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Altoona Evening Mirror (Newspaper) - July 3, 1877, Altoona, Pennsylvania Established june 13,1874. Altoona pa., tuesday july 3, 1877. Two cents. Dentists. W in. U. Miller in ils 1330 eleventh Avenue next door to Beckley a drug store Altoona a. Isenberg d up stairs r. J. W dentist surgeon Comer eighth Are Nae and twelfths tree to office Hor s 30 a. M. To o.30m Days until 7 p. M. Satur or. H. B. Miller dentist office 1410 eleventh Avenue opposite first lutheran Church Altoona. Harry sle w. K. office Corner eleventh Avenue and twelfth Street Altoona Blair co., a. Physicians. _ tors. Ewing a Piper new school physicians to surgeons compound their own remedies prescribe no Demit ainu or poisonous medicines Are wonderfully sucks soul in the treatment of All diseases either acute or chronic. Office main Street Tyrone. The dedication the new court House formally opened for the adminis a Tion of Justice. Census from the Rich storehouse of his memory. Which a service of fifty eight years in the profession had filled with much that would be interesting in its recital. On the conclusion of this speech the audience dispersed and the weary reporters meandered Down Street in search of reinvigorating sustenance Aud after the act of Deglutition had Given place to the pleasant feelings of the operation of healthy digestion they wandered Forth chewing the cud of Sweet and bitter fancies and took up an anxious watch for their conveyance Home whence come cheering reports of co deleterious effects. Judge Black pronounces ittle a most perfect Structure of its kind in tills country. Vav pm m. Findley m. Physician and surgeon. Office �?802 twelfth Street. Home a 1126 eighth Avenue East Altoona. Office hours �?7 to 8 30 p. In. I to 2 p. M. 6 to 8 pm. In Ellerslie Goodman physician and surgeon. Office �?9th Street bet. Goth Aud 7th avenues. Office hours is to to a. In. 2 to 4 p. In. 6 to 8 p in. M. Graham m. D., Homeopath is. No. To 13th Street Altoona a. Office hours. A till 9 a. M. I to 2 p m. 7 to svs p. M. Except sunday evening j. Krise m. D., physician and surgeon. Surgery male Aud chronic diseases a specially. Of Fie Aud residence with Avenue Between thirteenth Aud fourteenth Street opposite second presbyterian Church. Office hours�?7 to 9 a rn., and 2 to 7 a i j. H. Row m. D., physician and surgeon. Ocse on seventh Avenue Between Lith and Lith Ste attorneys. Tit p. Tierney attorney at Law collection e a claims a in Blair Cambria to. 1128 eleventh Avenue a prompt attention Given to the hair. Cambria. Huntingdon Centre a Clearfield counties. To Mph f. Milliken attorney at Law i Allegheny Street Hollidaysburg a. From pm attention Given to the collection of claim in Blair. Bedford Cambria Huntingdon. Centre and Clear Field counties. Y r. Poffenberger Alderman of second fourth and e Seth Wrd,8�?T a Tiff do titles to real estate carefully examined. Deeds written Aud other branches of conveyancing promptly attended to. Hotels. To White Hall hotel j. P. Kahle proper Good accommodations and extensive stabling. Corner 12th Avenue and 16th Street Altoona a. J. K. Maitland proprietor of the Maitland hotel tenth Avenue second hotel West of r. Depot Altoona a. A this hotel has been refitted and newly furnished. Sample rooms on first floor. _ Fitzharris. Proprietor a of the St. Charles hotel Cor. Tenth ave. And thirteenth Street. Boarding by the month week or Day. Single r eals also famished. Open All hours of the Day and night. Bar provided with the Best wines Lenors and cigars. _ Oak wooden.7 a. Wooden. City hotel Tyrone a. C. Amp a. Wooden proprietors. Livery stable connected with the hotel c butchers. Harles Bussman Butcher Corner sixteenth St. And ninth Avenue. Fresh meats of All kinds constantly on hand and sold at lowest prices. Give me a Call. J Young amp bro., Cor. 8th ave. And 17th St., dealers in Choice beef Mutton Lamb veal pork hams Bacon corned beef tongues Etc. Owe2sts, Cor. 7th ave. And 24th St., fresh drags chemical. Paints Olin window Glass dealer in and Fin groceries Prev Cri pylons skilfully and carefully compounded at All boars of the Day or night and on sunday. Residence next door. As stated yesterday after the court was called s. S. Blair esq., in a very neat and appropriate speech detailing the purposes of the assembling moved the adjournment and the clerk was ordered to Transfer the list to the fourth monday of the present month. After music from the opera of a la Fille Der regiment a a. Augustus Landis chairman of the committee of arrangements announced that Hon. Thaddeus Banks had been chosen to preside at the meeting with Hon. John Williamson of Huntingdon and Hon. John Fenton of Cambria As vice presidents. After the formal opening with prayer by Rev. I. H. Barron pastor of the presbyterian Church of Hollidaysburg president Banks returned his thanks for the compliment entered him on making him the presiding officer on this Happy occasion. He continued by instituting a comparison Between the present Beautiful place of meeting and the old methodist Church and old court House in which in former Days the sessions of the court had been held. Paying in passant a compliment to the first