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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives May 21 2015, Page 4

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - May 21, 2015, Altoona, Pennsylvania Edward w. Krugar Raymond m Ecka rods goner Natl rude. Manag Daniel n. Stop. Circuits Richard j. Bacza. Ager Artieri Swec opinion a4 submit letters online at Altoona May 21, 2015 perspectives what other newspapers Are saying vote on medical marijuana overdue with nouse water pollution a my Tioga county Man of the or Koa it tric h hates have filled that it limited use of Mari medical purposes Ijuana still violates fed used by Congress in Les the i apartment of id Iti Money to prose Imi dispensaries or ral states have author Usi of marijuana the its own policy precluded Luvania the Bill that passed Tate. 40-7, would permit Octor s recommendation to a to treat conditions include epilepsy Post traumatic Ler glaucoma diabetes ask and multiple sclerosis. It oils pills liquids gels Tinc made edibles and in limited Iza Tion. It would preclude it Tom Wolf supports the Hill. Baker should put the proposal to a committee vote rather than simply skiing on it. It he does t do so his House colleagues should move a separate but identical Bill through a different path to passage. State lawmakers rep John d my Glinto 429 Irvis office building fio Box 202079 Harrisburg a 17120 2079 71 7787 6419 or 946 7218 rep. Judy Ward jward4apahousegop.com 413 or vis office building . Box 202080 Harrisburg a 17120 2110 717 787 6521 or 695 2398 rep. Rich Irvin rlrvin4ppahousegop.com 5 East Wing. To Box 202081 Harrisburg a 171207081 717 787 3335 or 644 2996 rep. Frank Burnt 323 main Capitol. . Box 202072 Harrisburg a 17120-2072 717 772 8056 or 472 8021 rep. Tommy Sankey 149b East Wing to Box 202074 Harrisburg a 17120-2074 717 787 7099 or 339-6544 rep. H. Scott Conklin score Klin Nahouse net 325 or vis office building . Box 202077 Harrisburg a 17120-2077 717 787-9473 or 238 5477 sen. John h. Eichelberger or. 460 main Capitol Senate Box 203030 Harrisburg a 17120-3030 717 787 5490 or 695 8386 sen. John n. Wozniak room to East Wing Senate Box 203035 Harrisburg a 171203035 717 /87 5400 or 266-2277 sen. Jake Corman 281 main Capitol Senate Box 203034 Harrisburg a 17120-3034 717-787 1377 or 355-0477 my it. Custom you have. Seen Pak a Loe of Mowe Tor speeches. Twig in Makino of amp Polk question your ethics what to yom sat about this you want me to to talk i wow much my. I get we waft Shuster Toomey should oppose a fast track i am writing to urge your congressman Bill Shuster and sen. Pat Toomey today and ask them to of Pittse the fast track Trade legislation which will soon lie up for consideration. A fast track Quot is a License to continue the same failed Trade and economic policies that have left working people behind for the past 20 years. Bad Trade deals including the North american free Trade agreement Naftal adopted under fast track have Cost american workers More than one million jobs and contributed to the closing of More than 80,000factories. Unfair Trade with nations including China have led to lost jobs stagnant wages and a shrinking Middle class both in the United states and Here in Pennsylvania. The fast tracked Naftal Deal is the reason for the recently announced Job cuts at general a Able. Letters to the editor we cannot enter into another misguided Trade Deal that lacks transparency accountability. Doing the same thing Over and Over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Unfair Trade deals negatively Impact every working family whether their employment is in manufacturing building and construction or in the Public sector. Fewer Good jobs in one Sec Tor of our local Economy contribute to fewer jobs and lower living standards in every Seg men of our Community. That is Why All of us need to Tell Shuster and Toomey to reconsider their support for the fast track Trade Deal. They should not give up their constitutional authority to review this Trade agreement and make any changes needed to protect Good jobs and decent living standards Here in Pennsylvania. We support fair Trade not unfair Trade deals that ship our jobs out of the country. Dan Long Bellefonte beware of medical pot when i read that the Senate passed the medical marijuana Bill on tuesday May 12i thought the marijuana smokers will win again. The ruse that is medical marijuana will Only Lead to legalizing this very dangerous drug. Of you think that making medical marijuana available to patients will be the end you a better Wake up. We already have a Legal drug alcohol that when abused causes Many problems. To add marijuana another dangerous drug