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Altoona Rustler Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1890, Page 4

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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - April 4, 1890, Altoona, Iowa Of wrap / i a Mij pjs i i. Wui ill or. Acy of Alum in tuns ton Urty a a .4 flurry exc Tei Ractel Quot is it pos Sable that you have Beon undisturbed by Tho cont auction in your Bouse or Aro you indifferent to your daughter s peril a a my daughter peril a Tho Mother cried springing to her foot. A a heard noises by thought they june from the whore la my daughter quirk sir speak a saved Mother. Saved Quot cried Kate herself a aha glided by Harry and Flung Bor a Elf in mrs. Frodo Islan s arms. What in the name of heaven Doe this melodramatic nonsense mean a the father cried flushed with Auger. A a where is la Croix t where is Walter is Thoro non with a Grain of sense to Tell what has happened a a but already a curious crowd of citizens and soldiers attracted by Tho crushed figure of the dead Mau on the sidewalk was inundating the House and it Mimre the exercise of considerable tact Aud authority on Harry s part before the body was removed in att ambulance and the a Ager sightseers were driven away so that when to returned Kate had explained Tho situation of affairs to her parents who greeted Hun More cordially. A a a must say sir a or. A Robishaw said in kind though pompous tones a that you have behaved in a monstrously handsome a and that shall always remember you in our Pravi m with gratitude though May never meet again a Bis wife said grasping Harry a hands. A though to May never meet again a a the daughter s voice echoed in a tout so utterly distressful that Harry s spirits Sank below a Era. There was no plea for further delay. There was no necessity now to unmask the treacherous Frenchman so muttering to himself Tho words Nartui nil Fatsi Bonum bade toe in Sham Adieu. lad just reached the float door Antu Kate slight St p came Flurr Ying after him. A a one moment. Harry before you go i have a secret to conf to you. This old House is full of mysteries Aud there ii one that i must reveal to a huh Kate How gladly i will share your a i know you would Harry. Now listen on that Teit Ibl monday morning when lha City was All in chaos i found a young1 , emaciated end sick nearly to a till. Lying no our Steps from his wander / Aik i gleaned that was a Federal so n. R. Who had. In Tho confusion of that awful night Escaje cd from Libby prison. Calling waiter to bit assistance to curried the wasted form of Tho poor boy into the attic chamber of the Hon a where now a god bless you for your mercy Kate a a a did tile i lest could for him Walter and i but kept his presence a secret and now to Are Poi nit to leave the House you must find another nurse for a a going whore Are you going a a a you must not ask Harry. Of will you not Realise that our roads in life. Ii in different directions a she said passionately. A never a Harry said resolutely. A you must. Now Harry must part. Hurly p. Mon a v in,.riling leave tin or. I Roc Iise by Tho love you Bear Cie that yom will not add to my pain by seeking to discover our destination a she sobbed Utho earnestness of her supplication. A nay Dearest a Harry said a do not trouble yourself with my import Teluns. Of it is your will to leave without a Adieu from my go you shall the nigh remember when time has healed toc to word a a a a will time Beal Thorn Over Harry t of if i dated to Hope but i am forgetting. Here is key to Tho Back dog the Bouse. By seven of clock at Tho fat cat bring with you a ambulance and take the a xxx fellow away. And now Farewell Quot hic Sank unresisting by on Bis breast. She gave him his for kiss and twined Hor arms round his neck. Ail the while murmuring a a it is Good Byo for Ever Harry my own Harry a must never meet and the next Day when Harry went to the old House to carry away Tho sick s tidier you con imagine his wild Joy to discover Iii the object of his Darlings solicitude the wasted features of his Long lost Friend Gordon Ore. Not you Don to you Young hound of a the fellow was on Tho Point of making s dash for Liberty but finding Musalf in Harry a else Lilac grip to batted and who singly professed his willing to go wherever his captor desired to take him. To linking Arm with the compliant or. By att Winthrop quietly conducted him to his chamber in Tho hotel. A a now sir a a lie said when had locked the door and put Tho key in his pocket a will j of Tell my what in Aine of tile