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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 5

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Alton, Illinois Oped a5 the Telegraph May 1986 new press can do everything but Fly Tea Nimit the new press runs and it runs thank even allowing for All the expected Hittle problems which have cropped up Here and there this for the first time in More than six your copy of Telegraph was printed in our Plant on Broadway in starting last 21 and through a week ago we produced the newspaper up to the plates which go on the the plates were taken to presses at commercial the printed newspapers were trucked Back to 111 East reprints and the newspapers bundled and distributed to our while there were several Little problems which made some papers late Early in the the problems were All More or less expected on the Pressman finished the run by in the news we Are staying on Early until the new press is running the Early deadlines Tecu tit Diroa j give the Pressman extra time to make the along with the new a new conveyor system will be the conveyor will carry the printed newspapers from the press folders to the Mai room in the a level below the installation of the conveyor is several weeks behind the which was completed right on the papers have to be moved manually to the basement the printed newspapers Are stacked on special or on the carts Are wheeled a few feet to the and Down to the approximately depending on the thickness newspapers Are stacked on the in the old modern printing the person who removed printed sheets from the press As they were printed was called the Fly or a fingered device on a handed press for printed sheets was also the on the new the folder fan delivers the papers to a county Veyo stacking where the flyby picks them so until the new conveyor is we have a Fallback to manually flying the printed d d d note on a name the new Alton superintendent of David Vanwinkle no space Between Van and took out the space Between the names several years ago when computers were addressing him d a a we stand corrected on two related Points in last weeks column on the berm Highway route along front Robert Peters sent copies of Telegraph articles which show Altos riverfront Park was built by the City and citizens before the locks and dam we were under the mistaken impression the Park was created after the army corps of engineers project in the he also sent copies of the Rufus Easton original plat and the route 3 completion Peters writes Rufus Easton designated front Street to be 100 feet wide As shown on the enclosed the present Day front Street is Only 24 feet the new berm will be four lanes or 48 feet wide plus the Access Road in front of Fleming and others will be 24 feet his Point is that front Street alternate b will not be on the Easton although there May be a Small incursion of the Railroad tracks due to the relocation of the tracks for the new Clark Tho Tolo growl stack papers in for Short haul to Mai room nil president out of line in ousting newspapers adviser Many Northern Illinois University in Dekalb alumni and students will be picketing commencement exercises today to protest action taken by Niu president Clyde Wingfield last week against their Friend and Mentor Jerry Thompsons friends Are incensed by win Fields Transfer of the former staff newspaper to a University Public relations Job following a dispute Over the papers criticism of Thompson says Wingfield is trying to muzzle the he trying to Send a signal and Hes trying to be Hes just striking out at whoever and whatever he Hes trying to get control of the newspaper and in order to do Hes trying to get me out of the Thompson said in a phone on the other says Thompsons reassignment was not an attempt to muzzle the Northern an award winning paper known for years for aggressive but a business copy cd ror at a University Council meeting Wingfield said an associate of Thompsons was named to restore the fiscal and management integrity of our Campus Northern Star editor Jerry Huston and his staff View win Fields action As retribution for the Northern Star reporting that More than of taxpayers Money was spent by Wingfield on his University owned what broke the camels Back was stories about his Huston said in a phone documents show win Fields purchases included for a Marble floor in his for Kitchen floor for carpeting and for a refrigerator plus state funds for a a reporter based in who like me is an alumnus of the Niu journalism said Wingfield also had his House painted three times because he repeatedly changed his mind about the Northern Star who have been encouraged by Thompson to be tracked Down the expenses by poring Over University records and using the Freedon of information act to get additional the paper has received a lot of encouragement from the Community since the stories we had a letter to the editor comparing him Wingfield to Marcos with her pair of Huston Huston credits much of the Northern stars aggressive reporting to that whats so great about he encourages us to do investigative Huston Huston said Northern Star reporters have had considerable difficulty trying to communicate with Hes been on Campus almost a but Hes never even been in the Northern stars in Hes never showed up for any publication Board he student reporters have called Wingfield repeatedly for but he has been almost impossible to Huston once a reporter talked to Wingfield