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Altoona Mirror (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Altoona, Pennsylvania City edition the circulation of the Altoona Mirror yesterday was 34,654 Altoona sir error. Weather Cloudy. Warmer fight cancer with a Check and a checkup As the april crusade against cancer gels underway in Blair county. Vol. 80�?no. 248 phone 944-711 Altoona pa., saturday evening april 3, 1965. A a Twenty six pages Price ten cents Blanket denial sir King North Birmingham made As Smay s i is a aiders defense begins a Quot a 0ri&Quot new y0rk up 1 councilman s if a the in to Martin Luther King a jul. Attempting to solidify sup brother daughter part f r his two front attack on ii ii a racial discrimination today con ill Lah loll i heir eludes three Days of strategy talks with Northern civil rights leaders. Months puts secrecy veil on Hunt to set an example to ii. Mayor fears informal i o ii o n scare ii would be helpful to bombers. By Anthony Heffernan United press International Birmingham. Ala up a police threw a secrecy veil to Friday King flew Here from died t0 blow the Homes of i j _ the mayor and a City in until. Baltimore where he had participated in meetings of the Southern Christian leadership con mayor and a City councilwoman. Mayor Albert Boutwell said no information on the investigation would be released that might be helpful to the bomb categorical denial of testimony Quot d and piled up by the Commonwealth d plans in the Case against his father a a summer protest Demontra came from Robert e. Smay or tons for better negro housing yesterday afternoon when the and education in the North defense opened its Case by Call-1 a continued demonstrations in Day around their investigation ing six witnesses in the two and the South and an a a escalating the terrorist bombers who a half hour court session at Boycott in Alabama. J dynamited a negro Home and ii Vaysburg. Smay jr., who is 25 and an English teacher at Cove Spring High school roaring Spring on a and an Bour and a half Ferencek a executive Board told his version of the moving from Mill Hall and his use of going to Atlanta the water Yard for work on his Friday night he met with civil ers. Cai rights leaders in the new York police vowed a seven Day a his father is charged with in area and planned to Fly to at week 24-hour-a-Day i Vestiga regularities in the conduct of Lama later today according to Tion until the bombers Are his department of water Parks an aide. Found. A $50,000 Reward has and Public properties office. Until now. The Sulc which in to Ted. Denials Are listed k is head Quot has directed civil nov. George Wallace joined in succession or a Phi activities primarily in the Boswell in an attempt to tight to. L. n u n South. In controls on dynamite which i a his to in vision set at Mill Hail has been easily available in the was in working condition that Kuji Jim Birmingham area because of so moving Dav relating that it had Nav major negro prob Manv Cobeen disconnected several Days North were housing. Before employment education and de to draw up Bill that his father had any connect a a segregation car Morgan circuit solicitor Tion with the entire moving trans Jav ?. A a cloned Harlem. New met with other local officials action except to make arrange re negro ghetto As the and mining executives to Dis clients with Jack Beasley Ford to Cene of possible civil rights cuss controlling the Possession borrow one truck demonstrations this summer Sale and records of dynamite. That he had had City ,?cl4iio�?~ be 8,0up s conclusions would anti freeze put into his car that \ ? a so e drawn up ,nt0 a Bill by the his car s fender had been pounded Kne said h in a i Jefferson Bounty legislative Del out at the City water Yard and i panned to travel negation for presentation to the the flooring had in welded the North ,0 a Obama legislature that he had used City Oil for his heh e e the Alabama House in a res car. That he had City tires put 111 Sta de on his car that he had had his brakes refined it the water Vard a j a a i that h had a Batten installed Attl lfluc3tor the water Vard that he had been to the water Vard i r gasoline Vav ill and hid refused to sign for it it Lii l that not had Ever had any a i it a a i a i raced or a in car at a Juniata my