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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1961, Page 4

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Altoona, Pennsylvania Mirror want ads i 4-7171. The Altoona Mirror Altoona pa., monday january 23. 1961. A amp pcs Greg canned food a editorials by Biossat a wrong Way to do it by Bruce Biossat methodists seek workers for its Church Frontier brands you know and Trust. Stock up compare these values Sale Price save even More j Reg. Sole i Price Price encase Sale j you Sovo i per Case Iona peaches a ves so ced in5. A99 Case of 24 7.08 5.69 su9 sliced beets amp a 1 49< Case it 24 j 3.24 s2.39 85c Iona tomatoes 1 Quot Evv 49< Case of 24 5 3.72 s2.79 93c Grapefruit sections Asp 1 Quot Evv 79i Case of 24 5 516 4.29 87c Green Beans 1 "zvv1 49i Case of 24 c 3.48 2.69 79c Apple Saucer 5nc�?��?T6� cos of 24 c 3.72 2.99 73c butter Kernel corny he Quot a do 69 cos of 24 c 4.92 3.79 $1.13 fruit cocktail Libb Quot Evv 99 Case of 24 c 6.36 5.49 87c Sweet pea Slona c no. 303 co j cans 09 Case of 24 c 3.48 2.89 59c Iona pears 3 ncl/2 98 Case of 24 c 8.88 7.39 1.49 some Bright fellow is going to win the hearts of the citizens of the free society someday by devising an acceptable substitute for the strike As a worker s economic weapon. At Best it is a wasteful device. After a major strike the Cost in lost production and lost wages is usually totalled up. But Seldom if Ever does anyone try to figure How Long the affected workers have to toil before their new gains a if any a balance their losses. When big industries and the flow of Basic goods Are affected the production loss to the nation can be serious. In the great competitive race with the communist world we can ill afford such slowdowns. Beyond this too there Are instances in which the strike weapon is in fact abused. Fundamentally it is conceived As the ultimate pressure device which workers can apply against employers whose resources Are presumed to be so ample they could hold out indefinitely at the bargaining table. In fairness to the general Public it should not be used to cripple a Community to endanger their health or their military Security. Most unions Are careful to stay within these Bounds. But occasionally some step beyond. The strike of three unions against the tugboat and ferry operations of ii Eastern railroads is such a Case. In essence this is a Small strike Over a Small Issue. They want the right to fix the size of Crews on Railroad tugs the companies wish to retain the right to determine Crew sizes flexibly. Only 660 workers Are involved. To press their demands the unions have not been Content to tie up ferry and tugboat activities of the affected rail lines. This alone of course has disrupted commuter transport and food supplies for thousands of new yorkers. The strikers have gone further. They chose to picket rail lines not directly involved in their operations with the express purpose of putting the squeeze on new Yorkus food Supply and forcing its commuter transport to suffer major crippling. The net effect is also to Handicap Long distance rail operations. This is a Clear abuse of the strike weapon. By hurting the general Public by shutting off essential transport they Are attempting to coerce both their employers and the Public authorities into a favourable settlement. Whatever the Basic merits of their cause the unions involved deserve to lose this round in their Battle. They have forgotten their real responsibilities and have thought Only of their own narrow Little cause. Special to Altoona Mirror Pittsburgh the Board of missions of the methodist Church has just issued its annual Call for wide variety of qualified workers to serve on missionary frontiers at Home and in 40 countries overseas. Or. David j. Wynne of Pittsburgh executive Secretary of the Board of missions of the methodist Pittsburgh conference an trounced that More than 400 port unities for interesting service Are open in 1961. Or. Wynne said that Toliese include such diverse posts As music director for Christian radio program in Japan pastor for a Rural Church in Alaska a Man to do adult education work in african mining compounds in the Union of South Africa and a Pedi Atri Cian for the newest methodist hos Pital overseas in Sarawak Borneo. The Board of missions lists to openings for Young people be tween 21 and 28, As two year and three year special term Mission Aries teaching English Bible science Art. Music Home economics. Physical education agriculture and