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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 11, 1849, Alton, Illinois Fi EVERY AT BV JOHN BAIUIACHC Is In Many years since anil whallJ the lime 1 1 haver boon engaged In Ibo treatment of illseaies common lo Iho Wuslorn Slalesi mellt for any Is at all compii caledj and a case of Dlllous fe nlihoiigli the Cholera has not been or aiiyother may i n be treated as successfully by a sweeping prescription as a cas ion as a yet some principles inuoli about In managing other have longslnco arrived vli Thatalldlseasos lhal of sel which are not caused eilher by too great ox dom recover from en attack of he body lo or tho and the use of IntoxicaMjlg drinks predispo which is called or sudden Iraniilllons es persons Ip diseaselit rlropoillon tolhe Ai 1 ibink w thought her a plate ded her arms about her and 00 J For each continuance to A liberal deduction roaile to j early I II TAttf corner of Third and Chssnnl i rhlli lelphla i at his offlces In New Bs llmore anil autliorlied to rtcelM Adterllscmcnls Inlendcil for Inacrllon In this Wl and also to act is our rjnneral Agent In any miherconnectol wllh our j WM Pcorner ofDalllmore and mlri Is pur authorized Agent for tho and will receive end forward advertisements Inleniloil for Insertion won as attend 16 an In llio abate regret toiobstrve that arTugjy personal thoprlglrl perhaps bfelraced io political Is raging between of he Qnlncy Whig and Iho Will Ihey permit as an not lortlinn either of losiiggesl thai they hivo carried Ihelr wordy war quite fare and that they would do now that the warm rind perhaps also lie are at lo keep and cr In our humble Ihey will nol add lo Ihelr own or Ihe bllily of ibeir respecllve cither by continuing their In ihe mode In whioh It was or by trans fining llio j1 i MISSIONARIES TO In ihe Telegraph of 10 h of March no briefly noticed ho departure of UorrMArf two Mis slonarles of Iho Episcopal wllh a number of emlgrantyfor Presu ming that Ihe additional contain ed In Hie following extract of a re celled a fow dais from a highly es leemcd Clergyman of Iho samo now residing In Iho city of and nhom wo have the privilege of numbering among personal will gratify such of our readers as feel Interest ed In Iho success of Iho Missionary and Colonlzalion operations on Iho African ivelako Iho without the privily of he of subnllling it to tholr i In February we had an interesting meeting at Polors in his uliioh was convened for he purpose of bid ilme farewell lo Iho Huffman who were about embarking for Africa os Missionaiios of Iho i Proloslant Eplionpal i These beloved young brethren iipoco of Iho present prosperous condition ol Iho Mlxlon of the Clutch at ljpo nndjif Ihe lha Impera of the Church In send forth labor en which was whitening with Ihn laborers Ibore been thinned by sickness and until Or whoriiDnly an It s Ihelrdesire oolaboiers hey offered themselves up freely lo ilia wpik like tileearly eiples of wore willing and rejiily Ip go forth lo he of he Lord a gains Hie leaving bohind hem Ihelr early friends homes tliit be accepted siHlalu and strengthen their linmlji in the arduous work which they were about to asked Ihe Ibeirbrelhreu In Iho nnd as occasion linn wilh which God bod oil the Iheso President of ryUnd Colonization made an Inter ling lie showed llio lull connecllon which exlit belivcen lie principles Colonization Brand end in vlowlhe present and future of Africas beiiighled trodden to correct an er roneous which hod laken hold i me minds of very In regsid lo Ihe fa ol llus Union had been Thoob ject as tb convey Runlsfroin this country to and V rid land of her colored population iiowevor deslrableauoh an object might accomplishment wai utterly impossible it would be like at lOHlDllllIF in nslt n fiL V lt means it would be like a to ball with a ladle u Colniiiaailon triltilalncL ih I y WU fvllonary In es i colonies1 at Africa bv V anil Hood glivernmenl rhiaiJi f f coloieu and tho Ccl fv might lime shbuld which ouw vlifn this lam wirl2i In peace Ihowhito the r Tho object forwhlcl Coltnliallon wefp established now I ff WrapHlied arid were they K not