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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 1

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Alton, Illinois The Wec Kyncl Tho knights arc Cool Dinga Lings miss Julie Mcghee of East Alton is a member of the Rifle line of the prestigious Black knights drum amp Bugle corps at Belleville. Don and Pat Plarski of the Telegraph staff Tell How Julie and other area youth devote themselves to the knights. See Page b to. When the phone rings what do you do Doug Thompson says you will answer it no matter what else you May be doing. Thompson looks at the phone and its effect on our lives in his column today on Page b l. I rom Here to everywhere an idea for spreading the gospel developed in a Jersey county barn and has spread Over the world. The Story is told in the religion Section Page b l 3.Alton Telegraph serving Madison Jersey Maco Upin Greene and Calhoun counties vol 139, no. 153 at co. G Alton. Illinois saturday. July 13. 197 i 3 sections-31 Page Price i be John d. Ehrlichman Ehrlichman convicted examination of Ellsberg a psychiatric records. On an aug. La. 1971 memo Ehrlichman had written beneath his initials instructions on How the operation should be carried out. A a if done under your Assurance that it is not traceable a Ehrlichman wrote to two White House aides. Ehrlichman testified he had nothing illegal in mind in fact never considered what the plumbers specifically planned in proposing the operation. The jury member said once a review of the White House memos was Complete and they were in turn compared with testimony of the 25 witnesses in the trial it took Only one vote to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge. A second informal poll was taken later to verify the first the juror said. The jury voted to convict on two of three counts charging Ehrlichman with committing perjury before the grand jury plus another count which said he lied to the Fri. He was acquitted of lying to the grand jury about who had custody of the plumbers files. Almost All of Ehrlichman s defense against those charges amounted to a claim of poor memory. A the jury had difficulty believing there could be that Many lapses of memory a the juror said. The jury found that Ehrlichman lied to the grand jury on May 14, 1973, when he testified that he knew nothing of an attempt to obtain from the Central intelligence Agency a psychiatric profile of Ellsberg who leaked the secret Pentagon papers study of the Vietnam War to the press. Alton state land Deal snags by Bill Mcfadin telegraphs capital Bureau Springfield a a state plan to turn Over land at Alton state Hospital to the City of Alton Wood River township and the Bethalto school District was shelved by the Illinois House just before adjournment Friday night. The House refused to accept two minor Senate amendments to the Bill giving it 88 affirmative votes with 89 required for passage. The Bill was the last piece of action in the Spring session of the general Assembly. The vote was 88-10. Rep. Robert Walters Ralton. Said he believed House republicans were a playing games with the Bill to a get even with rep. Gerald Shea a Riverside the House assistant minority Leader and chief sponsor of the Bill. The Alton land Transfer was tied to a Bill doing the same Job in Chicago in transferring a Small state Park to the Chicago Park District. Both Senate amendments concerned the Chicago portion of the Bill. Only once did any legislator object to the Alton portion of the Bill and he was quickly outvoted. Sen. John Knuppel a Petersburg had objected to the Alton Transfer and offered a Senate amendment to kill that part of the Bill but was Defeated on the Senate floor. Walters said the defeat Friday night May have no effect on the Transfer. Because the Bill was held up until after july i if it had gotten 89 votes it could not have gone into effect until july i 1975. If the Bill gets Only 89 votes in the fall session this year the effective Date would be the same. Only if the Bill were voted out of the House with 107 or More votes a three fifths majority would it become effective any sooner in that Case it could become a Law As soon As gov. Daniel Walker signs it or some other effective Date set in the Bill. Walters said the Bill was the last business taken up by the House before adjournment and was put on a postponed consideration a meaning the final vote does not count and the Bill can be brought Back for action later. Walters said a a in a not concerned about getting the Bill passed in the fall because it had earlier passed the House with 113 votes. But by the time it came to a vote Friday night Many of the representatives had already left Springfield and were headed Home. Walters said the 88 votes were showing on the electronic Roll Board and rep. Adeline Geo Karis a Chicago tried to change her vote from a a not to a yes a but House