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Altoona Rustler Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1890, Page 6

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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - April 4, 1890, Altoona, Iowa A a a a none ii Ivy least a Harry maid a i a ire w Fol l l to Tho major mooned narrowly and hts fact flu shod. A who you in i Jenitee a Winthrop asked eagerly. A a certainly do a a who Sharp response. A the pattern i Tho Fae Sui in of our i bought us Tanti Jioji a a. I if Avo to Ray ii phew. W i i lit a a your in plan Vav a ooh Cli in lot that a in ii so Tho detective to you a the major replied with a laugh. A for though Willie la not one of your Jana singing Vou ii gut ors Ami to a Little too industrious Iii bowing wild Oats. He in quite beyond the Siim pkg we Loroi Cut let alone cold blooded murder. A a a still he May a a no a May not a a major my Donald interrupted severely for to wan piqued Harry s part Stence. A who can prove the clearest Alibi for to was used up by a gun abot wound and was invalided Homo two months a ooh. Sir. You misunderstand my. Harry explained. A i meant that to might have disposed of if. Or lost or a not Likely. Willie is not one to give Awat a Keepsake and us for losing Why Man. I had a letter from yesterday and he would Ltd been sure to have alluded to fast if had Iii any Way got out of pm Esaki for lie prised the Bauble a. _ a a i can Well understand that. Major. Then i suppose we Are to assume that i to chains of the same pattern have reached this Side of Tho a yet that Norm highly improbable the major confessed. A a for the Bulent keeper of the to. Or who had a head like a patriarch s. Swore by All the Prophet. That had no Chi i irate arid was Aln lately Forat quaint and unique design that i was tempted to but a Well will you do my the great favor to write to your nejd tear Aud ask if the Chain i still in Kiosses Sioui pleaded. A a who yes. If you desire but confound la thing. I wish i had never mentioned Chain to you. However if will lie of any to you i will do so though i Btu positive i the nature of the answer i Liall re Ive to clo not be building any Castle in the air on such a Humpery fo.11.lint As i Anil Whir. Y did nut. O i a a a r a a ,1 enough of the Wiles of turkish Bazar keep ers to place Little Reliance on me merchant s Assurance that thee Aiu had ii duplicate. Ton for a few Days. He boldly Laid i plan before the Heere tary of War. Who. To intense Delight gave a Cai i a refer to carry out the project. Tim Gallant irishman returned to lamp jubilant. Volunteers were called upon to Umler Taka Tho rash adventure and so Many fell in Lino that Kilpatrick was enabled to pick men. A a. A a i rely on you Winthrop. He san cordial v Quot to our hero. A for Nave in id in Young by abler.-, an i i can 11 ast you.�?�. Harry murmured upper cd nation of the compliment atm tack ily asked in what plans were ii Well i Don know that there is any re s. La who i a 111 u i i in Tell a the candid Ropis Quot we shill lie divided into two parties one under major Hal Groon will a r Al the Lames River a we i. The other Winch i shall i and myself will go direct to the Quot Cit a to. Scheme i a a a a a i urns r. I he i we Shah . ,�?� a a a Hope a Man we must i 1 11 have All Tho old women in Tho army Down on me if we Mal a a mull f . I a i1 \ in. W int in of we be got to come through All right. To have that cavalcade out of Camp that night you would have Tho Mon were Beni Quot to 0 , such High i Cit hey is a ii a i Fri tag Tho dark hours to icy Rod a steadily Quot ii Aud so of a How i ii Vin 1 \ ii lost. Rand hot a glorious a Dis is was the 1 Bird Day of the terrible Battle of Lett -.burg, and the speaker was Gordon Urey. Meade had succeeded Hooker. And i lie sight was indeed thrilling. By Leeds command two Hundred guns belched Forth their volleys on cemetery Ridge Aud for two mortal hours air was thick with shrieking shells. Then the deaf. Dug cannonade lulled and Tho Confederate poured from the Wood in double line of Battle Over a mile Long. Wit h skirmishers hovering on their front liven the Union ranks could scarce forbear a cheer of admiration a silently and with splendid steadiness that magnificent column of eighteen thousand men moved up the slope. A Hundred guns Tore great gaps in their ranks and still they advanced with spartan fortitude. Infantry volleys smote their Trout yet they pushed Forward nay they even Bayon eted the canno neers their gun