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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Altoona, Pennsylvania Rail plan attacked continued from Page i into Law the All would world. He has also made Clear 1, was driving North on washing new corporation. Commuter trams however were not included in the Deal financial help equipment to he new Corpora Tion. The corporation would then give the railroads Stock in the new firm. But if the Railroad decided against the Stock it could take an income tax write off. Railroads have to act. Any that individual until May 1 choose not to join in the plan must continue operating their passenger trains for at least five years. To get the new firm rolling Congress authorized a Grant of million. It also authorized million in guaranteed Loans already on the Road to forming to finance the Purchase of new an effective Oart Neoshio in Pun train equipment. New an effective partnership in it will be up to transportation Secretary John a. Volpe to set up a Basic rail by Japan and Australia will in restaurant into the path of a reject All three bids and read passenger too Many problems he is expected to concentrate the network in congested corridors such As Boston Washington new York Chicago and Chicago Minneapolis. But critics claim that the new firm will have a problem showing a profit. The Railroad developed countries will con passenger corporation will be Gin life operating rundown passenger train equipment. And it still must contend with All of the longstanding labor manage ment problems facing the railroads. The Railroad passenger Busi Ness has been in a decline for 40 years. In 1923, there were about trains in the United states. Today the total is less than 500. According to the transportation department the rail passenger deficit in 1969 topped More than 5200 million. But Volpe feels the private corporation route is the Only Way to Stop the Complete disintegration of the passenger train network. He termed it innovative action to revitalize intercity rail passenger service with the objective of making it an important part of our transportation Homecoming at Campus relies continued from Page 1 talked about the Parade that will wind its Way through Altoona this evening. Proctor said he Antici pates the Parade to be the biggest in the history of the Campus. We expect 14 different student groups to have floats and there will be 12 bands including for the first time the Penn state Blue band and nine of the marching units from the Jaffa other events planned for the week include dances dinners a soccer match Between Altoona and the Beaver Campus and Sun Day oct. 25, the dedication of the six new buildings on Campus. Good for Campus Altoona a three co chairmen said they feel that Homecoming is Good not Only for the Campus and the Stu dents and alumni but also for the City of Altoona. Proctor said Homecoming is a time for people to come together it s fun working on the events and it s a Good Way to get to know More students faculty and alumni. This year it is also a Chance for the people of Altoona to see the Campus meet the Stu dents and see at firsthand what they have helped asian peace is possible continued from Page 1 Only come about when the ins lot. Communist regimes in North Mainland China realize it is not to their advantage to promote terror and aggression in neighbouring areas i Don t want to comment on the relations Between India and Pakistan except to say that both sides undoubtedly see obvious Adan solution to their differences and i Hope they will make Early Progress toward this goal. Spotty history q what role do you see for the big Powers possibly a Continental peacekeeping Force to guarantee Security and Nam aggression pacts Bunker some sort of Continental peacekeeping Force in Asia might discourage aggression by the communists but it remains to be seen whether we could have the conditions where such a Force could operate effectively. The history of peacekeeping forces in the past has been a spotty one and i do not underestimate the problems that such a presence in part of the world would n 22 on the other hand we after an a form of International adent at pm yesterday. Depends on the behaviour of the age to the Terrene Sedan and the al100na Mirror Altoona pa., monday october 19, 