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Altoona Evening Mirror Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1878, Page 1

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Altoona Evening Mirror (Newspaper) - February 6, 1878, Altoona, Pennsylvania Established june 13,1874. Altoona a wednesday february a 1878. 20 cents per month. Independent candidate. Quot itty it to authorized to announce the name Vav of h Elk by Huskie Der. M an Dent candidate for lie of Flea of Alderman of the a 4th and Sib at the solicitation of his Many Friend or. Thomas England will bean Independent candidate for Constable on the last Side. Iii a ii a by w. K. d. J. Golden bergs popular tobacco and Cigar Stose Cor. Lith ave. And 13th St. Always keeps in Large Stock the Well known fruit cake Wood tag tobacco from the celebrated Pioneer tobacco works. Also the Ruoh called for Finzer tobacco called the five Brand in 16 and to ounce plugs also the la a hence Lottie re a Brand of tobacco admitted by thousands to have no Superior. This House keeps at All times All kinds of tobacco and cigars manufactured by the Moat popular establishment in the country which will be mild at the very lowest i Gur a wholesale k retail. Oar Goode Ere received direct from the factories and for and Are willing to sell at a five e per profit to the Trade. We mean Busine and do boys play. Sugars of All kind and Brand add at Annall profit. Office Corner eleventh Avenue and twelfth Street Altoona Blair co., a. Two judges for Blair Cambria Huntingdon and Fulton. Tacking another county on an already Large District. The turkish troubles. The ii n it so peaceful a it might to. Piano Fortes Dis Branch office of Cable Linn amp co sew York no 1108, eleventh ave., opposite opera House. Altoona a. Loom form Eilf occupied by olmb8 4 sink excellent boarding. With a Good rooms at mrs. Thomas Corner Chestnut Avenue and ninth s Tresta a Iain prices. Juniata f. Warfel dress maker fan be employed to sew by the Day or week at the residence of those who Wuh to employ her. Call anon or leave order at Are. Thomas boarding Bona ninth Street and Chestnut Avenue. Panic Ula attention paid to dress f rank Proctor Mulberry Street Hollidaysburg a. London feb. 6.�?a Berlin correspondent says the situation is still considered critical. The czars address to the troops at St. Petersburg on sunday and the calling out forty new battalions have further checked Public Confidence in the Early reestablishment of peace. A Berlin dispatch says it is announced that the proposed conference will probably meet in Brussels. The times St. Petersburg dispatch says it has been assumed until lately that England would interpose the principal obstacles to a satisfactory arrangement hut it in now believed that Austria will offer the most serious opposition. Russia is inclined to be conciliatory relative to the question of the Straits which principally affects England but with regard to the Solano Pic tribes it is declared she must consider her own Honor and Aims As Well As the supposed interests of Austria. Popular Faith in the triple Alliance is much shaken. It is believed Austria has completely changed her attitude and serious doubts Are entertained even concerning Germany. A Vienna special says the montenegrin seem inclined to resist the armistice which was concluded just As they were meditating an attack on Scutari. It is minored that Russia will not occupy All the danubian fortresses when the turks evacuate them. If this is True it is a con cession to Austria who could hardly View with indifference russians Complete domination of the lower Danube. A Belgrade correspondent says it is reported that the armistice i3 for an indefinite time until the conclusion of peace. A asian intrigue. London feb. 6.