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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 2

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition hic imitation of i a Altoona Mirror saturday was 34.614 a Toona sir it or. Weather Snow cold the Winter san Vij Matafin a Kelt debut tuesday Al s la p.m., a St but Che r up Spring will a in m Ilch 20 Fitio vol. Xii no. Mio injunction a a in it to it a i is Denit to Al cps a Killen \ Mui i in so ii of i boart he not Iii j Uris fiction. In in Narni a a i morn phone in 4-71t i a ia., Ion Dax i x i my olt i a1 Bah 20, 1ui.&Quot>. Crell Inlo 11 Nils a ii it Iima to a i americans f eared \ let Cong captives in Ilian it kidnapped near Man w i Borman nod Lovell Benin Ile brie Linns overruled decision f tup stated i proposal for Campis Chap a a this is an architect s rendering of the All faiths Chapel at the Altoona i amps til the Pennsylvania state i a diversity to be built if the Community matches the s12/>.0thi bequest in an Anonymous donor. Lins View looks southeasterly across the reflecting Pool Ironi the front of i he student mullions building with the circular Shaft of the Chapel balanced at one Side of the breast of the Pond with the Tuttie 11ut ars building of the Campus i hero is a two War time limit for raising the Matching funds assuring the actuality before 1970 aft. Ten the d their it Irgaz f it a the idl d to police i Robe fat of Surrey Kopor son to lines in jobs i Maliu it Rucker Dell m Uesel a a a ivc now \ ars i Loniero Riners report tile lights Tohen when Al rent it two men had their hearings continued and three others fainted posted Security on the Iota Ion of City ordinal i t hot to and Deco i in s Vav i at t h. Ii. In sent in univ a six i Erk a i new jobs Deva biped in Toto Kina area Between mid a .1448, charged with fighting and a it or and mid october to Job total est Point Al mom. Sire it 1%0 61 ret is italians i ufos. Vrh Avo and 10th today by the St., Early saturday morning Ness Survey John m ii bes 19 of ill it loth state i Niv t ave i Quot a Rah it of t in Iver 19 t h e r e a of Hollidaysburg i 2 were no 13.ioo in tin to that their hearing would 30.ioo in t it disorderly Fondue f what police s. For 11 to Tho Rin it an As the Resu t the v. As a i ret Cost of the a i 49 of a r season the ont Penn Sylv f the pet in i nem Plov Merit resented atty. I �1 by at and hat Cli to Cir by or. I humus i liver in. Of is Beale ave Bernard .1. Les tick i. 9 f Hollidaysburg i j. And i Moth .1 i Kenna 2&Quot. Of 1112 21 so St. All forfeited Post. D it at it Aufai i Laird t s were Mullen it on presents history id b Kes and to o nth a Poi son were being interrogated further by City detectives tins morning Aff to the v debate opened up w i Miller presented the i the dispute it began when. Under the Rem i so i. Tier Blair ninth St i of tors it Ese Feti a pm a f t de to ird of h Isle i which kept the Altoona d Sti jct and the i Gar area j up school District apart alleged i he i Ogan a i w p. St boo Roar then appealed the proposed to the state Board of Educ n on tile grounds that it desired a merger with the Altoona school District by a fan i decision the s year the state former it ii flavor i Lins i or my he la \ statement issued / \ joint statement was Issue a a Sis in in by Blair it aint n Kroner it Harold Troxell Dis it atty i i Auk b it Ai Lei and it apr a Russell sell cooperating in it. Jester Laughlin. 69. It Tion to a investigation info tile t aus school of death of Varv Rucker. 2d of no ton ave who ii is engaged As a funeral tint o participated in the for More than 30 it us in fight and suffered injuries which City died unexpectedly at in caused his death Home a 3 70 a in yesterday according to the statement heart attack cause of death listed following mrs. Laughlin by an autopsy at the Toona h is was ago today aft pita saturday was Quot death was Ness or. Laughlin hem leaked aaa tries wha h made tile he lord sine e i arty this year w worked n a i must in aged 40 j up from t he i month hut Hilow the stat age of 4i to hours c firm my the fat tary were a new Peak in my i it i Ivy or sait s Iii per i eat the previous month and Kent higher than a Yea in reas a cd of to a nil the Quot Ltd it 1 a sub arachnoid Hemor from a he to u d of i Ducat on upheld the anneal of and Igried to the merger of the three a a in Boa is in o lesion and the october the i s pie in her n True 45 Sal a w Ere of a it Spet a Ivi in the worst dec i the ii \ stolen at Church finn upheld Trio Juige due to a fracture of the Vear. Gun r we. Hood Sjo in Jne right occipital area friends will he it a Apt sell will Confer with dist Aughon a Carn i t a atty. Warfel within the next few after noon tomorrow a i. A �?Tiu8 or Days concerning what charges payers said that this Jan. It Alejj 1 a pie Case continued on Page 3, column 4 any in to 0 or. Laughlin w Lun Mudon on Sipf Iii Ull Coita is Mirror amusements. 