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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 4

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Altoona, Pennsylvania Opinion is it Faith or is it science science and religion Are Locking horns again. Louisiana passed a Law in 1981 requiring All schools to give balanced treatment of creation science and evolution science. In a Tricky legislative sidestep the state Law allows schools to teach neither if they so choose but if they teach one they must teach the other. Enter the 5th . Circuit court of appeals which found the Law unconstitutional. Louisiana responded by taking the Case to the supreme court and it will a a heart the Case during its next session. Ironically the court agreed to hear the Case on the 61st anniversary of the arrest of John Scopes a biology teacher who ran into trouble for teaching Darwin. When the supreme court ruling is handed Down it will almost certainly uphold the circuit courts decision and overturn the Louisiana Law. Here a Why the question is not whether creation science is valid study material or whether creation science is More Faith than science. Neither is it relevant that the Louisiana Law overlooks other religions and their theories of Many a origins. Neither is it a question of atheism pantheism anti theism or any other it is a matter of Law a constitutional Law and constitutional Law says government a shall make no Law respecting an establishment of parts of the Constitution have been called vague and open to interpretation but this phrase is Crisp and Clear government is prohibited from dabbling in religion a period. We use the Constitution As our Beacon and it Points to a separation of Church and state. If the Constitution is adhered to the Louisiana Law does no to have a prayer. Altoona Mirror Page a4 Altoona Mirror Friday May a ism a a that a Why Comrade we Are opposed to underground testing. Ifs the Only Safe place left to wasteland has shrunk a Little television s clearly better but children Are neglected Pum mid daily fic rpt sunday and car lain Holiday. Imm Gram Ava. Imi 411 Hamu i ave. Mail add p o. Hoi i. Altoona. Paumi Telephone 14a-74ii i4m-umn2 subscription rates single copy �?.-.�?. Quot a Carrier Home delivery monthly. motor route delivery monthly. W m Albert t. Helu Lnger la. Publicar and can. Mgr. David m. I a Zellna. Managing editor William c. Beagle advertising manager Rich a. Stop a Cun Allied adv. Manager Robert j. Be Finger. Coop adv. Manager Daniel n. Step. director Larry w. Bloomer a. City editor Joanne Ber Geo. Circus Tina manager the Altoona mire Aelo a member of the audit Bureau of Cir cd Tai ten the american newspaper punished As Vee la i Ion and Jetmo Ylvia Neto Poper pub Tehero a toe to i an Neui paper advertising Bureau. New York a Quarter of a Century ago the newly appointed chairman of the Federal communications commission stood in front of americans broadcasters and told them what they did not want to hear. American television. Newton Minow said was a a vast wasteland. A procession of game shows violence audience participation shows formula comedies about totally unbelievable families blood and Thunder mayhem violence sadism murder. Private eyes gangsters More violence and cartoons. And endlessly commercials a Many screaming cajoling and offending. And most of All. it was hardly the first time a critic had assailed american to. But Newton Minow was not just another critic he was the Man in charge of the Agency that awarded a and could cancel a broadcast licenses. And his remarks were meant As a warning to broadcasters who considered their licenses a Public Grant to print Money. Quot i did not come to voters league picks Man cured of a sexism poison9 Jeff Greenfield he said. A a to idly observe the squandering of the Public a airwaves. You earn your bread by using Public How do these words resonate today by some measures television is clearly better than it was 25 years ago. A time historians will someday judge As one of televisions All time Low Points. The game shows have moved out of prime time the a totally unbelievable families Donna Reed. Ozzie and Harriet the real Mccoy have been replaced by More believable a and certainly funnier a families a the Cosby for example. Further it is actually permissible to Deal in prime time today with subjects ranging from divorce to child abuse to the criminal Justice system to politics. Moreover no matter How much you May dislike the processes and substance of television news a a Field. I should mention in which i earn a goodly portion of my daily bread a there is certainly More of it than there was in 1961, and some of it is genuinely first rate. For those who prefer looking at a half empty Glass there is All too much evidence that some things have gotten worse. For example commercial broadcasters have All but abandoned americans children. Were it not for Public television and for Cable services such As Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel our children would be offered almost nothing but video junk food on saturday mornings. Network television has All but abolished the a Long form documentary those one hour or two hour looks at issues that contain a Good measure of depth complexity and emotional Power. The Days of a see it a a lbs a in Bce a White paper Quot and a project 20�?� As regular parts of prime time programming Are gone a largely because each hour of prime time is considered too profitable to be a a squandered on documentaries. It takes the occasional Gem a Bill Moyers two hour portrait of the Black family abcs three hour special on american education a to realize How Good television news can be at its Best and How rarely we see its magic put to its Best use. Most remarkable however is How the Public climate has changed. Twenty five years ago. An acc chairman actually thought he had the right to remind americans broadcasters that they had some kind of responsibility to the Public a that Ever larger profits were not the Only measure of their performance. Today there is a very different climate one exemplified by Mark Fowler. President Reagan a fac chairman. In his first important address to the nations broadcasters. Fowler told them. Quot i am not your Shepherd you Are not my the Only appropriate test for broadcasters. Fowler and the current acc majority have argued again and again is the marketplace. What viewers Are interested in is pretty much what the a Public interest now Means. In an age when viewers have More Choice than Ever before a with 44 percent of american Homes wired for Cable and with Vars soon to be in More than half of american Homes a this hands off philosophy May make some sense. The More a to set resembles a newsstand the More a libertarian philosophy is workable. But we should remember that our broadcasters Are still granted an extraordinarily powerful and profitable outlet with broadcast licenses. These licenses a Worth hundreds of millions of dollars for a single big City station a Are granted by the Public in return for some Standard of service. Do we really mean to Tell the broadcasters that they need no other standards save the Bottom line and increased quarterly profits the importance of those questions is one big reason Why Newton Minow a 25-year-old speech still rings True today. Universal press Syndicate Washington Nea one could Only wonder what the venerable league of women voters had in mind when it recently picked a Man to be its executive director. Since the leagues founding in 1920. The top staff Job has always been held by a woman a not surprising. Since the get out the vote organization traditionally boasted an All women membership. Actually. Today a 110.000 members include 5,000 men in any Case it was newsworthy and noteworthy when Grant p. Thompson. 