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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Altoona, Pennsylvania Altoona error vol. In in no. 281 of our tilth year phone 946-7411 a Altoona pa., saturday May to 1986 final edition 30 a copy City was told of funding problem by Jeff Mulhollem staff writer City expectations on receiving a Federal Grant in 1986 to fund its sewer system renovation project were unfounded according to a letter sent to City Hall last summer by a Der official. The correspondence from Pennsylvania department of environmental resources Deputy Secretary Harry Bittie to former City councilman Paul t. Daley made it Clear that Altoona s sewer project would not be eligible for funding this year. In the letter. Bittie informed City officials that Altoona s sewer project had been awarded two extra priority Points by Der the state uses the priority Points to Dole out Federal Grants for sewer work from the clean water act. But even with the two extra Points a which reportedly leapfrogged Altoona a project Over several others in the line for Federal funds a Bittie cautioned that the City should not expect Money in 1986. Quot due to funding uncertainties it cannot be determined at this time under which Federal fiscal year your entire project can be Bittie wrote. Quot this decision is dependent upon which funding proposal is accepted by Congress in their reauthorization of the clean water act now under consideration. A in addition based on your project schedule. And your current Progress towards completing your uses sewer system evaluation Survey facilities planning and design work we do not anticipate your entire project being ready for funding during fiscal year 1986, regardless of the level of Federal funding that will be Pennsylvania As it turned out. Received just $23 million instead of the More than $600 million the state had requested for funding sewer projects like Altoona s around the Commonwealth. The City is waiting for a Grant of approximately $25 million representing 55 percent of project costs. The $23 million was divided among four smaller projects. City councilman Karl r King who replaced Daley last december As director of the department of streets and Public improvements. Was dismayed when he discovered Bittie letter this week. Quot certainly i came into office believing that we could be funded in 1986.�?� he said. Quot the statements made by or. Daley and others when the extra priority Points were awarded last summer led me to believe we were in line for getting Money this year. Quot in done to want to speculate on Why that letter was interpreted the Way it was by or Daley. But i think it was rather specific the letter made it Clear the Money would not be available in 1986 Engineer Mark Glenn president of Gwin. Dobson amp Foreman inc., the Altoona firm which landed the $3 million design contract for the sewer system renovation project was not aware of Bittles letter to Daley Daley who now lives in Connecticut was not available for comment late Friday see City on Page a3 United press International remembrance former nazi concentration Camp prisoners and american soldiers join in Jersey City no. Friday for holocaust week ceremonies. They gathered at a statue depicting an american Soldier carrying an inmate from one of the Camps. Feds drop probe Kugel simmering reactor fire seems to have died . Expert says Moscow up a . Nuclear safety expert said Friday soviet firefighters have smothered the fire at the chernobyl atomic Power Plant but he did not Rule out the possibly that a meltdown occurred at the crippled reactor. The soviets achieved the major step toward controlling the atomic crisis by dropping Sand on the Plant and were erecting a Cement Tomb around the reactor to Stem the emission of harmful radiation said Morris Rosen head of the International atomic Energy Agency s nuclear safety division. Rosen part of a three member Iaea team permitted to visit the chernobyl Power Plant said temperatures inside the reactor stood at 572 degrees fahrenheit but added the level of radiation around the Plant was a significantly Quot the situation appears to be Rosen said speaking almost two weeks after the explosion and fire at the Plant 80 Miles North of Kiev that cast radioactive fallout across Europe and Trace amounts to the United states. In Western Europe. W est German Chancellor Helmut Kohl said he will Send a letter to soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev asking for Complete details of the Accident. In Brussels Belgium. Italian and French officials requested an additional Day to study a proposed european economic Community ban on importing products from farms within 650 Miles of the damaged Plant. The soviet government said the Banks of the Prip Yat River which flows by the chernobyl Plant had been shored up to prevent contamination from rain water draining past the reactor. Ukrainian officials ordered schools closed for the year and school children evacuated to summer Camps in the South. Quot intensive Cooling of the reactor has been under Way in order to lower the temperature of the Active zone and has helped to sharply reduce the emission of radioactive the soviet Union said. Rosen said the fire in the reactor s Graphite a form of Carbon used to moderate the plants nuclear reaction was smothered with Sand dropped from helicopters. Graphite Burns at a searing temperatures too High to be extinguished with water. Quot these fires have been extinguished but temperatures remain the american expert told a Moscow news conference. A the explosion caused fires in the building housing the Rosen said he could not Rule out whether the Plant s no. 4 reactor experienced a meltdown when the uranium oxide fuel reaches the 5.000 degree fahrenheit temperature to melt. See reactor on Page a3 Dingell Norfolk bid dead by Tom Gibb staff writer a Federal attorney in North Carolina has dropped the investigation of development specialist Owen Kugel saying financial problems a not fraud a kept him from delivering on development promises. . Attorney Samuel Currin said he was notifying Kugel Friday of the end of the probe which reportedly stretched across 21 North Carolina cities where Kugel had signed contracts to collect fees and Spur downtown development. Fri investigators were keying on whether the Lancaster based Developer Ever intended to carry through with the development he was being paid to Start. Quot my View is that he thoroughly intended to deliver on the contracts Quot Currin said in a Telephone interview Friday afternoon Quot will he deliver and will economic conditions permit him to deliver Are other questions Kugel who said in an interview to Days ago that the probe would be stopped. Declared himself a a delighted that the investigation has ended but claimed it had Cost his development company. O k. Associates Quot in excess of $3 million Quot in lost contracts and other problems. Kugel who said the spin off effects probably would not