presiding judge of the county judge Jeremiah s. Black he concluded his speech by congratulating All parties concerned on the completion of the new Temple of Justice. After the rendition of music judge Dean occupied the attention of the audience for an hour and a Quarter with an intensely interesting historical address the great length of which precludes its publication to Day but which we will commence in our next Issue. The Heartiest Praise was bestowed upon the judge for the excellence of the production. Hon. Samuel Calvin was then introduced and for a Brief period entertained the audience with a characteristic speech the con delusion of which was greeted with applause. He gave Way to judge Jeremiah s. Black who said he simply Rose to apologize for not making a speech. He was victim of a contrivance. His attendance was Only secured conditional on his not being called upon for a speech and not until he had entered the court room and saw his name on the programme did he imagine anything of the kind but rather than say nothing and disappoint the friends assembled he would make an apology for not speaking. Appealing mock lugubrious by for their sympathy he continued in a few minutes speech of pith and humor and was As entertaining As great men on in can be when they unbind. Ile concluded with complimenting Blair county on the erection of the a most perfect Structure of its kind in this country simple in the abundant wealth of its he was applauded to the Echo. Col. R. A. Mcmurtrie being called upon responded by saying that As so much had already been heard from the attorneys of Blair county he would suggest that we hear something from the other counties in the District and gave Way to judge w. W. Hall of Bedford who remarked that he Felt he ought not to consume much time but was grateful for the privilege of being present to participate in an occasion such As he had never before witnessed. The proceedings were eminently appropriate Aud thought the idea of consecrating this building to the dispensing of Justice one which might Well take rank with the dedication of churches to the worship of the god of Justice and mercy. Hon. R. L. Johnston of Cambria county rising in response to repeated Calls remarked that the occasion was an unusual one but then this is an unusual court House and the demonstration was appropriately and correspondingly an unusual one. In reviving reminiscences of the old times much merriment was occasioned by the statement that he was a clerk at the a Morris county election where the majority in favor of partitioning Blair off from old Huntingdon county was fifty six in a a poll of eleven Hundred the population of the election District being about three Hundred and fifty. He was followed by judge Orvis of Centre who excused himself from any further detention of the audience from what would otherwise have been their Noonday meal. Others were called for but responded All with one Accord Aud excused themselves. In response to invitation Hon. John Williamson of Huntingdon Rose and in a few Brief pertinent and eloquent remarks on the majesty of the Law riveted the attention of the audience and entertained them in conclusion with a few humorous reminds r. Description of the court House by l Uvil s. Gendell architect. The new building is erected upon a nearly level Terrace formed by raising the entire lot of ground to an average height of Over three feet above the sidewalk of the two streets. The Terrace is surrounded by Low Stone Walls and provided with a wrought Iron railing. The ascent from the sidewalks is by a Broad Hight of Steps on each Street the Entrance on Allegheny Street being thirty four feet Broad. At each Corner of the Wall and at each Entrance Are Large Stone posts surmounted by ornamental wrought Iron Gas standards. The Terrace has Broad landings and foot walks Laid with Large Flag stones. The spaces Between the foot walks and the Walls Are Laid out in grass and shrubbery. The design and color of tile Stone work connected with the Terrace being the same As the building give to the whole a Unity of expression Aud materially adds to the dignity of the building. The building is in the modern gothic style of architecture with the italian treatment. This style while it is directly founded upon medieval gothic omits Many of the details of the latter or adapts them to modern requirement the exterior Walls of the building Are of Stone. The facing is of Cut Stone Tho greater portion of which is from the Massillon quarries the color of the main body of the work is a warm Rich sunny Buff while the alternate Arch stones with the Hood mouldings Over the Arches the string courses cornices and Many of the other ornamental portions of the work Are of a Beautiful deep peach Bloom color. The two colors present a sufficiently Strong Aud yet a very agreeable contrast. While the different parts Are thus sufficiently emphasized the effect of the whole is exceedingly harmonious and pleasing Aud free from that a Patch work appear Auoe which is the Bane of much modern architecture where stones of two or More colors Are employed. Inside the exterior Stone Walls Are four and a half Inch Brick Walls erected separately from the e Stone