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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 5

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Altoona, Pennsylvania Accidents director on highwaysil0 scat Cal injure two four accidents on of Ward told by truck Magazine under the Lille. The Midas touch of William the International Trail Magazine published by International Flarv Csc t in inv aay. Dec. Hand requested con listed by International Harvester lick to be represented on company currently is telling the on Blair Board the Claysburg Kiniel school District Board of directors convened i Ilse hair county school Hoard Daniel c. Wolfe. 27, of v. Walter i Surg suffered a laceration of Hie i forehead at 5.50 . when ins car overturned As he swerved to the right to avoid hit. Ling a Leer on route four Miles North of re Lwood he was treated at inc Altoona Hospital la who car was estimated i Ai 300. Sharon Ann Proudfit. Of High St., Cresson suffered a laceration of the Scalp at -1.40 . Saturday when the car in which she was a passenger struck a Patch of ice on route 36. Three Miles North of Al Toora and struck guard rails. The car was operated by James Green. 41, of Cresson Shafi. Dam age to the car was estimated Al strikes Utility pole at 12.15 . Yesterday a truck operated by Clair of. Smith 43. Of roaring Spring Raj was damaged to the extent of s1.000 when in struck a Utility pole on route 1g-i lust Casl of roaring Spring. Hie other vehicle involved was oper a cd by Martin d. Ford 2.1. Of Walton ave., Altoona. Police report both vehicles were moving on like Highway wild the truck a retaking the car. Ford failed to yield the right of Way to the truck swerved to the left and struck the right Side of the truck causing in to leave inc Road. Al.35 . Saturday Robert f. K Ati fenian. 31. Of roaring Spring slopped on route 3g three Miles Soili of Hollidaysburg on Callish Ridge prior to making ,1 left turn him a private drive and was struck from the rear by j. Paul Wareheim of Martins in bllr.,mini Blair loin ii Samc Damase to the Ware Ham Altoona m1kk011. Altoona pa., monday Dick Makr 20, 19g5______ Midas i ouch woman Breaks i of r in Ilia is Aiice the. Motor Industry toward in fall i Kaki hopeful reporting of in err Mirror want ads phone 9 continued from Page i Dietrich. In. Of ?700 civilians to return to was treated at mercy hos their Homes anal for a fracture of the left a 7 . I ankle which it was reported in Posztl Oji All forein a aviation Cadiz to Jarl suffered in a fall Down a ,.w, of Steps Al her Home yesterday. Other treated Ove end were r Ilie week servicemen As a precaution against t communist terrorist attack fused about what this stands for the Home of William. Ward s or mar mayor Dies continued from Page 1 death in 1931. He Hail irom Ilie Eckels school of embalming. Philadelphia in on aug. Lieu or. Laughlin Ivas United in marriage with Sara c. Lingenfeller of Ilie City. Surviving arc two children Lester ii. Of los Alios calii., and mrs. Enterprises the Ward truck ing corporation warts Coria ration of Pennsylvania. Ward terminals. Inc., and Ward . Inc. Manifestly the signboard Doc Donald Cam of Llic Cit to seven Irand Couldren two Sisters and a brother mrs. Nevitt louder and Fred s. Of the City and Donald b. Of Alexandria a. He and or. Cam comprised the firm of Laughlin Carn. Or. Laughlin was a member of the Simpson methodist Church and of the official Board of the . Of a., a past president of the Altoona Lions club member of Hie chamber of Commerce and r order a Pasi commander of Lames l. Noble Post. V.f. And had served As commander of the 1 Pennsylvania Disi Rici of thai a past commander of Al was estimated at s3.il and to the Kauffman car at s100. Do garlic wins election with 55% of ballots Paris president Charles de Gaulle s reelection to a second seven year term will result in in change in i a c n c h government s deep shrine which he served As freeze relations with the United t Letim. ,11 lit 11 the multiform air Ward. There s scarcely enough room to list die full Range. More Over. Ward s Alionna neighors probably would insist that the Euer include a special category Lah cd. Community serv then the full Gamut under headings like Industrial. Com Mercial. Charitable. Religions at any Rale there in t the remotest Chance of lower reference to Ward s Way of doing Good and doing the article writ leu by John p. Hogan of Young and Rii Bicanin. Inc., an Advertis ing and Public relations Linn self effacing citizen would never per Mil it. As a civic figure the trim footer has come in exhibit the same essential trails thai Mark him As a motor Carrier Dino Toona chapter . Charles r. Rowan Post american legion and Altoona Marine corps league member of the world War 1 Vei Erans and the Navy league. He was affiliated with Logan Lodge. F am Mountain coun cil k. . Mountain Royal arc i chapter. Mountain com Mandery. Knights Templar Al Loona scottish Kile indies Jaffa pre it tale in Laio. Jaffa legion of Hon or. Of which he was a com matter. And Altoona Square Ami me sources added