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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition the circulation of the Altoona Mirror yesterday Altoona Suzi Tor. Weather fair sunday girl scout week begins tomorrow girl scouting in the United states was founded in the United states by Juliette Low on March 12, 1912." vol. 228 phone wi4-7171 Altoona pa., saturday evening March 11, 1961. Twenty four seven cents county grand East Freedom unemployment jury to open total believed h i a i to automobile one person was killed and an levelling Oft other injured in separate Hish w panel to Convene d a y to r n i n g t o drop noted in jobless study score of in Freedom was pronounced dead retail sales show j fac tents. Ion arrival at Nason Hospital at 12.15 ., after being struck by Ian automobile operated Xvi a transcript charging i Volun Jcharles a. Olson 49, of 530 Gar tary manslaughter is among those her st., Hollidaysburg. 5.2 Miles to be presented to the Blair coun South of Hollidaysburg. I Cain. By William j. Eaton United press International Washington first miss Anna Mary Gracey in unemployment payments morning at 16r Crawford ave., supervisor and Gam in retail sales in three i k m vim of the Ward at today were viewed As in Jonn m. Ivi Epser. Hospital was admitted to dictations that unemployment May to grand jury when it reports on monday i to judge jury to Convene at . Will the _ following abbe levelling off deliberate on approximately a collision of automobiles two Miles the labor department said Fri score of Bills to be presented of roaring Spring at night that persons nov Drew unemployment checks in the a strict attorney i rank b. War the two accidents were the Only week ending feb. 25. That was Tel and his assistants. Ones requiring investigation Byi less than were Given Job the jury will be in session daily state police since wednesday benefits the previous week until action has been taken on the fatality brought the it was the first drop in the num indic mems prepared against of persons drawing a employ a two within a 10-Day period. On ment benefits since figures Beean several defendants. One of afternoon of March 1. Jeffrey soaring in october and also for cases names three Smith 6, of Mckee first time since october a while each of two others lists when struck by a car retail sales showed a defendants. His Home. Slight increase. Judge Klepser will appoint a yesterday s fatal Accident of department economists said the jury Foreman when the court in the same area of my decrease in unemployment figures Sion gets under Way with the Call Ikee. In six of the seven too Small to be interpreted As ing of the Roll of jurors by clerk ties to occur most recently on a sign that the recession has of the courts Henry 0. Nickola.1 county highways the victims have reached a turning Point. Before the jurors retire to court been pedestrians. I but it s somewhat hopeful that room 2 to hear Commonwealth the fatal Accident was one the total is not up Saidi witnesses presented by District which would not have happened Robert c Goodwin director of atty. Warful and his aides. The usual routine of the the Bureau of unemployment sets Davis and Blair l. Mckinl Aungst family been followed. Both curits t lip jr., their duties will be sex Jdonald and his Mother mrs. Al a i planned by the court. Ebert Aungst. Were employed at stays at 8.4 per cent i the Martinsburg shoe factory and another expert said the Idle Rode to and from work together rate among the 45 million work to impose sentences upon the retirement of the in the family car. Ers covered by the jobless insure grand jurors. Judge Klepser yesterday afternoon because of Ance system has remained at 8.4 Ett irl non so on Page 3, column per cent for three weeks and petitions by attorneys. The court Agenda also Calls for the a he said this was because the pre Vious two increases and the de crease reported Friday night were too Small to change the rate Byj even one tenth of one per he said the rate also held steady at about 8.4 per cent in the four weeks of april 1958. Which was regarded As the Low Point of the court Agenda also cans Lor me Yearance of Maurio Ruscio of Al loss Toona for the imposition of sent ence on a charge of voluntary j a 40a Flaa manslaughter to which he entered 111 a plea of guilty several _. _. Go. Halow barn fire the court also will make final determination of one or two other j fire of undetermined origin de other experts said the decline cases heard in recent weeks. A arge Bam located on was tiny and believed t h e of the defendants is Norman e j Halow scotch Depths of the present recession Rutherford who pleaded guilty Road prank town still to come. Over Allun a charge of defrauding the afternoon with Osses employment hit a new postwar apartment of Public assistance. Estimated at accordingly go of in february and the manslaughter charge await to firemen. Labor Secretary Arthurj