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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 1

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Altoona, Pennsylvania The Mirror is a most profitable advertising medium Between buyer and seller. The it. . 26�. Altoona. Monday evening. April 1891. One cent a copt. J 5 cents to 17 cents they be matchless at the prick those Challies and dress Gingham we Are still showing a Nice line and have added to it by an other Large line. When you consider the Quality and style of materials and the excellent shades you will indeed say the prices Are ridiculously Low. ,5g. To 94g. Gingham. 6e. To 17c. You la surely find what you want at Frank m. Morrow scoff. Eleventh ave. And twelfth St., Altoona a. On to w0ps0n0n0ck. Altoona s blk Athing spot being rapidly bound to us. Death record. Wall paper window shades let., largest assortment lowest prices at Kramer a 1428 eleventh Avenue Arcade building. A skilled paper hangers furnished on application. Blairs Keystone stationery. We carry the goods in Stock. Everything at factory prices. Sole agents Tor this City. Giles bros., wholesale stationers 8th Avenue and 12th St., second floor our store is Bright our Stock is brighter our Low prices brightest. In Short spaces we quote a few prices Brown Blank Wall paper 5 cents per Bolt White Blank Wall papers and 8 cents per Bolt. Elegant Dado shades mounted on Spring hoi lers from 39 to 50 cents a Choice variety of t foot Dado shades froth 65 to 75 cents. Oui its from to to 50 rents per Bolt f a Nice variety of cur Tain poles from 24 to 99 cents. Bood reliable paper hangers furnished on Short notice. A so oter so co., eleventh Street and twelfth ave Hue. Altoona. A. A a Quot. For. I j. L. Rickabaugh. Dealer in 4 4 4 4 4 boots. Shoes. Gaiters. Etc the finest Stock in the City. At the very lowest prices. U no. 815 East twelfth Street. 9 the work nearing completion and the company getting ready for Active operation. Notwithstanding the fact that there has been much cold water thrown upon the project of building a Railroad to Wop Sou Knock and the Many natural obstructions in the pathway of the promoters of the Enterprise work has been As steadily pressed Forward As the weather would per Mit until now the Enterprise so far As the original venture was mapped out is nearing completion and Ere Long the Iron horse will be making regular trips up and Down the Mountain Side and thousands will take advantage of the Opportunity thus afforded to get a breath of pure Mountain air see the delightful Pano Rama spread out below on either Side of the old Allegheny and wind up by praising the Pluck and perseverance of the men whose capital made their a Day out a possibility at a Small Cost. Now that the work has been pushed far toward completion and any one by taking a position on the High Eastern part of the City can see How comparatively easy the Grade is and what a Beautiful sight must of necessity be spread out be fore the Mountain climber there Are thousands who Are with impatience await ing the opening of the Road in order that they May make their trial trip and the Outlook now is that when the company Are ready to begin Active operations they will be speedily compelled to add to the equipment and then keep their trains constantly going up and Down. It is now expected that the Road will be completed to Popso Monock and ready for operation to that Point by the 20th of May and on that Day the directors and a num Ber of invited guests will make a trip Over the route the Altoona City band h a been engaged for the occasion and if any one in this Section hears Sweet music coming from the Clouds about that time they will know that Jule Leffand his producers of Sweet strains have gone up at least Fiat of the Way to meet Gabriel a new engine ordered from the Grant locomotive works at Patterson n. J., is now nearing completion and is expected Here by the 15ih immediately upon its arrival it will be transferred to the rails of the Altoona and company and with its arrival and trial All will be in shape for Active business As one Complete train for passenger service will then be on band. The fire which has lately Ber n raging along Hie Mountain Side Lias perhaps done a Good service to those who contemplate a trip Over the Road during the coming summer As much of the tillage Ami under growth has been burned away thus giving a much finer View of Tho Valley below the poop e of Juniata and Fairview now it any hear the whistle of the construction train and All the denizens of those localities Nave smoked glasses ready to observe the Progress of the first regu a train. A All aboard Chou Chao i better Telephone service the times has come out in advocacy of the keeping open of the Altoona Telephone Exchange during the night and on Munday arguing that the City would receive better police Protection and that business interests would be better conserved the Tribune endorses the plea for an enlarged service and refers to the time when the Western Union Telegraph company had an office in this City 5x6 fed in size Altoona has grown and is growing and we do not know of any institution that is so Well Able to give the people needed accommodations As the Telephone monopoly let us hello at night. A letters held at the Post office. Improperly addressed pm Welch 1004 third Street j. J cummints 922 fifth Avenue. J 8. Willis care p. R. Ii. Miss Hay Keith. 