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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 4

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Alton, Illinois Cd Tori is a a a Liat we think a a a Maco Upin response right the Maco Upin county Board used a lot of common sense in deciding not to Sot a referendum on the state s seat Belt Law Board members suggested instead voters who wish can write state Hep Michael Curran and make their views known the idea of such a vote was proposed by Urran to express opinions on the Law Curran s letter to the Board suggested the Board take the initiative to let county voters have their say on this Issue Curran also indicated legislators might be grateful to understand How Illinois citizens feel about the Issue the brightest Side of the plan advanced by Curran is that he is not a legislator representing Madison county he is obviously seeking a Way to cop out on the seat Bidi Law. If the vote favored the Law which is loudly berated by a diverse segment of voters Curran could find reason to defend seat belts. If the vote opposed the Law no doubt Curran would be loudly demanding its repeal one theory of government contends legislators should do precisely what the majority of residents of their District want done another and much More sensible suggests that voters elect people to Public office who have the intelligence experience integrity and guts to do what they think is Best. Curran should be Happy to get letters from voters eager to express their views on the seat Belt Law. Most of them will probably oppose it a those against anything Are always louder and More motivated than those in favor the argument we have heard that comes closest and it in t very close to making any sense is the theory that the government should t make a person look out for his own safety. We Aren t sure How much it would Cost to comply with Curran s scheme. But if the Maco Upin county Board decided to pay postage for All of the voters who want to write to the legislator the taxpayers would probably get off cheaper than putting the proposition on the ballot and Curran might easily get More voters opinions Ryan withdrawal welcomed James Ryan the Republican candidate for attorney general had decided to withdraw from the Campaign after publication of allegations that he physically abused his wives. Ryan says family considerations and his support for the Republican party Are the reasons for the withdrawal. The daily Herald of Arlington Heights reported that 1968 divorce papers contain accusations that Ryan knocked Down his first wife Diane and dragged her upstairs and that a 1982 Palatine police report quotes his second wife Carol As saying Ryan hit and choked her and that she sought Hospital treatment under an assumed name. Those who live by the Public a perception of their character presumably should be willing to die for such perception a whether it is True or false it seems Likely Ryan physically abused his wife wife beaters it seems to us. Make poor Public servants or private servants for that matter. Ryan is doing the Republican party a favor by dropping out of the race he is perhaps doing the people of Illinois a favor a he might have been elected. We Hope his decision to give up his candidacy does not cause him to lose his temper in a physical Way. Library project worthwhile the Lewis and Clark Community College learning resource Center also known As the Library and food service facility now estimated to Cost $2.8 million could be ready for use by december 1987 the Job will provide a new Wing on the West end of the Reid building to House a cafeteria on the first floor and classrooms on the second the Library will be expanded into the area now occupied by the cafeteria which is immediately below the Library. When work is completed the Library will be doubled in size and occupy two floors rather than one. The Library was inherited from Monticello College when Locc was organized and took Over the Campus the Library was lacking in Many of the science and technical areas probably no area Ever had too Many libraries with the municipal libraries in the area As Well As University libraries this area should be Well served. To Best serve the various Public they serve the libraries should make any possible Effort to use Money wisely and provide among them the widest selection of books they can. But Lewis amp Clark Community College needs its own facilities to serve its own students on its own Campus the new learning resource Center whatever you Call it. Should help a lot. John Focht Are Cut 1 a pc the ladies of the clean music quilting and porn watch society discos yet another disgusting Rock Lyric. Liat you think Auto emission testing is latest fiasco from government bless them the state of Illinois has dreamed up yet another fiasco that we taxpayers must endure and subsidize i was one of the Lucky people who received their vehicle emissions test notice for the month of May i took an afternoon off from work to comply with the Law since we Are Only blessed with the option of going two Days a week from 8 a in. To 6 p m. For the test it is a Good thing that i did leave Early because i never would have been Able to get through the line if i had not done so. The instructions you receive by mail Are As follows 1. Do not Block traffic on the Highway a leave take care of an errand and return later this is a joke if i had done As they suggest i would still have keen trying to get through the line. Thank goodness for the shoulder alongside the Highway. Myself and Many others were lined up a Block past the Entrance into the waiting lanes. No one was in attendance to direct cars and keep the traffic moving. 