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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition the circulation of the Altoona Mirror yesterday was 36,216 Altoona of Lhrrow. Vol. 89�?no. 33 phonic 944-7171 Altoona pa., saturday evening Illy 21, 1973. A a the weather tonight occasional showers. Low in the 60s. Sunday a Cloudy Chance of showers. High in the 70s. Com pm Rte rep nerf pc la thirty pages Price ten cents special visitors president Nixon chats with a group of girl scouts near Camp David. The chief executive stopped his limousine on the winding Mountain Road to talk with the girls. Up telephoto police car upsets in it. 36 Chase Nixon to contest order for tapes by Donald Finley the president will refuse Camp David my. Up a according to aides setting the stage for a constitutional test which might have to be settled a state police officer in Pursuit of a traffic Violater lost control _ ,. Of his Cruiser at 1 30 pm. Yes president Nixon is discontent euday and the Cruiser rolled r?8 the secret taping of his Down a 20-foot Cuba Kment. The phone Calls and office Conversa officer was not Hun. �?oo"8 Hgt a is report. Mean police eventually nabbed the preparing a Stoma fight to get away violator but did not re prevent the Senate watergate Imi. I Nam committee rom obtain a tapes Quot Quot a a a me we h state police said that trooper already made. Personally to seek a dem. R. Roland a. In our who. Quot Quot a a go a a a to whih by the supreme court. Turn Down request preparing a Strong fight a Jdeen a a a a a a a Quot pm Quot him a. B. A White House sources say suit North on route .16 near Holli Nixon plans to inform commit Claysburg when or violator tee chairman Sam i. Ervin jr., turned off route 36 onto a dirt d-n.c., monday of his Quot in Road. The officer turned also hut his car slide on gravel on the Road and went Over the embankment Landing on its roof. He was saved from injury by a seat Belt. Damage was $1,000 to the Cruiser. State City and Logan twp. Police reported a Battery of accidents yesterday in which 12 area residents were injured. Two motorcyclists were involved in the accidents As was the police Cruiser and an amed ambulance and two pedestrians were injured. City police said the two pedestrians Hurt were 2-year-old William Mccaulley of 2013 3rd ave. And 84-year-old Gustave Klobe Tanz of the Penn Alto hotel. 3rd ave., 20th St. Revocable Quot decision not to give the committee the tapes of presidential conversations with watergate figures which the committee wants. If the committee issues a subpoena for the recordings criminal court trials scheduled a jury panel of to Blair county residents has been called to the Mccaulley child darted heart cases Durins the next three out from Between two parked a seeks cars and on his Way from the District attorney Amos Davis North to South sides of third a listed 61 cases for trial be ginning monday at 9.30 . Many of the cases Are listed for jury trial. However 20 cases Are scheduled to be heard by judge Robert c. Haberstroh and judge Cuto the head and Bruise of the Arnold Smorto. A visiting judge from Cambria county. The judges in these cases would decide if a Avenue near twentieth Street was struck by an out driven by mrs. Melvin Kadane 48, of 204 Logan blvd. The child was treated at Altoona Hospital for a right hip. 12th ave., 12th St. Klobetanz was struck while stepping from the curb at twelfth Avenue and twelfth Street at 8 34 . Friday by an Auto driven by William d. Amheiser 18, of 1125 17th ave., who was turning onto twelfth Avenue from twelfth Street. Continued on Page 3, column 4 Iii today a Altoona or Tarot Page amusements .13 area news and pictures is classified ads .25-26-27-28-29 comics and panels 24 crossword Puzzle 9 editorial and features .8 obituaries .30 Rural and Urban living 17-21 sports. 22-23 sunday Church services 10-11-12 women s features 6 defendant were guilty or not. The Blair county courts have scheduled this special session of criminal court to take care of the remaining cases listed for jury trial and trial by judge thus cleaning up most of the Back cases prior to the next session of grand jury in september. Back cases the court and District attorneys office must get their Back cases cleaned up because As of july 1974, the Commonwealth will have about Iso Days to dispose of a Case. Judge Haberstroh will preside Over trials on monday and he will be joined by judge Smorto on tuesday and the Cambria county judge will help out with cases the rest of the week. Cases Are also scheduled for the week of july 30 and aug. 6. The cases scheduled by atty Davis Are As follows monday july 23 Terry Lee Metzgar aggravate continued on Page 3, column i Nixon had agreed a Little Over a week ago before he went to the Hospital with pneumonia. White House officials said the fact that Nixon policy of having his conversation recorded for Quot historical Quot purposes has become Public knowledge prompted him to decide to end the practice Nixon s qualities As a Tough fighter showed through his Hospital pallor Friday As he left Bethesda naval Hospital talked to aides at the White House and then with his Friend c. G. Rebozo motored almost three hours to his Mountain Retreat for a weekend of rest and planning. Will stay on Job with reporters present Nixon told a group of staff members assembled in the White House Rose Garden Quot any suggestion that this president is Ever going to slow Down