watch Caiu you stole from lieutenant Mckenzie a a a i did not mean to take it for Plait whined. Quot indeed i did no to. I Only meant to borrow it for awhile and put it Back where i found it before missed a a whore to it Dow a a i do not know sir that is to say i think i gave it to a Man named a Jackson a a you lying wound Quot Harry thundered. A a you have destroyed it. Tho night you murdered Frank Barclay a Quot us lord i never murdered Frank u1 Lumn a a. J i5 of a 77 a i t my v or Iii i is a chapter Xiv. At last. Then came a no last unspeakably grand War Parcaut u it finale to the terrible Fly Are tragedy the review it f Groat and Hherman s warriors it Washington before / resident Johnson and Bis Cabinet. For twelve hours this triumphal procession forty Miles Long in solid columns rolled through the Broad it venues of Tho capita with tattered flags Hying and Drums beating. The world Baa teen before gorgeous military displays flashing with Tho Jioni of War but never surely did Many a Eye rest on a scene of such thrilling grand cur As the endless March of those dust stained weal r beaten men. Who had a in baud Dov Tiou of buro patriotism dared Aud done so much for fatherland. The very air was oppressive As though bonding to the deep emotion of the crowds who saw them ass. Greybeard wept and sobbing women held up their Little ones to gaze upon Tho solid rank that they might Tell their Elal a no children they had seen that a a Var of their country. Within six Mouths Xii that mighty Host had returned Homo to Tho tranquil pursuits of civil ufos. Nations looked on in wonder a. They saw the disbanding of the immense armies without Tho disorder and anarchy they had prophesied. Burely no greater Tiro of was Ever Given Tim world of Tho to lilith of a Republican government. Now it chanced one Day that Harry Cornu rated from the Thra Dom of duty was strolling aking tics St route of Washington purchasing in the crowded streets Little souvenirs a it take Homo to his dear cues on the Bauk of the by. Clair when encountered Willolo Mckenzie walking with a flt Shaly dressed Ozug Man to Bono cheap finery twas in Sharp contrast to the dejected sullen look of his countenance lie was not recognized Aud followed Tho t Psi ii Guob served for some distance suddenly they stopped Aud notice i Mckenzie give his companion a Roll of Bill to heard the Young c feb Cert a in unction As paid the fellow the Money i a write from san Francisco. remember this is your last Chanco for by heaven Platt if it or hear of your annoying tour Mother and sister in person or by letter i will risked Poure Aud have it of without a word of thanks the Man luuk away and Mckenzie turning Down a Side Street Harry was left free to run Down his Quarry. What an insignificant Little vulgar cad the fellow was Aud to think that tack a apology for a Man should have pour i out Tho life blood of big hearted Frank Barclay. When my Kezic urea Well out of sight Winthrop quickened his Pace and Laving hts hand on the follow s shoulder in j a emr Plait i Wahyou. A the trembling wretch hurried of White face on Harry in mild Srp is. A a Wal at win in to could Bud strength to gasp. I a a in Var Forai Tonuu doubted but to1 in it rep was a do tot Leo. Such cowards does conscience in a of i a a a so. Ult Caa Tux Lau Ruhr or putt a Emu Matt i want us. Barclay Why in a that tenderhearted i intentionally Hurt a Fly. In i look like u murderer a hurry was Fain to confess thai lie did not. Murder was hardly t ii role of such a cringing cowardly contest Tibio spec Wau of degraded humanity. A the Man who committed the atrocious i i i Etc that watch Chun oui. Since a i will not what you have that with it i tie odium must real on you. I give you oho lust Chance to make clean breast of it. Speak. Or in ten minutes you shall is in a prison cell. It Vav. Quot a dare not Tell. The whole gang would in Down of inc. To would As much As my life Worth a a your life is not Worth Milch if you Are silent. But if you prefer to go before a jury a Quot no to i will confess All but i a test liner \ but meet i.�. A. Burely the a is no necessity to drug u poor innocent fellow into trouble besides i m going to Reform and join a Church and a Model Young a if in five minutes you have not Giacumo lha whole his or of that watch Ham a said hurry ominously Gin Sinur it a clock on the Giantel Picoc Quot off you go to beads of perspiration stood on in uttus brow. La Quot i evident weighing his mind whether it would safer to risk a of Ort of Justice or Tho vengeance of the disreputable Crew into whose hands had fallen but a movement on hurry s part As the Click struck a Gnu led him to dare future danger if could Only get oat of his Jues edit Serape. . I will a. You a to on.