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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Alton, Illinois Godfrey Utility turn by John Stetson Telegraph staff writer the rift Between the Godfrey township Utility Board and the town Board of auditors intensified Friday night when the Utility Board failed to show up at a special meeting and turn Over its records to the town Board. As the town Board realized that the Utility Board Wasny to going to appear last night auditor Herchel Beane asked what Legal action could be taken a and that started a verbal Battle Between Beane town Board attorney Steve Mottaz and township supervisor Dale Kennedy. Beane asked Mottaz for a Legal opinion on the ordinance presented and passed at the regular town Board meeting tuesday in which the Utility Board was stripped of most of its Powers and ordered to turn Over its records to the town Board. A you did no task my opinion on that ordinance when you presented it a Mottaz told Beane a and frankly i done to believe ifs Beane said the town Board was being legally a Maneu Vereda by the Mottaz Brothers Steve and Ronald. Steve represents the town Board and Ronald the Utility Board. A suit would pit brother against brother. Beane said further a i Don t think we re As dumb As the Mottaz Brothers think we after Beanes remark. Steve Mottaz said he would not be the lawyer in a Case where the town Board took action against the Utility Board. He added a there have been some charges from individual members of the town Board about conflict of interest and i done to want to get into that _ Alton Telegraph it of. 138. No. 159 serving Madison Jersey Maco Upin Greene and Calhoun counties at co. It Alton. Illinois saturday.,july 21. 1973 3section 38pages Price i or terrorists threaten blow Irple Ane Dubai api a a squad of terrorists in a sweltering giant Japan air lines jumbo Jet threatened today to blow up the plane at Dubai a desert Airstrip if anyone approached the aircraft police said. One of the hijackers a woman was killed Friday when a hand grenade she was holding exploded accidentally shortly after Takeoff from Amsterdam according to the airline. The hijackers radioed to officials in the Dubai control Tower that a we Are awaiting instructions a but they did not say from whom or where the instructions were supposed to come. The officials thought the hijackers were isolated from their command after cruising around the Middle East before Landing Friday night at Dubai an Arab Sheik Dom on the persian Gulf. There was no immediate request for refuelling or Ransom for the plane and its occupants. An official said the terrorists first demand was for �?o250 sandwiches and the Boeing 747 was ringed by armed police As it sat in the hot Sun near the cargo Section of the Airport. The terrorists refused to see anyone but they told officials in the control Tower that they were holding japanese German dutch peruvian French and Arab passengers along with the Crew. The Airport was closed to All flights and no vehicles were allowed within two Miles of the Airstrip. Ground Crews hooked a Small Generator to the plane but officials doubted it would be sufficient to Cool the huge plane. A they must really be cooking out there now a one police officer said As the fierce desert Sun climbed higher in the sky and sent the temperature to 102 degrees with 95 per cent humidity. Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid defense minister of the United Arab emirates went on Board to negotiate shortly after the plane arrived. But there were no apparent results and the terrorists refused to allow the women and children to de plane. Union electric says less pollution at Portage Plant by Dennis Mcmurray Telegraph staff writer Union electric co. Has just completed installation of $12 million in new ant pollution equipment on the tall stacks of its Portage Des Sioux Power Plant an improvement which should eliminate most of the complaints of floating ashes and soot made by Godfrey area residents 3ince the Plant was constructed a top be official told the Telegraph Friday. Dense Black smoke soot and flyash from the 100-foot High Sioux stacks have drawn repeated complaints from residents in the Vicinity particularly Godfrey homeowners who live on the Bluffs and have complained of discoloured siding and fences. Be executive vice president in charge of operations Earl k. Dille acknowledged the citizen complaints and said a a we be known those stacks Haven to been up to Par for several years the original equipment installed at Sioux did not meet the guarantee and so we went in and rebuilt them. The new equipment should catch 22 times As much flyash As before and those stacks should look pretty Dille said that the Sioux Plant still does not meet Missouri Fulfur dioxide emission standards As a result of using High Fulfur Southern Illinois Coal but he said the emissions posed no threat to humans or plants and animals. Dille said the Federal environmental Protection Agency bad not been Able to show that there was technology available on the Market to control the Fulfur dioxide problem and still Burn Coal rather than increasingly scarce but less polluting fuel sources such As Oil. Dille said the same environmental a ii n prospects must be Marrie activists who pressured utilities to convert their Power plants to Oil now criticized the utilities for using too much Oil. Dille noted the poor performance of the cat of system at Illinois Powers Wood River Plant noting that three years ago the developers of cat of Monsanto had tried to persuade the Missouri air conservation commission that the system Quot was ready to go and All we had to do was buy he added a we said it was not ready and now we re being proved in a related matter the Sioux Plant site is pretty far Down the list in consideration of locations for two big new Coal fired generating units the company intends to build along with an