and planted their Flag on the breastworks. Then upon this struggling Mas Kede Ai is a urged on every Side. a a human endurance could Bland the storm and la. S ranks fell broken and battered like Forest Trees swept by the blast of the Tornado. was night. From a Clear sky Tho stars looked Down on the blood stained slopes of Gettysburg when Lay forty thousand corp silent witnesses cd the Throe Day a carnage. Kino Bour had Harry Winthrop been in the said in Well had he borne himself in charge and Pursuit but. While surviving comrades had Flung themselves to rest on the beaten Sward there was no relaxation for Hun for the Roll had been called and among Tho missing was Gordon Grey. With feverish anxiety the Young officer crossed and re crossed the Battle Field searching for i Friend among the countless bodies that Lay there. Already fatigue parties were abroad burying their dead comrades by Torch Light and of those he earnestly inquired if the Michigan lad was among the number of their slain. A in vain till lust in Tho Dawn of the morning Success seemed to Ereau Effort. A fume of your Fellows. Said a growled sergeant Quot lie Over yonder Aud Thoro is just such a youngster us you describe among them a i must Sec fur myself a Harry ,with Lictor Mahou. A is a fiery wet i will give Yon and your men fifty dollars to uncover the grave of the boy you speak a not for fifty thousand dollars a was Tho q lick reply a shut for Tho Sake of such Good comradeship us you have shown we will do our Best to help you to find i do not. Know exactly where lie is hut there Are not Mir than a score of grave in Tho Row and tile poor Fellows Are not very deep under the to their Graves Are nut very deep just a couple of feet of Earth Over them us they Lay wrapped in their Blanket asleep in death. was a ghastly Tusk to uncover Tho lifeless faces hut we done last but the one that Lay there was not that of Gordon Grey but of another id whose friends would Uever find by resting place. Of course Winthrop had to write and beg Mother to break sad news to the stricken widow. To could picture to himself the agony of that Ion heart whose wounds were beyond the Teuling of human sympathy mud if in dropped u usar on the letter whish bore the sad tidings was in Iii Humble opinion nothing to to ashamed of even in a Soldier. Hut to Bool Aud saddles history can not wait in War a Ion for us to wee i for lost Friend. The rest of year was spent by the Light horse in raid on jaws army. Which had retreated to the Vicinity of i Tach Nond in skirmishing adventures with mos by s men and in foraging expeditions which if they gave prom Iso of Little glory were Well spiced with danger to the participants. Then followed the retirement into Winter quartet which was now laude More endurable by Tho introduction Quot of Fox Hunting Home racing j other Manly sports that tended tort Quot to Monotony of the weary Mouths. a in the Spring of he that excitement began to Bubble agma in real Earnest entered Olio Tho brain of Gen. Kilpi Rick who cedi Xiandi a. To Divi Iii Eliut Wuu id be possible for a Small Force to make a raid around Leeds univ attack Lii Hmood Aud release the Federal on hello Isle Ulm Iii Libby Pri the idea which a us daring As ii a a banal favor Mill younger office. Who we re ult Illume for Hist Tael Ion bul wore Pooh pop a us duty those higher As i in practicable. Fie us a i i u 11 r. T ii pc 1 p Blitz Quot Camii Clcil Anco Tho Seta a mend indignantly de dined to Linlau f ii . Bat Wii Patrick Vias u inuit Lait 1 la. Down no flit so tug a a Star i a Oil a a a a a a h oshihg1 i to a Ili m to. A wit ii o l freshmen of a or Man and a . The second.,u they r. I. A in d.,w ii a mein ,u., a Quot ii ii.1 Hui re i. I i a i Quot Quot dark to nut kit out objects ii ineptly Ami a they a Pron a i a sign p a a a he n a Sib. Ii wry i Dmoi 11. -. An i Rish Mua. I my Emil a. That ii Quot Init the direction gave. A in. I. What does say f he demanded impatiently. A a he Vii molten i tits la i i in Cliv ii u v. Die. Soc i a 1 a prompt reply Vav ii All hr., Gilt .1 Fain Heel i Rem the men. They crept cautiously Forward till the City Lay la a lore hem Vav Lull la i bids prov Ned wit to plea but tame 5m id a Illy they Drill i p a a a close up men three boil a charge a rang the word of command. a a a. P.,rs-- no sooner Felt the spar than they i Quot i Quot i madly Onward Vilh no in Putti that booked no checking. The asst line id guard f�11 in broken dior cur. Iii boys. On a cried was my ins Swit to Iii to n