45. Was selected from 119 applicants. Did his selection mean women had concluded that men make More competent executives or did they think that naming the a first Man a would be a Clever Way to attract attention and publicity now that i have met the bearded and gregarious Thompson in his office overlooking m Street and the red Brick St. Matthews Church. I think neither of the above is the Case. Doubtless the Board was As impressed As i am with his feminism his capabilities and his enthusiasm for the Job. I venture to say he was an obvious Choice. It is particularly interesting to hear him Tell about the women who influenced him and. As he says. A helped save me from the Poison of he grew up in a House bristling with political activism because his Mother now deceased was a California Board member of the league. Her Busy and deep involvement led him to describe himself on occasion As a Quot league a i was raised to believe that if the league said it it was right a he says. As a family he continued a we were always hands and arms deep into issues. For example i Wasny to allowed to swim at the segregated Rusty Brown about women he tells about the women who a helped save me from the Poison of neighbourhood Pool because my Mother said if every citizen can to swim there you wont swim Thompsons father and Grandfather both gave women in the family a prominent position. When the depression hit. His Grandfather opted to Send his Daugthers to College and not his sons believing that women needed degrees More than men. As a result one aunt became the first woman full professor at a medical school and another the head of psychiatric services for the state of Massachusetts. Thompsons wife Sharon whom he met at Oxford where both studied has written math textbooks and is an Engineer. Their daughter. Carrie 12, is named for Carrie Chapman Catt a Leader in the struggle Quot for women a suffrage. Son Benjamin 15. Is named for or. Benjamin spook the famous paediatrician and peace activist. Spook was teaching in Cleveland when Thompson practice Law there at one of the town s most prestigious firms and when he organized claw a Cleveland lawyers against the War. With his Yale University Law degree he had expected to spend his career in the corporate world but in the 70s he was drawn to environmental issues and Energy research. He joined the environmental Law Institute in Washington and then went with the conservation foundation where he established an Energy program and wrote books and articles on conservation issues. At the league. Thompson supervises a staff of 62 women and nine men. He is proud of the role the league plays in the presidential debates scorching rumours that networks or political parties might take Over the 88 Media attractions. A we will run them a he says a because we know How to do it and people Trust Thompson does no to think there a such a thing As a a women a a not he says. A what i see is an intelligent informed vote As opposed to a stupid knee Jerk vote. The league tries to increase the number of voters who think about issues rather than just responding to warm fuzzy 30-second Thompson says he a spent his life surrounded by smart women and feels at Home with the league of women voters. Yet he realizes it is somewhat controversial for a Premier women s organization to select a Middle aged male As its executive Secretary. A but Quot he likes to jest a i Type 105 words per minute Uke shorthand and i make great newspaper Enterprise seek help editor this is an entreaty to the Good people of Blair county for which the inmates of the Blair county prison earnestly and humbly submit. Although we Are incarcerated for violating or allegedly violating the Laws of the Community however we Are still human beings with interests in maintaining our health and physical condition which is very important As it also gives the incarcerated individual something to Stive for bettering their appearance As Well As self esteem. It is our Appeal to the Public for someone or any organization to be generous enough to donate to the Blair county prison Standard olympic weight plates 100s, 50s, 45s, 35s, 25s, 10s. 5s. 2,/2s with the 2-Inch Peter holes and or a Matching Standard olympic 7-foot bar with collars. For the approval and clearance please Contact the prison s staff. We would sincerely appreciate any help which can be afforded to us and we remain Gratful to you. Gordon Scott Hampton inmate Blair county prison the Mirror encourages letters from its readers in order to present diverse opinions on the issues affecting the area. Letters intended for publication should be original efforts. They must be signed and include the writers name address and Telephone number. Please double space and print or Type. Letters should be non libellous topical and no More than 250 words. They should concern issues not personalities. The Mirror reserves the right to limit the number of letters from any writer and reject condense or edit All need for belts editor there is a saying that first impressions Are lasting impressions. If this is True some motorists in our area Are in for a big Surprise. Let me explain on thursday april 24, an article appeared in the Mirror headed. A driving safety groups join to fight booze boost seat the very first sentence in that article stated a take the Only defense against Drunken driving a buckle up Quot this is an asinine and moronic statement and it is inconceivable that a knowledgeable person would utter it. Am i to believe that if i am driving Down the Road at 50-55 Miles per hour with my seat Belt fastened and some drunk crosses to my Side and hits me head on never fear my seat Belt will protect me wet Are Given statistics which proclaim the loss of life because seat belts were not used but nowhere do we read that someone was killed wearing seat belts or might have lived had they not been wearing them. Let us forget seat belts for the moment and look at the real problem on the Road a Drunken Drivers. It is estimated that about half of the Highway deaths Are caused by Drunken Drivers. We now have legislation mandating 48 hours in prison plus a heavy Fine and suspension for the first offence. As for the 48 hours our magistrates and judges have practically nullified it by allowing the drunk to spend his time in prison on weekends. As for teenagers drinking and driving Why should they be put in a special class they too Are potential killers. As for seat belts. I have driven for a Long time neither using them or needing to use them and i done to want anyone forcing me to Wear them against my will. George t. Knouse Altoona

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