another dnl aPorglaV be contributed produe H r6 i Brnni1 ought io be nlei n Ihe coin A r a would be Iho ei i niWy people wore there JlVl law arid the 2 Their nation acknowledged byal of the worldfbolweei hedoslred to tepe Irv ihlft by many In his coin oored raco susoepll Ute a great irlls Poor African Infinile in eohhecllon many highly in ovrn oomo under Some few year wenrt wllh others offal ofOalveil oud Haiti wherebrnho Muse ci Wllh If and four chil wlniii B lr The coupl h themselves and off 7 unall ihon r iL i n h man and f onest employ finally he ir he wife and lilllo Ih Iruth be considered o The seoond Is Ihe super cargo of a ond Im third Is In the acllng an agoM f Illinois Journal hat Ihe mysterious which has existed for omp lime past in and Mass and of Which a brief notice was la ten Inono of our recent nievaded n Ihe vicinity of on riv about two cars and was success fully treated by then a csldcnt of the but now of In the attack Is ishered In by severe cold and ollowcd by intense pain in Ihe head and Insensibility follows and death en ues In Ihe course of a few hoursi Hen ry regards Ihe disease as amalignant form of Typhus In which be nervous cm is overwhelmed by the force of Ihe poi ion at Iho moment His plan of adinlnlslor large dososof lllinlne and It being found hat de lelli g such as to aggravate Ihn tendency lo iusonslblll 1 lie Journal that several deaths lavo occurred from this in Spilng field and Ihe winter and havo been favored wilh IlioMay nunilicroflhat nlemlU Lalifi llnil not of Is II conulns 71 pages of highly In ercillnj from the glricil ens of Ihe 1 cst wrl ers In tho anU fa cmbclllaheil by no list Ihan wenly nine hcautlnit aK of which ere su erb fullaiieil among lie finest vnover haro ccn in any ilmilar The Latlys BobU Is oullcii y Surah Grace on 1 A and cily f Three per nnnurai for vhlch The Ladys Dollar Issued wlce a and cbnlalningos much f catling matter s many i toidvuee uhscrlhcra without any additional EJlnbmgh Vagaslaf for Arno madeiu welcome appearance on our Itaninors 303 of hit wrticlly rcaemblojj and conialns Ihe usual variety or xnilent enllllod ai Mjcauloyi llstory of EnslandJolmslons physical lie Caxlpna part lsAnclont Pracllco of onnyaona Arlsiocratic Life of liie Claudia anil Puilbnaislr Ailley Coppon part KlThlspcrlodlcallho bcstoflis lilndi tsuod In any part of theBrilish aomlnlonsIs ro riuloaby sOFullon corner of New York at tho low rate 3f ThVee pbllars per being much below the oat of the original when taken wlthtlio four olio reimbllahcd lie aanie cnternrhins llio price of Hie whole Is Itn Dollars a Too llrsl four numbers of American reprint ofo urlllah iiubllcallon have alio rcccnlly reached I la fofular Cyclofidlii of Dmui Ic Mciltctnri anil coniiirlscseyory recent Improve ment In Medical a plain account of he Mcdirlttes now In common uses by rtcllti Follow of Iho Iloyal College of and of tho noyal College of Sutgconr In Ed In work Is very neatly erocnteilj aiid raled by cngrovlrign and the very hljh commendalions bestowed ujmn it by he most rcsiiec tablo pcrloiUcolaanil nowspcpcrs In Knglanit aflbnls iions Iroin oneenlremo lo the oilier by ex ternal or Internal from foreign bo d ei or or from vegeta ble op mineral poisons nre caused by the presence oerlaln classes of of which Iho threo lail named mil very largely although I am aware this Is new yet I Unit I shall be proof if which can lie seen by the natural and many oilier cutaneous diseases In which ihey can bo seen by means of magnifying These may bn sub divided Into many but suffice ll lo make a to servo our present i That class of animalcule which Is gener ated by the drcomposition of vegetable mat and which can exist in certain independent of tho human but when we come In contact will produce we call which might bo variously tub Ibis class has for its wet or confined by surrounding eleia so that the air Is not permitted o cir culate and where tegelable decom position Is and these little creatures though as great snarms of musquiloes or arid when removed from those by a current of spreads Ihe epiitemic over Ihe conn Iry as II is prnHucing diseaso and death hundreds of mjlcs