1970. Communists. President Nixon has made it very Clear that we do not intend to abandon our commitments in this part of the .0 the Mcmillen Coupe. Washington Avenue Linda venire 17, of Box 939, Dir support of the principle of self determination As it applies to South Vietnam and other countries of the area. The Nixon doctrine development of ton Avenue when her Coupe backed into a parked car owned by1 Charles h. Filer of 1202 s. Jag Sard St. At . Yesterday. Encourages the Filer Sedan was parked in of 1434 Washington ave. The venire teenager was cited heating co. Of Altoona to re nations such As Japan India or Australia do you feel they will try to fill a vacuum and will their interests always coincide with each other and with the All have Rolls Bunker certainly All was damage to the Filer Sedan and to the venire Coupe East on sixth Avenue Avenue Harry a. Bickel 61, of 514 Bell ave. Stopped his car for a vehicle turning into the Khoona countries in this area have a role to the area Public Library when it was my ukr a Accuu play Australia and driven by Frank j. Eder 43 of Japan Are very much aware of 4015 3rd ave. At pm sat the importance of this area of the necessity to have peace in urday. There was damage to the i j is r Tut rtt Urcia few Ual Tiack i int Indochina. So is India but India Eder car and to the Bickel has other preoccupations at the moment. The countries in this area Are cited for exceptions to the right of Way Rule was Mary j. Slammers 19, of 510 53rd St. At development. The nature and extent of development Assis _ Tance which might be offered on route 220 from Arby s drive 2 . Saturday. She drove North commissioners have for opening an Romito Tom bids and they were forced to vary of course according to southbound car driven by Gary their particular capabilities. I Don t know whether these according to Logan police. Countries will try to fill a vacuum or even whether a vacuum will exist. Certainly South Vietnam Laos and Cambodia will need outside assistance for some time to come and i Trust the More Tine to will help need. As to the last part of your question no the individual interests of the More developed nations will not always coincide with each other and with the countries they Are aiding the protected As you term them. The problems and priorities will vary from nation to nation. But this is not an obstacle to their working together. In fact the diversity of their interests puts them in a better position to provide coherence in development Aid and i have Confidence they will All share a fundamental inter est in maintaining peace in Asia. There was damage to each vehicle. 7th Avenue 7th Street both Drivers were cited after a collision at . Friday. They were Robert Gibson 53 of 1211 23rd St., for making an improper turn and Karen e. Ferguson 20, of 119 Lloyd St., for driving a vehicle without an operator s License. While driving West on seventh Avenue the Ferguson Sedan at tempted to turn onto seventh Street when it and the Gibson station Wagon driven in the right Lane collided. The right Lane is not designated As a travelling Lane police reported. There was damage to the Hay Wagon truck crash continued from Page 1 convertible crashed into the rear of the Hammond Coupe damage was placed at to Gerstenacker Coupe and to the Myers vehicle. Center parking lot Donald Sunderland. 4. Of 209 54th St., suffered bruises and abrasions in a car truck Accident at . Friday at the Pluss ant Valley shopping Center Park was a passenger in a car Korea j North Vietnam and driven by mrs. Janet p. Sunder land 25, of the same address. Tages in coming to a peaceful Orr truck and to the Sunder a Lii Tirton hair i foot Jan of Inri Logan police said mrs. Sunder land was driving South on the lot near the Acme Market and failed to see a truck operated West by Thomas j. Orr 43, of 1208 Jackson ave. Was damage to the land Sedan. Broad ave., near a filth driving West on Broad Avenue Phillip l. Shoemaker 22, of s. Plymouth n.j., attempted to turn into a service station when his Sedan collided with a car operated in the left Lane by Andrew m Miller 19, of Box 149, re 4, at . Yesterday. Shoemaker was found guilty charges of starting stopping changing lanes etc., and paid a Fine and costs before District jus Tice Thomas p. Kilcoyne. The Accident