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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 4

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Alton, Illinois Thi Tito tape what we a4 Pettit seems Well qualified perhaps the search for a Chancellor for Southern Illinois University Only seemed Long because the position is so important to the its students and its future the search ended in the selection thursday of Lawrence he will take Over his new duties As soon As possible after july Pettit is now Chancellor of the University system of South including Texas a i University in Corpus Christi state University and Laredo stale obviously the average resident of the the average Siu or the average faculty member of the Siu system is not qualified to judge at this time How Good a Chancellor Pettit will prove to but the length of the search which led to his hiring would seem to indicate that those doing the searching Are the search committee gave every indication of being qualified to do its it is interesting to note that the University system recognizes the now Well established fact that the chief executive of any College system today must be part part and part if the squeaking wheel gets the the persuasive Chancellor gets the no Chancellor need Sacri fice educational background and knowledge or administrative ability to be also adept at the Art of wooing those politicians who hold the purse indications Are that Pettit is Well qualified in that important part of his As Well As in the Tough decision on hangars anyone who thinks that commissioners of the Louis regional Airport Are less than firm is going to have to rethink his position after their rejection of a proposal to build additional hangers at the the plan called for 16 such buildings which essentially House one single engined aircraft the according to information furnished at the would have Cost and produced Revenue of approximately a month in Marshall Zeke Airport offered to cough up the Quarter of a million dollars the commissioners chose not to accept the offer for whatever the commissioners May yet reverse their Field and decide to build the they Are obviously worried about building a facility which will not be used to they Are Wise perhaps to go unfortunately they Are in the position of being criticized either if they spend the Money and the hangers Are not taxpayers will be if they dont build the someone will be sure to insist the Airport authority is losing Revenue which could be substituted for which is Why the commissioners Are by to be Worth the Money they draw from the new tax Laws Are needed is it perhaps possible that the tax Reform program now in Congress May yet become Law possible not on your 1040 the problem lies in two Points 1 a lot of Roh toes Are going to be stepped on and 2 people tend to remember and scream about what is being taken away from them while ignoring and keeping quiet about what they May be for a Middle income family of four with typical deductions would get a tax Cut under the tax overhaul plan written by the Senate finance on the other a two earner couple with no children and total income of would about More in taxes if the plan becomes according to Ira director of National tax services for Coopers Lybrand a fou member family with in wages and too few deductions to itemize would pay less a tax Cut of 23 a single person earning wages and interest would pay almost exactly the same taxes As under present Shapiro so the family getting the break will do the family which would pay More taxes will yell Long and of regardless of the Justice involved in the someone who has been getting a free ride for years will feel imposed upon if he has to pay a he whose tax Bill is going up is not going to admit he might have been paying less than his share for the last 20 limiting the deductible Ira contributions to those not covered by company pensions is going to draw a lot of opposition too although it makes probably the plans Best Chance lies in the fact so Many americans want some kind of it is the old new and improved almost any new tax setup would be better than what we have John Foca Fri kept an Eye on Hudson Washington the fear Ful that Rock Hudson apparent homosexual proclivities could harm the bureaus image if he portrayed a Man in the kept close watch on the actor throughout the 1960s and Early according to documents in the bureaus a Hollywood Star for three died last fall after publicly revealing his affliction with acquired immune deficiency following his there was open speculation of what Hollywood and the Fri had believed for years that Hudson was a we first reported 14 years ago that the Fri had secret dossiers on Hudson and other entertainment according to the information just released to our reporter Tony Capaccio under the Freedom of information the columns we wrote then set off a determined Fri search for our efforts Are continuing to identify Andersons source for Fri material through analysis of Ander sons to attempt to isolate a single document or item which might pinpoint Andersons states an internal Fri memo dated May the men apparently suspected that the leak came from some other the memo says we Are checking possibility of Andersons source being at the White House or secret through extremely discreet contacts