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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - January 30, 1995, Altoona, Pennsylvania Preschoolers take up bucs open to new 5p cents states resisting clean air act Epa listening Washington a five years ago Congress ended a decade Long struggle Over clean air by overwhelmingly passing legislation that set strict new standards on the motoring Public. These Days with the Public calling for less government and less bureaucracy Many of the lawmakers who supported the 1990 clean air act Are stepping Back a bit from their advocacy. . House members from Pennsylvania Are among the lat est rebels against a provision requiring automobiles in 25 coun ties to meet higher emission Stan Dards when they undergo inspections every two years. And the Federal Agency charged with implementing the 1990 Law is listening. Instead of following through with threatened sanctions the environmental Protection Agency is giving Pennsylva Nia and other resistant states an Opportunity to negotiate alternatives. Five years ago it was a com Promise and people went for said Joseph Minott executive director of the clean air Council i Philadelphia. Now that it s getting implemented lawmakers see air on Page a4 controversial Enola Gay exhibit May be scaled Back Washington a the smithsonian institution has Learned that some issues Are too close to Home to comment upon even after the passage of 50 years. The atomic bombing of Japan an event that brought Joyful Relief to America but still darkens Japan s memories is one. The governing regents of the smithsonian were summoned to Day to decide whether to scuttle an exhibit of the events wrought when the Enola Gay a b-29, delivered its weapon Over Hiroshima on aug. Leading to the Swift conclusion of a War Many feared would consume hundreds of thousands of american lives. Plans for the foot exhibit have drawn fire for a year Ever since veterans groups demanded to see the script and concluded that the smithsonian under the influence of revisionist historians had taken a View Point that depicted the United states As the aggressor. Now the critics want the Enola Gay to be displayed alone with out commentary. Smithsonian Secretary i. Michael Heyman said some of the regents were left with the impression the exhibit would be drastically scaled Back or cancelled. Congress provides Money to the smithsonian and 81 congressmen in a letter last week deplored the handling of the exhibit. January Tyror serving readers every Day a bored Tyrone teen and his friends turned to crime to fuel their drug habits. It led them to Rich 16, of Tyrone got in trouble when he turned to crime to pay for drugs. He is working out his problems Mirror photo by Paul Borse Tach at Adelphi Village Hilltop Home a juvenile Home in Hollidaysburg. A tangle with trouble Blair s teen drug problem second of three parts sunday the problem of teen age drug and Alco hol use is especially Seri Ous in Blair county. But Community leaders Are mapping out plans to Stem the tide of abuse. Today what factors Lead to drug and alcohol abuse among teen agers How do we recognize those at risk tuesday identifying solutions to protect our kids from the Scourge of drug and alcohol abuse. By Mike Chalmers and Patt Frank staff writers after a Day of scheming and a 2 . Rendezvous Rich and his Friend broke into a Home and stole four guns which they hoped to turn into Money to buy drugs. Rich was 14. But his Friend s bragging blew the caper. And Rich s arrest opened his Mother s eyes to his troubling taste for pot Beer and whiskey. Now two years later the Tyrone boy is older and trying to be Wiser working out his prob lems at Adelphi Village Hilltop Home a juvenile Home in Hollidaysburg. He is there after recently violating his parole a second time. The Mirror has withheld his identity because of Adelphi s confidentiality rules. Looking Back Counselor might have noticed the aspects of Rich s life that led to his addictions. Poor grades Little attachment to school and being friends with other drug and Alco hol users Are called risk fac tors in a recent study of Blair county teen agers for drug and alcohol services of Altoona hos Pital. Rich got c s and d s in Tyrone schools skipped class often and associated with other users. The Survey of Junior and senior High students found to no one s Surprise that such factors can help draw a teen into alcohol and drug abuse. Parents resource Institute on drug education in Atlanta Cre ated the Survey which provides an indication of drug use in the Community. Rich started drinking and get Ting High when he was 13 when there was nothing else to he says. There s nothing for us to do i hear that constantly it s the says Trish Johnson student assistance program coordinator for drug and alcohol services of Altoona Hospital. The kids Don t have the Money to go to the movies but if they go together and Chip in they can buy a Keg of Johnson says. A Little help from friends the Survey says a Friend s House is the most popular spot for drinking smoking marijuana sniffing cocaine and doing other drugs. Having friends who use Alco hol and drugs is one Factor that contributes to drug use says Ken Healy prevention coordinator for drug and alcohol ser vices of Altoona Hospital. A lot of my friends do says Rich who quit the Junior varsity football team because his friends did t play. In a wooded area of Tyrone Rich and a dozen of his friends would gather in a Little shed on warm summer evenings to smoke pot and drink Beer and whiskey. They let an older Friend know about the parties a see crime on Page a2 Early help can head off addiction by Mike Chalmers and Patt Frank staff writers a car you Don t recognize drops your daughter off As she comes Home late from school. She Heads straight to her room barely