2. We Are also told that the entire operation from the time you take your place in line is 25 to 30 minutes. Wrong. I waited for one hour and 15 minutes. This was on wednesday at 1 45 p m. Can you imagine what it would be at 5 p.m.? 3. They request that you have your car warmed up when entering the stall for testing. This is easy. Your ear is not just warmed up by the time you get there a it is overheated. 4 the instructions Tell you to affix the sticker that is sent to you with the initial mailing to the lower Drivers Side Windshield if you do this ahead of time then you will get to remove it within your designated month because if you pass a then you get yet another sticker stating such. I can foresee additional funds being spent to hire medical personnel to be stationed at the test site. As the weather gets hotter and on a Day with no Breeze they will have people especially the elderly dropping like flies behind their steering wheel. The Sun beating Down on the Blacktop drive will be tremendous the neighbors surrounding the Wood River test station will also need medical attention. They will have to be treated for Carbon monoxide poisoning due to the exhaust from the lines of cars waiting to be tested. I suppose that i should not be irritable about All this because after All we All know that our legislators Only have our Best interest at heart. Janice k. Pullen Alton editor s note three weeks after receiving the first notice of testing and having completed the test mrs Pullen received a card saying the state had made a mistake her vehicle was exempt from testing no explanation As to Why and they regretted any inconvenience the mistake had caused. World Bank funding in Amazon ill conceived Washington a overpaid under worked officiate in Washington sitting in their Plush offices almost totally out of touch with the real world Are often tempted to throw millions of dollars at a problem despite the urgent knowledgeable warnings of underlings that open handed spending May create More misery than it cures that s pretty much what s happened with the extravagant ill conceived development plan called Polo Nordeste it was supposed to bring Progress and development to Bondonis which is not a tiny european kingdom but a West German sized state in the far Northwest of Brazil. As the Home of the vast ecologically fragile Amazon rain Forest Rondoni is about As far removed from the carpeted air conditioned offices of world Bank poo Bahs As it is possible to get without a rocket ship and the disastrous out come of the Polo Nordeste project shows it most of the world Bank s $500 million contribution to Polo Nordeste one fifth of which is guaranteed by . Taxpayers has gone into a paved Highway through the heart of Rondoni according to environmental experts and others familiar with the project this was a badly misplaced priority. It opened up huge areas to a headlong Rush by brazils landless prior who were lured on by government propaganda promising Fertile Farmland for limitless numbers of settlers. The reality the poverty stricken pioneers encountered was a cruel disappointment. Most of the rain Forest land is hopelessly infertile unsuited even to subsistence farming. Most of the Little arable land was already held by Large private owners who wanted cheap help not competitive yeomen so unlike the Sod busters who followed their dreams into the great Plains of the United states a Century ago the brazilian settlers found land that support their families pitifully overburdened health services and rampant violence. There have been reports of enslavement and the disappearance of entire families. Staff specialists at the world Bank warned that a disaster was in the making but their advice was unheeded by top officials. Quot most of the soils Are infertile in their present state All the nutrients being locked in the growing Forest and decaying litter a a explained one internal report. Quot after Clearing and burning these nutrients Are released but the soils do not have the physical and chemical capability to retain but the composition of soil was too Grubby a subject for the High Mucka mucks in their gilded offices. World Bank officials told our associate Donald Goldberg that there Are areas of Quot exceptionally Good soils Quot in the rain Forest that could