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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Alton, Illinois Vol. 141 to. 173alton Telegraph serving Madison Jersey Maco Upin Greene and Calhoun counties him. Jan. Is. 1836 Alton iii., sat., aug. 7, 1976corps opposes repair of lock amp dam 26 9 Sec. Too pages 15c the Road potholes narrow and dangerous Reagan ideology what does Reagan really think Are his views consistent what is his ideology read the associated press digest on oped Page a-5. Business climate George Wesley Ritter lobbyist for Alton Box Board company tries to improve the climate for business in his Washington work. See business b to. Rte 16 motorists Pray while state stalls by Bill Lambrecht Telegraph staff writer Jerseyville a motorists ask you to Pray for them when they must drive Iii Rte 16. Truckers meeting on Rte. �?T16 play mexican standoff to see which will have to drop off the Road because it is too narrow for two rigs with Western mirrors. Police local residents and those who have wrecked themselves and ruined shocks curse Rte. 16 and its shoulders made of mud holes and Chuck holes resembling the underside of the Moon. The Jersey county sheriffs office alone has handled to Accident cases on a Short stretch of Rte. 16 this year including three injuries. And last year Rte. In was the scene of one of the worst Auto tragedies in Illinois when four teenagers died while coming Home from a dance. But despite the treacherous conditions the deaths the injuries and the damage to autos and trucks the Illinois department of transportation Dot has no plans for w widening or resurfacing its state Highway this year and at least half of next. The Dot $543 million state Road program for this fiscal year which extends through june 1977, makes no mention of Rte. 16 in the thousands of projects outlined. And Jack Hook a Dot District 8 Engineer adds a Elf it is not in our published fiscal year 1977 program it is Safe to conclude that Rte. 16 wont be resurfaced this fiscal District 8 engineers recommend improvements for counties in southwestern Illinois including Jersey and Rte. 16 from West of Piasa to the Illinois River. There Wasny to enough Money this year. Hook says. Apparently there Wasny to enough Money last year when deaths occurred on Rte. 16. Either despite the Federal government s release to Illinois for $330 million impounded Highway funds. Re widening and resurfacing. A we ask a what is a roads does it carry a lot of Long distance traffic or does it carry people a Short distance from Tow n to Metcalf explains. A it also depends on surface condition and volume of traffic a Metcalf adds. Apparently though the opinions of Dot inspectors Safe on the roads of Springfield and East St. Louis Are far different from the feelings of those Jersey and Maco Upin county residents who must drive Rte. 16 every Day. A a it a by far the worst Highway around Here a says Jersey county sheriff Frank Yocom. Who was at the Accident scene a year ago May when the four teenagers died when their Auto ran off Rte. 16 West of Jerseyville. A it s particularly bad at Townser curve a Yocom adds. Rte. 16 is Only an 18-foot w Ide Highway says Jersey county Highway commissioner Jim Hill. The Only problem is that this is an Era of wide track vehicles when nearly every two Lane Road is 24 feet w Ide. Mrs. Josephine Johnson who lives on a horrendous stretch of Rte. 16 East of Shipman Calls the Road at her front door a the busiest Highway of any in this whole a so Many people run off the Road out there it s unbelievable. I m just glad our House is Back from the Road a Little mrs. Johnson tells. A a they be promised to Widen and resurface it. But nothing has come of it. When you meet a truck on that Road you just wonder what the outcome is Gonna be a mrs. Johnson adds. Those barrelling belching semis that must travel Rte 16 to and from River areas encounter major problems according to the owners of Shipman lumber co. Down the Road. A it is literally a fact that when two trucks meet its a Duel to see which one goes off the Road a owner Thomas Beckman Points out. N a a it a impossible for two trucks with big Side mirrors to fit Side by Side on that Little Road Quot his son Ken adds. A it must be the worst Highway in the state and it is getting to be a More travelled Road every Day a Ken Beckman says. Arca residents ask a what can we do. Should we put the pressure on Springfield Quot in the Anatomy of the state Road program District engineers make recommendations within certain Dollar parameters. But if your Road does no to make it by recommendation you re not completely out of Luck. For it is a fact of political life in Springfield that a certain a a discretionary fund is left within Dot a code depart ment of the governor a from which projects Are doled out As political favors. It just so happens that the 49th District which includes both Jersey and Maco Upin counties has two legislators who have been regularly aligned with the governor in the 3 year administration of Democrat Dan Walker. Those lawmakers Are sen Vince Demuzio and rep. Ken Boyle both Carlinville democrats. Neither could be reached for comment Friday a Demuzio was in Chiago and Boyle had gone fishing. However the 49th districts other Democrat rep. John f. Sharp of East Alton says a it shows that no Effort has been put Forth a Sharp in the same breath admits a no i Haven to done anything either a Quot the Only thing i can say is that i get a lot of request for Highway projects and you can t just push for every dangerous and deplorable conditions can also be found on Rte. 16 in Southern Maco Upin county a part of Dot District 6. But according to Richard Metcalf a District 6 Engineer a there Are no Road improvements scheduled for Rte. 16 this fiscal a however we recognize the need for improvements and we be tentatively scheduled it in our five year program a Metcalf continues. A it came very close this year a Metcalf added when asked about the prioritizing that went on before the projects were dished out in june close but no bananas. According to Metcalf certain Standard criteria Are used in selecting roads for the Pleu u cry that nobody hears criminal Justice site criminology students will get a Seldom seen look at the criminal Justice system through a videotape of the courts