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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 2

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Altoona, Pennsylvania A in Altoona Mirror. Run Nind ight a rib Nourr Bott at by marry a Lep Anc w. H. 8lep, to. 1012 eleventh Avenue Altoona a. Babst Hosp. Managing editor. Teems weekly edition a an 8- Morro Cash la .00 1 tally i sane except sundays one Centon month in adv amp Noe .26 cents. Payable to Carrier on the 10th of each month. It gone All double mirrors must be paid in advertising rates made known at office. To our Puzzle workers. Metered at Altoona pa., Post office As second class matter. Jet ice to advertisers. All advertisers Are entitled to two 2 changes per month. A i changes for advertisement Mast by bladed in before a. In. Of each a v. Telephone connections. A Ottil to subs tubers. 8nbscrtlhrs not receiving their papers Reg Bialy will report immediately to Tho office address All communication to the Altoona Miti Lor to. 1012 eleventh Avenue Altoona a. Defiant Omalley. He says the Lyncher will re to w ii l a rial. New Orleans april 6. Detective of Malley who unexpectedly Upp tired and surrendered himself says that at the proper time he will make a state ment and that it will contain Many surprising disclosures and Canso a number of people now joining in the cry against him to hide behind their doors. In reply to questions of Mallet asserted that the lynched men a re innocent. Lie says he can Early Clear himself of the charge of bribery. Up aking of the prosecution of the Lyncher he says i have no interest in the prostration Ltd tile men who killed the italians in the Parish prison but my belief is that there will be a prosecution and a bitter one. They say that there i to be Given at the Home of the editor on will not be found a jury in the Parish thursday evening april 16. Of Orleans that will convict them j answers to puzzles received during Mardi. On saturday last we were compelled to omit the list of answers to puzzles received during the month of March on account of a press of other matters. Below will be found the names and numbers received. We also have a few sheets with Puzzle answers on them but they were not signed by any name and could not properly credit them we Are sorry for this but will wait Tor proper signatures to than until Friday evening. Next wednesday the 8th, the Correct answers will be published. The names of puzzlers and number of puzzles correctly answered by each w ill appear in the Miuor on saturday the Lith. The prizes will be awarded at a social . Wanted two Bright Active wide awake energetic Young men at r salary of not less than $a7 per month. No Book peddling. Employment is pleasant permanent refining and beneficial tailor address 8. A Groom is Brant hotel Al Toona. Wanted a Young Man with a knowledge of the City some ability to write and the de ire to make himself useful May find it to bus advantage to address a correspondent a care of Mikko office. Yanked a Young Man As Good boarding and lodging at 1408 clerk and to assist at Book keening m a Quot to come recommended. Address. Storekeeper care of Mirror office can secure Good Board thirteenth Avenue. Monday april 6, 1891. The politician who docs the most boasting this year will have the most Crow to eat next year. Tub state that in t represented at the worlds fair will lose a great Deal More than the exhibition by its absence. A deserted wife has fallen heir to Khz too. There Are a great Many wives in this Vicinity who would be willing to be deserted for much less Money. w hat is an Quot outrageous Gerrymander asks an anxious correspondent. A near As we can make out it is the redistricting of your state by the Policay party to which you Are opposed. The Quot smart Alecks a who thought the Farmers Alliance Down pour was Only a momentary Shower is now making for higher ground with All the Speed he can command. my. Parnell May Atter All lose the woman for wheal he sacrificed Honor and political future As mrs of Shea is reported As having said that she had become tired of Parnell and that she would not marry him when she gets her divorce from Cash of Shea. Well tin gentlemen will be accommodated in some Oiler Parish. They Are too important characters to lie allowed to