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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1969, Page 25

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - February 27, 1969, Altoona, Pennsylvania The Altoona Mirror Altoona pa., thursday february �?~27, he a his fun Man 1969 Mirror classified ads phone 944-7171_ Glen picks at guitars not social sore spots Cli operators to Pun Nevil. Chm Piper hot in Dasburg. Rob it in idea roaring Spring Harry Smith Claysburg Al Lestochi. And Martinsburg owl Greenleaf principal of the year de Giller right general manager of radio station w f by presents the a a school spirit trophy and desk set to sister Mars Lambert. R.m., who won the a a principal of the year contest sponsored by that station. Looking on Are John Anthony Wing announcer and the Rev. Louis j. Mulvehill pastor of . Mark Catholic Church. A in House Battle Fop Rives taste of Dun Medicine that you produce the Bill we can discuss it a Irvis retorted. The Philadelphia measure failed 95-79, despite an extend by Joan Crosby new York Nea Glen Campbell is nobody a Man but his own. Glen is old fashioned he patriotic he cares and he stands for what he believes. Glen is in 50-50 partnership with Tommy smothers on production of the Glen Campbell goo time hour the new lbs to series. Rut what is on the show reflects Glen opinions not Tommy a. Quot when i did the summer replacement show there were some things i did no to agree with Quot said Glen a but i told Tommy i d do them because he was the Boss and i was the Emp love. But i have also told him that what goes run this show reflects my views a Glens views Are basically conservative. A a sure. We be got sore Soots in our he says a shut you done to irritate them by picking at them. You try to heal them. A i disagree with much that goes on in politics but i go vote. I done to think i have the right to taught him How of course but that proves nothing. To line on a Man with a Rifle to at his heart. Tie in i of Irv Hun shoot and see him jerking and j i till i smoking at Impact that says to it a Hackel takes something he a not i old it Lull a Etc is firl be in certain he has we ath he is not against soldiering he Lenhar to Ville a. Up explains he is not against the a citizens band operators for civil a a a state police conducted an in Bona guard. But he is against defense made plans for a dry Vest nation today into the fire shoeing for real. Run exercise for the forthcoming death of John \ Quot All my he says in Fng cd exercise at their regular meet k a a. Lih Learned in school a in be been no sunday at the main Eck at Hertzog. 71, tracer at Green 30 with twp about two or reminded about the second War then today. 25 years later the the 20 members present agreed a i Berks county com americans still make films about to hold the test March 9 Between Mummy Hertzog was killed we i Heck installation i _ a a i and 5 . The regular weekly a . In convinced Hitler Tes will be conducted torn prow was maniac and the Nam were at 9 All sector cd chiefs beasts. A Germany was guilty understand the new procedure it in some Way or other. Even my was reported family and relatives must share Allan Dunlap and Don Greenleaf ,.7, will perform an operational but me Ini innocent you of the new Antenna understand. I did nothing t was atop the courthouse tonight. Not Kirn. I Only read about it and a decision concerning summer see it on films. I have not killed activities and meetings will be am to i have net tortured any made at a later Date a Tai Censed cd operators in and. Sass Dieter Hackel. He Blair county Are urged to con wants to stay this Way tact the cd chief in heir local he does i even care to talk cities to sign for this important about War he wants to be an civic duty Engineer wife babies a area cd chiefs include Altoona Small House maybe he a is. He Jim Novak Tyrone. Elwood carts weak maybe he has Learned son. Bellwood. Dean i Ami wit from the past. Maybe he is afraid i Ramsburg. Charles mesday when flames swept the trailer Coroner John folks a ii the victims body was charged. Rut All he wants is to die. Quietly in bed someday Hornberger i fashion Salon Toga vilify mall phone 946 0491 final clearance now going on Jeanclaude Killy de Roll Call. A total of 102 votes put my ideas into the minds of Are needed for passage by. He \ 2�l?��?� democrats failed to produce a a Thorn Ai am a -1_ _ in a y handsome Glen looks a decade them even with the help Quot of five an Bis 30 years. His Philadelphia republicans. By th2 House majority whip rep isl and by Lee Leonard and placed in position for an i am a 1 Prendergast. D cry in a Quot Hnz Harrisburg a re other vote next monday. A it Hampt Jjo sad demo ans Moua Success More tint in retaliation for the Republic to hav a he needed Anonymous Success before that in a. A i let it of a Idan emf publicans and democrats can refusal to help pass the Voes monday fought their first major Battle Bill the democrats Defeated other legislative As a Well paid studio musician. Activity year played 586 record dates. Recently he made his movie John out getting something in return. Rep. Robert j. Montgomery the Butera gop whip d Var 11v