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Altoona Rustler Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1890, Page 2

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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - February 7, 1890, Altoona, Iowa The t Altoona rustler. Annual convention. a for Friday moral Nof a a a. A a. A. T Solisjr. Ehtor Ani in to Hustoh. It the Iii Alumna mtg tonsil it is no Molter. Ii v i a a i ii year. Our ropy Aix Mouth,., olm copy urea month. Latex i int to 0 Tun s flu in a a ii i to a ugh 5, a a him i.,.i�i i a a it a Rue Tim Vii owl .4 lid in la of a rut of main Union in loan urls i. Ami tile Lour Kiilan. I he following is the Ami Mia i and j dress of pres. T. K. Haines delivered before the Iowa file be i Brick at Des Moines. Iowa cd i Hemlay Felt ii Ihm i f a Tilk Vert Fox under the Providence of the Ureal t j t Ltd j a to �?�15.001 Vii or of All Pond we Are again Jet personal and social. Walter Canfield h out once i of tin universe a made it so by i having formed from Day with Hist j own hand that which was declared to i be his noblest work and is it not i matter of history which none will a age of the Drippy. Deny that the greatest physician p to ,.la cd. Noire of tills place moved to Ever known to used Clay As a a. 1 Means or Rester. The Blind top a teat in div mailing sight Ami who has Dot heard if. To in a a special offer to Home the month of february a to introduce with the new v women fort local will i inserted in the items for act i i line or fruit Iii thereof for each insertion. J melted to meet Livre in this pleasant place and to Greet each other As coworkers Iii the two great arts Iii lot a Coutt to Tux in the paper until ordered i v h i Ltd a Quot a a a "ui1 88 to us a he amp a a out by Chi Reed except when prof i , of the great slate of Iowa Are fled Lime i in it us to to Brit in ration. J _. It deep interested. Not Only Are i we interested Tina tidally but in Point of Comfort Aud improved sanitary Friday. Feb Rua by 7. I Moo. The Altoona rustler is a newsy Little Sheet since the messes. English have assumed its management. A Plain talk. At the present writing the hoist. Of is still in deadlock Ami w Ith no Prospect of a Compromise soon. La is very pleasing to us to have old subscribers come and renew their . Not Only have we bad Litany such instances this month but a Liberal addition of new Sun a a Czibor has cheered us still Turtle i fitter s printing office quietly take j scat anti Aei in for the paper mid pay in Advance keep i feet a win from Ute Devil h kinds off manuscript Don t carry of the Exchange mid 1 in t read the Type that is Iii the galleys the proof Sheet. Jew i old a ii Boon i in in that have not renewed their subscription Foi the Al to i a or Vioti Icid us to Send i Doc Tel Bringa Hrat such r us to i condition in ii of which arc secured by tile use of Brick and tile. Tile j especially it properly used cannot Blit in cons Ideal As one of the mediums from which a Large amount of the wealth of Iowa is in Niue of flow. Tile til maker is not left alone i ii a tiles statements Foj who has not stood in a lie markets i and observed Vicat hauls of Corn la my Levi Ere i 1 Iii it from the Emu Mons size of Tho cars More to Schihl cd i loads of Cord Wood than Corn with the common remark from tin owner that a this Corn was Gio Wii on my tiled Iii main Case tilts h j land be fur being tiled was cutin h worthless producing nothing but rushes Ami flair. Blit now prod Tio j As much As eighty bushels of such Corn per Are besides having Van pushed millions of Mux Quiroca Ami destroyed a hot of i xxi sickness and death. It is a familiar proverb which soya a ill who causes two Spears of grass to grow where but one had grown before is a Benefactor of ins Rne but he who causes millions of Spears of grass to grow where nothing had grown before i next to a creator Quot and tin Iowa j justly claim a fair i share of credit for what thee have hut Hiram the widow s son who ennui Tim no place so Good As the Elay of miss. Aud Viva Perdue dined with miss Susie Malone sunday ground and Arthuu or. Isaac Sperling spent saturday Iii Winch to East the hoi vessels anti i and sunday Over id Jasper county. And the finely ornamented columns which adorned King Solomon s tem i mrs. Uns hed Shade is visiting pie Aud now gentlemen of the Eon-1 with mrs. Sartell her sister of this volition we have before us a program of f.,.tii i Obj. Nib Imp Adie s Home 1 a a a journal I be lome we her to i to your address the Don i but Holiday numbers november and december of k is by 2 c fat a a a wih Send us 25 cents for a three months Inal subscription beginning january 1st, 1890. This make i five months for Only 25 Ltd a mrs. A. D t. Whitney a Story of the