will Only compound the problems. Homicides Domestic abuse duis underage use Etc. Will All increase. Is that what you want if not. Then please Contact your state representative and Tell him or her to vote no to medical marijuana. Gov. Tom Wolf said he will sign the Bill if passed in the House. St. Medical marijuana now then tragedy later. David l. Mcconnell Duncansville Jeb Bush a unfortunate honesty Washington you know we re off to the races when the first slip of the Tongue by the pre sinned Republican presidential front runner consumes the news for Days and launches the Pri Mary race in Earnest. Even if the presumed front runner Hasni to officially announced his candidacy yet. Jeb Bush s first second third and fourth answers to the inevitable question about the Iraq War constituted the starting Bell. Democrats were Gleeful establishment republicans concerned. Comedians rejoiced other gop hopefuls quickly flaunted their own Superior Hindsight. The question originally Post d by Fox news megyn Kelly was a a knowing what we know now would you have authorized the invasion a a Bush gave exactly the wrong answer a i would be a he said Quot and so would be Hillary Clinton just to remind every body. And so would be almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they his mention of Clinton who voted for the Iraq War based on the largely accepted intelligence at the time makes it Clear that he misunderstood the question. But hts Wordy muddled response to Kelly a follow up did no to help matters. Quot you done to think it was a mistake a a she asked. Quot in retrospect the intelligence that everyone saw. Was faulty. And in retrospect once we invaded and took out Saddam Hussein we did no to focus on Security first. And the iraqis in this incredibly insecure environment turned on the in ital states military Kathleen Parker Post Grout because there was no Security for themselves and their he this murky response was far from characteristic for this Bush who is usually As fluent in policy As he is in Spanish. It did however highlight the challenges he faces As a Bush who tends to Over think regrettably this time aloud and May be too Nice to be president. We can easily imagine what was Likely going through his mind in a not going to say my brother was wrong. How do i say it was a mistake when so Many people died was it a mistake i have no . Maybe Well know in 1.50 years. Of lord what was the question there Isnit space Here to re Liti Gate the Iraq War but polls show that a majority of americans now think it was a mistake. It must be brutal therefore to be the brother of the Man who led the charge and As a presidential hopeful to be asked to either defend or condemn his actions. It is fair to ask what purpose such a question really serves. As Hillary Clinton might have responded Quot what difference at this Point does it make a in a not sure there was a Correct answer Bush could have Given. Even had he understood and answered simply a of course not Quot the follow up would have been Quot so you think Iraq was a mistake a and then a so you re saying your brother was wrong a lets not be Coy. Some reporters Are dying to provoke the headline a Jeb throws w. Under the in that first Exchange with Kelly and later others Bush revealed More than his discomfort with that particular question. It is Clear that he has some painful adjustments to make if he is to launch a presidential run. He is defensive about his brother and uncomfortable separating policy from the personal. We know this both from his resort to sarcasm and his default to blame the a they Quot aka the Media. Quot so just for the newsflash to the world if they re trying to find places where there a big space Between me and my brother this might not be one of there a nothing wrong with family loyalty but Bush could take a Page from Clinton. She is calculate ugly distancing herself from some of her husband s policies frying to differentiate her candidacy from his presidency. My unsolicited advice to Bush is to give his brother and father a big hug and walk away. If he is indeed to be his own Man then he must separate himself from his family. Lse the phrase a my brother a presidency and a me and my of the 41st and 43rd presidents must be mentioned their names Are president George . Bush and president George w. Bush. Winning a presidential nomination and election requires a toughness of intellect and also a hardening of the heart. This is really the test to which Jeb was subjected this past week and he flubbed. He also demonstrated that compared with the presumptive democratic nominee he is thus far out of his league. Doonesbury write a letter so map Uke to Rrex into