go around without timing attended to. Quot All that i have to say about the italian controversy is that the italians Are getting just what the Irish and germans got some thirty five or forty years ago Iii the time of know o Malley says lie was present at the meeting at Clay statue and had he been attacked he would have shot the principals. Filled Oil his first trip. Cd Vina Ati. April n. Northbound freight no. 18, on the Cincinnati Southern Railroad on approaching Ledlow yesterday Rau into a switch engine and fourteen it ars which had let Een pulled out on tin main track Iii Engineer jumped in time to save his life. The crash a terrific and both engines were wrecked. Twelve cars were smashed into kindling Wood and brakeman Cay ton. Who was on his first trip Over the a Oad. Was instantly killed. It heeds no argument to prove that a hungry Indian can readily become a bad Indian. Hunger will make a Savage out of the Meek est Man or beast therefore it behoves the Indian Bureau of the government to see that no indians go hungry through the fault of it or its agents. A in in two years it will be difficult to find a Man opposed to the selection of United states senator by direct vote of the people and when the new idea is once adopted it will be still More difficult to find a senator whose election is tainted by charges of bribery a task which is now alas entirely too easy. Ltd a a a to miserable Spring weather we had in March would seem to indicate that Gen. Greely is revenging himself in Advance because of the new Law under which the weather Bureau will on the first of duly be transferred to the agricultural department or perhaps he wants to help along Uncle Jerry Rusk a Boom by making the weather so bad that any change is bound to be better. Is Aht i Hino in Poss ule for years we have been told that it was impossible to duplicate the silk veined paper upon which the government prints its Money which is manufactured under the control the government by a secret process which has made All its owners wealthy yet this paper has been so Well imitated hat exports have been unable to Tell the genuine and the imitation one from the other. Avery dangerous counterfeit $2 Silver certificate is in circulation printed upon this paper and everyone should exercise care in receiving notes of that de nomination. The series counterfeited has a picture of general Hancock on the face of the note. Hoi Ali in protest. Chicago april 6.�?about 1,500 socialists held a meeting yesterday afternoon at Battery d to protect against the carrying out of the sentence of death against Todt Rusnok Aud Sabathe Pittsburg strikers who were recently found guilty of the murder of one of the firemen at Carnegie a Iron works during a strike a year ago. The resolutions adopted declare that the trial was unfair Aud that the jury was bribed. Endurance Cranks still awake. Detroit april 6.�?-Townsend and Cunningham the two men who Are endeavouring to keep awake for 150 hours for a foil a purse and a portion of the Gat receipts Are still awake having resisted sleep for 140 hours. Town Send dares not rest a moment from his wild Pace up and Down and Cunningham seems like a Man in a dream it is Likely that they will stay till this evening when toe race is Over. It i a How is High 1. Cheeter. Pa., april 6. A James Dougherty a Coppersmith and Baldwin Stewart Ami William Harrington Coppersmith were scalded at the Eddystone print works by a Copper drying Cylinder exploding Quot in the padding room. Dougherty received the steam in both eyes and May lose his sight. A Small piece of Copper struck Harrington in the face indicting a dangerous wound. Mennonites go to Law. Doylestown. Pa., april 6.�?david l. Fretz a member of the Blooming Glen congregation of mennonites. Andett one time a preacher has instituted an action fur slander against Bishop tines of the mennonite Church. The trouble is said to have grown out of a right of Way in which the Church and or. Fret were interested and from which sprung an action fur trespass air anted a of mixers wanted rooms ii j centrally located newly furnished. Illuminated with Gas Anil kept in Good order. It of lenient for business men or clerks for terms address a Mirror office. W Man fora responsible and very profitable position. We want a pushing and energetic Man. Address with reference c. V. No he a co., iftl3 eleventh Avenue Altoona a. 1119 Lith Avenue. Jessel 1119 Lith Aveni some important bargains in seasonable hosiery. Bailie gardner�?450, 9, Roll to 14 15, in. It 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. 