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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 1

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Alton, Illinois Alton Telegraph serving Madison Jersey Maco Upin Greene and Calhoun counties vol. Us no. 14 Cost. Jan. 13,1134 wad., Fob. I Nalton Iii. 7 sections 12 pages single cop lit Laclede seeks second round of wage concessions a a ,. A. A a the mar enc Exchange and the on a Short term basis Only to please the co. Do have continuous casting i by l. Allen Klope business amp labor writer the future of americans steel Industry is Bleak a labor Leader and a former steel company executive agreed As hourly employees of Laclede steel co. Are asked to consider wage concessions for the second time. Members of local 3643 of United steelworkers of America Uswa at Laclede Salton Mill Are asked to meet at 9 a m. Or 4 p m. Saturday to consider negotiated concessions. Last year the Union agreed to a 15 percent wage Cut for four months. The meetings will be held in Hathe Way Hall of Lewis and Clark Community College where the steelworkers will be asked to vote on the negotiated concessions said buddy w. Davis director of District 34 of Uswa. Davis said negotiations will continue this week Between Laclede and Uswa officials on the concessions. Laclede previously announced the company would be seeking concessions from the employees a hourly and salaried. The saturday meetings follow a debate Between Davis and Russell Solomon former vice president of Granite City steel co. And now a professor in the school of science and engineering at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Speaking to the student chapter of the american society for personnel administration they agree on the Bleak future of steel but for a variety of reasons. Davis set the tone of the program by explaining the Industry is separated into three categories Large steel Mills medium sized independents such As la Tiede and the specially plants or there Are nine Large Mills in the ., and eight of them negotiate collectively with Uswa Davis said. The mini Mills Are those with limited production have Small labor forces Many non Union but most Are profitable. A the Large and medium sized plants Are taking a Bloodbath and there is enough blame to go around a Davis said. The major Factor is a steel glut in America he said partly caused by steel imports. In 1950, Only 2.3 percent of the steel used in the u. S. Was imported the percentage Rose to 9.3 in 1960,15.3 in 1970, 19.1 in 1981,22.0 in 1982, and now 24 percent. A p m to Felly mtg a the currency Exchange and the value of the Dollar has Given foreign producers an advantage Over american steel producers a Davis said. A what we need in the Is free Trade not fair Trade Laws which place no entry restrictions on foreign steel a Davis said. Quot and one of the most distressing facts is the Helped build the More Modem foreign plants a Davis said a and now the third world nations Are building steel Mills just for most of the imported steel comes from Japan Davis said but now the j japanese have Cut Back on production besides Lack of government controls on imports Davis said the Industry itself deserves blame because there has not been any Long Range planning. A american steel Mills have operated on a Short term basis Only to please the stockholders and have not modernized their plants or have not done any research and development a a Davis said there has not been a new Mill build in Over a decade he added and most in operation a Are old outdated polluters and some still have open Hearth furnaces a Davis another problem the labor Leader said is Many steel companies have diversified into non steel productions. Quot half of the profits of steel co. Come from non steel related divisions. . Steel bought Marathon Oil co.,�?� Davis said a and Aramco has taken steel out of its name because of most Mills do not have Modem continuous casting operations Davis said however Laclede and Granite steel co. Do have continuous casting he said a i think the steel Industry has Given up it has the worst labor management relations. A Davis said As another reason for poor productivity Lack of profits and even great losses. The Industry also has been Hurt by customers who have gone to aluminium Glass and plastic and the Auto Industry is using less steel due to producing smaller cars and using substitutes for steel. The mini Mills have taken Over some of the important products of the medium and Large Mills such As reinforcing bars pipe wire and strip steel. The change has happened rapidly Davis said because in 1981 the Industry As a whole made a profit but 1982 will show tremendous losses Industry continued on a-2 i fair Winter weather honeymoons done Quot my i a a my a a ? Tomm my pfc s. Ii a. A a Quot a a a a a a a a a a. I s i. Or. M j Quot a a Quot it a a it a it a Iii fax. A a Quot it a i a if it Vul x Concrete is being poured at the new Alton lock and dam 26 site where in photo above a Concrete carrying bucket swings Over the construction area at the rate of almost one a minute when pouring is at its height. Forms for two of the piers can be seen at left and base piling extends above the ground in Center like the anti tank traps of world War la. In picture at right a 4 it cubic Yard bucket is ready to be dumped on the site of a pier. The doors at the Bottom Are opened by or a it ans of compressed air. Which unlocks them. Then the muddles take Over and Force the entrapped air out of the mix making it solid. From three to six feet of depth Are contained in a pour or Quot lift Quot which May take Oil Day to Complete. Photos by Robert k. Graul by Telegraph staff writers and the associated press while Punk Tawney Phil the ground hog is quoted As predicting an Early Spring by his promoters the National weather service has a much different opinion. The weather service says the St. Louis metropolitan areas fair weather honeymoon is coming to an end the weathermen have issued a Winter