from Us And as I bellete there is but If Inanimate so I believe thedccompo sllion of l onlj a change from one class of animalcule lo as Iho grub norm lo Ihe June or Iho caterpillar lo the Iho above classes or vegetable ammatcuio produceuhfit arc eplue as Billons and Inlcrmlttlng Scarlet Cholera mor and many hlch spread spnnla neniMJy llio and to which all are though hey moy have Ihe should lite M we hhhcrloln Iho avoldiiig iinHip fresh animal and the coarser vegetables as mucn as quality ot should be giior Some persons byovertaxing Jhelr keep themselves always In a relaxed tucb persons be at lacked wjlh nol bd at samo o mr and an asy pro lo n as Ihey expose themselves lo jelling or predisposing and thereby e ilo hat debllllalo Ihe fiincllons of Ihe bod 1 here is another class of infests Hie human and must be ge norated In which may also bo divld cd Into many such as Small and many which persons will but and nhich cannot exist independent of human and consequent Ihe disciso is a ken from the Individuals affecled wilh nnd In no other These bo carried a short distance in he or taken In clothing a greater almost any dUlmico by Inoculation but has been rcmaikod cannot livn long out or independent Ihe htimnn 1 licso are called con when contact with Iho human or or nil of Hint cirialii ccmporlllon within ihe system of being convened Inlolls nwnclasscf animal cule the same person can have Ihosaine disease or if more than very it not having effec ually cradtcoAed tiial substance at tho first i v prevents Small Pox by Ihe animalcule of Iho former deslroylng tho sub slaiicn lii the body on which the taller sub and is ond wtilch I think lo be nn effectual Individuals 1mvo what is called eilher or aflor having had Small Poxj bill lhs as he namo a vorialion from regular and which consists of the Small animal cule entering Ihe and Ibero travers ing for a lime ami although they nor subsist long yel theyproduce a sllghl by Ihelr pre and an effort to Iheir All contagious diseases hove Ihelrvarlnlolds for an individual having had weeks Iho cramp may come on such an Individual and 10 die In an and such case be repelled as having died in one hour from when lu fact ho may have been Its In fluence for Diarrhea should not bo pormitted lo continue at any and ranch less when Choltra Is in the and more should bo done by diet hail medicine for if wo we can lot lock it up In we ihould not indulge In any quantity or quail y of food which will prodilco relaxation of ho for habitual Diarrhea Is without dmibl Iho result of overtaxing Ihe dlgesllvo The relaxation and subsequent pain In Ihe itoroaohand wllh difficult resptra in is caused by Inhaling and swallowing Ihe poisonous animalcule and f the individual is laboring under any de rangcment of body or he will more readily yield lo Ihe whllo another of healthy and vigorous body and will pais Ihrough ll wllhoul When one is completely under Ibe power of Cho Iho whole system becomes and all the secreting functions of tho body qlally losljso much so In an advanced ilago of Iho if retained ou llio stomach at will He for days wilh out any medicinal Should Cholera rlsll us his I would recommend liiohl sanitary arrangements as would re move all bolh animal and veget a completely as can bo so as d render the atmosphere as pure as possible Tho public mind should bo as Iranqull as circumstances will ndmil for mind has much lo dp Cheer fulness should be exercised by and more particularly lo Ihe Mutual and should bo mulcicd by he whole A reluctance to admin sler lo Iho wants of Ihe afflicted alnajs las bad And If jou should bo attacked wilh which would probably bo In he form of I recommend lhal Jflil guard Well your table Itink neither fermented npr spjtituous li i tursruvold cHiiosureririid use some simple as laudanum and parago ricor somo aslrlngenl until jou can consult jour family and with him should Ihe subsequent Irealmtntbt sub milled for not ought always lu bo If Ihe Jsorve to throw any Wit Iho subjects treated I shall be more limn rewarded and If It should I hink Itwillbe of no disadvanlago lo any i May satisfactory evidence of Us claim to the publio nurses