however co puss club Ami a past com Stales informed sources dieted loony. The general s Victory Over Lef Lisl Francois Mitterrand in sunday s Runoff ballot ii Mander of the National association of legions of Honor. Be followed by a dynamic new member or. Laughlin was an honorary of s h i i n e Temple s look policy in both the inc United slates and Domestic Fields. President of inc Jaffa past Potin provisional final official Vot tales association and member Oling figures for metropolitan the Royal order of jesters France showed the 75-year-old Laii Guhlin was a member of be Gaulle winning 33 per cent the Board of directors of the Al Ert ballots Casl to 45 per Toona Hospital and first National rank had served a term As presi Dent of the City school Board and was a member of the cent for his 43-year-cld or mint. Tie totals of de Gaulle although diplomatic arc not expected to emerge from the Chilly hibernation of recent years French govern ment officials said de Nulle is Nix its to meet personally with Solimon if the chief executive visits Europe in the Spring. De Gaulle will be inaugurated Ian. A the same Dikiy his present term enols. Premier Georges Pompidou and the Cabinet will resign Jan. Giving de Gaulle a free band to make any govern men changes he May wish. Mitterrand backed by France s Large communist party Ami other leftists declined to Send a Lel Gram of congratulations to do Gaulle Olio received the results Al his Colombey Les country a slain in Listern the leftist the Lions club Blair county fo1. Damion for the Blind of which he was a director and contributions m his memory May be made to that work. Hack at Cai e continued from Page 1 manned space flight Headquarters in Houston where hey will finish off a series of photographic identification re polls and sessions de by Infin sessions before off for Christmas. Rendezvous at 3 feet Wasp at sea up men who certainly should know say that gemini i his defeat. After he said. I am Ilir first person Ever to shake do Gaulle out o his self Assurance. 1 have succeeded in forcing de Gaulle to fight for Liis to Lilian survival. Churchill and Stalin never did Mccrory Cash and opinion after watching Brilliant and Beautiful taken during the space meeting by g Pilot. Waller Schirra and Rii Mas Stafford. They saw the films just leaving this recovery inc flight to Cape the movies Slid As Ibe iwo spacecraft sped around lie Chr Mas came n few Days Earth Al 17.500 Miles in hour. Before ship on Kennedy if mini Ince unit med from Page 1 i planes bombed a Power Plant 14 action was arbitrary and Clear Loimil s from the City limits in an against the will of the escalation of the air attacks. Aci. Which to boards to devise their plans for n far Reachi interests and a willingness to put his Lime or Money into whatever he believes in. To be sure he has Faith in his own backyard and never appears extended by Hie demands Altoona makes upon him. Such a Man is Ward an . Who has gone through inc same growing pains As the City where he was Tarn. At 59, he appears to have so for even Vone. O the people Salt his rolling Empire he is the highly successful my key Boss of a family owned corporation i employs 117 pieces of Rollin Slock to move freight beige in the in Roi imy area of Central Pennsyl Vania and the metropolitan new York new Jersey area. Here is a first class. Rock solid Cross the seven terminal net work for example is constantly updated. Typically Lite Fleet abounds with tandem driven cof International truck tractors and Load Star Iricks. All Bear the sinking new Ward remainder of the Hogan article describes Ward As like Captain and his Tower office the Pilot deck for civic projects designed to Bel Ter the cily s fact is. If the Ward Tower was taller Hie genial be getter of so Many thing for Al Lonna could command a View of much that s largely to Ward s spark. To name Bui a few exam Ples on the City s Skyline there arc ski itic., Culter ick pattern company Puritan sportswear company Sylvania electric products and inc new Al Loona Campus of Penn state. Ris ing now is a Plant for the Pitts Burgh plate Glass the article ends with flip Fol Wing about the future probably More of the same . Among Ward s lop level aides a of the key port of which Lasi week when air and mrs. Lewis m. Desie farm of 205 i. S la. Lending Ilu army Ligon training school at Camp wallers. Texas major proposals on Assembly s Agenda mar Risby re whom demand my prior with no Evelyn Lunnas. Members of dom1mc v Wees in soil hum direction of mrs. Iho quartet were or. And mrs i i ,.ijm Iet Nam. Although Richard Llamile. Mrs. Llarin to Linued from Pace i imposed after and Sharer or. Troop _ Stool by while other by , did it Lai Nelll necessary o serve both the abrasion of right Cornea. Week of recent Homes inside Hie cily and a nuni a Daniel Wolfe. Linx 1-16 Bland exchanges on the subject of new Homes and an apart Alburg laceration of nose co Lii peace As pure fabrication Jar no being Brijl outside of forehead completely estimated at about Forl Joseph Hicks. Sof sch ave., the while House had no 2.0 fit feel of line plus attendant puncture wound of left eardrum comment on the Hanoi if Hie service is run loj Warren Ketroiv 22-i i. 5th ave. Chemicals in both eyes. Robert Taylor Tipton. Dog bile of upper lip. Helm Yaupp. .110 Beji ave. Infection of Riihl lower Teg. Patricia Whitman. 