2017 fourteenth Avenue Joseph Becker 330 Lexington Avenue. A. Lincoln Cummings 1402 fourth Avenue l. J Smith. 41 fourth Avenue miss Anna sheets 27 seventh Avenue miss Singleton 1217 sixth Avenue. Held for postage a Thomas m Lewis Garden Alley and cinder Street Johnstown a. M. Kline. 825 n Twenty second Street Philadelphia. Ai. S. Palmer Mcgee a Mills a. . Dallas Wilkins. A Telegram received this morning from Philadelphia stated that mrs. T. Dallas Wilkins d Nighter of a. M Lloyd president it the first National Bank of this City Ami wife of t. Dallas Wilkins formerly superintendent of Altoona division of the Pennsylvania Railroad died in Philadelphia at la of clock last night. We Are without further particulars except that the remains will be brought to Hollidaysburg for interment. Ruth Olluf Tbs it the Piper a aged 19 months and 3 Days daughter of William b. And Gertrude Piper died of spinal meningitis at 9 20 of clock saturday night. Funeral to Morrow afternoon at 2 of clock from the parents residence 1715 seventh Avenue. Interment in Fairview cemetery. Latest dispatches on pages 2, 3 and 4. Confirmation services. Or. Spooner on a darkest Rev. A. W. Spooner at the first presbyterian last saturday evening had a fair sized audience and the audience had a Good talk on the subject treated. We would like to publish the entire lecture because it was full of instruction and admonition calculated to arouse attention to and overcome much of the evil practices abounding in this City. During his remarks she speaker Drew the following sad picture before his audience a robbery has been More or less Preva Lent in our City in the past year several attempts to kill suicides and infanticide Pana along our streets after Nightfall and what do you see the Corners of the streets crowded with Young men leering Ai the passer by filling the atmosphere with vile tobacco smoke and More vile obscene language did you Ever see in any City of its size so Many Idle men congregated on the Street Corners ave. The men Ara not alone on the Street a there Are girls Ami women there some perhaps already fallen and the rest on the Way but it is just a. Bad for the boys As for the Gills. Mothers and fathers do you know where your boys and girls Are after night fall it were better if you did. I doubt if there is a night passes in this City but in it some Young Man is grasped by the Powers of darkness and a consequent los of innocence and virtue a relative to the late interferences w Ith the police the reverend Gaul a How about shades where the count los meet i wish All the councilmen Wen Here. I co not know As any Are but for the life of me i do not understand wha councils meant by refusing to pass that Resolution endorsing the action of the mayor in suppressing lawlessness such endorsement would have told every Rob Ber murder incendiary every criminal in the City and state that Altoona s Colin oils stood by her mayor and police in main taming Law Aud a two eight Page Mirror printed every week the daily i nitwit include lag the double issues Only 25 cent or month. Forney Bros plumbers Gas Amo steam fitters. No. 1202 eighth Avenue Altoona hot water heating a specially. Card of thank. I beg leave to return my sincere thanks to the Peoples Industrial insurance com Pany of Norwich. Conn., also to their representative John Wilson for the prompt Aud satisfactory manner in which my claim was paid at the death of my wife who died from consumption. I can heartily recommend this company to the people of Altoona. Jam re 8 Leonard Dom t forget to take a Peep at Geiger the tailors windows and see the Beautiful scotch shepherds plaids Tor pantaloons and also Light hustings of the latest and Nob Biest designs Aud styles. G Ess re the tailor. 1603 eleventh Avenue men who Wear shirts this Means for a Dollar you can get a shirt Worth a Dollar. Westfall s annual convention of National educational association. The annual convention of the National educational association of the United states for the present year will be held at Toronto Canada and As it will on this occasion be of an International character it promises to be the most successful meeting of the series most of the railroads have agreed to give half rates plus $2 of membership fee to All who attend the meeting this rate being open to the pub lie generally As Well As the teachers. The canadians Are making great preparations to Welcome and entertain visiting teach i is and numerous cheap excursions Are being arranged to All important Points on the great lakes Tim St Lawrence and the sea Side after the convention which will afford to teachers the Best Opportunity for enjoying their summer holidays they