-., i listening v s a. To lied bps and Koktan so utterly ii , Ltd ii that Harry to whom cowardice was u or Niue could scared refrain from kicking him a i lost Money gambling with sumo Fellows i owed then More than i cull id pay and tru it fir it f t to. M watch and Chain As Security which i meant Ltd us non a it Aii a tut lied a a a a Likely Story indeed of Liat was All Why did you make such a fuss about explaining mat tors Ltd a nah air you do not know these men. Why if Bill Chat cecum a i Luitt ton i a. In in i it it. It u Are telling the truth at last. Out with the while Story Man. Und do not such a Coward. I will Yod Huff from a ooh. A Bai Ter ton Siut Burt died last night. was shot in a Hiing a yous of twelfth Street Aud when i went to his lodgings that morning they told Mobo a Harry a face fell. A i Don t Luram this part of the said grimly a however will soon test its truth for you shall show in Tho Way to his a a what i go with you in yes but von Bood my. Show then touching the Bell summoned a boy. Whom i Iii Pat ii i in Ann for or ii a. To v. Olio was top Iii f in the hot. I a a Nutt Urey a said hurry when that Young who Hail grown so Stout with Good living and pleasant quarters that you would never have recognized him As Tho emaciated figure of a few weeks past a a now. Grey i want you to do in a service. This Young gentleman is about to conduct my to a House in tin City. Where i wish to make a Call and As is to wait outside till i return Aud might Perlitiu get in Pat tout and run no a in my absence j shall tak it As a favor of you will accompany him. And if makes tin slightest Effort to abscond a a ooh . Fun take care of him fur Youj a id fellow. Conic Alang or. W hat , Abd please to reemts a that you Hurt yourself of you try to wrench asunder Tho blames twin like Bonds of affection which will link us tvo together for the next hour or so a was the Light hearted reply As the Trio set out Tho two younger men aniline arum with hurry at a discreet distance in the rear. Vice bold High revel in Washington in those Day when the City was crowded with men with pockets full of Back pay and Gambler und rut the Routs scent my Tho spoil had gathered there from every great City in the Union so that there was sea vely a Block in certain Quarter which could not boast its a hell a of a More or less disreputable character but worse Cleb thou Theio open sinks of iniquity wore the Debs in Pri vat houses Widen Utu Inrod on All sides. A number fourteen first hut upstairs a in Latt cried to Harry they approached a modest House in in apparently respectable Row of tenements. Liar to wont upstairs and rang the Bell. A slovenly Young woman appeared who would have been handsome but for the Sigil of dissipation Aud recent weeping in Sui fest in her Pale a a to Lier dress Clung a Sweet Little girl perhaps two years Oil hiding in the folds of her Moth r gown a id peeping it Harry with big. Frt it my b. A eyes a am i so it aking to mrs Chatterton a Winthrop stud Geutry for Tho woman a tear Aud baby a Ittu Ooups a vied in ens age mood. A a come Imp Ehy Zsidi a fund the door. Tuere is to need to u t a to a reign by. Bad learn the butt of y ii visit. A Buciu what Askani ii i at to it a s iou hurry stepped inside i or a a a Kainber. Is. To Iii in wait had in. Us a a u l i a Whit Aln a a. In a and id ill Kuc v Datul uni ithe preach to Ovato i or v. Gnu a life i it Lek lilt a Eye look a it him in she cried. A the. Best the noblest Man Wka Ever lived Aud see what you. And such As you have brought him to. You have come like the rest of your gang bringing offers of Money but i ted them a 11 11 you. A your dollars Are stained with blood a and i will have none of them. Even if i have to go to the Parish to Bury him. Look Are you satisfied with your work a yes it wan the body of William Chatterton. Whose guilty soul Harry thought with a shudder might even now cowering before the accusing spirit of his murdered Friend. Then a looked once More into the w Hite face Aud Tho thought flashed across his mind a vengeance is mine Saith the lord i will repay a turned away with a sigh of Coni Mise ration. A nay Madam a said a do not misjudge . I am not one of Sotir husband s Boon companions. I knew hits some time ago but have not seen him for Many months. Will you not let play Tho part of Tho Samaritan Aud relieve your present necessities a bite looked searchingly Al him for