the Sond line Jim <1� Vav a strop Ger and resist a attack with Tao to r spirit. Five minute of a hand to Huil Liia ail i 11c s a Ltd the recall. Meanwhile the burghers of Richmond were hard work helping their soldiers to throw up cart ii works while the dust Roll-1 g in big Clouds i i a la in i rum v Civ i Tho . I la has i Aiger of Vav but the precious hours passe i by with no sign let and when heavy Gunn were trailed on Kilpatrick s Little Force there a to alternative left but Retreat the Gallant loader himself Bead i olm to charge skirmishers Kiel Tith rout to Gall with Coil ted rate Iii tor. B Hind the . They Felt Bock in confusion to mum 1 a re a in a them Meadow Brig Ltd Vav us to 1 ted. A i adv an was net to to. B Viu. Who com Mam cd the a in Lars stir u oat skirmishers when Custer Caum up with Bis cavalry Quot Rake those troops away. Sir i Vav id in Ike i he without waiting for reply he Rode head i Down a he Hill followed by ins brava Mulligan to Quot i Quot Inch. The. To ugly Imi. >1 he 11. Hey tired Iii a and Ait Rev urls see Quot to heir hi.,., a Nee to Colanti f la nil i i liter s hag . In to Law in Quot go Kii and rho Leal was Quot Ai. Led by i. Hill to. Over Velios noted null Sladish literally rained. A enemy Ife Viu a to know of he ii help and got a Pii in i Mes Sag Quot no. We eau hoi i the nil a Lay a against i the whole a la l army later when the confederates fell Buck i Lilied Aud to Little Gro id Quot i is Iii i Diug Harry Vav in Lii of. Were a i ring. They Cam an a Annh ref Jovial Fellows recruiting their Ltd Frame with wine and food Oil Tho great stoop of a planters House. A a Vav Quot ii. Y sch in a i a Iell Quot . Aft a Fiji he said i eerily Asim tiling Kiili of i in Iii 11. Midi. A a on is not Vas i he i liar r. Ply a How is ill Quot half doze i Quot i i on were seized id to dismay he found that Ive a Sui rounded by conf debate a for Harry Iii Good Lim a saved . Vav ii a bound hot a 1 the i Nee. And wine a of pistol t showered i mud . Dust d int lie is. Yipu to was lost night a in on and found struggling through dense in i to v i of .1 -.Iii,, a Lidh is Vel is. ing d Hor by 1 1�?Ti ult and vowing by All smut Hist he would Al most rather take Refuge with enemy 1 n amp in ii a g night 1 Brough the Long i ii a i a Iimori orig came last .1 Bright. Sparkling sunshiny Day. Which Brot g a he s i Quot Duns Mil in Force. I Ai to lung thrown Uii Seif the feet of a bit tree and having relieved i horse of the Saddle had allowed i in to Tho Young grass mud was jut going to mount again when to heard the thud of horse Hoof b Uluig the turf a Short distance to West. Hastily tying in faithful a Burge to a Branch of the tree to stealthily moved Forward of foot toward the spot Frow whence the noise Caum. Ile had not gone fifty Pace when to struck a track could nut to called a Road for a a were pathway which cattle had of Doutly made and hiding behind a Bush he awaited the a preach of Tho rider who was every moment earning nearer you Ubly be sure to did not forget to look to pistols Iii one Grout fear was unit Iii own horse Bear my the other would tto Irh and i by betray id concealment. With every nerve strained he wailed the Quot aug enemy Fiat a lady Aloin in a place mid such no hour ii could Duffily believe i Sens s. Lilt the e a. Coming cat Piug Dong with the Gay Alhi Doit of practice 1 la Quot cd a Mill ii to Tai n v 1 bred i Nick. Us Ltd springy step showed that Fie Fiad not Long left the stable. Chapter Chi. I Ace to vac a a kale a Harry la a stood in rut red a a Lookin r entre tingly into her d irk Eye. White for a foment flushed Buck to tender glance of leased Surprise. I lieu the color tied from Ler face. And. Pale As death she say like a Graven statue. For an Iti a ant lie rec in i in Fie r Saddle a 1 lion git boil to tall. Ami i la 1 y raised by hands to save Lier but mustering her a supreme Effort she Mea i in herself and the Vav. I. H Igi Itei d Liok i 1 far wore gave place to a cold Stern expression Quot id Fiance. A a Ani . Prist Mer of War. Apt Ain a Winthrop a she raid. Glancing contemptuously the insignia of rank a ooh late he stammered a and is i in met i Vav hat wild in Uglis ave a entered your Bend that you could Iii Agio that i would Ever harm von a Quot the a i rap you will permit me to go my Way a a Kate. I must. I will speak with you he said. Impe Viiu a. Quot or mid night i Hay e longed for i i Opportunity which Chanco Hist thrown in my Way v Gnu an not 4�e no cruel so heart less a i i. Sir. 0 lie a your