20. 24,25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 83, 34, 35, 36. 37, 38, 39, 40, 41. 42, 43, 44, 45. 46, 47,48, 49, 50, 51, 52, �3. 54, 55, 56, 57 58, 59 60, 61, 6263. 64, 65, 66. 68. Mamie .mansfield�?2, 3, Roll is 14, 15 19, 21, 23, 24. 25. 26, 27, 28, 29. 30 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39. 40, 41, 42, m 55 w 57 58 mgt a m in m of in i a rred the ladies to known the a a a a a a i mrs. Annie Carn does shampooing 65, go 68. A Nellie hunt�?2. 3. 25, 26 26.27.28 29 30. A a o31 3� 33 34 35 3d r n no in ii 1 Waves braids Bangs and hair a it a to a a Titi a 4 mad to order dal fact Ion Guaran 4w, 43, 44, 4o, 40, 4�, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, teed. Isom eleventh Avenue Over Nestler 9 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62. 63, i it no store add uen imn i "4 a to it Yva tei a Public to know that la lie German to 4, it o0. 31, i f i the Altoona steam Dye works Art 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, j second to non in Pennsylvania lot the Fin 43, 45, 46, 47. 48, 49, 50 51, 52 55 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, cd 62. 66, 67, 08 Ralph shaw�?2, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, i Cor Btu it Nib Avenue 31, 3233, 343537, 3839, 40, 41. 42, a r w do hired help Middle aged t v woman preferred for general House avens App y mediately at 2016 fourth ranted a seven or eight Good a t gentleman Bearder. Good accommodations. Apply at no. 418 fifth Avenue. Particular attention has been Given to the selection of our hosiery and the utmost care exercised As regards the dyes. We name a few Only Fine Guage fast Black Cotton Hose pin Stripe Hose a a a a it n Quality bal. Briggan full regular made excellent Quality bal. Briggan full regular made Good Quality Black ribbed excellent Quality fast Black All the new shades of Mode Tan slate Green Blue Etc., at various prices Vve offer a special bargain in a fast Black ribbed Hose sizes 5 to 8.j at 10c. A pair. Ask to see them at in up if c3 hip t u Jijoo Ujj i i a a it at 25c. A pair at i2ic. To at 25c. To at 15c. T at 25c. Ii at Zzz it pm u at 35c. I. 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 6b, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66. 67, 68. Harry williams�?9, 14, 17, 24, 30, 31, 35, 43, 49 55, 56, 58, 64, 66. Archie Peake a 15, 18, 26, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 87, 38, 46, 49, 52, 55, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 68. Maude h. Gochnaur�?26, 29,30, 81,32, 35, 37, 38, 40, 47, 49, 52, 53, 55, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 68. A aul beedom�?25, 29. 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55. 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 62, 66. 68. Not Man c. Mcarthur to 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 43, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 55. 56 57, 58, 60. 61. 62 63, 64. 65, 67, 68. Claud counsil�?55, 56, 64 Emma h&uth�?20, 23 Charles lehman�?56, 57, 64 Frank Lemckee la 14, 49, 51, 52, 58 66 w anted ties to and Van i Altoona Mirror ii you want to sell proper Vantage advertise it in the the people s paper it arc Sale a Sci. I or rent the Mountain City boarding House containing about 25 booms with hot and cold water Baths closets Wash stands and sink Gas All through House in hallways and every room. Location no 904 h eighth Avenue. This place is centrally located being convenient to lower and upper shops and Railroad Yard. Apply to i. To. Hughes. Assigned a jut seventeenth Street or jul Kelt even be. F1 a or Sale on s condition Ell 906 Elgin h a a horse Wagon sled and one set of double harness All in Good John it Oak Ulaki. 