work to which they Are tied with wrought Iron anchors. There is an Lair space of one and a half inches Between the Stone Walls and the Brick lining. Thus Freedom from dampness is secured. The plan of the Structure bears some resemblance to the letter in Width it is seventy feet on the front eighty three and a half feet on the rear and fifty five and a half feet across the narrow part. Its total depth is one Hundred and thirty two and a half feet. The front portion of the build Jug is two stories in height surmounted with a High slated roof. The rear part is three stories High the upper Story being contained within a mansard roof having ornamental gabled Stone dormers. At each front Angle of the bonding is a Large Square Tower surmounted by an ornamental slate covered roof the total height from the ground to the top of the roof being eighty three feet without the Iron cresting. On the front Between the two towers Are three Entrance doorways facing Allegheny St these Are approached from the Terrace by a flight of Steps thirty four feet Long with a Broad Landing at the top which forms the floor of an Arcade. This Arcade consists of three Arches carried by coupled columns. It is Twenty seven and one half feet High from the pavement of Terrace to the top of the weathering of the Cornice. A parts Are elaborately executed in Stone and the effect is very bold and imposing. Above the Arcade Are three trader red windows opening into the court room. Over these is the front Gable of the main roof. The Hight of this Gable from the Terrace to the top of the Stone finial surmounting it is seventy seven feet. In this Gable is a Niche in which is placed a statue of Justice eight feet High executed in Amherst Stone. In the rear building is another Large in trance doorway facing Union Street. At the intersection of the front and rear buildings is the main or clock Tower. This is a very massive Structure Nineteen feet Square. Where it appears above the roof it is a perfectly Plain Shaft Aud so continues until it reaches the Belfry stage. Here Are Large twin openings on each Side provided with ornamental louvre boards made sufficiently open to freely allow the sound of the Bell to escape. The hell is one of meneely amp co�?Ts., is very Sweet in its tone end weighs two thousand five Hundred and fifty pounds. Above the Belfry is the clock Section Corbel led out to overhang the work below thus making the Tower at this part Twenty two Aud one half feet Square. The dials Are of thick heavy ground Glass Aud Are ninety nine inches in diameter. At night time they can be lighted by Gas on the inside. From the panelled Walnut doors of a substantial character which slide into firring behind the Walls. In the Arches Over Are highly ornamented tracery also executed in Walnut. Under the tracery and behind the outer doors Are Light Fly doors of Ash. The three doors facing Union Street open into a Vestibule twelve by thirty eight feet. At each end of this Vestibule stairways to the second Story Are started Aud Are continued within the Corner towers before mentioned. The door facing Union Street opens into a Vestibule fifteen Aud one half feet wide which being continued forms a corridor of that Width by the length of the entire Back building about seventy eight feet at the further end is another stairway to the second Story. The Vestibule of the front Aud the Cross corridor of the rear building Are connected by a corridor nine feet wide running through the Centre of the main building. The Walls of these corridors Are appropriately ornamented with pilasters which support beams below the ceiling. The i prs of All excepting the front Vestibule where there is solid ground Are formed by Iron beams Aud Brick Arches above which is Laid a pavement of Minton a Boylish encaustic tiles formed in panels of Rich colors and of Beautiful design. These were imported furnished and Laid by sharpies amp Watts of Philadelphia. Opening from the corridors mentioned Are the various county offices. One room for commissioners Nineteen feet five inches by Twenty four feet. A connecting private room twelve by thirteen feet four inches. Treasurers office Twenty live feet by Nineteen feet live inches. Sheriffs office fourteen feet by Nineteen feet five inches la to Tho notary a office divided into two parts is included in a space of about Twenty feet by fifty feet. Recorders office Twenty feet by Twenty seven feet Etc. The last two offices mentioned Are contained within the rear building and being intended to contain records Are fire proof having floors Laid Over Iron beams and Brick Arches ceilings formed in similar manner Iron doors and Iron shutters to the windows. The principal other offices Hare fire proof vaults connected with them. All the offices Are Large in size and fitted up with All necessary conveniences. Such As desks counters Book cases Etc. In addition to the offices there is also an arbitration room on the first floor Nineteen feet by Unity five feet. All the rooms on this floor Are fifteen feet High in the Clear. Tile three stairways alluded to Are of Iron with the exception of the hand rail which is of Walnut. Slate tiles Are inserted in the treads. The construction of the