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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Altoona, Pennsylvania New York shoppers get Unla Lieval it be Kernel buys by jaws Loveland insuring Homes and the City a new York up a John schools. Omar paused in the aisle. In March because of the food patted his rotund belly and situation and because the store said Quot my family of six drinks sat die in saturdays the store 10 cases of soft drinks a week. A opened to the Public on if we had to buy this in a store saturdays. In april it opened in Manhattan it would kill 10 the Public four Days a week so Instate of shopping near an business has never slowed Bis Home on the East Side of Down. Manhattan. Cmar had stocked Reuben Vestier president of up on his to cases at the Vestier the corporation said Quot in a not food corp. A warehouse doing this for love in a doing it converted into a 30,000 Square-7or profit and in a making a foot food store in Queens. Profit a there with fwd prices wont discuss sales Rhmon a and the at Nin Quot say we buy an for $1 Phi r rely under and for 5� in a ii Utku. Of and Price Large Schwartz Mafli. A l1.said. Quot we will sell it for si.20 ii Iii a m ii 8pnpral and make a 20 cent profit or an to to v i rants a Schwartz would not discuss quart in the new York area for the amount of sales on a Given Quad or. Day bul a Ltd store a d07pntl Rfade a Large averages 4.000 customers on tin. Normally to or of cents weekdays and 10,000 on Satur tor a ones. Day Gaid he bag not noticed an in ounce oaf of White any increase in customers since bread about 47 cents in most phase in was announced Large markets for a Quarter. It wednesday. Sta. Ltd. Of a a Quot usually mrs. Betty Malik pushed a about ii.41, for .0 cents. Cart of groceries she said would swamped by shoppers Cost her about $00. Quot i have As a result the Zeitzer food been coming Here for the past corp. Is swamped with shop couple of months because the. Pers who have been known to prices Are reasonable and the wait hours in line during warehouse has everything ii blistering heat and Nasty rain heed for my family a she said storms. On Friday hundreds of one woman who did not persons picked and pinched want to be identified said it their Way through the Maze of was her first trip to the store i items loading up their shop Quot god. I wish i had a truck a Ping carts. I she said. Sanford Schwartz an in Quot we give Dollar for Dollar but dependent consultant who set the big boys give you fancy up the operation said his store lights and a parking lot you used to Deal Only with no retail get nothing for nothing from outlets such As hospitals them a Zeitzer said. The Altoona Mirror Altoona pa., sati Day hey 21, 1973. Mirror Clef tidied ads phone 944-7171 3 second skylab Fate of states Mission will last 59 Days Cape Kennedy up i taxpayers at stake says Wilt Harrisburg a a William Haven for Price weary with milk going for 25 cents a quart a lady shopper decides to buy a Case at Zeitzer food corp. Warehouse in new York City. The warehouse located in Queens is a Haven for the Price weary. Phase in shocked food buyer. Price hungry shoppers have been known to wait hours in line to Stock up on almost unbelievable buys. Up telephoto f Milf in 41 Nelso Jerry l. Rhodes and Ron _ Ald l. assault Girt trial it i and Battery continued from Page i Barry g. Holes Agar voted As. Sault and Battery. Id assault and Battery. Darryl l. driving j�?��-11 Leasure assault and under the influence. Jerry a. Imler paternity. I James b. Thompson burglary r. Larceny receiving stolen goods Charles Brothers aggravated and driving during suspense assault and Battery. 5-__ Patrick h. O Rorke aggravate i his a a w and assault and Battery and Auto larceny. Tuesday july 24 support continued from Page i , h.1var? .�.u? Brok n a a our in to Sault and Battery and assault remain in Power with intent to ravish. _ t. Elder Lindsey assault with Erer of to pm be j intent to kill. Jwo countries . Planned to merge sept. I but Robert e. Leskowitz. Driving Sadat said earlier this week under the influence. That the was in effect Daniel a. Isenberg a statutory postponed for one year by rape and incest. Agreement with a Hadaf. Arlene m. Lasher a failure to. Out Clatl in Dor priv fan under the i Niy Berau # removed the i. Ill. His it Smy a Stacle him Ell a. Ass e. Smith adult with inc a for Day by cd pro intent to kill and aggravated a. 1>lf Rad of Road can a la. Sault and Battery. Of a Telegram khad Afy sent to Harles Lewis i Onari burglars Sadat in which the 31-year-old of Railroad cars libyan Leader said he had quit Thomas l. Miller driving under