1000 sixteenth Street. I ii Sale one horse harness and Spring Wagon. Apply to e d. Forney 1?02 it eighth Avenue. Syrup of figs. Produced from the laxative and nutritious juice of California figs combined with the medical Virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system acts gently on the kidneys liver and bowels effectually cleansing the system dispelling colds and headaches and curing habitual constipation. Press the Button anti we do the rest. Order your Spring garments of Goetz the Tudor now then you can dismiss it from your mind feeling assured that when you want to put on your new attire it will be ready and will fit you when you Cash go to g. H. Nugentq new Cash store for your groceries provisions flour feed Etc. All goods guaranteed to be new and fresh and at extremely Low Cash prices. No. 317 Howard Avenue Logan town fishing tackle. Trout rods Hooks lines flies bask ets bait boxes and All kinds of supplies necessary fora Fisherman a outfit at wat a ones gun store i por rent or Sale a new seven roomed House at 2115 twelfth Avenue. Inquire next door. Ipod Sale two lots on eleventh Avenue Between 19th Anil 20th Street will be hold on easy Terras. Inn Aire or a. Xxx Flaugh 2012 sixth Avenue. Por Hunt suitable for Dies Fanner a i a farm near Alto a Dairy or tracking. And Box 417, Altoona o Box 4h7, Altoona pasty wagons arts Etc-., kept in Stock k s. Forney 12021 eighth Avenue. I por Sale or rent properties apply to e s. Kwun by real estate loan and insurance a venue. Upor 8ale�?All styles of buggies. Agent 1202 4 eighth to tjw up Ca Ca Enid -c1 a Ltd a a Jioio Joli Jcj Arcade Block 1424 eleventh Avenue. New selections in Fine dress goods. Large Stock of underwear Tor men women am. Children. Blankets and comforts without number. Big lot of ladies misses and children Scoats. Immense Stock of carpets amp Oil cloths. F. Hesser am Ade Block is Call and see the bargains we have for you. 1-por lot of in i House and a vacant half lot on thir to in a Ith Avenue and Al i teen the Street apply to no. 1214 fifteenth Street or address for Ane Singer Altoona. A. For Sale Strawberry Plant a run Lierse Boc. Per Hundred potted tl.50 Pei Hundred. Grape vines first class two Yuan old from lie. To 50c. Each. Flowering Shrub in variety 25c. And 50c. Each. Hardy Bull for fall planting at lowest possible prices fifth Avenue Aud thirtieth Street below rolling Mill. Altoona Way not order your Spring garments now ? do you think Well have Winter ail summer ? Why not order of Goetz the tailor ? do you think you la do better elsewhere ? done to get left Altoona fusing i act Conj. Insurance agents. Winn amp Nicholson agents for travellers life and Accident insurer company of Hartford Conn the larg company in the world. Never contented consult them. School Board Cetin cd tool Board held a special meeting Friday evening at the regular time and place. President Reifsneider Secretary Douglass and members Cole Jackson Boyer and Findley being present. The meeting a called for the purpose of Quot pening bid for the remodelling of the first Ward building bids were received turn Bunker Orr a Fleck glum a Crum Leas a Bucher Kline Parker amp co., Aud m. H Mackey. The bids were unsatisfactory and a motion was passed instructing the Secretary to so inform the bidders Aud request them to go Over their figures and bid according to the plans and specifications Aud to hand their bids in at the regular meeting to be held this evening. After an informal discussion of several matters which were held Over until the regular meeting the Board id mourned. Or. A. I oat mate i i by i it Pular Altoona druggist always has his Eye open to the want of hts Roos me a secured the Sale of mrs. L. B Vav ebb s family abutment the great pain and skin cure. It is the Best ointment in the world for juts Burns bruises Rio res. Pimples pm the face and All Scally and itching eruptions and absolutely cures pile try it�?86 and 50 Cee to. I Omer eleventh Avenue and fifteenth a reef will they kno Bijur Hulk Ley Birmingham ton ii., april 6. A the recently elected county sheriffs Are Coal a polled under the Law before assuming office to file a Bond amounting to $10,-000 with the governor of the aute they enter office june i and jul some of them Are democrats people Here Are interested a to whether they will recognize Morgan j. Bulk Ley a governor or not. 1 mrs. L. B. Webb a i Unity ointment suffering among the Farmers. J absolutely cures neuralgia lame or Parkersburg w. Va., april 6.