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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 3

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Altoona, Pennsylvania A the Altoona Mirror Altoona pa., saturday june 5, 19fi5. Mirror want ads phone 941-7171_3 president vows rights fight continued from Page i battered by endless years of hatred and dedicate administration Johnson said he a will dedicate the expanding efforts of my administration to solving problems relating to a a breakdown of the negro family Structure Sun employment Lack of decent Homes welfare and social programs and other elements of the drive to improve the negro Slot. A but there Are other answers still to be found a the president said. Quot nor do we fully understand All the problems. Therefore this fall i intend to Call a White House conference of scholars experts negro leaders and officials at every level of government. He said its would be a to dissolve As Best we can the antique enmities of the heart which diminish the Holder Divide the great democracy and do wrong to the children of god. A i pledge this will be a chief goal of my administration of my program next year and in years to violence flares in South racial activity was entered largely in the North Friday but Nightrider violence again flared in tense Bogalusa la where a negro Deputy sheriff was shot to death and another was wounded earlier this week. Late Friday night bullets smashed into the Home of Doyle Holiday chief Deputy of Washington Parish county who was investigating the murder of negro Deputy of Neil Moore t w o nights earlier. Holiday and his wife escaped injury although one Bullet lodged in a living room Wall above their head Holiday emptied his service revolver at a fleeing automobile but the Nightrider escaped. Paper Mill worker Ernest my , 41, waived extradition Friday and was returned to Bogalusa from Tylertown miss., to face murder charges in Moore s slaying. Authorities believe two other men also participated in the shooting. In the North the Pace of civil hours rights activity quickened and some leaders predicted Northern cities May be in for a a Long hot summer of demonstrations. Nine persons including five clergymen were arrested at Milwaukee wis. In a continuing protest against the busing from negro neighbor .1 russian records to fall continued from Page i enough to allow them to talk briefly with their children. Both men were catching up on sleep lost in the first hectic hours after the liftoff thursday morning at 11 16 . Edt. Mcdivitt and White probably were a pretty much exhausted from their labors on the first Day but now had recovered with deep sleep periods. A there has been absolutely no decrease in alertness a flight surgeon Duane Catterson said. The flight plan was Back on the schedule it had veered from during unsuccessful first Day efforts to rendezvous with its Booster rocket and Whites space gun Maneu vers outside the capsule. Sleeping Well Mcdivitt slept through the 22nd, 23rd and 24th orbits Friday night. White reported he got four hours of a a sound neither Man was eating on the prescribed schedule although they assured or. Paul Lachance a space Agency food expert that they were White reported Friday night that he ate some beef bites potato salad fruit cake and six swallows of water heeding constant Blandishments from Earth a a done to forget to drink at 17,500 Miles per hour Mcdivitt and White casually set these records Friday �?2 10 . Edtl the endurance record for Multi manned spacecraft soaring past the 17-orbit Mark set by Voskhod-2 on March 18. A Side record Alexei Leonov spent to minutes tumbling outside Voskhod-2 White doubled that time in his self propelled space Jaunt. Set orbit Mark �?9 36 . Edt headed into 23rd minor office deadlocks Are broken by draw political deadlocks in returns from the primary election in Blair county on tuesday May 