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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 3

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Altoona, Pennsylvania Conrail. From Page a1 with an increased bid. But today a turnabout came according to fort because Norfolk Southern officials recognized that a circumstance have changed greatly in the two years since they submitted their original bid. Meanwhile Conrail acquisition corp., the company formed by investment Bankers Allen amp co. And first Boston corp. To Engineer a Public Stock Sale confirmed thursday that it would slip another $100 million into its Conrail package raising its offer to $1.9 billion for the Federal governments 85-percent share of Conrail. A a it a obviously a fast moving a spokesman for Morgan Stanley amp co., the new York investment banker that is the third suitor in the three Way bidding War for Conrail. Morgan Stanley is the Only one of the three not to indicate it will raise its Ante the firm says its Public Stock Sale would net $1.4 billion for the Federal government. The extra Money in the Conrail acquisition proposal would come from Conrail a own ample Cash reserves. Before raising its bid. Conrail acquisition had indicated it would pull $250 million from the Conrail till. Daniel Heffernan of Allen amp co. Chalked up the increased offer to satisfaction with a Conrail s Fine financial but Conrail acquisitions $504 million package for Conrail labor a a Deal that would include two labor seats on a reconstituted 13-member Board of directors a will remain unchanged. The extra $100 million did Little to Sway the department of transportation which has portrayed both the Conrail acquisition and Morgan Stanley proposals As unacceptable. A fallen amp co s change does no to change that Norfolk Southern still can do what nobody else can do a guarantee Long term viable Railroad service Quot Wendy Democker spokesman for Dot s Federal Railroad administration said. A Norfolk Southern has the Superior until this morning Norfolk Southern was silent this morning on its own decision on whether to go along with mrs. Dole and increase its bid. Conrail chairman Robert Claytor has insisted in recent months that the company a $1.2 billion offer was final and James Granum company vice president of Public affairs said in a recent interview in Altoona that Conrail a performance was making even that offer look less and less desirable. Higher bid wont lower risk says Conrail chief Norfolk Southern May raise its Conrail bid but it won t be lowering the risk ifs putting on local Railroad jobs. Conrail president Stuart m. Reed said thursday. Reed in Altoona to Tell labor How Conrail management sees the railroads financial picture also said he numbers himself among the sceptics who think House Energy and Commerce committee chairman John dinged killed the Norfolk Southern bid last week when he demanded that transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole opt for a Public Sale instead. Mrs. Dole suggested thursday that Norfolk Southern raise its Conrail bid from the current $1.2 billion to $1.9 billion but a other than saying he will consider the request a Norfolk Southern chairman Robert Claytor offered no commitments. A if he does it still does no to solve the concerns of employees concerns that i believe Are evident Here in Reed said before boarding a Conrail observation train Back to Philadelphia thursday afternoon. A it seems to me that it does t do anything for Altoona or for the Conrail officials have steadily maintained that local jobs will be placed in jeopardy if Norfolk Southern seals the Deal to buy the Railroad. When the combined Norfolk Southern Conrail runs into a financial crunch Norfolk Southern will have to decide whether to consolidate the diminished workload in one of its Southern shops according to Conrail officials. Norfolk Southern does no to touch tourism that problem by simply increasing its bid. Reed said. A so the concerns Are still there a Reed insisted. While they have steadfastly refused to offer Altoona any guarantees. Norfolk Southern officials have responded that for the Juniata locomotive shops at least the Best guarantee is the Superior condition of the local facilities. Norfolk Southern officials have joined mrs. Dole in declaring Conrail too wobbly to stand on its own. But Reed said that during his meeting with local Railroad Union officials thursday he was continuing to preach the opposite. A it s an upbeat message a he said. A a we be had a Good year and we re clearly one of the Premier railroads in the country now with leadership in lots of from Page a1 containing representatives of both the chamber and the local professionals. That Board would be headed by Ebersole who is interested in the development of the tourism Industry and increased recreation programs in the county. Reaction this morning to the commissioners proposal seemed favourable from both sides. Representatives of the chamber executive Board reviewed the proposal this morning and then indicated they wanted to meet with the county commissioners just to clarify some Points. A maybe we have got a marriage Quot said Couch As he contacted the commissioners to ask them for a meeting. Mrs. Helsel said that a a we be got to keep on going with what we be started a and she was pleased that Bond Issue. The tourism program would continue under Caporuscio a direction. George Sheehan who operates the new Days inn Motel and who was strongly in favor of a revamped tourism program for Blair county said that the proposal a has reasonable Sheehan said that he thinks the commissioners have done a Good Job in trying to resolve the tourism controversy. A they wanted to hold this intact. They did no to want to have a Donnybrook a Sheehan said and he indicated that his supporters a Are going to make a big he said his group will be open and objective. Sheehan said that he wants some place where visitors to the area can go and obtain Good information about where and How to get to. The Many attractions in the area. From Page a1 a we have deadlines to meet to get the financing and get the project done. We Are in a Semi holding pattern right now until we get a better hold on the Grant. There Are a lot of things that complicate this. The new Federal Revenue Law May change the climate under which we would