�?it Back rheumatism and All bodily vat r Smith Alderman convey is said that hundreds of Farmers in ache pains no family can afford to a a anoint and estate agent. Prop Mouroe county Are suffering Lur food l e without this wonderful remedy. It is i Eric Bou Fol it old no articular at the beat remedy on Earth for Catarrh and cold in the head. Pneumonia and a la Grippe yields at once to the influence of mrs. Webb a ointment. It is different _ from ail other remedies. It impure whole interest which they Are Likely to lose. J a ome and agreeable and the most delicate can use it with no bad results. Sold by i i i Arry Slep Jon Printer keeps i. Ross matter. Alisma a Elx constantly on Banda Complete Lino of j a tie Best forms of Legal Blanks Tor aldermen machine poetry la you have any old stoves or furniture with which you done to know what to do to Harry Wayne 906 Chestnut ave nue and Exchange with him for new a lc5 Juja frit not it Ltd nervous prostration sleeplessness sick and nervous headache and that in addition the grip has broken out Iii Many families. Ordinary provisions Are no High that Only a few can buy them and Many Farmers have mortgaged their farms at a High rate of discs trails fire at Lowell Maas. Lowell mass., april 6.�?the Edson Block owned by the Wilnau heirs of Baltimore was burned yesterday afternoon. I Maynard amp co., loses $80,-600 h. A Church amp son $6,000. Other losses swell the aggregate to about $80. Too. In he fir spread to the Temple adjoining and this with its contents was badly damaged. Go Reah estate agents. Ten lob paid to the collection of accounts. Bureau of Southern Inton Patlon for the a Ottlo of Timber and Mineral lands and lots in Oil of Hie Southern states room 7 Sczenk Block Altoona. Publisher of la w Blanks. Tus Tolcea notaries Public lawyers land Lott Etc., at the lowest prices. Call at the Mil rot printing House or address no. 1012 eleventh Avenue. Aluma. Ohn p. Coppersmith it Plum habit drunkenness Etc., Are cured by or. Miles restorative Nervine. It does not contain any opiates. Trial Bot tie and flue books free at druggists. Or. Miles medical co., Elkhart. Indiana. Tui a l bottle free. Practical Hay nothing Wood. I hey who an ordering their Spring clothes of Graf the tailor now Are get Imp bargains and More desirable fabrics a ban they who wad until the season is Gurthet advanced. A a a oar Ort at wemftll1 Tor a m a Kontosh apr Sal of lumber Milwaukee. Apr de. One of the biggest sales of Pine lands Ever made in this state a just Lieen concluded. The tru t includes 12,000 acre 4ud is covered with about 200, feet of Timber. The Price i it said to Hui been $625,000. Games of the Syndicate making the pure Baa will not be mad Public until the papers Nave passed. Duvin ii the mom votes i . R. I., april b. Al though Davis. The democratic Candi Dau to governor of a Ladd. To he Pobu Cau. By f ,254 vote to latter will be chosen governor by the legislature in w Inch the i publicans have one majority on joint ballot even ii they do not gain any members in the by elections. To loin rho internal in a air. Wilma no it ton. Del. April 6. The Wil Mui Tou Bast Ball association Nae de Cid i to place Heil club in the later National Arno lation. In a players have been secured and the first exhibition Gam Cill be played this afternoon. Secoll baseman Higgins of years St. Louis team will be manager. Death of a prominent Pittsburg get Pitts pkg. April 6, Harper resident of the Pittsburg Clearing oils and of the b Ink of pits our died of his m tins City yesterday aged in year tone time or. Harper was a mein s r of the duo sin the and was for years connected with pm attics in the Buckeye cute. These arc the Days for Spring Over Painter or a Imper Aam warm to Day cold to Morrow j Alin Ori Vii sick the balance of the week. Go to Goetz the tailor Aud save pain time and Money a kind Friend is what they Call that famous remedy red Flag Oil it quickly cures rheumatism neuralgia cuts bruises Burns sores and All pain it is Good for Man or beast. 25 cents. Trial bottles free at j. Ross Mateer druggist. Ali decorator. By House and sign work hanging. Kals mining Etc. Paper new goods big Stock latest styles no. 60 fourth Street altoun4, a. At tue i a men s suite at menus suits at 4.50,5x0, , 7. 0 and 8.uu. Men s Fine suits in ask or four Button cutaways 9.00. 10x0, 10.50. 11.00,112 00 a no a Fine Prince Albert suite 15 anti ii it Biji Iiene a suite. 