18, were broken yesterday by the county Board of elections through the Luck of the draw. I the drawing were held in the presence of commissioner Eugene g. Hamill Correll c. Gres Sley and Edward j. Flanagan by John w. Gardner chief clerk to the county Board and Mary Kauffman clerk. Inasmuch As the tie votes affected Only candidates for minor offices in the boroughs and townships there were no recent candidates for party nomination on hand personally to draw lots. Approximately 25 democrats and six Republican candidates were affected by the drawing and in at least one office there were six persons involved in the chairman at Bishop Guilfoyle High commencement a High school officials and priest teachers student award winners and class representatives sat on stage in the Roosevelt Junior High school auditorium Friday evening overlooking a sea of Caps and gowns of purple and Gold worn by the 1965 graduates of Bishop Guilfoyle High school. Also on stage were the most Rev. J. Carroll Mccormick d.d., Bishop of the Altoona Johnstown diocese who presented the diplomas and awards to the graduates and the it. Rev. Msgr. Francis a. Mcnelis at microphone. Diocesan superintendent of schools who delivered the commencement address. Pictured in the front Row left to right Are the revs. Regis f. Myers Gerard j. Ream Edward j. Dab Cosky Norman p. Imgrund and Richard s. Hovanec teachers the very Rev. Msgr. Roy f. Kline assistant principal the Rev. Francis e. Plummer principal Bishop Mccormick msgr. Mcnelis and the revs. Bernard f. Grega Elwood f. Figurelle Daniel f. Of Friel John p. Ellias and Damian p. Drass t.o.r., instructors. Emmert Brumbaugh banker Heads c Huo ii High commit Quot Juniata alumni orbit and1 class graduates passed the 22.9 orbit 34-hour. J Mark set by Gordon Cooper in continued from Page i the Faith-7 capsule May 16, Bishop said a and make the world of a better place for your being in Nikii la jail 111 us i Mcdivitt get a elect officers 1963 9 41 . Edt special to Altoona in ror and White jointly logged More the senior class Farewell adman hours Iii space than the dress was delivered by James g. Previous eight astronauts Wieland president of the student put together. It came to 68 Council. 51 minutes during the program the Grad in sight previous Marks of rates Sang a i believe a a Palma soviet spaceships Vostok 3. Vos mater and a this is my country trustees of Juniata College was tick 4 and Vostok 6. These the exercises closed with the announced today along with the Altoona Hospital admitted George Cullen 803 Howard ave. Barbara Fields 118 14th ave., Juniata. John c. Sister Menno rest Haven Duncansville. Raymond Walters Menno rest ranged from 70 utes in space to 94 hours minutes in space. They will not beat one soviet record the Marathon 81 orbit i flight of Vostok 5 that lasted 119 hours. 50 min recessional by Ellinger. A h in i re v a Randi i slavs three persons continued from Page i Huntingdon a election of Haven Duncansville. Lake s. Clemmer of Souderton Etta for Bedford re 2.pear Baumgardner 2813 Maple industrialist As alumni rep be resent tive on the Board of j0hn c. Scheffer 127 Spruce ave. Mildred Miller re 2. Josephine jines 1109 2nd St., Juniata. Elwood Clark Hollidaysburg state Hospital newly elected officers alumni association. Clemmer who succeeds of the e. Of Pupil a a Hood schools to White hours. , Rump by Terry Mai inc and of Granite schools without integrating the splash Down monday Hosly spread Eagle Friday on hosiery my is inc in Souderton. It i be the Primo w is charged 4 a n the floor of the Small Farmers o n due and my v u a a a stale bark. The killer aimed he was graduated from Juniata with disorderly conduct ,och la. Care fury to he their heart. College in 1950. Brought to 32 the number at Pringi Peiu. Mass., when they refused to end a sit a in. They were charged with breach of peace. The demonstrators said they were