Muotka a Vii Sci service station. Did t work for City University Park that he had Ever worked for the f Vanhorn of Loysburg super City rising principal of the Northern that he had Ever driven a City Bedford county schools has been car except to ferry on occasion chosen to receive the 1965 a for in i Home to the water Yard. Bruce Dennison memorial and Smay jr., through questions Yimin Istratov of the year award defense atty Robert c. Haber i the presentation will be made St Rob related that because com wednesday night at the Pennsyl Mercial moving charges Wert Vania state University at the inexpensive. His father said he Nual school Board study Council would see what he could do to banquet marking the close of the have the couple moved from Mill 112th annual school Board instr Hall where they had an apart Ute. Nin8 resulted in the injury of rent while he was still attending the award established in 1960 one person state police report. Lei k Haven College honors the late or. A Bruce Anna Lockard. Ito 523 6th seas Sway surr \ he Ai Oon Hospital for a possible fracture of the jaw and loss of two front Teeth As the result of an Accident on legislative route 07011, the Funkstown Road at 10 55 pm she was a passenger in the Elution Friday declared the bombings a senseless inhuman and Wallace who visited the Sites where the bombs were found thursday issued an executive order to state officials who Deal with dynamite to tighten Security. The Home of negro t. I Crowell Vas bombed thur it Day d fun continued on Page 3, column 5 girl injured As Auto wrecks on Funkstown re. Two one car accidents last eve by car by both his father and years father in Law. He reported that each year the members of the Don Steele volunteered to help Pennsylvania school study coun a move and claimed that it til select the chief school Steele who thought the Beas mini Strator from the Organiza Ley tuck would not he Large lion who deserves special re com Central Pennsylvania is de of a curve then skidded to across and struck a Stone Wall on to receive i Laque he Alvin Vaughn property. An engraved plaque will be presented to or. Vanhome to com ,. N Hwu a Iru it in Vav Quot pm c Lal Rccogni-1 in enough for All the furniture and Don for his contribution to Public Sedan operated North on the High returned 20 minutes later with education the selection is made was by James h. Thompson. Is another truck and the City pm from among 68 school systems of of re 4 when in ran off right i orcs. C. A a to i of aum a i. Ujj j offered to he offered to the men $5 run but they refused Smay or sent a to�?ob7 a torn a com damage totals $273 said bringing out that they memo rate his selection for the damage to the automobile was would be satisfied w i t h some a Ard. A Quarter time graduate estimated at $200 and to the Wall Beer for which he gave Mckee assistant ship in educational and at Money at Milesburg. Ministration funded by the Penn at p m a scan operated Smay or. Identified a Sunico Sylvania school study Council West on legislative route 07040 credit card showing that two Gal Jwill go to an outstanding urdu m tie Buzz letdown area by Robert continued on Page 3. Column 4 ate student working toward the b t 16. Of Duncansville re doctorate. Jay Smink a teacher 1 went out control on a curve in the Halifax joint schools of ind overturned on the berm. J Halifax has been named recipe damage to the car was Esti ent of this portion of the award mated at $450, but the operator or Vanhome has been a Public escaped injury. P school educator for the past 29 Vears a chief school admin on the Job movement Quot. I continued on Page 3, column i Ventura Calif. Up a two in today s Altoona Mirror comics and panel Quot. 12 crossword Puzzle. 9 i editorials and features 8 i major hoople.i4 chamber group sports. Jo-11 sunday Church services. 6 7 toll full Nin women s features. 4 1 u1u a i Klu i of Central state news. 16 ventral state news. 16 rirai.1 r i Nile Ray s Corner. 