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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition the circulation of the Altoona Mirror yesterday was 34,872 Ett Oona sir Tarot. Little change the forecast partly Cloudy with Little change in temperature through wednesday. Low tonight in 50s and 60s. Vol. 83�?no. 30 phone 944-7171 Altoona pa., tuesday evening july 18, 1967. A a Twenty two pages Price ten cents 71-boat red arms Fleet destroyed rocket firing i a. Helicopters sink shipment Saigon up a three american rocket firing helicopters Sank a 71-boat communist arms Convoy . Officials said today. Delighted South vietnamese leaders promptly reopened a $50 million Industrial showplace they had closed in the Battle area for fear of guerrilla attack. A we hit them with All we had and ripped them up pretty said maj. William Arink of Springfield md., who com i handed the three a a firefly Frund spot a scooping out the hazardous sight obstructing Bank at seventh Avenue and Iwen choppers that destroyed foot Junks and samoans rockets and machine gun the destruction of the smug legislation ids t rail strike new talks ordered Penny return employees toll Ark the Autv ninth Street has been started by the City Highway Bureau. Crews operating the High lift Are excavator ing away the ground just acquired last week by the City of Altoona. Actual work at taking away the it sue Bank which obstructs the View of motorists stopping at the Stop sign control at seventh Avenue on twon v. Trains rack on Normal schedules diff pier Convoy on the Truong to ninth Street was delayed until the City obtained the deed. Purchase of the property was authorized by Giang River on South Vietnam Jefty Council at its last meeting. Between five and to accidents have occurred at that Corner this year Northern coast followed the a Navy coast guard destruction Friday of a 120-ton North vietnamese arms trawler near / by and coincided with the killing of 16 communists by marines in a it a the same area today. I i a it 11 resume construction South vietnamese economics. 1177 i i minister Nguyen Huu Hanh. I fill 1111111 who had closed the prestige to i project due to a poor Security ordered construction resumed on the Power Plant fertilizer Vestert a of two gunshot wound on factory and Coal mine Center area by United press International the nation passenger a Man both sides Honori Al ordinances Middle East truce0pens bids Jerusalem up a United boats in the sue canal against. _ the All important freight Tralli a Young Duncansville Man died nations observers stood watch egyptian attack. They said a ii begun opened bids made moving on both sides of the Suez canal Cairo interferes with our boats 2otn Aliev one was list Nom till j u St freight from Altoona to unions ended today and reported both the sailing the canal we shall do4� j?8&Quot. P?.r of non _ moved out at 7 in a in commuter serv ice of the operations on the Pennsyl ready were made up no inia Railroad in the Altoona cuties were anticipated arca both on its rights of Way insofar the Altoona and in its it hop were balk Ai was concerned the strike of the most to Normal today work International association of a Brid n a Light trains with a i returned under a Congreve cd Utiss which began at 12.01 a in. Fat a h a a ii on a i edict to submit to porn pcs Gerdav. Idled some 1.400 opera Pons Puls Orv arbitration. Rating employs in addition to the rolling on Normal schedules 600 in the Toona Heay repair today c carrying commuters shops since the strike lasted a less than a Day. It did not affect to work and cargo included facets of the Industrial eng hat vital to the Viet world. A a Nam War Effort to its Des operations Normal trains rolled across Pennsyl Vama today a two Dav nation some 600 men employed maintenance and Repan tint it in the Altoona works wha h arc on a month Long vacation period were Bac k on heir jobs at the regular 7 . Hour and firs trick operating Crews returnee at their regular times to help it Tinatin. A few Wildcat holdouts. I i. A marred the otherwise smooth wide rail strike in Sis shoplift on a he hours from supervisory personnel Penn readying of the trains to the that was designed to prove this and his Wile serious wounded in Rajejs and egyptians were likewise to the Khith Side of the ave not and other freights were i Poi ted so Vanja an j heading railroads takeover by Unton Crews belong nation could Progress despite an incident at the Home of the honouring the Middle i ast cease i Caci has been sending Small in 7, \ 5,1 a ,1 moving Bolti East and we in and of it a ,.s began returning in Ltd to lie six Shope raft unions communist terror. Man father. Fire. Craft manned by troops along a v during the morning a the first general Mil in other action. U. Jets flew details of the shooting were in the a Mioi hat i e Sec a turns of the East Bank of e annual a Sqq the a ukr county a Quot a 11 a v hours while usual freight serv strike since 1946 134 missions against North in Jer invest Al on by holidays pm a per 7nd i to Fameni to .vonnsnde. De historical society and endorsed commuter moved i isl i a exp. I Lobon rolling my of the picket lines began Vietnam air machine monday. Presidents of Algeria Ana ii a int it to Isis on Unni Saeteu balanced Home Rule Road the Railroad first concerned coming Clown after it ingress spokesmen said. They returned Burg mate p�1k,�?