�?a Vienna correspondent telegraphs no attempt is made in St. Petersburg to remove the suspicion that the Russia commanders in Roumfola deliberately procrastinated the negotiations in order to take the greatest possible advantage of the military situation. On the contrary in order to dear the russian government of the charge which otherwise might attach to it that the delays occurred if not by its orders at least with its Connivance the Merit is claimed for it of having finally overcome by its peremptory commands the resistance and unwillingness of the army to see the armistice signed causing it to Stop at the very Gates of constantinople. London february 6. A a special from Athens says the conclusion of the armistice Bas caused consternation though the russian minister Here gave a verbal Promise that Greece should be included in the armistice. The Only rational thing for the greeks to do is to Stop military operations immediately and rely on this Promise and Good offices of Europe but no order has yet been sent to the army and the general feeling seems to be in favor of continuing the War at any sacrifice. The position of the greeks is bad. They can claim a Reward neither of warlike achievements nor of a peaceful policy. Oppo Eue new Pralon. Rear and Deal in rare plants and Flowers which he dispose of at prices to snit the times. Ambitious candidates seek a Wuy oat of present insurmountable difficulties. Special dispatch to events Mirror Harrisburg february a 1878. Ever since the adoption of the new Constitution considerable dissatisfaction has been Felt and has found expression in reference to the judicial distracting of the state. This year the chief agitation is occasioned by efforts at change in your District. The members of the lobby assisted by a senator or two Are Busy a a fixing the Senate for the favourable consideration of a Bill shortly to be presented by which it is proposed to Cut Fulton county off from the thirty ninth District Aud attach it to the present Twenty fourth District Blair Cambria and Huntingdon. Thi3 will leave Franklin alone in the thirty ninth but As that county Lias a population of 45,000 it is entitled to be erected into a separate District with a single Law judge dispensing with the associates. The addition of Fulton to your District will enlarge the population to Over 115,000, thus requiring the election of an additional Law judge. There Are two agencies in particular at work for the consummation of this scheme. In Huntingdon Aud doubtless elsewhere in the District there Are aspirants for Jud Hial honors to whom this would be a Plum which they would like to gather in unto themselves and they ate willing to risk the addition of a county giving a steady democratic majority of from 350 to 400. The Bill will have the support of senator Fisher of Huntingdon county. Toe other Agency at work is the desire of judge rowers friends of the thirty ninth District for his re election. With Fulton a Adverse majority of 350 and Possi Bly More he thinks he cannot succeed As it is extremely doubtful if Franklin Coul pile up Large enough a Republican majority to effect the Success of the democracy in Fulton. This will if any thing alone is Alala effect the end in View As it makes sure the election of the Republican judges instead of one democratic Aud one Republican. The matter has not yet come to a head As senator Lemon rests complacently on the Fence. An Effort was made to get him off but was not successful judge Dean was requested to write a letter or sign a petition in favor of the project but this he refused to do saying they might work it out themselves a Best they can. It is Well known that judge Dean would have no objection to slicing Huntingdon off your District Aud confining his judicial labors to Blair and Cambria. Blair alone would hardly relieve him from idleness Aud he prefers the two counties to the one. Any project of this kind would receive the unhesitating and a a unanimous support of senator Lemou. If the Senate however can be a set up on the original proposition you May shortly look out for a Bill to that effect. K. Add a Washington letter Washington d. C. Feb. 4. The newspapers of the country areal ways containing paragraphs and items rela q tire to a society at the capital a a society doties a &c., and it is a fact that custom is j More arbitrary on that Point in this Cit thin in any other place in this country. We can Only deprecate the people who allow themselves thus to become the slaves of usage. Of course this refers Only to what is known As the highest class in society which Means the president Cabinet diplomatic Aud congressional families who live in Bonds of affliction because of the demands