9 09111 Goh Stoss Hedda Hopper 15 the legislative employees of a Bank of America Branch thought a Man seated near them Friday looked like the Bandit who held up the Bank and escaped with $8,600 last month. They called police who took the suspect into custody and questioned him at police Headquarters. He was released after it was established that the time of the robbery he was at his Quot pm ads. 23-24-25. Action commit lot it a As Deputy District attorney inmate waives extradition to new York state waiving extradition to new Quot prep men infer it some obligations. To a those who preceded them they Owre a debt of gratitude. To those who will follow them they owe a Freedom untarnished by their own generations. To those who live about them and Are not free they Are obligated to set an example of the advantages of Freedom. Freedom for those of us who Are privileged to Call ourselves americans was bought at a great Price. The bloody footprints in the Snow at Ralley p orge the dead heroes of a thousand Battles the Long hard struggle for existence in a new land Are but a part of that Price. The Ocean took their toll of those seeking Freedom and Opportunity in a new land across the seas. Disease brought about by malnutrition and by exposure to the elements Cut Down a number of those who sought the new land and the new Freedom. Long years of toil and careful Thrift paid for the passage of most of the Early settlers. For almost three centuries men and women struggled Here to build the foundation for a nation that did not even exist in their time. The will of the old world sovereigns was carried out in the new world until that glorious Day when political Freedom was won for 13 colonies. The new nation they formed on this continent was not Utopia. It was an example of what Man could accomplish against the tyranny of the established world of that time. Its founders Drew the blueprints for a great government. They adopted a Constitution. They chose a Republic As their form of government. They set an example. Some of the autocratic Powers of the Kings and emperors died on each Battlefield of the revolutionary War. The eyes of the world were focused on the tiny Republic in the new land. Millions of the oppressed in other lands liked what they saw. Some came Here to live. Others came Here and then returned to their homelands to fight for More Freedom in the land of their birth. In Western Europe the age old doctrine of the divine right of Kings began to waver. Men email to see perhaps for the first time the real significance of the easter season. The child of Beth-1 hem the Saviour upon the Cross was not sent to this Earth As the exclusive brother of Kings and emperor but As the Universal brother of All men. Gradually even slowly men began to perceive the real truth of Christmas and easter and Freedom became something More than just a dream even in the dark Corners of the Earth. The Little Republic grew and matured As a nation and its grow ing Power was not that of military might but of the far More powerful weapon known As Public opinion and example. One Hundred years ago this month a great american became a Martyr to the Ideal of Freedom when Lincoln was assassinated. Born an obscure farm boy in what was then known As the Backland of the Republic he Rose to great Heights. As his funeral train traversed the nation his stature increased not Only at Home in America but throughout the world. He had set an example of Many a fight for human dignity and Justice. All the world paid homage to Lincoln and to the ideals for which he stood. America became the shining example to which those who loved Freedom pointed with Pride. It is difficult at times to make All men see a that a Public office is a Public Trust a to make them see that a politician without integrity is one who seeks to destroy forever the very foundations of a free society. The world today sadly needs the example of a great nation freed of the scandal of men who use Public office As something less than a Public Trust. It needs leadership that seeks first of All to restore it to the path of integrity and of Justice. It needs a rebirth of Faith in the hearts of Ordinary citizens who in a free nation can demand Honor and integrity from those whom it selects for Public office. It demands Public acceptance of that ancient prayer so often used by one of our deceased clergymen a lord make this a better world in which to live and please lord Start with lbs Canadian sending russian built Leader Confer a Ore olfers jets Challenge at Camp Davidi a Quot . Attackers Pearson. In Philadel United press International Ortli i. C in Washington up l s