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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1995, Page 11

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - January 30, 1995, Altoona, Pennsylvania Altoona Mirror monday january Puges 1995 by Universal press Syndicate by Betty Debnam my in Foft by tary Bimm c1 my in Wal pm the fight for Equality african americans in the military african americans served in the military throughout our country s history a willingness to fight for their country was a Way to prove that they were entitled to be treated As equal and responsible citizens. Revolutionary War an african american Crispus attacks became a hero As the first american killed in the Lead up to the revolution. He was killed by British troops in Boston m 1770. During the american revolution thousands of african americans won their Freedom from slavery by volunteering to serve fighting on both sides. Many called this Opportunity to win their Freedom in Exchange for service their own declaration of this War freed Many slaves and helped to end slavery in the North. The month of february is african american history month. Look through your paper Lor news of african americans. Civil War during the civil War about Blacks served in the Union army and Navy. They fought not Only to win their own Freedom but also to put an end to slavery. Being in the service offered african americans a Chance at an education. The pay they received also made it possible for them to support their families. In the civil War Black women served the Union As spies and As nurses in army hospitals. Harriet Tubman was an unpaid Someier spy Nurtha during the och War. She was often in Tow flak Ami the soldiers. As a Leader in the underground Railroad she also helped Many slaves escape. In the civil War Many african americans supported the Union forces As labourers. They did such jobs As digging trenches and building breastworks or protective dirt Walls. Many also were soldiers. This civil War poster urges to join the Union army. These soldiers served under White officers. Frederick Douglass 1817 1895 was an outstanding Mack newspaper editor author and speaker. He was among the first abolitionists fighters against slavery to Call for military service for Black men. He often helped recruit Black soldiers. From m Hwy my Peter Penguin s fill in the Blanks below using the pictured Winter words. Across Down 1. F 3. Q what happened when the teacher fell into the copying machine a he was beside himself Bot Hjokt tent in by Adrienne q what does a meat eating Dinosaur Call a cheetah a fast food sent in by Tom Gen win the mini Page dinosaurs from tit at t Tuitt you la flow tacit of Amer with to i when Antl when Btty or Boon Wen of Ned what a mar it Book a to order Send s3.95 plus is 00 Pia Tage and handling Tor each copy. Send Only Chedor Money others payable to Andrews and Mcmeel Box 419z4z, Kama ally my Ottri. Please Send copies of to mini pig Dan Timur in Mainz Book item 7s09-7 at each including postage and handling Woulk discount information available upon request address _ i City i Job mini Page sponsor North american communications inc. Featured schools Altoona area school District newspapers in education mini Page teacher Parent guide provided to schools 949-7266 hidden in the Block below Are words that have to do with the military. See if you can find revolution hero War fight sides general airmen Roosevelt nurses Tuskegee civil world Battle Navy Freedom army. You mow Toltl Iii my jew emf revolutionary general tvs i dry hero Roosevelt spa Navyac Worldie mini spy. Mini spy and her friends Are building snowmen this Winter Day. See if you can find letter c bucket banana fish number 6 Bandage letter a sock Arrow number 7 funny face twit Tow in Paoa o 1 my Rutm nth Syi pc a. African americans in the military Buffalo soldiers the famous Western artist Frederic Remington made this drawing of a Buffalo Soldier in the 1800s. Shortly after the civil War was Over Black soldiers were sent to the West. Many were called Buffalo they were Given their name by the indians they fought. Their curly hair and bravery reminded the indians of the Buffalo which they respected very much. After 1865, nearly one out of every five cavalrymen was Black. They were commanded by White officers. A Soldier s life on the Frontier was not just fighting. Buffalo soldiers other work included keeping order on Indian reservations. Arresting cattle rustlers. Stagecoaches. Building forts and roads. Attack unit m is Symbol. The my Page thanks Walter Hill archivist John of tenon Uhtof Educ ton Depert Mert National archives for help with this Lofy. The Spanish american War Teddy Roosevelt and his rough riders. The Spanish american War was our country s first War where soldiers Black and White fought outside the country. Black soldiers served in the cavalry unit called the Kough riders. They were under the command of Teddy Roosevelt. World War i one of the most famous units fighting in France was the 367th infantry. This unit s soldiers called themselves the after the soldiers of the West. During world War i As before the army had a segregation policy. Blacks and Whites were in separate units. While most of the officers were White there was a training school set up in Iowa for Black officers. Some Black units fought along with French troops. Black women also helped the War Effort by serving As hostesses in Black training areas. Black women also worked at jobs in hospitals. World War ii with the coming of world War ii african americans demanded More rights than they had been Given before under segregation. Black people began using the War and the demand for More factory output As a Means to Challenge discrimination. In 1940, the United states needed to get its factories ready to make ammunition tanks planes guns and ships. Blacks began to seek fair treatment in this mobilization Effort called the National defense program. They demanded that they too be hired for the new factory jobs. They also demanded that military units be desegregated. President Franklin d. Roosevelt issued an executive order that called for the end of discrimination in the National defense program. Blacks then were Able to get Many new jobs. Tuskegee Institute a famous Black College in Alabama was selected As a site to train Black pilots for world War ii. The men became known As the Tuskegee flyers. They protected bombers going into enemy territory. They never lost a bomber to the enemy. Black women like these served in the women s army corps Block women also served in the army nurse corps the Waves women s Navy unit and the spars the female coast guard after world War ii Black people continued to push for desegregation and by 1948, president Truman called for desegregation of the army. The army was completely desegregated by the time of the korean War. Gen. Colin Powell got his combat training As a military commander during the Vietnam War. He later became the chairman of the joint Chleffa of staff

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