protesting one victim was a widow Mcdivitt and. I splash Down Ina about 12 55 . Edt monday suck arrest after 97/� hours in space and to u a an twelve civil rights Demon in Ord to mrs. Lois Ann Hothan 35, a orators were dragged out of a a a today there was photography. Cashier her two Little school official s office by police weather picture Takin a and , 6 and to lost their father Springfield mass., when to graphs of the arabian be last november. Insula. Another was the Bank a presi a scientists want space shots of Dent Andy Kjeldgaard Between the Peninsula to examine the70 and 75, a quiet Bachelor. He. Rift valleys which have their and his older brother. Carl Springfield s inaction in Cor counterpart in the rills found on now retired bought the Bank 45 reefing racial imbalance the Moon years ago. Franklin Kjeldgaard in schoolroom. For this is the object of the is Carl s son an official of the National As i. Four Day flight. The ret the advancement1 Socia Tion for int Cavan Cement re breaking is secondary t of coloured people Naapi a Jou to learn the Way t said in Chicago that a two Day Moon Boycott of Public schools next week will be a Only the beginning of a summer of protest. Sydney Finley said civil rights groups May begin an around the clock Vigil at the Chicago education Board. Negroes Are protesting the reappointment of Vav a school supt. Benjamin c Wil taunt its. Whom they accuse of delaying integration. Ii. New York City civil rights leaders urged mayor Robert f. Wagner to adopt a 10-Point program to meet the causes of racial unrest in the nation s largest City. Otherwise they indicated there could be another summer of discontent such As last years Harlem not. Wagner said he would examine the proposals and give an answer next week. Ii St Peoria Are i Nii red continued from Page i n.j., a passenger in the car involved suffered abrasions of the forehead in the Oll Tsion. The car was operated dodging Roadblock cashier shot the third was another cashier Glen Hendrickson 60. He is survived by his widow and a grown son. The Bandit left his victims for dead grabbed $1,500 in Cash and walked out speaking polite in to a Farmer he passed in the doorway. He then drove away either hiding in or near the town or which to by Carl j. Krause. 51, of Glen Rock and had damage estimated at $450. Delayed train state police report the Hidler car was beginning a left turn onto old route 220 As the Krause car began a lice said were posted 20 minutes after the Farmer found the bodies and gave the alarm. The search spread throughout a 70-mile radius today including sections of Nebraska Colorado and Kansas. Police poured into some dressed in pass in the nor a big Springs Lane. The Heidler car was traditional Western outfits pushed into the Railroad crossing warning sign. A train approach que Jas i la by to a Cmith 4 la a us Hise time a unite continued from Page i donned headsets for their extra Long distance phone Call. Mrs. Mcdivitt spoke first. A Jim. Do you hear me a she asked. A i hear you loud and Clear a came the reply from too Miles up. A you Are doing great a she said. A a ii be Over Texas in a few minutes a said Mcdivitt. A hurry it up Quot said his wife. Then it was mrs. Whites turn. She wanted to talk about her husbands stroll in space which came on the third orbit thursday. A we were having a Fine time a said White. A i can to wait to talk to you about it a she said. A Okay Honey ill see you he said. After talking to their husbands mrs. White and mrs. Mcdivitt stayed it the space Center for awhile watching the operations. They said they wanted to bring their children Back today if they could so they could talk to their fathers. Shi yes strike Renee area continued from Page i Rani can leaders a maj. Gen. Antonio Impert Barrera head of the military civilian Junta regime or rebel col. Francisco Caamano Deno. The negotiators a Ellsworth Bunker