Otlia speech nig ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor gent air strike. In \ a. Leaves for his Saigon i 1&Quot Ani Post to direct a stepped up Ann Viet a m c Laim 12 Ameri Ean plane Dow m in Iii 2 air strikes. By Merriman Smith up White House reporter by Michael t. Malloy United press International Saigon up a soviet built communist drive which involves sending a several thousands i More american troops to South Viet Nam i their most my Iii officials said there was no ,10nt, my. Up a decision As yet on the exact ovum Oum i resident Johnson meets at this number to go but that the pro jets challenged american War Mountain Retreat today with Ca ram in the next few months planes Over North Viet Nam Nadian prime minister Lester undoubtedly would push the to for the first time today. A . K d0.ircnn. Ital of . Military personnel in spokesman said there was no Chance in u Viet Nam wel1 past the filsht and Hal an a Ada of War in son h vie Nam he 30 a Quot it Quot it a a a m s. Air fore and Navy p a at present there Are 27 500 its lasted two vital Bridges riv/?0?,� is a military men in South Viet a a a a Hanoi. Linht r t m m Mary Nam. Including 4 000 marines communist North Viet Nam and a Cato tin mountains at sent a in last month to guard maimed its air. Sea and ground units shot Down 12 american planes and damaged Many not re pc Aerial Battle the nav3 about noon St he was to the by at Quot Danang have lunch with Johnson who re t has indicated he is determined Fli of to Send More but did not report and to keep up for the present his of a or Herr a Roop reinforcements d a 1 any policy of pressure against the 2&Quot Quot 8ht inter t,ayj0 knowledge the toss j two communist rain North Vic cd Vonjj series of Dis a a r Viet Nam with president Johnson,pla3es but hot a a Force we i. And other ton Lait hot he a any announcement. The meeting at the presi i a Fleet of too Navy jets oper dents weekend Retreat was an meets with Pearson rating from the carriers Hun bounced f riday night by the Johnson was meeting today cock and Cora sea struck a White House at his Camp David Retreat in combination Railroad and High at right time Maryland s Cato tin mountains aay Bridge at Dong Phuong on the Canadian Leader in a with Canadian prime minister route i just 65 Miles South of Jlester b. Pearson. The Canadian Hanoi a the closest they have inn Lar u a a _ j a i. A i a. _ a _ a. In. Time might open the door to a negotiation of the conflict pave the han01 regime a face jets hit the dragon s Mouth officials said the prime min suvin8 Opportunity to a Send its Bridge at than Hoa seven ister a staunch Friend of the a8fjression.�?� Miles further South. They too. United states would receive a Dor told congressmen Fri encountered intense anti air courteous hearing for any pro y 1 at be opposes the idea of Craft fire from massed batteries Powals he might offer in the and. Suspension of . Air of red guns ringing the tartans. But there were no Indi str Kes in nope of bringing the gets. Cations of any impending continued on Page 3, column 2 change of policy in the Gerril a la War in the near future. A a i no forma news conference or if in ii fran Ali was scheduled but newsmen 9 Ivi Ilii were permitted in the area and f i i there was a Chance a state left curs Kalcl 2 ment might be issued after the a Ksn i rive of t ill c Pearson delivered his Plula to Len Delphia speech at a dinner at continued on Page 3, column 3 demo senators seek broader vote measure red jets interfere a Navy spokesman said three migs Rose and a interfered Quot with the raiders hitting the Dong Phuong Bridge but fled into a Bank of Low lying with Navy fighters pursuing them at 1.000 Miles an hour. He did not say whether any shots were fire. There was no indication immediately whether the migs were North vietnamese. Communist chinese or russian. The by Joseph w. Grigg United press International Paris up a prime minis Ter Harold Wilson and presi soviets have supplied migs to by William Theis United press International Washington up Dent Charles de Gaulle today both be chinese and Vietnam a a Ese and at least 50 were report found up two Days of talks eco based on the outskirts of which May have broken the Hanoi. A Vesej which has Chi Quot cd Pilot did not notice the a Veirs relations in recent tonal