sustain such tree crops As Coffee. Outside critics and the Bank a staff experts strongly disagree. Quot the suggestion. That tree crops Are capable of providing a sustainable production system for a fairly Large proportion of the area does not Accord with reservations expressed by research workers in Brazil a one internal report stated Quot the soils of the Amazon area As a whole Are generally poor a another report stated. Quot to use unproven technologies As a basis for agricultural settlement under extremely Adverse soil conditions would be a highly risky undertaking and would prove disastrous for the settlers themselves a warned an Early staff memo. But the warnings were ignored and the world Bank encouraged the brazilian land Rush desperate settlers keep Cleare utting and burning destroying an irreplaceable environment in the vain Hope of finding land Worth farming. The disaster the experts warned about grows worse by the Dav. Fuddle factory the Bureau of alcohol. Tobacco and firearms slipped up last year when it turned to the esoteric sampling of wine. Bureau sleuths were looking for austrian wine contaminated with a poisonous sweetener better suited to Brake fluid than wine. While they checked shipments that arrived after july 18 themselves they left it up to the importers to test their own wines prior to then. But they neglected to compile a list of firms suspected of importing contaminated wine so they had no Way to double Check the results. Congressional auditors suggested the Bureau use better testing procedures. Diplomatic digest strange Are the ways of the striped pants set. Most americans probably figure that since we have sent warplanes to bomb libyan targets and have regularly denounced libyan Leader Moa mar khad Afy surely we must have broken off diplomatic relations with Libya. Not so. In official state department jargon relations Between the two countries Are Quot at the lowest level consistent with the existence of diplomatic on the other hand we have no diplomatic relations at any level with Iran a which we have denounced but not bombed. Mini editorial vice president George Bush a Campaign strategy for 1988 continues to be puzzling. His wife recently revealed that when her husband turned 60 he announced firmly a i m never going to eat Broccoli Brussels sprouts cauliflower or cabbage does Bush think he can with impunity undercut the efforts of millions of determined deluded american moms is he hoping for a sympathy vote from vegetable clotted husbands or is he counting on some kind of a children a crusade to make him a National hero on an anti Brassica platform Baker bears Cross of Panama canal treaties Washington different vocations have distinctive vocabularies. Dan Quisenberry Kansas City royals Relief Pitcher and linguist once said of a former teammate Quot he did t sound like a baseball player. He said things like a nevertheless and it in fact a Quot Howard Baker former senator and future presidential candidate talks like a politician for example o k. He says that because he carried so much water for president Reagan As majority Leader throughout the first term he. Baker has got Well after a political illness concerning the canal and now he just has to Quot get out amongst the people and get it antecedent less pronouns and other mysterious references Are Apt to be a part of a politician s patois. The Quot it Quot Baker intends to get done Quot a a Corse will it is the capture of the Republican nomination. The , you remember the unpleasantness concerning the recently Baker spent several Days among Southern republicans and was gratified to put it mildly that no one not even some fellow in a flannel shirt and a cat Cap a mentioned the Panama canal. You May think Quot gosh at our House we go for Days w without mentioning but not Long ago absolutes Are perishable these Day sit was All conservatives talked about. In 1976 Reagan campaigning against president Ford for the Republican nomination mentioned the canal negotiations and got a throaty Roar from a crowd. Soon opposition to the canal treaties became a test of conservative purity. Never mind that some conspicuous conservatives such As Bill Buckley supported the treaties Baker supported the treaties. In the late 1970s, before conservatism came of age Many conservatives defined themselves by their animosities. In 1980 that Petty habit acquired in Long years in the political wilderness made Baker its victim he even More than George Bush was the Quot moderate Quot that some conservatives loved to hate. In addition to the canal treaties his sins were general he was a Washington Quot insider Quot and particular he supported establishment of the education department. Talk about perishable absolutes today the Secretary of education William Bennett is the conservatives pinup among Cabinet members. But the canal was the sin that mattered most. Baker remembers Missouri sen. Jack Danforth a dry wit telling him after a weekend Back Home Quot Howard Missouri is a state of