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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition the circulation of the Altoona Mirror yesterday Wmk 36,390 Altoona so Rector. Vol. 87�?no. 19s phone 944-7171 Altoona pa., sat Koay evening May 27, 197 a a the weather tonight Clear and Cool. Low in the 10a. Sunday sunny and warm. High in the 80a. No of ref fir port. Hour aft forty for pages Price ten cents stale expects surplus 22.4 million seen by end of i Iseal year Harrisburg up a Secretary Robert Kane said Friday that last minute state income tax returns indicate there will be a 122.4 million surplus at the end of the current fiscal year. Kane said the state has received 4.4 million income tax returns�?98 per cent of those expected with almost i million of them filed on the last Day. The Revenue Secretary estimated last week that the general fund surplus would total 132.4 million. The difference Between the two estimates he said was a result of an analysis of the deadline returns. 21% processed Kane said 20 per cent of the almost i million returns have been processed but that the sur plus figure could he revised if the remaining to per cent Are not consistent. Kane said an underestimate of Revenue from the income tax was the prime reason for the surplus. He estimated the tax would bring in 17.6 million More than anticipated. Kane said the fact the surplus is so Small definitely rules out the possibility of a personal income or corporate net income tax Cut. Senate republicans last March pushed through a measure reducing both the personal and corporate taxes on grounds the surplus would total $250 million. In anticipation in anticipation of the smaller surplus. Gov. Milton j. Shapp provided for More than $17 million in new programs in his 1972-73 budget which eats up All but $5.4 million of the surplus. Kane said if the governor had not provided for the new programs the personal income tax could have been Cut from 2.3 per cent to 2.25 per cent or the corporate net income tax could have been Cut from la to 10.5 per cent. Kane said his department overestimated Revenue from the corporate net income tax by $5 14 million but that this was not reason enough to delay the scheduled reduction in the tax july i from 12 per cent toll per cent. He said phases i and ii of president Nixon s economic policy Cost the state $6.9 million in corporate net income tax revenues. . And Russia agree to freeze on nuclear arms Nixon secs Purl Asko to i tor. Ii wins Simi Quot the ran so i r sprig my i Pic a. V love for those who have gone ahead in the warm Ann at Tho presbyterian cemetery Hollidaysburg miss Mary Koofer Whoso farm Home is Only a Short distance away. Positions a Plant before the Headstone of her brother John a. Who died in 1956. Near her preparing for memorial Day is mrs. Thelma Rabold of Altoona placing Flowers at the Graves of her grandparents mrs. Bertha mover stands at the grave of miss hoofers Nephew Jonathan w. Shubert who died this Spring at the age of 92. my z it a in % my Mem. Memorial Day pictures of a civil War vets a full Page of pictures of Blair county civil War veterans will he published in tuesdays editions of the Altoona Mirror. This feature appeared for the first time in the Mirror to Mark memorial Day 1957. It is being published again following requests and will appear on the nation s traditional memorial Day Date May 30, As directed in the general order issued by Gen. John a. Logan in 1868. in these Days of change perhaps we should not wonder about the changing of the Date for memorial Day. We Hope it does not detract from the significance of the Day. Our memory of memorial Days of the past is a pleasant one. We can close our eyes and see the a boys in blues a As they marched in memorial Day parades. We can see the Flower and Flag bedecked Graves in the cemetery and remember the Volley fired by the special squad. We remember All too Well the plaintive Call of the Bugle As Quot taps was sounded at the conclusion of the ceremony. We can even remember some of the phrases of the speakers As they paid homage to the departed comrades who gave their lives to preserve the Union. We can remember the scorn that crept into the voices of the speakers As they referred to the a copperheads Quot who raised their voices in protest against the War but stayed safely in the North while their neighbors fought. For five years we lived in a Small town near the Mason and Dixon line and As boys do we listened to the tales of the veterans of the civil War. They loved to Tell of the Day the local company was mustered out and returned Home in a body. The a a copperheads Quot left town the very next Day they declared and knew better than Ever to come Back. One particular a a Copperhead a who berated president Lincoln while Tho army boys were far from Home left town the night the company returned. He was escorted to the River at the Edge of town and kept stepping rather Lively by a squad of the Union boys with bayonets fixed to Jab his posterior if he slowed his Pace. Most of All. Memories of loved ones become brighter on this special Day americans set aside to Honor their heroes and their loved ones. The bitterness that followed the War Between the states has almost completely died away. We Hope that someday it will disappear entirely. We