children labor It Is to bo complelcdln itrelve weekly thai will have what Is each containing 73 large pages and published by JMlleil nurses evidently by inhaling sleilnien i 118 le nimalcule from IhiiThUdron and when New York rom llmt the cough Bilhe anlmaloule enmiot live mtt ot reached us a few It a fu 1 oown i known I tiinl class which from in thai it the United with Ihe buying and selling price of both of Ibe nnd contagious or Iri at least ontof Its nallve 1 I mean Ihu Asiatic I conclude Gholcrn rinimaicule Is genera Louis Prices much other valuable This work is pub lished monthly by Fiihcr Book sellers and OS Louis Ono Dollar per L We itave received Iho second number of Mi pf allo Is sued Irithoclly It fs publlibcd by tile Woihlnjjton under supervision of on Edilor and its name woik Is parllculaily dcyolcd to the Interest of the Ortlorof llio Ctutels of Temfiorancei but it also advo In tho cauao of Morals anil It handsomely pilntcd in quarto with a neat Cents per llio Oral number of weekly just commenced In the town tho seat of Government of Ihe new Territory of Mlnueiotareached ua a few ilaya It is printed wllh great neatness ond although of rather small dl contains iiuito as uiuih matter os Is often found in sheets of much larger and of excellent Tlio Hegliter Is published by handall it who tholr brethren of the and ihe public unllo with them In cele brating llio ever memorable Fourth of Julyundor hfalthful mlits of the Falls of Suc cess attend end their interesting publlcatlonr CONTAGIONS AND I lake Ihe Hberly to ro quest you lo publish in your journal tho fol lowing as an exhibit of my conclu sions relative lu diseases and more lo Ihoe which nro epide end contagious or and most of all to the epidemic called Aslatlo Chole ra together wilh some remarks relative Ip ho mode of preventing and managing the last I was in In when Cholera pruvaijed In that part of Iho coun try ai a niedlcal used every menus in my reach Ig learn all I conjdroi peeling sucli a featful Since Dial ted by the nf some subslnuoe peculiar to and there doubtless can exist independent ol tho human but when lakon lo olher countries can subsist for any length of among large collections of human ami even then moro and as il passes through vi by passing through many loses Its and bus to be obtained fresh from the be So Iho af remaining here a length of be comes poweileis and when eradicated from human beings cnunotbo reproduced by any decomposition out of Its nallvo i The Chplora generally seeks filthy ami low cities and for its hiding pla tho inmates are predisposed to or are subject o exciting causes which predispose to Much also depends on the habits of the In lempornnceland Irrrgutaiilios of all prepare Individuals for this dreadful by their debilitating and prevent the system fromvigorously resisting Us From these places of Us Cholera is taken by those laboring under Us ravages to the most healthy and in tills respects resembles or infection though this same disease may and driven from one section of the country In nn othor in Ihe atmosphere Independent of hu man and lu IhiN respect resembles an epidumlc and frairi his arises Hie differ ence of opinion in as to Ihe manner of Its being propagated and or of its being or contagious or infectious and which I think to be o a great at least out of Having thus briefly given my opinion as to tho oauie of diseases in I will speak of Ihe prevenlion and treatment of ihe or Asiatic Much has been said and written on his and motf perhaps Ihan has been profitable for it Is in my for one lo at tempt to lay down aiprcifiocounvorircai THE SILVER LUTEi THE GIPSY 0V BUSS MARIETTA A merry parly were gathered around Ihe tail May decked wilh flower and gay arose from the centre of a village green Happy swains were contented for tho while but to gaie upon the group of rosycheeked who were busily wreathing coronets for Ibeir May Hursts of laughter and strains of lively mu rang out upon Iho fragronl wilh Iho perfiimo of early Gladness sat upon eaeh red and smiling lip whilo the furtive and tolllale glances which stole from Ihe bright eyes of he blushing maid told much lo embolden