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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition Tho imitation of Tho Altoona Mirror saturday was 34,617 Altoona sir error. Weather Cloudy cooler tragedy takes no Holiday extreme care should be exercised to prevent disastrous fires and motor accidents Dur ing this and All seasons of the year. Vol. Xii no. 154 phone 914-7171 Altoona. Pa., monday evening december 13, 1965. A a thirty six pages Price ten cents tragic Day for family Mother 2 children perish Hollidaysburg Home fire Gt-6 ready for launch wednesday i to injured among seven i to survive a Kotlier who threw herself top of two of her children a vain attempt to save them from flames perished this morning As did the two children when fire swept their Home at Hollidaysburg. The dead were Athena j. Schneider about 38 years old and two sons Bennett 3, and Brian i. jilted the Blaze were the father William a., 35, and his Mother Mary Schneider who resided j with the family. The father was taken to mercy Hospital by Hollidaysburg am a balance and was admitted with first and second degree Burns of the face Chest and arms abrasions of the knee and contusions of the thigh. He told Hospital attendants that he was asleep when the fire broke out and upon Awakening ran to a window of the second floor and jumped to the ground. He tried to reenter the Home but was blocked by smoke and flames. Grandmother Hurt the grandmother was to be taken to a Hospital later today for treatment of a fractured and other possible injuries. The Schneider family seven children Mother father and the grandmother resided at 814 Union is find abandoned lied amp i hopi Sand of Marino i a Timie search for wrapped \ Long regiment. I Saigon up a thousands ape Kennedy up a the Federal space of u. S. Marines the sixth Agency said today a new Bug cropped up the gemini iday of a search for a 6 rocket but that it was resolved without further delay communist regiment believed to wednesday s rendezvous launch attempt. Trapped Jungle mountains 335 Miles North of Saigon today reached what appeared to be the base Camp used by the fleeing reds they found Only abandoned equipment. The i eath Ernei is and accompanying government troops had been warned by the Marin commander the Quot major flight-1 my was yet to come and space / Arr noir the problem developed the Titan 2 rockets powerful engine system but after a Long series of meetings engineers said the trouble was eliminated mid a a we re still schedule a space officials said sunday they Hope to Send astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Centi or Houston Stafford their Chase space a space champions after gemini 7 Wedron Day but r 1 . N and j ame 1 toward Urr ords new problem posed a is threat to the Blastoff until it was solved Ian s launch attempt is As i by electrical Ping int pulled from the rocket stunt too soon. The Neva today a events seemed to Bear i pm out the Predit Tion \. Ink i or marines moved Over the. A. A a top of a Mountain Ridge line and a be sped gemini toward Down into a Small Highland or v records today cheered by is area known As the Phuoc word that they Quot probably will Sivh Valley they found what be Able to rendezvous orbit that appeared to be a onetime wednesday with gemini 6 communist Field Hospital and new problems cropped up at pro Blem apparently was not abandoned weapons and equip Cape Kennedy the Balky As of rated with sunday s Trou mint gemini to Titan 2 Booster that . J the area is 20 Miles South of failed to lift off sunday. Birt the Ila Nang Marine airbase after a morning of Cliff hanging the Vicinity of the Battleground tension officials where the now trapped \ it problem with the Booster Cong Force last week inflicted engines had been solved heavy casualties government Quot we re still troops. Engineers reported from bombers snack Fri a g Manl 1 Wun at Noum de a 11 our e Ain propulsion system informed sources said tin was the Titan 2 rocket propulsion system. I v Ord there were India to Lions that the problem was a Imo Generator that develops the h it i strategic air command b52its loth Day aloft bombers again today at Skod spinning around Earth the mountains known to have to Lump underwear Norman and caws and tunnels big enough to Lovell were kept updated j conceal heavy to inks and Large Progress of gemini 6. Numbers of troops. Additional Quot interesting forthe area struck by the eight nation Beng sent up to them us e ,v1e soms think me b52s today was Southwest o Khiav men launch dont understand the target area p astern wednesday pro Bahlev will come r it