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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 4

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Alton, Illinois The Telegraph sat., May 31, 1986 a-4 Eck Tomais a a a what we think a a a excessive Devotion to rules executives must have a lot of problems perhaps the most difficult and most important in Many cases is teaching subordinates to use their brains judgment and initiative when necessary the difficulty of course is those workers who Are not highly paid can hardly be expected to use the brains judgment and initiative possessed by their superiors but everyone should be encouraged to be willing to break rules when necessary and to use his or her Best judgment when it seems required a knowing the Boss will Back him up if he blows the Call. For instance a bus Driver refused to make a one Block Detour to a Hospital despite a passenger s pleas that her 9-year-old daughter had suffered a heart attack the bus Driver says he so going through a lot of mental anguish Over the girl s death. Nicole Hobson was pronounced dead at children s memorial Hospital after a passenger carried her the Block to the emergency room Ben Perry the Driver said he was unaware that the Mother and child already were bound for the Hospital so the girl could have a checkup on a preexisting heart condition Nicole Hobson who had a pacemaker and suffered convulsions while Riding to children s memorial Hospital with her Mother late wednesday was pronounced dead 45 minutes later there can be no doubt in anyone a mind that Perry is suffering. He May suffer for a Long time. Admittedly bus Drivers must be taught to stick to routes and schedules. But whoever is supervising these bus Drivers has a duty to the Driver and his passengers to teach resourcefulness. No one should feel he or she must obey rules blindly without question or without the ability to use his Best judgment As the occasion May require. Nicole is dead. Her Mother mourns Perry is suffering it is at least possible that Nicole May have died under any circumstances but Perry and Nicole s Mother would feel much better today had everything possible been done to prevent her death. Surety the Chicago transit authority will do everything it can to prevent such a tragedy in the of free press Murdoch a lot of people have a lot of opinions about Rupert Murdoch the head of a group of newspapers that share a couple of things in common. They make Money. They have the almost unanimous censure of the journalistic fraternity generally. Whatever his papers Are they Are a reflection of Murdoch who is criticized often As being an autocrat devoted to meddling in his numerous vast news operations. Murdoch says a willingness to interfere is part of the Media should remain free of commercial pressures As their influence spreads. Murdoch believes. A i think integrity for the Media is absolutely essential to its survival a he said. A the Public is pretty. Intelligent. If they think a publication has been the Pawn of an advertiser they la cease to buy Murdoch has not been quoted recently on How smart the Public is at separating the chaff from the wheat when it comes to news Content of papers the Rule with the Murdoch press is never let a fact interfere with a Story a whether the Story be Good bad or indifferent. Rupert himself seems to be Cut in the Mold of William Randolph Hearst a although Hearst was More interested in manipulating the news to achieve his personal ambitions including the presidency of the United states while Murdoch s aim seems generally limited to Selling newspapers peddling advertising and making Money allot which probably Are higher motives that starting wars and gaining Public office. There Are sometimes circumstances under which it can be argued that the Boss is less sordid than he is painted. Sometimes a subordinate thinks he knows what the Boss wants him to do and the Boss gets the blame. With Murdoch whether he does right or wrong or somewhere in Between everyone seems to agree that what Murdoch gets is what Murdoch wants. When the russians had a problem with their nuclear reactor at chernobyl facts were scarce. Many papers lacking any information from Russia went with educated guesses by american experts in the Field not so or. Murdoch and his new York Post. The headline read a mass turned out to be a bit of an exaggeration. The Price of a free society is a free press. The Price of a free press is Rupert Murdoch it is not too High a Price to pay. But it comes close. John foe i Liat you Towk test joke i have read in the Telegraph All the nonsense coming out of Springfield these Days. Somehow they Call them Laws without asking you and i the taxpayers. First we had the seat Belt Law that gov. Thompson saw fit As his a Rule of the personally i done to like the Law because it is illegal. Sure ill Wear my Belt. Ii Etc a face it if i done to i ii get a ticket. Now we have the Auto