Dold ing action by the grand Jurre a a it of the loss has warned it May climb suited from the death in mid de in farm implements and this month Cembor of Samuel Edward there apparently was no 44. Of Altoona. Allegedly follow loss of livestock t ing an altercation with Louis de a approximately 100 firemen re allot ill Aust v angers. Resenting five companies were at1 j District atty. Warfel lists Heithe scene with nine trucks. Defendants and the common mix Volunteer fire company wealth charges against them Hollidaysburg answered the alarm a j which await grand jury study Asyat 4.35 And upon arriving a tilt follows scene found the Large two a cases listed Bara completely enveloped _ cases Sieo in names alow farm by Robert irv1n Elwood Clayton Holiday or. About three fourths of a up automotive editor David 3w tuhn5 the Hollida Viburs Borl Detroit Auto in driving . Industry plans its most drastic pro-1 i assistant fire chief Paul cutback of the Vear next John mock George immediately called for help week. Baugh Joseph Ruscio and Maxme Idue to the Lack of water and faced with a million car invent Goldie Ruscio burglary larceny summoned companies from gee Story and disappointing sales and receiving stolen goods Jse town. Lakemont. Duncansville Lford general motors and Robert Glenn Baker and eur and Kittanning Trail All will Send Home More than Gene Ray Baker Lar Jing with tank trucks 83 000 workers at 33 plants across1 " i through the combined efforts the country. The firemen of the various a far biggest layoffs will companies the Blaze was at pm which will furlough a barn and kept workers. Ford will Idle to a nearby and Chrysler 11.500. All the Sory after the fact. Louis a continued on Page 3, column 8 wee. To Stop after Accident. Raymond d. Myers aggravated assault and Battery. J Cleo Moyer morals charge. Ward s automotive reports said week s output could drop As much As 20 per cent below the same period of 1958. A recession year. Plunge from i960 level tie statistical Agency said the1 scheduled Plant closings mean. Next week s assemblies probably William l. Rupert paternity mrs Agnes w Kallenberg not amount to half the ave i one of he units produced in the same week Chester Bannon paternity. Rpt pc Turnm Dominic Cavalieri and t1u111 Cavalieri assault and James Delozier assault Battery and surety of the peace.1 Henry Charles Summers 310 Spruce fraudulent pretence. In today s members of the clerical staff of i. The Blair county government this week dropped to a Deputy to Thomas g. Peoples cars As Ford closed n of continued on Page 3, column i urm acid Greg sier and recorder concluded Altoona Mirror a county sen ice of 37 years at a close of business yesterday crossword Puzzle vex editorials and features .8 her retirement is effective on major Hoople 1 and will be preceded social events .4 her final vacation which sports.18-19iplans to spend in a trip to Floril sunday Church with her husband Fred who of Central state news Lochas been in ill health for several want ads her departure from county Philadelphia up service was not permitted to punishment was attacked Asi unnoticed by other members of Barbanco and discriminate ithe recorder s office who sur defended As a deterrent. Prised her at the lunch hour yes come fonday before a joint it erday with a Brief retirement stat legislative committee in Day for filing of petitions a final reminder to prospective candidates for Public office both major and minor that monday at Is the deadline for party attended by the office Force and clerks of the state inheritance tax department. Register and recorder Peoples presented her ladies overnight Luggage on behalf of her co workers. Attending in addition to filing of petitions for nomination another Force of clerks to sit in the Williamsburg Borough ing from 6 to 8 Registrars will be in the Roar ing Spring Borough building on tuesday from 6 to 8 ., in Al Toona City Hall on wednesday March 15, from 10 to 12, 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 o clock. Clerks Are to sit in the Martinsburg Borough will close on Friday March 17, rented in the basement of the courthouse at Hollidaysburg from 9 to 4 and 6 to 8 o clock. Anti Iund a column i March labor was issued this morning by the Blair county Board of elections. The reminder comes As the county prepares to open a second Market week of special voter registration also on monday when trav Eling registrars of the county of fice will be in Gable s Arcade from 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 ., with in modest hike employer forecasts indicate employment should increase modestly during March Kermit Martz manager of the Altoona office of the state employment service says in his monthly labor Market letter. Vest gating the practice. Six witnesses including two state supreme court justices Andi former abolition of the penalty and recommended substituting life imprisonment for capital