same taking it out let the Post j while Tho Manu fact ii re of Drain tile Oiler this week will a placed on has contributed Large to the wealth our books As regular subscribers As notified through these eol Timus last week. Ai. Are expected to cull in Hue pay up or notify us thut they will do so. Parties living Al a distance can reach ii at Ain no. By is ii. Aud health of our Beautiful state there is still another Branch of tin Clay working interest which is of no less importance than the manufacture and use of Drain til i allude to tile manufacture of Brick. The list of Brick is almost As old As the history of and the remains of very ancient edifices fully attest the great durability of that plans Ltd building material. It is not Only desirable on account of its durability but in it Catoo it Coin is the Nom Cost timing in i de i metallic by fire of any building rial now in use Yvel Burnt which ii a it ii full eau in Lim the Means of calling Forth practical hints suggestion and to to fences. Concerning la. Mainline Turc of Brick and tile. The application of which will enable us a prosecute the years work that lies in i i in fore us in an intelligent mid prof. A 1 table manner tile tile and Brick business is not without its Dise our men is. Dry seasons will come greatly reducing the demand for til machinery will break causing h. The experts and Lemay. Then comes 1 bail Burn Ora lot often coed tile 01 some other misfortune incident to the business. But we Are Bere today to condole with each other in our misfortunes to rejoice with each other in our successes Aud Endeavor to to learn of each other How to make our business More successful and As airs. Mccauley unit family moved from fix Kville to Des Moines. Inst monday. Miss Alice Murry of 8 Wati is visiting w till Ber sister mrs. John Canfield of tins place. Or. C. A. Mccoy of Des Moines representing the daily news was in town monday of this week. Or. We. Burs Litin a former resident of Altoona now of Des Moines was in town saturday evening. Or. Henry i ledge of Nortoft Des Moines visited with friends near this place last saturday and sunday. Kills Oldfield and family of Mara a result make ourselves a greater i Liron Beuna Vista co., Are Blessing to the world. Visiting with father Noah Oldfield this week. Western Franklin and Vicinity. Were you at the Wolf bum a a a 8otm of the boys loaded for a be it a. A they say or. Fredrickson shot no. 8shot and could t hit a Baru. A mrs. Obi brings recovery is doubtful. J nitrate Scott is still on the turf. What was Frank fling doing last sunday night when his team got away. They say the spelling at Center on last Friday evening was a put up Job. Mrs. Ii. Crawford who has been sick for the past two weeks is Able to in a Boti t say or. Hatcher mis took or. Tinker Lorn Wolf Ami abut j Kev ,1. Ii. Ander a of at spelling school at ,. Monarch on evening was Church is still on the sick Well attended. As usual hic it rest Bali Piug some or. Carter s brother of Runnells started with four car loads of potatoes from Percy to California. Mon Day. Al d. Milams of the Des Moines Lender was in town a couple of Days last week look ing after the interest of that p. Per. Misses Viva and Lillie Perdue utta Cameron and Minnie Vandev attended Church in Mitchellville last saturday evening. Rev ill a paper tin it receive patronage to be first class and first Chee patronage consists in a s paying his subscription Iii Advance in nearly every town there Are people who sn-1 Brick is not Only the most Leon Ohio willing to lend their moral support j Al convenient and d Rable material to a in asps per by moral support i building per Posen but it has wit bin the last few years been fully demonstrated that for paving Pur does t pay for printing Pip r or Ink. There Are people who come in and Xii i Iseri to to help you along Lait who fail to think that uni Ess they pay for the paper they Are asking you to let no Theta so a Niichi in Cash. The re is of a for re Flecty a in these lines. Jules enic will have to go of out Ai revised edition of Bis a around the world in righty Days a with a Range it tubs if he wants to keep within the lust it tip with the times. Miss Nellie Bly re presenting the world of new York made the circuit in 72 Days i hours and la minutes. Miss Island. Her computer representing the cosmopolitan was due in new York a i january 26, but has not yet arrived. Just what Good is to he accomplished by Ibene glow. Girdling a expeditions except the temporary gratification of the journal whose poses there i nothing so Good As to i irk. Except pm traps Granite blocks which in this part of the country would i to sex pen i pc sin it Hab it Quot Quot become a understood that the a Oft Mijat a Job l it l a i its material wooden