of the United states ii mar Penna Marinho of Brazil and Ramon de Clairmont due Nas of Al Salvidor a talked Fri Day with . Ambassador w Tapley Bennett and Oas Secretary general Jose a. Mora they plan sunday to tour the provinces with a View to sounding out opinion outside of Santo Domingo. Ing the crossing from the South was delayed for a time until the crossing could be cleared. Seat belts in the Krause car act of Lisi Pulli Hotd Dally. Second Clara Mali privileges authorised and second class postage paid at Altoona a. William Van Horn. Bedford at a Paul weight 811 6th ave., Juni Tomey is president of Standard Ala. Of n t. J Regina Williams 425 Crawford ave. Ella Shaffer 414 main St., Bellwood. Lloyd Lingenfelter 2431 Walnut ave. Patrick Kelly 1927 14th ave. Calvin Hesser 322 Willow ave. Nancy Kawtoski Gallitzin. Donna Shingle Chest Springs. John Drolsbaugh Huntingdon. Anna t. Schimminger 1311 3rd ave. David a. Bid Eli 609 e. Hudson ave. Randy c. Earle 146 n. Haw Thorne drive. Mae h. Hendricks. Re 2. Discharged Alma Jean Mccloskey Greenwood Road. Dennis Mccloskey Greenwood Road. Thomas h. Knepp of Stroudsburg head of the science department at Stroud Union High school succeeded Charles c. Ellis of Villanova As president of the association. Knepp who taught in Everett High school form 1931 to 1942, was graduated in 1931. He served As first vice president this year. A Martinsburg insurance Man. Rex Hershberger was elected first vice president and a Johnstown homemaker mrs. E Percy Blough was named second vice president. Hershberger is a member of the class of 1950 and mrs. Blough is of the class of 1945. Elected to a three year term on the executive committee was Robert r. Hoover of roaring Spring vice president of the Blank Book company and a 1943 graduate of the College. Announcement of elections was made by William b. Martin director of alumni relations during today a alumni activities. Clemmer won in a close three Way contest with j. Lynne Ferner of Tyrone and Willard h. Kimmel of Shelocta. Tho ballot was presented to alumni for a mail vote by a nominating committee composed of c. O. Caulton of Bryn mawr Charles Bargerstock of Bethlehem and Betty Finnegan Simpson of throne. Continued from Page i saved the operator and another rusting morals of minor. Passenger from Anury in the Gary Curtis walk driving with to 11 17 in 111 imn collision police report but Tho out consent of owner. In Iii a. V injured girl sitting in the Middle of the front seat had no sea checks Sevon counts Belt. Nor the occupants of be in its lose a counts. Darrell l. Bakery Drunken drive the Heidler car another hit run Accident occurred last evening at 9 . On route 220 in Northwood. Tyrone with the cars of Donald Weakland. 26, of Tyrone re i. And Larry Gardner 43, of Niagara Falls n.y., involved. The hit run car struck the Weakland station Wagon causing it to leave the Road and strike a tree. The Weakland vehicle then swung around and collided with the Gardner Sedan. The station Wagon had damage estimated at $500 and the Gardner car damage of $150. Harriet Walter cashing Worth a Oil Tell Iii mercy Hospital jets blast Mort la Viet continued from Page i and 19 wounded in what a . Military spokesman described As a the most Active Day for the u. S. Marines since they landed in Viet the marines were aided by a captured guerrilla who turned on his former comrades and flew in an american observation plane to pinpoint two company size Viet Cong concentrations. Marine phantom jets pounded the communists from the air in in sorties killing 60 of the Viet Cong and destroying 40 enemy structures. Leatherneck riflemen picked off another 19 Viet Cong and wounded la More. In a major search and destroy Mission 55 Miles Southwest of Saigon. U. S. Army helicopters poured in government troops to pursue an estimated 800 to 1,000 Viet Cong. Helicopter Crews estimated that 64 guerrillas were