the influence. Wednesday july 25 Robert Alexander Hill to Stop in event of an Accident. James Richard Reed Burgla effective july la despite objections by his fellow military officers. Khad Afy a resignation was not taken too seriously by egyptian politicians and diplomats. He has resigned twice before and returned to his spare Agency officials have Wilt a Blair said today that added three More Day to the the ultimate Fate of millions of eight week Mission of the Pennsylvania taxpayers is at second skylab Crew but they stake in phase ii of the con plan to closely Monitor the tinting Battle of the budget astronauts health during the dec pairing that the tax . Last half of the record space ers themselves were the initial bight. J Winner when the governor the countdown for firing finally accepted the House rpm a astronauts Alan l. Bean Owen put in Tan concept of a strict k. Garriott and Jack r. Ceiling on state spending by up to the space station Hepting a 13.5 billion general was in a holding pattern today appropriations Bill a rep. Wilt while the three space explorers said. Quot both Shapp Democrat did More work in a lockup of Ard House Republic Ian differ the converted Apollo Moon widely on what to do with $680 capsule that will ferry them million yet to be into orbit. Quot specifically a he added the second skylab Mission Quot the administration wants to now scheduled to last 59 Days spend most of the difference had the extra Days added to it Between the 13.5 billion a Bill for a a operation reasons a pro and 4.is billion in anticipated Gram director William c. Revenues on new and expanded Schneider said Friday in state programs the use what Washington. Ever if anything is left Over splashdown had been planned or tax Peelier for 1,200 Miles Southwest of san a a republicans however Diego calif., in the Pacific propose the exact opposite a Ocean but the new schedule proach i.e., first write a tax will bring it to 340 Miles Relief program firmly into Law Southwest of san Diego at 6 20 then fit the remainder into a . Edt sept 25. The launch strict spending ceiling that still j is scheduled july 2h. Will permit adequate funding of the space Agency said a existing services comprehensive review of the Quot it is our Contention that the health of the first skylab Crew latter course is the Only Way to who stayed aboard the orbiting effectively curb state spending i research lab four weeks which itself la the Only Keystone showed the space pioneers for providing meaningful tax Quot tolerated 28 Days of weight Relief to All pennsylvanians Les Ness extremely Well. Quot specifically the Republican Quot the medical findings Indi pm Quot is to write the first $2,000 to. It the that the crewmen have of income considered for state out. However one was not in returned to their tax purposes into that same Jared pre flight baselines a Nasa action of the Law which also there was $250 damage to said excludes income from pensions. Nancy car and Hoo to Cair. Pace Agency Chi of social Security workmen and a a life science. Do. Charles comp no two Berry is a ii Ward Aile re thl a a rom. A at the Accident occurred . Yesterday. F a parked vehicle owned by Earl feasible to plan for a 59-Dav ppr it Pentax a a Conner of Duncansville re 3 was flight. Quot such a course will effective struck by a vehicle driven by a it As a safeguard in View of remove from the states in Gary t. Coeburn. 28. Of 2408 the a major Extension of manned com tax eve or in Maple ave. At 9 . Yesterday spaceflight do ratan a a Rev now paying 46 annually or less said City police. Jid has been determined a a per. He or a. The Maple ave., 24th St. That the medical data for the work a a. The Nar Cpd or Nae in Taenia first portion of the Mission will moreover this uniform $46 of Jill i Farina North the reviewed at the mid Mission reduction also amounts to much Shvar n Ihl mfr ton it and weekly review will More for the individual wag is mtg had Lanai the Sis he scheduled for the remainder earner�?