occurred near thirtieth Street. Each vehicle was damaged to the extent of cited for reckless driving was some supervision is desirable and perhaps an essential element of a peace settlement. Looking further ahead i would Hope the major Powers could reach some would permit the countries the Region to develop a which was driven South on eighth Street locked causing it in skid major Powers Coria reach some Inlo a Sedan Dri h be degree of understanding that f. Dutwiler 72, of 302 e and needs. Q will the big Powers always have to be around to Stop asians fighting asians or to keep an Eye out for their own self interest reds aggressors Bunker Well first of All your phrase asians fighting asians does not convey the Complete picture. What you see Drivie and Ronald a Ferrone in Indochina today is North 22, of 105 e. 4th ave. For signals vietnamese communist Daggres on starting stopping Etc . Vietnam Laos and Cambodia. Whether the big Powers will always have to be around pull she Dally. Second do mul privileges a thorium us second class Portage m Altoona. A. South on 8th Street air operating a motor vehicle place without a Driver s License. There county Airport building. The Blair county commission ers met in their Chambers to accept the bid which was the Only while driving East on sixth 9ne submitted for the re roofing struck from the rear by a Sedan vehicle. Route 228 Campagna 24, of 317 2nd ave., Gibson station Wagon. Route 07011, Martin Street mrs. Katharyne Wilson 18 of 2726 w. Chestnut ave. Was driving West on route 07041 when a car operated by Grace Pletz 77, of 898 30th St. Pulled from Martin Street into the right Side commissioners accept bid for Airport roof Mirror classified 944-7171_js a bid of was submitted his morning by Union roofing the roof on the Blair ipg the past 10 years and it1 was Dede to replace the roof before Winter sets in. The apparent cause of the roof rouble is that after the roof was constructed the authority installed a great Deal of equipment on of of he roof and since the installation the roof has been leak Iob. The commissioners had or dered new bids submitted for the re roofing Job last month after the original bids were rejected. At the time of the original open ing the Low bidder for the Job ailed to submit a Bond with he bid and the Airport author Ity and the county commission ers had accepted the bid before realizing there was no Bond with the failure to Back a bid with a Bond is an irreversible error according to the rules which he Vertise. About higher Union roofing co. Had submit Ted an original bid and this time the bid was or about higher than the original Price submitted. The Blair county Airport needs a new roof even though the administration building is but 10 years old. The administration building was dedicated sent 17 i960 the air port improvements at that Tate Cost but the roof has steadily been deteriorating Dur no. Discusses hangars county commissioner Eugene g. Ianu la also discussed the fact Fiat the commissioners were tuning Over to the Airport authority 20, hangars which the commissioners had financed during the last eight years. Or. Hamill said he original idea was for the county to finance the hangars then collect the rent to them off. Once the 20 hangars were paid off he said they would be Given to the Airport authority. He explained that the hangars Cost and at the end of this year the county will have Only remaining on the hangar Bill. The commissioners have decided to turn Over the hangars by Jan. 1, giving the air port authority approximately 000 a year income from the hang ars to help off the Cost of 12 new hangars to be constructed Al the Airport. Or. Hamill emphasized that it was planned All along for the commissioners to return the air port hangars to the authority. Commissioners Hamill Edward j. Flanagan Correll c. Gressley Annj Rel f j Jonn Gardner at morning s Specia meeting in the commissioners Chambers. City bus Aid tag continued from Page 1 Sedan and to the . And . Social Security reflecting the new increase Legal audit and consultant repairs to old lie 3uiu, was be including anticipated loss Logan Valley cemetery. Pushed into of passengers but not reflecting the school rate increase. Council this is a correction to what asked for a breakdown on anti was previously reported