killed in the Early action. The government lost la killed and 44 wounded. One of the helicopters was downed but South vietnamese troops brought the Crew to safety. My. George Burns a aggravated assault and Battery. John Richard Cogan burglary larceny receiving stolen goods two counts. Veronica Joy Oakes contributing to delinquency. Harold s. Pollard driving. Arthur m. Ullery Drunken driving. James Winter and William Harry Winter a burglary larceny receiving stolen goods and conspiracy two counts each. Edward g. Maiert driving during suspension of License. Joseph d. Abraham a driving during suspension of License. Donald b. Corle a aggravated assault and Battery two counts. John Ross Cunningham or. A paternity. John Joseph Haddock or. A operating motor vehicle without License. Robert Ellsworth Johnson driving during suspension of ii rills. Cense. Michael e. Knisely paternity two counts. Deadlock. # _ the official return Board Mak committee or my its canvass and compute a Tion of votes found that in num Vij i rvnii�3 Erous instances where no names 1% Cli in i it i vol Ujj appeared on the ballot for Ani office voters largely ignored fran my to Altoona m error that particular Block and cast Sauk Centre. Airn ballots by write ins. Toona area resident has been in the midst of the process of named chairman of the Federal breaking any ties in the primary legislative committee of the inde election the county registration pendent Bankers association of electors also Are hesitant in the America an organization of 6.300 matter of registering for the Banks in 40 states municipal election in november the announcement was made the office at the courthouse re by Ralph l. Zaun. Iba president Poi ted this morning that Only i anti executive vice president voter sign have been receive Grafton state Bank. Grafton. Is. Cd to Date including 18 re pub Ommittee members will serve Beans and nine democrats. Through the i a s 32nd annual voter registration was resum convention at the dunes hotel in de at the courthouse basement Las vegas. Nev. April 26-28. 1966. On May 24. A week following the members of the committee Are primary and enrolments will chairman. D. Emmert Brum ? crec5, by Una Haugh president the Central a change of Patty Pennsylvania National Bank affiliation is Pris sible Between Claysburg a j. Ross Humph the a Mary and general Clec Ireys Board chairman Central Nat on tonal Bank in Chicago ii Riley the county office of the Board Burcham executive vice presi of elections also has received a Dent the Lawrence National number of additional reports by Bank Lawrence Kan. Harold l. Candidates on receipts and sex Hanson president the first a Pendi Tures for the Campaign tonal Bank of Baudette Minn. One of those reporting was to j. C. Reeves senior vice presi Seph s. Martin successful re Dent National Bank of Commerce the Boulevard hotel ast pop nine publican City Council incumbent of Pine Bluff. Ark. Lee m. Ste with a Buffet dinner served Quot h�5ported �?oi"18 in excess Quot he it a a a Mitt a to Quot to of $150. Tonal Bank of Watford City n.d., Paul g. Stauffer also a re and c. Herschel Schooley. Man publican candidate for City Ager Iba Washington d.c., of Council reported spending less flee. Than $150. Other candidates who reported t to �?�q1 to narc their expense accounts include. I it Psi i till i William h. Erb of 511 Wayne # St. Hollidaysburg. injury cases candidate for Borough tax col j j Lector. Or. Erb who won the Republican nomination reported minor injury cases treated at receipts and expenditures in sex the Altoona Flo spiral emergency Cess of $150. Alfred c. Forsht of Altoona re Aamir plans picnics at last meet until fall the regular meeting of the Altoona association of manufacturers representatives was held in the meeting was in charge of president Vincent l. Scacco. And reports were Given by Secretary Richard m. Crownover and treasurer Virgil