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Alton Telegraph Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 5

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Alton Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 05, 1986, Alton, IllinoisI Wallace dominated Alabama politics for 25 years Demuzio would like to return democrats to the 20th Century Springfield state sen Vince Demuzio a Carlinville believes he has picked up Broad based support for his bid to be the new state chairman of the Illinois democratic party. Demuzio an assistant Senate majority Leader is seeking to become the first state chairman of the party from outside Cook county since the 1940s Demuzio stopped Short of predicting he would be selected by the state democratic Central committee when it meets in Springfield on april 17 to pick a new chairman however. The current chairman of the party elected two years ago state rep. Calvin Sutker of Niles in suburban Chicago lost his election on March 18 to continue on the state Central committee. Demuzio has been openly critical of Sutker a leadership of the party in recent weeks. Two years ago Demuzio had also opposed Sutker a bid for chairman and had supported James Holloway of Sparta instead. Holloway however declined to seek the Post and Sutker eventually easily won. Cook county treasurer Cecil Partee a former state Senate president has also indicated he wants the top party Post. Partee is expected to formally announce his candidacy for the position tomorrow. There has also been speculation that a woman May seek the party chairmanship but no single candidate has emerged so far. Under new democratic pary rules the state Central committee was doubled in size and there is now equal representation of men and women. Demuzio a bid for the party Post has the backing of former state party chairman and Illinois Senate president Philip Rock who said thursday the next chairman should come from outside Cook county. He said Demuzio has the a capability Energy and the time to do an excellent Job and he a recognized As a Good some party insiders however also said they believe rocks support of Demuzio a bid for the chairmanship is also motivated by wanting to deflect any potential Challenge by Demuzio to Rock continuing in the Senate presidency next year if democrats retain control of the upper chamber. Demuzio was elected last month to another two year term As state Central committee member from the 20th congressional District which includes Jersey Greene Calhoun and Maco Upin counties in the Telegraph area. A i think there will be a consensus of the membership to move the chairmanship outside Cook county and away from the divisiveness up there a Demuzio said referring to the warring factions headed by Chicago mayor Harold Washington and Alderman and Cook county democratic chairman Edward Vrdolyak. Demuzio said he has discussed his bid to be state party chairman with both Washington and Vrdolyak. He described their reaction As noncommittal but said he believed he could a abridge the Gap Between Washington and Vrdolyak and work Well with All sectors of the party. A i would expect it to be amicable and we will have a consensus by the meeting a Demuzio added. He said he has spoken to a was Many members of the state party As i he said traditionally the state party Central committee has been weak and subordinate to the Cook county organization. A selecting a downstate As chairman would Pat some new breath and life into the party a he said. Demuzio said he had commitments for support fro by Kendal Weaver i of the associated press Montgomery Ala. George Corley Wallace is often remembered standing in the hot Sun a Little Man with a defiant Glare in his dark eyes his jaw jutting Forward his fist clenched a a Symbol of the segregationist South. Now he is a Man who cannot stand who Speaks softly whose hands clench against the pain of paralysis whose eyes rarely hold fire a mellowed Man who readily greets Blacks As his friends. Four times governor of Alabama and four times a wild card candidate for president Wallace has dominated the state for most of a Quarter Century marked by profound social change. On wednesday looking Back Over a the Good times and the hard times a he bid a tearful Farewell to the political Arena saying that because of his health he would not seek a fifth four year term. Born in Rural Row crop country a Golden gloves Boxer As a youth Wallace moved rapidly through Alabama a political Structure a state prosecutor legislator circuit judge a and won the governors office in 1962 at the age of 43. A segregation today segregation tomorrow segregation forever a he said. He stood in the schoolhouse door against integration and he publicly scorned the Black vote when Blacks were still marching for the right to enter the voting Booth. He ran in a handful of democratic presidential primaries in 1964 and came Back to Tell alabamians How some of his supporters in the North were a singing a Dixie in he strengthened his Power base at Home running his wife Lurleen for governor in 1966 when he could not legally succeed himself. Her Triumph was followed two years later by her death from cancer. He took his political Success in the state As part of Alabama a message to the country. In 1968 he campaigned for president As an Independent with retired Gen. Curtis Lemay As his running mate and carried five states. In 1972 he said a Send pm a message a and began building Delegate strength heading into the Maryland primary. But at Laurel md., a Man shot Wallace five times with one Bullet jamming into his spinal the Telegraph saturday april 3. 