ice im11 package including. A a a proposal to forbid profession it Vas a Case of the Republic opened Dehate on the philae Al strik Breakers from opera Vyma a a. A cans giving democrats a taste phia Bill by explaining that re r a Pennsylvania Ana Sav 10 of the Medicine they served publicans except in 1967-68 when the gop had a from Philadelphia for were those a the House a a a . A a i a i Vij v i p 111 a wee with-11 a ,. A Bare constitutional majority of holding their votes because not i station raising pensions for passed and sent acting a a the part was not that cd Trot along on a horse Duke Wayne. Unanimously Day a Home in Arkansas i used to the a Senate to a a pict Cotton to pet enough e Money to go see Dukes latest and Back 104 votes or less enough Philadelphia democrats a Quot did Sab a Pittsburgh v Asto this year the democrats of were present to get their Sun Apo and firemen by $15 Quot a when met him i Felt just like Matin in. Me a a i Uit. A. B i month. Said collection of the Fet Marl q 1 a i not he affect he introduced a fan asking for his autograph. And i did. In a Joe idol because immediately after he moderate drop Antici Oatch Iii area Job total dieters take courage Glen Campbell of a tidally have 106 members but i port on record illnesses and absences have Butera prevented them from raising tax would not be affected by ,ntro5lucd a Bill which the needed 102 votes to pass Delav in the Bill and that re a require welfare recipe. Mills on their own. Publicans would vote for the anti t0 carry an identification a thl a olympic Gold medals the net effect of wednesday measure As soon As enough a ,n.cudin8 photograph and and pro pm b self to be the action was to Block passage in Philadelphia democrats were find or pants. World Best skier he began show til at least next monday of a produced. Ine House returns at 3 . No on commercials on to. C. Bill which would allow Philadel a a we will guarantee you if March 3 and the Senate returns because be a just started a re uhes speeds of 85 phia City Council to restore Ait hat a what you want that this at p my the same Day. 4 i Mill real estate tax to hip Bill will pass on monday a Bya Bek of Cain he Terasa do we just want you to n. 9 Philadelphia school District. Own to your i Dicoio Gillis a a sick and tired y a abut Era said republicans Are a Lucli Cetl cd employment in the month ahead is expected to show a moderate the Altoona office of the state Bureau of employment Security predicted today in its current labor Market letter. A manufacturing should hold close to the current level i5,� too while no manufacturing 30,500 will drop too in contract construction Quot according to Kenneth a Moore local office manager a number of Job openings babysitters waitresses Secre-8 re available for Day workers tries sewing machine open a Tori and various shoe Industry occupations Quot or. Moore said. Quot Hie Altoona office has individual openings for structural Engi nor. Production superintendent Jean Claude med Cal Secretary computer operator key punch Hollywood breads i nor operator comp Ometer operator and in of without Republican help Tho democrats were unable to Muster the votes to Clear the Bill. Which would raise about $18 a sick and tired Quot of being 17 i i a cd it Philadelphia Public a Quot Quot a a in Iii prob of righting million of the $48 million need blamed for Philadel Nhi he if Philadelphia Public. F 1 l1, Onnen terns and then Mountain Miles series on lbs to. Because he Fth Vry is Steep and Luranc was the subject of an a by to feat a hat Speed you a Quot a a special. And because he was Hurt. If the ground was Flat u., to. Ii a re rumoured about to launch a screen you could get 1 Dav. Career you assume before meet the olympics he feels Are not m i a jt4m 1in Man in Jean Claude Killy that he a a True test of an athletes ability Quot re a Reniss t a shrewd Young Man taking full a a a Man whole career depends a of a ->00 ,1 no a or j advantage of his olympic fans. On two minutes Quot Jan �4 2 you meet the charming he enjoys Many sports include Imit a Hill Rhi distributed by the marketer baking co. Then schools Are to remain open past pros an 1 a Hen receiving abuse april 5. When they try to raise revenues Quot it it Commonwealth to Send thu Ebi Ste c the Bill fell seven votes Short t0 the cloy of passage but it was revived House at Kranich t against North Korea with Onny top. And be a Good actor yeitf1 Chunnu a <4mr it takes 3 to make a wedding. The Bride the Groom amp Jonasson need Dur mid january i iwo higher year. Increase in the won one in Competition in no this period Italy it is the machine that employment was than this time last of the All of the any manufacturing division was con son for the delay was that re was the testimony Homp in Val do Sere France. Everything except mount Kiliman sector ? where t i publicans were trying to make wednesday of Engleman 2.c he says in ins soft he says. A i will do that pm lovers in Jas f a Deal with the democrats Ray j. Maggard 22, the 30th Fren h accent a a it a just Fantas next it inn o h ? a inn a a ifs ? realm the 6 per feb a enlisted Man to testify 6c there no noise just the after which they will