a moment. A no a she said. A a i see you Are not one of a thru i May help you a a not in Charity. For base As William s Friend would Tell von that i am i could not Bear the thought that was Laid to rest by other hand to wonderful love of woman i even this Ruffian had found a heart to love Bim and believe in him. A perhaps i could Purchase some Little trinkets that belonged to him a Harry said blushing at the policy of his Sugges i Ion. A a would you a 1he woman asked eagerly. A now there his watch and Chain. I meant to sell them and the second hand dealers give to Little for such As she poke she to in from a drawer a massive Gold watch to which a attached the tory Chain Harry had so Long been seeking i must write to the governor for soul More tip took the precious Bauble in his baud. A they Are Worth two Hundred dollars the woman said. A but i shall thankful if you will git c a Hundred and fifty for Harry said a if is not a time to take advantage of your necessity Here is hic amount in full. The prize a his. hastened Back to the two Young men Aud to Platte a intense satisfaction dismissed him and left him free to prosecute that glorious career in the far West so Gushin Gly assured them would Crown i Effort for reformation. A a in a Deuce glad the Little cad is gone a said Gordon Grey a for there have been scores of quite the nicest girls passing and it a not the Giddy height of pleasure to think they believed a it two were a Job tin conceit so the Cobbler s dog a Harry laughed but his thought were with Barclays widow and children wondering How i lest to could befriend them. Chapter Xvi. Cauvin Dani it i mtg Kop Kas a idea. Five years Havo passed and ure once More at the Orchard farm. It is glorious mid in Micro. And run which is blazing m new York till attic rocking streets Are like lire Furnace a tempering the Light Breeze which ruffles the a bosom of the lordly St. Clair with a pleasant warmth that brings the glow of health to the palest Cheek. Whenever Captain Winthrop i disturbed in mind is Hunt to retire to it the it a. Adon of the Pilot Tunis in i front Garden where under hic inspiration of a mighty Meerschaum reflects on Hie a various turns of Fate below a and generally emerges with a ruin i acid c am Enance on this occasion his Good nut ared face hears a More than Ordinary distressed expression. And has sought the additional Solace of the presence of his wife who is Ever ready to share ids trouble. Quot is it about Murry a Martha Winthrop asks with a a oat rued look in Ber pleasant face. A a Aye a. It i tin old trouble a a i am sure Hamel ought to thankful for such a Good Sou so upright so steady in business Why. If by d ouly said the word blight have gone to a a yes is a Good lad Quot the upturn sighed a but there a a to icing come i a tween Bim and that tells that to is not my boy Harry that Imd to to a a a Quot Well you know what it Quot . In Nota in hankering Lay and night after that Girt la a u bad hour for a when you invited her to stay at Orchard a maybe it was a m artha assented but you should not Bear malice against her for the lord know her trouble have been Many. Two Brothel lost in the War father and Mother Hith dead Aud univ she Aud Walter loft of what was one a Happy family a a the brought their sorrow on their own Heads a tin Obi Captain said grimly. A a Aud to think of that poor girl being Dow alone in Newt York seeking her Broad among strangers. Us eau ice Tuuk if it was our in such a a Jhb Ewan t a Bud sort after All a the Captain said reflectively puffing a cd id of smoke which Eddie und curled in the air. Martha sighed. A do you Iii us Harry Bear from her Aio Tea us used to do a she asked presently. West in Loc i shall very rial to Tell you a i a a which is not much i suppose a the Captain grunted for or heart Tho honest old fallow wami i pious of his wife s Superior Imo a go f his boy affairs. A i Don t know but i am afraid it is a great Deal a Martha continued meekly. A three years ago you know her father died s ruined a the brought on i sorrow a a Well a chips so but you and i must not his judges Hamel for after Alk god May not take quit a such a hard View of Tho rebellion Yon it was Tho first rebuke Martha had uttered to her husband for year and even now her reproving words were la Illi fled by a tender glance of Lier Loving eyes As she Laid her hand gently of Lus. Then she continued impressively a the Mother followed the father to the grave in a a than Throe Mouths of his death think of it. Daniel doubly orphaned a a yes yes but the boy a a tin captains True snappish