1986 Contra Issue brings out the worst in Public figures editors note this commentary was written by David Kusnet director of communications for people for the american Way a 290,000-member nonpartisan citizens organization protecting constitutional liberties. When the House of representatives rejected president Reagan a request for $100 million in Aid to the contras it was just one More round in the continuing debate Over United states policy towards Nicaragua. But the outcome of the House vote Calls attention to the tactics of the administrations chief strategist and spokesman on the Contra Aid Issue White House communications director Patrick Buchanan. Buchanan a contribution to Public debate on this Complex foreign policy Issue was a brass Knuckles attack on the loyalty and patriotism of americans who oppose military Aid to the contras. Letting Loose a rhetorical barrage unmatched since the Early 1950s, Buchanan accused the democratic party of a having voted to abandon Southeast Asia to Hanoi and Moscow and declared a the National democratic party has now become with Moscow co guarantor of the Brezhnev doctrine in Central like a prizefighter who loses Points on the judges scorecards by hitting his opponent below the Belt Buchanan a brass Knuckles debating tactics May have Hurt his own cause. Not Only did Buchanan a reckless charges of disloyalty become a major Issue in the debate but it also made it even More difficult for the administration to woo House democrats while the presidents chief spokesman was virtually accusing their party of treason. Buchanan a debating tactics were questioned by people from both sides of the political barricades. Oklahoma congressman James r. Jones one of the few House democrats who supported Contra Aid attacked the use of a Mccarthy like tactics by the White House. Kansas sen. Nancy Kassebaum a Republican member of the Senate foreign relations committee said a i find this simplistic reasoning to be highly Mark Falcoff of the conservative american Enterprise Institute and a self described Reagon supporter said a the administrations presentation has been so stupid and maladroit that it deserves to have failed by now although it Hasni to in fact Contra Leader Alfonso Robelo declined to use Buchanan a Blunderbuss tactics when he spoke at a briefing session in the White House pressroom. Showing More respect for the motives of the contrast critics than Buchanan displayed Robelo made Clear a i can never say that a congressman of the United states would be in favor of the self defeating As it May be Buchanan a crude rhetoric is part of a larger phenomenon the coarsening of political debate. True the Contra Issue has brought out the worst in Many Public figures. In an example of How not to debate a Public Issue reps. Newt Gingrich a Arobert Walker Duncan Hunter a Calif attacked their colleague rep. Michael Barnes discharging that his opposition to the nicaraguan rebels will a make the Job of the soviet analyst or soviet planner despite the increasing prevalence of crude debating tactics they still fail More often than they succeed. Recent experience suggests this lesson for people from every Point on the political spectrum address the merits of the Issue instead of attacking the motives of your opponent. Considering Buchanan a lacklustre won lost record these past two years fair debating tactics May be smart politics As Well As Good sportsmanship. Quot \ Dennis Mcmurray Tilton aph it Al Toi town so of to column leaving him paralysed in the legs. Wallace carried Maryland and Michigan while lying near death in the Hospital but his career As a White House hopeful came to an effective end. He ran again in 1976, but it was another southerner Jimmy Carter of Georgia who marched to the White House. By then Wallace appeared to be nearing an end in Alabama As Well. He had won the governors office for a second term in 1970 and a third term in 1974, but the Law blocked him from running again. He divorced his second wife Cornelia and left the political spotlight but his office had a View of the Capitol. With a new Bride at his Side a Lisa Taylor a mid-30s Divorcee a Wallace made a comeback. His opponents said Wallace had Hurt Alabama a image that Little Progress had been made in education and the Battle against poverty during his tenure. Some Black leaders said they could never forget. But Wallace said he had been wrong about segregation and in the midst of the 1982 recession that saw Alabama a jobless rate go above 16 percent he campaigned on a Promise of a jobs jobs jobs a for Blacks As Well As Whites. A a of noted pres Wallace bids Farewell after announcing a s Anding Carara Tbs Telegraph John badman Workman Wear Gas masks Whan trying to Stop benzene from looking from a pipe in february on Rand Avenue in Hartford my turn Central committee members already but declined to identify them at this time. He conceded at least one downstate Central committee member Belleville attorney Bruce Cook who represents the 2lst District which includes Madison county had pledged his support to Partee if Partee follows through with his bid for the chairmanship. Demuzio noted the last elected downstate state party chairman was also from Carlinville Mike Seifert who held the Post in the 1940s. Demuzio said if elected party chairman he planned to a bring the party into the 20th Century a by expanding the use of computers and recruiting More persons to serve As precinct committeemen. He also said the party will need a a a huge fundraising Effort for the november election because of the problems caused by the two associates of right Wing extremist Lyndon Larouche who won upset victories on March 18 for the democratic nominations for lieutenant governor and Secretary of state. Demuzio said the Larouche associates were a a threat to the integrity of the electoral he added their nomination was a