offences. Two eluding a former prison said it should be retained. Justice Curtis Bok said he was against capital punishment on religious grounds on economic grounds that sensational murder trials take on a circus Atmos phere which makes a mockery of he claimed that the comparative continued on Page 3, column 3 warming trend Over weekend by United press International a gradual warming trend was predicted for most of Pennsylva building on thursday from 6 to 8 additions in March he said while o clock and the special Calendar some pickup in construction and in retail Trade should push non when voter enrolments will be manufacturing Rolls a Little above Day followed by Clearing. The present level. Martz reported that total employment in the Altoona labor Days with temperatures ranging after March 17, registrations Market area in february held to from near 30 in Central and West continued on Page 2, column s manufacturing textile products Nia today with skies mostly Clear and refractory Brick operations Over Eastern sections but some Are expected to make substantial Light Snow in Northern counties late today and tonight. Considerable cloudiness will develop late tonight and Early Sun Low readings tonight will be warmer than those of the last few coat taxed an pact a column 2 add to problem Senate finance Morsan Given congolese warn a office seekers make quite a Point of hav ing the answers to the unemployment prob lems that beset us from time to time. Elect me and i Wil see to it that you get the jobs you they Promise. Once they Are in office they sometimes play to the galleries making some show of sympathy toward the unemployed and then enact Laws that add to the problems. It seems to be their political philosophy that they can gain More favor with the voters by slug Ging those who furnish employment opportunities than by helping them employ More people. The recent Laws to again Speed up the payment of corporation taxes is a Good example. By draining the working capital of the corporations they make it impossible for them to hire More people and in some cases make it impossible for them to even keep on the payroll those they have working for them. Taxes must be paid in hard Cash. The Busy corporation usually has most of its assets invested in materials from which to make things inventories of completed goods and goods in process. Cut Down their Cash and they must Cut Down their inventories and this throws people out of work All along the line. First step in cutting Down inventories hits the raw inventories or work in process lines. This Means that the manufacturer cuts Down on his orders from the manufacturer of raw materials. The manufacturer of these raw materials then has a double problem that of reducing his own inventories and of cutting off the Supply lines of the Basic materials from which they Are made and of meeting the new tax deadlines himself. He cuts Back his orders from the mines the farms and the forests to protect his own Cash position. This throws miners out of work cuts Back on those who transport materials from the mines to his steel Mill his lumber Mill or his processing Plant. The workers go on jobless Relief Rolls and Cut Back on their own spending. This cuts Back on the retailer who normally Sells them and he in turn cuts Back on the whole Saler who Sells him and the wholesaler cuts Back on the manufacturer who supplies him. All along the line jobs Are lost. Jobless increases and the corporation that makes it a Point to keep All its employees working in Good times As Well As bad is penalized by having the payroll tax increased to take care of those in other lines of business who Are collecting unemployment benefits. He can stand this pressure just so Long. The severest tax punishment of All is reserved for the company or individual who tries hardest to Good wages and to keep employees work ing steadily throughout the year. Every raise in the social Security tax rate hits hardest at the company that pays its employees a year or More. If the company furnishes Only part time employment and the annual wage is per year the employee s share of the social Security tax is just half that of the employer that pays at the higher rate. If 100 or More people Are employed this can become a serious problem. The workers them selves must More and the employer must what they times the number of employees on his payroll. Add to this the increased payment for unemployment also based on the payroll and the plight of the Good employer becomes a matter for concern for not Only his management but for his stockholders and last but by far the most important for his employees. The trend toward foreign imports and their effect on american business has been blamed quite often on the High wages paid to the work men of this nation. A More truthful examination will reveal that this is a much smaller part of the reason for higher manufacturing costs in