markings on the planes. To a ii a g previously the migs have re i they talked privately for the Mamud on the ground while via i be i Hong ,. And vietnamese planes re so a a Vii i a a a a Joe. # in me w1 heatedly struck the North hit group of democratic senators is aies a a i ii final session Ting troop concentrating Points starting a move to broaden Wilson planned to Fly Back to 0r radar stations i president Johnson a Bill to in London this afternoon after sure negro voting rights. Lunching with Premier Georges Pilot bails out calling the Sipai Tison support la Pompidou. The Navy said one of its de proposal now before Congress th0 prime minister and the planes was shot Down Over the a a serious the sen Prtt is Dent turned their attention target and the Pilot bailed out actors urged democratic Leader Oday of such issues As euro and parachuted onto comm Mike Mansfield mont., in a let Pron Unity Western defense and Hist held territory. Another Ter Friday to support a broader integration of nuclear forces j Navy Jet crash landed at the by aimed at ending voting Dis questions on which there Are-. Air base in Danang incrimination everywhere. Wide divergences of policy be South Viet Nam with a dam a the re is a Federal response tween their countries aged Hydraulic system Bilitz to protect the right to a Friendly atmosphere anti aircraft tire was the letter signed by eight Friday s talks were held Tasi senators . A Tion whether soviet built ground the present Bill now under i Vii if is u3 re t0 air missiles were used. Dip Iii oui now Una taxed and Friendly atmosphere in rats a a Fumino hmm Unni consideration by the Senate jul he said Thev were a mfr Ink nut Lom atts .1 Etu Ming Froni Hanoi Dicaro committee and a no o i Iney were Trank out reported recently the russians a i com no Lee Ana a mount spoken robust and constructive had sent them to Annh Vint Tudi Cary subcommittee would in substance a k. 7 tact 0 v b. Establish a uniform Standard for a French spokesman said the f there. Bas been registration in areas where liter Lenin spokesman said the n0 confirmation of the reports. I cd in i Ai Ion in areas were liter general atmosphere was a sex a Navy mint Uhn lieu. The Acy tests and other devices Are be Dent and a Avo re relaxed and at he now used free and Eav a a re Jed and raid said the anti aircraft fire to win la i t a let and easy. Looked like a horrible belches of it would a it by in areas where the two National leaders Dis Orange flame from the River less than half the population was cussed Viet Nam. The Middle Banks a registered or actually voted last fast Africa. East West rela a a was noteworthy that the november a number of areas Lions and Germany. They found communist report of today san Southern states would be in grounds for agreement on All air action mentioned red air Points except Viet which their views apart. Nam. Were mediately affected begin work monday in addition to the eight Sena _ tors six others All members of the Senate judiciary committee a a it said they will begin work Iloo Blacl in is Day on amendments to the Bill a a a to make it apply in areas where Dod Digati amps there Are no literacy tests. A the committee members were Cai sen Edward m. Kennedy a a v#ici5sics tee of the Altoona area chamber of Commerce at its meeting i f i yesterday at the Penn Alto to 11 in 11 in Tor hotel heard Ralph Shelton a i. K of the United states chamber of ? Ooi Oil la Commerce expound on Thep m t makeup of the 89th Congress and still is Milf is National legislation. Kutlus Sudj to the District representative of a., a i. T m the National organization out de Borough of Lakemont and or slate 1 am 0 lined the policy making priced the 2nd District of Logan twp., Ciao j i Altoona yesterday was turned ures of the National chamber with their combined voting Iooss reared Over to police officers of the pm and urged local chamber repro strength of approximately 1.000 i a Pire state for Transfer from the Nataf ves to attend the annual looked Forward today to casting 111 gel Llomis Blair county jail to Oneida Conn h 5 f18 m. A,n8ton d c to ballots on the primary election Lousy an t0 Leiua l0im he p formulate those policies Day May 18 that will determine r11r r a m k on a where he a to appear in court the 89th con whether Lakemont is to continue