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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition the circulation of the Altoona Mirror yesterday was 36,670 Altoona sir error the weather tonight a showers and fog Likely. To it a in 40s. Sunday a Cloudy with Chance of showers. High in the 50s. Complete he pore Hage 16 vol. 86�?no. 118 phone 944-7171 Altoona pa., saturday evening october is 1970. A a 32 pages plus tabloid Price ten cents a moment to consider a a tedious defensive Battle in the mire at mansion Park comes to a sudden end in the fourth Quarter and at that Point Altoona area High school quarterback Fred Knab contemplates. Greater Johnstown area won the games 12-0 before 11,000 fans last night. Story and other photos on pages 22. 23 wide Choice of candidates faces voters tuesday by Phil Ray staff writer Thieu rejects coalition Ortli vices insist . Must pull out by Barney Seibert Saigon up a president Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam rejected today any form of coalition government with the communists hut he offered to enter secret negotiations to end the conflict. The grading chief executive delivered his a state of the Union address to a joint session of the Senate and National Assembly at the opening of the new legislative session. The address was delivered in the filled to overflowing Senate chamber located in the old French chamber of Commerce along Saigon a waterfront. Thieu called 1969 a the year of decisive Victory in his coun try a 13-year struggle with the communists and said that in 1970 a the fighting is As though it has died warns South Viets he warned his countrymen against yielding to a Smacchi Ovellian tricks which would eventually Lead to a communist takeover and said a i will never enter into a coalition with the although the speech was Tough and uncompromising and without any of his previous references of possible communist participation in elections following any peace settlement Thieu said a the Road to peace negotiations is still open. A we keep intact our Good intentions to discuss with the other Side any matter military As Well As political either at the bilateral peace talks or through any form of secret negotiations a he said. Thieu also disavowed any intention of maintaining any permanent military presence in cambodian territory. A helping cambodians the Republic of South Vietnam does not advocate the maintenance of armed forces in cambodian territory. On the contrary we Are Only helping the people the government and the army of a Friendly nation during their first difficult moments to enable them to be ready to fight against our common enemy the comm mists aggressors within the to 58 in the City and 60 in the int 0fcooperation Between 23 boroughs and townships. T�0 Friendly nations and people. As sharing Mutual respect for each Sims weather officials said there. ,. I the voter has a Choice. A a hard fought spirited and testimony to this it is noted that other a sometimes rugged Campaign for there Are seven candidates for rec disavowal governor will end tuesday when states senator and seven aimed at voters throughout the state go to have announced Candi cambodian fears the polls and name the men who. Dates for the governors spanking Vietnam intends will assume the fiscal burdens of Emu Mancini in i apparently alleviating that South to make the state for the next few years. Few of the candidates Are offering simple answers to torrid ques new mansion in Harrisburg. Permanent its occupation of 4 for Congress such areas As the a Parrot Quot there Are four candidates run continued on Page 3, column 6 to Ems concerning state govern Ning hard to represent the county ment but there Are Many differ in Congress and All of the state ent opinions on what ought to be Assembly races have been run at done to provide proper education top Speed. Highways health programs and but its still been a strange Cam a welfare system that now aids pain because there appears to 700,000 pennsylvanians yet Satis be no front runners for any of the by the now pinched pocketbooks of positions. The feeling is that any the working Man. Thing can happen any candidate and the Climax begins at 7 . Can win a s ? tossup from All tuesday when the polls open in angles and Only the voter tues 118 voting districts of Blair coun Mot no Booth will tilt the Scales. A it he officer directing 171�. La i there Are charges on All sides traffic at seventh Street and ill Lac to head mods line ins it shows the can Grcen Avenue at 5.15 . Yester did Atea care and indications Are Day was struck on the left leg from the local people that interest by a car he was treated and re has picked up in Blair county leased from Altoona Hospital the phones in the offices of the was reported today by police. J election Board at the county Cap the officer was John Lamicella sen Ernest p Kline demo Are ii neg right the 21, of 1410 Monroe ave. He was Era tic caudate for Quot iss sett Tsuda a Quot about struck by a vehicle changing governor will be the main sneaker n .1�?T ,. From the right to Center lanes of at the democratic rally tomorrow a Silt however it the election