to the Altoona Mirror. Stopped at fifteenth Street to make a left turn police said. Fire companies 4, 9 and 10 and truck c were called to the area to flush gasoline from the Street. Brantner was cited for Reck less driving. Damage was placed at to the Brantner convertible and to the Hammond Coupe. North of Claysburg mrs. Mary Eckels of 1715 7th ave. Refused treatment for facial injuries suffered in an Accident a half mile North of Claysburg at . Yester Day. She was a passenger in a car operated by Gerald j. Eckels 62, of the same address. William c. Myers 43, of Newry and Robert a. Gerstenacker of Yardville n.j., were the other Drivers. While driving North on route 20, the Myers Coupe crashed into the rear o the Eckels be israeli defense minister i. Stopped to turn onto route Moshe Dayan indicated in a 07072, state police said. The Ger Stenacker Coupe also driven North then struck the Eckels Sedan. Cipale passenger loss and Iford the rate increase. The figures or. Justice said do not include costs for debt service which can be aided if the Bill now egyptians Harden stand continued from Page 1 cause of the missile violations. Israeli Premier Golda Meir arriving sunday for her wednesday speech at the unite cause of the age of the equip nations repeated Israel s Posi Tion that the talks would e Repace n he next mat the talks would three years he added the resume when the missiles Are would like to have six buses re pulled Back. Riad speaking on the Ameri can broadcasting company s television program issues ant said on sunday thai not a single missile had been introduced into the cease fire zone since the truce began aug. 7 and rejected any suggestions Egypt might make even a Token pullback. May Cut demands speech in Tel Aviv sunday night that Israel might be willing to Settle for less than total withdrawal of the missiles increases All results of the arbitration. The contract he reminded expires nov. 1. Reports curtailment in response to inquiries from councilman Pappas or. Justice reported curtailment of services in Logan twp. Except to the shop the Eckels Sedan to the make it too difficult for american negotiators. Sadat s speech to the military leaders today was released by the sem official Middle East news Agency in Cairo. Regarding the Milit Aries armed there will be no second cease fire and All measures must be taken to face a treacherous and despicable he said. I would not extend the cease fire except for Earnest and effective political con not forget that the enemy s goal of the cease fire was to Transfer the matter into a routine which will be renewed every 90 Days. If it happened that we accepted the Extension of the cease fire it would Only be for one time and i would not accept further extensions. That is Why it is your duty not to give this Date any importance. You must continue your Effort and readiness to unleash the Battle of the sem official Cairo news paper Al ashram said Sadat will name an outstanding Persona 3g Lily As Premier of , and political observers said it probably would be Veteran career Diplomat m a h m o u d Sawri. Or equipment and vehicle licenses. Estimated Revenue estimated he said was rack Down his captors. He said he would never be found and that his Freedom hinged entirely on the government s willing Ness to release 23 prisoners. Repeats demands in a communique the Flo repeated its demands. Bourassa went on radio and television and replied the government will face this crisis with firmness and will not let itself be Pierre Laporte is a victim of hate a criminal hate not known before in Canada or he said before meeting first with Trudeau am Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau and later with his own Cabinet Bourassa offered a ride on a government plane to for Cross abductors Havana if they released from the state turn him Over to the committee is passed or for Cap ital equipment requirements be a separate consideration. The capital equipment problem the Sald that 20 be replaced in he next is becoming critical he said be which was closed to to traffic. The government said the kidnappers could comi armed or unarmed. It sail Cross would be held by Thi cubans until the Fly agent had arrived safely in Havana and that the Swap was agreed to by the governments i placed each year but would