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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 5

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Alton, Illinois The underside of a Reform take advantage of excellent savings on Haggar suit separates choose Haggard perfect warm weather combination the lightweight Picord coat and trouser. All separates Are constructed of a durable poly Cotton blend and Are machine washable and Drable. And because these Are suit separates and can be purchased separately you can select individual coat and trouser sizes that Are Correct for you. In Grey or Blue. Purchased separately coat 3846, Reg. 75.00, $59.99. Pant 32-42, Reg. 25.00, $19.99. Men s Haggar. Haggar Picord suit St. Louis Centre Chesterfield Saint Louis galleria Northwest Dillard a St. Clair Crestwood River Roa can joining hands save us they May seem like completely unrelated topics but i have been thinking about the soviet Union s recent nuclear disaster in connection with president Reagan a passionate belief in volunteerism. My thoughts have been prompted by a hands across America a which takes place on sunday May 25, when an expected a or rather hoped for a 5.4 million americans will join hands to raise funds for our country a poor. Yes in a mixing concerns those who want to feed and House the hungry and homeless do not necessarily want to Stop the production of nuclear weapons. Still i can imagine a Day when a straight line of humanity could stretch across two continents bridging the Bering Straits 60 Miles to save Mankind from a nuclear holocaust. How else can the need for an alternative to nuclear weapons be dramatized How else can humanity survive the chernobyl Accident reminds us of the possibility for an uncontrollable population decimating nuclear catastrophe. Unfortunately political realities dictate the impossibility of forging a bilateral Peoples coalition urging both nuclear superpowers to pull Back from the Brink of extinction. The russian people Are no More enamoured of their self destruction than americans. But the russian people suffer an awesome disadvantage. They cannot publicly act Luckstone out much less express in words their fear of radiation fallout from chernobyl. By National reciprocity to protest a nuclear holocaust is something that an american columnist can write about but no russian commentator would dare mention. Whatever the future potential for such a people to people movement against nuclear weapons it s not too far fetched to suggest its realization might depend in part on the Success of such participatory ventures As a hands across an outgrowth of a Susa for Africa a the a hands across american project Hopes to raise millions of dollars for americans hungry and homeless. The logistics of carrying out this humanitarian Effort Are staggering a 4,100 Miles 5.4 million people 1,320 participants per mile in a line that will stretch from the surf in los Angeles to Phoenix Albuquerque Amarillo Dallas Little Rock Memphis St. Louis Chicago Indianapolis Cincinnati Toledo Cleveland Pittsburgh Washington d c., Baltimore Philadelphia and finally to the statue of Liberty in new York City. Several weeks ago when i first read about a hands across America a i shrugged it off As some organizers eleemosynary Hustle. But then Early on Many people reacted with similar Lack of interest to last years two continent a live aids concert which raised millions of dollars for famine victims in Africa. This time americans Are taking notice. This is not a Volunteer cause calculated to Gladden president Reagan a heart. He does no to believe anybody in America goes to bed at night hungry or sleeps in Parks or on streets. The Success of a hands across american will reveal the extent to which the american people differ with a president whose budgetary hard hearted Ness has wreaked hardships on the poor the elderly Farmers and the infirm. For $10, $25 or $35, americans have been Able to Purchase specific spots along the 4,100-mile line. A this is a once in a lifetime situation. This is a moment in history a enthused Singer Kenny Rogers who a along with Bill Cosby Pete Rose and Lily Tomlin a is helping to run the event. The outpouring of corporate support student fund raising and sports team endorsements has been phenomenal. Washington Nea by mid april the Senate finance committee a relying upon the Public meetings mandated by a Sunshine Laws a had thoroughly botched the task of fashioning an omnibus tax Reform measure. During la Days of open markup sessions under the constant surveillance of lobbyists the committee had Given the Oil and Gas. Timber aerospace banking and other industries $29 billion Worth of tax credits deductions deferrals and preferences Over the next five years. That figure was Well on its Way to exceeding $50 billion when the committee chairman sen. Robert w Packwood r-ore., abruptly shut Down the Public proceedings and declared that the committee would resume its work in a private consultations. In a room with no windows and no Only a few years ago that proclamation would have inspired pro