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Altoona Mirror Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 3

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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Altoona, Pennsylvania O by Honoski up russian built jets Challenge continued from Page i Jean civilian offices throughout the City were evacuated when vietnamese police received a tip that Viet Cong terrorists were cruising the City in a a red Dodge a Sedan looking for a target. The . Information service building was the first to be evacuated. Later the . Operations Mission also moved its staff. The fashionable Caravelle hotel across the Street from the information office took precautions and made a Carload of Abc cameramen in a red rented car disassemble their cameras before entering. South korean troops came under communist fire for the first time. The Viet Cong attacked their Camp at i an and wounded la koreans. The koreans killed at least one of the communists. A spokesman said he was sure the Viet Cong had Learned a lesson. Disrupts communications an air Force spokesman said the Altoona Mirror. Altoona. Pa., saturday april 3, 196 Quot Mirror want ads phone 944-7171 3 Mcdonald aide says election still in doubt some . Bin f. Vanhorn area air Cator to be honoured continued from Page i he than huh Bridge Ifill i c i Trator in the schools of North knot red Quot this would Dis-1 of i of d Chi i is la i a i ulis i als studying congressional patterns policies of the 89th Congress and its directions were studied Friday by the legislative action committee of the Altoona chamber of Commerce with the Aid of Ralph Shelton of the National chamber. Attending were left to right seated assemblyman Robert e. Clarke . F. Buzzard . Shelton Eugene leap lev com Mittee chairman pm. Stanley Ruth and Robert Halloran stand Inge Richard c. Parks. Eugene Pruonto Carl a. Grover Joseph. Laclair Thomas c. Parsons chamber president Max Mills and George lather. Members absent when photo was taken Are William Connors Clair Gottshall Cal g. Griffith ., Ted Guthery Leo c. Mullen Louis la. Murray James a. Raub. Carl a. Sherry Paul Smith. James s. Taylor and w. T. Ulerv Tou Makki continued from Page i made Cor s a i continued from Page i there How the Cable payments were made. She related that Don Steele. Mckee. Fred Fusel and a . Baum pm Bedford county since 1949,1 rust the communist North Viet he is a graduate of Juniata col namese communications for lege and received both the master weeks and perhaps months and a to he Penn by i Van a1 Sta t e a Luo la hah to i he South a of Tant Thant Ever be he re for bus1 is a a w e Pur pardner came to move them with be Anixt ism la dude 423b"at up is palc a Tor in Chr Ninh up la u a a Ness men to study the issues and chased oct. 24. 1962 another two trucks. She did not recall de republicans. 282 democrats and from Washington which said Thek ublies of god will conduct its 1-irl to the of x v i i a a 22 express their views to their con rowing that a Delco Battery tails about the trucks. She said three independents consensus among labor Indus 10th anniversary a a Christ Sambas Latch to the reorganization on the National Highway i and Gressmen. Had been charged Jan. 8. 1962.1 a a a it. One Sam j by William Eaton United press International Washington i i _ Ai spokesman for steelworkers president David Mcdonald said today the outcome of the unions feb. 9 election is stil in doubt. Vice president Howard Hague who ran on Mcdonald a slate charged that hackers of Union Secretary treasurer i. Abel were trying to a brainwash the Public Quot into believing that Abel has won. Hague said the election would not be decided until Union tellers finish hearing More than 150 protests Over the balloting and report to the steelworkers membership by May i. A no one has won Hague said in a Telephone interview pm 11-ll i Tonz i 1 from Pittsburgh where he i Quot Quot Hill a it unit Dot taking part in steel contract new 4 ii. Lakemont to is of it it Sou e Stati s u in Quot 11&Quot Are announced of i god scheduled continued from Page i he complained a sgt. Ken Carter the Eastern District of the As districts in the that. In her husbands car. Hey the 2nd of Logan twp is Quot a a n"on1 april Here appears