about Thompsons reassignment and was told it was made because there is too much negativism in the Huston said Wingfield didst care for the Northern stars style of reporting because it reminded him of the Rupert Murdoch publisher of the Chicago Sun times and other papers school of he said we have distorted but every time we had a we tried to get his but his Secretary usually says he is in a meeting and he does not always return his he but he has returned Calls on Huston also thinks win Fields claim that Thompson fiscally mismanaged the newspaper is at the end of year we had about surplus after buying Worth of computer Hes never had a deficit the things Wingfield lists in the audit arc Hes just using it As an he the protest at Nius commencement today is being organized by a group called alumni for a free which has sought help from the american civil liberties the group has launched a letter writing Campaign and is phoning people from the governor to state representatives on Thompsons like other Niu journalism think win Fields actions Are its a but its a fact aggressive reporters and newspapers have to take about As much heat for aggressive reporting As the subjects of their its much easier for politicians and Public officials caught with their fingers in the cookie Jar to claim foul by the Media which is exposing rather than face up to their 1 Hope Thompson wins his Battle with Wingfield and is restored As faculty adviser of the Northern All citizens must stand on guard against those wanting to limit press state Revenue income taxes increased the most percent change 0 reports Zero in on wasteful state spending personal income taxes corporate income taxes general sales taxes and Gross receipts motor fuel taxes alcohol and tobacco motor vehicle License taxes census Bureau Clearing House Springfield Howard the Veteran chairman of one of the Illinois senates two powerful appropriations has often put Agency directors of the administration of Republican James Thompson on the carpet for questionable expenditures when their budgets came up for this Carroll and Kenneth East the other Senate appropriations committee Are not Content to just skewer the Thompson administration in ornate room 212 of the statehouse where the committees hold their in the past two they have issued press releases they Call waste watch this is not something the environmental Protection Agency should be doing but rather they Are fighting Back against a fundamental belief of now president re invited for talk at College Chicago a Eleanor president of the National organization for has been re invited to speak at Depaul Smeals scheduled speech last month was cancelled by the roman Catholic school because of nows support of a woman Choice to have an now an and hoc group of teachers and students say Smeal will speak at Depaus concert Hall on the schools North Side Campus an administration sponsored speakers committee had invited the now Leader to speak last but the University withdrew the prompting protests from student and staff who said the school had violated academic Depaus the John upheld the saying the speakers committee did not have the authority to invite however he added that there Are no proscribed topics or persons for speakers at a group calling itself the committee to Welcome Eleanor Smeal was formed to re invite Smeal has agreed to waive her customary said Jean a now bureaucracies that what the taxpayers dont know wont Hurt Carroll and Hall As Well As scoring some partisan Points at the expense of the administration controlled by the other political Senate democratic staffers Garrett Deakin and Lawren Tucker Are compiling the examples of questionable state spending for the waste watch reports and they Are often reminiscent of what William d has been doing on Federal boondoggles with his Golden fleece the first report raised eyebrows Over a a month contract Given to former Deputy director Edward Bruno by the Illinois department of alcoholism and substance abuse to Analyse driving under the influence Carroll called it the sweetheart contract of the waste watch i also took a dim View of spent by the Illinois department of agriculture for a Home to be used by James Thompson during the Duquoin state which the state recently purchased from a private it also took some shots at Illinois Epa director Richard Carlson and Deputy director Roger Kanerva for spending nearly Between them for travel Over an 18month waste watch which came out this took some potshots at a lucrative lease contract for a new building to House the Illinois state lottery in Springfield Given by the Thompson administration to a Springfield Developer prominent in Republican Carroll questioned Why the lease Cost had been hiked from for six months to a current request for for eight months plus a upfront onetime assessment for the travel practices of two state bureaucrats also came under waste watch ii questioned the need of David executive director of the criminal Justice information to Fly first class at taxpayers expense to numerous meetings around the it also questioned Why Board of regents Vic Chancellor John Pembroke needed to rent a Cadillac Deville during his one Day he paid a full Days rental to drive a Cadillac from Ohare Airport to the Chicago suburb of Downers Pembroke managed to rack up in expenses for 110 travel Days billed to the state in a one year the report waste watch i is promised for next with further editions to follow