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Altoona Rustler Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1890, Page 1

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Altoona Rustler (Newspaper) - April 4, 1890, Altoona, Iowa The Altoona rustler. Vol. , Polk co., Iowa Friday april 4, 1890. No. 13. Iowa news items. A a sons veterans Camp has been or , at Shelby. A an Effort is being in ado to sergeant muffs to Clos the Pool rooms. A two Amateur musicians Keokuk arc composing a comic opera. A plans Are being prepared for a presbyterian parsonage at Sac City. A several deaths from measles occurred a. Calamus Clinton county recently. A conductor a cloy who was sandbagged the other night at Davenport is in a precarious condition. A a new butter and cheese factory St Rock rapids will to completed and ready for business by the first May. A Casper Pepper Meyer Burlington was killed while trying to Stop a runaway team at Denver Colorado March 25th. A the grand jury Wapello county Bas condemned the county jail and declared it not a Safo place to Koch prisoners. A John Hammond a Young Farmer living near sergeant Bluffs had his hand torn off by the bursting a Shotgun. A petitions Are being a insulated to have Tho co Light infantry band Pella selected As the Legal military state band. A Large elevators Aro to he in at Swaledale Belmond and Clarion along the line the fort Dodge and Mason City Railroad. A Wallace Barber Waterloo was accidentally shot while Hunting ducks on Tho Cedar River. His wounds Are very serious possibly fatal. A a Twenty two Pound Pickerel was caught in Wall Lake the other Day and was sent to Tho committee on bsh and game in Tho legislature. A a deaf and dumb Man was struck by an Illinois c ventral train in Dubuque and knocked off a Bridge but beyond a few bruises escaped injury. A Iowa Falls Bas secured a commercial College and training soft ooh Tho proprietors which will erect n handsome school building this Spring. A work has commenced on the new German Catholic orphan Asylum at Dubuque. The building will coat $20, to and will be completed in june. A rho times Llo publican says indications Are favourable for an immense attendance at Tho coming fire Mon a tournament at Marshalltown in Juno. A George Harris a burglar awaiting trial in Tho Story county jail at Nevada got tired waiting kicked a Bole in the Wall the Bastile and made his escape. A a walking match for a stake $500 will take place at it. Ayr on May a Between Charles Connelly a local pedestrian and Chas. A. Brown now York City. A an unoccupied House belonging to John new Bloom it Marshalltown and valued at $1,000 was destroyed by fire. Tho fire is thought to have been Tho work an incendiary. A governor Boies has appointed sex mayor w. I. Carpenter Des Moines custodian the Capitol to succeed Gen. . Wright. The Senate confirmed the appointment a George e. Palmer one Tho oldest engineers on Hie Chicago Milwaukee a St. Paul railway and one the most popular died suddenly at Mason City March 25, from apoplexy. A during a Drunken Row in Moin gone a swede mimed Johnson was knocked Down and jumped upon by his los Ailanti. Ills injuries Are very severe und it is thought he cannot re cover. A Bito has been selected for Tho proposed exposition building at Davenport and Stock in Tho Enterprise is now being sold by the association. A citizens Charles City Are making a Strong Effort to secure an Extension the Winona amp southwestern to that place. A meeting business men and the manager the company will be held in Tho near future when propositions to Aid the company will to considered seventy one the inmates the boys1 Reform school at Eldora were Down with measles on the 27th, and new cases were occurring. The epidemic had its origin in the receiving two coloured boys from . All Are having Good care and the Best medical Trca moot. A during Tho absence its parents the clothing the infant child Andrew Wintermuth living near Muscatine caught fire in some manner and when Tho Mother returned she found her baby enveloped in a muss flame. The child was burned so badly that it died a few hours Tutor a Christian Ebersole one theold dest business men Manson dropped dead on Tho Street a few Days ago from an attack apoplexy. Or. Ebersolo was in his 78th year. He was born in Pennsylvania und had lived in Ohio during Tho Early part his life he Alto lived in Oono county for Many years