or is Ever going to leave this office. Is just Plain Quot we Are going to stay on this Job until we get the Job be said. He told the staff Quot i want you to know when i come Back from Camp David monday morning it is going to be full tilt All the White House sources said Nixon a refusal to turn Over the watergate tapes is based on the continued on Page 3, column 9 Relief delayed then elections Are just a few months a a away every politician pretends a lot of interest in All clauses of taxpayers. In an Quot off year they Are never quite so concerned. Those who toil through these hot summer Days for a envelope or Check that is already overtaxed should develop a Long memory. Relief from the onerous tax forced on All wage earners in this state by the present administration had been hoped for july i. It seemed to be promised by both parties when the Battle of the budget was raging in Harrisburg. Now the latest word on the subject is that tax Cut on personal income will be delayed until fall. Sweat sweat and More sweat seems to be the theme in Harrisburg. No Cooling Breeze from a tax Cut is going to be forthcoming at this time. If perfect honesty prevailed in the present state administration the word might get out that Quot we need until fall to find new ways to spend your Money so that a tax Cut will not be in making the present Flat income tax so obnoxious to most taxpayers the schemers Hope to delude the people of the state into voting for a constitutional amendment that would allow a graduated income tax to be imposed. They argue that then the people most Able to would take up most of the Load. They neglect to warn that the Load then will be increased to a Point where everyone will be paying More. Spend spend and spend and elect elect and elect prove to be an outworn truism in these Days when taxpayers in this state and in ail other parts of the country Are thinking about a tax revolt. The average Blue Collar worker in this state is now paying from $250 to $300 More in state taxes than he paid before the Shapp administration forced an income tax through. A Promise to reduce the tax and to Reform the state sales tax system has never been kept. The Promise to delete thousands from the state payrolls has not Only been broken but latest figures show almost 12,000 additional people on the payrolls and the increases in expenses Are staggering. Working people cannot afford the loss of several Days to go to Harrisburg to stage a mass protest. They can and should spend the postage to protest by mail and to Promise the spenders to replace them in 1974 if Quick action is not taken to give them the needed tax cuts within the next few weeks. A mass demand for such Relief for those who work and earn their living would bring results. Many legislators might even Welcome such pressure from the folks Back Home. It would be an indication that the majority of pennsylvanians Are very much concerned about the High Cost of government in this state. Just a few weeks ago tax Relief starting july i 1973, was very much in the news of those who the taxes do not react now it Well be that july i 1974, will come and go and still there will be no tax Cut for those who deserve it most. Agreement reached on Highway funds for mass transit Washington up a As expected by both houses and consider important comm univ House and Senate negotiators signed by president Nixon and environmental problems in have broken a lengthy stale would allow cities to spend determining the Best we to mate and approved a $19 their share of the fund on mass meet Urban transportation billion three year Federal Aid transit beginning july i. 1975. Needs Quot Baker said Highway Mil which would for rep. Jim Wright a Tex. The Quot Vernon Diller the first Lime Grant Urban area coherence chairman and sen. To a a a. Permission Tausa inn Lund Lloyd Remsen. A Tex. Head of senal vtt"0&Quot i Money or ., transit instead the scime Roll Cvet nailed the Ami Quot a Cut few a to of highways. Agreement As a a cd is t0 use the the conferees reported a breakthrough. A ,0n fund for the Compromise Bill Friday.21s transit after More than two months of. Wn8hl Ca de. A a Good the House version however meetings. Basc Compromise and said would allow none of the Trust the major Roadblock Between came with a a a Quot a Muff Rexa hut Highway rust Fin Quot pm huh was of Harej or Side could Al the agreement would set the and express by Quot i stems Fril by wholly a Rban allocation of Trust funds traffic dogged Urban areas in Loward Baker. A Tenn. Al j�0 million the firs year the fund is supported by Gas by Dina a ?.rtdh , not a taws a rans la do a was pleased each of the next two years with the Compromise. Would allow no transit Money in to Nuila trip now Neath feel Urban transport aeon the fund to be spent in the p his Hwan problems can Only be adequate current fiscal year and Grant by addressed when All modes of up to $200 million for express tire and and Highway user was established 16 to build the Complete interstate system. Transportation can compete bus systems in fiscal 1975. In starting in 1975 equally for funding and when w78, cities divert All of agreement if sustained local officials Are allowed Tot continued on Page 3, column 2 president s War Powers Are limited people stocking up on groceries by John Hall Washington up the Senate has voted to limit to 30 by Mathis Chazanov United press International most supermarkets have not in Chicago