blocks instead of Well Burnt Brick is fur behind Fin see in win hit lives. Refer Gagain to the Imnetu of Iii drainage let me it Lustra in a figures the results which reasonably be said to have been brought about a years by the in heres 3000 Section or 1.120.0 10 acres now estimating that one tenth part of this land which amounts to 192,000 acres has been reclaimed i the use of tile. Now place the yield of Corn from this land at 50 bushels per acre gives us 9,600,000 bushels the average charge for carrying this Champion is the Victor we Tai to Ito Chicago is about ten cents pc Bena Ive. It Nikel or a total of 6960,000. Now product pm mid Tine of Drain tile a strip of land sex ten Ling five Miles on each Side of one of the railroads mulling cd and West Are ins the state of Bina contains m round hum-1 another Hunt in talked of to tak stall spelled Cherry has made frequent visits of late in Theoe parts or. Ii a Taylor the school dad at Monarch rides Back and Forth from his school or. I Rye ii Jones was on the complaining list a few Days last . John oar rough made a business trip to Altoona on last thursday a the s say the literary at Center can hardly get crowd enough present to Comdr tut u quorum. Some of the Young men employee their time in coasting Down Hill on last saturday morning Ira Bleck is about the Only one around Here now who has the grip a. They Ray Lee Long seeker of Bondurant. Walks to Altoona every non King. In a a Lay work and in Alk Back Home again Iii the evening. The Wolf Hunt on last saturday turned out to in a Blank although int of fun was had. A Hundred men were present an at of e time tit had tin Wolf completely surrounded in the weeds but it broke through the lilies and made its is each amid the allowing of men and Ixia and flu throwing clubs and firing of guns. About fifty shots we. Fired but they failed to Cheek the sgt ced of tile Wolf. Messes Brunt and urn Ford were he Only men present on horses and they were unable to lies it off a. Weeks before he will be Able to fill his pulpit. Prairie City news. Or Frank i out brakeman on the u. Ii. I amp i passenger Between Davenport and Chicago visited friends and relatives Hrc. Unav and monday la in commo or. Brix urn wife accompanied him. V of k pc c in. I i in will Carleton a ii w113 Walla Uil Susan Coolidge Cdr. T. De Witt Talmage edits a special department i a a under my study it so we have All Cost Antl m0m i tactical Matt r to be a i find mrs. John w. Bishop has just returned from in tis Niter a six c a a non stay ma., inn arrangements for the my Lutish news in fashion to be published with illustrations in the ladies Home ii in ii he Rte Cal Tow Drew making by Emma Hooper tells How to have i the latest fashions at the smallest Cost. To h by amp Lei Fork is edited by an expert. Isva by handsomely Illus Lff rated. Everything new and original. Patterns guaranteed Correct Aud reliable i a1 at the news stands to cents a copy. Jet Send a cents fora three aloft Tbs trial in Hso tip Tim of a Ascutney Street Quot and Maud Howe a novel of English society life begin in november number. December number contains opening chapters of one of the finest Christmas stories in Ever published. Finest illustrated a / Nodi als Ever issued. Rite ladies Home journal is handsomely illustrated by the Best artists of our country and is filled with the Best obtainable original matter. Everything is new and fresh and written for the journal alone. Contributors for Isgo Are mrs. A. D. T. Whitney Margaret e. Sangster Maud Howe Marion Harland Josiah Allens wife. 2f mrs. Lew Wallace and receive the Holiday numbers free of Charrett i Curtiss publishing co., Philadelphia Pat Al a. Crawford. In Alrh in i it a y it too i it a 3 ii h Ith. Off oks. Hats Caps groceries Altoon Shaffer a Quot corns it this for fear someone atty we have to . We will livid the my Siuty Quot and Lite a grip arrived i amount by two which will place Thlma it together an twit it Are taking a much la Rcd flight. Already tin a a elea my to into Crux a dying of it own Amity. Of a Lish and Hilly a its popularity had Imen there Are precedent for it. And it is Moree Aaita account 1 for than is the Mcmin ent Awak mid by the a know do sent that one in i of cited with Anun Novig a disease. 