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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Altoona, Pennsylvania I City edition the circulation of Tho Altoona minor saturday was 34,148 Altoona sir error. Vol. 79�?ai. 92 phone i 4-7171 weather warmer tuesday the world series starting wednesday Between the new York Yankees and the los Angeles dodgers now moves into the sports Altoona pa., monday evening september so 1963. A a Twenty four pages Price ten cents jailed in Alabama bomb deaths defies dismissal order first of True Bills returned by grand jury court continues hearing in Altoona Campus Union dispute until oct. 7. M mm.? Bis Battle Harden. A a i l n to a Kennedy vows Ben Bella opponent to protect be orders troop Alert by Alain Raymond United pres International Algiers up a the dissident commander of the algerian 7th military District in the opposition stronghold of Tiz ouzo today rejected a government edict dismissing him and a deliberations on various Bills of de troops on general . App Ved a col. Mohand Ouel Hadj. Frinirw5l psf atty known As a the old Many to the poor gae noon men be led in algerians a year v1?. War of Independence from the two week old Strong Man government headed by Ben Bella and the Clandestine a front of socialist forces which is headed by Dollar abroad tells monetary fund rate will remain fixed to Gold i $35 an ounce. Retired in mid morning following instructions by judge John m. Klepser who also presided at a session of county court. The court hearing of Legal argument by opposing counsel in the injunction proceedings instituted by Paul e. Hickes of Alexandria contractor on new construction at France announced through a spokesman he will not Bow to the order issued by president Ben Bella a government. He vowed to continue his command in die rugged grand Kaby Lia Region East of Algiers where of re a position leaders backed by Gjonai civilian and military the Altoona Campus against the thormities launched a movement United brotherhood of carpenters against the a a illegal government and joiners etc., resulted in an of Ben Bella in a mass rally sunday. Begia decisive fight dissident berber Leader Hocine Ait Ahmed led the demonstration of some 3,500 adherents in tizi ouzo 60 Miles East of Algiers and exhorted a fall militants to begin a decisive fight against the one party Ben Bella regime. Tension mounted today Between by Merriman Smith up White Heine reseller Washington up a a a a a Dent Kennedy today informed the Ait Ahmed and of which Elhadj annual meeting of the internals a member. A test of strength tonal monetary fund mat the order which eliminated the necessity of conducting a scheduled hearing this evening judge Klepser continuing the hearing until monday oct. 7. The text of the court order following hearing of Oral argument by atty. Bernard Jubelirer counsel for the plaintiff atty. John r. Strawmire representing the defendants and atty. Robert c. Haberstroh As solicitor for sheriff v. Paul Reed follows text of order a now this 30th Day of september 1963, after argument in open court by counsel for the Union counsel for the plaintiff contractor and counsel representing the sheriff of Blair county and after hearings heard on the Points of Law involved it is hereby ordered that said counsel file any charges alleged to be in violation of the court injunction heretofore issued by monday oct. 7 and air order fixing this Date at 7.30 . For hearing on the matter be am the same is. Hereby continued pending further order of this court and to those persons who have been notified or subpoenaed we believe that newspaper publicity will be sufficient notification for them not to appear on this Date As the order by judge Klepser issued on Friday afternoon upon petition by atty. Jubelirer granted a Rule against the defendants to appeared inevitable. Ait Ahmed told newsmen that Compromise with Ben Bella now would be a very he demanded formation of a new government. The berber Leader one of Ben Bella a former lieutenants took part in demonstrations against the president sunday in the Kablia City of tizi ouzo a Center of opposition. But he stressed that the berbers who live in Kaylia s mountains do not seek to establish a breakaway or rebel government. Territory is rebelling a it is not a question of seceding a a he said. A it is not a tem tory Diat is rebelling. It is a part of the algerian population that is resuming the revolutionary move continued on Page 3, column i Lonuzzi pushes probe in City irregularities petition for a special grand jury investigation of City govern ment will be made through the attorney general a office department of Justice within two weeks unless local action materializes immediately. Atty. Eugene j. Ianuzzi announced today. He said that he intends to file die petition if the District attorney does not present to the grand jury meeting this week facts in the councilman Robert e. Smay Case which flared when alleged irregularities in his administration of the department of water Parks and Public property were reported. If the District attorney does not take any action atty. Ianuzzi show cause Why they should democratic candidate for District not be held in contempt of court for violating previous court orders against violence at the construction site and which limited the number of peaceful pickets there. The hearing this morning was on a petition by atty. Strawmire defense counsel to continue disposition of the