the Aunch vehicle. But sunday with 750 and 1.000 Aff a it. Rodn a Quot minion Bey a re ahead Wuh their plans. Its Ruth orbit and headed into red drive to a a turbines that turn Power Tho engines fuel pumps. Houston might d Recti r Christopher Kraft told gemini 7 astronauts Frank Borman and James i Noil the it Cape Mai three did Hollidaysburg air three members of the Schneider family the Mother and two of her sons aged 4 and i died this morning when fire raced through their Home at 814 Union St., Hollidaysburg. The father and his Mother were probably will come ,. Off As Mission Pound bombs which pm Hanly con to reported injured and taken to mercy Hospital. I ire broke out about 7 30 . The Arrow Points to the window where Athena Schneider tried to help her two sons. Bennett and Brian escape. The three bodies were found inside the Home just under the window t Ause it the blare is undetermined. A caught the Iet Ong Xvi Mission control gave Borman Surprise. The b5-s Fly so nigh my Lovell the Quot go for 147 Orth. Born a a v cannot be heard until then hi5 Anol Hor toward their my Quot limbs whittle toward Earth. 4davgoal Cloudy skies Welt pied ii to troops of the . 173rd endurance flight too a w f weather is is expected to he no problem for a Laum ii wednesday. Partly d re cited weekend Auto Cradle ii school student St. The Home which had a Quot for Sale sign attached to the front porch was a 2�/2-Story Wood Frame dwelling. Reports from authorities at the Acone said mrs. Schneider s a it by was found top of the two boys. Court Hacks Hail a voluntary prayers defendants sentenced Blair cond airborne brigade today accept flu gemini 1 sunday. Re the surrender of 22 Viet to night at i is. The Long the communist one individual Orbital time record of ,. Do stronghold about 60 Miles 225 hours 16 minutes held by East Northeast of Saigon. It was astronaut Gordon Cooper believed to be the largest single a t0 Borman and Lovell. The fuel cells that provide electrical Power for gemini i Here was no rest for the 200 gemini engineers and technicians who worked Amu it t last group to surrender Masse to . Troops Viet Nam. A record breaking run week to get the 109-foot v space machine ready for launch less than eight Days after Washington up a themed that school authorities gave their children a psychological warfare teams Terry Lee Lingenfelter. 20, and which have urged the conium f Ranklin John Daski 24, Altoona pjs s radj0 broadcasts and by than Ini 7s Blastoff authorities said the surrender a a lvdifitolw�te�ujn3f ,.ie was the culmination of a Long to a .1,., i�111off schedule Mission dim Campaign the Region by 10 Viiu a j a j a Nair run Errn or offers Law were sentenced leaflet drops to surrender. Accidents supreme Coura t0d�t, is express their a us so ��s3� serve n0�?~ less a Quot to a a. A a conference e a weeks nor inure than 23 months night. Maj. Two Altoon ans and a i loll Vaysburg Man were cited by City police for failure to yield the right of Way accidents r a 1 Over the weekend. Police also re hearing to new York Cit Jjon to almighty god each Day ported a hit run crash 8th parents who sought order through a prayer ave., just West of 13th St., a owing their children to Quot Pray respective saturday evening voluntarily to god each Day forbade prayers right of Lis ii. A Queens Public school. The controversy arose after ceiling stolen goods court at major Cassidy of 1009 i. Or file so the Case is the first to reach principal Elihu Oshinsky of Hollidaysburg today. Lyet. Time under a second floor window. Afier her Auto struck a car oper the High court involving the Public school 184 Whites of anyone is pm Lunate you All three bodies were burned be by paid Lykens Pond recognition. My Jym no explosions j according to. ,. Kenneth Thomson state fire Sidy vehicle moving South composed prayers and the cookies morning and after my Cong bodies marshal said although several 24th St., stopped at the Stop sign lords prayer As Well As Bible noon dist. Atty. Frank b. Warfel Ier communists were from a sunday dance at the How neighbors thought they heard sex then started through the inter Reading when done Devotion. A Raver joined with police officers continued Page 3. Column 2 Ard ave. Armory exorcists. Quot god is great god is Good describing the round of thefts the Queens parents demand to Juank him for our the two had been involved schedule was probably even tighter than last weeks. Formed by the Hydrogen and of off Liam Schneider said their Gen used to feed the cells work gathered them during the night. Switching sections of the cells the pressure b