have Ever had. The official bulletin containing program for the meeting rail Way arrangements and All other particulars is ready and will be sent free to any one desiring it on their dropping a Post card to or. H. I Hill Secretary local committee Toronto. You will find the soda water at Irwin a drug store the Best in the City. Try it. Who is making the handsomest Dollar pants in the City Goetz the tailor. Five fishing tackle. Tout rods Hooks lines flies baskets bait boxes and All kinds of supplies necessary fora Fisherman a outfit at Watson a gun store the Best fruit juices Rock Candy syrup pure carbonated water and plenty or ice is a combination hard to beat in making Good soda water. Try them at Irwin a drugstore soda a stir at Irwin s drug store Blaine not a candidate. The announcement is made by a news paper in w hich the president son is interested Frank Leslie s illustrated newspaper this week that or Blaine is not a candidate for the presidency. Leslie a has pictures of the celebrated oat non farm in California of president Harrison s la or of a recent full dress children a carnival in new York of the gnat cattle Sale of senator Mcpherson of Secretary Foster s visit to new York and a magnificent frontispiece showing the rapture of a runaway in Central Park. Get it of your new dealer frosted Cream soda wat re at Irwin a drug store. Try it. Done to be an of Ltd or of you do you will soon Fie out of Date. Go this evening and see Quandt amp Cherry about a new Spring suit it wont Cost much there and von will la treated i generously special invitations extended to All lovers of Fine dress i a Chr the tailor 1603 eleventh Avenue ladies take n Otic. We have received another lot of Oil cloth squares to be sold at i cent apiece. Also one lot of Fine Cotton 200 Yards warranted at i cent spool. Very truly frames Novelty store 1309 eleventh Avenue who is making the handsomest Twenty Dollar suits in the City Gotz. The tailor. W to is making the handsomest Twenty Dollar suits in the City ? Goetz the tailor. Wanted a Fine coat maker by Goetz the tailor. Daly ice \ Miae d apply a great Day at or. Luke s episcopal Church. The confirmation services at St. Luke a episcopal Church yesterday were solemnized with befitting ceremony. The Church was beautifully decorated with Flowers and Blooming plants and Long before the time appointed for the service was Well filled with an interested congregation. For the processional hymn no 241 was Sung in a most Beautiful Way. The order of morning prayer was opened by Bishop Rulison who also Lead in Reading the psalter. The special prayer was for the sick which was read by the Rector Rev a. 8. Wood in. At the close of the morning prayer hymn no 238 was Sung Dur ing the first stanza of which a part of he Post lants went and Knelt at the altar to receive the rite of confirmation from the hands of the Bishop. The class of Post bits was a Large one numbering nearly fifty and filled the altar three times the spirit of holiness seemed present As in the solemn stillness the Bishops voice was heard when laying his hand on the head of each he repeated a defend of lord this thy child with thy heavenly Grace that he May continue forever and daily in crease in thy holy spirit More and More until he come unto thy everlasting kingdom. after the holy rite had been administered to All the Bishop delivered an exhortation to the Post lants congratulating them upon the step they had taken and the Rector upon the size of the class. The morning Sermon was preached by Bishop Rulison from the text contained in psalms 22 26, on the subject. A life a Quot the greatest desire of the human heart is life. A notwithstanding All the beauties of heaven taught by the Bible and preached by the preachers we Are none of Ca anxious to leave this Vale of tears. The Hest Christian who sits in Church and sings of heavenly glory and disembodied Bliss will be quite As Quick As any one to Send for the doctor it he imagines him self ill. A a it is no wonder that we desire life because this desire is implanted in every human heart and is therefore Only natural. A even a sufferer who is continually in pain will i Ling to life and we find no one rend to explain with the old greek Pessimist a the Best thing is never to have been born and the next be. T thing is to out of tile world is quickly As this love of Iii is in Complete Harmony w Ith the Law of god. A no one denies his immortality. A f w try to do so but they cannot convince even items Elva. Theodore Parker once said. And his words express the thoughts of Many so called infidels a when i St a Man on the Street or at a feast i done to think much of his eternal life but when i see a Corpse Stark and stiff put in the cold dark grave it is then i realize there is no death for Man it is then i fear my own immortality i need no proof then because i feel a in View of this because there is an immortality it is needful that we prepare for we regret til it Lack t f space up vets us giving a further synopsis of the Bishops Sermon which was Good