be comme up mov iou i iou Kaub of Duru Ouk Haik Ino a Kobka is Tel Kestli Hock jus Lono nouns iou i i dhum arms do i i m urn in pm n Ashot Fok Amu months. Mem. Aftem. Amu in in months. Uke w women Makris a War off. I i Moisant i we to wow j orow Ujj no no As mean for a Tarson i not Orie As mature As / in Uke Voe. For verification purposes letters submitted for possible publication must include the writer s Legal name full Home mailing address and Home and Day phone numbers. Only the author s name and town will be published. Form letters poetry Anonymous letters and letters on private disputes will not be published. Please avoid quotations from religious texts or sermonizing. Letters of 300 words or less get top consideration. The Mirror reserves the right to edit or reject any Tetter. Online email opinion mail Altoona Mirror letters . Box 2008 Altoona a 16603 fax 814-946-7540 in Panon 9 pm. To 4 . Monday through Friday examining the fantasy of rail travel the Amtrak crash outside of Philadelphia was an invitation for practically every politician in the Northeast and every transit expert in America to complain about Lack of funding for the county a Infra Structure. They did no to even wait to know what was the cause of the tragedy to take to the airwaves and weren to deterred when it emerged that the Engineer had been going twice the Speed limit around a tight curve when Amtrak train 188 derailed they eared Only for reciting the usual Litany of National laments for our review a crumbling Quot infrastructure and our Lack of High Speed rail which is supposedly a stinging indictment of our shortsightedness and barbarity compared with our betters in Europe and Japan. What these advocates rarely do is take account of Amtrak As it actually exists. It is a test Case of a highly subsidized and politicized rail system. Hideously inefficient and wasteful Amtrak is rail brought to you by the Federal government with the results about what you would expect. Amtrak is the div in an Liber world. The system was slated for profitability in the 1970s, after a Brief period of Public subsidy. Not surprisingly the profitability has never come and the subsidy has never ended. All told the taxpayers pour about $1 billion into it a year. Amtrak s unionized employees made on average More than $90,000 a year in wages and benefits As of a couple of years ago. Outside of the Northeast and a few other places it serves uneconomical routes that account for the bulk of its losses although Congress insists on those routes for political reasons. Amtrak can to even sell food and drink to a captive audience for a profit. It loses $80 million a year on its food service perhaps As much As $7 million cof that lost to simple theft. If Amtrak is the future of american transit american transit has no Alture. Yet visions of High Speed rail dance in the Heads of Liberal rail enthusiasts who believe that what we need is Amtrak Only More so. President Obama is a devotee urging on the country to match the High Speed rails of Europe and Asia and backing his vision with billions in Federal dollars. The problem with High Speed rail in this country is that few places outside the Northeast have the population density to support it so the economics done to work. Ridership wont come close to recouping the massive capital expenditures involved which is a formula for endless Amtrak like subsidies. High Speed rail is one thing in a densely populated Japan it is another thing altogether in the sprawling Continental United states. Although its not As glamorous we already have an extensive transit system that can take people pretty much anyplace they want to go i.e., roads. If people done to want to drive themselves Between cities they have the option of buses which Are cheaper than trains even if they done to have the same Romance. And of course air planes Are faster than trains. As of 2012, highways accounted for 87 percent of passenger travel and airlines 12 percent but Amtrak Only .14 percent. It is a rounding error on american transportation. Its not As though the country can to do rail. Its just that we Are Good at moving goods rather than people. Our freight rail system is world class. Deregulated by the 1980 staggers rail act the freight sector has benefited from abundant private investment. Cheap and efficient freight rail is doing booming business. No one brags about freight rail though because it lacks the Appeal of grandiose Public infrastructure projects and does no to entail envy of France. Amtrak May be Many things but it is emphatically not an argument of More government investment in passenger rail

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