$34.74 for the average 5 x. Dlr of the flight. Clerk. $33.60 for the textile to was i by Rockburn s car a a _ a h Walt Liv up worker. $23.48 for the steel travelling North on Twenty fourth. Following pack weekly re. H f he Street because he Aid his car View approval for the Continua worker Ana j-1.84 tor toe in Street Nee a use be aia is car i Lummous Coal Miner a than was forced to the right. Damage v a a l. A would the governors Frodo a was sinn to the tonner car and for the seven Day period by the Wouita me governor s proposal was 100 to the Conner car and program do Rector a he Side to reduce the rate to 2.1 per bean Garriott and to. In. I have one major physical View. Political of i Mildred a. Shannon 35 of Al examination scheduled monday a Quot is Quot qui is toon a re 4 at 11 15 . Yester before their flight. They have 51,1 hat he Sharp and ministry Day was driving East on route been in Semi isolation for two Ion had it to a Victory a week 07049, Puz be town Road. She failed weeks to protect them from Are and w,1 of be quoth a to notice a car coming from getting sick spend the Lions share of a route 220, driven by Millard f Behm 63, of Morrisville. She pulled into the North Lane of $175 to the Cockburn car. Routes 07649 and 220 rout 220 and the. Two of hides Hospital closes Cavard fro re and pm Tion under what he said was Arthurs Yards i Orgert and pressure from f a a byans uttering a forged instrument. D a Gordon Cowan fraudulent con Ana is Rul or Collea us gop meeting a state sen. Stanley g. Stroup at podium addresses 125 Republican leaders from 21 Central Pennsylvania counties who attended a meeting in Altoona last night to form a a a an organization to unify republicans in the Central counties. The meeting was held at the Penn Alto hotel and included gop county chairmen state representatives and senators and other party leaders from the Core of the state. Collided causing $150 damage to i Gregory j. Crug it of Box 3, in Philadelphia i Chest Springs was driving West Ion route 22 West of duncans own Aly in owl \ India Ville Al 8 10 Vesterdal when even a a he lost control of his vehicle be Jug w.,?li2 by Quot a Quot cause of the wet roads. His be ? in by icky v. L i in the City closed its doors r Tibiae skidded across the Highway i a Traer packed in do to. Lack of Community sup Belfast a cats Dit ional revenues still Haven to i Learned the real lesson of phase i. Quot Itie same determination which resulted in at least partial acceptance of a firm ceiling in state spending still exists. It will now he used to bring Welcome tax Relief to All pennsylvanians even if the cop leaders version. James p. Arthurs driving under the influence. James l. Williams aggravated Gss auit and Battery. Thomas cram stuntman a hit and run. John h. Coudriet and Alexander Kamencak holding a hostage. George p. Burka driving under the influence. Charles b. Bums paternity. Anthony s. Cann Osinov paternity. Monday july so Timothy d. Berardi a driving under the influence. Collie Barnett rape. William r. Feathers abortion Gary c. Walk a cheating by fraudulent pretence. Ronald m. Holland a assault with intent to kill. Kenneth Itley driving under the influence. Dick Clarks driving under the influence. Tuesday july 31 Betty Lou Price and Marvin d. Price a aggravated assault and Battery malicious mischief. James r. Reed and Jesse a. Creek burglary and larceny. Duane Thomas Spallone rape. Paul Peterson failure to Stop in event of an Accident. John Alex Orr William f. Orr and Thomas m. Pagliara a corrupting the morals of a minor Lewis k. Fink burglary larceny and receiving stolen goods. James Mardist fraudulent pretence. Robert e. Sprankles failure to support illegitimate children. Ronald e. Nearhoof violation of the controlled substance act. Michael j. Musselmann paternity. Wednesday aug. I Jesse Earl mainess involuntary manslaughter. Joseph r. Mcmullen Pate i 1>w. Robert Dilley a malicious mischief to private property. Paul Eugene Feather assault with intent to kill and pointing a deadly weapon. William j. Fagan and Battery and unlawful entry. Larry Ferry a furnishing malt beverages to minors. Donald r. Harpster a driving under the influence. William Craig Hillings involuntary manslaughter. Lester h. Dunlap driving under the influence. Monday aug. 6 James j. Kelly corrupting the morals of minors and sodomy. Gary Wayne Himesh malicious mischief and larceny. Charles l. Walter burglary of Railroad cars and larceny. Gary Lee Noel burglary. Tuesday aug. 7 Cletus g. Ansman and Elizabeth j. Ansmann defrauding Public assistance. Dennis h. Gordon Danny e. Unity procession khad Afy who seized Power in a bloodless coup in 1969, said he left Amsterdam on a flight to key 34, of 616 4th ave. Was mov a in. Tiv Tokyo via Anchorage. Alaska. My South on eighth Street at 41 Mee 11/vgi in the first Contact with the Lexington Avenue when a car port and Quot changing times. A cwt for bombi�?o8s damage was $300 to the i Rug car. Warren panne i adding that the Rig Vias not damaged. Hospital has been in receiver Jay Colin Baker Ipox to co test in Monc Mink for bankruptcy Belfast Ltd the . ,. A in 1970 Al restrict ground after the plane was operated by Dorothy a. Masood. Utill it Vuu t Tefs in maker the Surprise an Jons on adj movement in seized one of the