this land of the Brave and Home of the free. The real culprit is higher and higher taxes which account for better than 50 per cent of the Cost of most manufactured articles. The present juror about Aid to education at the National level would never need to have been raised if High Federal taxes had not stripped local and state governments of revenues. State Aid to education would be less of a problem if High state taxation had not made it impossible to raise the revenues needed for local schools at the local level. The unemployment situation would not be so grave if the tax pressure on All business would allow enough margin for the keeping of reason Able inventories the addition of new manufacturing facilities and the creation of new goods which could be purchased by those regularly employed in business and industries not bankrupted by High taxes at All Levels. Jobs Are created by those who have the Capi Tal the will and the desire to add to the National wealth through steady operation of their places of business. Continued pressure of High and higher taxes Only depletes the capital lessens the will and detracts from the desire to invest in the Job creating facilities that have built a great nation. It is beginning to look As if those who wrote the text for new horizons by the expansion of the Economy through lowered tax rates and better opportunities for the employers of the nation s workers have been dropped by the Wayside. To jobless Aid f cuban court committee headed b a by Henry Raymont United press International Havana will am decision in More troops i i u i a a. Morgan a former resident of sell. Isuru has i c. Toledo. Ohio who gave up his a us citizenship to serve Premier , fide Castro was slated today to children Bills. To bolster forces threatens to disrupt negotiations on ports. By Wilbur g. Landrey United press International die before one of Castro s firing squads. By Rale Montgomery Morgan and maj. Jesus car United press International Rera an aide tried with him by Washington a sen on of Castro s Tri who Goldville. The Congo ate committee today held the Kev Bunales charges of aiding stations dec to whether two of president Ken anti government guerrillas m the Ved to be in Ca troite Cus the United nations saying it would be responsible for the aggravation of tension Between . Civilians and military and the con Golese make demands congolese officials also demand committee studies measure cd the suspension of the . So Byrd announced the committee i ups Nam a Hope purity Council s feb. 21 a Solu i would go behind closed doors to work out details of a final version. I both measures Are now in the Senate finance committee de by sen. F. Byrd the committee finished hearings. State s witness acquitted the jobless Extension pro those acquitted were Mario postal Friday after quizzing labor Marin. A former Morgan chaff Secretary Arthur j. Goldberg for continued on Page 3, column 4 the third straight Dav. Prospects were it would under 0 Oil Cpl s command t go several changes despite and Vail Lola Jarv be 0 a Jessei aloes Tion which demanded the disarm. Ment of congolese troops the re Moval of foreign technicians and the authorization of the -. To use Force if Neces ministration objections that Anuj peace in alterations would mean a return Cape g1rardeau. To. Up the congolese government took trip to the House for reinforcements measures to restrict Ali in Senate amendments and delays de the state today for three in n. Command s movement in m getting the program into oper Brazen desperadoes who killed an strife torn by de lation april 1. Elderly policeman wounded two Mandino that River boats get gov sen. John j. Williams a Del. Oiher officers and attacked a Ern ment permission to Dock to sen de notice he would offer at Farmer in a series of running forc taking on a Congo River Pito. Least two aimed the government said a Prece 1 continued on Page 3, column 4 i roadblocks were set up through ident was set Friday with a ship i1 out Missouri state. Local in banana with food sup. County were summoned or plus the ship was scheduled help and an air search was or take m homeward bound dered for the fugitive . Troops. Who appeared to be still in South Eastern Missouri. The Trio armed with pistols Fine is re ill cited democrats see better Chance for school Bill j by Jerry Landauer United press International i Washington up Glary. I cratic leaders took on new Hope and rifles started their rampage1.-. Friday night when they open Edlun l. S. 13x fire on auxiliary policeman her Scranton. A. Up Bart Goss 68, and officer Dormer gov. John s. Fine and Nan Crittendon. 