throughout. We congratulate the Church upon its prosperous condition As proven by the services yesterday. They should of arrested the tire on Brush Mountain yesterday was started by a lot of boys on or. Baker s property and in up into Harry lobes property. There it destroyed thirty eight co Daof Poplar Wood just Cut by w t. Johnson and about 60,000 feet of logs the hands worked hard until 9 of clock to keep the tire from the houses Aud Mill and a Large Quantity of bark which they saved. Hitch lers. Buy your tobaccos now As i am offer ing bargain drives in Pound lots old honesty 45c, hold fast 45c Jolly tar 85c Happy thought 45c, Vinco 35c, and fifty other brands of plug at lower proportions a a it und of Blackwell s Bull Durham,50c. Seal of n c., 45, fruits Ami Flowers. 50o it Blier smoking Al Cut and slash rates. Fine cuts As Low As 35c. In or Pound cigars by the Box Al astonishingly Low prices ripes smokers articles walking Sticks playing cards Etc arg est assortment Best goals lowest prices at Mishol Kun a twelfth Street next to the Post office personal Penc Iling. S. H. Hayes and f. G. Albright of Tyrone were in the City to Day. Harry Honman of this City spent Sun Day with his Best girl in Tyrone. C. E. Monroe son of or. Monroe of the first m e. Church was quite ill last week but is now convalescent. Misses Jennie Khan and Annie Coulter of Tyrone spent sunday among friends in this City. Sex Coroner w. H. Glenn who has been ill with pneumonia for the past five weeks is n a on the convalescent list. Miss Marie Stewart of fourteenth Street took her sunday school class of Little girls out for Arbutus on saturday afternoon. F g. Patterson esq., who was injured in a runaway about a week ago is again Able to be about but is compelled to use a Cane. Miss Jennie Klunk whose Mother died in this City and was buried at Tyrone last week is lying seriously 111 at the Home of her grand parents in that place she has had one spasm after another thu cause of which the physician says is sorrow Over the death of her Mother. Saturdays walking match. Hewitt the Winner and bark Holder seized with cramps. The seven and one half mile dash Between a Hewitt and a. L. Burkholder at the driving Park saturday afternoon was witnessed by about 200 people. The Start was made shortly after 8 of clock. The sprinters accompanied each other until 5$ Miles had been covered when it was noticed that Burkholder was faltering. He shortly afterwards stopped and left the track being seized with violent cramps due to Over training. Hewitt had things All his own Way and completed the Miles in 56 minutes Fie is a Long Dis Tance runner and it is claimed that he could have continued for 20 Miles. Burk Holder says he can get 500 to 1,000 that he can Oyer a fourth mile in 1 05 or a half in 2 20. A please it Outing. The Epworth league of the first m. E Church made an excursion to Kittan Ning Point on saturday afternoon in search of that fragrant Flower Arbutus. The air was a Little Chilly but notwithstanding a v by pleasant tim1 was bad and what is most remarkable they really found seme Arbutus. Among the party were i and mrs. Ira Atkinson misses Burchfield Lytle Piper Trout Elway and Wylie and messes. Aaron Overly Hopkins. Woodcock and ratty. Who is making the handsomest five Dollar Pant in the Cit ? Goetz the tailor Yot will All Hays elastic it of paint yet eve amp co. 1620 eighth Avenue who is making the handsomest Del in r pants in the City ? Goetz the tailor. Five lace certain window shades. &.c, at Bable i e0.8. Popular Low prices lace curtains curtain laces Dollar Shirr fit for you fit for anybody a West a Iii who is making a he handsomest five Dollar pants a tilt City ? Goetz the tailor a glorious record since the introduction of the famous pan Tina cough and consumption cure in this Vicinity the death rate from con sumption has decreased wonderfully it never fails to effect a cure and in the Best cough Medicine. Try it. Trial bottle free at j. Ross Mateer a drug store. Wanted two Good coat makers two Vest makers two Pantaloon makers none but first dwt workmen need apply. Gessor. The tailor i�0i eleventh Avenue w to is making the handsomest five j Dollar pants in the Cit ? Goetz the tailor. Medium weights in underwear. The choicest textures. The lowest prices Westfall a who is making the hands meet Twenty Dollar suits it he City Goetz a he tailor our new importation of lace curtain now Hor at these Low Price 65c a pair 75c, $1, $1/25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, $2.25, $2.50, on up of $10 a pair Irish Point per pair $5 to $10 curtain lace. I of. To 50c. Per Yard Plain and Dolored scrim 4ic. To 12ic. Per Yard. Window shades made to order and put up we it ill take the measure of your windows make the shades to order of Good Quality of Oil shading mounted on Good Spring rollers varying in length from 2 to 3 Yards and in Price from 50c to 86c Shade fringes to match 12ie. To 50c. Per Yard. I read made shades mounted on Good Spring rollers eat 25 c
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