a i oat they do not come with a g rive he one who 1 bringing ram Ain a Aiti Quot ii All i i pc Nee for All i led you 1 Here 1 no spark of atle Hon lot loft in my heart n Lay pass. i play god i Quot hut. In to a.1# Quot and i prayer an a red. Kate of u Volt Siy y Quot love a dead. 1 1 rang that you should have to Supplicate heaven for Strei Gih i Quot i Tidi . a. I am deceived he your harsh word. . Or i have Faith a be p-iii1 Limo us Ved 1,0 not Why did you come a Quot to a in a no Mosel in limn when i Lay a1 their inc Rev in Villi by Quot of a. A mull tall a a. Ii m lira Quot Fye to remind. My to Aati s . In . In said. Pitifully. I in 01 to in r be. A Minim i. Quot 1 a anti once loved then i Ira v 1 to Quot v in Oso Ihl Quot. 1 Yon the to of or Art a gild Vav to 1, try Ltd i a Quot a Quot w till a Ait r d Tat word i in net opt i 1 a 11 Quot 4 Vav 11&& and Vav Bat i a my. N t or ii 1 f there is a pm k of in 1 1 a let in Ami. And v 1 arc i ii to your conv lion As a n True w wittier. Your lev e w 1 d i urn . So the. Quot Kay Quot a aim i in Quot. I in ii lain Quot n Pili Quot a. A a ii i be i Quot a i a hem a Quot i my Ohnah burned to adm. My to or Ami titties s is Vav and Imi. La i la a in denied or Ain my father Yin. a Barr Quot in or with is to i,., silo Quot if by a i Amma Hall. Aud Mam bul ii a vote ii 1 a sue eos fell. M. H. Lilied by who Lien Deacon the the i d i set . In to Jill Quot a nor Vav i mutilated Arm la a on a sick o. I in a Hoe not far . I have Buffer r and Hurst and the burning lever of d Hun Quot. Aud you. Jiniv to pm i i Quot i lung the a la Etain a me p Are of in our i. La i a Sav All now. And i in to in a 1 name part. No or to Mertain i Vav Iii not i a a in y or kale a a Eye. Vou must lie., in to inc had. Quot a must realize i spa ugh Hart r a to Iii Vav yawl in love ii is hav a a 1 a la spirit to love a girl win Wood gave every drop of her heart s blood i or my life Quot of on a of your Eon irad of Liaw ii Quot a Man Aud give me is Fiir be aul. C i am Imp no vat Wum ii Quot y said. Proudly. A a in r plied Coin. Mph. 1 e. Ely a i a Only Burn their How in 1 slay then loved Oil but enough id he. You see ii now Vav la cloth Vav Quot i Mait. Mid v. By fat her has a Little i m House near this 1, . Am we have been r Hui ate enough Gather a Tew things Getlir Aud Nudie a of a a a. He a re. Ami i be am proud to toll you. Captan Winthrop i received the or a a a or id Niem r d Quot in re War i i a my s. I quotes As a spy. A spy i g Orv in a Jim ii to v i Jun vat an round is High Tsofi 1 a a 11 id hear your word will i in e me mad. Go pud i Ca., not Bear nit i us 1. -a-1 a i la v v. G let am a tvs. A i. Quot in 1 vie Seow i a acs Uthi to id ire you Mill 1 p n Lim v. Re d As is Eppcih a de to let a i Quot a i a i int limn in Iii Imai distance Itjin a i Ashing a Blanehe a id in u s Vones in a Iii an and to a Vav in led to Aller i 1 i 1 a a of. Fit Hillel i la. A our i i Quot a coming Ami you will in captured Quick i re i your in is Quot Larrv in Quot Quot g d s i ame. Stand a a no like thai tint to. Follow track a ill you reach lie Pike my Quot re g aim on the was 1&Quot fort re a a m Ai a Quot w ill spelt to Ami you will overtake i hem 11 Harry. Bai y. Lviv do you hug i so a Al d Iii a ult v p i id by. Mafi lit in. Sti ii. Grant Iii Iii in f a cubic Maud of the i Nijiu army i re Pic a Nee neut a the rid he Outi i i oops Vav to tale rom ii Ginia in of tha Stasia had now lain a i eau i rat urn fat i id the Wilder division and a Funni de four thousand Pris oilers Aud Tivo Ltd neral. Again in i d again Harry a inti Rop Bra vib fellow threw themselves upon the ii in. To never Fine la d in charge but though Comrade fell on All Side a Cam after each encounter seamless i rom the ii tilt. Not so the Gallant Sedgwick. Brave Ever to the verge of reckless daring hold just chided a gunner for dodging a Ball with the Light r Marl Quot of a Man they could not lit Iii a a pliant that when a she crashed through Hirn Quot in. And he fell Iii of to the Earth. Thus with a iou successes Tho butt to raged. Hut the frill Quot Rupert of i Cion lines w ii c a 11 ult Beau Ide. Ii Ali cavalry Leader a Man to whom fear a unknown one win never to a d i Hack Quot ii an enemy a. R Lim face Iran a Friend an i chivalrous to the verge Quot of Quixote so ant Ion in knew no a a. With Hun Ever a word Ablow but blow always came first. And this in in was Harry Winthrop commanding Ohice. So when one Day toward i lie end of Ney he regiment got order 1 i set oui on a