hijackers,�?T58, of 1311 20th St. Went through a Quot 1,11nou Cement. Pannell gave no Northern Ireland s capital and was responding to a Telegram Rull Ai it us Zik speaking what an airline a Stop sign at eighth Street. The continued from Page i indication what the future ass dec Public warnings toov in Sadat sent saying that a Hadaf and Samuel l. Hayes or. Of by spokesman called Quot horrible Quot to vehicles collided. Mrs. Masood rationale he spelled out to sen would be for the $3 million anti cation of a possible would Bear responsibility tor cemented at the new English said he was a member was taken to Altoona Hospital Ervin in a july 7 letter his p rat Story Structure in West weekend Campaign of bombings any problems caused by the palestinian guerrilla for a rays by amed duty to protect Philadelphia. By the underground Irish Unity procession heading fori a a a Quot group Al Fatah. Later an Al damage was $500 to the car and the Powers and prerogatives of when the doors closed at Republican army Ira. Mean leaders in the i Atah spokesman in Berntt $600 to the Burkey vehicle. The presidency As a separate 3 30 ., Only 43 patients were continued from Page i route 764 Branch of government. Committee rapped Bein Fourt Liy 4.1 patients were be restrictions changed Tho g treated or about one City t0 a ghost town with the. Authorized by streets almost deserted and Cairo. Iii1. Raul a Quot pc a a a a a i atan spokesman in but in the same message counties. Denied any knowledge of the khad Afy appealed to the the men said the unified hijacking. Marchers to obey orders by strength could he used to and 0vpr i taif one Hijacker be motorists were treated Orvy the com the hos Tal has 275 t0�?Tv m minimum Quot egyptian officials that they Vance the causes of tax Relief Lod around Contro at the Rome admitted to mercy Hospital Fob these sources say the presi bids. Trace a a by following a map ?r ,�?Tfh.t0pliba i,&Quot.i. A cd want re,0rm 0f a a Perl Tow were Ltd a Quot Quot till t a 7. Pannell listed it Neering Finan la Nrma e. Quot slav at heme8 a member of the revolution state spending. Members of the Quot japanese along route .6-l a Edge of the secret listening j j Troub is an obsolete div warning a Dolice source said March a imprisoned in Israel Al zanies a i Restko 19, of Ahu. Hospital s closing. My a hints tha re a last Eirv in the meantime the libyan tayesiti.?, of ceremonies procession was halted by a rep a it who introduced an train egyptians parked across Drew a Cewis finance chair the Road to coastal City of Man Republican state commit Alexandria. Tee who is an announced candidate for governor and mayor William c. Stouffer who made welcoming remarks. Atty. Robert c. Jubelirer of agreement on Highway finds continued from Page i Altoona chairman of Pennsylvania Young republicans also their share from the fund to was among the speakers at the any mass transit use. Other sections other parts of the Bill agreed to on Friday included �?$2 billion Over the three year period for Highway safety programs such As eliminating hazardous intersections rebuilding narrow Bridges and establishing better warning systems. $2 billion Over the period for non interstate superhighways outside the cities nearly $900 million for Urban extensions of those roads. A nearly $1.2 billion for secondary Road systems outside the cities dinner meeting. In addition the county was represented by Blair gop chairman James Stockport. Hijackers threaten fill j Rengo Seg Ikun said. The United red i Drivers of the autos were Daniel c. Gresock 19, of 1321,. Montgomery St., Hollidaysburg. The Hijacker who did not ind Raymond c. Butner 30, of How the Pilot to talk sate he Blair Mobile Home Park. East sought the release of a i Reedom japanese imprisoned in . I injured in the Accident were the japanese Koto Okamoto a attn who had Brut the was sentenced to life imprison Iowa a Rio uht in a Nav q ment for his part in the murder is a.,., minor injuries but not treated aim not u Man Fhy ton a Eleaine Bittner 26, admitted with Airport 14 months ago. A concussion and Back Strain nothing More was heard Sherri Bittner. 