~. Hew to Moscow for Politico passage Fin ,1, when p _ amour other things at with moving commuters a Ca in in die Pennsylvania Railroad re rushed an strike legislation to David l. Berkheimer. 24. Of 307 talks of major importance egyptians reopened the water its Nero Poulan service areas ported it was a Sale to say we re president Johnson for his i and its initial passenger trains grating Normal commute serv signature monday night the it Philadelphia area strike had been in effect a Little to the Don son Oil depot 13 Miles from the major port of 8th St., was pronounced dead on following their week Long con Way. Haiphong and left it churning arrival at mercy Hospital at 7.11 Ferencek with egyptian pres on smoke up to 2.000 feet. They . It was determined that the Idem carnal Abd. I Nasser. Egyptians a would report any firing the Only one for a Public affairs on a i u Man said that movements of unit urea also smashed key train Yards wounds were infected by a Smith the newspaper said and lines around the capital of and Wesson .32 Caliper revolver. Moscow talks would Deal Hanoi. The bullets entered his right leg a Ltd analysis of the g . Spokesmen said an air and Chest. Middle East situation from Force fi05 thunderchief was satisfactory viewpoint of the Arab state downed and the Pilot reported missing. I american pm communist in the past ii nays. Talent Mouari Buum Etienne net on Nom sides me . I i i a i yet giant air Force b52 weapon president Abdel Rahman Aff waterway across which Israel a quote want designation according to abolish in Vuu fortresses monday smashed do incident happened a. The several hours of talks with and be vat trades heavy fire 10 ordinance introduced july 6, _ major communist troop to i. Residence of Samusd Berkheimer of Sun e Premier Alexei Asl Lee k a the Mosi serious effective immediately Lions 24 Railes North tall of t �?z�?z., was a inducted Thim into communist party breaches of the ceasefire that the ordinance for no Parkins on ss0&Quot ,a0nd Complex morning i he office of , of a 1 . I mated the june a-10 Arab thl. Mulh Side from 28lh ,0 Mth St. Whose closure had been a blow county Coroner d. Harold Troxell no official word israeli War. Was just introduced today. Mayor to vietnamese morale indicated that there were no in there Vas no official word 11 a a p a 1 William h Prosser announced. Mediate plans for an inquest. The on the talks expected to end continued on Page 3. Column 7 that with the cooperation of the massive communist attack Case has been referred to the Dis today wednesday. Bul entire neighbourhood the no Park Hanhy a order last week had int t attorneys office for study the arabs were reported asking -1# h ing signs Jive been erected and appeared justified to some Iasi nun a Vin native for even More military Aid than i. I a ii weekend the communists in Duncansville native Palm Sud Divinyi Chevall it i ii i i it i i Daniel Leon Berkheimer to begin with the chairman Road Branch association appealed . To members of his Union staging Britain to a it draw troops from far fast other Crew members refused to Cross the lines. Withdraws threat Kenneth. Jaworski general chairman of District five of the i am had threatened to keep his District on strike but today backed Down from his threat and told his men to return to work. The District includes sections of Missouri Arkansas one two three order rained Hun was russians were it Aid to be control Over dress of shells Down on the Horn aug. -3 i a at duncans demanding More Minim Uvea a a a ii Marine air base bastion at a a Sou it Samuel and Violet a Rafo policies in Exchange for a a i i to Nang smashed open a govern foor Berkheimer. He was mar a cedi tonal armed Aid i jul lev u. Ment prison at nearby hoi an Ned to the former Bern Atter in new York the i n. To free 1,200 inmates and tried son daughter of . And mrs. General Assembly had 4k hours a g i to bring in a huge amount off Din m. Patterson of Altoona re t0 reach agreement on any \ supplies on the trawler. 