proceed rapidly Sim Ivl Norma travels a a we re proceeding As rapidly i Walt 0nce again he aeronaut us we can said Merritt their he Blair county jail and to commander of the third p1 put d a Asi it beam launch director for the make restitution and pay costs Marine amphibious Force. A the continued Page 3, column a Kenedy space Center. A re when they appeared a guilty c ared of the Phuoc Valley plea to burglary larceny and re search Quot i Don t think the f Ching Ivis Start Quot Harvest Moon it police prox 3 burglaries pm Altoona police reported three going to launch As soon As we got if no further problems develop the twin engine Titan will shoot gemini 6 its spectacular Orbital Chase after astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell at 8 37 . Est wednesday. Pm. Even if wednesdays launch hundreds of Over the weekend and d Mya min could were he go a a be fired thursday. Friday and Plo Sions actually noises were the Section and failed to see the a1 exercises windows popping out. The fire was Lykens car moving West 7th contained inside the House until ave. Damage to the two vehicles the intense boat caused the win was $325. Dows to break or. Thomson exp Burg Man cited Bernard c. Drass of 805. Planned. Five other Schneider children escaped without injury William Juniata St., Hollidaysburg was the Navy who had come Home cited for failure to yield the Over the weekend Bob. Vincent 12 Linda. 8, and David 6. They were taken to the Home of a neighbor Joe Burger at 811 Union St. J mrs. Schneider was employed 2 ill us Sis Are slated right of Way. After striking a car 1 operated by Mary r. Martino of a. A. Nik i 1924 Pine ave. Yah Dib a drass. Pulling out of the Swift a food. I this fall. They included a theft parked car tools and inspection the other was stickers valued at More than a thank you for the world so from the Haines service Sweet i station at the Meadows Cash thank you for the food we and machine damages at the eat Hunts farm Market North of thank you for the Birds that Altoona and the carrying away sing of a Riding Lawn Mower and a thank you god for every go cart All Worth $400. From the Paul Alberts Home sinking the parents formed a group Valley called prayer rights for Jug thefts american youth Pray and Eil i ionic is damaged pm by i Lames possibly even saturday if Al t Mam 0 ii Borman and Lovell were kept i Busch s tavern 27 bell.ave., a aft extra Day to give was burglarized today at 6 28 and Stafford a target. Arni. When someone broke open Preston named Sun Dave a the front door with a bar then failure a Simp a. But vital. Rifled the cig retie and Kmball electrical plug that somehow machines. Damage has not been was tuned Loose from the base estimated. I0f Titan 2 rocket two mrs. Rev Adelman of 627 4th m Comis cleaners parking lot tw0 inquests into deaths re. A a Plank Road struck the Martino us Ting from motor vehicle a at Dave s dream holidays car moving West East Plank cd dents be been scheduled for american Rouin 1111 Inui a a. A. A a uan Burg and her husband at the Holt Road at 3 02 . Saturday. This week by Coroner d. Harold sued Federal District court trooper Richard Stroud and saturday eve eng. When flames continued Page a column 3 damage to the two cars was tr0�n. J Brooklyn for prayer privileges do Tecube Jota it the re spread up through a part i and Quot the first will be held at 7 30 for a group of students ranging at there Wen it it org lyrics out the roof. City Hall before liftoff. The ave., Juniata reported to police plugs removal started a i , clothing at Ore sequence of events that led to which Hor family operates at that automatic signal that damage estimated at several address a Lintt cd yesterday at Down the engines 1.2 thousand dollars was done to Theja Jan pm 1 10. Tair Glar broke a seconds after ignition. I a map 24-bv-66 Inch window to gain nand torn ital Hota to la a stir plug Punk of Iona Johns o matk Fhoos am s a is. Worth ass. 2o wine carriers trilled to Mirror s i i Honor Hiril additional 25 Altoona Mirror carriers comprise the sixth list of those who have completed their collections for the sear and have been named to the Annua Mirror printing go Manv Honor Roll by the circulation department. Tile appreciation of both the newspaper and carriers is extended to those patrons who have made possible their carriers achievements through prompt payment to the Young people their collection Calls. Tire Mirror requests similar cooperation for those carriers still engaged completing their collections order that they too. Mav close out the year with their route books completely cleared. most