to be that Abel 1>i6 at Jana mosque. Approx nation will open thurs Moon april 15. With a a a that will feature Lee if All the people who actual Robbins it internationally known a a. Tenor. rhe great books re Adang list As been completed. My metro d need in grades 4 t u t the 12 and English composite Ltd n ins is n has been expand d through in use of Lay Reader t. In 1963 d Van Homs District received a in a a a re valued at 33.000 net Uip ment and supping. Based to lie winning proposal to teaching it Ith transparencies other program Imp Rov events arid developments Broo i Ihmie Dryan Horn s guidance in elude individualized Reading Odem mathematics and science Inch ment in the e lenten Arv it Ade and Devi Omer ital read g. Power mechanics a my Junior i language and tsp Vanhome is a native of in take Spring twp. So cd a in v a son of the it Vaid m is Marshall Vanhit urn. And j Fried Maxine Snyder Ofey Home the mpr a Oivinn . Rup acc a Rne Lakemont ii an me people who actual him at the Suno Cri stain n to Only a few pieces of furniture were skating rink although final de in voted for us have bal. At me Minco station loaded on the Blue truck and did termination of the latter polling lots counted we All would win a a service will be conducted at in also said he had the brakes not recall Haw much actual mov place will not he made by the he said in referring to Mcdon a p i thursday evening opening Xvi me a Repp Riih county Board of elections until the Ald. Himself and Albert White with the singing of the evangel a m to i cd i Fin Man. Re a j # a. 11 _ _. / l # in a a Iran Structure rebuilt Only last year by the North vietnamese with communist chinese assist a let it a a it knocked by the meets regularly and a Onen to at us a cd Wun. Chi a. A a Aiu Civ Hwy until menu Nim Seii Ana amen White me singing me i s air i orc Olds the end a any chamber mrm Tir Hsi in pm a a a it a a Smay . Said. 5 j.? step do a a. A hmm Sumners a Quot Ted Quot est it it Quot a a Candida for Secretary College choir of Springfield. was purchased at automotive Milesburg restaurant the others committee objectives rhe Hamber s committee re Ineck at the same Sta Ion. Oil my Mckee did world w la when than Terestea in participating treasurer on the slate guest speaker the Rev. Jack pied by the Jap Leapley said the committee of Supply. Today s was the s planes have come capital of Hanoi a Jec Tives a closet i provide Community state taken his Carlo the water Quot Yard the and Federal leaders with concise to Wash it. Not to have any re went to a tavern she said. According to slav ., lie had made loan arrangements last witness be winning proposal Tor reaching communist capital of Hanoi accurate information and a pairs done. The car. He sad had a and before a be trial was which were established recently us a Uver i evening services a nth transparencies and the first attack they have place from which to receive con been damaged by a bus he re recessed �?~ii1111 9 j0 a m monday by court order by judge John m. Hague said he anticipated the other convention Ner Sennel who Hes 2iryu, door acne 10sss? p7fis re Nch the said Hen is Var shh Culver fax a a a i ode in mathematics and science Bridge is a vital link connect k p proper e at Xen no e May up up for. A porters and that has som Thino b. Hinging sergeants. He also criticized As a i prac of 0ntari� can., will preach Cal the tellers decision to de it in keynote message in this serv a Ang men 5 i guns on Tun of the ? of Fth Quot Quot. A Quot Quot ailed to the voting districts in Greenfield twp the round hearer s1. E a e trial was which were a Nti in May a cites is Over. A Tho Honda releases figures i he county also released voter ice on the subject a youth in re also will speak y morning and evening services i e Edge my Hanoi with Quot we Ptiip noun said me a on group t0 determine proper the floor Bere had been no Central Viet j increase participation of it Uci. Ii in5, furniture. The truck . Ken 762. Inci uding 41 6 redux Lorans Tui 1 a ave come Naea accomplished the mis-h1 u v chamber of got Gas for father Ned reported had a private 23� democrats and four ind Ltd Nind the Baber it Ger will be deaf f. V tsp Cir a Quot a = a a a a is Ira Quot of a aah a Weir. Quot a a Pakistan and the Eastern Dis. Up