the bashful who durst not breolhe he illy con cealed which look and tone unwit HiiRly The laitrpyiof Ihe departing sun stream ed upon Ihe festive scene the per in the whole of merry which Is not now as ll was For England then was merrle England when Ihe free and hardy outlaws roamed through Ihe deplhsnf dark forests when the barons re galed Ihelr peasantry with staunch ale and good subilanllal beef and when Ihe world boasted not another such a race as were Ihe hardy subjeoli of old Queen 1 K raving horde of Gipsys were new up on tho a short distance fiom the rev their jingling Ihelr silver and lo Ihe great annoyance of those villagers who weie not engaged round Ibe May A Illlle apait from Hie was a Gipsy apparently some twentyeight or thirty years though she might have been A short scarlet cloak de pending from her together a bright purple twisted care lessly around her gave heraslngular ly wild and fatilaslio She was a very handsoVe woman her dark hough clear complexion suiting well her brilliant eyes ond raven Her form was and there was an oxptesainn of pride on her Hill beautiful She held a silver Inlo of rare and exquisite and the fingers were taper and small lhal wandered among the as she sung a plaintive jn a Ipw and louchingly sweet only Ihloner was a about six years of habited as a hough lier delicate form and sweet intellectual might well her bumble Tho song of Hie Gpy woman seemed o touch Mrrng chord in her heart for her bright lips were juried wllh the Intenieiiess of and ihe light of some new enthusi asm was In the languishing which were cait upon Hie as a pear y tear broke from Ibe long ashes whieh shaded The seemed agiialed but she still continued her sad till she saw that Ihe of Hie child were wrought lo the highest of excitement suddenly she in lonel of winning soflnesi iCome wllh sweet and I will al ways sing lo and be yours your own and the pointed Iho lule whleh she Isodeht repeated Ihe woman slowtly and mnsinglyj yesfII must be i her haild uponbti she re malned for a fow moments In deep though to pluck the sweet upon which Wllh the Brst dawn pf HID Gipsy horde were on their leaving Ihe village reen still and which Ihe day before eemed wilh a gay and noisy But ho strange woman wtlh tho lute lingered Noon came and she wasstill in the wandering though she nev er lost sight of the low roofed where dwelt When at length old Llenfin and his wife left with their littlo stock of thread and which Ihey daily dis posed of farther up Hie llio Gipsy woman approached Hie which was eft 1n Hie care of Illllo and beck oning her to pretty and sit beneath this whilst I sing again to The child approached llio singing and smiled as she while Ihe touching Ihe first sang a broken Gipsy When sho hod finished she idaced her arm around Hie and draw Ing her Inwards her Are you fond of sweel one answered she enlhuti I wish you would sing again he song hat jousting II seems lo mo as if I had heard II time In a dream of sometime Arc your parents Kind lojouf continued Ihe jcsl but sometimes they are vcrj and say lhal I am not Ihelr daughter iflcrw arils Ihey are pleasant and me not repeat what they said while were I told you because I love ifjou love are vou nol willing lo RO wllli me You shall have fine clothes and see fine anil I will al Ways bo very kind to and loach jou lo play upon the Will you go I love you much andI love tin prelly bill I cannot leave my Again ho slender fingers of bo Gipsy woman touched Iho and a low and louchingly sweet prelude rosn upon the qui et Then Iho voice of Ihe player min gled exquisite and swelled into a fuller tone of as ihe broken words of a with which mothers ure wont to qnlel their rose As she Ihe Gipsys eye fell upon llio Illlle who hod slid from her and now lay crouched al her feel quiveringItp and tearful her whole soul wrapped In Iho munlb spell which chained her SloopliiR she smoothed Ihe ilnglols from the fair brow of the as she whis Will you go wilhmeP I cannot leave my was the an A tear slood In Ihe Gipsys and her hand and voice as she Hang a mournful ns of a molher grievingfor a lost It seemed lo operate wilh ma gic effect upon the heaH of