32 comics and panels. 30 crossword Puzzle. 25 editorials and features., 8 major Hoople .to.,., 4 snorts. 34, 35 women a features. 28 Central state news. 21 Uncle rays Corner. 24 la Coda Hopper 32 Ripi at perform Anci i a of r r. Idaho i i the Minidoka county jail is a p ish of or tor two inmates. Ralph Pion Dexter. 33. Of up. Kano. Wash and f Igene Schmdt 20, of Rupoli t sawed their was out of the jail s Indue for tile second t in a in a week. I hey were among seven in mat s who escaped last monday but had been recaptured popular item is of us. England i Pip. Lie e a i Nutly p u t up piss Cia safety lights on a Highway near Here. 1 i in Throe wore working to. ,0 Ciao after thieves stole 16 lamps want ads .37. 38, 39 14 batteries and five locks. Error made 12 ears a of deaf it Junius it. Round in school for it larded or i Arsa be oils Tho in k sales hat v new cons is estimate i i i ent fun lie put Imp j. Lester Laughlin _ Dost i a t v e Childre n of h try. And Kila Smith i Augh n id came Wuh h s family to Al Ona when he was s years old no i i Onnic Elstow n is i Phi r it Ida up a he had always Ai tee t castration ceased Ard learning the mentally retarded children in 1916 he entered the service began today for a i Quot year old who surrounded him at the of the Pennsylvania Railroad deaf Genius who spent 12 Enid school apparently think-1 company Here but interrupted his soundless years in Tilths Fzli a n a that vis tile proper Emp love rent by enlistment in tilt1 a Quot mire of an mammon for behaviour Marine a nips on april Ehn Tao mentally retarded his frustrations would Over i it Roe month late to landed in i r on ii a1 in. It was a radio that Oev asian ally and he i rain with the 2nd a in Dix 1 1 d state mental health aug Hori became a behaviour problem a Sion ties to discover the boy had Enid becoming physically a or. Laugham saw Active service been tragically misplaced. Gress Jye because he Laeko and was in the front lines when since age five the boy who a Fier Means of communication the armistice of nov. La. Isis Vias not Idem red. Had been die boys Genius came to was declared served in the of kept in the Enid okla., state il2at Vohon an employee thinking pupa Ion Force in Germany until school for mentally retarded youth might like to play Lune 1919 and was honorable Dis on the mistaken presumption a transistor radio kit left charged As a private first class mentally lacking. 1 ? part s on a table. J at Norfolk. A. In september a Lucs of pint e d n a a a a it 1>, 11919 so Hist mated to it St s a Vic it re using be a led the boy has a Genius in author t and immediately transferred the boy pm Quot ?5t<, f Ned a a Hei a a Vamp Toto. Where he remained tin deaf Here. Until be Vui youngster had taught himself to learn to read and begin his swim a few Quot real education at the primer simply by Levy to a i continued on pane i. Column a opened its Modem hts som memorial Center which emphasizes remedial rather than custodial care for the mentally he was after reviewing a plays perfectly resuming has in Road employ j a intricate wiring in served until March 1921, i i diagram the boy assembled Theu Hen to be rime an Arr entire at ,djo. To played perfectly. In a Sieve mortuary later j records a Vire to to Mcfarline to the firm of Law i Carlie a ran Terr v until mite tit it dissolved in april. 1929. Hen joined xxx Irh Homer f s i Pix a watch eng a swim r0b-.,s in partnership taking Over Ming f i i n on Nev Ishimi up it it Hus mess after or. Tobias o id a series of intelligence tests indicated he was Genius. One of the tests take Tho inv s Cana Bali tie s n 0 pm 1 person five minutes to s a Shiv of the toy did it Iii one As it was. A Chance incident p. To a a it a i a our. N Cojac Dis Hissom s led Hissom officials to uncover the youth s Genius ability continued on Page 3, column i Church notices sunday Church notices for publication in the Altoona Mirror Friday dec. 24. Must be rec Vod in the Mirror editorial offices by noon wednesday Doc. 22. Final Mirror i it of farriers i mated j on Honor Roll the Altin a Mirr r Aren \ i11 i ii and tuts Holt Dux sin i g who hav com pm i. If t fit i i nil i on Irth \ car \ ave been Nam i to he Mirr or a h nor Roll tor their achoo i met a both the cat 11 r s and the a w s Pap r apr it Quot this that kit to the pall ins who Baw mad it possible for the youths to Clos their books Btu to the i in a is in i in e Mirr or also extends a n a tabulation to to can ices w bos one a get a efforts have mad to Msihie a the la in t Roll to by completed at Quot is Tom la e follow ing list contains the anal names on the Honor Roll uhf o r Hollidaysburg an d