has Quot 0lal re is a Lon a. Abel backers have contended at Tho a j re it youth chorale Hoosier so i Moi on nned from Page i the and High \ one Neil Carten to bringing nor High a relatively 5�fl Kinder ated $ sufi at another lading free on Ort Rostran he is 0 started the fad Solomon s la us Al Gram Here is the b 1 country. A local not i radio station help and All 120 ind Irnis Panu Pate nets and piped too elementary Jur Bool pupils school in both Ltd i Dren do help the symphony a treasured fund p Popcorn for the students w turned Oscr to Solomon and f longhair. Indianapolis total of about la a a nympho thousand a City s total is proudly wore symphony b. Pins showing they contributed speaking at the music Mem cry a Ernest. Solomon said competitive contest the contest is rather competitive. And the youngsters de \ Elop rivalries Between my the various s Tor a Tonway Between Hanoi and pm ral \ let Nam earlier it was reported the Premier Phan Huy Quat is t my to expel unneeded army Nan flyers from his government the official Vici Nam music Agency said the Premier wants to est in return All army officers except paper those a in charge of highly pc import dallied work Quot to their military pods duties Quot Quat has asked responsible authorities to return the military personnel concern a to the Arne d in ing the hearings with the agree rj0ve p ment of hath a Ira thorium. All convention services la be held in the mosque. Coordinator of convention of is is the Rev. David Blattner National chamber of Commerce and n0 knowledge of any con my Wolk he Tela de that he and re Ert t0 the a a Sinai place As with the a a Bol department Fie a prone Assam blvd of coed sensation Between his father and a amp Smay s Che j Coupe Dur of of la san jts 2p.d District about the conduct of the 7ec Hurff a Rise Valley a limited government an Etc by employees about his mov in the Fly hydrant Flushing be i eds vlslfin.2 the pals we blk Tion. If the labor Secretary be of a gospel Hurch is the assent b individual Freedom. My he claimed he a As surprised a in a daily Sis for six to Asl so Quot a a a a no it Ltd a Nev the outcome of Union bal Lydof cod a urch in Altoona i free markets when the other truck was High weeks word ves. Whether they want voting was affected by fraud pfc is pastor. Economic Progress. Brought asked no questions. 5ohns< who exp amed Thal Ann used. Of ballot stuffing he can ask a fed kid is immediately it Aid in the course of Nam s repeated no d Eta Large rumble officers has e taken mint duties which Wakild be formed by donated a the fighting front in a Spet. Was reported that the the Agency when the other truck i Vieni weeks a a a in a a q., by Iii us i i a brought asked no questions. 5ohns who excl amp f a i the Borough charter annulled if ballot stuffing he can ask a fed the Robert Stayton Dis meet with elected officials. He denied Ever having driven the Gay Ine cards were used Alt by vote v"0�?T that Gay will find a eral id void the results Rich pres dealt the Christ s am per sedatives cd Gressmen of Blue truck. hauling furniture Scatch dads in the water Vord p f. To i by word and order a new election under a a Sadorus and convention director Tate and Federal subsequently burned at the Yard. Office related that two autos n0 whether they favor con government supervision. Extends an invitation to the Publica. A a a. Of. Rei Ateo mat two autos tinting Lakemont As a Borough. Hague said Mcdonald barkers it attend the Ould not make a decision on i Sty. County in ment a of the cottage sept 8. 19w l. He Vivere assigned to the delinquent i a a s to fully support gov pm claimed he knew nothing about it. Bill collectors others to the fore w w could not make a decision on yet of 1 of f i Tau n All pm Grams he a to related that he noticed Man of the meter readers the a Cialella asks he no it slip annl they saw d i Whit have the Objet lives it the a television set in the tavern superintendent and general fore la lit in a Ocala by la it Al breakdown of army chamber of c Ommert when he went to Tell the other Man. the returns the loser in the men that Thev were read to obtained Gay Olino continued from Napp in Mcdonald Abel contest could a t Quot Mahy i i i i / in leave at Milesburg lie Ltd he. F t. Be tellers findings to the la