while the general Assembly stays in session this month and Carroll and Hall announced this week Senate democrats had decided to the budgets of All state agencies by one they contend there is at least that much waste that could be eliminated and that Revenue projections by the Thompson administration were Overly the pose of austerity in the Senate by Carroll and Hall was not shared by their counterparts in the House appropriations while the Senate committees were reducing or holding the line on appropriation the House in a Gleeful rolling of the pork loaded on some 50 amendments most sought by democrats to the budget of the Illinois department of Commerce and Community affairs on when they Occas Christmas tree appropriation had been swollen by Over some of the ornaments included for parking lots in a Chicago Money to pay the Way of several High school hands to bowl game parades and other and even an appropriation for wrestling Ryan discussed characters and events he covered like a raconteur by Paul Gale of the Telegraph a Young Man who grew up with the smell of printers Bill Ryan enjoyed reporting for the Telegraph so much he would have paid the newspaper to As a Telegraph courthouse Ryan could talk about the events and colourful characters he covered with the skill of a Ryan died of a stroke and was buried today in Ryan spent 40 years in the As he put it in an interview gathering and reporting every Type of a native of Ryan grew up helping his father run a weekly the he worked two years for his dad after graduating from the University of Illinois in Ryan probably could have carried on the family tradition As publisher of the Little but opted instead for a daily newspaper he came to Alton in where Telegraph publisher Paul Cousley hired him As the newspapers first cull time Ryan Edwardsville assigned a Corner in the courthouse office of Madison county Coroner Ryan sent his stones by mail to the Telegraph in another Way was to put them on the old Alton Wood River bus which stopped regularly in front of the Ryan was busily typing a fast breaking Story and would look out the window to see the bus i had to grab the paper out of the typewriter and run to get it on the he recalled in the he didst get there in jumped in a friends car and they flagged the bus Down just outside of Ryan remembered his first Telegraph the late Joe As a Man who would hold the presses if he had a Good if there was a jury deliberating an important trial and a decision was expected Dromgoole would hold everything while the pressroom chomped at the Ryan sometimes when Ryan had a lat breaking he would Call the office to find publisher Paul Cousley on the i can still remember that Cool voice yes Ryan i used to kid him that he was the Best rewrite Man we Ever Paul thought everything about people was he took a walk around town and would come Back with More news than anybody writing All the he was a Man who was looked up to in his editorials could make or break an Paul was a mighty Man a real Power in the people saw him before they started throughout the Ryan developed a love affair with writing about the colourful characters in the one of the More memorable courthouse people he remembers was Jesse a six Footsie Inch Republican states attorney and judge who was a candidate for the Illinois supreme he was one of the old school attorneys a Law and order Type who made eloquent pleas to he was As eloquent As Clarence Ryan Henry a Wood River was another eloquent trial one in the Eaton was going through some probate court records and tipped Ryan off that the estate of the great antislavery crusader and press Martyr Elijah Lovejoy was never so they had a meeting about and got a formal order to get it he another courthouse character Ryan remembers was Bill a states attorney who became a probate judge and who disappeared in the Burton vanished on a vacation trip to and the irs filed a tax Lien against his farm property on the River the property was sold to satisfy the and there was considerable Money but Burton never returned to claim another of the big is in Madison county politics was attorney Alvin when a political crony got a state Job without too much Ryan Bohm would refer to him As the Only Man in Madison county who could walk on dry leaves without making a James Callahan of who became county auditor and later was a legendary Irish politician addicted to colourful he called Rne and he always asked me what i knew that he should he had nicknames for his friends and other some of Callahan nicknames for courthouse whom Ryan declined to were the big big Cannonball and one some of ryans great tipsters during his Days As a reporter Wen circuit clerk Simon Keller Nan or and Leonard operator of Schwartz drug store across the Street from the i had a lot of it might be a courthouse stenographer or i he elevator they would Greet Rne and did you hear about you checked everything one of Hyans More memorable scoops in the newspaper game when he was tipped off that someone was buying property Nen Ryan scurried to his got on the Telephone arid began calling landowners to Check out he Learned the land being bought for Southern Illinois University at Ryan broke the Story in the next Days then Learned the had the Story but had been asked to sit on despite the intense pressures and temptations newspaper people have to Kyan wrote Only one Way get the facts arid Tell the

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