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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1990, Page 4

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - March 17, 1990, Altoona, Pennsylvania Opinion letter to the editor get rid of the uns editor i have to wonder at the advisability of planting Trees along 17th Street. The uns will just tear them Down or pull them up a like they did along 7th and 8th streets. Why build a War memorial at the Robert e. Laws veterans mall the uns will just desecrate it and steal the flags. Why clean your sidewalk and curbs Only to find it littered with plastic cups cans Candy wrappers etc., the next morning who Are these uns the unwashed unshaven Unco bed unkempt uncouth unruly uneducated unemployed unwanted that we see All around the Community. Often when i am tempted to support Itiat seems to be worthwhile causes such As political Reform abortion the environment etc., i am turned off when i see pictures of their leaders. They Are uns in dirty sweatshirts with obscene or profane lettering and cast off army uniforms. They Are the Best reason to support genetic engineering because uns produce More uns. . Yvo Omer Altoona Page a4 Altoona Mirror saturday March 17,1990 registration of midwives midwifery has been practice since ancient times but in Pennsylvania its unclear whether this profession is illegal if you do it without a License. The state says it is but in most cases it turns its head the other Way. At least it did until last year when a woman in Mercer county was charged for practising midwifery without a License. She delivered babies mainly for the Amish and a judge later dismissed the charge. Now legislation is being introduced that would allow unlicensed midwives to work with the Assurance they will not be prosecuted for the practice if they Are registered. It also Calls for the regulation of their activities. The Bill which stems from the Case in Mercer county is a Good idea because unlicensed midwives Are practising a even in this area a and probably will continue to practice. The legislation while formally allowing them to practice also May help ensure that the care they re giving is Quality care. The department of state which licenses professionals in Pennsylvania says that to practice midwifery the individual must be a certified nurse midwife meaning he or she is a registered nurse and has Post graduate training in midwifery. The certified nurse midwives see patients for pre Natal care deliver the baby and follow through with Post Partum care. They Are on staff in Many hospitals across the state. They help to ease the heavy Burden on obstetricians and they give women another option when it comes to childbirth. Pennsylvania has 131 certified nurse midwives and what they do is clearly Legal. However the legislation deals with the 50 or so midwives who Are known to be practising but Are unlicensed. They have Learned their skills through apprenticeship and they Cater mainly to the states a Plain people a the Amish and old order mennonites. These people often shun hospitals and cannot afford the charges of a Hospital doctor or nurse midwife which typically Are More than $1,000. An unlicensed or Lay midwife a services May Cost $500 to $800. The people who use the unlicensed midwives Are concerned about losing the services of people they Trust. More than 500 people including Many Amish and mennonites a in a rare display of political involvement a voiced their concern at the Capitol in Harrisburg earlier this week. While we Hope these people done to lose a valuable service in a crackdown on unlicensed midwife we first want people to get the care they should. We think a highly trained nurse midwife is the Best midwifery situation. But As one midwife said a anybody can catch a baby a and people without formal training have been a a catching babies for years and will probably continue. At least this legislation would help assure that people who Call themselves midwives have proper training and recognize situations where a doctor is needed. Mightier than the sword Jfe Ofsik. The octo pod Lenin Berry s world our parents last Friend Altoona Mirror founded 1874 published daily except new years Day memorial Day Independence Day labor Day thanksgiving and Christmas at 1000 Green Avenue Altoona a 16601. Mailing address to. Box 2008, Altoona. A 16603. Want to subscribe 1 Call 946-7480 or 800 222-1962 Home delivery by earner is say month by motor route $8 25/month. Both include All seven issues a week daily single copy Price is 35c, sunday is 7he mail subscriptions Are available. Call tor rates delivery complaint phone your Carrier. It not satisfied Call us at 946-7480 before 5 p in. Monday through Friday and before 8 a in saturday and sunday want to advertise7 classified ads 946-7422 display 946-7500 break Page. 946-7513 or 946-7514 