an , t i v la i i t brought Cros jammed by . Atty too two texan bunk they unions executive Hoard. Which Oda Leader cos Fer z is Sis to Cove the uni a a it it Quot Cly med quote us controlled. Is my a cd by Abel up the k Ture tamed gasoline one two the Banks were the Marlin porters with the Okay of the Bank and the Mainland bank1 accepts position continued from Page i Day. Sixty heart service troops who arrived a a. ,. A �.,r, under which he received Temple uni brother on stand superintendent for his personal and Trust co. Of Texas City t councilman slav knew Noth use on work he claimed he which was sold and is now a vol Lvi i to sniff a i. Titi a ref to i i i it pm _______.i., k i. 1/01/11 11 try half the Here last population of mums Kridan nil it nth e for Cam the first time Veigt Ity it world peace award. A. A a May not work inc about the repairs to their u u not it tall if he Ever receive patently in sound condition. Father s car handled at the watered gasoline from Charles m Jue heroes Bernard it car a ,.h a Quot a it a Quot Quot Quot Al Yard in july the act Cedant it Puppy Mckee he always got Amy his Pann Wanh b 1 cats ill links Atli by i to 60 reds on a the i s . On North \ let in ,h,.r ,1naid slav. A Lead permission from Edward Spuhler Morris bad most of their South korean Camp was driven Nam might not achieve the ,t1 hair for i Nipa m then Sudor intendant to net Pas. La a Edmea a Quot of their f d i. a Hansi won of desired political response Quot be the state of Washington testified for his own car. He said Quot mrs they Quot Atso Quot singled in Emett Fly room Quot treatment fire. At least one communist was cause the would he regaled Thal of Donald was he related he used his own do Quot c slav Eathorne fhe hi2h Fht Altona t?m0i let a Thi killed and a dozen koreans were shy away from he Public m Ait k a it a Vacala n a. Thal car to haul men to and from president the Deforet a Veek a to Jar a it Sundec humiliation of hacking Down Tom. Uhen his father wanted homers Gap Reservoir during san Francisco Bank As one of Rov c Moore 2111 huh it ools rhe pres Agency reported also under duress k Grove a it Ood Friend is the dredging did not know Lynu 0 Nar it Kas one of Kov t Moore .111 loth St.,i i i �?sln8ii�?o the ,n involved in sprain of right wrist. Edward Hileman. 1211 3rd mercy Hospital admitted a a. A a Quot Utu a in figured that his father would Pav line had talked this Over with a ice Koeck Gallitzin. T Northeast of Saigon in right time might provide the g f k Smay nor if he had had City Joyce e. Hinkle. Tyrone i May creasing the n acne Heath in in Hanoi authorities with an odder is. K u u.___. A. _ the Agency said a woman has p it to k a in s for succumbed to the dreaded a Black pause in Arr exit b by Rutta k Bisp it a7 did Quot us Wah re car death a Rush Trang ,.ut 200 Aga oat North \ it Nam a the Al d if he had la Tod Thi Over with theist of k Leon m. Right time might drop de the re. J c u u j _ a ave., foreign Billy in left nostril. Harold Maher 112 Lexington ave. Sprain of left ankle. Thomas Blontz. J106 5th ave., Juniata laceration of right thumb. Mary s. Vance. 1914 5th ave., ill,e, in the own that med Caj Peca tip Quot a have no River a Are Manv factors Well As 1�d Mechanic a in fix the How a Many times he had used la Cir Quot Down f i Quot Ici est in met i think we have vet succeeded in stamping which i am not in a position transmission of his 1956 Chrysler his vehicle. Asked Why on april Lorn to the Point where the in the recent outbreak of bubonic to weigh Pearson said Rem n pm. 09 1960 it was necessary to a Plauen so us Nam Quot a a a he Quot does appear to to a a dts top fix i i far of the Gaso inc to car no mom do.rt fur zz3&Quot j was taken to % Hariw John reported was told to youngster Lous instruments and Niau Fth. It to i a a a a a is Quot a 7&Quot a v a Quot Urove Tor the work. And pm Okay. Nor ii be Naa had City turn men upon g tvs 1 a Quot m�?ov.oxvto Phi Quot a up v Quot to Quot Ruth Adam. 62, sugar Stepun Tuv wound of a a in by Emp Bas the role a a plays �?