traffic. The Driver was identified at 6 30 pm at the family Host it ont Lunod Page 3, column 4 As Frank m. Flarkey 18, of Al policeman injured at traffic Post demo rally Iii today a a Toona so Mirror Page could not be reached by . Army and Marine and vietnamese air Force helicopters and boats were also forced from their Homes to crowded areas of High ground. The flood area stretched along the coast from the old Imperial capital of Hue Toona re 2 officer Lamicella was directing traffic at the intersection when Flarkey driving his car North started to change lanes. He was travelling about 15 Miles per hour and did not see the officer until hat hit the wind cafeteria Robert e. Russell democratic county chairman announced today. His appearance Here tomorrow will be sen. Kline a third Campaign Stop in Altoona. Sen. Kline is running on the democratic statewide. Of Vlf a now. Ticket with Milton j. Shapp Guber amusements .4 Natoria candidate. Area news and pictures 6 l?.h,eld of the car accordin8 t0 Posen. Kline entered Public service classified ads .28-29-30-31 in 1956 when he won a seat on the Coin collectors Corner. 9 Beaver Falls City Council. He Remien Anh no Uii served on the Council until 1961 v"11 05 14 r when he was a named a work crossword Puzzle la yesterday and this morning. There menus compensation referee in editorials and features.8 was also one hit run Accident and 1960. Highlights 27 a damaged tree and sign. One of in 1964 he was elected to the Jeane Dixon. 5 the in ured was a seven year old state Senate and reelected in 1966. His party chose him As Senate minority Leader in 1968. Lice. One of to Hurt the patrolman was one of to persons Hurt on area highways with various groups sen. Kline sits on the labor and Industry Law and order a Propri continued on Page 3, column 5 boy. The youth was John p. Sinisi 7, son of or. And mrs. Patsy Sinisi of 208 4th ave. The youngster was struck by Acar travelling North on first Uncle rays Corner.7 Street and driven by Terry l. Women a continued on Page 3, column i Rural and Urban living 17-21 sports .22-23-24 sunday Church services 12-13-26 television and radio 25-26 extra 22-22 1 largesse possible compromised nips debate county commissioner Eugene g. Hamill and City councilman William c. Stouffer agree that they both want Good highways for Blair county a recently however they have disagreed As to just what would be the Best Way to proceed. Or. Stouffer author of the Stouffer Highway plan wanted to build route 220 through the county within the next five year but build route 22 Only As far As the planned Meadows intersection. Or. Hamill wanted both highways to be constructed piece by piece showing no favouritism of one Highway Over the other the Only problem being that Blair county would not have a completed superhighway until the 1975-83 period. Or. Hamill was backing the priority construction program passed last summer by the Altoona area transportation study committee. Compromise thursday the debate raged on and on and the transportation study committees had been handed the Issue and were expected to choose Between the plans but then thursday night the Blair county planning commission approved a Compromise program which came about when state Senate majority Leader Stanley g. Stroup indicated Blair county could possibly obtain additional Highway construction funds in the 1970-75 tie period. This fact in essence would mean Blair county could have a new route 220 from learners Ville through the Altoona metro area and through Tyrone by 1975, and the construction sched ule for route 22 would remain continued on Page 3, column s look around you i 5.v gov. Raymond p. Shafer had an angry expression on his face when our photographer snapped his picture for our wednesday afternoon paper. He was denouncing the charge of fiscal irresponsibility by candidate Milton Shapp when the picture was snapped. In our opinion it is one of the Best pictures of the governor in our files. We think he had a right to be angry. The governor has never attained the popularity some of his predecessors have enjoyed in Blair county. As the old timers say a a let stake a look at the under his leadership Blair county has had greater assists from Harrisburg than it Ever enjoyed in any four year period in our memory. For at least four decades we have been the forgotten county insofar As state Aid has been concerned. Under Shafer Blair county has had state help in building five of six new buildings at Penn state Campus at Altoona. It. Gov. Raymond j. Broderick Secretary of labor and Industry John k. Tabor and state sen. Stanley g. Stroup were great helpers in obtaining this Aid which incidentally was the first significant Aid to the local Campus program. They also helped us with the Federal agencies and along with James e. Vanzandt and several other friends of Altoona and Blair county they deserve a lot of credit for the Federal funds involved in the new buildings. Under gov. Shafer Altoona enterprises enjoyed generous state Aid through Pida in securing and erecting buildings for five new industries in Blair county. They arc Cordovan associates which at the present time