but if it were not utterly impossible to to Hove that a jul y old murkier could under any circumstances cry i should inclined to assert that something suspiciously like u tear glistened in his eyes. A Aye. Tho poor boys Walter is the Only one who is left of them. Lious died at get tvs Burg. Alfred never got Over the wounds received at Chancellor vice. Charles a a there Thoro that will do. Still i should have thought that Walter with his Strong Southern chivalry would not have allowed i sister to earn Ber bread in Tho land of the Fth Iristine a a los Nicl Winthrop i am ashamed of you i Walter could riot kelp Lier. To is learning the Law at Richmond Aud i guess Worboy it is As much us to eau do to hip himself. Aud i want you to Rem cml or Daniel much a you May sneer at Southern chivalry that if Tho two Young people had not sold the estate when Laud a Down to almost nothing a acre to Siy Hie claim Alphonse Lecroix a heirs made for Money they asserted had advanced their fat Lier t hey might now have a Home Over their a Alphonse of mix in Winthrop ejaculated. A so the hand of that Man comes in this trouble also Bay Mother Kate Frob Ishum isun a such a Bud girl after Well dear Liat eau Dot a that is just what i want by talk Over with you. The fact is i got an idea a Sakes alive. Daniel what is it a a Why done to you see it is tits letters that arc ugh tetting my poor boy when a girl Tell a Man she wont i wife but will keep up a sisterly Friendship for him Aud keep writing und writing it just sets Hun Fretty Tig All the time a a of course it does Blit what can von do Daniel a a a Stop Mem brought ii in his hand so heavily on the Little table in front of him that the Glass Jar Wuhu contained his tobacco fell with a crush to the floor. A a it a bad in mar a ii Quot -.cd, in fully for. Like and Sailor tax suit Crysti Titus. A a but All the same in a going to try my level Best to Stop this foolish Torio spot ii Nee a a a but cwt n on can not write to Ler you Haven t her and i m sure it would never do to Auk Harry for Quot that my grand idea. Martha who took rpm i pocket a new York newspaper and. Aret peering out of Tim tiny window of Tho tax it Quot that there Trero no eavesdroppers read in Whis in ring times that would have befitted some deep Laid conspiracy the following advertisement a a i sic wow wanted by a graduate of Richmond ladies College. Term very Low. Address miss Frob Ishum Jud lust sixty third Quot what do Yon think of that. Martini f i found it Quito by Accident when i was in town tin a yes it is Kate sure enough a his wife mused. A a but what Are you going to do now Daniel a she could Tell by Hie Earnest liens of his look thut lha revelation would startling but was hardly prepared for its momentous character a i m going to new York to Morrow had ii said was at us to depart for Jerusalem mrs. Winthrop could hardly have manifested greater consternation. Quot Good gracious Hamel All the Way to new York a she gasped. A a yes a said with the air of on who a resolved in do and dare Grout adventure a i Start for new York to Morrow night. Harry leave in the morning for a week trip through indians to sell Lui brr Finta i new , and i m off Iii a a of. Daniel i a Quot i Tell you it is no Usa writing. I Mut go my Seif Aud Ore if i can not Drill some common sense into this foolish Young woman a head. Those letters have gut to lie slopped and 1 11 see if i eau not Stop them. Are from the country and i suppose yours on of Tho a merely us old Friend a Tho Captain explained. A a a old Friend Chi then in a triad i took the precaution of is faking to you. You must Deal gently with her for she a Soeu about cd Mach trouble a she can hear and if you going to Sony by any bad news or it you wont see her at All. Aud thais the a upturn Felt very uncomfortable. A the piano Many a been Here this morning and taken the instr uncut away though she starved herself to pay Tho hire too proud sin a. To let to help her. I sir a it Ivo knows wha diced do if oru of hoi people done to turn up bin Sci us Ida letting my Tongue \v.i. And pts pious Ma-1 so d lie if site knew by let on about her troubles a a slay i so Lur piers Tho Captain asked meekly. A yen i suppose i must Tell her Ami Aro Here a the woman said reluctant let a wait a flt Ionics and i will faleh leu to himself the Captain a Guu to deplore the obstinacy of women in general and Kate Frobish Tuuu Iii j Art id Der. Wily in the name of gym it in chm. Could to she Jot Iii boy alone but to would bring this Young person to Hor senses before lie la of Tho City sure As his