new court order and to decree a Bill of particulars by the plaintiff. Renews position atty. Jubelirer renewed his position this morning that the defendants had violated the preliminary injunction by the court in continued on Page 3, column i in today a Altoona Mirror attorney reported that he intends to petition the attorney general a office for a special investigation not Only of City government but also of the District attorneys office involvement in a Lack of the petition will be based. Atty. Ianuzzi clarified on factual Evi continued on Page 3, column 5 supreme court accepts review of ballot Case City police delay action on shooting City police Are awaiting word from the District attorney s office before taking any action on the shooting at 12 10 . Yesterday at 2004 Lith St. James Louden Prough 32 of the Lith St. Address suffered a superficial flesh wound in the Abdomen when his gun went of in a scuffle outside his Home according to City police. He was admitted to the Altoona Hospital. According to inspector Russell c. Sell Prough was wounded in a fight with his brother in Law John Smeltzer 39, of 2309 5th ave Charlotte Reed 34, of 2306 7th ave., told police that she was with Smeltzer saturday evening when he went first to his mothers Home to inquire about a debt owed by his sister mrs. James Prough and then to the Prough Home. Mrs. Reed related to police that Prough got a loaded gun from his car when Smeltzer started toward him. Inspector sell said that mrs. Reed reported that she tried to United states was determined to protect the Dollar As convertible currency at its present rate fixed to Gold at $35 an ounce. The chief executive said u. S. Efforts to protect stability of its own currency plus a series of Steps to Correct the imbalance of International payments were aimed not Only at strengthening the american economic position hut As a Benefit to All nations using the Dollar As their Standard. The president spoke to the annual meeting of the fund and the International Bank at the Sheraton Park hotel shortly after returning to the nations capital from a 10,000-mile swing to the far West. Two fold purpose though his audience was largely International Kennedy a prepared speech was two fold in purpose to explain u. S. Steps to Correct its balance of payments problem and to plug for the administration tax Bill pending in the Senate. He said tax reduction would help improve the Longrun position of the United states in world business and monetary affairs. Speaking of the Bill he said continued on Page 3, column 5 risk and Home discuss items on . Agenda by Stewart Hensley United press International new York up Secretary of state Dean Rusk and British foreign Secretary lord Home today held a 75-minute breakfast conference devoted principally to subjects before the current session of the u. N. General Assembly. Officials said they paid particular attention to issues involving Africa where there is contained pressure for Independence of portuguese and other territories. A a i Kirk out fkr of Rusk and Home according to pm my my both suspects linked with Kurb klan state police refuse comment but Birmingham official identifies pair. By United pre International two White men were jailed Early today in connection with a Church killed four diplomatic sources touched briefly on the problem in the Southwest Pacific where indonesians president Sukarno has vowed to a a destroy the new Commonwealth country of Malaysia. The British and american ministers did my however get time at this morn in negro girls. Parked on High a car can go Forward it can go backward it can go Uphill it can a downhill and As Jeff Butts looking up now knows it can climb a tree. Jeff parked his car near Healdsburg calif., and when he returned be found is car had rolled downhill hit an embankment and bounced up where it is Shawn. Council debates document on Valachi urges jail for Bosses col. Al Lingo head of the Alabama state police refused to identify the suspects who were held on an open charge but a High City police official said two men Fras h. E. Cham them officials said. Blias and Charles Cagle officials said lord Home has were being held for state not received sufficient instruct authorities. I both were previously to continue their talks on the pro. It posed nato Multi lateral nuclear connected # thu flux Force which Britain so far has re klan activities in Alabama. Fused to join. Western officials said that so both with klan far As they knew. Home and Rusk did not discuss French president continued on Poge 3, column 5 by Louis Cassels United press International Vatican City up fathers of the ecumenical Council opened the second session of their historic Vatican gathering today with debate on a document defining the nature of the Church and their own authority. They found it generally acceptable although a number of changes were proposed. The first working session of the reconvened Council was devoted visor was killed and her brother to general discussion of a draft injured in Avella Washington document entitled a de ecclesia county during die weekend while a a about the they were in route to attend the contents of the draft one i. 17 awaiting Council action still mrs. Mabel Waddell 62, wheel Are secret. My w. Va., the victim and her ,1 me enhances the authority and prestige of local Bishops As part Airport Friday when their car col arc the a Pena in 53, �?z0rn. Catholic 17 persons lose lives in state Auto accidents by United press International a West Virginia school super temperatures thermometers at the Railroad test department building recorded a High temperature of 68 degrees yesterday afternoon of 78 degrees saturday and 76 degrees Quot a a ask is Friday afternoon pin Low last Ala. Last Lune 8. Three Days prior to the first racial integration at the University of Alabama. Chambliss in his 50s, was once arrested for smashing a photographers camera at a klan rally in the Birmingham area and was one of the signers of papers to incorporate a klan group in the 1950s. Cagle. 