nearly six million souls of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds United by a burning Devotion to the Panama but now says Baker the Quot canal decade Quot is Over and in 1988 everyone seeking the Republican nomination will be a Reagan Ite. During a recent checkup a doctor told Baker he was overweight. Baker cheerfully replied Quot yes and you re he gets away with such bad Inage because he has a manner As soft As Hominy. Another senator once described Baker As Quot a political Neutron bomb he destroys an opponent without destroying that opponents ego. But bakery a ego has absorbed some bruises. Before winning the position of Republican Leader in the Senate he twice lost contests for that Job. In 1976 he was encouraged to Hope that he would be Fords running mate. When Bob Dole was chosen. Baker said in a steely voice that next time his Fate would be in his own hands. But in 1980 he withdrew after finishing a Distant third in new Hampshire Reagan 49.6 percent. Bush 22.7, Baker 9.8. Baker s Placid informality today masks a determination to do it right this time around. The conventional Wisdom is that he can not that he is a born legislator unable to make people think of him As president. A legislative career with its focus on this Bill then that one then another unrelated one produces in the enchanting jargon of one Republican professional a tree politicians rather than Forest that is legislators do not master the Art of speaking thematically and expressing a Broad vision. The Republican professional just cited assesses bakery a chances by quoting the baseball Man in the novel Quot bang the drum slowly who says of weak pitchers that they could win a few games Quot if god drops everything Baker is going to put lots of eggs in the conventional Basket new Hampshire where his Campaign is being sponsored by sen Warren Rudman who is co author of the Gramm Rudman Law but is otherwise a Good citizen. Telec Rall of yesteryear news from 25 and 50 years ago m by 15, 1961 Power stopped in 700 Homes of Northeast upper Alton at la sunday a tree limb fell and snapped two circuits at College and Rodgers avenues Alton state Hospital was also affected. The interruption of electric service lasted Only to minutes. Gary Cooper 60 year old Hollywood movie Star. Died of cancer president Kennedy a 1961 teed Grain program designed to provide modest increase in farm income and. At the same time reduce the number of bushels of Grain held in tight storage met with approximately 50 percent acceptance among tanners of the area the program was voluntary and called for Farmers to Cut their Grain and sorghum at least 20 per cent they must put the diverted acreage to soil conserving uses. In return they were eligible to receive the support Price on Normal production of Corn and Grain sorghum and receive payment on each acre taken out of production. John Archer Wood River High school student won first place in the Wood River township Jaycee Safe driving Road to held at Wilshire mall shopping Center parking lot. Archer was now eligible to be a contestant in the state driving contest Hope Cousley daughter of or. And mrs. P. S. Cousley was chosen sweetheart of company he in the corps of the United state military Academy at West Point. Her picture appeared in the current Issue of the Pointer official Magazine of the corps with sweethearts of the 23 other companies of the corps. May 15. 1936 after defeating a Resolution for leasing part of eighth Street Between Piasa and Belle to Alton Gas co., the City Council debated at length then voted to return the question to the real estate committee with instruction to secure a Large rental fee. Issues included the leasing period amount of rental fee and vacation of the Street the towboat Quot Patrick j. Hurley Quot travelling downstream missed its target in an attempt to pass through the main Federal lock with a Tow of six barges. Small rowboats answered a distress signal to push the Tow Back upstream after the Hurley had collided with the Railroad Bridge. The Hurley s motors were reversed with Power enough to Stop the downstream motion but not enough to push it upstream for the second successful try. Joseph Meinard Miller son of mrs. Rose Miller of Alby Street would be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood on May 17. Mrs. Miller had gone to Worthington Ohio to attend the ceremony which would be held in Joseph Indium Chapel of the Seminary where he had attended school for the past 12 years. Miller was ordained by the most Rev. Amie to Cleo Gnani p.d., apostolic Delegate in the United states. Miss Alice Richey of Jerseyville a former Alton resident was preparing to return to Mission Fields in India after a years sabbatical at her Home Spring Street Tabernacle planned a Farewell get together at which miss Richey would receive a Shower of gifts to take Back with her. Including a kerosene operated refrigerator household goods and clothing. A. I

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