name a Daniel Winemi top. Bud Donov the d r Tjien no and Kate Frob Ishum stood befit him. Now it is one tiling for a elderly Routle Mau to Usuke and Zanotta a to carry them out Alwn to la by a Lovely Young woman looking a As Cerat ugly Beautiful and piercing his very heart with a planet of pitiful entreaty. Such a Aud. Sweet lure too what shame that Fortune should <1ml so hardly with Lier. To instead of dim Ber a lecture pm the impropriety of her coup get. found himself holding Bott the girls hand in his Aud drawing her to him with a fatherly kiss. A a a was of surprised to hear you were come Quot Abe mid in shy soft nates. A and so glad my pretty Ray you were glad a a i think i urn nay i will say i am sure i am glad. Captain for an hour they tallied yet id a word did Tho wicked Captain say of the object which Hud brought him to the City Aud so confident ,. Cli i they that when she showed him some she rid sketched m the vain Hope of Selling them in hint the a blushing to Ltd Doc tar that to knew a picture dealer who was aching to secure just such things offering if Xii. Would a Rinot Thorn to Hon. To Trai iut but Livix Icuss fur her which or. D i much to Lier wonderment Aud sati fact it a. Tiny la pleaded i hut she must have pit y on Iii Tou Einess in tile City Aud Quot show him about a bit a Slid even a in in veiling her to Dine with Lulu at by hotel urn drive in tint Park with him. And unto i. Tir i Iii Usell Iii Xiu a ii repro i n in Antler Tau i Ala Sun 11n r has lost All a on Fideca Iii Hon. The text a a a repetition tin p it it icis Usu the til i c in saw of Hie i. It a Icom it a 1 Peart Aith i a Ward her. ,.e a am a it Ltd Jcrim Titta t a at i Aff i Tion f tie a a did mrs. W ii son. In ii. , so to c Fey it her inn to warn tic toting i. A against hic danger it i by elderly gentleman admiration which brought the first Stile to lad seen Iii Kate a face for Maut a Day. By und by they became m-. confidential and she told him Many of the struggles through which she had passed mid her Man Are of encountering them Ait of which to tided to More do pm a him w i ii i. Of. It that she was a jewel of a girl who could >1.1 la r Ltd a. Ii Mal. R inv cuts ubi. X. But tin crisis it of the Captain Bic Xixis. Tench x came us in Tho third Day of in \ id to new York. Bri Iii Iii carib Wau mrs. Wil a in Usa Fop up lid d to a Ltd of huge a him to a trip to it atom Island. A to sat in Tho Little Dingy waiting her arrival for Kate was not with out the t. My hit a bind time in getting ready to saw a x. Tup of pal i lying Ltd the a or and r cd Iii i it once Hanyz. Handwriting. I in ukr in Aisling for the ind Olivai in action for i no simply a historian but the wicked Captain put cd it up Aud deliberately read it through. La a a of a letter or follow my a while i that is Tim Best fat in t uni Rhud i Atli deeply mined Aud t hat 1 Lier is in sign of that sons ble to to a Nome of by a Bish urn Waul diag a you will Harry . Of used lits Futh try a land. Thoro Waitis bulbs glad trustful Luck us los foe the. Old Man lad missed Foi Muny a Day and Liu l Art Lii jelled with. Jot to Urdak that it lust t Here a us Botts eau him Aud in a Harry. It a a very que t wedding a ten a a up Tatu insisted on its taking at new t us. A argued Tual i would is awkward for pm. Togo Bach with. farm us a visitor und you May tie sure hot fit offered try obstacles to in Arrubie Wenth though i am Frt a to ass Kate mud a blushing objection to i to hurried ceremony which a us of Tampa Routly in is Nee Eliut it did not dolby it no hour. Then Tho a upturn scuttle omit couple off for a weeks trip to the sea Side. Nod started Home to Tell Martha How i of Cut Ulaj lad stopped those Botler Soine letters there farm. Come by Pupplo 11 with hill., Cost vial. And doing at the Ribard a Aud Hearth guests Hod. I Carriage tinder the big line i t tables were spread is Ami Laden with the choir i Tun Lawn the tillage bund played up in Afi Ierg. What they jacked in s leu. Aud of Zulu the tag pole in the Humn i. Bona Ard of nay Bunting fluttered in i to gentle Breeze. For on this Day a Quot to v Vav Gunthrup was boil my Home Bis Brid a. But i quest ton if ail Tho Bra lit perches Aud till the Gay music were Lair a Sweet p. In father As hideous screams of the Etc uni whistles from the pm vessels with whih his brother captains saluted their Happy old Comrado. And kale. As bang Oil her husband s Arm and g is on the fair scene whispers a Tho wound Are healed at last Harry Anil for All the King years to Emo there shall in our lives no North and no but Daniel Winthrop mind was