sell despite not now knowing the amount that must be borrowed. Smith admitted the authority feels compelled to act. Quot hopefully in the next two months we will make some moves Quot he said. A some Type of borrowing Effort will have to be made if we Are going to meet the project deadline. We Are going to do our very Best to meet it. But there Are so Many variables now it is hard to answer councilman King pointed out thursday that Federal guidelines allow the authority to borrow Money for the sewer system renovation project without jeopardizing Grant eligibility. Engineering fees can be paid from Bond proceeds As Well. But no Money can be paid for construction without endangering receipt of the Grant. The Altoona engineering firm of Gwin Dobson and Foreman inc. Signed a $3 million contract last year to begin design. After reporting to the authority last month that work is proceeding Well on Westerly Plant design company president Mark Glenn was Given the go ahead to begin design of the Easterly Plant. A we Are being required by the state and Federal governments to do this project and its extremely expensive a Smith said. A the authority is trying to accomplish the Job at the lowest possible Cost to sewer customers. Their Bills will have to pay off the Bonds there is no other Way to do it. A the Market is Good right now for Selling securities at a Low interest rate a Smith continued. A if we were Able to do the financing shortly the Cost to the customers would be lowest of for the Home that has everything Alex Adams maker of gnomes that Grace thousands of British gardens has added some of the British Royal family to his collection As a reminder of this year s upcoming marriage Between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Center of photo. They Are flanked by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip left and Princess Diana. 5 eying court records use of computers target of committee by Phil Ray staff writer Hollidaysburg four county officials and a lawyer in private practice who knows a lot about computers thursday were appointed to a committee that will study the comp Eriza Tion of the county court system. President judge Thomas g. Peoples announced the names of the committee members on thursday afternoon. The group will study the computer needs of several offices associated with the court system and will make recommendations. The committee then will take Steps to see that the system is installed. The county commissioners late last year purchased a new computer system with the idea of streamlining the operations of several county offices such As children and youth service Domestic relations the District attorneys office and possibly the prothonotary a office. But Progress has been slow. And judge Peoples said this week he wants to Quot get along with it computerization Quot the committee will include prothonotary Vernon d. Weicht. Weicht a office contains the official court records of All civil criminal and other Legal actions filed in Blair county. The judge sees this office As a key in the computerization process. The second member of the committee is court administrator Michael d. Reighard. This office must track the thousands of cases in the court system. It schedules hearings. The judge says it takes Days to prepare reports and lists that Are needed in the operation of the court administrator s office. District attorney William Haberstroh has been named to the committee. Haberstroh this week came out in favor of computerizing of his office. He Only recently has become aware that there Are Many very old cases in his files cases that apparently became lost in the system. This problem would be alleviated with the use of a computer he said. The fourth member of the committee is attorney Benjamin Claar who serves As solicitor to the Domestic relations office. This office handles More than 5,000 cases and is under orders from the state to keep their records updated. The office has been working toward computerization for More than a year. The final member of the panel is attorney m. David Halpern who is in private practice but who knows a great Deal about computers and their use in the operation of a Law office. The need for computers in the court system received a great Deal of attention this week As the judges began to dispose of Many old cases that have been unresolved for years. One dated Back to 1959. Haberstroh noted the Quot pen and Pencil Era of county government is Over. Peoples has often called the county a manual record keeping a a horse and buggy system and this week he talked about the difficulty in handling cases when several county offices have a part to play. County commissioner William c. Stouffer said thursday the commissioners have placed Money in the 1986 budget for both software and the development of computer programs for the courts. A the Money for the computers is there. We need them to Tell us what the program should be a Stouffer said. Blair has been looking at a program developed by Lycoming county but whether Blair will Purchase the program or whether it will meet the needs in Blair will be answered by the new committee. Tax Reform iras hits Senate Snag Washington up a the first major Battle Over the Senate finance committees tax Reform plan a saving individual retirement account tax Breaks a has already begun even As president Reagan launches his own push for the Bill. Ending what was virtually a nonstop flood of Praise for the Bill several senators went to the Senate floor thursday to begin an assault on the plans proposal to drop the Ira tax deduction for most people. Eliminating the bulk of the Ira tax break charged Sens. Alfonse do Amato. R-n.y., and William Roth. A Del a not Only would Hurt the Middle class but would both reduce the incentive to save Money and harm americans competitiveness. The measure would replace the current 15 individual tax brackets which have a top rate of 50 percent with two brackets of 15 percent and 27 percent. It would also raise taxes on business by about $100 billion in five years to help pay for some of the individual tax cuts. As a first step toward salvaging the popular Middle class write off. The two lawmakers pushed a nonbinding Resolution calling for continuation of the deduction. Aides said the senators would begin today trying to get a majority of the Senate