san Francisco and go. New York. In California a strike of Days the president a a authority yet posted the Price boosts a Toms third Day in states to wage foreign wars without allowed under the phase four farm Bureau federation and congressional consent. Economic program but shop leaders of the peach Pear and meanwhile the Senate armed pers Lhnn King ahead to higher la a growing industries a services committee probed s pealed to president Nixon to further into the Nixon adminis a so Sar buying up whole cases or Jer Imi int int ii Ami a a a 1111111 a a t a traction s concealment of bomb z t 60-Day Quot Cooling off Quot in some cities pc nod. Ling raids in Cambodia in Una i fat Rpss a an grand farm Bureau and 1970 from the american in Erna onal Survey. President said that failure to Public and from most members Quot it was a Little busier than a Settle the strike by 65 000 of Congress. Normal Friday probably due to workers at 84 canneries could the Senate vote Friday to people trying to beat possible result in severe economic j limit the presidents War Price rises Quot said Davie bar problems for growers and farm Powers was 71 to 18. The Ranti manager of the Arguello workers Quot and higher prices for measure would allow the chief supermarket in san Francisco i executive to dispatch troops Quot we be had a lot of people 30 Days in an Bovine full cases of Merchand at the wholesale level prices a wholesale prices up overseas Only for 30 Days in an buying full cases of Merchand at the wholesale level pc a emergency. Then he would ise a said Don Lyons manager went in okla Honn to Fri arc have to obtain congressional of the food City store in shot upwards by 14 to or 1�?�?�?o a Quot or Infin a a a a Winston Salem. No. He said 48 a up cards 54 10 a Quot can cases of tuna fish and 24 approval to continue a War. Winston Salem. he said 48 hundredweight a the a highest faces veto can cases of tuna fish and 24 jump in a six of d f an the Senate measure and one fan a vegetables have according to passed wednesday by the Selling Well. Charles r. Hamilton vice 120-Day limit increases reported president of Wickham packing House setting a now go to a House Senate in Raleigh n.c., some co. The state agriculture conference to Iron out the shoppers were filling up Over department reported that the differences. Sized baskets and one broiler chickens but the resulting Bill faces bought $200 Worth of meat. Increased cents per Pound residential veto and there is phase four allows increases ,. A commodity markets r ittle Prospect that War critics in the Cost of producing food to eat and Oats sold for % milk prices going up in milk prices Are going up. I the Farmer will get More i for his product but the i consumer will have to i More. The state milk marketing Board said Friday it has i approved a 2.15 cent a quart increase in the Price dealers Dairy Farmers for milk. I the Long awaited increase is expected to relieve some of the pressure caused by High Grain and feed prices and losses due to tropical storm Agnes in june 1972. See Story on Page 18. Hijackers threaten to blow up jetliner said were about 135 persons. In Tokyo the airline said the plane carried 144 persons two germans one Swiss one dutchman and 119 japanese plus the 22- japanese Crew. Officials in Dubai said a ii by John f. Sims Beirut up a five airline hijackers who forced the Crew of a Japan air lines Jal jumbo Jet to Fly them from the Netherlands to the persian Gulf threatened today to blow up the plane and its passengers if police tried to disarm them. ,. X hijackers died in an exp onion a Dubai spokesman san the j h hijackers refused to let the on by arc that also wounded a passengers leave. Crew member. The hijackers Quot our police surround the let police remove the woman a aircraft a said a police spokes continued on Page 3, column 3 in the persian Gulf sheikh Dom of Dubai where the Boeing 747 landed. Quot the authorities Are negotiating with the they did not say what the negotiations were about and the goals of the five hijackers were still not Clear. I on Board officials in Dubai in the House can Muster the a. Irregularly higher prices and two thirds majority needed to see picture on Page 3. The Price of Corn went up by override a veto. Be passed along immediately to More than $1.25 a Bushel. An Eastern Liberal sen. The consumer on All products the Stanford University hos Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., and a except beef. The health Indus p Tal in California announced a Southern conservative. Sen. A of was also allowed to raise 4.65 per cent increase in rates John c. Stennis a miss a joined prices. Other sectors of the effective today. In writing the Senate Bill. They Economy have to wait until said the nation must never aug. 12. Again As in Vietnam slip into while the Price of Many a major foreign War without retail foods remained unc Hari express consent of the elected ged perhaps because grocers representatives of the people have not been Able to publish opponents of the Bill charged advertisements with new Pri i that it unconstitutionally crimps Ces a number of increases the president s ability to meet were reported including a global responsibilities. from $1.31 to $1.85 at John Tower r-Tex., offered an Burlington it. For a 10-lb. Bag amendment to change the title of potatoes. To read Quot a Bill the United states of America to the a a mostly unchanged status of a second rate prices for