d. Mcconahy. Jack Mcgregor chairman reported that plans have been completed for the family picnic which will be held at Bland Park on saturday june 12, and from All indications there will be a Large attendance. A retail grocers picnic has been scheduled tentatively for wednesday aug. 18. As usual Aamir meetings will not be held during july and August. The next regular meeting of the association will be held Friday. Sept. To. Those present were e. Charles Makdad Allen sup ply co. Vincent l. Scacco Amer Lse shoot director reported expend ican greeting corp. Jack w. My Tures under $150 Gregor Bender electric co. R. N. I Republican candidate for Logan twp. School director Eleanor Ammerman of Altoona re i democratic candidate for Logan twp. School director and Roger b. Thomas also of Altoona re i and democratic candidate for Gary. Blackburn brokerage co. H. William Hite Fuchs amp Blackwell co. Virgil d. Mcconahy Gerber products co. Albert p. Dively of 2000 1st ave., Republican candidate for county jury commissioner reported his expenses under $150, As a. A a a a Charles r. Dillen Republic 1 Atrick i. Brannan. Hanover can candidate for City school director and will Ketner of 419 Longfellow ave., also Republican Canning co. Ray Herrington Geo. A. Hormel amp co. Ronald g. A i i i wit Joseph Mccloskey Greenwood co rus Mii monreore0 Laurel ,., greeting cards Warren a. Lee Hollidaysburg w. S. Lee amp son inc. Jack c. Martz Lyons Martz co. Donald g. Nelson j. E. Nelson amp sons. Richard m. Crownover Procter amp Gamble dist. Co. John r. Cyp Road. Terry Gardner re 2 Deborah Grannas 317 Blair St., Bellwood. Robert Holland. 829 5th ave. Robert Haller 2206 3rd ave. George Clark 2500 3rd ave. Rusty Ann Stover 513 6th ave. Deborah Smith 317 s. 2nd St., Bellwood. Cheryl Weston 510 23rd St. William Hollen Fallentimber. Monica Servello 3709 Burgoon Road. Judy fronts 714 s. Kettle St. Elizabeth Shively 500 Pine St., Bellwood. Carolyn Reese and infant 2007 Washington ave Shelia k. Davis 1125 4th ave., tile Bureau of building inspect Paul e. Daugherty of Altoona re 4, Republican candidate for school director in Logan twp., reported Campaign costs under $150. Ralph e. Hoover of Duncansville re i Republican Candi lop c. T Date for supervisor in Allegheny. St lest foods Jerry Gron twp t reported his expenses under Ger a. E. Staley mfg. Co. Joseph p. Rosenhamer Ward warehousing corp. David Rod Wolf Warta radio and Richard e. Beeler Altoona Mirror. Permits issued fur june work permits have been issued by a u a k i t it i i i f l. I la. _ Juniata. Francis Noel Cresson. Alma Diehl 410 s. 4th St. Betty Loudenslager 1520 16th St. $150. Mercy Hospital admitted Darlene Kemberling 1501 f i i More ave. Elva Swisher 3124 5th ave., Juniata. John Litzinger 1418 21 St ave. Herbert Strohman. 704 10th St. Emma Mcconnell. Gallitzin. Room yesterday included Richard Watson Iii 1814 Lith St., sprain of right wrist. Jonathan Masood 2904 Broadway. Sprain of right ankle. Esther Muir. 311 Sycamore St., contusion of left foot. Harry Dodson. Everett re 2, abrasion and dislocation of right shoulder. Louis Hopfl 1303 1st ave., dislocation and sprain of left second toe. Charles w. Kustaborder 119 2nd ave., abrasion of right Little Finger. Bonnie Uliano 821 3rd ave., sprain of left ankle. Robert nearhoof Tyrone re 4. Contusion of right Side of Chest. Herman Schaffer 823 s. 7th St. Abrasions of right Side of Chest. Jeffrey Hughes 1714 3rd ave., laceration of lower lip. Michael Yerty 427 e. 6th ave., dog bite of left Little Finger. Patricia Yerty. La s. Hagerty St., puncture wound of right thumb Claudia Mccullough 409 28th ave., contusions of left wrist and forearm. Michael Mallory or. 509 8th ave., Haematoma and abrasion of forehead. Charles Wance. 2109 7th ave., contusion of left Side of jaw. Karen Polinsky. 