already announced nuclear Plant Dille revealed. Up officials also revealed that Sharp curtailments from the company a natural Gas supplier and a More than doubling of the company a Cost of obtaining propane to convert the Gas for Home heating would Force Sharp Gas rate increases this coming Winter for the company a customers in the Alton area. The company has a a fuel rider which allows it to pass on higher fuel costs to the consumer through higher rates consumer through higher rates. The officials also said that Union electric May also be forced to Stop accepting new Gas customers soon because of its continued curtailment of supplies. Illinois Power co. Has already instituted such a policy. In his Exchange of words with supervisor Kennedy Beane asked Kennedy Why he did no to cooperate More fully with the town Board in its attempts to strip the Utility Board of its Powers a As provided in tuesday night s ordinance. Kennedy said he had done everything he was told to by the Board. Quot Don t you Ever do anything unless you re told Quot Beane challenged. Quot yes i do a hell of a lot More than you will Kennedy flared Back a a in be done Many things that you Don t even know or care during the tirade Kennedy charged Beane with political motivation and Beane said that he has too Good a Job to be interested in Kennedy a Post As supervisor. Beane also charged the Utility Board chairman Harold Skinner had told Bill Fisher to be at the meeting a simply to Embarrass Fisher the Bond consultant for the Utility Board and also a chief critic of its members said that Skinner had called him and told him to attend. When tempers cooled town Board members Beane and Lanny Darr asked what procedure could be followed to take Legal action against the Utility Board to Force it to turn Over its books and records. Mottaz said that the Only Way to file such a suit would be to get Public approval at a meeting of the electorate and that meeting could Only be set at a regular meeting of the town Board. Members of the Utility Board could not be reached for comment. It was pointed out that the ordinance approved tuesday night had not been publicly posted yet because town clerk Harold Horsley whose Job it is is out of town on vacation. In order for an ordinance to become valid it must be posted or published and then to Days afterwards it becomes Law. Since Kennedy had ruled that no official action could be taken on anything except the turning Over of the records a which he claimed was the sole reason for the special meeting a the session was adjourned and Board members discussed their plans for the next regular town Board meeting aug. 7. Illegal Cash gift admitted Washington apr the chairman of Ashland Oil inc. Has acknowledged the corporation made a an extremely regrettable Quot illegal $100,000 Cash contribution to president Nixon a 1972 reelection Campaign. Chairman Olin e. Atkins Friday said the contribution was made in Early 1972 by a subsidiary without the know ledge of the Board of directors Iii watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox said the contribution apparently was solicited by and delivered to Maurice ii. Stans chairman of the Nixon Campaign finance committee. Two weeks ago american airlines admitted it donated $55,000 to the Nixon re election Campaign. Tank floats up a combination of the gasoline shortage and 7.19 inches of rain recorded at Topeka. Kan., in the past three Days caused a Large empty gasoline storage tank to float up through the ground breaking a six Inch thick slab of Concrete at a closed service station. Gene Pfeifer left and Marvin Terhune attendants from the station across the Street examined the curiosity. A wire photo pork prices go up As shoppers stores by David Miles for the Telegraph pork prices in Alton area stores climbed to to 20 cents a Pound Friday As shoppers began buying up some products a a especially Bacon a to beat the expected Price rises. Prices on chickens have climbed five cents a Pound at most stores while beef prices remain under current Price freeze controls. Most stores Are also fearing shortages next week especially in beef since lice i raisers Are holding their Stock off the Market. Shortages of pork and especially Bacon Are reported at those stores that Haven to raised prices As yet. At Brown amp sons Iga meat department manager Jerry Ridenhour said All pork is gone. He is expecting Price increases on pork next week to be As much As 40 to 50 cents a Pound. Tri City on the Beatline reported Selling much More pork than Normal yesterday morning but when prices went up in the afternoon sales shifted to beef. Also Chicken sales were up yesterday. Bacon sales were very Good there also. The a amp p store on Washington Avenue in upper Alton reported considerable increases in All meat sales and Are completely sold out of Bacon. Their prices have not raised As yet. Tom bid of the Wood River a supermarket reports that the wholesale Price of pork has jumped 20 cents a Pound. For example his retail Price of a it Ork Steak under tin freeze was 99 cents per Pound. But Friday the wholesale Price jumped to 97 cents per Pound. He also said that he is expecting a shortage in beef soon As beef producers will tend to hold their cattle off the Market until after the Price freeze on beef is lifted in september. A couple of area stores reported slightly different trends in sales aryans said they Are Selling less pork than Normal even though their prices Haven to raised As yet. But they do report an upsurge in beef sales As most other stores do. The Schutz Tomboy Market in Wood River says people Are holding Back from buying there. They Are expecting most of the shortages and problems to straighten out sometime next week. On the wholesale level of the meat Industry buyers Are reporting a on the Hoof pork Price increases of 50 cents per Pound. This increase has apparently influenced cattle raisers to sit Back and wait