bread eggs. I k. A and Chicken remained mostly cover up Bombine unchanged at stores surveyed meanwhile. Adm. Thomas none cities Friday but milk Moorer chairman of the joint leaped from 52 cents to 70 cents chiefs of staff met Friday with a half gallon in Dallas and from sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., 5g cents to 61 cents in san acting chairman of the Senate Francisco. Eggs were up 4 gop a 21 of state s counties represented Here leaders meet to Cement Bonds one Hundred and Twenty five Republican leaders from 21 Central Pennsylvania counties met in Altoona last night and agreed to form an organization to strengthen their voice in the statewide Arena. Quot we believe this development is Long overdue and one that will bring to our counties the recognition that they deserve for their loyalty to the Republican party Over a great Many years a state sen. Stanley g. Stroup said in a prepared release issued after the meeting. Quot let it be emphasized that the Central Pennsylvania group is not being organized to oppose anyone anything or any other area but rather to Advance the interests of dedicated republicans of the Region in their party and their states affairs. The same kind of Unity has been de with the selection or Advance displayed to Good effect by oth ment of any candidate for state or regions of the state and has wide office. The Central counties will in the future insist How often resulted in representation on statewide tickets a sen. Stroup said. The organization will be formalized at the next meeting of the Republican leaders sen. Stroup said when a steering committee will be formed. A Date for the next meeting was not announced. Expresses pleasure sen. Stroup at a new conference following the meeting expressed pleasure with the number of gop leaders attending the meeting saying Quot we did no to expect this Large of a sen. Stroup commented a we would emphasize that this meeting was not in any Way connect Ever on seeing and reviewing the qualifications of potential statewide Republican nominees from All sections of the state so that we make an intelligent decision As to the Best qualified and strongest candidates our party can sen. Stroup who represents Blair county also said a the Central counties will be deeply concerned about electing republicans to the general Assembly. It has traditionally been from our Region that Republican majorities in Harrisburg have come and we Are determined to convert this political fact into weight in the councils of party policy and state government in the Best interest of All of the people in our in response to a question at the news conference sen. Stroup said that last nights meeting was not a result of Republican party concern about the watergate scandal. Long planned he said a we have Long planned to have a regional conference and just never have gotten together to bring it about three months ago he added some of the members of the state Senate and House from the Central Pennsylvania area decided an organizational meeting should be held As soon As possible. Blair county a two Republican representatives in the House w. Continued on Page 3, column 3 libyans it support khad Afy by Maurice Guindi Krsa Madruh. Egypt up a a motorcade of 40,000 libyans abandoned a Quot Unity March toward Cairo today and rushed Back to their Homeland to demonstrate support for col. Moa a Hadaf who has woman identified As one of the armed services committee to cents a new York to 79 cents resigned As chairman of the begin spelling out to that a dozen for the a Large size ruling revolution command committee How the Nistra the Price of uncut Chicken went Council. Lion covered up the bombing of from 49 cents a Pound to 59 khad Afy s resignation was Cambodia. Cents in new York and from 63 announced Friday by Cairo defense department spokes cents to 69 cents in Boston. Radio and Libya radio subs Quot continued on Page 3, column 2 the Price of bread was Down que Entov reported tint Tho Council had refused to accept it both the Quot Unity March a which began four Days ago and khad Afy a resignation Wero prompted by Cairo a refusal to accept the Complete merge. Of Egypt and Libya by sept. I As the libyan Leader had proposed. Road barricaded the marchers Rush Back to Libya from this egyptian town 120 Miles from the Border began Early today Aller . Mustafa Al Kharouba libyan Interior minister and a member of the ruling Council talked with the leaders of the March about khad Afy a intent to resign. Egyptian officials already had blocked further Progress of the marching libyans by barricading the Road to the capital with a Railroad train at a crossing 50 Miles East of Here. Tile March leaders sent a petition signed in blood to egyptian president Anwar Sadat in Cairo asking him to go ahead with the merger of the two countries on the schedule proposed by khad Afy. The libyans told newsmen As they left for Home that they had been summoned to Benghazi on Quot the question of col. Khad Afy a resignation which the libyan people khad Afy 31, was reportedly in seclusion in Benghazi. Libya radio said popular demonstrations already had continued on Page 3, column 2 touring China a Cong. John Sparkman d-ala., ties on a Large brimmed Sun hat As he toured a commune near Wusich China this week. Sparkman was part of a congressional delegation that toured six cities in China. 1upi telephoto

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