symptomatic of the problems of the party. We have had some devastating quarrels that have helped make possible the victories of Demuzio said the party organization had to More vigorously a educate Quot the voters on what its candidates stood for a Between now and election Day a Demuzio 44, was first elected to the Illinois Senate in 1974 and has been one of the More ambitious democratic politicians on the state scene in recent years. In 1976, Demuzio ran for Secretary of state in the primary election on a slate headed by then gov. Dan Walker. In some subsequent years Demuzio was also involved in Balking at the domination of the Senate democratic leadership by Cook county legislators. In 1983, however Rock named Demuzio As an assistant majority Leader. After sen. Terry Bruce of Olney was elected to Congress in 1984, Demuzio has also taken Over bruces principal role As the leadership spokesman for the downstate Senate democrats. Unchallenged for re election to the Senate in 1984, Demuzio campaigned extensively for other democrats around the state. If Demuzio is elected to the state party chairmanship it could obviously also increase his statewide visibility if he should decide to run again in the future for a statewide office. Stem chemical leaks worst problem he said a the general atmosphere the Union Carbide also owns the Bhopal India chemical Plant where thousands were killed when deadly Gas escaped. The Bhopal tragedy has generated much Public discussion of chemical Industry safety. While Shell Hasni to rushed to Issue a news release about their successes with safety precaution at the Roxana Plant another chemical company Dow has mailed to the Telegraph a statement entitled a safety is no Accident at Dow claims the Public a perception of chemical safety does no to jibe with its record. A safety performance is Best measured by statistics. And while the numbers May not be very appealing in themselves they do reflect Basic attitudes practices and performance of the organization being studied a Dow said. Its not unusual for corporations to do a Little drum beating of their accomplishments now and then. However Downs safety achievements Are worthy of noting because Many of its competitors have the same Type of facilities in the metro East area. During 1985, Dow said it recorded Only la lost time injuries the lowest since the company began taking records. In addition Dow said a the resulting frequency rate of 0.107 lost time injuries Luis equates to one per to million hours worked. A three Dow areas a Canada latin America and Pacific a finished 1985 without a single los time injury. A the . Area where nearly half of Downs employees work recorded just three lost time injuries one Ltd for each 20 million hours worked. A Texas operations completed the first Ltd free Calendar year in its history and on Jan. 3, reached 20 million Safe work hours since recording a lost time injury. A Dow Drivers have logged More than 900 million Miles a equal to 36,000 trips around the world a without a Highway fatality during a Span of More than five years. Dow concludes in its statement a what did no to happen usually does no to qualify As big news. However Dow feels proud of its safety record and the area should be interested that precautions can be taken to minimize accidents. It would be interesting to know what our local chemical and Oil related industries Are doing to minimize accidents. If they Are As successful As Dow Why Haven to they come Forth and told the Public about it what s being done to the action taken by the occupational safety and health administration in seeking More than $1.3 million in fines against unum Carbide corp. Should serve notice to other chemical companies. Earlier this week Osha officials charged Union Carbide with 221 alleged safety and health violations at its Institute w.va., chemical Plant. The citations were issued in response to a chemical leak last August which hospitalized six workers and sent 129 area residents to emergency rooms. The greater Alton area is not immune to Oil spills and chemical leaks of All description. We re Lucky so far that none of the leaks or spills in recent times have caused serious injuries or deaths. Only last february a benzene leak caused a scare in Roxana. About to barrels of potentially hazardous benzene leaked from a Section of pipeline at Shell manufacturing Complex there. The leak occurred from the same pipeline which ruptured and spilled about 200 barrels of benzene in a ditch on Jan. 30. The first spill caused an evacuation of 25 residents from their Homes but the size of the february spill and the wind direction prevented similar precautions. In january the pipe was immediately closed off but the leak caused a scare because prolonged Pau i a ulc thu Naph copy editor direct exposure to it has been linked to development of a form of leukaemia. No action by the Epa or Osha has been taken against Shell but Union Carbide last month agreed to pay Osha fines totalling $4,400 to Settle alleged violations in connection with the aug. La Accident. Union Carbide also promised to improve monitoring systems at the Plant. Labor Secretary William e. Brock called the proposed $1.3 million in fines a a necessary and appropriate response to. What we believe to be a wilful disregard for health and while Brock acknowledged that the Reagan administration has sought what he called a a balanced approach with employers he sharply criticized Union carbides performance. A we will impose the full penalties of the Law on those who blatantly or repeatedly violate safeguards necessary to protect american workers a Brock said. He blamed Union carbides problems on an a absence of asked to rate the

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