at work in Madison county. See Bac Page a-l4. By Michael Isikoff Telegraph correspondent Washington a in its final recommendation to the White House office of management and budget on a proposed new Alton lock and dam 26. The . Army corps of engineers has opposed sinking a Large amount of Money into repairing the present facility. The recommendation by the corps is one of the last Steps the corps must take before Congress makes a final decision of the proposed $390 million construction the proposals for repairing the current facility Are advanced by opponents of the new dam. The corps report says $46 million to $83 million is needed for merely remedial work on the lock and dam but $401 million would be needed for major rehabilitation. A in the final analysis replacement is strongly favored Over rehabilitation because it does not seem to be the most prudent use of funds to sink a Large amount of Money into an obsolete facility without providing for any increase in capacity in View of present congestion and projected growth in the corps said. At . Army corps of engineers Headquarters a task Force from the Central reports Branch had been working full steam since the Middle of june. Over 50 people were involved sometimes working late into the night. Toward the end chief of civil works Gen. Ernest Graves joined in and personally reviewed every Page they had written. Their assignment to write the final environmental Impact statement on the replacement of lock and dam 26. Was completed this w Eek the final product is a 99-Page document and a 498-Page supplement in which the corps responds to All the written comments it received when its controversial proposal was thrown open to Public review last March along with the chief of engineers a 11-Page final report the Eis formally states the corps Case for a new Alton dam. A i guess in a biased a said Carl Guam project coordinator. The corps has shipped the documents to its St. Louis office for official publication so Guam a work will soon be open to Public inspection a Complete listing shows the two volumes vital be sent toll Federal agencies 16 state governments 30 local agencies 60 organizations 74 businesses 31 individuals four educational institutions and 178 libraries around the country. But the most important copy of All was rushed Over to the Pentagon thursday night where it was delivered to Martin Hoffman Secretary of the army. Hoffman must give his stamp of approval and Send it Over to the White House office of management and budget before the $390 million proposal is formally sent to Capitol Hill although the Senate has already conducted extensive hearings on the project the completion of the Eis is More than a Mere formality. The House of representatives has not yet begun its own consideration of the project and. Robert Mckay a staff member on the House Public works committee says be doubts there will be any action at All until the report is received from the White House. A a it a committee policy not to authorize any project until a report is received from bomb a a says Mckay. That Means there May not be any congressional action on lock and dam 26 this year says Mckay. The committee has scheduled six Days of hearings starting later this month on a water resources development act the a a omnibus Bill of corps projects in w hich lock and dam 26 would have to be Mckay says that unless Job acts promptly Quot it s going to be rough Quot to find the time to consider the Alton project. Quot bomb would be the stumbling Block if anything he says. A sometimes they move them out quickly sometimes it could be six months or a year a although politics is Likely to enter into bomb s decision the Eis restricts itself to the technical arguments devoting particular attention to the controversy surrounding the corps Cost estimates for rehabilitation of the 38-Vear old facility. The corps official estimate for repair is $401 million a or Sii million More than it says it w ill Cost to build the new 1,200 toot lock and dam replacement but the Western Railroad association study by Park Ridge consultant Jerome Cushing concluded that rehabilitation could be done for $46 million. An Illinois department of transportation study also by Cushing estimated that a 1,200 foot steel cellular lock could be built within the existing dam for $63 million. The report states the Western Railroad study which Calls for the de watering of the locks without the construction of temporary coffer dams a could Lead to a Blowout or structural the report also states Cushing s conclusion that repair could be done without closing either of the two lofty for More than 60-Days is a undoubtedly an optimistic estimate a and even if Cushing were right the report goes on to say the 60-Day shutdown n would Cost $80 million but the reports strongest language is in those passages where it discusses the consequences of failure to act soon on lock and dam 26. With a no the report states a the possibility of structural failure persists with near catastrophic Impact Quot loss of the dam Pool Quot would severely damage the fish. Wildlife and recreational resources of the area loss of navigation would drastically affect the regional and National Economy. Movement of goods from farm to Market inside editorial.a-4 tougher county land use rules needed. Oped .a-5 jails.a-3 county inmate population to increase. National ruondup.a-2 cards take a Chance a family.b-4 obedience training for dogs. Consumerism. B-3 Ralph Nader is a slave Dri a would be disrupted As would transport of materials to those users dependent upon waterborne Commerce. This includes Many of the Public and private utilities along the upper Mississippi River in addition water Supply to local communities and a major Power Plant would be lost a on the other hand should a new Alton dam be built a the project As a Long term commitment of resources to waterborne transportation will contribute to the economic and social development of the Midwest by facilitating the Low Cost shipment of commodities to National and International markets a preview. C-2 youth on the March. Church a s area congregation opens time capsule weather. A 8 Cool tonight Low 55, High 83 television do fun Page.b-6 obituaries.a-10 classified.a-10 amusements.c-7

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