of society which they feel bound to meet. The mistress of the White House receives one afternoon of each week Aud the Public generally attends without ceremony or cards and of course she knows not nor cares whom she receives but the other official ladies a who also give regular receptions feel obliged to return the Calls they receive Aud hence comes tors eternal round of calling Aud receiving that goes to the making up of a a capital on some afternoons As Many As six seven or eight Hundred Calls Are made at the House of a Cabinet minister whose lady must return them All not Only by card but in person. Mrs. Robeson kept an account of these matters and said that she paid forty dollars a season for visiting cards alone and one of the Cabinet ladies the other Day said that the games and addresses of Calls to be returned which excludes those of gentlemen covered sixteen pages in Lier writing books pages about the size of foolscap paper. If this Isnit slavery of the absurdist sort what is it tile Only reason they give for it is that they wish to do As far As possible in this matter what their predecessors have done. Gail Hamilton miss Abigail Dodge is Here receiving and visiting with mrs. Blaine meeting and chatting with High officials As innocently As if Tribune letters were things unheard of. She is a most animated and attractive conversationalist and is never without a Host of listeners. It is doubtful if another Mouth soon comes to the nations capital wherein woman will figure so largely in the Public Eye As they have done during the month that is past. The woman suffrage convention was much in itself for Elizabeth Ady Stan ton is an acknowledged Power As Are Sev Erat of her followers. Then the brightest lights in the american world of music misses Cary Aud Kellogg have Sung to a Cool that is done to get excited personal examination invited to prove the superiority of our new Stock. Amp h t h % a o to h m 0 a fati h s3 a we i o a 0 a o o h t parties. Twenty eight couples assembled at Tho Penn a Railroad. Rime of Dep Ture from Altoona and arrival it Termini. The following is the time of departure of trains East and West on the Pennsylvania Railroad. These changes went into effect an monday june 25 eastward trains. Aits Altoona arrive at put la a u.10 a m.ht11 line. 7.36 a in 7.60 a Pacific express 8 46 p in 4,16 a in Johnstown express 8 of p in tj.26 p in. Day express.7.20 p in i i 50 p mall train. S.00 a in 4 16 p Atlantic express 3 of a in look pm Philadelphia express. 7.00 am Westward trains. Lasts Altoona. Z arrive at a j 1.26 a Pittsburgh express. 8.10 a in 4.50 a express 8.30 a in 10 a in Pacific express. 1.46 p in j,25 p ii Way passenger. 9.16 p in i of v line.1l46 p in # 8 06 a it in mall Trees. I of a a la Dally f Dally so opt 8unday. % dal y sex j sept monday. Pacific express East of 8nsdayi, will Stop at belly Mui. Spruce Creek Petersburg Mill Creek mount Union Mcveytown Newport and Duncan ton. Atlantic express on sundays will Stop at Spruce creak and Mui Creek. Hollidaysburg Branch. Trains leave Altoona for Hollidaysburg St 7.40 a i in 9.10 a in s.40 p in and 7.60 p in. Air ivs from Hollidaysburg at 7.40 amp in. 1.60 p in 7.13 p in and a 4.60 p in. Huntingdon it Broad top division. Trains leave Hua Tingoi for Cuish hand at 9.00 am. Paes Al express East 7.40 p. In atlatl i spree East. Trains arrive at Huntingdon at 12.10 p in Way passenger we stand 7.16 p in Pittsburgh express West. Lewistown division. Trains leave Lewistown Junction for Sunbury us i a express East 1.43 at 7.15 a in Philadelphia express East 1.46 p. In Pacific express and Johnstown express East. Arrive at Junction at 10.88 a in Way Pascoag it eat 6.20 p in fast line Wert shot at a negro. Memphis feb. 6.�?about 10 30 yesterday morning a negro called at the jail and demanded permission to see a Comrade confined there. Jailor Dawson refused and the negro began abusing him in a violent manner and Dawson drawing a revolver fired but missing the negro the Hall went through a Glass door of Cornelius Griffing s family grocery store some two Hundred Yards Distant and struck or. Drifting Juit below the heart As he was standing in the room. He turned and ran into the adjoining room and falling into the arms of i wife exclaimed a ooh rate in a killed a and soon expired. He was a highly respected citizen and his sudden death caused great excitement among his neigh Bors. _ not Charlie Boss. Baltimore feb. 6.