pausing to say a mum bled a new Circle of friends and Iso lation from family members Are two potential warning signs of drug abuse says Carol Mcfall adolescent program director at charter behavioural health sys tem at Cove forge near Williamsburg. Parents need to be know what signs and symptoms indicate abuse says Mckall. The first time to seek outside help is the first time a child comes Home inebriated or High on drugs. Intervention is most effective when it occurs Early Mcfall see warnings on Page a2 the signs Counselor at charter behavioural health system at Cove forge near Williamsburg say awareness of the following signs and symptoms of substance abuse can Aid in Early detection a change in attitude. A change in friends. A change in dress. Laziness. Poor school attendance. Mood swings. Isolation from family depression. Smell of alcohol marijuana or chemicals on clothing breath. Gop governors push own welfare Agenda Washington a assert ing their new Power Republican governors Are pushing a welfare Reform proposal that would replace hundreds of Federal pro Grams with Block Grants and set aside emergency funds for states hit by disaster or recession. The gop proposal is being used As the framework As the National governors association tries to adopt a consensus welfare policy and put its stamp on the deliberations in the new Republican Congress. But it is unclear whether enough democratic governors will sign of to the plan for it to win the three fourths support needed to become Nga policy. The sentiment of the democrats could be swayed by the views of the Clinton administration which has voiced reservations about giving governors so much leeway. The governors were treated to a White House dinner sunday night and were returning today for a two hour working session with president Clinton Likely to be dominated by welfare the balanced budget amendment and efforts to pass legislation making it harder for Congress to impose mandates on states without Send ing the Money. Welfare Reform is a top priority of the administration and the gop Congress and House republicans already have promised to substantially rewrite their plan to take suggestions of Republican governors into account. Current Law makes welfare an individual entitlement meaning those eligible Are guaranteed fed eral benefits As with social Secu Rity or medicare. Most republicans prefer eliminating the individual entitlement and replacing it with Block Grants to the states. Entitlement is government on rep. Clay Shaw r fla., a key architect of the House gop welfare plan said sunday on lbs face the under the Block Grant approach states would have Broad Powers to decide eligibility Stan Dards set time limits on benefits and set work requirements. Now states have to apply for Federal waivers to implement these and other welfare experiments. Why do we have to come to Washington to get permission to serve the people better and More asked gop gov. Arne Carlson of Minnesota. The Block Grants would carry general Federal guidelines but just How specific and strict these restrictions would be is the subject of considerable debate with in the gop ranks As Well As Between democrats and rep Blu cans. Shaw for example said guaranteed benefits to the poor need to be reconsidered As Washington tries to balance the Bud get. Some Senate republicans however have voiced reservations about going that far. 49ers reign Sun Franciso 49era Steve Wallace hovers Over quarterback Steve Young after Young threw his fifth touchdown sunday in super bowl xxix. The 49ers took the title beating the san Diego charge 49-Agf Leafo coverage up cd and c3. In the Mirror sections a news opinion b lifestyle c sports new Competition for Cable May Lead to deregulation accidents Astrograph .b4 classified. .c5-8 comics.b5 crime.a4 crosswords puzzles.b4 dearabby.b4 or. Gott.b4 hospitals .b6 movies.a7 obituaries.a6 opinion.a6 scoreboard.c4 senior television.b5 weather.a4 truck Flap Logan township May hire a consultant to Settle a controversy Over the proposed Purchase of a 100-foot ladder truck. Page a3 Washington a some Cable to customers Are still wait ing for refunds mandated by con Gress almost three years ago but efforts Are already afoot on Capi Tol Hill to undo the Law that Low ered their rates. The Senate s Republican Tele communications policy architect Larry Pressler of South Dakota is proposing to deregulate the most popular Cable programming As part of a sweeping Effort to Over haul telecommunications Laws. Politically unthinkable months ago Cable rate deregulation is the sort of thing that could take Wing in the Noti Republican controlled Congress. Senate majority Leader Bob Dole r-kan., and House speaker Newt Gingrich r-ga., both voted against the Bill in 1992 that imposed rate and other regulation on the Cable television Industry. Pressler plans to introduce his Bill next month. He says that emerging competitive forces namely High powered satellite and Telephone companies should protect Cable customers from the kind of Price gouging that led to Industry re regulation. The Cable Industry agrees. But the consumer federation of America which fought for Cable regulation in 1992, says the threat of Competition has t con strained Cable prices in the past. Premature deregulation will Hurt Consumers the federation con tends. Make no mistake about it these proposals would gut the Cable act and take Back the nearly billion Consumers have saved so far by Federal rate regu lation said Bradley Stillman the federation s legislative counsel. Under Pressler s plan rates Tor the vast majority of Cable pro Grams carried on tiers above the most Basic would be deregulated. These tiers include such channels As can mtg and esp. Talking about Multi see Cabot on Poge a4

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