also Hope that the Day will never come when we forget to Honor those who have served their nation Well both in War and in peace. As a boy we delivered a paper to or. I. P. Patch and we can remember very Well his love for the Blue uniform his memorial Day speeches and his constant Devotion to the g.a.r. We also remember Many of the other civil War veterans we were privileged to know. May their memory never fade. Norman r. Snyder Veteran of the Spanish american War would always Call about this time of year to ask us to have something special in the Way of an editorial for memorial Day and Harold Pegg also could be counted on to remind us of that special Day in May. Quite a few Altoon ans were with Pershing Iii the episode on the mexican Border involving Villa. Then came the big one world War i and As a High school freshman and part time worker in the Mirror newsroom it sometimes fell upon us to Bear sad tidings that came Over the United press wire to the families of those who died in that War. World War ii the korean War and now the conflict in Vietnam All have brought sadness to the Altoona area. They Are grim reminders that the Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. All of us Pray for a generation Yea a Century of peace but we must also remind ourselves that a nation not prepared to meet the enemy on equal terms must a needless sacrifice in lives and suffering. Let this memorial Day be a Day of memories a new Day of dedication to the cause for which so Many died. In Sti wart Iii no i y Leningrad up president Nixon buoyed by the historic nuclear arms freeze agreement climaxing his five Days at the Moscow Summit flew to a this showplace soviet City today for sightseeing and relaxation. The president and his wife arrived from Moscow to a warm Welcome from the people of Leningrad a place steeped both in czarist history and More recent memories of one of the nation s finest hours in holding off German forces during world War in from the Airport the Nixon were taken by motorcade to the shrine of the dead of that Long Battle. Nixon in a Light coloured Raincoat joined soviet president Nikolai v. Podgorny in laying wreaths at a Monument to the dead. The president then inscribed i in the guest Book the words a a Richard Nixon to Tanya and Alt the heroes of he referred to the diary of a Young Leningrad girl written As she and her family slowly starved to death. A gov. George \ Wall gaining strength daily has left his Hospital he a and sat in a hair for the first time suite he was shot and partially paralysed 12 Days ago. Doctors attending Wallace authorized the increased activity i riday after determine g the love or was showing Quot a marked Overall meanwhile an estimated 200 i by and set ret service agent Are attempting to piece together the complicated travels of Arthur in Bremer during the six weeks prior to the shooting of Walla e following a Campaign spec h at a Laurel my. Shopping it enter. Investigators have determined that Bremer charged r ii with the Wall is e As attempt was in the v president Nixon do state vim to it Amido up la ii also has been i of a other Campaign at peasant Walla e and sen. Huber Humph Rev in Wisconsin y Gap and Man land. By pleaded innocent to state atom to of Bis i 13 to is by t Hsichi a enter and Federal charges at his arraignment thursday in Baltimore agents round i p witnesses Federal agents have rounded up several witnesses who claim to have seen Bremer during his alleged journeying the highlights of the investigation have revealed1 a Bremer attended a hum continued on Page 3, column North kids seize Section of Kontrim a never repeated Quot Nixon with the first lady standing just to one Side. Turned to others in the part and said a we Hope it is never repeated in All the a misty rain fell during the solemn ceremony. The Nixon were driven from the cemetery to their guest House an Ultra modern building with spacious Well trimmed grounds to rest and freshen up before having lunch As guests of City officials. Nixon also called in staff members. As he left the Kremlin for the round trip to Leningrad. Nixon put his hand on Podgomy a shoulder and said a that was a great Dav their hosts arranged lunch for the Nixon at the czarist Marzinsky Palace with members of the City government. And a visit to the Pavlovsk summer Palace front which Czar Nicholas and his family were plucked by the bolshevik revolutionaries Iii 1917. Nixon flew the 300 Miles from Moscow following five Long Days of Summit sessions which produced six major agreements including the Long awaited one to put the brakes on the fast West arms race. Nixon and Leonid i. Brezhnev Secretary general of the soviet communist party reached final agreement on the landmark nuclear arms pact Ai a 2-hour. 25-minute meeting at continued on pane 3. Column 2 by Bert Okuley Saigon up a North vietnamese troops today fought their was through South vietnamese defenders arc entered tor Northern Section of the Central Highlands province capital of Komume. The communists who earlier in the week infiltrated a battalion size commando Force into the Southern Edge of Korntum blew up an ammunition dump and it occupied a military area of the City just before noon. I i reporter Matt Franjola said the communists made the assault under a 500-round barrage of mortals and