�?mr. Christian k. Ross of Philadelphia arrived Here yesterday morning and saw the Dera Erra boy who is thought to be his lost Sou and after a careful examination has emphatically decided that the lad is not Charlie Ross and a bus set at rest All speculation on the sob p a prejudice often rules in to e physical treatment of babies. They Are allowed to suffer and scream with pain from Colic flatulence Bowel disorders etc., when seme simple reliable and Pafe remedy As or. Bulls baby syrup would give almost immediate Relief and perfect ease to Tho Little sufferer finest finest Brand of 8�-Gars at d. J. Golden Khoy a Cor. Eleventh Avenue and thirteenth at residence of or. C. C. Harkne fifth Avenue and tenth Street last evening taking that gentleman and his lady totally by Surprise on the occasion of the birthday of or. Darkness. Refreshments were served songs rendered and a Good time is reported by All. The party adjourned at a reasonable hour. Two Sleigh ing parties in sleds from this pity visited Hollidaysburg last night. A Tyrone i weighing party of 18 ladies and gentlemen visited this City last evening and took sapper at the Central hotel. They left for Home about 2 of clock this morning after spending a delightful evening. Fifteen couple of Young folks left this City last evening for Duncansville where they had a supper and a dance. They stopped at the a Vaughn capt. Myers string band accompanied them. Our reporter returns thanks for an invitation to be present. A party of six couples of the or. 0. U. A. M. Of this City a took iut scotch Valley last night. They stopped at the residence of or. F. Moore and had supper. A party of fifteen couples assembled at the residence of or. Hugh of Freil on ninth Avenue Between thirteenth and fourteenth streets last evening. Refreshments were served and dancing indulged in. Prof. Hammers string band furnished the music. The livery men did a huge business the past few Days. Last evening the two principal liver men in the City had not one horse or Sleigh in the stables at five of clock that was not engaged for the night with another rising opera Singer Roze. It was amusing to note How Stout Ain Fleshy All these ladies Are growing. Indeed persistent singing seems to have that effect on All our Prima Donnas in time. Physicians say it is because of the expansion of their Longs and consequent inhaling of oxygen. The utmost enthusiasm prevailed during the week of English and italian opera in which the Cary Kellogg Roxe combination performed the opera House being crowded and thronged every evening and the receipt for a Benefit night being $2,700. Single tickets were sold As High As ten and fifteen dollars and Many would gladly have paid More still had admission been attainable at any Price. Another woman who has attracted a lion s share of Public attention Here in the last fortnight is the Pede Trienne Bertha von Hillbom. She has taken two of her Little walks one of 89 Miles in 26 hours and one of too Miles in 28 hours. She walked in Odd Fellows Hall and was a seen of May a for the Hall was filled All through her performances. This sort of amusement savors a Little strongly of Lull fights Aud horse races but is nevertheless just the sort scores of people Delight in. Her track was marked out sawdust de and so on and when she had finished her Hundredth mile the enthusiastic crowd seized and bore her round again seated in a chair upon menus shoulders. Last week the National woman Temperance association held meetings Lierz and presented a petition to Congress praying for a Law prohibiting the Liq air Traelic 0 m pm keep tour Eye on the Lark and read these facts. Dents figured handkerchiefs Large size ladies corsets reduced to ladies two Vuitton kid gloves Only Down a to ladies shawls ladies Collaretti ladies silk handkerchiefs a a ladies striped Hose led table damask it Titi u red All Wool flannel a a plaid flannel Canton flannel at Alme St striped Cheviot shirting Down to prints 4, 5 and Fie. Yard wide sheeting 5c 25c 45c 20c 2c 25c 10c 25c 18c 13c Ioc nothing 5c 5c preached Muslin 5c. Crash 5c. Great reduction a j. 4-4 bleached Muslin 9c towels 5c in blankets haps flannels furs and a Waterproof cloth to close out for Hie season. Clarks machine spool Cotton Down to 2 spools Niantic a a for 4-4 Black Cashmere at our Stock of dress goods is so Large and Complete that we can please All whether they want the cheapest or the Best. Big bargains in notions. 