be Happy with three. He estimated local Cost at for six buses with financing from f Ede Rai Havana. Quebec City am Ottawa. The labor costs or. Justice explained include the Cost of living increase due in february and an the since a firmer stand would p of Center and and that he had no plans to Cut additional service. He noted that the a Hority has received nothing from twp. And that there has been no attempt on its part to reach a conclusion. Consul on a Bridge Over the St. Lawrince River. There was speculation the cuban official waited in toilet parked on the Concordia comply with order but there was no reply from but Mike Reid Jaycees name Mike Reid As outstanding the Pennsylvania Jaycees an ounces the selection of Mike eid of Altoona As one of the free outstanding Young men of Pennsylvania for 1970. Each year the Pennsylvania Jaycees select three Young men Between 21 and 36 who have Dis anguished themselves in various Elds of Endeavor. Or. Reid s biography was sub fitted for Competition by the Al Oona Jaycees and was one of 44 individuals competing from varies chapters throughout the state this Marks the first time that i Young Man from Altoona has been chosen for this coveted a1 Altoona Hospital m admitted saturday Nina Carman Glasgow. Amelia santeria 1615 Grant ave. Mary Grimm Box 76-a, Tyrone re 1. Ruth Kerlin Reservoir drive Tyrone. Virginia Hoffner Williamsburg re 1. Wilbur Branin 1907 20th ave. Donald Runyen 300 pleasant Valley blvd. Tanya Kinsel 501 23rd St. Hazel kitchens six mile run. Donald Lechner 519j4 8th ave. Franklin Flory state College. Joseph Lyman Garvey Manor Hollidaysburg. Grace Fouse 706 e. Bell ave. James Aurandt 1124 7th ave. David Black Cresson. Margaret Troxell 1111 20th ave Ronald Diehl Irvona. Sylvia Mcconnell Gallitzin Wilbur Stoudnour 1331 7th ave. Richard Montgomery 1620 14th ave. Mary Gallou Hastings. Discharged saturday Ruth Hammond 705 e. 1st St 3ellwood. Clara Brubaker Duncansville re 3. Jean Lee Park Alley Williams Burg. Evelyn Frye Flinton. Kathy skipper 60s a 5th St Bellwood. Janice Rhodes 1021 Lexington ave. Sidra Ickes. 412 23rd St Ethel Cory 601 n. 10th St., Bell Wood. 1604 Lith St. Barbara Mccaulley ant1 infant. 2013 3rd ave. Cheryl Strittmatter and infant 1520 28th ave. Mary Yingling and infant 3900 Beale ave Judith Baird and infant. Box 141. Duncansville re 3 Judith Deiterly and infant Blandburg. Isabelle Glover 1958 Bellemead drive. Anna Peters 1218 j3th ave. Evelyn Graham 318 57th St. Infant Macak 1216 8th ave. Walter Probst 1614 Bell ave. 1921 12th ave. Martha Phillips Box 509, re Everett Orrick Coalport. Dayle Diehl Duncansville re Edward Fox Fallentimber. Hospital treats varied injuries in he Altoona Hospital emergency room Over he weekend included Daniel Adams 1011 Lexington ave., laceration of Chin. Claar 204 b r o a d Iward. Mike receives the Honor As a of his prowess on the foot jail Field for his knowledge of Muic and for the recognition he Rought to Pennsylvania during Lis years As a student at Penn state University. He was named o every All America football earn in the country and graduated with a degree in music. He is currently a member of he Cincinnati bengals profession Al football team and during the off season works As a staff Mem or of Baldwin piano co. The three award winners will be honoured at a banquet at the George Washington motor Lodge n Valley forge saturday eve judges for this year s compete Ion were Richard h. Mayer publisher of the Johnstown trib Une Democrat John b. Kelly or. President of John b. Kelly inc. Of Pennsylvania masonry con factors and judge Edwin m Kosik judge of common pleas court Lackawanna county. Or. Reid is the son of or. Anc mrs. William j. Reid of Juniata Gap. Hart St., Hollidaysburg infant Ellis 421 10th ave. Jun Ata. Infant Yin Ling Box 127-a, Hollidaysburg re 1. Lori Imler Claysburg re Charles Williams 2nd St Clarence Rhodes 423 Bell ave Russell Singer 2415 Walnut ave lome Gaston Mentcle. Thomas Farrier 5606 Avondale be. Evelyn Thomas 126 Walnut ave Jack Kazmaier 224 Ruskin drive. Laura Staines 122 28th ave. Eugene Smithmyer Patton. David Mallow Box 508-a, re 1 Robert Cummings 223 e Craw Ord ave. Robert Rupert 1902 1st ave Robert Mccloskey Gallitzin Mary Malone 1108 2nd St. Jun Ata. Dennis Mcgraw 5m 3rd St. The authority according to