damage his Altoona project refused to say whether he planned any Legal action against Federal investigators. Quot i m meeting with my attorneys to consider the Kugel said. A. I think its absolutely bizarre the whole thing. There has never been the slightest evidence of wrongdoing and for them to Palm this off As the result of a complaint is Quot the Only thing i d say is that he a free to take whatever action he wants to. Of course a Currin said. Quot the fact that this question was resolved will probably help him in the Long As he did in Altoona Kugel had signed contracts with downtown revitalization groups and promised to spark Large developments. For instance. In Fayetteville a one of four North Carolina cities where Kugel contracts were later cancelled a Kugel agreed to Start $5 million Worth of development in return for a $60,000 fee. Currin said that the Fri received a Quot third party complaint suggesting that Kugel did t intend to deliver on his promises. That complaint came As Kugell a plans were going awry because of what development group officials in four North Carolina cities said was his inability to get financing to keep his see Kugel on Page a3 of Cli by Tom Gibb staff writer just hours after Norfolk Southern corp. Tried to give its Conrail bid new life Friday the influential chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee stepped Forward and declared it dead. . Rep. John Dingell d-mich., said Friday that he was not going to be swayed by Norfolk Southern s decision to tack an extra $700 million onto its $12 billion offer. Quot As far As i m Dingell said in a statement released Friday afternoon Quot the notion of Selling Conrail to Norfolk Southern is Quot one member of the House does t have the Power to completely kill something like this but he can make it More difficult a and he did today a a congressional source said Friday night. Quot if i were Norfolk Southern he a not somebody id want to be fighting against. Norfolk Southern s not dead. But they re very much wounded. A Dingell aide said Friday night the next step is to try to persuade transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole to go along with a Public Sale plan a either one of the two that have already been Laid on the table or a proposal that would be pieced together by mrs. Dole and others. Quot if she does no to Quot the aide said Quot Well Cross that Bridge when we come to unless mrs Doles positions softens noticeably that will indeed be a Bridge Dingell will have to Cross Quot we think its in the Best Public interest to sell Conrail to Norfolk Federal Railroad administration spokesman Julie Mann said Friday afternoon Quot and we Hope or. Dingell will see it that when Norfolk Southern announced its decision to raise its bid late Friday morning it Shook the whole Sale proceeding again raising speculation about whether the Southern rail giant had done much to prop up its sagging prospects in the House. The Senate approved the Sale in february but action has been stalled in the House and Norfolk Southern chairman Robert Claytor has indicated that he wont advise that the bid be kept alive past year end. Quot Norfolk Southern has proved on Bce again that it s willing to provide the maximum return to the mrs Dole said in a statement released by her office. Quot it won t get them one vote on the Hill Quot Ann . An aide to . Rep Bud Shuster. R-9th District said Friday morning. One thing that is taking the Shine off the increased bid is the arrangement being made to funnel the extra Money to the Federal government. Conrail a pension plan has $360 million More than it needs and that would flow to the Federal government As part of the extra $700 million. In addition the Dingell aide said. Norfolk Southern will have about $140 million in excess Conrail Cash to fund the Purchase the amount that Norfolk Southern is actually paying out of pocket to fund the increase is about $200 million Quot once the creative arithmetic is stripped away Quot Dingell charged. Mrs. Dole also suggested that the interstate Commerce commission review the Sale an idea that raised Dinge la sire. Quot the inc is moribund not even meeting its current statutory obligations Quot he said. Quot How could we expect a commission the administration wants to abolish to accomplish in six months what the Justice department has failed to accomplish in Well Over a year a khad Afy . Invaders will a Burn and a London up a libyan Leader col. Moa mar khad Afy said his country intends to build a Quot line of fire Quot across its coast with i million armed men and women and vowed if americans tried to invade Quot they will Burn they will a libyan opposition Leader said there were no casualties in khad Afy s family contrary to khad Afy s claims. Libyan television reports thursday night monitored by the British broadcasting corp. Said khad Afy also threatened War against any Arab nation that permitted the Mediterranean based . 6th Fleet to visit. In Cairo a libyan opposition Leader said the april 15 . Air attacks on Tripoli and Benghazi destroyed four military Barracks and 50 warplanes and killed 330 people mostly military personnel. The libyan government said 45 people died in the . Raid but Western diplomats believe As Many As too people May have been killed. Two . Airmen died. Abdel Hamid Al Banoush Leader of the front for the salvation of Libya said none of khad Afy s family was injured in the attack contradicting reports that an adopted daughter was killed and two sons were wounded. I Banoush. In an interview published by the newspaper Al Abram predicted an escalation of libyan terrorism and a More violent american reaction that would Force the libyan army to overthrow khad Afy s regime. Khad Afy who has been quiet since the . Attack said he would create a e Quot line of fire and confrontation line from coastal Turuk in the East to a Warah in the West. The cities will become Quot the slaughterhouses for the sheep of Quot if the americans land on the libyan coast they will Burn they will he said. Khad Afy said he was asking each of the i million libyans to buy a soviet made ak-47 Kalashnikov automatic Rifle to be purchased abroad or manufactured at Home for use on the Quot line of Al Banoush. A former libyan prime minister who lives in Egypt advised the americans to hit libyan oilfields to deprive khad Afy of his Quot Only he said khad Afy spends $300 million annually from Libya s Oil income to fund terrorist groups worldwide and another $300 million on terrorist training Camps inside Libya. Quot we have certain information that khad Afy lost 50 warplanes including migs and mirages As see khad Afy on Page a3 in the Mirror accidents. .b8 crime b8 obituaries. .b3 Astrograph. B4 crossword. B4 opinion. A4 births. B2 hospitals. B2 outdoors. .c6 business. .dl-3 kids. C7 sports. Cl-5 classified. D3-7 local. By weather. .a8 comics. B5 movies. A6-7 circulation. 36 ,w0 Moa mar Khadaffi

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