a the Street car Drivers at it. Madison Are on a strike. The company proposed paying the men $1.40 per Day for six Days in Tho week nut Tho men demanded $1.25 per Day for seven Days with a Lay off three hours and forty rid Lutes on sunday. New Mea Are being employed in place the j strikers. A fire at Central City March 26th, destroyed the buildings occupied by c Merritt and mme Hurt amp Barber and a vacant building owned by Henry masters causing a total loss it about $6,-000 insurance $2,600. A High wind a blowing and til whole town narrowly escaped. The goods in both stores were mostly saved. A a flowing Well was struck recently on the farm ii it it. Kief nine Miles North Manson. Workmen were Boring with a thirty Inch Well Auger and a a truck a ubut it r Ane n Luke at a depth ninety flt it. I hey lost a part their machinery in the Hole the water rushed out Ami Lins been running Over constantly Ever since. A a y Abbott Marshalltown nearly six in paths ago was sentenced to a term in jail for Selling ii Jour and has been Are via g that time. Which is now nearly out. His wife arid five children one born since or. Abbott bus been imprisoned have been reduced to Actu ii want and have partially been supported by Tho county. A there was considerable damage done by wind it Dubuque on Tho 25th, in the blowing Down fences Trees Sheds wind Mills Etc. At Tho custom House several Glass doors were and windows were in Greyed in a number buildings. Tho Large wind Mill used for pumping water it mercy Hospital was completely be Mol Ulma Frank Fook Tho chinaman who shot Lee Wuh Tho Dubuque laundry Man and then attempted his it ukr life 1 is a Hristian Ami is regarded by i i Linn countrymen n a renegade Aud should i wound prove fatal will have to go to his grave it in Tho usual accompany out Chicken and fire crackers la a it victim Wail u on a fair Way to a it Emery. A seven week.-, ago a Little a trait go r Ca urn to Glacier the Home or. And current events. Cream the news As Gath. Ered from dispatches. Events and happenings throughout the country during the past week. Miss Clara Lawrence Mason or. Henry Taylor at u Kalosa. Tisz City will take Legal Steps to secure a $150,000 bequest left her by a Hist. Rat i m Mouth England. She was clerking in a restaurant at Sioux City recently. A a woman named Prink it Larrabee stands her landlord Elf with a Shotgun. Every time to asks for Money Situ pots her gun which she handles in u very careless manner until he taken his departure. A hours shoo was food tit pleasant Grove imbedded in Tho heart a water Elm too a distance six foe from Tho ground. It is entirely surrounded by solid Wood and is puzzling people How it came there. A Tho election for postmaster at Little fellow is As fat and saucy a any youngster and has Learned to a a. Mil a hard and loud As any a Hild it Iii Ace but the fact that to is from a1 appearances an Albino child while i father and Mother arc pure african blood makes t o it Hild a wonder. \ reporter paid a visit to Tho Home and found Tho Mollie r engage i at her household duties anon turning a Loving glance to Tho cot whom the Little pot i to a Happy and contented us a mild to. Bright utile Pink Eye peeping out from under Snow White eyebrows portrayed a lovable child nature and White Cheeks with Rosy lips bespoke health and Contentment. Tho few hairs on the Little follows ii id Are soft and Clear i Ake proved to Boa Vry close pliable and White As Tho flakes that one. In no candidates had announced themselves. Charles k. Johnson received a Plu rally thirty three. Tho voting was confined to Tho Republican patrons Tho office. Crown a Winter scene. Withal he is a perfectly formed Happy and wonderful baby. Irn Nii or ii mins Lins milled for England. She expects to Rutur in August. A goo. W. Pock the humorist has been nominated by the democrats for mayor Milwaukee. A the new National Bank Commerce capital $500,000, has been authorized to begin business at Omaha. A Simon Simpson a coloured murderer at Pensacola Florida was taken from jail by a mob and shot to death. A at san Francisco Lee Chuck the notorious High Binder was sentenced to fifty years imprisonment for killing a fellow countryman a few years ago. A six Young siamese selected by the government Are on their Way to this country to become students Westminster College at Wilmington to. A two Farmer boys named Shipley and two neighbouring boys whose