raid under in or -. A Romil Clai ers Iii. In a. I Hided by Thein i of Coo or. Winthrop and Ilia cum Des Kin Vav h a k a. I fore a ii . Nor Vav re i a a y ii anted. A i he p Alit of a to k i Eye i to stat i a Oil A in Lott Sadie in ii re. A Vav to ii rnai h or 1v1 upon the foe. Cup Urigh a Fig train of store. Imi the Lomg in hulking prison. I i a a i Kip by i glut iou dash to Victory Bitt Aye. Quot buts. They Sii Oil of Quot be a gone that Ever were told us in Quot v in to Rode out a i to railway i ult in or. I hey i lid Quot in iv1 a a i to roil ii i d both a. A Lay. La n i Quot a vim. Appal cd put Vav i ii to Quot str.p&Quot-,v he got Iii men into an Utai space v. Ii room fight Waul and again he charged now Oil this Side Nova on that. A for -1 Ike. To a a surgeon a a ii. A a we Ami in. A win or a pita Tell u Vav ill la i rear Quot tile for Ait is ii a Quot .1 a Ter in Khi Vav. Villa i word. A use. In of. In i Fie your in-1 a mole Joku i a a i an . I i a form a i by a to Lei Quot grand a Rye to Blea. T Broil g ranks. Hardly had to o Eom Nind .�--�?�.do, . Than log Ltd a Ai A a my ban fell inor Tull wounded grasping to a hag i. 5 Vod so de in la death Yeti d hated an veil a1 Taal supreme mud of pad a Ester 11 de am nil rom id grasp. Bul wit to the i a a v is. Hie Obi Fer of he ,.i-p.-Ei my Lethe i Goulf. I vain to Pic id the 11 i k a a i Lush lie Tore silk hag from ii pow. Pushed i into i bos ii a i us ,&Quot.vard i Quot charge and to lev get ire Quot Lime retie vend .Iii&Quot.aitt11 the Ray of. Of the enemy. Ernim a by the Vry to n f i my a re. R 1 a. Fines a id to Quot of m i rat Tad to firm. w. A v. Kitoi. Be. But a i i Aetna a ail of Lainko was i War Aud. Rover in i i Quot i Wen Ball. Lire i ii to a would in. I Quot pay the Quot Beckon my Quot i Iii reek info he Yuul rival Iii High place a Liu a did have be u by ii-1 ii Ai a a Quot i i y a Ca cd tripping. Thai i Tai by pea a a May r. He site la to. R. However. F the blood a ii the is was a hoi Harbor wit re la rata beleaguered lie. And when. To Sig a Seit. To n 11 a Saud Iii in to a vol a killed us v. d in tile f. a Pace of to. Uty inmate a Quot was doing but pot ii p v in the of a m 1 Inhui homily liver Ami. Vav Fine Hill tem a t Vav till another adv Natii e which Vav we a few More link in th.1 a Bain of my Story. Til y had Camp i a a he ii Bank i Tho River under she a r of u un.,11 Vav of v. Lizeh ,.t ret h i from the mph de. To the cd of the Ream. Suddenly i Here a a Grey common Mug Tho men. A a i a a pm. Or they have night said one of in a per by Way Quot i sex Lunate ii no the leva la i Afi wid Are ilk to handle i in a he i Quot my n Buck i big a word of Harry ran to the in the Dei urbane eau . M or. Sneaking behind the brute yonder a cried oho Brawny Fel Low whose gnarled lingers Ute Imd the Collar d the i Rem blog wretch. Quot a pc Neon More than one hanging a to. An in who Vav alter no goo Jimd another. A shoot Hun a no hang Hun Sli Quot of mgr g her Knelt a villain a were the in s that resounded on All Sib. The victim f this l a tor had Xiu n did Ali Rouglin the mud of a Creek Ami Vav. Ii he . A i hair torn clothe Aniis i . a no wonder that did n or recognize in to i eau Vover Vav f of re Tho up figure of i Wou ii to rival l Quot in. But the a a i Agie no 1 with lip Quot a he raw Hirn. R lend. A emr Winthrop who cried a re orly a a Lur the love of a i buxom a toil the a limn we. I ant. Ayi Al you do not Spak a ill y u see me torn to piece i fore your eve a a do you i i Tow hum major in asked till mail who held i A Aye i know ii in. Boy a ii wry said reluctant in fir Howa by no Unai Pica cd the i to he a compelled by Circum Shine to a a Tina a i we had known he a a Nond of v or major begun one v. A ii rough tempt a .&Quot., bul Cut Sciort Quot Fuere. Line . will be Rispou Jolo for in doing no Hun i. A he in id a now a follow be to in . I a i a i a h a and in c mafia n luuk Utha. Y s h Aire in i Neil pc brain Waco thoe my the b 1 that would i tray to who had Sav i . A a i la min asked a Mill nip merrily. Quot Jam waiting for a Copla Naioti of your or i hot re i a in Only to in re a a Ftp no Leet he i too not go even if my presence would Sav Lier ufos. I no by Rem Luau i Here. I dare cot. Eau not leave my the often cd i a ii lies fell. A and that is your love a he sneered. A ooh you repay her grand Devotion with half-1 quota Rte. Precis of your affection. Why Man. If so but Vav Liiro red i Vin Quot to me and to of Honor danger death stood in the read. I would Liy to her the