7, Bruise to the from the hijackers As the plane spine and Gresock admitted flew East Over Beirut and Jtb multiple facial cuts and con Damascus. Cussion the plane headed to Kuwait to _ where it was refused Landing a in la 7cl caravel in permission. A turn Over the i Airport at Basra in Southeast is6 Iraq showed the Airstrip was a oin North on <64, after too Short for a jumbo. Presidents War Powers continued from Page i Man Jerry Friedheim Friday termed that cover up a a Blunder of some magnitude and said it resulted from pressure by another Section of government. He did not name this source of pressure but said it was not the state department leaving newsmen to speculate that it was the White House. The armed services committee wants details of How the administration conducted 3,630 bombing raids in Cambodia in 1969 and 1970, dropping nearly 104,000 tons of explosives while keeping two sets of records one falsely showing the raids As occurring in South Vietnam the other reporting the True facts to a handful of officials. Publish a daily. Second Cia mail privilege authorized and second class Portage paid at Altoona a. Continued from Page i body but refused to allow anyone else off the plane. The dead woman when a hand grenade tied to her Waist exploded Quot the Dubai police said. In Tokyo an airline official said the woman died just before the hijacking. Ask for food water a the hijackers have so far asked for Only food and water and nothing else a he Dubai police said. A they have threatened to blow up the Craft if attempts Are made to disarm them. The police said palestinians and japanese were among the hijackers but gave no details about them. Earlier the hijackers identified themselves As members of a japanese revolutionary group. A Dubai government spokesman said the hijackers were Quot awaiting instructions a but did not say from where or whom. A the hijacked aircraft is still at Dubai Airport Quot the spokesman said a and the five hijackers Are still insisting they have no seek to free captive he said they did not even ask for More fuel for the aircraft. In Beirut a spokesman for Japan air lines said Dubai authorities were waiting for the arrival of a japanese delegation in route from Tokyo. The drama began at 4 10 ., 40 minutes after the plane finally after circling Bahrein in vain for nearly two hours the aircraft touched Down in the Oil Rich sheikh Dom of Dubai. Police car the Gresock car turned left in front of the Bittner car. The Accident occurred near Long a Dairy store. Damage was $1,500 to the Gresock car and $500 to the Bittner vehicle. Two motorists were admitted a a t0 Nason Hospital in fair Condi l sets in Chase Tion at n 30 yesterday Ray a. Imond p. Moore 36, of Defiance continued from Page i and Gregory j. Jackson 17, of Klobetanz had a scratch on Hollidaysburg re i. Driver of a his left leg. But refused treat third vehicle a Van in the Accident. Dent was Gilbert c. Gise ii 22, 7th ave., 19th St. I of Tipton. Route 36 the Moore car was moving South on route 36, Taylor twp., at 11 30 . Yesterday when it and was Well aware that his Hosp talk a closing. Moved into the Belfast City refusal to provide recordings of Quot we re just a victim of the area prior to the Start of specific conversations to Clear times Quot said or. George Today a operation the army up the watergate matter would Ward chief of paediatrics. Quot this said in statements broadcast leave him open to charges that s one of the things that Hap repeatedly on radio and Televik he was covering up his own when there is integration. Sion. Involvement. There Are other Black hospitals be army urged the Public but he was also said to be in other states that face the in the interests of their own confident that the supreme same problems. Safety a to report anything court would Rule in his favor if the Hospital was conceived suspicious. An army spokesman the Issue comes to a court test in 1948, when the City a Only declined to elaborate on the Nixon a remarks and demean two Black medical institutions warning. Or indicated that he plans to Frederick Douglass memorial one ear ag0 today a series draw the Battle lines and Hospital and mercy Hospital 0f bombs exploded in and counterattack. Merged. Around Belfast and killed nine already some High level Ward said prior to world persons in what has since presidential aides Are charging War ii the two institutions become known As the Quot bloody the Ervin committee with were the on a hospitals in Penn Friday bombings Sloppy staff work and with Sylvania where Young Black announcing the massive going beyond us mandate by doctor old be in a sown of Alliv Emjem in allowing the telex sed hearings ter ship and residence too degenerate into character assassinations. Motorcyclist Leo a. Baronies 19. Of 118 Montgomery St., Hollidaysburg was travelling West on seventh Avenue at 6 01 . When an Auto operated North drifted into the North Quot Lane and on nineteenth Street by Victor sideswiped the Cise car driving v. Vandenberg 66, of Barnes it to the West berm. The Moore Boro. Pulled into the intersect car then collided with the Jackson Tion. The Cycle collided with the Lear head on. The roaring