Iron work is allowed to appear and the details Are highly ornamental. No Winders Are allowed in these stairs. They Are very spacious of easy Rise Good tread Broad landings and will discharge a crowded court room in a few minutes. Wainscot ted. All the Wood work through amount of carving is Large vet the proper out the Interior is in oiled Ash or Carolina Hon to the Quantity of atone work is not Pine excepting the windows. The hard great. It is principally confined Toth capitals mentioned to the Bosses or corbels of Hood the court room is in the second Story front building. It is approached through three vestibules two front Aud one rear. The former Are contained within the two front towers Are each fourteen feet Square Aud have handsome Gio ined ceilings Twenty three feet High with moulded ribs amp a. The rear Vestibule or stairway Hall is fifteen Aud a half feet by Twenty nine feet. Access to the court room is had by four pairs of Large folding doors which Are Hung to swing either out or in. These doorways Are finished with coupled round columns carrying gabled Heads All executed in Ash. The judges Bench is placed in a recess formed under the main Tower. This recess has a panelled gothic arched ceiling Twenty five feet High and is finished with a Large amount of elaborate detail. Six disengaged round columns carry the richly ornamented Arch the outer mouldings of which Are nearly thirty feet above the floor of the bar. The ceiling of the court room is panelled Aud is entirely executed in Ash and yellow Pine finished in the natural Woods oiled. It is divided by the tie beams of the roof trusses which appear below the ceiling and show As moulded ribs Over every pier and extending from Side to Side of the room. Each Bay Between the ribs is divided into three nearly equal parts by two longitudinal ribs moulded in manner similar to the Cross ribs. The entire space Between these two longitudinal ribs is level Aud is thirty five feet above the floor. Tile two Side portions Rake from this height Down to the cornices at the Side Walls which Are Twenty five feet above the floor. The three principal divisions thus formed in each Hay Are again subdivided into smaller panels by Purling and Cross Purling. In each Centre panel is ornamental Wood work pierced for ventilation. The principal Cross ribs of the ceiling Are brought Down on the Walls where they receive apparent support from round columns of yellow Pine which have carved capitals pc. These columns Are carried by heavy corbels built in the Walls. The benches for the audience the bar railing the judges chairs and Bench clerks desk the jury and witness boxes the tables and other furniture of the court room also the or windows. The hardware used in finishing is principally of real Bronze. The Carpenter work is All executed in a Good Workmanlike manner by or. George a. Cochran of Pittsburgh. The window frames sashes Aud inside blinds Are of Walnut. The windows in the Halls and stairways Are All glazed with stained Glass of pleasing design in Cathedral tints Aud set in Lead work. This work was done by or. G. Ii. Gibson of Philadelphia. A other windows throughout the first and second stories have French plate Glass each Sash being in one Light. Some of these lights Are quite Large those in the Side windows of tile court room Mea Suring fifty by eighty six inches. The building is thoroughly lighted in All parts there being no dark Corners in it. The inside Walnut blinds alluded to Are placed to All the windows in the building excepting those having stained Glass or Iron shutters. The blinds to the court room windows Are finished at the head in the Arches with finely Cut and elegant tracery. Tile Walls of All vestibules Halls corridors and rooms and All plastered ceiling throughout Are painted in colors All being done in encaustic and in accordance with the designs of the architect. The ceilings of the court room being in the natural Wood is oiled with color decoration sparingly introduced and Only in sufficient Quantity to make the ceiling harmonize with the Walls which Are highly decorated with various hands &c., generally in a tile patterns a with Rich colors. The judges recess is especially Rich in color. The different architectural members Are tipped with Gold and the panel in the rear is Brilliant with an ornate diaper work design in the richest colors and Gold. The arched head of this panel is filled with a painting of the state coat of arms. The whole effect is extremely Rich without being in the slightest degree Gaudy. On the contrary although High colors Are employed the general effect is that of a quiet and perfect Harmony Well suited to the pm poses of the room. Other portions of the building while not so elaborately decorated As the court room have yet a great variety in the tints employed no two rooms being alike. All parts have an air of elegance and refinement wit i a due amount of Rich colors introduced to give life to the whole. The execution of this work is by messes. Carlile amp Joy of Philadelphia Aud is highly creditable to those artists. There is a cellar under the entire building with the the front vestibules. It is thoroughly lighted and Venti lated by Large windows. The