words Cut Harry like the lash of a whip Bot he checked the pass Kait tto reply which Roe to Iii lip a a but von arc to in my place. Or Leer Quot m ii. Cairn in. A Paul tier idea of lint differ Lake you i would gladly peril life Arni limb to a pc i on Paag Quot i id a i 1 a you v. Ill to go i Quot her in Herd a is to just ii of Miff. I a Randy eau a sic . I Lam. . Lim Quot to a i Hail better in inn carry her a air r go a a you r Alan a ii due nod across Blind that v tailor dip Cirtin might entail Rome a a Cist tipi in Bim. I a to . in i Loii gifts. is d N a. S. So Yon in i do is to see me safely past pm Routi Ost i to rest i will provide or . A Sud eagerly. With a a i fit i nov Harry e to la Prezio Vitam. Rut what could in do i a f a is moment a a supposed that he a mid r. Y men by vote u to Kate Froly i an i by detaining Bim i a prisoner. Such would Fie simply brutal. A i a imbed. Quot i id uha a 7 to von d our line Quot without attracting much the v lvacl�?T1 d a pick Taud los rat swi v Atlee i flu i r a or Deuce was in led with i. Crib. J . Into i i car message 4 love wild sympathy of the qty tits girl. A a you pc. A Man. L to a with Dorp i. Quot to ii Tell i1 Hast site is desire to inc ism All on Cali ? ii i rut Mory forever to in a a a menu a with is cry of dismay in a prs ii p 1>�tck. The w Al Vuu Ulic tvs a melt. Yield or you ure dead Man a Creig cd i A a never you Huilui. Or a Shl e bed v. By a Vav a ii Foj 1 a a a Quot a i i Afu. A maw in ii re v r a j Art r tar to i i j. A my. A a i Dpi Izaj i Al ii a a ,1 just a Mim b. v. Of i Al i is Ike Mill. A v1v a a be or a a Xiv i la sword he felled Tye Frenchman Tothy Earth made a la a for by to. A a i Diwa me i i Quot a Lown i to i fir.-,�?� cried Quot in ,.amt hurry knew Well what ti., order meant a that in ii for a Shmuil amt that they soared to ii a Ivelo a shouting to the top of i a for help. He Bahriy in k Aga ii to a u be wild i a d enemies. Nor a Iii cry unhooked. With a loud a a Rah a Ila i. Buran Woyame trooping Over the Green # wit re and the a Federau to u to the Reee of the Vav i. la a i Quot Sereix managed to father together half to uned senses and crawl to Quot a place of safety. Quot Faith was a a a a if Quot Vou Captain Gore who had suit ended to theolin land i Harry troop sul. A a but what were you doing out in Tho Wood Here Alop Ltd Hany thu slated Scariot but Nutow cries or indignation from. To Kiel to Fuby air treat cd i res Aud pared the pain of explanation. With Tho rest he run to Tho Segno of Tho Didur Lonec. Well i get 111# Gallant a i put a Niter iou i threat of vengeance tor Ujke ii 1&Quot m Uund Lay one a i their cot Rau a Luau they a i mis d two Day b tor. I Quot mid Quot till thin rope so tight in that in Host to.wrists wore streaming vital blvd. A title Ollyn i Iii Guy Aud torn lip we in i de Back Vav Fis u common of e Rufi tenderly they i re Tho poor Idun to crap but was Long cry lie e uld Aho them under i fund what had befallen then they Learned thr Fie had been act upon by Simu i i a l of i achy men who had been hoi ring round the command and when u on wi1. 1 or we this opel cited from Hun i further a formation that of Mux had been with i tart air Frow the Bour i hey a i Etui cd till Llu had fainted with p Fin in the Thicket where they found Hull a red Ami b mud now. If the fre Tehmau had been la the Quot a tax All Tho a Rev iou a i a How a by il0 have been present Koto Rob Isuzu a Bick bedside a dozen Milos away i a shawl the whole Story was Ira you Toetofi to entrap a 1 my Quot the in a Law of Tho enemy. Then a great exultant Joy Wass a to think that the woman to loved is a Tau Tho igbo von in the exude Quaco of Happy Usi am sit raid that of to had of no brought foe j to Taco with Tho ingenious us Adan. Tho interview would a hardly have been of an hgr Ceablom character to or. Alphonso Laeroix. In. Of Ort m inn a a to a Alt r crossing a a .Qmlui Force Jai Monce Mort Uitz a in id ii a. How a a a our 1 the lilt Glume a. Afeei Corsville w a re i a a year Lefoi e Bey bad fought so to Cicely. Aud i. A they u 1 in enemy. No Chi saw the a Mig a in the dense i is to tor Side. i j rank simply dashed Rato Tho a a is. Of Hight. Fell or retired Only to form one More and Barge ado Tho gloom a Slid a neither Side a victorious but wage rally Hippo he a Al thai Gram would re ire Aero the us Pailun though Ira la night differently pushed Iii army by the 1�?Tout Deratt right think straight toward Spott Sylvan court House Leo hurried Forward a division to head Hun off no