Illllo who and placing her band In that of tho woman looked up and she will go with arid you shall bo my Haste sweet your pa tents and you must nol be called but Ihe Gipsys And may I not call you and may not Ibis pretty lule be said the child every Ihing you wish but we must haito from bore before your parents re was Iho It was not without many that liltlo now left forever the homo of her childhood but sho was too young grieve and was soon laughing and chatting as she ran by the side of her new found Never having been far from Ihe collage of her every Ihing she beheld was full of intern and ft was with childish delight and eager lhal she chased the gay butterflies or plucked the fair flowers which brightened her Occupied with every thing a she fell not Ibe fatigue of her long III twilight her conduc tress sill journeyed As Ibe darkness she ciept still closer to Iho side of the and clasping her hand said Dear lam very llred and I I could be Micro dont you He child To our new homo lu he green where every Ihing Is sweet we soon shall re plied Iho Gipsy but finding that sleep was overpowering the wearleiT she look her in her whore she soon foil into a gentle We will not allompl lo plcluro the grief of old Leiiifiu and his w btn Ihe search for Ihelr child proved unavailing and how Ihe memory of the sweet and gentle Illlle Iso deno lingered In Ihe hearls of Ibo honest villagers but will follow her new fortunes as Ihose nf Zalia Ibe When she found herielf Ing upon a pallet spread upon Iho over whioh was erected a lent to shield her from Hie night The lean came into her eyes al he thought of he pleasan linuiBNliohad but lie remembrance of Ihe lute and kind face of her Gipsy mo soon baninhed and creeping lo the opening of Ihe where she heard looked Mule with she gszed upon the cuilous and mhel up icene now before The whole baud of Glp which she had seen upon Ihe jiecu Ibe T uvuui uci mi lay down to W hen the snn was sh nine In cheerily el Ihe Her mother the dew was yel It was strange wllh what a yeornlnffof tenderness and fond nnxlely he Gipsy wo man walched over Ihe child of her adop tion how she studied each look and motion Hllh most afleclionale and shield ed her from every blight which might fall pon Not a rude jestorcoarsereroark did she ever allow toboutlored In tho pres ence of Ihe gcnllo child who was looked up on os a visitant by Ihe was Ihe Into as they called ro girded with less her word bo ing and tho snmo reverence being pa Id to lhal they would pay lo a superior Zaha was learned lobe an ardent admirer nf for Iho Gipsy woman never failed lo point out each hidden beau and lovely lint of Ihe surpassingly beau llful scenes through which hey dall pass Tho music of Ihe birds and roes and filled her heart with and she never lircd of gazing upon Ihe softened loveliness of meadow and or Iho lof ly grandeur of and lower log 1 bus did she grow up wllh warm and imaginative Ibe mosr delicate fancy and finest sensibility a pure and lovely full of gentle and kindly Tho passion for music whioh sho had when she first heard Ihe song of her sho now called had grown Into per ftcl Assisted by Ihelnstrucllon of her the was soon able lo call forth Iho sofl and oxqnUilc slralnsfrom the which was now resigned lo Sho also ppsscssed en uncommonly swocl which dally cultivation had brought to a still greater degree of As the giacospfZallas sodld of her perron oach day more fully till al when the reached Iho years of a of poifccl loveliness could scarcely bo Always alllred in some yet tasteful her lone raven wilh and her lule In hor she looked liko some sylph of the vild oomo lo weavn her spellof oriohantmenl ond Her eyes or Ihe pos sible wcro largo nnd langnlshly soft nil Iho depth and tenderness of her nature beaming Ihrough Ihe silken lashes which haded and laid ujihn he rich color of her ns Iho dark fringe of a pearl cloud canopy lays upon the glowing bosom of Her beautifully formed ever wrenlbed wllh or tenderness gave a spfifled expression to the sweet re IHISO of her classic Hands and feet of Wry dolicacy belonged Ip a slirjhl and exquisitely propottloned wftttb bent Into a I graceful wilh