town warning today into tonight with a forecast of freezing rain mixing with and changing to wet Snow by Early afternoon it will be Windy with highs in the Low 30s. Windy and colder weather is expected tonight with Snow tapering to flurries after a total accumulation of 3 to 5 inches. Lows will be in the Low 20s the forecast for thursday is Cloudy and colder with a 40 percent Chance of Snow flurries highs will be in the Low 20s, falling during the Day. Northeast winds will be 15 to 30 Mph today northerly 15 to 30 Mph tonight the weather service said. Bad weather has already struck the upper Midwest. A blinding snowstorm drove toward the great lakes today after leaving shoulder High drifts in Texas darkening thousands of Homes in Kansas closing almost All highways in Western Oklahoma and causing 13 deaths in Hartigan challenges tips rate increase Springfield 111. Apr the Illinois attorney general a office is challenging a $77 million electric rate increase Given Central Illinois Public service co., saying it was unjustified because most of the Money will for surplus Energy. Lawyers for attorney general Ned Hartigan appealed the electric rate increases in Sangamon county circuit court on tuesday. Tips had asked for a $936 million boost in revenues from electric customers in its total $101 million electric and natural Gas rate boost request. The Illinois Commerce commission last month granted the Utility a nearly 22-percent hike in electric rates or $77 million More a year. Eluding two men killed in a fiery truck train collision tornadoes and thunderstorms also whipped across the Gulf coast on tuesday sending a boat sailing through the air in Florida and flooding streets in Mobile Ala. A Tornado touched Down several times along a 5-mile path in Mobile Early tuesday damaging several Homes and businesses and briefly knocking out Power to 3.500 customers More than 4 inches of rain fell causing minor Street flooding a we heard the Roar and then All of a sudden we saw roofs and Sheds and buildings flying a said Douglas Long of Pensacola. A a somebody a boat came flying through the air from i done to know where and went through the Side of my snowdrifts piled to feet High in Amarillo tex., and the Oklahoma Highway patrol said it had to Stop a fall traffic into the Panhandle. A a we be got a mess Quot said patrol spokesman Kevin Mclain. It was same Story to the North. A Mother nature is still dumping on us a said Rich Wistem police chief in Liberal kan., after a foot of Snow forced him to order All streets closed and ask for a shutdown of All businesses. In the West another Pacific storm was blowing into California today but without the intensity of the string of gales that Tore into the West coast last week. Meanwhile in Punxsutawney pa., Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog emerged from his heated Burrow on gobblers Knob in a downpour today and failed to see his Shadow thus predicting an Early Spring for the nation the groundhogs forecast came at Dawn when folklore says he a a whispered his prediction to James h Means a contractor who is president of the Punxsutawney groundhog club a better Days Are on the Way a said the 59-year-old Means who As club president is said to be the Only human Able to translate for the woodchuck a Phil wants All of his Loyal subjects to know we have weathered the storm this Winter Spring is on the Way Quot said Means who wore the traditional top hat and tails. Punxsutawney groundhog has faded to see his Shadow Only five times since the tradition began in 1887. He most recently predicted an Early Spring in 1975. The ceremony is All in fun of course the prediction was secretly decided by the clubs 12-member a dinner circles Well in Advance. Phil has a rival in a Snake called Agua fria Freddie billed As a a arizonan a answer to Punxsutawney Phil Quot who went on record today with a forecast of six More weeks of Winter Quot done to blame me a the Rattlesnake was quoted in the Arizona Republic newspaper As saying after he spotted his Shadow in the desert West of Phoenix a i done to cause it i just predict for the record the National weather service issued a 90-Day forecast last week calling for unusually cold wet weather for much of the nation through april. Weather map a-8 3 township trustees convicted a Tho Crisp on the third count Roma three Wood River township trustees have been convicted of violating the Illinois open meetings act in 1981. The convictions apparently Are the first criminal convictions under the act which requires that Public bodies conduct All except specified types of business in meetings which Are open to the Public. James Yates James Leatherwood and Richard Frederick each were found guilty of one count of violating the act but acquitted of the other counts. The men were tried before associate judge Charles v. Romani in a Bench trial in Edwardsville last week. The verdicts were announced in written orders filed in circuit court tuesday violating the open meetings act is a class c Misdemeanour punishable by fines of up to $500 and jail sentences of up to 30 Days. The men remain free on Bonds of $1,000 each and jul be sentenced later. Romani set no Date for sentencing. J. Lawrence Keshner attorney for the defendants said an Appeal of the convictions is under a very serious con assistant state s attorney John Delaney who prosecuted the trustees said he expects to recommend they be fined and Given probation. Delaney said he Hopes the conviction will cause Public officials to a think twice before they attempt to conduct Public business in he said romanies decision will help define what constitutes a meeting under the open meetings act. Romani found the trustees guilty of violating the Law by signing a document dated nov. 4,1981, in which they agreed to vote together on a matter before the township Board the trustees had testified they did not meet with each other to prepare the document. Yates testified he wrote it and Leatherwood and Frederick testified they signed