�1�?o a a a a up id of to mgt a some flexibility into a was x of Quot be cout Colmen car Quot e so Ink Quot Ederick Crawford Quot 1113 21st in the whole Competition. Contracting the disease a now their policy without appearing i be was not then terms of other councilmen. Waiter Nadolsky. Lilly re. Avo., sprain of left knee Var. Pm warily con undergoing treatment at the hos to do s0 As the direct result of in la slav Quot Tih a a do la a re 1940 claimed Neva a kept"1 a Margaret Templon. 1146 51st St.1 Pat monks. Re 4. Box 584, in much Quot no yer to get Quot no a tra Quot it Ihu 7 suspension a Doz it z so Jet Ord Quot a kept Samuel s. Smith. 210 3rd ate of. Ash foot Young people to play in the in Saigon today a bomb scare place for a limited time to it and emptied most of the of Firic and the rate of incidents in., j a \ Solomon said the new York he la a Quot a of the i s inform Viet Nam Fuld provide a fair a Quot Quot at 1sth so the defendants tenure. Johns reported that he Jean m. Cole. 1505 9th St. Philharmonic symphony has exp vote this Mominey accurate Way of measuring, reported that Grove As did it Only when he used his own pressed interest in copying the and vietnamese Sac Rita 1,s usefulness and the Des Rabil s,.7tp w �?Tt50 repairs a it did an car for City business program a a a. Vietnamese Secu it it continuing it other Man whose name he thought Raymond g. Franks a Cliv Emir a state where even adults cads berline1tratt?"alnd a was n0 f Ork on the car a Ove so acc 1919 vol the he depart Are still breathless from the t \. R around was completed about 7 . And Blent of Parks and Public property t d event of the Vear the in 7 a Quot pass ulv prevent ski a i ors required new seals and a Sot of since 1939. Testified about the a Diana High school basketball a. Recurrence of tuesdays. Bands obtained at automotive Nure at Lake Altoona Franks said to Arna ment Solomon was Able d Amite a a k on s pm a Sukk Kho Al Hilk Supply by . Grove the wit he did not know Why it was taken in Clit in the ultimate Xuy cacs. 7&Quot, Monum Homzur Rejon continued from Page i Quot a testified. Up there by was to id to use it. A we have improved Theus Monist Odomd wrecked v Mill Hail my in he related that it was hauled Back f. Hal killing two amen Philip Hart Mich Bitch i m Hail mail a image of a musician to that in cans and a a Vir amese and Bayh . Ind Edward v. Lon of Richard c. Lecrone allot Naii hmim8 in Inferri Iii decree Donald slav testified that Grove took violin feared to take the car which record. ivc. Robert Miller 5538 ird ave i d a a i Quot Hen would not change gears to the asked by . Vav Arfel if this is i us Wilt. 204/, Allegheny St a laceration of left Little Finger Anderl Cill Frk of in South 0 garage rather than to his was done Only during Smay s Hollidaysburg a a ,.h. An 1 s Clair k. Lecrone of Joyed by a basketball player Quot he said proudly. Floods feared a Ali Charlotte Cooper Cresson. Frank .1. Kodosky. Gallitzin. Barbara Conte. 1424 7th ave. William Heaton. Re 2. Lois m. Kolliman Portage. William Dodson. Re 1. Clair d. Roub. Tyrone re 2. Discharged Kathryn Wilt 407 7th St. Ida i. Caswell. 1900 5th ave. Wounding nearly 200 persons i a. Is Sia disc. Eugene Adams. 902 16th ave., 5230 Grandview ave., received a laceration of left thumb. Bachelor of science degree in in id a re Cowan ., 152s 28th dust rial engineering from Penn ave Haematoma of forehead. Sylvania state University on George Mcgraw. 409 13th St. March 21 dog bite of right thigh. Tyr it Lecrone is a graduate of Susan Fox nurses residence Altoona High school a former bums of Chest. Altoona Mirror Carrier for eight Ronald Richards 52.1 1st ave., years in the Eldorado Section and Haematoma of left hand abrasion a member of Delta Chi fraternity. Of right knee and left hip he is a member of the first Luth Dennis rainmaker 4 Cherry eran Church. Bane it ulceration of right knee. He a accepted a position As Andros. 1532 Prince an Industrial Engineer for the sprain of right ankle. Saginaw gear company. Saginaw Mignogna .0i Maple Micha division of general 2703 ave., laceration of Scalp. Motors. Matthew Wood. 1201 17th ave. Mill Hall moving Ai. A i i i w re i f0 Altoona and used around Shrub ,. A a Nna 4g. Dorothy Jean slav of 300 by Berv in the cite Narks for Fern Lda m Caswell. 