refit it a an w i a Charne of grand larceny. Shes or Shelton said m new As an incorporated Borough or Side Homes in danger of being brought before judge Samuel a menu Vert b to f it Rmer status As swept away by mudslides main no a Wix . Jurijs As Jubelirer by Hist. Atty. Frank Horma Tumour if the 2 to a a it no d strict of Logan tamed an anxious Vigil today ass moly of a new spaceship Anil Warf Al Tillett was Reo Resen in in. Air u435 the county Board of election rams soaked Southern Califon nou Cement of a Crew for a. L a p 35 represent seats in Congress of. Were Jcj noted today that the office in a for the fourth consecutive spectacular new flight and posted by atty. John f. Sullivan. He by a a per cent majority of the courthouse at Hollidaysburg Day. Sibly a 1,000-mile switch of a d been living in Altoona with Voes or a a is ving applications for Civ elsewhere the storm the his family and he indicated a de issues important sire to a go Back and get it over1 he pointed out that president with a having abandoned earlier Johnson has delivered 37 special the of Sentuc ballot must be re messages to Congress and is Cei Ved by the county on or be mass. Thomas j Dodd Conn. Continued on Page 3, column 3 by Don Wallis or. United press International Indianapolis ind. Up on units for the first time. The re Ai port did not mention any Aerial encounters but did say antiaircraft units and air. Naval and ground forces a hit Back at the air marauders heroically accurately and previous communist claims have been exaggerated. Bomb scare Saigon itself was the target of a bomb scare today. Amer continued on Page 3, column 2 on h . To quicken gemini Pace by Alvin b. Webb or. United press International Houston Tex. Up a As _ -. me mui111 a me nerve centers Are expected Absentee ballots at the Pri heaviest in three years caused a that weeks ahead for the u a Mary election. Application for isolated flooding triggered a Gem in Man in space program. Tai Auto accidents snarled free a be spaceship is the Cohina Way traffic closed some n to Tan-2 rocket and Gem schools. Downed Power to i in in Trulia a. Urls a klan encounters Fra be a Fhy Mcclellan asks basketball reigns supreme p i i. A three squares named Brahms. R Cal crib acl loll Bach and Beethoven have mus cled into the action. A h Lull the classical music craze has Orth ill Cuiry become hotter than the Watusi the ,.�?zr ii spot i a the land of the hoosier.1 Washington up a chair rum i Jie chants even kindergarten kids Arel an John i. Mcclellan of the Mlp m he Hemingway starting to swing to Guys like Senate rackets subcommittee townspeople made it Clear to Sibelius. Says testimony in the current Rall a emf is Welcome Abou 20 0lln students Wail Dave ligation of Bank failures is Rattler it a or scout Oil pfc Oday for results of he latest Hub v a a perjury and he a p interscholastic Competition a Abbas asked Justice depart resistance in Carolina town Hemingway so. Up the rally filled As a major kor gathering was to be held in an open Field at Ard s Prmt to take a appropriate a if All goes astronauts intent to fight extradition. Vu.,mra aim is a has Legal rights pushing hard to get the majority fore May 11 and the application judge Jubelirer explained to the i pro8ram Sedki during sad tinted Quot person or u. A his first year. The National Nai do writing. F5 repro any supplicants Are seeking Snova in the mountains and 011 a. G s import Absentee bahts because of ill washed out several athletic Iri 0 or in ear a june hot Ziph Fps Mic the 7,000-Pound gemini-4 Craft lines ,n,1icapsuf that knocked out a police transmit. Send astronauts prisoner thai he has the lepal1 13 not 1 year me National Ter piled up to five feet of Ames. Mcdivitt and White p. At has the Charn Ber of Commerce repro. If any applicants Are seeking j Snow in the mountains and00 a us record four Day Voy Iwu ii w u1c by i a ump s o101"6 Immord Absentee ballots because of ill washed out several ail a. Area. The new York of Fri continued on a he county on election Day the a Quot a scheduled for shipment to that he has the right through petition to Courto Amer or a contest return to the Syracuse,1 s a More n. A a cers who were armed with a fugitive warrant for the prisoners arrest included f. A. Caroli state police investigator and trooper r. A. Bunsub. It. Bernard