4, on March 4. Further Middle East resolutions the Viet Cong deprived of its in addition to his parents . The Assembly president said he propaganda Victory at the Berkheimer survived by three would definitely terminate th1 a project kept up its terrorism Sisters. Mrs Mildred Davis of month old emergency session of Altoona today Economy today propaganda Victory at the Berkheimer survived by three Wou a definitely terminate the Annette Daugherty 7-, this was necessary for the fico Tinc to project kept up its terrorism Sisters mrs Mildred Davis it get month old emergency session of Altoona today received a i 2 amount needed to Purchase a new _. A. I officials said a hand Camp Hill ala., mrs Donna Pel Thui Day to-3-Vuai sentence in the Blair Tive car to retake grenade explosion at the Plesku Hack of Altoona and mrs Ruby highly placed israeli sources county jail tor the aggravated a police armory in the continued on Page 3, column 3 said Israel would defend its Sault and Battery of her do Central Highlands Early today killed one airman and wounded to others. Two babies underway near Saigon . Army 9th infantry division troops fought two running Battles against guerrillas monday. They reported killing 21 communists. U. Losses were put at three killed and 11 wounded. 7 persons injured in City 2 on bicycles seven persons including two 3400 Colclesser Avenue suffered Young cyclists were injured in abrasions of the right and will be effective immediately. He a Law rms of he y0thhat Quot London up to concern Over the Economy and Kan a Quot a had and unload Coppin por noun a today it would we a a on a a a l0 Only for the duration of draw most of its soldiers from tonal a a and said the legislation the activity. The far East and abandon Iii. nil get of Riec non of was a Takin our Freedom away another ordinance for Transfer carriers by the mid ,. 1 .1 1. From that was Given years of $180 from the general fund to ,970s despite Strong american i it Pilstl since Britain had no a Back under the Railroad labor a ski pm font objections. Way of know my what might act fund in the Public affairs budget. Abor government of happen in Asia in the intervene some spots along the sea was introduced. The mayor sex pome minister Harold Wilson Vears of a tar Jas strategy Board coastline at Raleigh. Save the nation Sij paper said Ujj n.c., were still being picketed u ease the British troops now in a a a of he res of he appeared to be in in tort i Lviv Quot of Pineci plans in Pun oui an n. 1 in returning to Normal operations contending judo Carnuel la annual Resolution a in in Singapore Lun trued on Page .1. Column i a a a buy and Many had reported j Ubel i re7 critic ired mrs. Deems Council approved the annual it a fax a Quot Quot Norrall schedules Shory a Ter disciplinary methods used on her Resolution contributing $300 to c. A Kos mph son to Doser bed Tho .rea.men. The Blair county historical to Edson top of Robert a a vicious cruel piety authorized by them. Onro a Tsi heartless a no hat of a thud class Coy code. Thisa Hrkel defective a car to replace oho White paper on a British defens most it not in it a i a h. A he Lim the for Moraen a had re near t Nymph outlined plans to pull out allot j returning ii annual Resolution its troops from Singapore my continued on Page 3, column i today a and likened mrs. Deem one Dawn. Up to 95 per cent of the Industry was stilled by the strike idling at least 69 of the nations 76 major railroads and 700,000 Railroad employee. A spokesman for the Southern railway system said in Washington that a Federal judge be Jet Ait strikes against Yeide accidents on City streets leg in a Ruskin drive mishap at Vonta a Penitentiary where you bargaining agent for members my Washimi ton Quot officials lfa1�c11 7w. Ooga Tenil against shop Craft North Vietnam continued a pcs Gerdav. Polite Pori cd. No a a . Vex.,.rdav. La. Parents Aid would stay for a Pond Lone time f a in department to sat a were con earned Al Sui Worters Sli Nuin their strike continued on Page 3, column / was injured in a one car mishap they would take him to the hos Tho judge stated in explaining his Days Council approval of the psychological Impact such Washington i Pic i our against the line. In the county. Pital for treatment. Centano. Resolution made it official and a announcement by Britain teen Liberal House democrats ,. Richard a. Jackson 7. Of 2929 police id the youth was pedal charged with assault named the group the excl would have among Friendly charged today the it a proposed 12th ave., was treated at the aking South on the contractors n a a the save vehicle. Nations in asia.,a a commuter lines in Chicago Wolf acid of off Toona Hospital for lacerations and it Road trom Beaumont drive v Doand Hatter approving the balanced Home of in univ unti not Hill would not help new York. Philadelphia. Pit pfc Ulcina Kllc