at the White the Fri files make Clear that the bureaus sole interest in Hudson was his sexual behaviour and the concern that he might play an Fri agent on the Silver As Early As a memo reported on a Hollywood party that was raided by police because of alleged sexual orgies on the files of guests names were confiscated during the raid and As a result Many prominent individuals have reportedly been revealed As apparently participants in these the memo the names included Rock in the Fri sent a memo to the White House that stated the actor had not been the subject of an Fri the memo did inform president John son that a confidential informant reported that several years ago while he was in new York he had an affair with movie Star Rock the memo continued the in Formant stated that from personal knowledge he knew that Rock Hud son was a the belief was expressed that by personal knowledge the informant meant he had personally indulged in Homo sexual acts with Hudson or had witnessed or received the information from individuals who had done the Fri memo to the White House also disclosed that another informant had provided similar Tes Timony in and that the bureaus los Angeles Field office had reported the Standard rumours of that time regarding Hudson sex Ual the Fri was particularly concerned about two 1960s Chicago 7 and a Fine a historian at the american film Institute told our associate Donald Goldberg that Chicago in which Hudson was to have played an Fri agent on a kidnapping was never a memo to Fri director Edgar Hoover said the bureaus activities were treated Jack Anderson very favourably and accurately in the but added our files indicate that Rock a prominent leading has been alleged to be a homosexual the Fri was alerted to the other movie by an item in daily variety of Hollywood on it said Hudson was to play an Fri agent who becomes involved with a jewel the Bureau tried desperately to get a copy of the but As it turned Hud sons role was changed to that of a new York City but the Fri continued to keep its Eye on Kremlin watch even before the horrifying Accident near the soviets had been spewing radio Active debris into the atmosphere and onto neighbouring countries Ever since they promised not to in the limited test ban treaty of the agreement forbids nuclear tests that would cause radioactive Gas or dust to rain Down outside the testing country one recent secret report weve seen identifies some 400 soviet underground nuclear tests since 1963 and says 32 specific events have been identified As unambiguously venting gaseous or particulate de Bris which transited soviet Territo rial limits about 30 additional detections of vented debris beyond the Borders have been characterized As probably attributable to a specific nuclear and More than 150 detections of vented debris were characterized As possibly attributable to a specific nuclear on the soviets flight tested a new intercontinental ballistic the inform ing the United states that this was the one new Type permitted by the a ratified Salt ii but on As we were first to they flew a second new the this was a Clear violation of Salt True or false test on America and affluence True or false the big multinational Banks and especially those build ing Rule Money earned by Money will always be taxed More lightly in this country than Money earned by the sweat of poor americans Are virtually and surely and will never be favored by tax tax shelters Are not insidious sops to the but Are induce ments necessary to getting wealthy people to finance decent housing for the or the poor plus other social endeavours that make for a More decent without deductions for iras individual retirement accounts and other savings the Ameri can people would never build up enough capital to make the wheels Carl Rowan of Industry and Commerce in the on issues like taxes and the Washington lobbyists prove again and again that we have the Best Congress Money can a reasonable facsimile of this test was Given to members of the sen ate finance committee the other and to a nations astonish the lawmakers voted 20 to 0 that the answer to All of the above is the entire Senate and and president Are going to have to take this test in the next few their Trues and fal ses will Tell us a lot about the kind of society we have Robert Packwood and his finance committee col leagues Are saying that the anguished cries of americas Low income families Are being and that the tax code will be reformed so that 6 million relatively poor people will pay no the committee is saying that it is derailing the Gravy train of some companies in the military Industrial Complex which defer and never seem to face up to tax the ruling corporations Are going to wind up paying a fair share of the Rich Are supposed to find tax Dodges hard to come and a new minimum tax hard to Swal you lads shoes borrowed from a scarecrow seventy five years ago on the old Grafton Road there were families who knew severe poverty and it was up to neighbors to do what they could afford to the final solution was to end up living at the poor farm at the county seat in our hardworking and lightly earned a living but there were others worse off downright on one occasion my Mother had baked a Chicken for a sick neighbor she put it in her favorite Basket with a cloth