recent list is com prised of the following youths no. Route name 126 140 Thomas Mattas 127 22 Stephen Art 128 78 tem Cassidy 129 23 John Koohler 130 to Philip Linn 131 68 James j. Parson or. 132 112 Robert Harrison 133 173 Ken Laughlin 134 92 Robert Klisiewicz 133 33 Thomas Hurliman 136 37 Michael Pinc a 137 53 Richard Knab 138 27 i Arr Paisley 139 177 John Robeson 140 47 Paul Boho 141 6 Craig Maurer 142 162 Michael Berndt 143 135 Theodore Mcdermott 144 82 Thomas Walker 145 35 James r or 116 83 Thomas Jackson 147 151 l Arry Steele 148 213 Howard dough 149 49 Barry Bradfield 150 148 Jeffrey Helsel estimated at $200. After a three car Accident at How the plug got pulled he did not know. Is Melder Sug Home burglarized tested that something May. Mrs Florence Detrich of 512 have knocked it Loose when the no tomorrow cite Nanuan a be f1 a 5 toll and that there were de Jwo cousins Carmine and bar re do ave. Reported that someone powerful rocket Hurst into life 11 31 . Sunday Corey a police courtroom into the death Federal District judge Wama Ineis b r Cambria and Bara Piper both 16, were spend t0e 5731 world 0f clothing from a i think it is the most ironic Elden of 2429 3rd ave. Was of Jesse m. Harris. 77, of 108 tor Bruchhausen ruled favo two 111 Huntingdon county for eng the evening the House while she was it Hing i can think said charged with failure to yield the ctr ave. Juniata. He was the parents hut was reversed which i mfg a filter and Daski lace pinning to go later 1 a a homr inn tinted parc column i continued Page 3, column 8 right of Way. Cured oct. 12 a one ear a by the 2nd circuit court i continued Page 3, column 5 of cadent Hollidaysburg and died oct. 26, 3 cars. House hit police reported that Eldon his death was the second Fol social Security increase medicare residents to Cost Blair s2.763.000 was driving North 25th the acc Dent mrs. Lillian and after halting for the Stop. Sicuranza 77 of 705 2nd St., sign at the 5th ave intersection. Jim Iata having died two hours pulled out and struck a car Fth inc admitted to mercy operated by Thomas j. Maher it her daughter Gloria of 2518 5th ave Ioas operator of the car. Elden s car then struck a car driven by Dwight s. Decosky of second at Hollidaysburg 5002 Oak ave., moving South the second inquest will be 25th St. The Elden car finally held at 7 30 . Thursday came to rest against the Stone courtroom 2. Hollidaysburg foundation of a Home owned by co House into the dealt. Of be c a Vii tax Hite that will hit payroll deductions and the styx. Who d7d�?Tn 27 of he pocketbooks of by no Atar half he her Emp oyers was estimated at $800. To the injuries suffered Early that Day kers beginning next Moi. 0 her increases Maher car. $200 to the Decosky Accident a Piner Roft. Be a a c. So too. Hon and 10 the Metzker he injun Tecarr a a know All about the added there will be a big jump their a y f up Ond ave when it fail benefits voted by Congress Dur new maximum based a a a a a the pin Croft by the last session of s6 600 or better will the House. the Home a a their grandmother for thels night. Thev discovered Trieb azi. To l 4 i i pipe less i Huv la cock Valliant Johnson Ive flares lot special to Altoona Mirror 1 Man 01 Inis extra Vusie win Uci r. 10., a la pc. To Hnsen new Vork a the new social borne by the workers through Jeffres of 8 i 18th St. He Bloden Johnson half of this extra Cost will he which originated near a Furnace. A still alarm at 7.10 , sent company i to the scene and at 7.18 they were joined by company 5 and truck a. Following a general alarm. Several Host a get a a i u Tel Iii Timil i ave House insured the House owned by George a it i Parley hit run victim red to negotiate Margaret r. Neidig of tyrone7�?orv rank 0ff the and bigger pensions Over car was hit by unknown be sov77al times the three other figured out How much it will Cost current rate Sura Nee but there was no insure Washington from his Texas Washington up a pres Ila Down a realistic relation returned to ship with both Pakistan and Indio involving end of their Kashmir dispute As Well As the e of . Aid. Similarly Eck a three Summit level talks Johnson a sessions Friday with and sent firemen of companies 4. Re 2. Reported to police that her a tree and rolled Over hide around 9 58 . Saturday 0ccup,m while it was parked 8th ave. Njtaij7ed just West of 13th St. The last session such j for the ged rut they have not he $406. Or $147 More than the continued Page 3. Coin no Clouds and cooler Ance the furnishings the House Rajch today ready to open this future was made uninhabitable until extensive repairs be Reade. J ,. Snap