employs 63 people Penn Metal fabricators employing 25 people pig industries which had 396 employees on its payroll until a recent Layoff caused by the strike at general motors Proctor Silex with 727 employees and f. L. Smithe co., with 333 employees at latest count. When Raymond Shafer became governor there were 3,600 people registered As unemployed in the county and As of sept. I of this year there were 2,200. The rate of unemployment when he took office stood at 6.1 per cent for the county and As of sept. I latest Date at which Complete figures Are available it was 3.9 per cent. Under construction at this time is another building for the local area. It is being built for Quality manufacturing co. New additions to existing industries under the Shafer administration include the . Envelope addition of 80, Square feet the pig addition of 72,000 Square feet the Puritan addition of 80,000 Square feet the butterick addition of 60,000 Square feet the Saft Bak addition of 18,000 Square feet and now under construction the new Boyer Candy co. Addition. It must be remembered that while these new buildings and additions were made possible through Pida financing most of which had to be raised through taxation they Are self liquidating and the Money borrowed from Pida will be returned to state funds with interest Over the next three to four administrations. Some folks May Call this fiscal irresponsibility but we prefer to Call it a sound investment in Pennsylvania a future paying dividends in the form of payrolls at the present time. We see a new Library building which for a Quarter of a Century was Only a dream on the part of most of us but which became a reality during the Shafer administration. We see a new vocational technical High school almost completed during the Shafer administration and we count them both As great investments in our future on the part of the state and local people. Great Steps have been taken to make sure that the future water Supply of this City will be better protected and better for people and new Industry. Is this fiscal irresponsibility just the other Day we broke ground for a state office building in downtown Altoona. It will give employment to Blair county people. Others have promised such a building at various times for the past 20 years. This is it at last. The contracts have been let and the building soon will be underway. We have disagreed with gov. Shafer on Many occasions. Along with the present candidate for governor Broderick we have always opposed a state income tax on the grounds that it Falls most heavily on the shoulders of those who work for a living. Gov. Shafer Felt it would be necessary to finance Many of the things which we Are now enjoying in our county. He had a right to his belief As we feel we have a right to ours. We were Happy to know that candidate Broderick is opposed to the income tax and has been opposed to it since it was first broached As a Way to solve the states financial problems. We were opposed to Shafer a Choice for presidential nominee Rockefeller and we still think Nixon was the Best Man for the office. We were opposed to his insistence on a constitutional convention and now somewhat reluctantly think it was in the Best interests of the state. We look about us and now publicly want to say thanks governor for All the Fine things that we see about us As you prepare for your final months in office. You did your share in helping All of us build a better Central Pennsylvania and for this we Are grateful. We Hope to see that old familiar Friendly smile the next time you visit us in this our favorite county. A a time to draw republicans map anti violence Blitz 150,000 s. Kids flee from floods president takes plea to 4 states by United press International the 1970 Campaign Saigon up a Monsoon 390 Miles North of Saigon to Rains brought on rampaging Quang Ngai City 120 Miles to floods on the Northern coast of the Southeast. South Vietnam leaving too i f t f w. Dead 150,000 persons evacuated _ and destroying about 40 per correspondent Denns reached its final weekend cent of the area s Rice crop Gibbons toured the stricken. Vietnamese military sources area in a helicopter today and 10 18 Vav till republicans Jde m Quot a it Ujj Ltd a. The coital re. A Ping an my hour Blu caused them not Lune unahlft1 lands. Jammed with human on their theme they can do caused them continued Una Bat a a briefab%ikidurinvtts�?Tmomu8 a Quot eng second Quot Lorp to re of political vie a Lathi j Lei largest City was under five feet Lence in the United states. Was Little Hope of a setup before0f Nixon battling for the Middle of next week. 1 Gibbons said mobs of looters a Congress More Friendly to uncounted thousands who were beginning to roam the a him scheduled a Fuller state Nang area breaking into shops ment on the Issue of violence As stores and even Homes in areas he opened a one Day four state that had been evacuated. J Campaign swing at Phoenix one group of 30 looters tried to Board the Hospital ship Hope moored to a pier in Danang Harbor and wore chased away continued on Page 3, column 4 talks break raises Hopes in Auto strike will be no Public