or. . M m years to Justice is now breaking even on real Ltd. Of cold blooded loss of Revenue in the township and reminded that from Jan. 1 to aug. 10, it carried All of the town ship service and cot nothing from the supervisors. Councilman Duncan raised questions on the documentation of the facts. Furthermore we m u s t expense projections. Observing that the signature of a certified Public accountant is required he questioned that of Charles Fleck of Young co. On the report not ing he did not have that classification. Or. Justice said that he had been working with or. Fleck from the Start of the authority. Charles Bens of Pennsylvania Economy league suggested that Council May be interested in a breakdown of passenger use of the various runs. Terrorists because they to Issue warnings before thei bombs exploded. So profound were the Power the government assumed in suspending some civil Libertie because of the crisis tha French language radio station Calm was told not to rebroadcast the text of Cross notes written in his own hand and found by the radio station alter a telephoned tip. The station complied with the police order. For the first the harsh de political assassination canadians differed about How their govern ment should respond to the terrorists and Over whether it jihad gone too far in assuming unprecedented peacetime pow ers. When gathered in the chill autumn winds under the window of Trudeau s office on parliament Hill while he conferred with his ministers some Sang the National Anthem "0, a Banner read love a Large crowd gathered in Montreal to View the body of the popular politician. People stood for hours in the cold Fly actions alienate people continued from Page 1 in said. But they will not win. They will not conquer like they the brakes of his station Wagon in their stupid documents. They will be destroyed As they have a bus Driver said the Fly had acted stupidly. They have alienated most them in Small groups to the 58 at present courthouse where the body Lay in response to inquiry of the "j1 1 tuesday afternoon s tuner number of employees or. Justice said that there Are 58, including 10 in the garage three in the of fice and the rest driving. The office and garage staffs have been Cut in half since 1959-60, he noted. Earlier after being introduced j Henry Smith of the first National Bank of Altoona Steve Lar son and Armenson of Auto Matic data processing explained 3 persons held for misconduct three persons were arrested on charges of drunkenness disorderly conduct and breach of the peace Over the weekend. Police listed their names am addresses As Robert c. Fochler 22, of 306 Walnut ave., Albert f. Smith 39, of 1004 Lexington ave. And Ethel m. Fox 42, of 609 8th St., Juniata. Fochler was also charged with resisting arrest. He was arrested at Altoona Hospital at . Yesterday at a hearing in police Couri this morning Fochler pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined and costs by District Justice Merle h. Wagner or. Justice Wagner reduced the Fine to and costs in order to help Fochler who was supposed to leave for the Mediterranean area with the marines today. Smith was arrested at 1103 12th ave. At . Yesterday. His hearing As delayed until Tomor Row morning and a subpoena was issued for the complainant Marion a. Phillips of 1004 Lexington ave., who failed to appear to testify against Smith. Police said this is the second time mrs. Philips had someone arrested and failed to appear to testify. Smith was released on his own recognizance until the hearing tomorrow morning. Ethel Fox forfeited in Security when she failed to appear for the hearing. She was arrested at 725 4th ave., Juniata at . Friday. He firm s payroll service inc Tud no detailed analysis courier serv be and 36-hour service. Judge fines t p k d f car operator i y Rickey ii continued from Page 1 j trial Railroad Robert Paul Long choosing jury i defense atty. Robert Jubelirer i and atty. Harold c. Milter were choosing the 12-member jury to a 12-member jury in the Case hear the Snyder and Long casej0 Robert p. Long of 1415 Wash this week in judge ave Donald e. Snyder larceny Case police said. The Detwiler Hen struck a Lake ave., Lakemont which was passing the Detwiler Sedan near pleasant Valley Boulevard. Damage was placed at to the Detwiler Sedan to the Bartley vehicle and to the Ritts station Wagon. On Walton Avenue Bonnie l. Mcmillen. 