a it i just now devoted to the Gloria of s turn whistles. Ile stood i i by hand on his by Straider. Watching Tho Guy seem around him bul suddenly l. Gaze con conf rated of four Fig ii grouped on the jaw i Bis wife and i songs wife. Waiter Fob Isbart Aud Gordon Grey Abd Auld a Tho dead put i burying its dead pretty fast boy. I did not think i Ever so grateful to god As i am this moment to see the Blue and the Gray blended in such a unum. Say Harry must Dot it s thing for that find Young fellow your brother a a Law a few thousand won i. % mighty b Ito a Dart in Hiim. A i Susien. It add b1. To it do Solo a Ilia for him for Koto a. For the bes a. If Fabor Over Btu a in a the t a to bring that Brave girl 11, Ane As Jwta if. A glad ii nit Aiko a ii i to Yim Aff Man s Fiwel a raft Atit that Gludd tied the fathers Eye a Betat Luaiki. With a laugh that tart ii Alf Reite Rabii his Ess a less plied in the words of Tho test of All who is a a bus it Bittie own a int i i a if Iii has my cliche i or Ltd a Twenty . If Alt their Sands wore pearls vue uror i to to inn la. R Cis pure j rut i. A s. A conjuring in India. I celebes -1 i.-, i til i�?T,-.nuance i my. Ril a tet a. Indian Jet Gogh i orc famous not Only fur their tricks i t for Thap Ca a Sud a Licor Icsal a it to which they perform them. Or. Mam a cod a scr it bus Bis own Futino to Damn ver How one of their most cold bring of feats was Ucci it a listed that the a friends. I a Kod for the wed Lim Quot Mango trick. I no told that �. int my Quot it prof do know How the trick is done but nov a i Many inquiries Imo found to my or it Quot. Laal that . I they have Law Tseu the . White his to Tom was boating and the i playing the Juggler singing ail Tho ii in l Eva -.-tits, sin hic i a i the gravel three or Fourt. To fore tis. A Jug thus prepared a i i f a a to Tjw Plant to grow in. took a Bas placed Rover Tho pro Jared place covet. A i w Ith a thin Blanket i by Man inn f not Wear a thread of cloth my except a trip round the loin the time acc Mfd now to Lave Colas for hic Dot my. A Eye it a. Just Hale was becoming lure Cartiest in i so Gand White Tho a loll do Esau to clot to a a a twi writes tax a is Xci to that Anni All tot n own Var o Alt isl in him oftener than my Why always and Ltd in letters him Btl a a i cos i. A Ubu. My ids wife i Ducam Lloil ii Al for him that is town in gets the aft a. J. To boy had old a to Quot ii Quot a. A Vitam i.,. Eye High Naif a to. I of the Buat to in. It appear ing it Conan i a it ii uncut tin Fortune of Tho Rob Lunate. Quot i Wunt you to Tell to just Why that girl is oblige to in n alone in new York. You and hurry sometimes put your Heads together mud i suppose tins taken you into his Confidence hut tie never says an la. To my now about la talk a a a is nut after All your own fault Daniel f Duj Rug i.-, to talk to you Abou i not. Quot a a a in u dont ii. To. Howe cur. log v show / charter xvii my soy Harby. What a . found himself do. Of his hundreds pouring out Quot of the Gateway of the Central station in new York i fancy to foil. Tot All his Bravo words to in wife. A lilt in nervous Ooi Ceru lug the trouble ii Wax at amt to encounter for like All Untra cled province asst Iii ides of the a Artru to i not exactly to i la Hattan it was mid aft Rico of when arrived Aud first Quot running jute Dock a Al a hotel. Is set for Iva Kiuly thir a tent it was ask a Tate hotter than to. Captain i hts Dot Auis had Ever imagined human lugs could endure it und live along fifth Avenue ii a Bud enough but Wincn is turned to the rigid into u narrower and More crowded Street to had fairly to gasp for respiration. Tho neighbourhood a not a pleasant one fur by degrees the Cha tauter of the houses seemed to deteriorate until St last to reached a to Gifu of Quail tenement dwellings teem tug with Slatterly w. Men Ami half naked children whom the slitting air had driven to the door lop again and Fuguitt to paused thinking Hom it it Havo blundered but the inscription on go Street lamps assured him and to plod ted on to thing of ended a i. To i a urn Tracu improvement la the of Housos which were now of the s a on a ,.um a i order with windows decorated with ated of a Yapur Tuncle to let a Aud at last reached no. Som. A pm Nasarit looking us a at Tek fill at a woman was two Piti a Tau door step a Fie a a does miss Korobi Maui live Tare a tic Captain asked Iii i in g in brew with Bandana hand Loralu i hip enough for Ysa it Flag a yes. In. Fleas Ltd ate and the capt in found himself in a Siti All a Park sit Ling oui tunic hideous with abortions in Wax Flowers and rehired tidies after Tho Nia Ciuci of Iii new York lodging houses. A a you la acne my Tho woman con tir cd when the Caj get Linn a s. .