Lutol abrasions of the jaw lower lip at fifth third Street to Ruskin a a no a Haf Rule Road program City coun reflects to a authorities hut instead Isburgh Boston and san fran and Chest after he collided on his drive and crossed the path of a under Law a Misdemeanour cd t00 time out to enc Jose informed sources Sak my might interfere with legitimate Cisco were reported Back in Iii today . Idiots anarchy a till Adit Al a Page amusements 4 comics and panels to crossword Puzzle .2 editorials and features.8 major Hoople. Sports. Women features 6 area news and pictures14 the doctor says la Uncle rays Corner .7 want ads 18-19-20-21 bicycle with an automobile at 9.34 1965 Sedan operated East on and barges against her were not continued on Page 3, column 4 cutback a Jan yesterday. Ruskin drive by to lot Gal punish we by a term in a state the police report noted the a lager. 28. Of 822 first Avenue. cadent occurred when Arthur w. Total damage Vias about $35. W All 34. Of 2027 14th ave., was a 9 40 . Crash yesterday at states attorney John Wood preparing to enter twelfth Avenue Burneys Alley and thirteenth ave cock contended that mrs deem .12 Alley after going South in his 1962 nue resulted in injuries to an Al administered a series of beatings 16-17 Sedan on Twenty first Street. The Loona couple when their 1965 Sedan to her stepchild Robert Over an boy suddenly appeared Riding and a West Plack Road based extended period which terminal >1/1 111 v South out of the Alley and the Blue and White lines bus collided cd aug. 21, 1965, the Day the vehicles collided. Damage to the broadside police said. South died. Bike was about $20. Bus stops at sign during the trial last october Newark . Teenager injured Frank Stroup. 5. Of East free the slate produced six witnesses Cia peace kept waiting in the policeman mounded in three a a Ulm no a be n Federr crime Stephen c. Randolph 14, son Ondri Quot of the bus old Quot to n. Y. Markets .14 . And mrs. David Randolph of continued on Page 3, column 5 child made him racial slowly peace moves into be up a a 20. Shot and killed reflected both Britain operation and on schedule for the most part. Activities. Cross country passenger ser Bui Senate Republican Leader vice was Shower in starting but Everett m. Dirksen Labelling the Many 0f the railroads reported bloody Vav Jersey riots a an Normal schedules and opera Archy with a capital a a tons Jay mid morning predicted Swift congressional maj deliveries bottled up by approval of an anti riot measure strike were reported moving this session. Again today Post offices the House scheduled to continued on Page 3, column 6 one vote wednesday on a Bill that _ it toll surpassed ated incidents in which wings tor nearly a week moved ,.s erupted during j,0/ Utate Retat Adit ies a toll i i 11 Phil he a i Mem excessively paddled cautiously Back into Newark f of. Interstate tact it to Liuji i Iii i used fists on him and riot rubbed streets today. In a in h no incite a not i he legislation in eat hot peppers. Mrs. Final sputter of violence police Normal with businesses opening expected to pass easily. I peace plan sputter deem was the Stepmother of shot and killed a negro looter and cleanup Campaign three children of sgt. John m. Disturbances continued to. Deem who was stationed in sure air t0 other nearby comm Plainfield negroes a i a a a in try i i in ii n i in a n a a it. A. A it i. Under asked Senate maintain Dirksen if he thought the would follow suit said monday a the a t w in m. In m Ama during the time the beatings nyties inc uding new Brunswick tense truce while riot leaders Senate sure will do something Washington up f i w a f f of ii it f la took place. Where a pretty lady mayor talk terms with City officials of out it. I think patience Over Dent Johnson pursued Llou Lutts up Clatl amp Filc Muiloc claims service standards personally turned Back a negro and atty. Gen Arthur Sills. A country running out. Sive formula for peat a. Mob marching on the police National guard and state oppose violence rail Industry today Bai troopers keep violence area str6sfjng that they opposed a outlawing strikes number of where policeman a killed a Jota and a a forms avg ence and empowering the pwn a online and sunday night sealed off. Spora and 6terror the 14 House ment t0 a state a settlement if claims service standards personally turned Back a negro and atty mrs. Deem served in be mob marching on the police National army medical corps and a stytl0n Saigon up a for the first the North vietnamese army and shells communist Shore targets cording to judge Jubelirer the there were a time in the Vietnam War More Viet Cong Battle forces. The and launches raids from its Only rational reason for the sniper shootings looting and