heavy fighting continued into the afternoon. He said at least three South vietnamese regiments nearly 9,000 men were Cut off from each other when communist forces occupied territory to the West of Korntum 260 Miles North of Saigon. Intense i lighting the intense fighting flared on the 2.516th birthday of Buddha and it was the first time in four years both sides in the Vietnam Star have not observed truce because of the religious Holiday. Precise casualty figures were not available immediately but Franjola reported that losses on both sides appeared to be heavy. Ult. Helicopters equipped with electronic wire guided missiles destroyed at least four North vietnamese to tanks today in trying to turn Back the attack. Nearly 6� . Bf�2s striking in 19 Waves in the 24 hours ending at noon dropped More than 1,510 tons of bombs against suspected communist positions around Korntum. South vietnamese forces meanwhile today stopped four attacks on government positions at the far Northern front military spokesmen said. The actions took place West of Highway i and South and Southwest of my Chanh in the sector shielding the old Imperial capital of Hue 400 Miles North of Saigon. At least 153 North vietnamese soldiers were slain and four of their Lank destroyed in the Battles. I hey listed South vietnamese hisses As four dead and 12 wounded. . Command spokesmen Onlin cd on Page 3, column i >00 May sit last Holiday by United press International amen ans taking advantage of the Long memorial Day Holiday had pleasant weather today for the Start of the 78-hour weekend. The National safety Council estimated that Between 5.30 and 630 persons would die in traffic accidents from the beginning of the holiday�?6 . Local time Friday through Midnight monday. Howard Pyle president of the Council cautioned Drivers that Quot Highway deaths Are not Quot if Drunken Drivers could be kept off the roads and if All car occupants could he persuaded to Wear their safety belts a substantial majority of. Deaths could be Blair to get us parole and prison lie Forin representatives of the cover Iorns Justice commission will recommend How to improve Blair a county a a parole and probation services and prison Reform pro a ram it has been announced. The county has already agreed hat the prison needs Many a physical improvements and a Ilan has been submitted for fund no to make those repairs and improvements. However a matter of discussion is what Type of reforms should accompany the reconstruct Ion of the prison. There has been talk of a prison coordinator at the Blair county in today a Altoona sir error Page amusements .38 area news and pictures 33 classified ads 36-39-40-41-42-43 comics and panels 32 crossword Puzzle 5 editorials and features 8 highlights 14 obituaries .44 Rural and Urban living. 25-29 sports. Sunday Church services.6-7-13 television .1112 women a features 4 prison. Yesterday three members yesterday the salaries of addict the Justice commissions re tonal employees in the parole and Vional office in state College re probation department would be viewed with president judge Sam paid for the most part by the Uel h. Jubelirer and judge Robert governors Justice commission. C. Haberstroh the possible Addi the commission would 75 per Tion of personnel to the county a j cent of the salaries tor the new parole and probation department positions while the county would _. Pick up the other 25 per cent. F. L. Klepser Blair Ottimer after the first year of the pro Frederick a. Klepser is the Gram it was hoped that the state i chief parole and probation officer would absorb the total Cost. Of the county. He has a caseload one requirement for receive of 161 persons charged with a fun is is that the new parole crimes other than motor code am probation officers have col violations. Be degrees. The requirement it is recommended said j. Was objected to by judge Haber Bailey Mcnitt. An adult probation stroll who did not think the state services advisor that a parole should Tell the county who to hire officer carry a caseload of no and that it had no right to do so More than 50. Just because the state is return be answers to the problem is ing taxpayer Money Back to the hiring of one or possibly two and taxpayer. Dit ional adult probation officers. I he said the Justice commission however the two judges and should have enough Faith in county officials that they would hire competent personnel to handle parole and probation duties. Hits out at theory the judge hit out at the theory that Blair county should accept state funds even with strings just because another county might accept those funds. Judge Haberstroh said he thought that it was better to keep the Money at Home where the there it ill he no Issue of Lite county would be sure to get too j ,. Cents on the Dollar than to Send autumn Mirror monday May it t0 Washington and Harrisburg jul memorial Day. Continued on Page 3, column i representatives of the governors Justice commission talked for about two hours yesterday exploring the relationship Between the state and the county. The discussions at times were said to verge on the philosophical. 75% for Corm fission under the proposal discussed notice president Nixon and communist party chief a rezone Exchange copies of Tho treaty

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