speaker w. Robert Blair a Park Forest refused to recognize her. Rep. John Sharp. A East Alton a cosponsor of an earlier Bill to Transfer the land was not in Springfield Friday. His would have been the 89th vote for the Bill and Given the Bill its final passage. Walters said his House colleagues would a rather let the land sit than develop a Park in the City of Chicago and the City of he blamed Petty politics for the failure by the House to agree to the Senate amendments. One of the two amendments added an abandoned Roadway to the Chicago Park land. The other corrected a grammatical error by changing a comma to a period. Continued on Page 2, col. 2 lightning knocks out Power by of Flosi Telegraph staff writer Edwardsville lightning knocked out a major Power distribution transformer Here at 4 10 . Friday during a storm cutting off electricity most of the night to 2,100 Homes and business places Illinois Power co. Manager Roy Stroyek said today. The outage hit the East and Southwest sections of Edwardsville the Southwest Rural area and customers West along Rte. 143 and North along Rte. 159, Stroyek reported one of the casualties was the Mississippi River festival at site Here but an emergency Generator was switched on and the show went on. Many people spent a sweltering night without air conditioning. About 40 Power company crewmen were pressed into service Stroyek said to Correct the condition and by 10 30, six hours after the transformer was knocked out there were still 1,500 customers without Power. Crewmen switched customers to substations gradually restoring Power Over the night to All but about 300 la Oil i nor 2.1 id. Quot it by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a John d. Ehrlichman once described by president Nixon As one of the finest Public servants he Ever knew has been convicted of plotting an illegal search at the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. After a 12-Day trial a Federal court jury took five hours Friday to find Ehrlichman guilty of the conspiracy charge and of lying to the Fri and a watergate grand jury about the sept. 3,1971 break in by the White House investigative unit known As the plumbers. Within minutes of the verdict Ehrlichman said his lawyers would Appeal the Case. Three other defendants were also found guilty of conspiring to violate the constitutional rights of the psychiatrist. Or Lewis j. Fielding of Beverly Hills Calif. Until he resigned april 30, 1973, the 49-year-old Ehrlichman was among the closest of Nixon s assistants. The former White House Domestic affairs chief now is subject to a maximum jail sentence of 25 years and fines of up to $40,000. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell set sentencing for july 31 until then the defendants remain free. The other defendants. G. Gordon Liddy and Miami ans Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio r Martinez could receive maximum sentences of to years in jail and fines of $10,000. Those three were convicted last year in connection with the 1972 break in at democratic party Headquarters in the watergate Complex Here. A member of the jury who asked not to be identified said there was some heated discussion at first about Ehrlichman but then the jurors began a review of a series of White House memos included in the trial evidence which helped Settle the Issue for them. Associate special watergate prosecutor William h. Merrill had built much of his Case on the memos in which Ehrlichman gave his approval to a cover major study of air pollution Here to be made under new plan by Dennis Mcmurr Vav Telegraph staff writer St. Louis a a major study of air pollution in the area will intensify this month with samplings taken by fleets of helicopters air planes Mobile vans and a network of 25 fixed monitoring stations four of which will be in the Telegraph area it was announced Friday. The northernmost of the monitoring stations will be near Delhi and others will be located just South of Wood River near Mitchell and Between Glen Carbon and Alton police arrested a 15-year-old Alton girl Friday night who was among about too other youths they found in Riverview Park where they also saw evidence that some of the youths were sniffing paint which police said can get them High and also cause brain damage. Police said they closed Down the Park about to after they charged the girl with intoxication and resisting arrest. After the Park was closed police found Beer cans scattered about along with several Small plastic bags that gave off a Strong odor of paint. Inside editorial .a-4 Illinois governors and their vetoes. Do cd a s legislature fails in Power struggle woes .a-3 Man stays alive with no kidneys. Legislature .a-2 a final look at the session. Sports.b-6 Gibson misses 3,000th strikeout family. B-4 Yew a stay at Home campy Maryville. The whole St. Louis Region will be in the total air pollution