tests. Critics would have charged that Packwood was undermining the a open government reforms that gave the Public unprecedented Access to meetings in the executive and legislative branches of the Federal government. But this time there was no such clamor. Indeed there is a growing recognition among serious practitioners and observers of government that while Many of the reforms of the 1960s and 1970s were Well conceived and executed a substantial number produced unintended results. In other meanwhile needed reforms were never enacted that a the Central theme of an important new Book a rethinking congressional Reform a by Washington lawyer and political scientist Burton d. Sheppard. He asks a who Are the main beneficiaries of All the information generated by open meetings hearings and disclosure a Public spirited citizens Arentt prowling the Halls of Congress in search of committee markup ses Sions on tax code revisions. Shep Pard notes instead ifs the Law yers lobbyists and others retained by the wealthy and powerful who hover Over the lawmakers the current experience with tax Reform vividly illustrates Shep Pard a Point. The House ways and Means committee was making Little Progress on the Issue last autumn until its chairman rep Dan Rostenkowski d us ordered the meetings closed those secret sessions led to a Bill widely praised As a Model of Reform. Similarly after four Days of closed meetings in late april and Early May Paek Wood a committee produced legislation lavishly praised for its simplicity and fairness Sheppard a Book cites numerous other examples of flawed reforms the changes designed to diminish the Power of autocratic committee chairman produced a fragmented Power Structure in it subcommittee chairmen preside Over then own fiefdoms and Are generally unresponsive to party leaders at tempts to impose any form of discipline similarly changes in the methods of financing political campaigns eliminated Many abuses but fostered others the Post Reform Rise of political action committees is a inherently corrosive of the ideals underlying american government and a May ultimately destroy the legitimacy of the political system a Sheppard warns perhaps Sheppard a most telling criticism is what he describes As a the biggest scandal of ally a Congress penchant for lurching from crisis to crisis rather than coherently addressing crucial issues of Long term importance a we Are the Only major Industrial country without a National Energy policy National health insurance and a coherent Federal welfare system a a Sheppard notes a we have been chronically incapable of revising our Federal criminal code rewriting our communications act modernizing our immigration Law and facing up to the constraints of our entitlement burdens Quot he adds a there has to be a better system a where the jobs will be in the future the american labor Force will continue to grow until the end of the Century and so will the Supply of jobs. But forget about a Are industrialization of the Economy. Virtually All of the growth will be in services which already employ nearly three quarters of All working americans. The word comes from the conference Board the new York based economic research organization that has released a study of Long term employment trends it finds that while the number of workers employed in manufacturing will hold roughly steady at 28 million this will represent Only 15 percent of the expanded work Force in the year 2000, As opposed to 18 percent today. Services or a the production of intangible goods a is a category that covers a lot of Job territory from financial consultants collecting fees in six and seven figures to Donald f. Raff Street sweepers. And growth is not uniform. One of the most robust sub categories is business services which currently account for some 4.5 Mil lion jobs More than double the number to years ago. Another is what the study terms a people caring a covering people employed in health and social serv ices ranging from medical specialists to Day care workers. Yet another is a protectors of people and property a which includes such traditional services As police and fire but now extends far beyond them. For example private Security guard services now employ More than 400,000, which probably says something Aboul the state of the society that is enjoying this Job Boom. Thousands More Are in such a soft Security positions As receptionists building superintendents and just Plain door watchers and then there Are the a cleaner uppers a the refuse collectors cleaning Crews and window washers. Their numbers Are increasing because a Here comes another social statement a a a More Complex and litter prone society requires plenty of manpower to Han die its mess a one service area that is not showing growth is government which includes state local and Federal As Well As some 8.5 million jobs in education the share of total employment has held steady at 15 to 16 percent since the 1970s, suggesting that something other than the Reagan a a revolution is at work Here. D s

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