8uel\ the Seia Alfor humor a a a strange thing. The court of Europe aet the fashion to sneeze and lie trouble i with a headache hence when one of us Over in re sneeze Stid feels altogether miserable he gets laughter instead of sympathy and is a declared to be quite Iii the fashion. Well. It is better after All to title tin ills of life Cherf Nelv Aud a brag Sis the grip be Fco did a with Hiing not a Little to crowd or. Me Flinty out orc might certainly to Sec i .is-g4 4. Gross earning of the Road from that source at $ Imo non. All this when the use a tary of this convention Akht to the Railroad companies to extend to us the common Courtesy of a alight reduction of fare going to and from our convention the officials of the Road did not even no much us answer his letters i Al ill la to huh in order to show that the honest labor of the mud mixer is not always appreciated yet it is pleasant to have the honest Farmer show his Appel nation of us by the remark that lie is highly gratified with the results of tile purchased of us and at the same time expressing ins desire to Purchase More a soon As he is Able to do so thus we Are made to feel that we Ani not leaches on society but that our labor is appreciated Blat least a portion of the Community. And that our occupation is not a Memel one but Otic which occupy can honorable a no Limiti Portt place in the Industrial world and Why we not c Laim that our occupation is an Hon 4 Oracle a 4u�-4 the is Twat architect Pine Iii the near future. Laten. A Lucy a hider have a few sets of no i Wood bobs which they will sell cheap. They arc first Cia in every respect. Call and see them. R lives corns and warts immediately and entirely removes them in from five to ten Days. It does not make the foot sore As it do s not a fret the True skin. A few Appl cations will allay f i the a n of bunions and in most cases will effect a cure death on Corn s i s a in of i us i i j but is perfectly harmless and will not stain i ice 25 cts sold and Warran ted by All the principal druggists on Earth or sent by mail on receipt of Price n Stamps to a 0. Shaffer proper. Altoona Iowa. Cd Ley rider amp Coffland arc once my Al cur scr ii and ate Here to stay with a full mid pm plete us of incr us m i. , dry flood. Clottu r huts Capa boots a us flutes and Croce re. Notion. To Ohaneo Queen Ware Hla aware mid stoneware Price go Iante Ltd. C it it ii i id Sih or Bucklen t Arnica Salve. Int Best 8alve in tile world for cuts bruises sores. Ulcers Salt Rheum fever sore. Tetter chapped Balut. A Iii lain. Corns and ail skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect Salista Tiou or Money n funded. Price 25 amt per Box. For Sale by l. 0. Shaffer Kumar Kable us. Mrs. Michael curtain Plainfield. Iii., makes the statement that Abe caught cold which settled of her lung she was treated for a month by la in Iii ily physic in but grew we orse. Ile told her she was a simplex victim of consumption Ami that Norm Dicine could cure Lier. Her cd or. Kings new Dis eos Vry for consumption i Tong lit i hot tie and to her Delight found in self benefited from first dose so continued its ii and after tak my ten bottle found herself sound my Well now does her own Houe work and is As Well a sin. A r was. Free trial bottle of this for at Iii. Coven it l 0. Shuf Ivry drug store Large Lait ties 50. Ujj i 41 of ill of is j on a i. Caho. A. J. Mathis Nisi to in Tiu t. Collections a pc Salty. Street. Up stain. 326 e. Fifth to Moi Hen. Lount. Alt Ltd it to Low a i Tony i a 7/.u\v. Bank. Nuyt of a Ltd draft a Quot ult a not % bout tit Xii i tire a to i Iii ,i-4 tip in it to i. R. . If you want to in v and Din Quot goods. Houts Aso Sho is. Groceries. Hats. Cain. Notions ktc., Etc of fur n it thu 41, 1 m i my Phi a a a a a or a a. In int Mill ill to lakh tilt Onvil it it it a tent Jinfu ii in. i cd a Iii win. Tau. F. I >11 la Kyj Iii Ina it it tut. It Viz Okho ski Foit von to Cist a a Simp ant a a Hgt a of univ More. Altoona a. Us \. Altoona. Ii la a a i. #. La iou a Srel Wheeler Aud Ion i. Will a sales in any part of the state. guaranteed. La i to Tel Ell Villa Omi poll. Y. X . K physician amp surgeon office Quot i Xii Aux Waintr. Ohm Lichi r Olli e a rout t id a . Is. Keld enc is of hour St. 5<l. Des Moines. A to a heft Market w to. 4335� a v \. By 40 a. W. H. Corter at. D. or no nos an Iran in run. A a a a to a in in Mik Iii i Rex n . F Arar Blo feg out i of . Oui in Ever pm Loru w Riore. Altoona Iowa All kind of the Clio Loet or it cont Only Ona a. Ugh Price for poultry Huy end hid. J Altoona n. W. Taylor. He Ler in Yuk Stock i parties having a Quot ill of Well u in before Selling As i pay the High a he i ext inn met Price % Altoona a Iowa notice Elf will a rave one Mouth Quot tipi Ion to the Hustler fur Cadi f Hie following Back numbers Delict. Cli at this office in Good condite., 1.2,3, 5. And to vol. I Aud \ of. La. Look Over your old Pax a. Iowa. I. A. Coden Contin Voth Tell Hill , will u Joo i Olla full or in thu us in your Urvi r. Cull we e Mutt it free. Joint Sohm Huit Bun Thi Quot rust j by i John Porter it now l to do Alt 1 -i.�. Tin work Solidi nth Jill Hoof Kab Stotish a specially. Ill Murk Armani de. A a Hof balk of Al Bluemk. Too in Ali Oun a
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