emissions test Law. In a recent Telegraph we find our Illinois Senate voted 44 la to repeal the 1984 Law setting up the program. Jim Thompson says he will veto any Bill to repeal the testing program. They voted for cars going Back to 1966 or 1968 to our current year for testing. You done to have to to a Mechanic or legislator to know vehicles Back then barely had any pollution control devices course Gas was cheaper then too. I have a 1971 Auto that Only has a pc valve. Better known As a pollution control valve. A simple Little Gadget but it is the Only pollution device i have. With All the newfangled junk they put on cars these Days in a sure the late Model cars will pass but who can afford a new car these Days in a sure it will be profitable for new car dealers and mechanics for those cars that won t pass. A relative of mine took his truck to have tested. They said it would t pass the test. The a a machine gave him some tips on repairs. Repairs were made and the truck still did no to pass he took it to another place and had it tested at a garage with a similar testing device it passed. He took it Back to have retested at the state station. It flunked he was mad and an argument ensued they then passed it seems it was a computer print and a foul come on now folks let s get with it. Are you and i going to sit Back and take All this jazz i should Hope not. You people out there that just sit Back and take these a Laws of abuse better Wake up. All these millions of dollars of our tax Money being wasted is no longer a joke. Those in charge of administering our Money Are the joke. Glen r. Shoemaker Wood River democrats get Road map for yet another trip to fantasy land 0i98f> Fot 5tar tales a if11 Huima Quot Ca Quot it a a Quot a a a a ii i Washington a imagine standing on the rim of the grand Canyon while a guide says a you probably think there is a Canyon Here and to the untutored Eye there appears to be a Canyon but i have data that demonstrates the Canyon is not there have been various attempts to demonstrate that nothing much has happened in american politics in the 1980s, but no attempt As determined As the article in the May Issue of Atlantic a the myth of americans turn to the the authors Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers deny that a a majority of the Public has reached a stable Well informed consensus in favor of conservative policies. Note the adjectives a a stable and a Well informed they Are loopholes. There often is a Gap Between the rhetorical and the real politics of americans Between the Way they talk and the Way they really want to be governed. The authors say americans Are a ideologically conservative and pro grammatically certainly conservatism often is the belief that it is tune to Cut my neighbors subsidy. But Ferguson and Rogers argue not just that americans remain a program magically they say there has been a a generally Liberal trends regarding Domestic issues and the a movement of Public opinion has been directly opposite to the movement of Public they cite an increase in the belief that there is too much concentration of economic Power and the belief that business is making a too much profit a and that government should limit profits. They cite increasing tolerance about such matters As abortion and women a rights they even find evidence of the a Liberal trend Quot in the fact that 89 percent of the people believe a there can be no Winner in an All out nuclear War a and the fact a whatever it Means a of a growing Quot aversion to nuclear weapons. If the authors Are right the political system is radically defective. It is producing radically unrepresentative government. If the authors Are wrong and democrats decide the authors Are right. Democrats could produce another disaster. However a clue to the weakness of the authors thesis is that Thev a i a a Cje Orcie will argue it too aggressively explaining away even Ronald Reagan a popularity. They say that if one a controls for economic conditions a a Reagan a popularity is not significantly higher than Jimmy Carters. Well yes Reagan would not be popular if he produced stagflation. The authors even cause the 1984 landslide to disappear they note that Reagan received the votes of Only 32.3 percent a of the potential with such intellectual overreaching the authors have provided democrats with a Road map for another drive off a Cliff. It is an old conservative map reversed. In 1964. Conservatives nominated Barry Coldwater the last candidate unreconciled to the Post new Deal role of the Federal government As an engine of distributive Justice conservatives had a theory a the a conservatives in the Woodwork theory. Conservatives thought one reason millions of americans do not vote is that they Are forced to choose Between two liberals. Give them a Choice not an Echo and conservatives will pour out of the Woodwork into voting Booths. The Atlantic article suggests there Are lots of liberals in