Library science. Others Are needed for work in Community centers Day nurseries Church schools adult classes and Rural projects. Those with medical education and experience serve in the churches Healing ministry through service and teaching others. Or. Wynne stated that the qualifications Are High including graduation from College with above average records unmarried with agreement to remain so during the service term Good health and emotional maturity plus Active Church membership and a Vita Christian Faith. Or. Wynne made it Clear that Young people while earning Sal Aries comparable to the same positions in secular life were not promised Security or an easy Job but responsibility and often life under stress in an unfamiliar culture. A but special term missionaries know that they Are participating in a vital Way in the worldwide Mission of the Church on strategic frontiers a he concluded one of every a in persons in West Berlin is Over 65, due largely to the Many East German refugees too old to be moved to jobs in West Germany. As part of its food crusade care needs funds to deliver j00,000 packages at $1 each in the free City. The gifts mean monthly help for 25.-000 elderly refugees and other needy. / for rent adding machines Mccartney 1107 Lith ave. A the doctor says a a the fast draw leaves crippled in its Wake by Harold Thomas Hyman m d. Written for newspaper Enterprise Assn. The fast draw. You can put your Trust in Quot super right Quot Quality meats smoked hams .47 butt half la. 57e�?whole Ham la. Sic cooked hams 49 butt half la. 59c a whole Ham la. 53c Cut up whole fresh fryers 37�?~ 33 in an article in the Western timing the a fast draw. Too slow journal of surgery. Or. J. V. On the draw and too Quick with Brown has described a series of his trigger Finger a a he fires the 16 cases in which gunshot wounds weapon before it is disengaged of the leg were caused by what from the Holster and shoots him he Calls a the fast draw syn self in his right foot in a More serious modification the origin of or. Browne a paper of the Accident called a i he Dodge us of course the present Day cloy and apparently1 Western shown in the movies or very familiar to Chicago As Well on to with monotonous regu As other police officers a Bullet Larity. It larger diameter is fired from in a sure you know the formula a. For the fast draw. Good Guy and. 1� Freu stances the bad buy meet in the town main "v1 Quot up a Johs Street. They approach each other ? Aii Uduc As remaining members of the Quot a of Hgt a Quot a bloud., a cast run for cover. Wound is i o j j i a deeper and More gaping and the suddenly the bad Guy pulls his damage inflicted May produce gun. But the Good Guy is quicker permanent crippling if not amp a on the draw and a fills him full lotion. Of Lea commenting editorially on the wherewith the villain Dies situation to which or. Brown has without a struggle Only to be so forcibly drawn attention the replaced after a Short delay by journal of the american medical another bad Guy who pulls his gun association suggests that those Only to meet a the same Fate at who profit from these gangster the hands of the a a faster draw Quot and borrow shows ought to be and so on and on and to As Long made to make their programs As the sponsor Sells his product More realistic by showing the Dis in the real life cases observed Fig rement invalid ism Laming i by or. Brown a a Young Man in blinding coma headaches Job his late teens or Early twenties loss economic costs and family presents a Small Caliper gunshot miseries that follow these to wound of the lower extremity , shootings and related cide tally self inflicted while prac acts of senseless violence. Will your grandchildren Salute a Novor a you toy. But Art i you Burt Nikita Kruth Chov toy a your grandchildren will grow up under communism a How can you an twee communist lies you can help radio free Europe Tell the world that Freedom is the strongest living Force today. You can help radio free Europe broadcast free world truth where it hurts c communism the most. In the five countries of i astern Europe bordering soviet Russia. 