monitoring system. The regional air pollution study raps is the most concentrated program yet to obtain hard scientific data and measurements of air pollutants and is regarded As a Pilot study for the nation and the Only one of its kind said the project Field director Gen William h. Best of the . Environmental Protection Agency. Starting july 28 through the month of they also found a can of paint which police think the youths were sniffing. The 15-year-old girl was arrested after she staggered from a car parked near the Park. She appeared to be intoxicated and became abusive with officers As she was being arrested. Police put her into a squad car As they continued to Check the area but she twice tried to crawl out the squad car window. After she was taken to police Headquarters she had to be forced from the car into the station to be booked. Worried Man .a-6,7 no Ziajor disclosures but insight on the president. Consumerism b-9 pessimism about Economy prevails. Weather. B-14 Low 70 Schance of showers. Television. A-7 fun Page. Bill obituaries.a-8 classified .a-8 amusements b-3 August and then in november february and August each year through 1977, raps will use a Fleet of 3 helicopters 6 air planes and several Mobile vans to Monitor air pollutants at different Levels and locations Best said at a press conference at Washington University. Seventeen of the 25 air monitoring stations will also Start operating by the end of this month and the remainder should be operating by the end of this year Best said. The monitoring stations being built by Rockwell International at a Cost of around $100,000 apiece will operate continuously and Are totally Remote controlled to feed data into computers at the area Epa Headquarters in Creve Coeur to. Each station though also contains its own computer and other sophisticated air monitoring equipment including air intake ducts thirty 100-foot-High meteorological towers equipped with wind and temperature gauges and other devices a Rockwell official said. Best said raps is the most Complete study attempted yet to provide solid scientific data Over an extended period As a basis of a a strategies to curb air pollution. The total Cost of the study is estimated at $25 million. The study is being done for research and not in itself to establish any regulations or pinpoint any particular a a culprits Best said a but he added that data from the state would be made periodically available to local and state air pollution control officials who might use it for regulatory or enforcement actions. The planning for the study has actually been going on for about two years but Best and other project officials met at Washington University this week to finish planning and Start the actual gathering of data on a full scale basis. Balloons radar Infra red photography and lasers Are some of the other devices that will be used to gather information about air pollutants in the Region. Riverview Park closed abusive girl arrested Legal Way out a House speaker w. Robert Blair a Park Forest left and House minority Leader rep. Clyde Choate Danna it right listen to democratic Legal aide Dave Epstein right explain How they can pass controversial House Bill 2303 on Friday. The House deleted amendment no. To to the Bill after the Senate adjourned. A special session w ill have to be called by the governor to bring the Senate Back in to agree w Ith the decision of the House. A wire photo ii Senate called Back by William c. Wertz associated press writer Springfield 111. A Illinois senators who scattered after the adjournment of the general Assembly s Spring session Are being called Back into a special session today. Senate president William c. Harris reached at his Home in Pontiac said he did not think he could return to Springfield in time for the 4 . Session called by gov. Daniel Walker. The special session was called at the request of House leaders w to accused the Senate of trying to coerce the House into approving a controversial amendment previously rejected several times. The Senate adjourned Friday immediately after attaching the amendment to a Bill appropriating $58 million to various agencies and commissions and providing a $100-a-month raise to about 50,000 state employees. The disputed amendment involves a $7,500 reimbursement to three employees of the state mental health department found guilty of violating an employees civil rights at Manteno state Hospital near Kankakee. Both houses must agree on a Bill in identical form before it can be sent to the governor for signature. Thus the House would have had to accept the amendment in order to approve the appropriations Bill before adjournment. But after nearly an hour of bitter dispute House leaders came up with a plan to approve All the Bill except the amendment. They urged Walker to Call continued on Page 2, col. 31

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