Iho play of her as Ihe wild flowers and from rhcirlnpmost helghlsthero1 lashed a roaring leaping from orag to whirled round and roundl ns U reached tin irasWne the feolh J ery spray high n tho and then smoothly nu Inlo bosom of a which wound through a little whose rich tmf wai spotted with 1 he bright which peeping otlC mm beneath a dark cloud in ihojweslorir his glittering beams upon Ihe tumbling and while spray into a thousand tints of rainbow i VI 1 tii1 Kill there was ono object Initial bcaullmn soeno lhal ZahVnotlced Concealed1 younrj bend to the brcalh ol as i if the e ie was Ihe smile In the eye of Iho as she gazed upon lliii clilld of hef whose beauty and good ness well repaid her devoted and Mollzlng they amid new and strange Zilla gradually forgot Ihosp of her early or If even a dim recollection of Ihe past came upon he suggestion of her parent that I ialf was some dream of other saliificd The fame of the woniTrotis lovelinnss and lalrnt of the Gipsy singer had spread over half of Europe the door prlnoe and peasant was willingly thrown open lo In ono of Ihelr rambles Ihrough Ihe Gipsy horde to which Zalla was attach encamped qf Ihe most beauti ful and stately caslles In the A message was sent for Ihe singer and1 her lute to appear at the Against her usual Zillai mother refused to ac company and not till she heard hat Iho lord of Hie paillo was would she an When they they were shown from be grand entrance ball Into an ele gant filled up as a ladys bou whoso showers of snow wreathed gavo a delicious coolness lo the air of the moil beautiful forms and brllliantcolorsraro singing of gorgeous plumage on rlthly bound and glittering vellum every thing In he splondid and coitly serv ed in make It a Illlle paradise of Before Iho entrance of those whom Ihe weie lo he Gipsy took Ihi lule from and sang Ibo Plaintive melody thai won Ihe heart of lillle nowlier Whilst she was Zalla sealed herself upon an man at her and wllh her hand upon her remained in When the song was she looked up Inlo her mothers said II must be a strange fancy of mine but there comes upon my like Hie vision ofg the remembrance of a scene liko with a and and beautiful being hang Ing over humming Ihe very words you have just And her face was like dear only younger and love Her there WHS a tail nablp looking who ever had kind words and smiles for you and II Is very is It Poor child II is only your romantic you must not Indulge In them the but her face was pale and Bui motherhere was Interrupted by Hie entrance nf lovely a fillina occuranl for Ibe splendid apailmenl which you ihp wife pf Count he lord of this the as about ft 1hls wassatd In a caVeless wild anxiety look of the nllenlion bf Iholtdvi alllred i youngi ai a nllhhlsbowj and arrow flung upon tho andhhr lallhriil clog laying at his lad been admiring Ihe but ills eye fell upon Ihe lovely Gipsy alP elsot wns With bands clasped in do and her red lips she slood fta ting upon Iho brilliant Her hat was off and hanging oh and her nnconfined Irenes floated like a shadowy around her slight some of them even kissing the dainty fool that1 was burled In Ihe bright nreen Tbo1 warm sunset Heightened Ihe bright ion of her cheek and Ihe sparkle ofiherp liquid whill nothing could equal lho altitude of untaught grace in nhlchlihV i COMLUSIPV NEXT ffl attention is now utncd Ihe empire of which has so lemained a scaled book in the hUUirv lie but to judge present soon destined lo bo on vliia to gel a peepat and to1 become better acquainted j gcd their exclusive policy without provoking Iho honlilily of foreign i Ihe Japanese wereacbmrrVer clol previous Ip 1686 engaH ged HI trade lug to Ihe occasioned by he suits ami prohibition was put upon cprtnlry Iir now limited to livo Dhlch slilpsand Chinese junks NangasaLMs tliat poll of entry forthese lalidnof nearly every attioleexcept lacqner ed The piofils oftho Dlilch trade havo I been gieally lessened by Hie restrictions lilaoed iipon importation and They nro only allowed to Import wprih moichandlso anil to ex port nothing bul camphor and i Several vessels of war have visited 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