Hap ened that. When the i Edei its reached the pot if a in Iii 1 a Otic i a do Force painted right Uch la i la i lit i for a inae ii. .1 Iii i Ween Sharp limit a. a or i Hiew pc ii loud i Roe mid i k of a a a a 1 us in Quot to Iii to i m Bro 1 i i sati a wild cry Hancock is i i Mist a Quot Balden by is i ii Ltd Quot i or 1 my ohm u1 Quot Lite a Brt Quot a a. .v and i 111 m 1u i Ainoi a foods errand a a Tho dogged reply spoken w Ith a want my d air Iff in Jure my Fouec. A a to sen no a a Eye to Servo put but not of Sui love i Bear you Cha Futek pc. The nameless Hail wat. A major Winthrop to re i Ort Honl Muiir e r s Atho army lying before i , the advanced Post of Rie Biond when omit re a tto a Sake Vuu Bele Guering in with Tho b. A j a Enugu atm to in id to a Couf Euzefa by 1 a a r cried the very men transports to Washington Balti Taori to a Hla. I i. A a. Major Briggs will share Tho command Beigel ii in her a Vou you will report to c 1 not Gambia Limburn i Quot Well. 1 desc of m a Sously. A m i r by hum a a win i int by ii la of her urn a m a y ii i us Siut Szenger a a i do but. Oil u i Throp. La Levo inc though there in. A a a of to lost Between us two Adt Quot Bour Tho tiding i bring a a a a la bb1 i a who is fixing Yogt Fri Aye who Riding in the Woods a Nile Hula Ruck her in Tho ride Wolt arned her to to farm Hoo so where she now lies scarce a Down Railes from Here. I c my i not to to fasten to her play a r y Oil on 1 Quot i ecu Quot Jiun d to your Camp. Tiar Siai i i to he he a Keah tor liar,�?T., Vav o a to Liny a you w ill a with n e Vav la Yon not re Frenchman. Ii mud Quot i Vul slake Ray ate Oil your sat to duet a in hut i Pale us deut i Al this defiant legion was Audi hiked a you will go to City Point a said to of us. 1, More . When hurry preset a , Quot and Tako charge of two men who will be conv d in tot a Lien Aud Psi ill exp Serici obo when i y presented them a Ives before colonel g Uible i have no doubt they a in geared in the eve of that Gallant officer a sorry a brigade As illustrious regiment of lambasted Puri a whose men were All rags and tatters. Moreover there was always an inclination on the Purl of the regular army officer to look with to certain us Reili Mhz on the citizen soldiers a so be May he forgiven if there was a slight Tono of contempt Iii vote gave Larry an order on the Quarter Nister for their mount Mal que tement. A and major he added us a Pai tog Iuka Netious a if Jon Ever Dogot these fellow in Laurel Ling order report ouch to Harry Saint i and Wuh dive. Samsu ting Flottm wit 1 the Filipi ism of oui Mal and Reohv to this Lipperer Iteal Cati Cimin before 1 any Houri had passed. Llu Bud Uil Day to Tore Hirn. Luckily for Ilion too. He the quartermaster Quick in a pret ii by the age. I , to had ast fur ii could a Evereit names and unite a Enlson to urn Tail i he use Quewet hi., Rushing preparation was that in Vuu enabled to Paul the Quot Emu mild Tho next morning Tho Carty to r of three of clock. Evil . A Lea Lac is i with Bright a ctr in .or.a.-, i in Rit who would rec in the. A in Driy rank Tho n a a of Ca in ways of Harry or. V. I Quot 1 in line a for the colonel s quart f in .4 1 Imp i. A no a ii i a in tee to i i Imp vv., in a e. Amt the u Mol staed uner a Forth rubbing Eye Iliad staring in of the Baijin array Kcf re i int. A Lauri icy. S re said .rry, is a my trying in v m conceal 1 Sun u of e mses our j 1 ale rat mantled fit h a a. I hav c to doubt a Vuk Al i a isei Eael smote . But in vast a Good a Roif Iier to let a word of on prism Seap by ups. A a you to y army a once 1. Hoi a Stevens Quot he said Quot coldly taut is ids eyes no a Harry a v. Is a a Quot of s.duura ton in thew which fully Van pop i the Yoo Uff citizen Soldier for life f toil to out by nut retell in a. Civy Dawn through foil Rice alb Street into to cd y of Vav a hug to a. Post the Capitol �?o. to foil a in. Ai ready Tho sired Akiva with put Eie. Fur the Mast intense cd cute Hunt in vat cd in the City. The com was a ifs gut Quot a. Of a a As they tramp d Pat i Quot in Tahiti me a a id i s r the ,. A.,1, to Reb. I kill d . A a i ral in Fly Haut Tauten Vav Laer m fico by i ,-.- i Asi 1 a a. I. V in for Fie a i ii v.. to 1 hot. Lid i A s tvs rive. Troyjr left a Quot rat Lind 1 hem an ambulance for a Inonu but m., thi Inan i. U i a Lerdy in Vav on in. I. A to Uipa. 1 a i. I ii in ire i to is Ufim the Soat car Lemml i i they i a la be a . a Glam a cd. Ant. A mighty Ell a a weal Pirn to rank fir tar mini Buwit i an a a. A hmm a ,. Jet. V Nuj a 1 a in Liti Quot in. An a Chi sight wet Wihren s View Ash Oist Uoung de ,i., l no a Rcd i lha ranking a sic r. 1 a . Co by Mol. Iii Quot i cig a a void ii h m Quot a1 is i allo of Ciao. I i a file a a 1 Quot ii. 1. J.,�?