Spring car and Baronner was admitted fire company was called to clean to mercy Hospital in fair con the debris from the Road. Damage edition suffering from cuts and was $400 to the Moore car. Bruises. Damage was $350 to the bar Onner Cycle and $150 to the car. Vandenberg was cited for failing to Yie d the right of Way. Skyline drive Logan two. Police reported that at 11 32 ., motorcyclist David Peterman of 532 e. Grant ave. Was treated at Altoona Hospital for minor injuries received when his new Cycle went off Skyline drive. There was $5 damage to the Cycle police said. Lexington ave., 8th St. Amed Driver Charles r. Bur route 07002 two Sisters were involved in a traffic Accident Gail Ann Claar 19, and Nancy l. Claar 23, of Portage re 2, both Drivers of cars which crashed one mile North of ski Gap on route 07002 in Greenfiled township. Nancy stopped behind another vehicle on the Highway with the two cars Over the Crest of a Hill. Gail approaching the two cars unsuccessfully to swerve her car to miss the rear of Nancy a car. After the crash her car went another 40 feet into a wooded area where the Driver was thrown then. Still want Nixon they have also claimed that by publicly questioning All the watergate principals the Ervin committee is making it impossible for any to be successfully prosecuted. Underlying the presidents strategy is the feeling in the White House that most of the people who voted for Nixon eight months ago still want him As their president watergate notwithstanding. Quot there Are. Great causes that we were elected overwhelmingly to carry Forward in november of 1972,�?� Nixon said Friday. Quot let others Wallow in watergate. Wear going to do our Hijacker sentenced new York up Garrett b. Trapnell 35, was sentenced Friday to life in prison for hijacking an air plane bound from los Angeles to new York in january 1972. Trapnell has a history of talking his Way out of jails and into mental institutions. He tried to Delav his sentencing by asking for another psychiatric examination. When that move was blocked he said he would Appeal the sen tence. In hijacking the trans world airlines plane Trapnell demanded a $306,000 Ransom and Freedom for Angela Davis the Black militant who was in jail the capital at Dawn the army he said in the late 1940s and said that from 6 in. Today 1950s the Hospital lost hold of troops would Quot mount a major its Black interns and Hasni to operations to curtail the hired a Black intern during the movement of arms explosives past seven years. Many of the and suspected gunmen or Ira present interns Are foreigners agents. All Crossings Between the staff is fully integrated the doctor said. The hospitals nursing school was phased out 15 years ago because it could not support itself. Quot its like the death of a Well loved relative a said or. Wilbur Strickland a staff member since 1931. Quot this Hospital has done a lot of Good things. If it Wasny to for this Hospital and its Nurs ing school there would be no negro doctors in the Commonwealth. Quot it certainly served the purpose for which it was created a he said. Catholic and protestant areas will be Quot effectively screened and searched thoroughly a the army said. Many persons Enro Ute to work were delayed by Road blocks As troops screened them or diverted them to other routes. The army a move was partially prompted by the explosion of three bombs Friday in roman Catholic owned bars which wounded several persons two of them seriously. Hours earlier another explosion killed a British Soldier and a sniper killed a part time militiaman. Advises hand guns new Orleans up new Orleans police chief Clarence Giarusso said Friday that residents should buy hand guns to protect themselves Quot from criminals that Are in the streets Quot i done to believe that hand guns hould be taken from the citizens a he said. Quot if anything i would advocate More citizens having hand the police chief said in his opinion Quot the focus should be on the sex convict. There should be statutes passed which would prevent them from possessing weapons of any quiz show sued los Angeles up a a Man claiming to be a professional writer and the original Quot wizard of Odds a filed a $2 million lawsuit Friday to halt the National broadcasting company from calling a morning television quiz show Quot the wizard of Leo Guild who said for the past Quarter Century he has created radio and television shows books newspaper columns and cartoons bearing the wizard title claimed the quiz show has deceived and misled viewers into believing they Are watching something he created

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