for a similar release of Price controls in their Industry. One Packer reported a Friend of his a cattle grower hearing about the release of pork prices on the radio of his truck while taking a Load of cattle to Market yesterday. The cattleman immediately turned his truck around and went Home to sit out the Price freeze before taking his cattle to Market. Ridenhour of brow i Iga summed up the current meat Price situation when he said a it s ridiculous no one knows where meat prices will eventually Fri probing drug raids As Alton jury opens in in by Arthur j. Thomason Telegraph staff writer the Fri has been conducting investigation into mistaken drug raids by Federal narcotics agents and a grand jury probe of the incidents will cover a a several other raids not made Public it was disclosed in Alton Friday. The Fri has for the past a three to four weeks been involved in a a Mas Ives investigation of possible violation of criminal Laws by drug agents according to William Gardner Deputy chief of the criminal division for civil rights. Fred be Hindery special agent in charge of the Cleveland Ohio Fri office has been heading the Fri probe Gardner disclosed. The Justice department official also revealed that the grand jury will begin in Alton monday an investigation of mistaken drug raids. A heiress offers Fortune to a or. Hight in Wedlock looking for him a Young lady who said she is Jane Loemker sits in the Peck building at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and says she is looking for a husband. Here she looks up at Prospect who is off camera. Jane tells anyone who asks that she will inherit $100,000 if she gets married by aug. 15. By Ron Hempel for the Telegraph a who is Jane Loemker and Why is she doing this to us a is the question being asked by site s eligible bachelors these Days. Friday a Good looking Young blonde Maiden appeared in the crowded hallway of the Siu Peck building at Edwardsville and surrounded herself with Large hand lettered signs a desperate. I need a husband a a inheritance purposes a a i must be married by August 15, 1973�?� a i will interview prospects a she got attention. A crowd of about 20 people both male and female gathered. A Are you for real what is this a psychology Experiment maybe she s taking Henslin s marriage course is this a joke a a questions like that were thrown at and around her. In answer Jane replied that an unde had died and that he was a bit eccentric. A if i get married before in a 26 years old i will inherit $100,000 and my 26th birthday is August 15, 1973,�?� Jane said. A a in a taking names now of single males and i will interview them later and the Man i choose will get half of the $100,000 however the winning husband must agree to live with Jane for at least one year to receive his share of the Money. A the will have to live in the same House but he will not have to support me a she said. But some things did no to Check out. Jane at first was reluctant to have tier photo taken she told the photographer to Contact her lawyer. At that Point she jotted Down the address of her lawyer. It was 427 y Ilmore. No such address exists in Edwardsville. And East St. Louis plus several others that were not reported to the Public Gardner would not reveal the number or nature of the undisclosed raids other than to say a More than a half dozen were involved. He also would not disclose whether or not the investigation of the additional raids stems from them being reported to authorities by victims or being uncovered from the Justice department and Fri investigation. Gardner said the grand jury probe in no Way has any connection with suits filed in behalf of four of the raids victims against the Federal agents. He said however that the investigative panel would look into raids in addition to those involving lawsuits. Gardner is assisting William o Connor Deputy assistant attorney general for civil rights. Of Connor and Gardner said victims of the raids and agents of the Federal drug abuse i a enforcement Daus in St. Vouis will be called to testify. Gardner declined to make any a judgment As to criminal charges that could be made against the drug agents involved in the raids. He said several attorneys from the Justice department were assisting in the investigation and would be in Alton available for the grand jury each Day of the probe. Gardner would not speculate on the length of the investigation or what the results might be but judge Morgan said he told the grand jury to expect at least three to four weeks. Morgan said the grand jury will meet four Days a week at the Federal courthouse in Alton lie said that he gave Quot no special instructions to the is a regular grand jury there is no such thing As a special grand jury a lie said. The panel will include 23 persons 16 of whom must be present at All grand jury meetings. Before it was Learned that the Fri was involved in an investigation of the Federal a drug agents actions an Fri agent carrying a window fan into the Alton Fri office across the Hall from were the grand jury was meeting said a a we be got so Many people in there that of ii1 air conditioning in t doing any asked if the i by were providing Security for any witnesses Gardner said he did no to know. There appeared to be no special Security precautions taken although a a Collinsville couple whose Home was raided by drug agents were at one time known to he hiding to avoid harassment. Inside editorial. A-4 Church Page. .b-6-7 pollution emergency. New look in churches. Died. Leisure. B i 2, 3 Mills losing lout. A a Jesus Christ superstar breakfast. A-3 books. Head starters have meal out. Weather. .4-6 Dies. Cooler sunday Low 65, High 80�?~s. After Freak Accident. Television. Section c sports. Imo comics. Aids again Tail to take advantage. Obituaries. 4 7 family. By classified. R-8 sew at Home feature y music merits. 8 n. B-2-3

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