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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - October 5, 2000, Altoona, Pennsylvania Page A4 Altoona Mirror COMICS Thursday October 5,2000 M PO lyOU LIKE- LIVING WITH j UG, GRANDPA? WHAT WITH THE. NEU) business, John's model Trains, mike's love LIPE, ELIZABETH AND you.... There's ^ NEVER A slurrrppp g-ulpp • •• AAHHHH SLURRRPPP SUL PP flHHHH I Think This is A DULL. MOMENT- CS HEY.' EVERYONE BUT MOM, • q" LOOK AT ME? .o '"0 j jason; I told YOU NOT TO JUGGLE . EGGS IN THE HOUSE; SHE NEVER LISTENS. o A. is YOU MNT MC TO KIK. \N6PHCKI tOf7 YOOKb J05T &emftCYou MOUCK FOK HIK? ubiest up1 Kb ceo or this    and a\y fmvcr, mo WKb COMPANY, IF THEBES OIC THING CEO ftEFO^E IA£, WOULDST I WONT T0LEWE_    -I    TOCE    PATE IT IT'SNCFOTlSAA! rV A IS EITHER! nHWKTPKn^^iSRT mmwa MV buts pressure. -.yA'WWr/ YdU kteMLTib MAKE ■5U^F X SHU- MWE OWE ! ?C .fW *n/4r > Nfc ' / J I _ iV/AMDA, Po VOO FV£(2 think ABOUT OS MAU I WG LOTHER &M3Y ? 1UI IO Iii UXXATSfcOR&ELF. A FAT, COPPLED HOG&ECAT' XbORMKESIBefc PROWIEP 3i»Ja£6 A^P FORESE, etALWN6, KILLIN* AMP EATING 1WBR OWN ROOP. !>-•    ,    „    rwsr^    £.    IF    THAT'* " ii y • •. Th^v/t/ io-5 11 ZF a/O CWF AN£\NBP€>, PISARZ KEEP KNOCK!N£r...\ti0 MAY &B IN ANOTHER PAKTOF TAB CANTLE " *€ ■ ©2000 by King Futural SyriScatt. Inc World rqbn rturvtfl NOW THAT YOU KNOW SOME OF OUR HISTORY, I MUST ASK. YOU A QUESTION.' HOW CMD YOU GET BY ALL MY GUARD-ROBOTS STATIONED AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE LARGE CAVE ABOVE US? CMK) WM HORST EN TE*PW OKS BW I wmhoMtOaol com GIVE THE TAPE LEASURE A BAD PERFORrAANCE REVIEW? RBMBM8BR MEN, r PLACE We'Re GOING Does NOT ex IST. THANKS# DONT THINK ] I WILL- 'im rn ASK DICK KLEINER Ladd co-starred in ‘The McConnell Story’ In the 1940s, there was a movie about I J “The McConnell Story.” starring June » Allyson and James Stewart. Is the title correct and is it available on video? — [.J., Schoolcraft, Mich. A. It is available, and you have the title correct. ut you won’t see Stewart in it. June Allyson’s co-ar in that 1953 film was Alan Ladd. Q. In the 1970s, I saw a movie about a reporter ho wanted to do a story on Death Row. He got mself on Death Row, but the warden thought ie only way for him to know what it was like ould be for him to believe he was going to die. \    I The process took him to the point where they flipped the switch. When they took off the mask, he had died of fright. I think it was “The Iron Mask.’’ Is it on video? — S.J.S., Saginaw, Mich. A. The only movie with that title we know of was the 1930 classic with Douglas Fairbanks, taken from the Dumas novel. Comment: All these Canadian celebrities, such as Martin Short and Michael J. Fox — what right have they to take so much American money and I understand there is a tax they don’t have to pay. They should pay more and spend more of it in America. Shame on them. — E.G., Origin Unknown ^ cf A */DD£N, LVfF/tel/v^ A    CAp 2000 by NEA Inc www comics.com lEfcsT^ Yowler. HOCUSPOCUS Find at least six differences in details between panels. fe    v-—v    X © Jim Ungar/dM by Urwao Media. 2000 ‘I brought you here, Agnes, to ask you to marry me.’’ POAOUIAI si 3ao|q -9 juajsj^ip si JB||03 - j aoSuoj si 3|pu*H > jayoqs SI 3A93|S £ pOAOUiaj SI qSIIQ I P3AOUI3J SI |99t{M J :S30U3J3y IQ ELMO/ YOU //ERE '-cr*} SUPPOSED TO REPORT HY?, ON A STATIONARY \ i Wv* OBJECT h " ii I AM/ THIS IS AAV NEIGHBOR/ AAR. BUMSTEAD ^ THIS IS My NEIGHBOR/ MR. BUMSTEAD ^EMERGENCY f? THIS HAS I TO GO OUT TODAY CATHY" OUR OFFICE i HOWE Of ONE TOO /HANY FALSE ALARMS. REALLY REALLY NEED IT OR JUST WANT US TO THINK. THEY REALLY REALLY NEED IT, WHEN IN FACT, THEY WON'T EVI EN LOOR AT (I FOR A MONTH ??? SORT Of REED IT OR REILLY NEED IT ? REALLY NEED IT. Jat&olL ;

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