�,�. I in. T Quot is we to the pushed in l to ii to add in c. A a a a 1 of Muhe chs Quot d re i la 11 .ail., ital Bari tall luxury of cd a you in 1 i 1 Quot i Bra a the off a eked Gundy a i have that humor sin a Winthrop Short a ply. Ltd a getting tired of integ jul la Quot Cli a a a v to Vav h. In be i card .1. Quot -1 Yoni Oft on j ii Chi Gnu ii ova i he you data to go up Quot to fort and Lake a Bird s Eye Viver if in 0-. And then Tell in what to Ink you Era do a Harry table Tan Al i word. As Ira mopped out 0,1 the a nip Bidet what by i i mad for the ii federate ski real in big line Vav us lilt fore 1dm, whih in thud i Lav a Quintar v cleric c a Ai scent and citizens Gitl met there i r a Good or evil Purpo a. Winthrop took the Aholt seem in Ala glance. A Well a said urn officer when to in turn a fit what do you think of Thornf Hsu you drive them Buck a a i eau or. Well How Vafi Timon Sot abut Quot in ail to life Harry Bud Bower met no Cool Ami Comitia cd a Lyman. A amount to Quot Mon a hey sir Ai ire 1 with scr of rid lie i a them a double. Rob Fie quote ploy Throe out a skirmish Iii line in the tear Anil or a a Alet away Fui of the to a yen path \. To or South a done to i a a a right sir go Quot get a and a ii i Brief on i r. Of. 1 by went to a Crk to Rich pc the dry of v. A Baryon. Mot 11 us tax ii o l Inen about Tho Nas Taku in Ai in incl Yyi i a a a a but roil no out i Quot a r orders fro 1 in Oil r till Vii a to a. A a indistinct Gen a a if rant of elfin i u fro ii Richmond. Meanwhile Briggs cane.up with men i us the Lule fared Isdr far headway gun just Tho encroaching enemy ail in rough the Tad tar of the Day Thoy kept Tho .0� . afternoon my them Fumi Bod with Smiy. R 11 vow Tai i with fun to Lafua. Budder y Tho Semi to run in Vith to unto Lootus tidings .-t the 1 nerdy was advancing Down Ute polio la fire and we about to charge upon whom. In this extra Nuy h sent for orders from Tho ranking of or for in ution to their exhausted condition Thein Ittounas failing them. Harry fairly p id Teeth with rage when the in re was Sirop a Brough. Back for a to hang on a in like the Bravo flier Lowa Tai resolved to meat death web id Luo fit he to though no Chaffee of 0-& w m cited possible., in Rojina the of a Bing. no Days to i tag a heroic pc re numbered Tuke the Waves of Tho sea that or let Host would sweep the on from the Quot aril. But a. A wild Choel Harry to nod the fort on which in no instant Etc Yota i in i fix a. Id Iii Ato . By to saw Tho Gate. Era of to sixth in ores to .ngd flatly of till Breeze. Of hour h Raj a to Artta a who Vav Tom troop in i Quot of Gen. Cal Wright my Quot cd out mad form in find of Fiat a. Steady a if 01 u pariah that 1 a i Harry Ami i men. In i to fire their a Olid front the Confederate re. I Ubai of in Bulten Ca Lieut. Bauington a once in re Ved i a bin offi and 1, a in von vent i Abe s # to he w. Pilot Chi god remount Camp and a Walt further when major Brigg of our hero Rea. A d City Foint mid listen Clita in now Coin a mid they Fouti l us i vhf pc charge of u mob of men rag god mud tattered Inala Bho Elc Aud what a worse tainted with lha Law in a apis which Uva affect Large Bodle of men Oncu i Cip Hue b s been for a Gnu in abeyance. To even up the responsibility each officer took charge of a i Balaund men arum they bet sail for Biduik Curc a my a drank in fresh trod Hilt a in to. Lire of the a i to a co am . Guru fellow who i i new 1 quiling i i a in i, when the r ii a a a that Tiquio a. 1 into father Neptune Brall Bern week from Inland i Alc a a Loc oct billow Chai i i Chi. To a Trio a Larry Winthrop a the la get Infin in the to que Stu Aga ii of in sup a ors but i Pui once Vav in ii e d during the next Nook or two for a a oui of a if Tho authentic wore resolved to nurses the life out of the Light cavalry first they were marched fit. A Baltimore then riddled Tell Ai ted on a us Goose chaw o Bruni v John Ai by Aga in i d just the had a Quot a up with Bim while he Wax leisurely driving no herds of cum Uu-1 hoop he had captured order Calin not to att of h Hon Aud bal ii had the Hick Iive 1 Quot i a ski lit men i a i or i ,1&Quot -Li. Lovci to Over Tho 4 Oil Serafi Tva Eli d than tin1 # order in 1 a a i a he id ii. My i Ftp

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