Neace break Wilson and next weekend with firemen answered one Otho and hoping some peace break Chance Lor Lud. General alarm and three still May yet come the Viet Nam alarms Over the weekend. War other general alarm was false toil it the car were hos them As individuals. I locally per capita payments thus it will come As a Jolt to of the pension fund have been discover that the new tax Arger than Many parts of the earnings of $6,600 or Over will out because earnings a amount to $277 for employee been higher. A Quot spare it wih $il4, the average amount paid per suburban i a astr a Cloyer must turn a a air of univ worker ast Var she said no car was parked Bear facts continued Page 3. Column i Albany y. I Pic a shop a per made a beeline for a s phone Booth outside a Narket. It was already occupied Elf Irvine propped up Tao birth with a Laving a j ii. La i s. I pressed again t its ear earnings of $4 Soo will he Page was a big Black Bear. State police taxed at $201. As against the Mnemonic 18 surmised Tho strange caller had current rate of $174. And earn Amus mems. H,.,.n killed by Hunters and depos jugs 0f $3,000 at $126, instead of comics and panels. 30 id the hone Booth it was 08 not known if the Bear was a victim of incorrect dealing. Crossword Puzzle. 7 editorials and features to editorials by the people 13 major Hoople. 16 sports. 24, 25, 26 women s features. 22 area news and pictures 19 Uncle raves Corner. 8 Hod a Hopper want ads 13 flee to West Goettinger. Germany up was about $106. Data supplied by the internal Revenue service my the Bureau of labor statistics show that $167 billion taxes were collected for the social Security fund last year from the nations working people and their employers. Of this total estimated $9,-867,000 came from local sources. The 1966 taxes Are figured at the rate of 4 2 per cent each for employee and employer the first $6 600 of wages. They now next Var. Under the new rates Are 3.625 per cent the first it is expected to reach s12.630. A thirteen East germans include $4,800. Ing army cadets labourers and Blair county the aggregate school children fled across the increase social Security con mined Border of communist East tribute assuming no change Germany to West Germany during the number of local people m the tax hike. As ,. Pp0�?�i tin weekend it was reported to employed will be approximate his How \ it. There Wilt 32, 33. 34. 35 d Vve Kendo p 763.000. Big increase Federal spending. Too nationally about $4.7 billion will be removed from general circulation next year As a result Sui weather i forecast mostly Clouds and cooler tonight with a Little rain or Snow flurries the North portion. Low 33 to 38. Partly Cloudy and cooler tuesday. Temperatures thermometers at the Railroad Tong department building recorded a High temperature of 53 degrees yesterday afternoon a Low of 38 degrees last night and a temperature of 42 degrees at 9 . Today. Rainfall of the weekend amounted toll of Inch depth. Wig Erhard Are largely concerned with nato. Yet a the president planned to three meetings Are shadowed spend most of today reviewing by the Viet Nam War. Final Plain for his discussions watches for signs with Pakistan president to slammed Ayub Khan which run Johnson signalled the com tuesday and wednesday. Monist leaders Hanoi and ,1 a .1 / i. 1.�?T peking last week that he will he and the first lady arrived exhaust a efforts for peace u the White House . Before taking other hard after a late fight lion t 1 Steps a Iet Nam. He alerted ranch where Johnso has been am it Hass adors around the world recuperating most of the a. L0 be be watch for and six weeks from list signs that the communists Are bladder surgery. They return to ready t0 come to the peace to voc of nnr1 a to a ,. Table. No such signs have developed to Date the White Texas around dec a be intermediary Ayub Khan fresh from meeting John House said just before with British prime son s Texas stay ended minister Harold Wilson has made his own peace w Ith red retains i a Post China and could be my a York up Max m. Intermediary if truce Neotia f. Phai nne a Lions with North Viet Nam Bisluk r. Gem ral Chai Man of the developed. He and Johnson 1 United jewish Appeal was unania have met twice before Mously re elected to a second Pakistan and the United states when Johnson was vice president. Rut the president s primary it object Ive meeting Ayub is to term sunday. Fisher a prominent Oil executed. Is president of Detroit s United foundation the nations lamest non sectarian Community Chest organization

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