toll free. 800 222 1962 fax number 946-7547 have a news Story Call 946-/441 or toll tree Soo 222-1962 anytime advertisers note a the advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable tor damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for space actually occupied by the portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred whether such error is due to the negligence of the publisher s servants or otherwise and there shall be no liability for non insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement business officers publisher amp general manager. Albert j Hollinger la managing editor. David m. Cuzzola advertising c. Keagle classified and manager. Rich a. Step Coop manager. James Gilmore circulation n. Stop circulation manager. A Bradley step City h. Gibb production m. Mentzer or. a boar he had thousands of friends. Most of them Are gone now. That happens if you live to be 99. That show old John Heslin was when he died this week. Johns death is a strange kind of landmark event in my life because he was the Only person left standing Between me and eternity. He was the last remaining contemporary Friend of my parents. He was the lifelong Best Friend of Margie a father and Mother. There Are no others left from that generation. We went to a Small gathering for him on the occasion of his 99th birthday last summer. He lived in a comfortable House on the Side of a Hill looking Down on Lake lonely outside Saratoga in upstate new York. The name Lake lonely never meant much to me until we started visiting John after he became housebound. Its a lonely Lake. A no one Calls me a he said with a half smile. A a in a not speaking too clearly since i had the stroke. Its hard for people to talk to me. Before Frank Sullivan died he told me he said a if you want to talk to someone when you get old you have to Call them. They done to Call Quot three by four of us used to meet for breakfast every Day Down at Woolworth in town. Frank said that one Day. We done to meet anymore. They re All Frank Sullivan was the great writer of humor for the new yorker Magazine. John did no to feel sorry for himself. He was just practical. A i Wake in the morning and Start to get up. I sit on the Edge of the bed and i say to myself a what am i getting up for a i done to have anything to Andy Rooney do. I might As Well stay in bed. I done to Ever have to get up again a i smiled and he smiled but i Felt More like cry ing. A i still belong to the country club a John said with a chuckle. He chuckled a lot. A i done to know Why. I can to play Golf John Heslin and Margie a father Bill Howard went to medical school together and then went through the ordeal most doctors face getting started with their practices. They used to laugh about sitting around their offices waiting for doonesbury Marianne hello Donah \ here1 someone to show up. Eventually they both became successful with outstanding reputations. John was in internist Margie a father an orthopaedic surgeon and radiologist. When we were married at fort Bragg at the beginning of world War ii the howards and John and Linda Heslin were staying at Southern Pines a North Carolina resort hotel. When the ceremony was Over we had dinner with them and forever after John would Tell people that he was with us on our honeymoon. Linda died 20 years ago. John was in love with her until the Day he died. When you went to his House on Lake lonely head always talk about her. A Linda was going to meet you and your Mother at the Maybud restaurant Quot head say to Margie starting a Story out of the Blue. A Linda went into Myers department store to get a dress so she d have a new one for a party we were going to and she bought the dress but she forgot and left her other one in the dressing room so by the time we went to the party the new dress was t new it did no to matter what the Story was John just liked telling it because while it went on he was immersed in the memory of Linda. For the few minutes it took to Tell the Story he was w Ith her again. Last summer i sat Down on a Footstool in front of his chair to talk w Ith him. I really liked him. In a forever surprised at How the very old seem to Drift away and then come up with some twist of mind that makes you realize they Haven to been away at All. A can you believe this a John said looking at me earnestly. A can you believe after All these years in be known you i was thinking about you last week and i remember your name Andy Rooney s column appears every tuesday and saturday on the opinion Page by Garry Trudeau listen kid i know a of the has been rough on we Soi just wanted to Call and let we know How much i still care for wu1 j / Donnie. Whats wrong us. With Kour nothing Koke / to re not Don who is the us. He assistant. Or Trumps Ved up Toda. C

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