have to goods employer ii nor in cent sales tax when it expires before a five Admiral court of wind. It a Nice change the spelling to Sillyman a amp Oveis r p 0 r t e d june 30. Inquiry into the vessels Cap when he races Down the Side Jaro. A a that a what this delay is All tur a a a a a Quot a a a about a Irvis said. There was fight More sailors walked to my Btl i an attempt to blackmail . The witness table today to Tell Quot lots it in it of i to sandbag . Or. Kenneth what happened to them during a a Tissot the watch europeans rave Over perfect flattery Best describes the uniforms from the Stanley shop i309 a Lith Are. A Leer Sullivan told me n months of Captivity in North the republicans wanted our Korea. The court is summoning commitment for the 6 per cent All 74 of the enlisted men who sales tax in return for votes on were on the Pueblo when she this Bill. I told him a you can go was seized Jan. 23, 1968. Their to nobody is going to testimony is expected to con blackmail me. Nobody is going Tine until late next week. To sandbag me. I done to make Maggard whose duty in Battle deals with school children Stu was to Man the .50 Caliper Tures. You make your deals if machine gun Battery in the you want but done to try to Forward part of the ship said make them with he knew How to fire the weapon Lee formerly House speaker but most Pueblo sailors did no to German Soldier until i mixed changes during the past month hut not enough to change a a the Industry totals. Employer in the a hard goods Section i reported either Little or no change since december. Employment in the Nonman h a factoring set Tor declined by earlier counterparts by Tom Tiede Nurnberg Germany aka remember the stereotype tier then thundered a response in Maggard of Olivehurst califs0der world War la the lid the guns were unshielded no Uncertain terms that the when the North koreans opened a a 1�? a a i a 1. A a ,. Ukr Cuit Stic mechanized which he told the democrats in said the guns were unshielded a by ung i p against be a Jack booted scar faced sad states at least on the Republic fire the Pueblos guns were d 1, can Side Are through raising exposed and an Effort to reach of a Merber Money for Philadelphia unless them would have meant almost 1ben meet Dieter Hackel a the rest of the state gets its certain death. Private in today a bund Estehr Cut. A the Way they were mounted i the est German army he a two state areas a key were last in a a talks open Mon. I Fri. To %.m. Log . To. Wpd., thur�., Nat. To . To 3 . Final clearance saving to 70% in Hollidaysburg since 18% it will be glad to charge it phone ti95-98 .�?T4 they were just no Good Quot tas at a whisper wears Eye. Maggard said. He never fired 8lasses. Roe faint if he cuts a pm.1 Neil Are two areas of the them in Battle. When the North re Anc thinks any brutality is state with similar problems in koreans began spattering their Kreren gotta against god. C h p Money to for their Pueblo with machine gun weapons bore him uniforms ?0, i e s., they Are bullets Maggard and other make him itch clicking heels Philadelphia and the rest of the enlisted men with on deck Battle Hurt the Ankles and he has never r to in expect to take stations were ordered to stay bad a Heinie haircut in his life. Care of the City of Philadelphia below. Dieter Hackel is the now look unless you take care of the Chil earlier testimony that Many in a Quot the the Germany military and Dren of the rest of the state. Pueblo men went to Battle the German society. Newer quite House republicans have been stations without life jackets or obviously than the hapless Hitler anxious to insure that there will helmets was confirmed by yes. But also newer than the Post take communications technician 2 c War apologists the 1950 Strug i i i cd n to film ii 7 Rte ,. -_1__ i i. Dieter Hackel /11,200 in the last month As seasonal factors exerted a negative influence. Unfavourable weather conditions caused the drop in construction while a Post Holiday reduction accounted for the loss in wholesale and retail Trade cutbacks of too each were also reported by employers in transportation and Public utilities and the service and mis Cellaneous segments. Other no manufacturing lines held steady during the month. Estimated total unemployment in the Altoona labor mat let area increased from 1,900 at mid december to 2.200 on Ijan. 15. The increase in unemployment did not equal the employment loss since the available work Force declined by 900 since december. Job seekers currently account for 4 2 per cent of the available work fort e j com a red to 3.6 per cent in de Cern Ber 1968 and 7.2 per cent in january 1968. Claims for unemployment compensation filed in the local bus office increased i from 1.132 in the third week in december 1968 to 1,444 for the same week in january 1969. Fino out Why on of the get discover being mad by american travelling abroad la the Norm oui popularity of Tia not watch and the prominence Given them by Europe finest jewelry store Many affluent Continental choose Rissot Over higher priced watches end her Why they re ewer of tie Sot e Hundred Yser history of excellence they know about the electronic and manual