79 million people Are waiting for radio free Europe to answer Khrushchev s threat. Don t let them Down done to let you children and grandchildren Down. Speak out for the truths you live by. Sana Yaw Crewl Harte Quot a deep to wait Taba ak4 Tat radio free Europe fund maw y Ark City save Peter annual Friendship Sale to y _ january s8 Only i honeycomb with plenum cups that shape to you hidden treasure cups of soft , Cool plenum add fullness confidentially for never before Freedom the Elaston net cup rim expands and contract with every move you make Nylon acetate lace covered cups drip dry All Cotton Broadcloth sides and Back. No ironing White Black. Regular Jas mrot�4 it Utti Peiyu rtt a now 99 2 published at a Public Sarvice in cooperation with Tho advertising Council and the newspaper advertising executives association. Psf 4 Crisp tender. Size 24 s iceberg lettuce 2 Large Heads Juicy Sweet. Size 66 it 0 Temple oranges 69 Vine ripened 0 fresh tomatoes. �?o19 of a e. E ele he members of service organizations in India donate their time to staff 3,000 centers where care food is distributed regularly to the country a poorest groups. Funds to deliver the food Are donated by americans through the care food crusade Pittsburgh 19, a. Am Aoa Rulis using the following 16 letters in the Blank squares below How Many words can you form vertically and horizontally use same word Only on e and no proper nouns or plurals please. When words conto n Jess than 5 letters and Are in same line i. A Toice scoring is i it. For word Quot to and 3 pts for word maximum number of Points per line is five. To assist you we have inserted a few additional letters. A a cog Jane parker.8-Inch size Apple pie la m n t each 39 a Reg. 55c save 16c Jane Parker a potato bread a a a a in a 0 so n a a a a Ford is beautifully built to go 30,000 Miles Between lubrication Oslavic cub Victoria in looks my luxury the Mal of car coating Hue tired of Dollar More. Loaves a amp a s own. Plain or Pimento cheese food shed of bit �791 2-lb. Box c r9. A. Ate s own. Sharp Chedo bit k 99c Florida fresh. 100�o pure Orange juice it. 29 i la. Soud Roll Oleo 2 pm 35c a Kotili or rum we tier the no now 11101 5 01 1 Satu Bat 5 4 4 3 so. 5 5 5 3 5_ total 44 scoring s latter wards. 5 pm. 4-Littar wards. 4 pit. 3 litter wards.3 pts. 2-ltitewtrds.l pm. A Nara a Niawra hbje3e3 a Behe highest possible s Ara is so pts. A i Sal John Manning. 11 ites by King feature synodical. Distributed Tho above prices Are effective at age super markets in Altoona Hollidaysburg Tyrone roaring Spring. Now thru saturday Jan. 28th woman nearly itches to death Quot i nearly itched to death for 714 years. I Ben / found a new wonder Creme. Now i m Babby a says Aln. D. Pc Adof l. A. Litre a mowed Relief from tortures of vaginal itch renal itch chafing rash and eczema Mih an amazing new scientific formula called fam actg Siam Lees medicated Creme kills harmful bacteria series while it soothe raw irritated and inflamed skin tissue. Stop aerate he a so r Jedi Healing done to suffer another minute Jet Lan a an t today at All drug stores advertisement imagine no More Chassis lubrication every 1,000 to 2,000 Miles. Imagine too the savings while other car owners up to $45 for lube jobs during 30,000 Miles Ford owners will Only about $4. And the Job will take Only about 20 minutes. That a because of Fords new sealed in lubrication system. At your Ford dealers the threaded Metal plug protecting each lubrication Point is removed specially developed grease injected and the plug put Back. That Sall there is to it for another 30,000 Miles this is just one of Fords Many takes care of itself features. All Good reasons Why this Ford should be the Ford in your future 00 Mahon Here s How the �?T6 Ford takes care of itself lubricate itself you la normally go 30,000 Miles Between crawl lubrication which Cost Only about s4.00 and take about 20 minute because Ford has replaced conventional grease fittings with a sealed in lubrication system. You la go 4,000 mile Between Oil change because Ford full flow Oil filter gives you filtration through fibres cleans its own Oil trapping More dirt than any other Type of filter made. Adjusts its own brakes new truck size brakes adjust themselves automatically. Guards its own Muffler Ford mufflers Are double wrapped and aluminized to last three times As Long As Ordinary mufflers. Protects its own body All vital underbody parts Are specially processed to twist rust and corrosion even to galvanizing the body panels beneath the doors. Takes care of its of n finish just Wash and clean Ford new Diamond Lustre finish and it continues to Glisten like new. It never needs waxing. Only Ford is beautifully built to take care of itself Jack Beasley Ford sales inc. Stuckey Ford sales inc. 1901 Margaret ava., Altoona a. Phone i 4-6141 fort fatter place Hollidaysburg a. Phom of s-9143

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