1.60, 2.00 2 50, 41.00. Children s suits two pieces $1.00. Boys suite lure pi--.-, 2 50, 3.50, 1 boy knee pants is 20, 25, a it 50 rents i boys Good unmet shirts 25, 35. 40 cents. Menus Good Domet shills 25, 55, 50 Ernt it. A Lull line of gents furnishing goods at Price which defy Competition at Samuel Sprankles clothing store 1624 eleventh Avenue. Mothers every baby should have a bottle of p3l�.,. Nevis tet Ivind Hyup. Perfect or Gar Ifo Opi or Morphia my it urn win Rowe Colic grip inf in the bowels and pm t Prapan by Dos. A a to Obj half Rotum ii my. Druin Frimu a Ault 23trial bottle by mall i a Cen to you can get the finest ice Cream i he Hest meals. Oysters and All other delicacies of the season. Shell oysters always on hand. Special attention paid or family Church or social club orders on reasonable rates. John g. Magee. Proprietor bookbinders Book binding in All its branches promptly attended to. Work done in a stats factory manner. Will c. Louden room 4. Stehl Block. Eleventh ave add eau we. F. Gable a co., 9o. 1402 eleventh Avenue Altoona a. For fashionable and Staple dry Good. G. B. Donahay a practical Boot i Shoemaker no. 904x Kuk vent to a Fin us. Correct fitting guaranteed and ail work done in the latest style of the Art neat repairing a specially you will also find and extra Fine line of the Best brands of cigars and tobacco. An work guarantee. \ our Trade solicited try tue Arundel tinted spectacles lenses Ark Violet tinted yet colourless to the Rye of the wearer a Relief from the fatiguing amt unpleasant sensations which attend the use of Ordinary spectacles. Price $2.00. Fur Sale at spectacle Bazar 1114$ eleventh Avenue. Altoona. 1114 9, h. Bow re j. D. Bam Alex. Bowers amp Brenaman House sip and ornamental painters a Akpu paper hangers. Dealers in Wall paper a we have added to our already Large Stock of Wall paper Many new patterns and in vile you to come and see them. All work done in t he Best manner and satisfaction guaranteed. No. 121b eighth Avenue no. Ltd California fruit. We have just received a car Load o fruit direct Trout California and can show you the finest lot of California oranges Ever brought to this City. All our fruits and confections Are the freshest and befit in the City and we Only ask you it Call and inspect our Stock to convince you of the fact. Dughi amp Noberine. 1325 eleventh Avenue. Keystone Marble Iii Granite works 605 Kart 13th Street. Altoona. A. We carry the largest selection of finished Granite and Marble monuments in Central Pennsylvania. Prices Are lower than the lowest for Good work and material. My Stock of Marble and Granite monuments Are made to be sold and must be sold to make room for other work. As it leaves the work shop i guarantee satisfaction in every respect. Place your order now before we Are Over run with work a. H. Lewis proprietor. The Altoona Transfer Gnu a office 1x26 eleventh Avenue Are Well equipped to do your mov my. Big wagons and careful orivers. Sup i Clep hone connection. 1 w. W. Yon. Superintendent. New rag warehouse 813 seventeenth St. Cash paid Pok Cotten amp Woolen rags old Schap. Copper Brash Lead Zinc Iron rubber second hand stove. We have Tor Sale second hand stoves of ail kinds pure lion fertilizer painters Grain lug Raga and machinery waste. Hiram Neaffer ski seventeenth St. Altoona a. A la it ill tin shop be Good or wrong and spouting guaranteed to of. Ail kinds of repairing done. Odourless inca Taich j the undersigned is prepared to remove the contents of Large and Small vaults onshore notice and at reasonable prices. Satis tactic guaranteed or no accepted. Special at Tention Given to a Alii g carting and Horn hold goods carpets cleaned. Cellar exc rating in the City and also in Surron Dir towns. Address All orders to Jas. D. Washington a a no. 221? f1nthv\ successor to j. H Roliver a. C. Degenhardt no. Sjo eighth Avenue. Tto Fli Brand in kf4 Aud ii a id in tallied imbed with by ribbon take a a fear. It fat Dang in at it. Tub Tutu Timu and in it attn to a or Huzuka a mad a a a a arara for particular inti ran to Jai a a a Kattef far Trad Ina Quot m by Man k mall. 1 1,000 i mom rapt. A. cd cat Leal Ca., Madlana Naan ��?�4 Fer All local drug Tau i Feu aka. To
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