seven Day Teste every tie Sot to Given before Purchase and they love tie Soto a True Continental styling in t it Tim that you too discovered tie Soto com in end be them. For men end for women for As Little a $39 9st be Money available to a care of a proposed $161 million John w. Grant 22, North Fay a prs and the More recent stuff most Young people escape the one to in the cd i Mil Maine the items were stored pm profiteers who have sue draft by claiming . Status i. U a Wou d be to above deck and covered by of Kirtly dominated the German nearly 12 000 last year or fail new Iro make sure the sales tax is go North korean gunners who Cne inf the physical qualifications. Harrisburg a robing to remain at o per cent. Opened on the Pueblo every Hackel is neither cruel apolo then there is the matter of Ert d. Granam 30. Has been suggest mat if any of you time a door was opened. Retie nor greedy. Bund Estehr . For Hackel who named director of Public rela Kepto Picans Are anxious to re Grant who was in the rather at the age of 20. He is has been in service about a year of is and advertising for the 9rt# m�r9uie# with two diamonds facet a aged cry Tai Matching tapered Bracelet. $69.9$ i watch self Windlin tis in Ste c is. Account invited Ding senator with Waterproof Satin finish a. Silver Grey or Whit dial $59 99 a year to Poy. Be interest charge o i re by Muhar r. Lawrence Coughlin of Penn shop of never t0 have to break Trust t0 kill Sylvania will be among 15 fresh w family Honor. Frankly he confesses he does men republicans in the haul. Re accepting military service. N t if head be Able they pc a he says he repudiated the wave Young Pacific ism which has watching the Apollo 9 launching Friday at Cape Kennedy. The a j group will be led by Ren Lou Rippa the nation in recent years of Frey jr., r-fla., executive i Ermany he says has the High c Rector of a club called the 91st est rate ronscipntiou1 objection club organized for the 91st con in word about one out of Gress. Fatal explosion see our Large collection of new Spring Heel Hugger Lassere shoe store in Hollidaysburg open Fri. Amp sat. Til 9 . Every 20 germans refuse on moral grounds to enter the armed forces. In the United states the a brr Rrex ire n c0 �vera8p about one in 700 stand pm r j. V pm 0n the other hand however. We Nisi i i a i Nant Coke Dieter Harkel is not Happy with Mpiani ii i n a when a military regimentation. In this in n was. Under he resembles most Cis. He knows fire re explore Ltd at per its his duty to serve but he holds Luke f operate co. Coroner his nose All the while. My of la g hons said the Bot actually he has go did reason to h Quarter Keg blew out dislike the Germany military. In Sisel a a 11,6 Chest and the first place he was conscripted is Chetaitis by hated grossly unfair draft of eternal injuries and Laws. He Sav All German youths Shock. Another Workman escaped injury. Are required to serve in the military but comparatively few do. Part Tho g nor runt i Roll v ill me fit in a a a Uia i a Yem a a v i in a int u1p a pet Ceni sales tax Pueblo intelligence unit when ass German and More French and a half salary amounts to 4.5 st8�?~e Commerce department the enemy opened fire said it English amen can than and who Marks a Day or about $20 a Branam. Formerly with a new Stephen Harris and the men have a one before in his land. Month York advertising Agency will working there simply Lay Down Hitler would never approve but and that he sniffs wont buy earn Sii,301 a year in the new on the deck when the bullets Dieter Hackel is one Wor dish. He much Wiener Schutzel. Pun he is a native of Trevose began hitting the ship. Shrugs off fierce nationalism and there is at least one More in Bucks county. They stayed there until Hopes instead somewhat like a serious drawback to German ordered to Man their Battle Francisco Flower person that sen ice try Day. And it bothers stations. Grant said. Earlier lews. Arabs vietnamese chinese Dieter Hackel most of All. Testimony has confirmed the russians americans and or suppose he says something order to go to Battle stations will discover common ground and happened in Europe. Like War. Warn t passed until at least to Cement the future to it. A the russians or the Hast germinates later. This does no to mean Hackel is in mans got angry or arrogant and a patriotic. His father was a Ger bf8ao to physically push a Doss Coughlin attends Man tidier his Grandfather the riders Washington a Ren ought for a he Kaiser and he As a Soldier Hackel would Haw in new for Spring fjssh9kep off sum ran jell jewellers 1325 Lith ave. Over 50 year a a Mph Altoona the Ste. Good Winter clearance Sale thursday a Friday a saturday Babi Snow suits. Values to Siv. Is amp girls dresses. Sizes toll. It req. Price bots Winter jackets. Up to r ii 80ys Long sleeve Polo shirts. Values to s14 now .52 girls Winter Coats amp jackets. Sizes 2-14vij Price girls Oress amp play shoes. Values to a. $2.22 Junior dept. Sizes 5-15, 8-16 dresses Coats. Skirts amp Slacks. Off m�l.?c�� Nylon h0se2 pair $1.00 a houses. It Price three piece Pant Uit Vij Price the clothes tree Hollidaysburg. A

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