19, of i28j e. 4th ave. Was cited for reckless service would provide the Case East Freedom charged with Ami Iii which the two men Are was selected in court fran room cling Ali Ink from 2. Hollidaysburg shortly saturday. Ferrone was making a turn into a service station on Walton ave nue when his car was struck from the rear by the Mcmillen Ltd support that they had. Our country needs change but not this Way not this Way at All. But we will continue to live to put together the mess we re in. It s a a woman suggested a very Strong very High Gallows fori and a restaurant owner added i d like to give those killers a fair and fast trial and then Lynch one woman would not com ment. She waved her hands Shook her head and Cho kingly me alone it s bad continued from Page 1 nothing about those assertions or whether it thought Rose and Carbonneau were the ringleaders of the Fly cells which Coupe. The Accident occurred near Kettle Street. There was j2qo dam Actu meets tuesday the woman s Christian temper Ance Union meeting scheduled for tonight has been postponed. It will be held tomorrow evening at 7.30 at tha Owca. As car to Date summaries la Kink trom a of Taay explained. Base Cost Wilho it Central has attracted con after noon today. Tras for the City of Altoona s 500islderable attention because or. In selection of the jury assist employees would approximate Snyder was the Republican District attorney Clyde they estimated. For sheriff last year. He utilized the allotted eight la Jubelirer was awaiting the so murdered of la jury judge Hab seized the two underscore their revolutionary real. Cross plea in two Handwritten notes left in a Telephone Booth sunday echoed the Snyder and Long jury. Pathetic message Laporte and Defeated in that election. Peremptory challenges As did de president judge Samuel h. Tense Attys. Harold e. Miller and Robert Jubelirer. Seven additional jurors were excused for cause bringing the total number called to 43. Snyder a candidate for sheriff in the last Blair county general election and Long were charged in connection with the removal of a welder from Penn Central shops earlier this year. The trial began with resumption of criminal court for the afternoon session. Erstrom s courtroom so that a jury also could be selected in his courtroom to try Donald Richard Neu of Anniston ala., charged with aimed robbery. Neu was present in the court men to room today but judge Jubelirer and the attorneys in courtroom 1 were unable to choose a jury be cause the panel was in court room 2 for the selection of the dressed to his close Friend Neu. Nnoli Tirol in Flor i atty. Eugene j. Yanuzzi is rep political Leader Quebec pre Mier Robert Bourassa five Days before his murder. The he had death average Speed Vienna up the Vienna launch injures six Marina i Carrara Italy up the launching of the ferryboat Tiziano was something less than c automobile suffered a dousing and bruises the s downtown when the boat threw up a Wall when it Slid into the sea. Stephanie Ross 406 4th ave. Baumgarner 1119 51 Wanda Bondi and infant 506 n it cd i _ 11 i _ 1 of Lou amt Onlan 716 Pine St pm t duration it first Finger. Joann Eckenrode 1808 j3th St sprain of left foot Kathleen 562, re contusion of Back. Dorothy Korman 1018 18th ave., laceration of Back James Nolan Box re 1 laceration of left thumb. A so Caetti 329 1st ave men Woomer 822 7th ave., pram of left wrist. Wynema Decker 403 n. Pine in v sprain of left foot and ankle Howard Weber 1422 8th ave Juniata laceration of Rich Cheek. Right John Bradwell Bethlehem sprain of right ankle. Lyle Kizina Box 381, Coalport sprain of right hand. John Kellcy 410 23rd ave laceration of right knee. Mark Mccall 523 3rd ave laceration of Scalp. Donald Stiffler jr., 1702 s. Path St., pm cure wound of thumb. Right Harriet 310 e. Donald Stiffler jr., 1702 s. 12th St., puncture wound of right Campanaro 435 1st ave. Nelson High Imler re 1. Eleanor Dean 315 Browning ave. Michael ave. Hughy Morgan 1124 n. Pleasant Valley blvd. Carl White 310 w. 12lh St., to one. David Miller 603 n. 8th St., Bellwood. Pauline Albright 54 Green Vood Road fracture of right wrist. Kevin Kenner Ashville re injury of right Middle Finger. Claude Richards 317 16th St Duncansville laceration of right Index Finger. Richard Trent jr., main Street Coalport Burns of both Ronald Brantner 1901 5th ave. Admitted sunday Sondra Spalla Box 241, re 3. John Shearer 728 Tell St., jul Iata. Florence Barbarulo mount Union. Blanche Yerty 1400 10th St Miles Clark 1402 10th St. Gina Hurm Apt. 60, Fairview Hills. Frank Hughes 820 5th ave. Antoinette Mignogna s10 7th ave., laceration of upper her rave. Eva Wagner Box 122, re 2. Linda Burns. 