names arc unknown were drowned in the Missouri River near Florence neb., while Hunting. A John a. Davis the defaulting treasurer Rochester n. Y., who embezzled $00, Jao Tho City s Money plead guilty and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. A the polio at Buffalo n. Y., Havo arrested William Slatterly and wife and Edward Spaulding formerly Akron. It duo. In a charge making and passing counterfeit i Quot cent pieces. A the we i Bonol passenger train on the Southern Pacific encountered a broken rail East Wilcox Arizona. Mardi 25th. Pour coaches a it re derailed but no one was Hurt seriously. A in Boston on the night the 26th cowl Shaw Cut the Throat his wife Elizabeth in their room killing her almost instantly. Cowl Shaw Only explanation Tho crime is that Bis wife aggravated him. A Lieut. Commander Edwin Longe Necker it trial will not come up at this term court. He is accused at now i it it causing the unlawful imprisonment a Man who has sex red his con be Hon with t he Navy. A Tho Susquehanna Coal company at Wilkes Barre a posted notices that from april i the company s mines at Nanticoke will work full time during the whole season. The 5,000 Miner at o con quest Happy. A a train Over the Erie Railroad killed three men at red Rock pu., on Tho 27th. Tho victims were three Brothers named Dederick now York. The bodies were horribly mangled and death in each Caso was instantaneous. A the officers lower Mississippi steamers report much distress in Tho j overflowed districts South Memphis i and the Outlook for the next crop is j very discouraging. Should the water nut dram off by Tho last april it will a seriously interfere with the planting. A Hon. Joseph 8. Miller sex com i Stoner internal Revenue Rev. Or. Medley and James a. Bing were in Ming Down Tim Crick in the mountains in Virginia and Tho lout capsized. Bitty a drowned and or. Miller it is feared wits fatally injury d. Bismarck n. D., is greatly excited Over two or three incendiary fires started Early on the morning j Tho 2 Dii. Everything was act from him a and rain and this aided the Cid. Is in suppressing what might have been a Eon Flagra Ion. No clue to the i miscreant. A the president has sent to the sch ate the following nominations John p. Selby United states attorney for North Dakota major Thaddeus la Stanton paymaster to be lieu unit colonel and depot paymaster general Calvin to Spaulding paymaster it Brainard Mian a thirteen Ute Twenty five Bondsmen a a Suito treasurer Nolund met in St. Louis and agreed to Settle the deficit by an equal assessment $1,. 800 each. Fifteen Tho Twenty five have paid in and the others have agreed to do co. A new Harmony ind., professor Owen Well known a a Soldier and scientist and a. In far Ascot. A prominent merchant drank embalming fluid by mistake instead Mineral w Ater Tho professor lived Only about live hours and or. Rageot is not expected to live a another a old California miners reports favourably on the Gold Region in Maine extending from Sandy River to andr Scoggin. A Tho president has issued warning against unauthorized persons killing fur bearing animals such As seals Marten Mink und Sable in Alaska or Behring sea. All Persona found violating the Law Aro to be arrested and punished according to Law und All vessels so employed together with their cargoes and outfits will to seized and forfeited. A an organization the lumber dealers Nebraska web made March 26th. They refused to unite with the Northwestern association. Tho object the association is to protect retail lumber dealers in Small towns by scouring special rates for them so As to do away with the practice making contracts direct Between wholesale dealers and builders. A a. J. Mcgregor Teller the fourth National Bank and treasurer a Large number societies in Pittsburg pa., is missing. Ile has not been seen by his friends for several Days and they Are at a loss to account for his mysterious absence. The Bank officials say there is a discrepancy in his accounts but cannot at present give the amount. As far As known his other accounts arc straight a Tho sensation created throughout Wisconsin by the decision Tho supremo court that the Bible must not be read in the Public schools shows no sign subsiding and the arrangements Aro being made for numerous Public meetings to protest against the dictum. The question is one that cannot be carried to the United slates supine a court and hence no Relief can be Hail save through the legislature at its next session. Doings Congress. A summary the proceedings the 61st Congress. Sex , March 24.