sunday night carriers up a preside Elu peace in the rail Industry today backed by a the swing toward More the standards of the surrounding the riot torn City Jones 24, passenger in taxi a the judge concluded his sen but for the most part it was firebombed Early sunday died of american troops Are being South vietnamese More and killed than South vietnamese More Are being deployed to do . Combat reports today also the Job the americans cannot said More americans died in do. That to provide Village by a me ican a a sual t the first 27 weeks of this year Village Protection for civilians vietnamese than in All of 1966�?Ts combat. In the Allied pacification drive marked in the the reports gave More to win the loyalty of the nation Taj. Lha for the evidence that the Burden of peasants. July 8 in that seventy fighting major communist for in terms of manpower the tw0 americans were killed for the Blair county courthouse to More than 1,200 injured and Ces has shifted from the South South vietnamese forces out every South vietnamese Soldier Day Aber her defense counsel More than 2.000 persons Are to Jln Arnival not nations vietnamese to the americans number the americans. Slam in Battle. John f Sullivan had his Peti eds about 1,300 in Newark a dec Mink the lists of dead Tell the South Vietnam has about the americans lost 282 killed. To it a for a new trial dismissed alone. A m 1 a a a i. I a v a Lily i cd liw Llu i a v it i Jyl i la in a re. 1 carriers against North Vietnam vicious treatment of the youth firebombing reported in new die sniper tiring report eur. Members said in a letter sent to two to one ratio was to a make a 5-year-old meet Ark and the 25-mile trouble area Jersey Clive i reek in mediation fails. Each of their colleague today the a station rushed through by a rather reluctant Congress a the Bill wrong in Mon a it authorizes the presi has received made Dent to name a new Board to Between six my the a militia like men of the popular in 1966 . Forces suffered the states witnesses did not Story. 620,000 men under arms. A the South vietnamese suffered last week. In the first five months of Large percentage Are the 144 men slain 1 the defense contended that 1967, the South vietnamese suffered 3.681 Battlefield deaths. The americans lost 2,853. But in May june and the first week of july the americans lost 2.337 men and the South vietnamese j.922. And regional forces which live 5 008 men killed and 30.093 and fight in their own Home wounded. In the first 27 weeks Village areas. 0f 1967 they had suffered 5,172 the american actually see the beatings administered but that testimony was based on hearsay. Mrs. Deem Miia _ unable to get to prevent his City groups and labor 01 Gam the jw0 sues to agree within ,0 a a nations a Days the government can order they said the measure would Union members to stay on the Paterson three fires believed not add to the tools of Law Job until Jan. I 1969, under temperatures <66,000 forces total men killed in combat and 33,302 denied the charges against her men. This includes wounded. In. Eup in bruises a. J 303,000 army troops 78.000 for the whole War period boy body by saying that he americans dominate fighting marines 56,000 in the Navy and through july 8, the United tel1 a lot Ana Opta Mea Marks this supported Allied reports 1,200 in the coast guard. The states has suffered 1 1,977 men on Bis Way easy. That the Tough now experienced Navy figures do not include the killed 71,040 wounded and 675 atty. Woodcock this to. American forces Are taking on men of the . 7th Fleet which reported missing in action. Continued on Page 3, column 2 i a�?4 this was the situation today from Molotov cocktails break enforcement already possessed terror Laid Down by the Newark a Raymond Gilmer out. Negro youths moving by the states and local mediators. Previous mediation. Through streets hurl rocks communities. They said that have failed to resolve through store windows and local state Law enforcement the dispute windshields of several cars official had asked for such a Public interest same pattern previous three Federal Law. No a in nights. Instead of an anti riot Bill the. A it Mil 1. A the Montclair a sporadic Rock House liberals said. Congress j Faith Iii into throwing and looting reported Cou d effectively Stop tits by Ifres dont for fourth straight night. Dealing with what they termed Iamb Quot Quot to walkout in Rahway a one three alarm the a real cause of slum unrest fast nationwide ail walk it ii continued on Page 3, column i a housing and unemployment. Continued on Page 3, column 2 temperatures recorded at the per test Plant monday were High 80 degrees and Low 62. At 9 . Today it was 68 degrees

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