321 1st ave. Nancy Richardson Box 420-e, Hollidaysburg re 1. Marjorie Wise Box 460, Duncansville re 3. Infant Baumgarner 1119 5th ave laceration of Bridge of nose and abrasion of right eyelid Albert Bryner 1910 Urivon ave., laceration of right ear. Edward Dielrich Mars for eign body in right Eye Robert Rochker 206 Walnut ave., laceration of left Eyebrow. Charles Glacken 208 e. Wal nut ave., foreign body in left Eye. Laurie Hammond Box 510 re i contusion of both Knees. Brian learner 70s Howard Shene Plewa Box 53, Ashville sprain of left foot and ankle. Julia Roub 1104 16th ave., Prain of right ankle. Jody Slemmer 1427 2ist ave., Oce sting of right ear. Edward Walls 501 e. Hudson by thee Coupon. Ave., laceration of left knee Maria Pirro 1423 3rd ave. Rudy Yerty 510 6th St. Jun Charles Young 2721 6th ave. Iata puncture wound of right Helen Williamson 52d Crawford foot. Jerry Keith 1305 1st ave., ave. Mary Difrancesco 222 4th ave Carolyn Bell. 1316 huh ave. Julia Gerhart 206 Wineland St., i Martinsburg. Bessie Wilt Box 240, duncans Ille re 3. Lucille Disabato 717 Crawford Diana Hite 3206 4th ave. Brian Bridenstine Orbisonia. Marjorie Johnson. 609 2nd ave. Sara birr Chiew 2405 7th ave. Elaine Reed Tyrone re 4. Judy Yon 1502 Pitt Road. Betty Grannas 422 e. Walton Der. Mark Strasser 1707 6th ave., Juniata. Scott Wissinger Sylvan Hills Hollidaysburg. Sara Earnest 508 2nd St. David Baker 1430 2nd ave Boyd Schilling. 3920 St ave. Melva Marshall 613 Spruce St., Hollidaysburg. Mona Snyder Irvona. Victor Kimmel 1123 22nd ave discharged sunday Burns of left and Abdomen Robert Keith 1718 6th ave., Burns of forehead. Michael Gibbons 324 Beech ave., puncture wound of left land. Edward Ritchey holidays urged 2, sprain of left wrist. Shari Vinglas Fairview Hills contusion of Back. Melissa Jenkins Coraopolis laceration of left ring Finger. Jason Patt 3405 fort robber Deau ave., injury of left Shoul Vivian Norris Box 39d, re 2, sprain of left foot. Kimberly Howard 423 7th ave., contusion of Scalp. Susan Knopf Box 27s-a, Hollidaysburg re i sprain of right wrist. Russell Rieg Chest Springs injury of right knee. Stephen Byrne 2407 Bell ave., sprain of left shoulder and rib Cage. John Baker Box 14. Holidays Albert Glass East Freedom re Burg re 2, sprain of left thumb. Fred Sweigert 1109 n7. Tucka Joseph Nolan Box 814, re i. Hoe St. Bellwood fracture of Lawrence Buchanan 592s Ever right ankle. 3reen Manors. Glenn Buell Martinsburg re John Quay 304 Union St., laceration of left thumb. Galen Helsel Box 353-d, Dun Amy Musselman 4s re 1, laceration of left love i lower leg. Melissa Rutherford 215 1st James Settlemyer 1405 4th be ave., laceration of right thumb. David Warner s13 2nd St., Jun Elaine Dilling Box 392-l-b hoi i Days Birg re 1. Franklin Flory. State Eugene Ammerman body found Cresson what is believed St. 1 a a Oij 11 v u cull Ettli be the body of Regis Sanders Jennie Destefano St ave. 49, of Cresson was found today Mona Stevens. Gallitzin by Robert Schultz of Loretto re while the latter was walking axe through the Woods in the Loret to Wyberton area. State police of the Ebensburg detail Are continuing their investigation to provide positive Iden James Selwitz 101 e. 1st St., Williamsburg. Rose Wendell 1227 20th ave. La v be men. Barbara , 206 Spruce Ufi Catir. S Anders been mis. Phyllis Williams Box 24, to is is since sept Rone re 2. Sister Mary Giles Andersen i f in eth ave. Ralph Ross 401 Bedford St., Hollidaysburg. John Trewartha Box 72, to Success. Six persons Rone re 2. John Stine or. 2711 16th St. Margaret Toohey Fallentimber. James Lindsay 1213 Broadway Juniata. Sharon blow Man and infant supporting continued from Page i measures act and oppose your local one Man surveying the protestors and their placards muttered what a Bunch of

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