�? several petitions against Tho ratification tin extradition treaty with raffia was presented from Massachusetts and Missouri. The Bill to declare unlawful trusts and combinations in the restraint Trade and production was taken a an i Turpie discussed the constitute Mal Points involved. After executive a session the Senate adjourned. , Illinois from the committee on rules reported a Resolution making the worlds far Hill a special order for to Morrow morning immediately atte.1 the Reading the journal previous question to be considered As ordered at 4 clock. Adopted. Henderson Iowa from the committee on appropriations reported Back the urgent deficiency Bill with the set ate amendments thereto with n recon general Assembly. Synopsis important proceedings the state legislature. Senate Des Moines March 21.�?senator Davidson comes Forward with a new school Book Bill which will no doubt receive attention in the committee. The judiciary committee will report favourably on the Bill placing All state institutions under the management one Board commissioners. The Senate remained in session less than an Bour and adjourned. House Only stayed in session at hour and nothing at All was done besides the iut redact on petitions except the presentation by Captain head a Resolution looking toward the re submission the liquor question to the people and the adoption a Coo Stith tonal amendment. Adjourned. Moines March 25.�?but Little was done in the Senate except routine bus new. Mentation that certain those amendments Mack s school fund Bill came up and was be concurred in and that certain others ire non concurred in. Adjourned is not. Washington March 25. Among the Bills introduced was one to give a pension 2.gou a year to Tho widow Jen. Crook. The anti Trust Bill was taken up and George add used the Sci ate. Pending or Bate Antifae Tion n the Bill the Senate adjourned. after the a Rural the journal Candler Massachusetts called up for consideration the world s fair Bill. Can Dler s amendment p tooling the time for holding the fair Antu 1893, was then adopted without division. The Bill passed yeas 202 nays 49. , March 26.�?sherman presented a Sui astute for the first part tile meat inspection Hill providing that salted pork end i aeon Sholl not to in p. Ted rules the Laws the country to which it is exported re quire inspection or unless the buyer Veiler or exporter meat desire inspection. The Bill was amen led so As to make it a mind it meaner to counterfeit change deface or destroy any amended so to loan the school Money at 0 percent. A number petitions were presented for and against the i peal the prohibitory Law an i also petitions for a soldiers Monument. The Bill conferring additional Powers cities the first Claes passed. The appointment w. L. Carpenter As custodian he Altal was continue i. Hill providing How corporations shall be dissolved and their affair wound a which fills what was undoubtedly an oversight in the drafting the Bill was the Only important Bill pasted. Among petitions were several for a soldiers Monument one them from Wisner Post 127, Montezuma. A revolution appointing a joint committee to concert measures for Iowa s being represented at the worlds fair was adopted. Moines Sreh 36.�?the work reducing the cab Udar was again started and the Senate made Foed Progress. The Cedar in kids Bill went through without objection Cedar rapids is one the five cities the state organized under special charter. The any the inspection Marks or devices. After i sultry mayor As fixed by the charter is a terrible Tornado. One Hundred and fifty lives and hundreds wounded. Lost executive i ii the nut a a i Journo 11-a i. Lawler i ii in it i Nimrod no d is still granting a pm Union <4 a Star t the widow the late Gen. Crook. The Wyoming Bill was taken up and discussed at length. Carey Wyoming territory made a Plain favor Tim Bill. Barnes Georgia. Ltd it i it. Ile thought the territory did not contain the requisite . After further de Bate the h hum a Jour be. Sen v in Vav Ash Birt >n,\larch27. The Bouw Bill to Amend the census act Mart ii 9. Is. Wasps i. I he anti tru to Mil a taken up Sud after some debut a the Bill with its amendments was Reb rred to the judiciary commute a. The Holts Iii for the admission