900 3rd Juniata. Sprain of right wrist. Ronald Mcmarus ii. Vighi St. Puncture wound of left fool. Michael Kelly. 1s10 Gib ave., Juniata Lare ration of right hand. Larry Archey. Ave., foreign in Fly in left Eye. David Robeson. 2021 Oak ave. Abrasion of lower leg. Richard Mangiacarne. 1g1g 1011 injury to jaw a Louir l Ley. .109 ave. Laceration of nose. William Mcdowell. East free Dom re 1, laceration of fore cad. Harry Romig. Lock Haven eel Lii Lilis of right thumb. Rose Waller to sprain of right ool. in Santiago and Hen moved to he hotel. J. Vending machines of an Undis with machine guns and heavy 1 t v mrs Merle ency of Wilson k Al i Al. I it _ to blvd re ported to police dial someone entered her Home be tween i and 2 . Saturday while she was away and took a pocketbook containing in Cash. Entrance.is made Shroi Iii an unlocked door Al the Home. Frank diberal of the Ziherl radio company 1614 Union ave., retried dial someone removed lie Nice Ross. Margaret hed Ding Eva Lucas Ethel wll mams and Mowrie honer Burns t Pitts Iurii up of the building to make an entry but away. Nothing was reported stolen. Evidently was fright end s4-year-old an District woman burned to death sunday when her clothing caught fire As she lighted a lire in the fireplace of air conditioner rom the Side her Home. The victim mrs re son he Rev. Edwin b. Minims when he returned from a Church service. Tanks and sent artillery fire rocketing info be Structure. Air Force planes flew Over the hold at the big Lii of the Battle but did nol strafe or bomb he rebels witnesses said. Shortly after the Battle broke out at Tho hotel. The govern ment of provisional president i color Garcia Godoy flashed a request for . Assistance. T m t Zuj , Becca maims was Foi Iii by her helicopters lifted members of1 to . 82nd airborne division armed and wearing Gas masks to Santiago. Propaganda deliberate conf Alfred Merle Chamberlain. Koane i Yte. William be scr and Charles ilor therner or. Lion Campbell gave a Short address on Fellowship in lion the program was arranged by lion a. Rorbach. Hanoi privately is More willing or peace talks Ihan its red chinese backers want Illo be. Or than in would like the chinese to know. To some observers this could explain the pattern of privately reported peace hints from Hanoi followed by Public denials others feel Hanoi s leaders simply arc themselves nol ready to talk peace and thai inc reports of peace was announced Over the week inc Lars arc a combination of i Kinz to Nf York up Henry .1. Heinz Iii son of the chair Man of the Board of he ii. A Heinz co., will marry Teresa Simics Ferreira n . Cont sullans from Mozambique it contusion of nose. End. No Dale was Sel for the wedding. Margaret Hildabrand. 60s e. 3rd St. Lellwood. Hums o neck. Patricia Good. 5ih ave. Dog scratch under left Eye. Sipes. Dox re 3, Ciurylo right knee. Continued on their Way by other Means of transportation. Charles Leach of Gabon. Ohio the flagman at he cup nary crossing had apparently waved one vehicle across Ibe tracks and gone a Side Liis Shack for a cup of Collee. Holin a p p a v c n 11 y drove Brough inc crossing without a signal investigators said. Or Liana begins talks Willi . Officials washington1 up West Hcrman Chancellor Ludwig Erhard began a series of toil Evel talks with u. S. Officials Oday on Germany s bid for an expanded role in nato nuclear defences. In fore going to he while Louse for a meeting with president Johnson inc visiting Jerman Leader conferred with Secretary of state Dean Rusk to his key aides a major topic of the iwo Dav discussions was Hie nuclear sharing role Hal West in wants. Fire inflicts Pittsburgh i l l dam _ Elerior of the Law finance Vincent Carmosino or. 2700 age was estimated at sigh Hoo Pine ave. Abrasion of left knee in n fire which gulled the in i Corgi Gale 2101 Washington ave. A Caloma of Scalp. Sharon Ann Proudfit. So High si., Cresson. Laceration of Scalp. Jeanne Loyles Isom Mill lie Matons of right leg. Marian , Oak ave. Building saturday night in Down town Pittsburgh. Seven persons were injured. Fire chief Ste phen Adley said sunday the cause of the fire Lias nol been determined youth drove is Philadelphia up a youth drowned sunday in the Owca Pool while swimming with a group being supervised by men hers of the association for i Homas Savior. 109 uth St., retarded children. Bruce Nin tog Hue of left . Poi. Is. Was found at the Bottom Norman swancy g1s Logan of Hie Pool in five feel of Waler avc., inc Nom. Fracture of led i a. Margarct . C12 59th si., Mac Smith. 112 Broad St. Hollidaysburg injury to left shoulder country almost two thirds of the Swiss of Over 5-Millton peo ple live in Rural districts villages and owns of less Ihan in Lia Bitanus

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