Napkin cover and sent it Home with the girls brother who Hung around our place after school playing with my brother and she cautioned him to see to it that the Basket and Napkin were returned right several weeks went by and the boy never showed one my father returning from a came Home with the Basket and to get to one of our Fields from the the Godfrey township Road commissioner had put in a Culvert in the drainage ditch next to the Field so that heavy machinery could be moved he had found the Basket and Napkin poked into the end of the the boy showed up and admitted to my Mother that he had eaten the Chicken after Spring Corn planting some Farmers put up scarecrows in their the rags they Svere clothed flapping in a steady were supposed to frighten away and keep hungry crows from scratching out and helping themselves to the lightly covered a better off neighbor had noticed that a boy Down the Road was wearing old workout he had bought him a new pair sometime previously at Gissler shoe repair store in North Alton and asked him if he had already worn them the boy in saving these i have on i took off a scarecrow in a Ralph Matthey Rocky Ohio switcher has soul Brothers columnist George will reports a tight race for a Nevada Senate that could tip the balance from the Republican the opponents Harry a lifelong demo and Jim a former turned for the time Santini should mesh in with other Washington bigwigs who switched parties when they didst get the proper pampering to sooth their Ronald Jesse Strom it Tom Lehmann Alton and we Are All destined to wind up cheering a More just who thinks the savings and loan the the Stock brokers who have sold billion Worth of iras Are going to watch meekly As Packwood it Al wipe out this tax the invest ment Industry already is screaming that cancelling the deductibility of iras would be oth ers Are saying that to wipe out the capital gains preferences on Money earned from stocks and other deals older than six months would be even More crushing to the i dont need to be labor the Point the Packwood Reform offends a lot of greedy but it also troubles millions who believe that the tax code is properly used to Foster social the in will be busting out All Over in this and most of them will be Good lobbyists fighting in behalf of Good they will go to the mat with Packwood when it All washes you and i can take anew that True or false quiz about the heart and soul of no Tabu quotes the Day of the printed word is far from Swift As is the delivery of the radio graphic As is televisions eyewitness the task of adding meaning and clarity remains or people cannot and need not absorb meanings at the Speed of newspaper editor a journalist owes nothing to those who govern his he owes everything to his newspaper editor the of news from 25 and 50 years ago May letting of contracts for major physical improve ments to the telegraphs including air Condi was much of the physical alteration to the building was made advisable by the Cooling system additional operational space would be provided too window space in All the Walls would be and a new front would he put on the eliminating among other the present High arched windows in the the front would be covered with two tones of polished Biederman furniture co was celebrating its 75th anniversary according to Lou manager of the Alton 6 new stores had been opened in the Midwest in the previous two bringing the total to Joseph Cole of the West Junior High school was awarded a full one year scholar ship to Pennsylvania state Bagley would do additional graduate study in with emphasis on teaching the he was an German and French instructor at West after teaching in the Alton school system for four he was granted a leave of absence to study at Penn the award carried with it a Grant of a Post High school electronics technician Educa Tion program at East Al Onwood River Community High school received some additional training equip donated by Shell Oil More than 390 would participate in a Fine arts festival to be held at Wood River Community High school May revised methods for reconstructing a Bridge Over the collapsed Section of the cofferdam for the second Section of the Federal dam were started by the engineering construction the new approach provided a system of trestle work immediately up composed of Timber piling 80 feet Long firmly braced by heavy coupled with the use of reinforced sections of steel Sheet a Blanket of Protection Stone was put into the River in the immedi ate Vicinity of the existing opening to withstand the scouring effect of the Swift moving two area infants were born on mothers a son to William James Reilly of Grandview ave and a son to or and William Nobblitt of Wood bijoy Gschwend was Crown bearer for the mothers Day religious ceremony held in the Chapel of Josephs in which the blessed Virgin was Margie Boschert placed the the Alton team entered in a Crapshoot at Centralia which captured n of the 18 medals was composed of Earl who won first place in the individual High and Charles Davis was elected Regent of ninian Edwards miss Erna Bayless resigned her position As director of the health education department of the Young woman Christian she would enter school in new under sponsorship of the National

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