the Woodwork. The authors seem slightly scandalized that Walter Mondale a became the first democratic nominee in Many years to fail even to put Forward a major jobs they say a there is no particular mystery Why when offered a Choice Between candidates so similar people rejected the one who promised to raise taxes a for declined to vote at the data in the article is not startling. Americans always want More of everything from government except taxes and War. However the article illustrates the limits of quantification in political analysis. Political scientists want to count things such As the numbers of people who subscribe to particular propositions. But although they produce numbers polls about propositions May be Blunt instruments for measuring National moods. The voters presidential Choice is personal and Complex involving a mixture of Hopes and vision and a sense of being comfortable with a candidate. Such an Alloy of impulses is difficult to quantify. But the Alloy is not necessarily non rational. Any consensus can be dismissed As a a unstable and but it is Wise to Start political analysis with this axiom when the data is utterly inconsistent with common sense doubt the data. If your data says the grand Canyon is not really there in front of you. You can get new data or you can prove your Confidence by striding Forward. Republicans urge democrats to read the article Trust the data and take to Steps Forward. One Mph Waisam Tot the idea i Iii a of the Nevi Sargema Hon Ufa by or i May have tax they i were not aware of any Art i Cit thai violated the Law ton to ret by Rilely ver Henao a Kob Olf tried who defected United state Leat rear i Lamerce Banda or Terv. I american it genre officiate have c genuine defected who Tup Puad a it ate information Tim iwo to on communicant Section to of the United state Enfin a code Cornea a act mum penalty of 18 year in Naon and a to too Fate bargain Hunters can shop at Pentagon for expensive arms Washington rep Jack Brooks a Texas the Cigar chomp ing world War ii Marine Veteran who Heads the House government operations committee rarely takes no for an answer a especially when he a dealing with the brass hats at the Pentagon while some colleagues go for the easy headlines with horror stories of overpriced Coffee pots and toilet lids a and then drop the crusade when the press loses interest a Brooks pursues the less glamorous examples of Pentagon waste. And with a unique combination of stubbornness and wry humor he perseveres until he gets satisfaction. Brooks explains his outrage at the Reagan administrations spending priorities in one succinct sentence a a they re wasting tax dollars while they re cutting our school Brooks a most recent target is a Little publicized Pentagon satrap called the defense Security assistance Agency. Typically Brooks translates the Highfalutin title into a the worlds biggest arms ifs this Agency that arranges sales to foreign countries of such military hardware As stinger missiles and automatic rifles. In an average year these sales total nearly $13 billion but Brooks a committee investigators have dug into the Agency a activities and concluded that hundreds of millions of dollars Are thrown away each year a perhaps As much As $17 billion just since 1981. They shared their findings with our associate Donald Goldberg. Some examples a Federal Law requires buyers of major weapons to pay at least a fair share of their Cost. But congressional and Pentagon audits showed that the Pentagon gives the weapons away More often than not. For instance research costs of $94 million on Harpoon Maverick d and Tow 2 missiles were never charged to the buyers. A in a Survey of $2.4 billion in missile sales the Pentagon inspect a fuck an Jerson tor general found that the arms had first been under priced by $4.6 million a and then under billed by an additional $10 million. A under charges totalling $90.3 million for one kind of Jet engine were uncovered and of $41.3 million for another Model. A besides Sloppy bookkeeping and inadequate control mechanisms that allow careless waste Brooks discovered that the Pentagon has frequently granted waivers on costs for selected foreign buyers. Between 1977 and 1984, More than $1.7 billion in weapons costs were deliberately waived for Egypt South Korea and five nato countries. Another recent target of Brooks a Bird dogs is the Pentagon a costly habit of letting defense contractors keep government equipment furnished to them for arms production. For example a new Hampshire company was found to have More than $47 million Worth of government owned electronic gear in its warehouse some of it having been there for 15 years. The company was charging the Pentagon storage fees a $79,000 in 1985. A just How much government Money is wasted every year in the defense departments chronic mismanagement. May never be fully known a Brooks said explaining a government auditors can Only review Small samples