1900 ath ave. Lane Lac to. And Joseph d. Tydings. Ave., the defendant s daughter in Jer. Quot i was glad to have it it Rharles a Humm 1818 4th ave Thomas my lava by Difed about rhe Mavin Quot saved buying fertilizer at $10 perw1an j Whalen. Jot 1st Aveton Road. In their letter the other eight from Mill Hall and was questioned he stated Osceola Mills. Padget senators backed a proposal that at length about whether the Tele the manure he answered atty Margaret a. Strobaugh. 2703 ave., lace.,. Mork s his i is would eave u up to be courts vision set was operative on Jan Sullivan was stored 1.500 feet Bro Adhav Juniata. Matthew Wood i the president to determine 27, 1962, the moving Date. Away from the breast of the Daniel b. Albright. Holidays laceration of lip. Continued from Pace i continued from Page i whether there was a voting at the outset. Mrs. Slav said at the storage Yard area where 1h�?~ sri a a Une sus a 1?�. Be Avo f Loci Llull a Eccl Long War to the conference tights violation that sgt did not recall if so ave a pipe bricks firewood and Sand Dodson duncans laceration of right Index Finger tues to sweep Down the can table signing the letter were Sens son. Before Thev Vivere married were kept. He also related that he vide re Kaen Campbell. 1808 5th St. Yon s Steep Walls. The Resu t of Jay a in in. Eugene j Mccarthy Minn had picked her up at Prospect had seen the slav Pontiac often Cathy Westley 463 Park ave., possible fracture of left wrist a woman was neatly save talks however has been a Ance Hartke. Ind Stephen m. Pool in a cite car and related that with other cite councilmen at thei re re be James Thompson re 4. Box _ washed into a catch Basin when decision to intensify the Battle Houng Ohio Gaylord Nelson he usually used her fathers car various Sites on City business. Mrs Francine a Henderson Juniata 32, contusion of lip. Lith 111 roaster a Joish against communist vie. Cong is. Frank e Moss. Utah 1958 Buick. She claimed she Warf Al had no question a. Ann i Ark Rdv it i a a a. Ullin Iii Humli my i ii i of mud. A police rebels in the South to balance a Lei f. Mondale. Minn. Har never saw him driving a cite car examination. Man managed to pull her from the increased a attacks a a Quot Williams. N. J., and Lee however under mss Evn Narn he Hast up a aim red a quoth Volt Nam. Metcalf Mon. Lion by . Warfel he adm turf Iii Rhim la i ii into the Basin. _. _. The Senate commute is in a hat it was possible that he had. I it u i.1i- . Mai x i tits Vij Trivic a to of a 1111 Isi in Ann a nmn Onar i a alarm for firemen of company 5 who emptied the roaster when peanuts Ann Rockard. 523 6th ave basins of both legs. Bernard West roaster ignited More than two inches of rain convince reds Der orders 0 Clear the big a by that Quot he did not Quot recall Quot shr had fallen by today and the the United states Hopes the next Friday. The House group a so admitted that he is he . Weather Bureau said up combination will convince the to two More inches would reds to Stop trying to take drench some areas through Over South Viet Nam and open sunday. The Way for peace talks to stabilize the area. Presses his baby toy Portage re 2. R. J o Troia a aniline leu us Cal be Luu i a Nave I has finished hearings and plans driven a cite car and that she had continued from Page i Day it g sessions i us not seen him on other occasions slightly injuring his 13-year-old Kenneth l. Slipped duncans Bernard West 1471 washing peanuts in a Ville re. Ton ave., laceration of forehead yesterday noon in the new Loca Walter Kachele. 2803 6th ave. Tion of run s Coffee House 1216 mrs Genevieve a Gibson and t a nov i is nth ave., and occasioned a still additional death april fools Klas in co i mers Taylor told newsmen after meeting Friday with the a rfsist4\cf tonal Security Council he be i a i sieves chances Are a very slight Quot continued from Page i that communist China rus the space Agency has tentative Unity spent two nights tacks a we intervene in the Vietnam in decided to switch control of ing up posters in the Aid s War a manned flights from Cape Crossroads area. Was understood to base Kennedy to a sparkling new Quot stamp Boll Weevils to-1, conclusion on the tact that electronic Center near Houston. Bacco Worms and the Kun flux it tsp the to a Public declarations a a a a a. Klan Quot said one poster. An 1101 01 a nor Russia have other a reproduction of a Robed in any signs of preparing to. and hooded Klansman bore the St Pir