t. Zeigler of the Altoona police who had picked up the fugitive. Was also present for the Brief court hearing. The fugitive was turned Over to the accredited new York officers after the preliminaries of signing the several necessary Legal papers prepared in the office of dist. Atty. Warfel. Music memory contest a a Ciu in in us non hem Ai Ara s about 20.000 students made. ,. Crossroads three Miles North of the Musk memory Day finals Ian 1 say is guilty town Complete with burning f riday. They listened to exam Arkansas Democrat said crosses hooded klansmen and certs Anim t0 33 classical j a the conflict is so Imperial wizard Robert Shelton p eyes. Piped into their class-1fd0ck,n8 and it is so apparent himself. Rooms by the orchestra and somebody is lying. Friday a Telegram was sent wrote Down the title and a j be chairman said he was to president Johnson from Civ of by a j immediately sending the Testi in leaders who Are determined schools with the Best records Mony t0 the Justice depart to save this Small tobacco will get phonographs citations ment and ask n8 the attorney towns National image. And record albums. In apr i to a a a this is to advise a the wire said a that a group of citizens wilful. I a adm ice oui it Feuu Ami Eric to column the scout on exec Ion a Dav the i f a ants scheduled for this week showers applicant must have the Signa. U Day from St Louis mo., to Ture of physicians. At the proper i a f in Beavy rain As Cape Kennedy. The two stage time and if All applications Are of dec Edi Alfo jul a i Booster rocket already is in in proper order and the apply i and p�1 ice in this stated on launch 19. Cant found qualified for ballot a sub Weiss Ron Tan of or mfr Epcy in monday in Houston the they will receive the letter along country club drive Federal space agony will aria Canyon Road where the 40 ounce the selection of Veteran from Williamsburg . Colin to Are in opposition to the proposed meeting of klan to be held Between Johnsonville and Hemingway saturday night. Opposed to rally general to quickly take approx Many perfect scores action Quot incredibly enough ?., 8.000 and 9.ooo of the pupils will in l a l of d e f a s a a 11 pro make perfect scores and he a these statements Are pertinent the Kun flux a cell no Are a a a a a a a a of the be to this Mcclellan Beethoven so Eroica Brahms c. fourth a and other great study Bank closings works a said Izler Solomon con the inquiry into a number of Ductor of the Indianapolis sym recent Bank closings has heard weather forecast a Clear with Little change in temperature tonight Low 14 to 22 increasing cloudiness and warmer sunday with afternoon showers. 708 electors the county Board also disclosed today that there Are 708 qualified electors to vote in the Borough of Lakemont on the important question of whether a charter granted in the past october is to continued on Page 3, column 6 Homes were imperilled. I Walter m. Schirra and Rookie the area was denuded of a Thomas p. Stafford As Pilot and Ter Sheds by a disastrous fire co Pilot respectively of a Gemi five pieces of Earth moving in capsule that will try to link equipment have been used to remove the mud and debris from the Street but More con continued on Page 3, column i up with another space rocket in orbit late this year. Meanwhile it was Learned continued on Page 3, column 3 this group and the vast a continued on Page 3, column i Jority of the Community is in a alterable opposed to this rally. Spa Flat and the first National Bank of but we Are powerless to Stop it Ogg Liureri Marlin Tex. The san Francis sir hips 13 Ami it co Bank closed last Jan. 22 and a a a. T to n %-1 Ini a i r a. Because of the attendance by people from various parts of the state and other states and because of the relatively Small number of local people White teen agers in the com continued on Page 3, column i testimony on the failures of the san Francisco National Bank and the first National Bank of far next week s radio and t Al e i Ision of a ii in in s. See Puges 17 to 21, in elusive or a Rural and i Rban the Marlin Bank shut Down March to 1964. During its hearings Friday the subcommittee heard a Senate investigator testify that two negro financiers drained $446continued on Page 3, column 6

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