building is heated by steam. The apparatus is placed in the cellar one boiler heating the entire building. The steam is conveyed by pipes from the boiler to the radiators the most of which Are placed next the cellar ceiling at the Bottom of Brick flues built in the Walls. At these Points fresh air is introduced which being heated by the radiators ascends the flues and is discharged into the various rooms of the building. Six radiators Are also placed in the court room under some of the Aid windows. These Are intended to he used Only in unusual cold Winter weather when they will be merely auxiliary to the others before mentioned. The apparatus is arranged so that any one part of the building eau be heated without necessarily turning on steam to the remaining portions. The steam heating is by or. Milton Foreman of Philadelphia. As the heated air is delivered into the rooms through the warm air registers the cold and vitiated air is drawn off through ventilating registers placed next the floor. These open into flues which connect with ducts passing under the cellar floor All of which discharge into the ventilating Shaft before described. An ascending movement is Given to the air in the ventilating Shaft by warming it by the waste heat from the steam boiler which heat is thus utilized. Thus in Winter season when the doors and windows Arn closed tile Means of ventilation described will constantly Shauge tile air in the rooms by in percept Hie currents. Thus while fresh air is admitted through the warm air registers the vitiated air is carried off through others. The Gas fixtures like the other furniture of the building Are made from original designs by the architect by messes. Cornelius amp co., of Philadelphia. They Are in character with the building. Those for the court room Aud some other portions of the building Are very Rich and unique in design. We have allowed or. Bendell full swing and he has Given us a Complete and technically Correct description of the details of the building and it Only remains for us to write up the external appearance and general effect mouldings to finials a part is cur vent ional carving but the most is what is called natural foliage that is carving where the natural Type is More closely followed. In the latter we recognize Many of the leaves and Flowers. Some of the corbels represent human Heads. In these we have different nationalities illustrated others Are Ideal Heads others Are likenesses of different prominent citizens of Blair county. Tile carving is All artistically executed by men of Eminence in that profession the Stewart bro�?Ts., of Philadelphia but not Only the carving but the entire Stone work is most admirable. Or. John Schreiner of Allegheny City pa., was the general contractor for the building and the manner in which he has fulfilled his contract in the different branches reflects great credit upon him. His special Branch however was the Stone work As he is by Trade a Stone Mason and he has in this building shown that lie is a Complete master of his business. Not Only do experts speak of it As being an unusually flue Job Bat the Quality of the work is at once evident even to the inexperienced Eye. The cutting of All parts is exceedingly Well done and particularly tile ornamental portions such As Arches string courses cornices amp a. They Are All very finely dressed and aet perfectly True. All the work is very solid and there Are no settlements perceptible in any portion of the building. The architect peaks in the highest terms of the painstaking carefulness and skill with which or. Schreiner has carried oat Bis designs Aud of the cheerful alacrity with which or. S. Lias complied with his wishes. A a the a a baby a Best Friend is the most appropriate title for or. Bulls baby syrup. It is absolutely free from opium Morphia and other powerful agents is perfectly Safe and reliable under All circumstances and by allaying the usual stomach and Bowel disorders of Babyhood keeps the child from fretting Ami crying so injurious to itself and annoying to All. Price Centi a a ask your grocer for w. Kine Harts Peerless Navy and Fine cat. All first class grocers keep it miscellaneous. Mims j. Hoyles of Kelly a Mills. Fashionable dress maker twelfth ave., Between fourteenth end fifteenth trbkt8 Lye is. Annis of Connor dress maker seventh a Between ninth and tenth Ste. M ass Ellen Stover dress maker eighth Avenue Between sixteenth and seventeenth St Altoona a Maria Shoemaker teacher of the piano Forth Organ amp Tho Diocos Bas residence us twelfth Avenue. Second do t for it a twelfth Street Altoona. Terms $12.00 per Quarter. in Rai Ole s Boot manufacturer of amp 8hoe8, has removed from whiskey a it it w to thirteenth Street Roost formerly occupied by or. S. M. Woodcock near the daunt express office. N try land a son manufacturer of and dealers a genuine California Beer. Eighth Avenue bet. Twenty fourth and Twenty fifth streets Altoona a. John Kinsel carpet Weaver no. 903 eleventh Avenue Altoona opposite j Noma de to order. A. Sprankles store. Carpets a Yyi ii. Ormes Barbar and no. Hair Dresser 1209 ninth Avenue. If we look at the general effect of the exterior of the building taking in the various