comment concerning the Progress of these discussions. Quot we plan to meet throughout the weekend and Are urging our local unions to intensify bargaining on local issues during the same period a pm added a we Welcome this probing of All the outstanding National issues and also urged intensifying local negotiations. Counts appearance and the news blackout came Only two Days after pm announced its first quarterly loss in 24 years rail corp. By David w. Chute have agreed Detroit up a general motors corp. And the United Auto workers have decreed a news blackout on negotiations to end a 47-Day old strike and appointed a special negotiating subcommittee to break the economic logjam. It was the first major break in the nearly seven week strike and raised Hopes of a settlement. News blackouts in the past have indicated the beginning of serious bargaining. The special subcommittees appointed to probe into key economic issues met for several hours Friday and meetings were anticipated through the weekend. On Friday afternoon j. Curtis counts head of the Federal mediation and Concilia a i Tion service met with both of 11 to Al fwd sides and said that for the first a time in Auto negotiations history the Federal government would step into the dispute if necessary. Both pm and Law bar gainers said they had not asked for Federal mediation and knew of no authority of the government to step into the negotiations unless asked. Both the Law and automakers have shunned government intervention in the past As too Tim consuming. Counts contended he flew from Washington d.c., on his own initiative and denied there were any political implications in making the visit four Days before elections. Named to the special subcommittee to crack key strike issues were Law president Leonard Woodcock and pm department co director Irving Bluestone who will face pm chief negotiator Earl Bram Blett Morris director of labor relations and Victor Zink director of personnel research. Woodcock said a the parties ariz., Friday night at Anaheim Calif., Nixon said it was Quot time to draw the line Quot on violence in the United states. He responded to an egg bottle and Stone throwing attack upon his limousine at san Jose the previous night. Political leaders were Uncertain what effect the attack would have on the balloting. Lawrence f. Of Brien the democrats National chairman said Friday he hoped the incident one of the worst that during the involving a president would period that these probing1 not obscure a the real issues of sessions Are under Way there the Campaign. John n. Mitchell san Clemente Calif up a president Nixon has signed a Bill creating a Federal corporation to take Over operation of intercity passenger trains that the nation s railroads claim Are unprofitable. The Bill signed Friday Railroad Nixon a attorney general said there had been a so much of this Type of activity that the Impact set in Long before Agnew cited but the attack immediately became the subject of oratory in the Campaign. President George Meany of the Al Cio blamed the san Jose incident on Quot the actions of a violent few and a hoodlum he said the republicans Law and order Issue was a a phony a enlarging upon earlier remarks in which he accused vice president Spiro t. Agnew of reviving mccarthyism by equating liberals with radicals who practice violence. Agnew campaigning in Belleville iii., said a a it a time to squeeze that kind of garbage out of our society a referring to the Rock throwers. A democratic candidates for years have been stimulating these people a Agnew said. A now they say a done to drape them around our neck. We done to want asked if the san Jose incident creates a National a. J. A passengers corporation to own and changed his views on the and operate a network of 1ssu� Meany said absolutely passenger trains. Not. It allows railroads to turn Over their unprofitable Passen 10,000 supporters a the vice president of the Ger routes to the corporation if United states is now equating they buy Stock in the venture liberalism with crime and equivalent to a percentage of violence a Meany said. Quot this is their passenger losses. All Complete nonsense but it is railroads abandoning their typical of the Campaign now passenger lines must the being waged in this country corporation either half the fully this vice president seems to be distributed passenger deficit for the fellow who president Nixon the Railroad during 1969, too per decided to give the Respo Sibili cent of the avoidable loss of Allty of bringing us intercity passenger service Nixon spoke to 10,000 support operated by the line during ters at Anaheim Friday night. 1969, or 200 per cent of the a in my judgement it is time avoidable loss of intercity to draw the line a he said. A i continued on Page 3, column 6 continued on Page 3, column 3 Republican plea sen. George Murphy president Nixon and California gov. Ronald Reagan acknowledge the tremendous response of the crowd As they join hands at the convention Center in Anaheim Calif. President Nixon pleaded for votes to put More republicans in office. Up telephoto i i

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