25. Who stopped them to cock executive Albert Biscontini on suspicion of attempted Bur were re indicted by a Federal grand jury Here Friday on to draw charges of conspiring to evade Federal income taxes. Get Congress to approve president draw a gun in defense Goss was Arthur a. Maguire attorney for Kennedy s Aid to education Bill killed instantly. Crittendon was sex governor said the government i r j r seriously Niin Ripari in hip Chhn has conceded the first conspire without including funds for Paro to Unaka in inc Abco was fault he out managed to fire several act Mai Cement was Tarity Michial schools. A Glommen virtue of its action in seeking a the measure was caught in a police in another car which a new indictment. He said the new tug of War Between jewish and Rived on the scene also exchanged True by Conta is no new charges i protestant spokesmen on one end shots with the gunmen apparent but col a cols the previous one by land the roman Catholic Church by hitting one of them. Adding the jurisdiction of the mat the other. Goss a retired Street worker. Ters involved. Sen. Wayne Morse Dore. Field continued on Page 3, column 4 general for the president s s2.3.-------------------- billion school Aid Bill was resist Jing stoutly any proposals to add a loan program for private and is parochial schools. A 11 i sen. Clark Back tracks s l an indication that Morse May in succeed came sen. Joseph a Al v Cocci la s. Clark. A a. Back tracked somewhat on the Issue. By Joseph d. Hutnyan i Worth of Low interest Loans to Pri Washington up rep. Irate non profit schools but now a Kearns the gop minority group i continued on Page 3, column 1 demos Defeated House races get state jobs court administrator plan gains support Philadelphia up a Resolution endorsing proposed legislation which would create court administrators to reduce the Back Long of criminal and civil cases in Philadelphia and Allegheny county courts was approved by the Board of the common pleas court Friday. The 21 judges approved the legislation which will be introduce. In the general Assembly on tues Man Adam Clayton Powell t suggestion of state House education and labor Gen Annex special sections so puffs 11 and 12 for Noti it Fol a radio and Lela sir in 17 in to n 1c n Fjeld Llu Tillry Mittee says Powell is not about to relegate him to one Stinky Little Kearns is disgruntled because Powell left him a letter telling him to be out of his minority Coin Mittee suite by 1 Friday. He still in t out and he says Powell Harrisburg Berks can me in jail and i m not county Republican claimed to move out of this office that 25 democrats Defeated or what goes on is this races for the state House of rep the resent Tives have been Given state Kearns said Powell s letter con Hobs with a combined salary of tamed an implication that rvs u i More than a year. Excursions for gop j rep. Richard l. Adams Sharp pleased a Survey he made in of Kearns moved half of the Republican House work abroad i Aticus with the help of Powel Carns to kindly. Lican auditor general Charles my immediately whether Ismith. And republicans were interested since Defeated going abroad during the Eastri candidates for the House can As there is work ,0 think continued on Page 3, column 4 it is a Fine thing that gov. Law rence has set up a special c 4 ploy ment compensation system j. Gstell Lolly oct h for Defeated adams1 said in a statement. At least this is one Way of by Bruce w. Munn United press International United nations . Up sources said today six More afro asian nations Are expected to respond to . Secrce itary general Dag Hammarskjold s Appeal for additional troops to bolster the . Congo Force to continued on Page 3, column 3 Irti Crl Royy finds in . Street by Clarence Rawlings United press International los Angeles William Johnson left his House Friday looking for a Job and ended up with but he did t keep it. The 50-year-old negro father of three found the All in unmarked lying in the Middle to Icarro out the United nations Man Iona a in i Xii Date in the african although the afro asian bloc was anxious to get a new Congo debate started in the stalled Gen i eral Assembly prospects were i that such a discussion would nol begin before late next week at the earliest. Rajeshwar Dayal of India Hammarskjold s personal representative in the Congo left Leopold by Russ Green United press International Pottsville a. Up testimony in the trial of Robert Poulson of Philadelphia for he burglary of the Home of mining executive John Rich 19 months by the prosecution on the situation. He was the Ria twas recessed Herc Oil weekend late Friday afternoon after a jury of six men and six women with two male alter nates it Over to the Federal Bureau of investigation. A self employed maintenance continued on Page i column 1 was sworn in and the of the Street. He promptly turned 25-year-old philadelphian s plea of innocent was presented to trial judge Charles w. Staudenmeier. Judge staudenmeier who Den continued on Page 3, column s continued on Page 2, column 2 weather forecast Western by Cloudy and not As cold to night. Low. 33 to 38. Partly Cloudy sunday a Little cooler in the South portion

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