420 6th ave., Margaret a. Lane lock Tion to the Young mens shop Haven. I Juniata contusion of left knee. 1113 Lith St., Interior and sex Carol Bowser 220 Hickory St.1 Timothy Hudson 304 7th ave terror repairs. $9,000 Willard Hollidaysburg. Juniata contusion of Chest and Dennis Knorr 14, of 213 Mulberry St., Hollidaysburg is a patient in mercy Hospital suffering from a fracture of the left received when he fell out of a tree in the Yard of his Drunken Home yesterday among others treated in the Hospital dispensary and permitted to return Home were Sherri Lafferty 4, of 2411 w. Chestnut ave., laceration of left hand on broken soft drink bottle at Home Brenda Bishop 3, of 1315 5th ave., laceration of Chin in fall off Wall at Home Gary f Oster 4, of 1600 28th ave., laceration of left wrist on storm door Glass at Home. Michael Dipietro to of 1310 Adams ave., laceration of left leg in fall from bicycle near Home James Green to. Of 2403 4th ave., dog bite wound of right leg Jack Neely of 123 Franklin St., Hollidaysburg laceration of Scalp on machine at Puritan Brenda Rogers 2010 w. Chestnut ave Gloria Lecomte and infant. Cresson. Viola Hall 1614 5th ave. Delli Cotter 6121/? 22nd St. Stephen Brubaker 939 28th St. Dorothy Witters 3925 Walnut ave. Scott Geesey 215 Ruskin drive. Beverly Shultz and infant 1321 n. Montgomery St., Burg. S. Hart 300 e. F air View ave., repair Patio roof $700 George Garman 125 e. 6th ave., build Patio and exterior repairs $250 mrs. Fannie Carney 325 21st ave., repair siding $350 George Beard 1317 Walnut ave., build Patio $100 g. W. Statler. 2508 pleasant Valley blvd., repair garage $30 Russell Hagie 1005 6th ave., install picture window $40. S. A. Heckler 518 e. Bell holidays ave., renew garage roof $125 Edward Champeno 1914 13th George Durn in 2629 West left knee. Chestnut ave. Patrick Kelly or. 1927 14th Celeste Delconte 1409 7th ave. Ave., fracture of right . Gail Langer 2313 12th ave. Susan Knapp. Re 2, laceration Nick h. Posiowaych 702 e. Of left Side of forehead. 25th ave. Robert a. Wion 4126 Broad James a a. Finley duncans ave., laceration of right sole of foot. Barbara Ann Schucker re 4, laceration of left hand. Robert Laws 1425 2nd St., puncture wound of left foot. David Anthony Bidoli 609 e. Hudson ave., multiple lacerations stolen car Leet near scene continued from Page i stolen during the night. A 1955 Chevrolet owned by Carl Servello of 3709 Burgoon Road was taken from the parking lot at 7th St. And Howard ave. Yesterday. License number on the car which was taken sometime Between and 8 30 ., is y30 764. At 8 of clock this morning mrs. Mildred n. Lantz of 302 Mosser St. Told City police that her 1963 Dodge Sedan had been taken from her backyard during the night. The red Sedan she said was stolen sometime Between 2 and 7 30 . Today. Ville re 2 Ceryl Lockett Hastings. Joline Luciano 1514 7th ave. John Duperock Lilly. Elizabeth Diaho Gallitzin. Evelyn Campbell duncans vice re i.,.dennis a. Knorr 213 Mulber of left Quot def user by St., Hollidaysburg. G. Gat it. J��1 w. Chest a Margaret Harlan. 2121 8th ave. No ave mjg or ,t0 shoulder. I Jacqueline Lytle 200 5th ave., discharged Jagt Syible fracture of right ring t. Albert Simpson 207 Lloyd St. Finger co Benz 2908 Oak ave renew Fannie Rossbach 92 2nd ave. Michael Bauer. 1505 19th Charlotte Gallagher. 822 isl porch roof. $30 a r. A Ewing. A it a a it , gallium. Puncture wound of Scalp Avn mob Inch Union la Geoffrey Mazzocco Gallitzin. Harry Hricko re 2 Annabelle Fisher. 