22, lives in a Rural area near Birmingham. He was one of six men arrested near Tuscaloosa. A Friday afternoon. The Low last night was 42 degrees on Satur Church s nature of Cosa Nostra Washington up under Rotts we Rcd rid turncoat Joseph Valachi scythe Mek stood 46 it t0 a Kun Siux a an it is understood that the Docu grab the gun from Prough and saw a Flash after which Prough fatalities occurred in the hit Smeltzer Over the head. She Section of the state told police that Prough a wife had Lewisburg Forest e. Asked her to try to Stop him. 122, Sunbury was killed out special to Altoona Mirror Ebensburg a two Northern Cambria county women were injured in a two car crash yesterday on route 22, a half mile East of Here. An Altoona woman was identified As the Driver of the other car involved. Mrs. Irvin j. Feighner of Spangler the Driver and her with Strawmire asking for a Venger mrs. Ivalo Fenick of Quick review of the Case without Marteller were admitted to the usual red tape procedure. Miners Hospital Spangler where a reminder of state increases in were atty. R. Haberstroh so by Are listed in satisfactory con certain types of state dog licenses Elicitor for the Blair county Board edition. Effective tomorrow. Oct. I has of elections and atty. Samuel mrs. Feigner sustained possible increased fees for dog tags Are effective Altoona Driver in collision special to Altoona Mirror Pagel Pittsburgh the state us a #. A a amusements 19 preme court today accepted a yesterday when he locked himself comics and in i6vtition for review of a Blair crossword Puzzle a a a a a a a a a a 12 county court decision which editorials and features�?T.8 enable the Republican major Hoople 12 a it it place the name of William social events. To Prosser on the november sports .17-18 women a features to a the Case goes at the foot of Central state news 13 the said a court official in the doctor says 5 reporting the High courts decision Uncle rays corner.9 to take the Appeal. He estimated Hedda flopper19 that it would reach hearing status want ads 20-21-22-23 about oct. 13 or thereafter. All persons interested in the Case joined with atty. John r. Strawmire counsel tor the democrats who Are claiming Prosser a substitution on the ballot for two earlier candidates was outside the state election code deadline. Church. It also assigns a More important role to the Catholic laity in Church life and Conte continued of Page 3, column 3 for 1964 race Eisenhower world was reported today to have told Senate investigators that the Way to break up the Cosa Nostra crime Syndicate is to jail its Bosses. Sen. Kart e. Mundt r-s.d., quoted Valachi As saying that respected Bosses in the Cosa Nostra Hierarchy commanded a loyalty from the rank and file a a soldiers of crime which was not paid to lower Echelon lieutenants. Mundt said in an interview that Valachi told the Senate investigations subcommittee at a closed session that a blocking up the Bosses would destroy the crime organization. Valachi. The vengeance Bent Cosa Nostra alumnus is expected action. To expand on the Point when he resumes his testimony at a Public hearing tuesday. He testified Friday that the Cosa Nostra Bosses had been a very bad to the and that this was one reason he was determined to Tell his Story to authorities. In his Public testimony Valachi continued on Page 3, column i Day the Mercury Grees. The rainfall of saturday night amounted to .75 of an Inch military chiefs delay departure from Viet Nam Saigon South Viet Nam up a defense Secretary Robert s. No put i i ii Uay Wii ii a Iii uni Cui a i. Inn a in the i my with another on . Route a Man <5 the death of mrs. Waddell was one of 17 Highway fatalities in Pennsylvania during the weekend according to a United press International Survey. Most of the Eastern favourites Fasold sunday when the car in which he was rid caution backfires in struck a Bridge abutment on London up a druggist a legislative route 15 Miles West Hubert Alderson said today he Here. The Driver of the car made his House burglar proof after,08� Lyme 23, Sunbury was new York up a former theft then had to Call police injured. President Dwight d. Eisenhower. Philadelphia Charles Zirpoli isaid sunday he had no favourites deposition today when the Bill to jr., 17, died sunday when his car for the gop presidential Nomina the civil right a commie skidded on a rain Slick Roadway lion and stressed that the party the cd 1 r hts comm a and struck a tree. Had a a wealth of men from Philadelphia mrs. Rose which to choose a candidate. Bratspis 68. Was injured fatally at the same time Eisenhower was Char ted with carrying a concealed y weapon. The two suspects their faces covered with Small laundry packages that appeared to contain clean shirts were hustled into Cha City jail during the pre Dawn hours. Several questioned Lingo who was in on the interrogation of the suspects at