to join their cause. Under the committee Bill anyone who has another pension plan would no longer be Able to take the annual tax deduction of up to $2,000 for placing Money in an Ira. But they would be Able to have tax deferred Ira interest grow. It is estimated that about three quarters of the 28 million american households that have iras would lose the deduction. Roth called the move a Quot very very serious mistake a and d Amato charged people Quot will not continue their iras. If they re not allowed the both senators however said they supported the thrust of the committee Bill which Reagan on thursday pledged to personally push. The president who had previously Given his provisional support to the plan telephoned the Bill a author. Committee chairman Bob Packwood r-ore., to congratulate him and Tell him it moved the nation a one giant step further Down the Road toward meaningful historic tax White House spokesman Larry Speakes said Reagan who has made tax Reform his top Domestic priority. Pledged to work closely with the gop leadership to win Senate approval for the plan. However the administration has not commented on numerous specifics of the Bill a including the Ira proposal. Reagan in his tax Reform plan suggested the deduction for iras be expanded. Sen. John Melcher a month a meanwhile cautioned his colleagues to be wary As they consider the measure. Slaying suspect to be tried alone by Phil Ray staff writer Hollidaysburg Kenneth j. Piner of Altoona one four suspects arrested for the dec. 12, 1983, slaying of bar owner Julius t. Jackson will be tried separately from the others. Visiting judge John Reilly of Clearfield county entered orders this week which stated that Kenneth Piner 25, will be tired separately from his brother Stephen 26, William s. Queen 26 and Charles o. Johnson 28. The judge did not file opinions with the orders but said he would prepare an opinion if the suspects Appeal them to higher courts. The other three suspects will be tried together according to judge Reilly s order. Court administrator Michael d. Reighard said that no dates have been set for the trials. The judge in his orders refused to dismiss the charges. And he has Given Kenneth Piner an additional 20 Days to file his notice of Alibi defense. The four men Are charged with the killing of Jackson the owner of the Peoples Choice bar. His blood splattered car was found in Altoona the night of december 12 while his body was found in a parking lot on top of Popso Monock Mountain. A Trio of police detectives from the state police Barracks in Hollidaysburg the City and Logan township worked on the Case and finally arrested the four men last june. Since then the attorneys for each have filed various motions each wanting a separate trial. The reason Given on the original motions to serve the Case stated that the defendants each intended to offer a different Type of defense. The District attorneys office has decided not to pursue the death penalty. The cases will be tried by District attorney William j. Haberstroh. A politburo Breaks silence on mishap Moscow up police in Kiev the soviet unions third largest City carried out spot checks on the population for radiation contamination As the ruling politburo broke an almost two week silence on the chernobyl nuclear disaster. The head of the International atomic Energy Agency visited the site of the april 26 Accident 80 Miles North of Kiev thursday. Ukrainian prime minister Alex lottery Harrisburg up the winning number selected thursday May 8 night in the Pennsylvania lottery a daily number game was 076. The big-4 number was 7799. Altoona Mirror Dps 015-100 published daily second class mail privileges authorized and second class postage paid at Altoona. A. Ander Lyashkov told a news conference in Kiev thursday the burning inside the reactor had almost stopped. A the temperature of the reactor has gone to 300 degress centigrade 570 f. This Means that the burning has practically stopped. The radiation is stable with a tendency downwards a he said. Lyashkov said 84,000 people had been evacuated from the chernobyl area 35.000 people More than of Ficiala mentioned previously by government officials. The official death toll stood at two and nearly 200 were reported injured 18 seriously. Seventeen of those injured were firemen called out to fight the initial fire in the engine room of the reactor building. A foreign reporter among a Pool of eight allowed to visit Kiev for the first time since the Accident said the City was a a quiet but that trucks were washing Down the streets and police were stopping cars near the Airport for a apparent radiation shuttle s next flight july 1987, Nasa says Washington up the head of the shuttle program has recommended Nasa delay its next shuttle flight until july 1987 to allow completion of Booster rocket tests and says the Agency should slow the Pace of following flights. The space Agency initially had hoped to resume shuttle flights within 12 months after the Jan. 28 challenger disaster but rear adm. Richard truly told a Senate space subcommittee thursday that testing of redesigned Booster rocket joints showed that a Winter flight would not be possible. He said he has recommended to incoming Nasa administrator James Fletcher that the Agency shoot for a launch 18 months after the Accident a july 1987 a adding that additional delays Are possible. A i believe that is the Best we Are going to be Able to do Quot he said of the july 1987 Date. A a that a a Tough schedule to meet but there a not a safety risk in it because if we get into a test program and whatever Booster fix that we choose does not meet it we will Stop and the initial plan established before truly took Over As shuttle chief called for nine launching in the first 12 months of flight resumption with 14 the second year and 18 the third using the three remaining shuttles. Truly said his recommendation Calls for six or seven flights in the first year nine toll in the second year and at least 12 or 13 thereafter. He said he believes the Agency eventually would be Able to conduct 15 flights annually with three shuttles. A i think those types of numbers Are achievable a he said. By Tom Gibb staff writer Stuart m. Hoed Royal gnomes up Reuter Altoona Mirror Friday May 9, 1986 Battle Page a3 Over

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