to Ming was ordered printed. Adjourned. Hot or i he w penning Bill was Strain t Ikon up Ami afar some Fulir discussion was passed by a Patty a to was i Aye in i Xvi a Drumn. La flu Ninta win voted with the in rats. The House then Weet into a committee the w Hole on the Ann Appun Sruti n m l the Bill was read at length ii i without a to n the comm it Eton and the 1 in a i Joel. Iut i. , March 2s. In thei acute Resolution Call Lugo Tho Orcus at out Soo business houses lira a Rusti 1 a a the Arn Val a Tornado at Louisville ky., on the night March 27th, destroyed 2,600 houses and resulted in a frightful to life variously estimated at from 150 to 200. Left e. March 28. A Tho Central and Western part Tho City was badly wrecked and at Portland the suburbs have been swept away. The indication my thut Tho loss ufos i front j 160 to 200. Are door it Yed. There i no oath i from the main Western Union Telegraph lace yet the Only communication being from the Pennsylvania depot. Tho Western Union is hurrying men and material to Louisville from All directions As fast As to Able. 7 80 p. is now thought the deaths will number about one ii in ired and fifty. A Large Force men have been sent out to make a thorough canvass Tho devastated District and re port the losses life anti property As Aud Ducj arture Hui exe at the port san frat a i it. The evasion or failure it the anti Chlu Cre Laws it to was agreed tot adjourned. Hoi Lim Hun adopt i a to solution still in it it is the i imn i r Genera r luf a Mil Tiou n i sting to tin employ meat los get it tot or ape Cia agents for Uve dusting so. Claim applicant for Otma Tirdil. Rhea the House went list it committee the whole on the m ate Calendar t it without aet in to a a re be until cd Aing. Is n ate Wahl Stilt Larch the n at Bill appropriating St list for the in pro v erne tit m. re r in Michigan Aud $1.6i4ig00 for the in to Vincnt Hay Lake Chaum. I Hogun Psaw a i Ike it rate fully As possible. Tho property loss Hill for the complot i n the Entrance to the at pre tent is estimated at nearly a Harbor 5,2 j0.c0 j in million dollars. The work rescuing the mangled dead goes bravely on. Hundreds anxious men Are working As they Dover worked before for the bodies friends and re us pc. That to Burk d in the mass Brick and mortar that covers the it where yesterday stood the a a Gat a but the a a u inure Ltd Ain one. Arrn i to envied it. Partied. After some Girth r Busine adj. Unwed. House went Lute committee j tin whole after Tram acting some in m i Butine on the army appropriation bid. I More s amendment that us alcoholic liquor in sold i it enlisted Mea in arty canteen was adopted. dem hts who wire ,1 to the pm Ottun toting for it. In order that sic a it Ltd a Tea and int vote Iii the h in the Walls the City Hull. Ute j to leg Furty r action tie it naut tee Rose Mon women and children Are Hoard id the i a a journey on every Side and a surging Crow ,.f ten thousand Pronto blocks Tho Street for squares. It is a sight to strike Angilin to the Sou. The ii Power its a Sharp sting. Per annul. The Council i. Been in the a it making Iii mar chief Olive and fixing tile salary that office at five. Recently the question has been agitated Aud old member the Council were threatened with protect Tiou to secure to the City the Back salary paid out this Bill is to make provision for in or used salary and legalizing the. Actu it the Council. Bailey a Bill to Grant additional compensation to comity auditors to counties with Over 15, inhabitant was passed. The Ceil Ding 1 ill for Limos Benefit was rid a cd having already passed the House. The Mack school fund Bill Aud the Milfs stat Railroad bid Vav re in. House concurred in the Senate Resolution to add Lim on april 15th, hot a motion to reconsider was filed and the House has in its hands the Power to fix the hour final a journal it. I he de Moines assessor a Biff providing for the distracting the City into As Many districts a May be necessary passed. The whole morning was spent on acute me sets and among the Billa passed Wert the do be labor Bill and it it not using the. Maximum rate a to be paid it a i i Iso tiers. My i m Iii a. March 37 i duty auditors till passed the Senate to Day. To measure is to make provisions in the Law so a to alternate the election county auditor with the county treasurer. The fish Mil a passed after the adoption several amendment. The har a Wolfe Bridge