fittings of the various offices Are All made Heights sizes and forms of the different of Ash designed by the architect in style to masses together with the positions of the correspond with the architecture of the several portions we Are impressed with building. The court room is remarkably the air of solidity of stateliness and dig i successful in that Quality so essential to to which pervades the whole. Aud while the Comfort and indeed the Utility of any it is picturesque and varied in its general Public Hall especially a court room Viz outline there is no apparent Effort or in its acoustic properties which Are excellent. While sound is not in the slightest degree muffled there is on the other hand no tendency to Echo or reflected sound. The rear stairway Hall mentioned gives Access to the rooms of the rear building As straining after an effect. The position of the clock Tower while quite unique is very happily chosen. The effect is to unite the principal divisions of the building and to give Harmony or a proper artistic balance and dignity to the whole composition. Another effect the design has is that the general proportions and the Harmony of the Tower is gabled on each Side above the i and a half by Twenty nine feet a retiring parts Are so admirable that the building late. The Gables abut against a heavy pin room for the judges rooms for the grand though Large appears even larger than it i Nacle at each Corner. The details of this anal Petit juries and separate rooms really is. If we examine a a clock Section Are exceedingly bold and for male Aud female witnesses. These massive. Many of the stones weigh several rooms Are All of Good size and tons each and the Walls Are of great thick fifteen feet High in the Clear. They the Terrace to the Centre of the dials the height a8 to the court room. On the second is about one Hundred and nine feet. The floor Are a Large conversation room fifteen Borge e. Grm pm Barber and hair Dresser eighth a venue and seventeenth St. 8bavi a hair faction dry red wet to Amponin it artistically performed. Preps ratio for a trog Heniot Aud beautifying the hair applied when parties desire it. Q la. Donahay Boot and Shoemaker eleventh Avenue next doer to Watson a gun store. Fine boots and 8hoet made t o order and War ranted to fit. Repairing neatly and promptly done Isadoke Farabaugh Wagon maker 16th Street bet. 12th Aud 13th avenues. Also Between eleventh Ani twelfth Arenas i two shops All kinds of wagons made to order and repaired promptly and at prices to snit the times. New wagons constantly on hand at very Low prices. Ness. Above the Gables the Tower is surmounted by a Short spire or High roof All of Stone to the finial. The height from the Terrace to the top of finial is about one Hundred and seventy seven feet. Above this the ornamental Iron work carrying the vane extends eighteen feet. On the rear of the entire building is a Small Turret six and one half feet Square Aud eighty feet High and furnished at the top with an ornamental open Section. This building. Is a ventilating Shaft intended to carry off the vitiated air from the rooms of the building. The Interior. The four Entrance doorways before alluded to Are provided with handsomely Are All convenient of approach to court room. Communicating with the Hall mentioned is another thirteen by Nineteen feet containing a circular stairway leading to third Story and main Tower. The third Story is twelve feet High in the Clear and contains several Large rooms to be used for storage As extra jury rooms he. Rooms containing water closets Are conveniently located in several parts of the the exterior in detail we find a great and interesting variety. The windows vary greatly in size form and proportion. Some have the Low two centred or Cut segment Archt others Baya the High pointed Arch. The jambs of some Are finished with a Plain champers others have Angle columns Many of which Are in full Relief or disengaged. Some have mullions with Trace ried Heads. There is variety also in the Way in which they Are placed some singly some in pairs Aud some in triplets being divided by Small piers with round columns. There is also j. J. Wilmore Carriage amp Wagon maker Tyrone of a. Orders or any article in or line of badness promptly filled constructed of the Best materials and furnished at the lowest Price. J Acob Oswald Wacon maker eighth Street near Chestnut Avenue. Repairing of All Klada promptly Den. Wash basins Are provided i much variety in the string courses Cor the several rooms. The drainage from All Niees Aud other members. The foliated the plumbing and also the rain water from carving is especially worthy of notice roofs Aud Terrace pavements is All carried Here there is great variety. As Niilus under ground to the Large sewer unde Tragiou there Are eighty six Capitate of Chi Union Street. Inns including some Angle shafts. Scarce the Walls of All the Halls Aud rooms Are i by two Are alike. Although the aggregate John t Feifer Blacksmith 16th St., bet. 11th and 12th a opposite whits Hall hotel All kinds of Wark in Hie line of bassinets promptly attended to. Morse shoeing specially Cruse to snit the times
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