a of r Bell Wood i Lites no. Route name 201 103 Erald Hrzic 202 Dennis Tomassetti 203 8 Timothy Gallagher 204 122 Jerry Detwiler 205 19 Richard Mccorkle 206 Hll Kenneth drass 207 16.3 Jack cd Orle 20,8 28 Michael Winters 209 36 Barry Wert 210 b-6 Barry rider 211 170 Brian Davis 212 12 David Parris 213 38 David Marten 214 3 Bruce Wooding 215 17 Dennis Oswald 216 2 Michael 217 201 Pennabaker Dennis Rafter to 218 85 Ricki v Bumgarner 219 h-3 i am Fox 220 by Blair Miller 221 166 Joseph la to 22� 123 David Adams 223 7 Robert Savino 224 h-19 George Downey 225 i Santord simmers 226 207 Daniel Yoder 227 202 Robin Brandt 218 b-8 Ronnie Walker 229 4.3 George a Vine 230 ll-17 Wayne William 231 189 Ronald Oswandel 232 69 Donald Snyder breaking and i meting ave ii i t meet greeted by it ooh in i he two spa e puts Moi to continued on Page 3. Column 2 lid s la Iii forming Furth or rioting feared i dominican Lamia police alerted Ai in tamed the t to. Ai n syne amp fit in f Fhi Iril on the streets in violation of the continued on Page 3, column 5 continued on Page 3. Column 4 and Fioril y oks fit lids for lit Diioli vain 11 open i no la ill i crept lied \ i liter at i Nice initial out Brt ii. Usu. Me i la i Ai maitres i inn robbed sat if the building rid rifled in continued on Page 3, column 2 Aud Ingan i we with the new la a said. Ivor u Tilliam of that Long Ranee w iter Anil sew renting the. City and been Aure t in a i of it rence of Cit a wish in supervisors last a. Re in it i to Virnin it it \ 11111 Ltd i i \ i pulp to democrats May bely Scranton. % weep legislature in session a r r fussed the. Should in gov Vav 11 i Audioun Lent Ani Fie feel is n the House us the same oui leaders should have the use report drop the Gavel. D it a1 the session to Iii Der a d one representative himself sums approved and with i Owaid a a Elev pres Ding veal and Secretary John la Dill ii Dis n adding the n quests tile author-nv1 Ity approved of an estimated �?T7 t in the water Hureau and $55.- of in for the sewer Hureau cd tire men cite. And. A itemized Thev include for unit the water Bureau replacements of a Bai it it e and Sev ii to a it s of automotive equipment a tapping Machme at $2,500 Purchase of 02 Swap f meters tor $12 000. A new Bridge to tile i Ruers Gap rest r Vine $1 too and. Repairs to Caie takers houses at three reservoirs i or the sewer Bureau they include replacement f the be 5 in ii r at the West tiv plan. The i pairs to the bar screen at the yes. By Plant. $1 too Seo Narv a to settling tank repairs at the we cry Plant. $3,000. Place Cor fete in one a Quot leg bed it t continued on Page 3. Column to Snow and cold in ii. Has before m in is mite passed i re so it on Nev 30 a Fin ii and join Nim tit at a or i Jet 17. The legislation w a a 011 a to the House but has thaa been considered by that Ell if this i a. A he re tot e. The i in claim an official Dis agr United it contends no deadlock i lie govt nor does n a ital e excess he con inned a a liver Ann a. V i ii. In. An o oiled does n it sex me As a Ruten by k a Quot a i the would the i in says a i a matter Veteran senator an easy Matt Nori ats Clinti of it 11 Cit in a i Powers he i in p i Al Assem Iii x i Quot i Ven d he ii .1 lie has in if to fire in a deadlock in an Adjni Rumert Date and cum ii there is no deadlock because in kelp vv-1 Haven to set a Date cur i it a does the governor intend to n get to Plant state Pulu it at the Quot in the Frances of the House and sen is j whither i forecast my Cloud n is Folk i tonight an i i it Dav not much it to of in v s in in it not the poet ure if the Iscis a ure on a no party Oasis ate0 p. Asked Quot i doubt it and 2 disagree should Thev decide to counter How else can he keep us from incl la St s. Atta k an executed adjoin meat order in that fashion temperatures a pm meters at the Railroad do part it by iding record entry Tho lowest temperature of Al the democrats who sport the fall Kilt night hours before. 1 Hie Democrat control the on the possibility of a one Par tvs the beginning of the Winter sea dispute authority he said a a they already session asked not to be Idem s n tomorrow when the Mere j he democrats argue first of have a speaker and non elected tied. They said they did no to want urn dropped to a Low of 17 Dell that is Anion has Only the officers and could go right to to act As spokesmen for their Glees. At 9 a to today it bad authority Quot to recess the assent work. In the Senate we Are in respect Ive caucuses since the1 risen Only to 19 degrees a s-h1 v for Quot a period not to exceed the minority hut we could put Manor has not been Cornu us tot Day ave noon s a Reading four months. They claim that one of our men on the Rostrum discussed. I was 31 degrees

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