Biff was patched up to suit Al concerned in the in a Are and we passed. the Home passed the coffin car Coupler Bill requiring the railroads to equip All trains with automatic Coupler before i svs by an overwhelming vote. The expected discussion the License Bill did not occur. Tho democratic a i a Bill was substituted for Tho Dent Bill and requited a postponement a Tull copies the former could be procured Sud the matter a deferred until wednesday april 3, at 3 p. In. The Joist rate bid a -.1 by a unanimous vet \ Mol Nee. March 2�?the Job to rate Mil was considered but do aet iou taken. Discussion upon the Biti will be returned tomorrow. The amate went into executive session and confirmed the appointment Jerry Dunn is stat--1.i Lusje i it a. Horst?.�?most the time the House was taken up kissing Nepal izing acts fur Intuit was win will be oui the City Flat Mlay night who b will let a devoted to that purpose Uip Woff a a Bill Cut Eudice the resent paving sesame it Law to Rifle organized in or Spee Ai a Charier in which Davenp it is especially inter ested passed without opposition by Moines March 29.�?the Senate occupied the in a tor a Orloo the time in the disc Slon the joint rate Biff sgt me loss to up i a Tho awful , a that each hum it diag Unius Roll through the ghastly Panorama Tho bodies the Duad find wound ,1 we Mug , it Wen promised to the Bill but to a new yorker. pm Cut acute rejected Ait Aud the my passed wit him until he makes restitution. Came from the Horn. The Sioux City cml i Iliff was kissed Al the Ottumwa Bill. A pot Muster general Wanamaker has i evenings Alwi was provided for monday eve Lillig to uis ave i Trees but one edit Loti was offered that by Wolfe favouring change in la a my ten Law us cd iced a Vimarie too i Mullion a $1 Ion from now York. Which to Tum a dragged from beneath Tho rain All i a a Over to the Secretary a it the Treasury. I douse. The House held two saw Iowa Aud around the District and Mon women j the letter containing Tho mom y a devoted most the time to pawing Hugai Ising and Chi id roil Huger about to i with without a a nature Tho writer says a the no a to punish fraudulent re Wren Tocoi Alza Inich j a doom you by �T�,.��. We nip in Mattes the remain. some i you would place to the credit j in tote. It Fili ally ordered engr,-.sci i j a a i veiling Stu a the till for in a t a Gal being the revised a re Naii Ltd it it in ,.<�q< and. A a Buhanan a Muty passed Relativo or Friend. Occasionally a j Tho conscience fund. Inno Stone or Iron front ill loud i ii taut while Tim entire a Rue Turo a it not pm a bad Ben a wept away. There was the most to Yipu Neitous o a a it Taulo disaster and ruin Ever witness j com done and no i Huv in Tho fours Tho storm Lay the Money i have re in mud Yuan at Tiu Fraudus the quite a Large sum Money. It tuu Thun i have shh Otisie St ii i an and Tanto had this Matt r lying x re heavily on my Uit Uio it Little All that was tobacco Market the City end the Largo warehouse almost to the to t on Lay in ruins. Thousand hogs leads tobacco Lay in Tho a s Brick until mortar. Tho Louisville hotel was on roofed and otherwise wrecked. Tho fraudulently taken Aud Hie unclosed is the balance Tho 25 a it r cent Over and above Trio amount to in. I p y any Man he in-1 puss through the a. Timu it mind i have experienced. Though i have mad restitution my destruction this House not Many conscience is und a condemnation und soy lives Many were Young girls employ i suffer deeply. you my think that cd at Tho hotel. Saloons and other 25 per cent additional in dilution i Nyu liable places Honvo i.,Eon turned into ruffle sent to Brin p Nuu iou borrowing hastily improvised morgues where Bod oui pie so it that goes irs Are removed and loft awaiting Idon to the proper place i Here is no need to fiction. I 0 a the Boller Ina Sawmill near Wick i iffy. By. Exploded demolishing Tho Mill and killing John Dennis and Frank i. Prayer and injuring r. J. Jam Hon. Engineer who will probably die. M in Vamo John met unify and we. Sullivan were slightly injured. Tho Ca mss the Accident is unknown. In name a special from Springfield. Iii., is John rapps a lab in Hai a Man killed in mint chs. Stella How Shwu endeavouring to get him to re urn from a Saloon to the House when by struck Hor in Tho Nook killing her. Rho blow broke her neck. The woman relatives reside at Stella neb

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