-<1, a dbl. Might i ask your Amiul. So with i fro by by mfg the Captain stared it indignant silence of you u Xvi not i angry sir. I Don r a m i j. Jurof i j la i up is / l try a a a v \ Lull a i. A milk Hutu , i Quot a Rte a a a by Tho a wll Trzil l j before that a a a i i con Fesse. Tri Wotan is at last. Ant to my wife until to of i own for Accord ask you t it conduit to our in on it or Lapp Ness is a Decd far a who tax the ref Itaipu chuckled a so Tho Young dog a been in aking to the hug Hoar Oil this Aud quite forgetting the Young lady Wiio was ii Raj ing her prep uranious i it stau slipped out sit Tho door Aud up d to Tim nearest Tel cd a Aillet . To whence to Iii Pai Chatt a a message to Suo in Indianapolis t a iconic it once to Tho grand Union hotel new York. It then ret Ruud to the lodging House and novel so Tau Cli As routed to the Young Lade the desperate step Fie Hod taken. Thirty i it afterwards father and son v. .m hands in his office of the hotel. A tyi Iai to it Laifi a Fie Young Man asked a age. In. A by a to u can not toil How your to Gram has upset for the least i thong was that you might Boick or in souk scrape or oth r. Wha in the name of pm science brought of to new York in a just a Little matter id business liar., units ail but i Felt i could t conclude without Oci of is Alec. In aet there. Per it a in lad. A t urn i want to to it. A you n. Ida i a a in there i la join y in u few Ataii autos a if Tho Clem of Hie hotel Luul chanced to notice the portly figure of his guest Beu in Kou lift Lii i i., would have lad grave doubt of his Piini a for it is not. Stud for old Gentini. In to walk a text Gri Imin and chuckling und every Bow urn then slapping their the ,.h a pc Frei to As-Sta-1 of in Contro i t Fie que Rcd Lux. I.-. A d walked dmm Ifil up tirs ii get pm a room. Well Harry a. Nest Ingv it 1 at and the Pip thrilled More my so Forward with Btu Oming i t. I i Obring the Basket i to. Ii1 v. A a it and i care fully a Busket which was made of Vik. I the. Sui sued the Cav nag which Iva Fri a. Almost transparent Sud certainly a. Nothing con crab a it it. Then i fixed my eyes of his strip of Quot Lothing with such Intel in a thai it was nut pos state it could to touched without ii Scot. By. Mid inn. Him go on in. Hug sure that Tho trick could id such Etal. Hitting Ilotti in . H i i x i skid arms under Tho Basket singing id rending is lie did so then lifted to Basket off negro Quot in. Aud Taliulu a g a ii Piatt aunt i too High Hati fled with in applause lie went of with ins Lueas the runs after having sat a Little to give Plant Limo to grow again lifted la Basket a Dow two feet High. asked a to wait Awin that might taste the 11 tut i but being1 assured a had s. N the trick put a formed this a t would it attain d myself a done a without Tbs slight ii Fuu of the by a. I exam hied Tho ground in a found it smooth Audun turned. Apparent y Deal Guyod with my Surprise the slut a up laughing when one a1 by chucked a Pebble at Bim which to put in i la out. Immediately the same c miipai1ion, la award or w Frutti a Ord of silk Twenty Yard or so in length of or Wile 1 to Jazgier will his hands but hid Btu it Quot it from Bis hic u ii t w a autor at Pic to o a Quot ils a juin Piug t a a St a a. Sescial other it exit. Followed by a in of hrs. As a i otters that no her to Cut. tune at the Luan who tires a rerun now paper clipping bursts circulars Tai Routi the mail saw a i a it a newly issued Tau cd i turn of or. A soul a Aud to 1mm. Rote to Quot Maui vol Johnson la ii., care of a amp co publisher enclosing circulars and stating that Tho Bureau would to please to fun rots bite with r us Isis on in a recent popular work a thai Vvs Only Ltd sad by Tho Luau who saw two pictures the property of w. If. Vanderbilt a Luau Etui bilious Sud Wobu was so much jul card win thai that Bole tor Mcd to have Soma plan Tod by his to whom they wore cordite in Tel sent Biog tie Aud to wrote to or Sittg his letters to f. I. H , Kex tue other t \ i it furs kids esq., and set to. In of la. Tatt Debilt it if is struck a a mph Usu . t. T v Only i Den . That you and Tho Attar part cola to terms a Good a sgt a they Vav. I c talking about elevators. A a the a. I no elevator in my Flat but i never Ute -11waul one. A Zafft a it an a Dent i a a no its not Tb.�?� a a Why done to j it Flo ii them a because i live in the first floor Tim l

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