state trooper District Headquarters just outside Birmingham said a number of suspects had been arrested Mcnamara and Gen. Maxwell d. At various times sunday night. Taylor postponed their departure he had said a More than two for 24 hours today and continued men were being questioned. Their investigation of South Viet but when Lingo emerged from names military and political Situ the City jail after turning the suspects Over to the City he in Mcnamara and Taylor chair dict of that those were the Only Man of the joint chiefs of staff two being held. Asked about his conferred sunday with president previous statement he said a at Ngo Dinh diem but no details that time there was More than of the talks were made Public two suspects being questioned. Lingo steadfastly refused to say Senate Okay seen for civil rights Agency Washington up Senate leaders expected Only Token Sion for one year is brought up for action. Several Southern senator were who the suspects were and countered All questions from newsmen with a no Arthur Sylvester defense department spokesman said the two military leaders spent More than five hours with Dot Iem. They conferred with him privately fort get Ken a due three hours then attended a two r. A i hour Black a dinner with the. Off of. Get a a president lace in Montgomery had an informed sources said diem Mun cad sunday night that arrests told Mcnamara and Taylor the War against the communist Viet in the bombing that killed four negro girls sept. 15 were imminent. Four hours later at 2 40 Cong is going Well and that to Wallar. Do ass Lotical dissension was not hamper wallaces press Secre ing the War Effort. Tary 8,11 Jones announced the a these sources also said diem insisted anything less than continued All out american support Cotta iacued a Page 3, column 3 Friday night near her Home when in a copyrighted dispatch in the ready to attack the Extension struck by a car while crossing a new York Herald Tribune denied but Street. Cokeburg John Blizman 50, Cokeburg was killed sunday when his car left route 71 and overturned near Here. Pittsburgh mrs. Gertrude con continued on Poge 3, column 8 been issued by William a. Nickol Blair county treasurer As collecting agent at his office in the count courthouse at Hollidaysburg. Notice of the increased fees in All of the 67 counties was received from William r. Atkins director of the Bureau of county collections at Harrisburg. The increases Are provided for under act of the legislature for issuing recording and reporting individual More than 2.000 windshields dog licenses. Were cleaned by 75 boy scouts individual fees to the treasurer in Bellwood and Altoona on sat Are increased from to to 20 cents urday. The operation began at 9 the commission for Kennel ii . With the handing out of sup census and duplicate dog licenses plies and demonstration on How remains at to cents. The new it was to be done. At 12.30 each one had reported Back a Mission continued on Page 3, column 4 continued on Page 3, column 2 scouts clean windshields in com Eliest drive sunny warmth main him a. Loc Ortmei were weather forecast a fair and Cool tonight with scattered Frost in valleys. Low tonight 36 to 42. Tuesday sunny and warmer. Major delaying moves reports that he opposed sen. Bar-1as a filibuster were considered by m. Coldwater r-ariz., for the unlikely against the measure prices for dog licenses include $1.20 for male and spayed female dogs but the female License is boosted to $2.20. Treasurer Nickol also announced that applications for the special Hunting licenses for archers is $2.15, with applicants also required to obtain the regular Hunting License. A letdown in the number of archers is reflected by the j present total of approximately 380 licenses sold. At the corresponding period of a year ago the treasurer reported approximately 900 Archery licenses had been issued. Numerous Blair county Hunters reportedly Are manifesting interest in the special two Day season continued on Page 3, column 3 the stunt was to publicize the Altoona Community Chest Campaign for funds. The Community Chest and the Blair Bedford Council thank j Denny Stevens of Altoona chemical Leo and Wilbur Wachter of Penn Alto vending Irving Breg Man of automotive Supply Shel Don bums of the camera shop and Peerless printers for help and supplies. The following men guided the program on saturday Frank Hershberger Edwin Arnett Howard King James Porta and Harry Franks. The window washers were William Hainley Travis Herr Bui coat tailed Ca Page 3, column 2 nomination. However. Eisenhower said he was a unclear on precisely what gom water a present views Are. He said that Only when candidates mentioned for the nomination a Are on record with their current views will toe party be in a position to make the most intelligent Choice. A i think All republicans would want to learn More about How he Coldwater and each of the other possible candidates would now approach the issues of 1964,�?