to. Conflict. Quickening in Pace of the once ,. Re in Annie in Pic Cai caption picture of a . Mrs. Slav claimed that the son bombs were found and de a television set which was on the fused at the Homes of Boutwell a Man Jay on a downtown a j Quot i. K a a Tiro i ii Itu n i a j it it of Leta Mary Lee the storeroom in the store and apartment building owned by har Peter Brough. Ont. Up-.to ,c,,5, Fri in inti was on me a a my Numa Quot i duuiwc1ii- Man Lay in a downtown Side and 78, of 1017 8th ave., died at it a Goldstein was tilled by smoke i a to of k Kos Cable system at Mil Hall had and councilwoman Nina Mig Waik wbb a knife sticking of to 40 a in. Today in the Altoona As a ult. flames did not y / been disconnected the week before Monico. His bloody looking shirt while i Hospital where she was admitted emerge from the roaster. Oem is i Pace hey moved to Altoona. It w As in at Tal Lageda about 45 Miles younger brother Bent Over him March 12. Answered he firemen inn Jinnah hmm it response to questions by atty East of Birmingham. Sheriff anxiously. An ambulance Calk d Buffi Cei yesterday continued trom Page i e1in 1,an i nip Rio apr Cain Tho by police Tilk him in a in Nirali bomb Scarf is at p my rom to starting with the Mcdivitt White voyage. Al three Steps represent a bomb scare Philadelphia up published daily. Second Cly Mal. Pri Tlly Irea author Laad and second class Portage a a. Paid at Altoona a. In addition he is said to feel that there Are Many reasons Why neither Moscow nor peking would find it to their interests i to have their military forces directly involved a at this languid gemini program. The project appeared to move into High gear with the near perfect three orbit flight of astronauts John w. Young and Virgil i. Grissom on March 23. Response to questions by atty m in snug Nown Nocun a fsr �?�. Sullivan. Luke Brewer said Friday that by police took him to a Hospital she related that they moved a an undetermined amount of by where three doctors stood by for three piece bedroom set piece living room suite and Coffee tables. . Tole no before the discovery i met it a a Jvn a Quot us Louie Auu in vision set. Dinette set and Refrigeri Inie bombs thursday. Brewer sj1irt opened the words Quot april said a Strong lock had been boy is were found written on his cum. Wjlvl.zt>. Tiv a Vino via in of Tran of knocked off the door. Chest in Tomato juice and Cran was the sixth in recent weeks moving details forgotten in Camden Friday about 65 Erry sauce. Against judge Stout who has Cross examined by . Warfel. Negroes staged a demonstration a a a ave. And 9th St., and the second moved a a Quot a a a a us win us a a mum of a a a a. at Viu us a lure a a n m from onh ave a and t. A two Amite had been stolen from a an emergency operation. When hoax aimed at judge Stu a .af-.d�?om. In Man with end Road department storage build victim groaning in pain was Juanita Kidd Stout caused Theja i \ Anh twirl p ids. Tole big before the discovery of the gently eased onto a table and his evacuation of 300 persons Fri a 9 53 no ring Nav to we i _ _ time .rv.ko d i hire nip Ftp Cdr rec a car rail Ern. I. A a a i us a n ,. Comp div p ads Ator Day from the Philadelphia county court building. The threat mrs. Slav reported that As far As on a Street for about an hour she knew her husband never work protesting the fact that negroes de for the City of Altoona that must Register to vote in an old wc1c 3co, us mum she did not recall the name of the jail building instead of at the ing for a thief who stole a truck Cable company in Mill Hall. The Wilcox county courthouse with loaded with 16,000 copies of the exact address of their apartment Whites. Daily express. Lost express Manchester. England up police were searching this morn been cracking Down on juvenile hoodlums. An adult male telephoned that a bomb had been planted in the basement of the building where the judge holds court. A search revealed no bomb. Called to 416 38th St. To extinguish burning leaves and at 3.35 . Re of pan 4 flushed gasoline from the Street at Chestnut ave. And us St., skilled in a collision of a Notor Cycle and automobile. Zero in Michigan be w York up lowest temperature this morning a Zero degrees at Pellston Mich

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