of the one thing that irritates Brooks like an East Texas chigger is Pentagon officials willingness to a rubber Stamps the defense contractors every request. Quot there is no reason to subsidize defense contractors in this fashion a he said. A a 1985 Navy study of profits at 22 major contractors showed that Over the last few years they have made More than twice As much profit on defense work As on their commercial getting out the vote in a Sharp reversal of past trends five of the biggest non profit groups now carrying on voter registration efforts Are conservative or ultraconservative. They Are the american coalition for traditional values Christian voice american defense foundation americans for responsible government and the Liberty federation formerly moral majority. A study by the Center for responsive politics says the five organizations a focused their registration activity on conservative Church congregations military personnel businesspersons and others who share similar unlike women a and civil rights groups the conservatives run their voter registration drives with Little Money from Public foundations using instead contributions from their own members. One result of the combined registration drives by state and local governments political parties and non profit groups was that voter turnout actually increased in 1984 to 92.7 million Over 1980 86.5 million a the first increase in 28 years. That was still Only 53.3 percent of those apparently eligible but when a a Deadwood those actually dead or those who moved but were still on the Rolls was subtracted the vast majority of eligible voters May actually have cast their ballots. Author author rep Tom Lantos d-calif., was in new York with his wife recently shopping a for a publisher. Lantos thinks his life Story would be an inspiration and possibly a Best seller and he could be right. The 58-year-old congressman from the posh Southern suburbs of san Francisco was born in Budapest Hungary fought in the anti nazi underground As a teenager was saved from deportation to the death Camps by Raoul Wallenberg and came to this country As a penniless refugee at the age of 19.teuqraph of yester year news from 25 and 50 years ago m a 31, 1961 some 250 seniors from area High schools danced to the music of the rhythm Kings at the annual graduation hop in Godfrey civic Center sponsored by the Germania savings and loan association. Explorer Post 44 of Wood River sponsored the dedication of the Lewis Clark Trail for boy scouts near Hartford. Joint funeral rites would to conducted for Loy Eugene Zimmer of Bethalto and his wife Irene Marie who were fatally injured in an automobile Accident near Columbia. To. Observance of the four Day memorial Day Holiday Cost the nation a toll of More than 450 lives in traffic accidents the worst Highway record for any memorial Day Holiday in history. The Alton housing authority would Purchase the 42-acre Curan tract As a site for housing for the elderly. The site was on Elm Street South of its a by a Junction with Henry Street. Aha planned to construct 50 units there for housing elderly people at Low rent. Simon a. Olian left on the United jewish appeals Young leadership Mission. The group comprised of 140 american jewish Community leaders in the 30-40 age bracket would spend some three weeks overseas. Olain was owner manager of Leader s department store. Cadet Charles a. Mcfall Iii of Ferguson. Mo., received the Katz Saber award at Western military Academy commencement from col. . Persing headmaster. May 31, 1936 memorial Day programs had been solemnized at two cemeteries. Oakwood and City and Field masses at St. Joseph s and Greenwood. After a downtown Parade from the Square the Rev. Father George Powell of Bunker Hill Post commander of Maco Upin county legion Council spoke. Carl h. Blase 36, a native of upper Alton was killed instantly in an automobile Accident at Taylorville when he swerved to avoid a collision As another Motorist turned into a driveway in front of him. His wife Elsie is Only slightly Hurt. Blase had been in charge of Armour packing largest Plant in Chicago for to years. William a. Mungall 56. Proprietor of the Mungall grocery 9th and Alby streets did in St. Josephus Hospital 83 hours after being struck by an automobile in route downtown. Because of the unusually Large number of pupils to be graduated from Junior High schools in the City each school would have its own commencement. The classes numbered 131 at East Junior too at Roosevelt and 29 at Lovejoy. Sanford c. Widaman a share in the estate of Elizabeth Merriman was Given to heirs after he was declared legally dead. Petitioning for the settlement had been his brother Levi Widaman who testified that Sanford had gone to the Klondike Alaska during the Gold Rush and had not been heard from by any of his relatives since. It was estimated Widaman had been missing 35 years

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