� he added. A at this Point i am nor which is the first civil rights proposal to reach the Senate floor this year. The commission expires officially at Midnight but leaders were hopeful they could pass the Extension by this week. Tile measure will be attached As a a a rider to a House approved private Relief Bill that would $816.83 to mrs. Elizabeth g. Mason a world War ii widow in Houlton Maine. Although the commission officially ends business tonight its employees can continue for two months in closing up operations neither i supporters of the Extension said army Captain plans to stay in e. Germany rest of two persons in connection with the a Birmingham the troubled Alabama City has had 22 bombings since 1956. The development came about 12 hours before negro Leader Martin Luther King or. Was to arrive in in Birmingham this afternoon to Confer with integration leaders on their next step. King had said last week he would recommend a resumption of racial demonstrations if a number of desegregation demands were not met. Birmingham City officials Ang up a turncoat Rily denounced Kings ultimatum continued on Page 3, column 7 Berlin . Army Captain Alfred Sven son said today he was staying in East Germany by his own Choice and that he Hopes someday to declare a i am a Svenson met Western newsmen in his East Berlin apartment to Issue a Blanket denial of reports that he was forcibly detained by communist police from returning a Ollil a it Ltd Oll Llyl 3 deaths caused by Tornado in against nor specifically for any failure of Congress to act by to continued on Page 3, column 2 i continued on Page 3, column 5 2 Ohio couples try to Settle marital mix up san Francisco up Jack Steenberger and mrs. Marsha Wal red terrorists kill 6 persons in Venezuela Caracas Venezuela up a six persons were killed and at Bright held a tense reunion Sun least four w0unded sunday when Day night with two friends from pro communist terrorists shot it Ohio mrs. Steenberger and 0ut with guards during an at 190 Millionth american born Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges holds two children As he stands under a clock at the Commerce department in Washington d. C., which is recording the birth of the in Millionth american. The children Are Ginny Goodlatte 4, who was born at about the time Tho clock was registering Iti million and her four month old brother Douglas. Or. Walbright Steenberger 36. And mrs. Walbright. 25, were taken into custody Friday on an Ohio warrant charging them with abandonment and neglect of minor children. Neither California nor Ohio recognizes the divorces the runaway couple got in Mexico earlier this month just minutes before they were married. Steenberger a wife Margaret and mrs. Walbright a husband Chester arrived in san Francisco sunday from Ironton Ohio to discuss the situation a which also involves children. Steenberger a Turkey Farmer declined to say what the four parents discussed sunday night. He described it As a a family however a Public affair was continued on Page 3, column i tempted Holdup aboard a crowded excursion train. The terrorists commandos of the armed forces of National liberation fall fled into mountainous country pursued by government troops. Police later brought five male suspects and five women a material witnesses into Caracas under arrest. There was no immediate indication whether any of the terrorists remained at Large. The six deaths included two guards who stopped the Holdup woman and a Man All hit by stray bullets. In another fall raid sunday terrorists disguised As government troops were reported to have walked into police Headquarters at Maracay 70 Miles Southwest continued in Page 3, column i to the West. He blamed the reports on a Drunken party when Quot i done to remember what i Svenson who will be 31 on wednesday said he defected from his . 3rd armoured division tank battalion to East Germany on May 4 a because of certain things which brought me into conflict with the . the a certain things were communist line political views which Svenson expounded at length to newsmen today. Two East germans who identified themselves As Quot journalists took the Western reporters to the apartment and made a tape re continued on Page 3, column 7 by United press International thunderstorms slapped the East today and los Angeles residents hopefully awaited a break in their sweltering heat wave. The weather Bureau predicted a drop of More than 20 degrees 7 youths killed in Auto mishap Buffalo . Up seven youths were killed sunday night when their speeding automobile failed to make a Sharp curve on a Park Road and plunged into 20 feet of water in a Channel of the Niagara River. Six of the victims were found sunday night when the vehicle was dragged from the Channel by a fire department Tow truck. A seventh was recovered from the Channel Early today by police and coast guard skin divers. The seventh youth was Ridenti continued a Page 3, column i today and tuesday from the 100-plus readings in los Angeles during the last five Days. Ocean breezes started the Cool effect sunday. The record heat wave was caused by a High pressure condition Over Idaho and Nevada that kept hot winds blowing into Southern California. On the opposite S.D. of the nation Rains and thundershowers stretched from Alabama and Florida through new England a continuation of the heavy downpours throughout the Region sunday. A Tornado swooped into Dillon s.c., killing three persons and injuring at least 24 others. The dead were Rella Graves 51. Arlene Mcduffie 24, and Queen Esther Graves 8, who lived in a Small Frame House that was demolished. Tornadoes also struck in North Carolina demolishing Homes tearing roofs from barns and knocking out Power lines. Rainfall included Windsor locks conn., 2.46 inches new York 2.06 Washington 1.98 Philadelphia 1.87 Portland Maine 1.70 Boston mass., 1.46 Jack continued As Page 8� Cohutta 8

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