it after it was delivered to their Homes. Romani said the actions must be construed As a meeting under the Law. A the court deems the passing of the document from one defendants House to the others a meeting within the con fines of the act for to Rule otherwise would allow circumvention of the act by Public bodies by the use of the mails Telephone or Home deliveries such As happened Here to transact Public business with should be conducted at a Public forum Quot he wrote. Romani told a reporter the decision could be considered a an Extension of what i thought the legislature the trustees were acquitted of violating the act by remaining in an executive session for to or 15 minutes after other township officials left the gathering on sept. La 1981, and by circulating a Quot per sit Ion paper Quot at a nov. 17,1981, meeting Romani said the court a cannot assume that Public business was discussed or deliberated a during the closed meeting. The trustees had testified they discussed no Public business As they were not sure what to do after supervisor Robert Ford and trustee Dorothy Fontana left the meeting and because they were interrupted several times. On the third count Romani found the signing and distribution of the position papers did not constitute a violation of the act. All three trustees had testified they signed the papers during the Public meeting. A the position papers represent a valid request for information and recommendations As to putting these items on the Agenda a Romani said in his order. A in fact the court notes that defendant James Yates attempted to have the matter discussed publicly and with debate but was not allowed to do so by the supervisor of Wood River township Quot Keshner said the final decision on an Appeal would be up to his clients who have 30 Days after their sentencing to file a notice of Appeal. He said the Case is one of Quot first impression in Illinois a the first time the Issue has been decided. The open meetings act does not define what constitutes a meeting Keshner said. He said he does not think signing a letter should be considered a meeting. New jaw cuts paycheck to Zero Rochester n y. A waitress Margaret Derycke knew that times were Tough but she Wasny to expecting a paycheck of Zero dollars for a weeks work. Now she a complaining a not about her employer but the Federal government. I the 52-year-i old waitress i owed More in de i auctions and in come tax withholding than she earned in wages last week. She is starting a petition drive against the new Federal Law that created her problem. The Law that took effect Jan. I requires waiters and waitresses to withholding taxes As though they were earning tips of at least 8 percent of sales. Mrs. Derycke a waitress for 37 years said she worked 29 hours in her most recent period at a wage of $2.45 an hour and earned $73.75 a waiters and waitresses Are permitted to earn less than the minimum wage. Before the new Law she took Home $30 to $40. But last week her entire paycheck was consumed by withholding taxes along with social Security pension insurance meals and disability. Under the new Law it is theoretically possible for a waiter or waitress to bring Home Zero dollars in paychecks All year and still owe the irs Money a because of High tip income. Mrs. Derycke said she is renting a Post office Box placing ads and printing 1.000 forms of a petition to the president of the United states and All government a a i feel like i have to beg these Cus tonnes to give me a tip now Quot said mrs. Derycke a waitress at a Denny a restaurant. A Why am i working if at the end of the week i have nothing to show for it0 inside evictions is under a very serious con wine oui gunfire vandalism Mark strike by truckers v Vinland directed while the violence has reduced truck traffic by the associated press violence spread today in a strike by Independent nickers that has left one teamsters Union Driver Lead and 16 people injured with dozens of trucks dam iced by bullets rocks and firebombs. As the shutdown called by the Independent truckers association entered its in Day gunfire crackled again in several areas with four truckers wounded by snipers during the night in Ohio and one Driver beaten Marvin Hickman the Leader of Ohio s striking owner operators blamed the violence on sickos and while there have Beal reports of violence directed at truckers in 26 states the vandalism has been the heaviest in the East with nearly too incidents reported in Pennsylvania More than 40 in Michigan and dozens in Ohio. In Connecticut police in Southington said a trucker who had pulled onto a shoulder of interstate 84 to rest was treated at a Hospital after he was beaten by two men. In Cheshire conn., four people were arrested after a Volley of shots was fired at a tractor trailer on route 7 in Norwalk. There were no injuries police said but the truck was heavily damaged while the violence has reduced truck traffic in Many states especially at night retailers and the Federal government reported Little effect on shipping although some grocers warned of spot shortages if the strike continues. The strike which began in most areas monday was called to protest scheduled increases in the Federal fuel tax and Highway user fees that the truckers say will drive them out of business More local truckers organizations joined the shutdown tuesday notably in Ohio and Massachusetts. A-12 features Tricky Sticky Creepy Crawler and other Slimy Sticky critters Are creeping into Alton. The area East Alton off kids approves liquor licenses Godfrey township toeing budgetary problems.812 the nation defense spending should be reduced by Congress both Illinois senators say. It editorial .a-4 clean air Laws. Of ed.a-5 what will history soy about president Reagan. Salvador.a-2 troop March on Berlin. Oiler whip Jerseyville family. A-9 scientist try to improve american tomatoes Money. Winter storm warning funpoge.6-10 food.$-1 obituaries .c-5

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