1618 2nd ave j picture window and second Side jo6edhafkwuch? Servelio a 9th \ it Emma Oldham re 2. Of enclosed in Rah $150 Milt Joseph f. Vav China holidays Greg serve to 14.5 9th a Burg re 2. Laceration of forehead Thyra Rudolph 305 7th St. Joan Finochio. Re 3, contusion Mary e. Buchanan 528 e. At and sprain of right Elbow. Cletus Wilt 1905 5th St., head injury. Lottie Margosh Coalport. Ave., rebuild front porch $486 Rosemary Ferguson 1408 walks garage 1811 13th ave., Princeton Road. Exterior repairs to garage $100 Timothy Pfiester 2625 6th ave p. Fusco 515 3rd St., renew Catherine Hite and infant 2936 Walnut ave. Ave., foreign Hazel King 5537 Roselawn ave. Nick Colella Gallitzin. Sti Dent to re presented continued from Page i Zubrod assistant director for instruction. The Honor Roll of students who have made grades during the year that put them on the Deans list will be read by or. Zubrod. Approximately 400 friends and relatives of the graduates Are expected to attend the event. The Public also is invited. In Case of inclement weather the ceremony will be held in the student commons. Of enclosed porch $150 miss Grace Shaw 2608 Robin ave., new roofing on dwelling $500 Michael Giansante 2202 8th Blair school meetings a. Genevv roof. $185. Ros Benzie. Gallitzin. B. I a a a i John p. Remy u0 / 5th St.,1 ctr m at c a a amp % inn or next Eek i Juniata repair front porch,100 Inver Spring two important Blair county Urles Sprinkle j my. School meetings Are scheduled ave. Renew Kitchen window Karen Everett re 2. Or next week the holidays �5 i. R. Whitaker 2212 1st Revin states Cresson. Burg office of Paul Kurtz county ave renew Side porch $400. C. R. Hale Hollidaysburg re Stockholm. Sweden Ipi a a f. Holton 1008 20th ave., minor3 a Prince Wilhelm an 80-year repairs $100 d. C. Weber 914 dance Mcmullen 3027 Wash old brother of King Gustav i 3rd St., Juniata minor repairs. A a a Homer h. Wilt. 41? 8th �?~"f1�Bishop obituaries by United press International superintendent reported today the monthly meeting of the Blair county education Council is planned for monday at to $ i of . In the office of the super-jave., Juniata renew front intendant and at 7 30 on porch Steps $50 George of car wednesday june 9, the monthly meeting of the Blair county school Board is to be held. The projected county technical school is expected to be a major item for discussion at both sessions. False general alarm a false general alarm at 12 30 . Today sent firemen of com Nanies 5 and 6 and truck b to l6th ave. And 19th St. June graduates Redlands. Calif. Up a mrs Edith Hinckley 84, and her great granddaughter Edith Beguelin. 4, Are among this years june graduates. Mrs. Hinckley will receive her masters degree tomorrow from the University of Redlands. She got a bachelors degree from Pomona College 62 years ago. Edith is just finishing kindergarten. Son. 310 18th St., repair roof Inland Point bricks $90 and Paul i Adolf died this morning after a 1504 5th ave. I Long illness it w As announced Bridget Donnelly 400 58th St. Here. Jennifer e. Pine holidays ,�?o7 mid r Algusta a. Up a funeral services were scheduled today for Wiley j. Smith executive vice president of one of Krell 1535 Crawford ave., new roof $425. I Bree-1 Earl in boy approves amendment struck by automobile 5thttmhet the Washington up a the j0d Keith 3, of 1307 16th 58. Died Friday of an apparent Senate finance committee Fri ave. Ran into the Street from be heart attack Day approved an amendment to Hind a parked car yesterday health and welfare legislation and was struck by a car operate which would increase themed by Isabel Conrad of 410 16th amount a retired person Couldst. Copenhagen up a William Bower. 98, reputed to be Denmark a oldest Active actor earn without losing his social Security benefits. The amendment was among a Host approved Friday by the committee As it moved closer to Clearing was bruised by the Impact and House passed legislation for an aunt told City police that be the elderly and social Security would be treated by the family increases. Doctor. Mrs. Conrad was travelling died Friday. South on 13th St. Between 14th and 15th aves when the mishap Cleveland. Ohio up a occurred at 3 . The child funeral services will be held Here for w. Wayne Hancock 79, a retired executive of Republic steel corp. Hancock died thursday

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