280 pins 2c. 144 buttons 3c. 25 Needles 3c. Hose 5c. Boots Ani 8hoe3 at Cost. Ladies and gent a underwear at reduced prices. Of 5c 50c pc Gfa ave Are sole agents for the be a i shirt. The bosoms Are All three ply and made of the Best Linen each ply being guaranteed to be All Linen. Price $1.00. A Cia subs Atlate what we adverts. We feel a run the a san Farouk. I anode x l it or prices than Yon have been paying ask your neighbor who Deal with As about Tbs bargain we or offering be tors that Yon a in or store As others a rep re ending their store a a Branch store of ours. Remember Thor i Only in or Bowman amp Morrow s Boss store Corner Lith ave. And 12th St., Altoona a o a c h a cent a d w a g c 3 r in i a e or h <1 Fafa Fafa a m o fact great sacrifices made in sales of goods at Mayer amp Well known and Call and see the grand attractions Foh tue holidays at the most popular millinery store popular jewelry House in Altoona. Altoona letter list. Official. Obrick 09 Kern tax Mirror. _ Altoona Blair co., feb. 5, 1878. The following letters remain uncalled for in the Altoona Post office feb. 2, 1878, it not called for within four weeks they will be snit to the dead letter office. To obtain any of these letters the applicant must Call for advertised letters giving the Date of the list a Lux. C. H. Henderson r. Ludwig win. Mcbride Rey. D. B. Matthews Daniel Pringle Samuel Rhodes Geo. Rodgers Semore stall c. C. Young. 1124 eleventh Avenue. Will a ill from this Day at and Balow coat or 25 per cent Las than can a bought la any other Tore in town. Mullenary goods of All kind such a trimmed and untrimmed hats ribbons velvets Silks Flowers of All shades and qualities Winter shawls knitted Wool goods such As hoods nubia., a cd no tors met torrid a. A. W my Felt skirts ladles my Tad child run s underwear hosiery of All kind ladle Bove. Gem a d children handkerchief in silk and Linen 5 table lines towering and Blank tis. Kid gloves 20 ctr a. Per pair and upwards scotch Gingham. Alpaca and silk umbrellas and Many other article too numerous to spec by. Cell and a tor yourselves As a part of the Largo Stock will be found the following watches. Ladies and gentlemen s Gold watches. Becklo re with 18,000 strokes Par Lour. Elgin and american. Jewelry. Ladles sets of jewelry necklaces opera chains and charms. Gentlemen a a chains pins studs amp a. Rings. H. Mayer amp co., Richard Barnwell Frank betting Edward Brown Isaac Chambers Henry Dell Xavier porn Stofer j. W. L ouse John f it Fogaa James Fowler Jessie m. Graham my class Case contains All kinds of Sot rings consist opposite Altoona hardware cd. J ing of the finest selection of Topaz amethyst amp Cameo As Well As a Fine lot of Plain rings. Musical department. Closing out Sale of an extensive Stock of watches Ladika . Miss Kila Black miss Mary Miller miss Laura j. Boyles Lucinda j. Quig a a a Mary Bruner miss Jennie nuttier a t t i mrs. Ely Hartman i miss Jennie Snyder or. Samuel Marshall the happiest Iruh of it 0ort Hazlewood mrs. Mary e Snyder gentleman in America and his Bride were j a is. Ary a. Irvin miss Tillie Zeak called upon by a Surprise party last night mrs. Emily Kantner miss Annie Warner. At mrs. Thomas boarding House Chestnut mrs. Mary Mcconnell Avenue and ninth Street. I t. Blair Patton postmaster. Clocks jewelry and musical instruments at private Sal until the la h inst., after which the remaining Stock Aud fixtures will be of a at auction. Cut me Early and secure Greet bargain. A a parties a dated to the undersigned will plea. Nell nod make immediate payment. D. F. Kramer. This department is not equated by any Bonsy in the City. Superior violins guitars banjos flutes Harmonicas German accordions. Ail kinds of Malicai boxes key and Crank winding. D. F. Kramer 1125 e events Avenue
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