. Beveral Resolution were presented and referred. Adjourned. Effort was is in in the Bouse to dispense with Preyer by outside divines but j the motion failed by a vote of 43 aves to 48 noes. The list Ami 72nd ballots for permanent i speaker were taken each resulting in a tie. I my then the Bouse adjourned until 2 3d i of Day. Moines feb. 7.�?in the sen a to senator Mack asked to hate a letter read from or. L. R. Baker of the u. A. R. Post at Llver-1 More disclaiming any responsibility for the i resolutions passe by the g. A. R. Poet at 81b-i Ley relative to his candidacy before the Senate i for assistant Secretary. The letter was read and then the Senate adjourned till tuesday 3 do p. In. Horas in the Hon be three ballots were taken j for permanent speaker each resulting 41 to 41. I seventy five ballot in All have Lee taken. Adjourned to 11 30 to Morrow. Hurst de Moines feb. 8.�?mr. Dolph offered Resolute is expressing sympathy for the recent afflictions which. Aine to the families of Secretary Blaine and Secretary Tracey. Adopted three unsuccessful ballots for speaker were taken in the Forenoon and six in the afternoon. The House then adjourned u>s3t monday. Blaine s daughter dead mrs. Coppinger Dies at her father s residence. Mrs colonel Coppinger. Secretary Blaines eldest daughter died at her father a residence in Washington on the morning of feb. 2nd. Hor death a caused by congestion of the brain induced by la Grippe. All the immediate members of the family were present at the last moment go to Oppinger having arrived from the West. This i the fourth death in die Fil mily of Secretary Blaine within the paid thirty five Day and is die second one of his children to die within that time from illness brought on by la Grippe or. Coppinger was so years of age and wan married about seven years ago. At her bedside was her husband col. Oppinger her father Anil Mother and Brothers and Sisters. Hee death had Hin it eds Hun i educational Bill a peaking two expected for some hours. Friday night a faint Hope of improvement was ii lire Titi it Ling to a it it id to q l Mon Day. Several River improvement mils were j Al Ali after executive re Don a Bourne i in. S a rejected the new cud of i tile and it want a Lei-1 j not i an i ult on iivi.-. In. Com Nim a on invalid Pendon re in Trie i Back the Elsb Allty pension Nii with it it Flint making flu a a a a of total disability. Is per month and partial disability t e p r ii of. He amended and passed Bdl for the Relief of til aim Ivor it of the Bam. Moo Ilse tar also a ted. Severs new Bills were in tits j do Isi Sod ref Hod i Oulu de hoi Washington feb. A the a t l j l. A. _ a Carcar be the pen put a of general Durr to lie had been joining the wire with the i a Sui. 4 Lull a in Quot it nth #1 a sed. The Senate Bill a rubber sheathed pincers. The Damp held out but Tho favourable symptoms did not continue. Or. Coppinger had suffered from an attack of influenza on governor s Island and her health always delicate Bud not been fully regained when she was called to a it Hington by the do ath of her brother Walker. She leave two children aged 6 and 4 year. Mrs. Coppinger Mil in was universally known in Washington society As Alice Blaine. The was a great favorite though she was not i authorising the in try How f abridge. Ukr avness had made the Gummy insulation or tic a amyl River bet cd Douglas or devoted to society be p utterly worthless and Cunningham Biol it Arp it county neb and Ottaw Ottamie i of ii v. Iowa. Pending action on the Lull appropriating 4ay0g for a Monument for general Knox. At tor Pastoo Maine the Hou it a i journey until monday received the powerful Are Shock. Some of the Paer by said they saw a flame of fire it through the unfortunate Man. Cunningham at last account a in a dying condition it the . It i comparatively quiet when so still eau hear the View drop. It is said i hat it to Nav Wing the lip is Turgal habit much depend on w Hose up Are a air it w so. Dora i Lay is Golden i again playing to. A old prouty.�?T. A. Non however of necessity compelled her to be prom i m at in Many Way. The announcement to the family that the Case had assumed a in St alarming stage Cairn on or. Blaine birthday. He wu8 60 years old Friday mrs Oppinger s death was the fourth is the family within a few we is
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