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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 4

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Alton, Illinois A4 Alton evening Telegraph saturday sept. 26, 1970 # what we think about. State s attorney s role pollution study Griffith is right states attorney r. W. Griffith has a right to feel indignant Over the exclusion of his office from the talks that resulted in agreement on relative jurisdictions of Madison county state Federal Law enforcement authorities Over the Southern Illinois University Campus at Edwardsville. We expressed our sentiments yesterday As favourable to the arrival at some kind of reasonable jurisdictional lines in the Case of Campus difficulties. We finished with misgivings Over the possibility that word of the worst kind of Radical takeover might not even get outside the Campus to other authorities. The Public can Hope this does no to happen. It seems to us however that since the states attorneys office is the chief source of Legal guidance for All county officials the sheriff should have notified Griffith of the situation when he received the first approach from Siu. Supposing the states attorney might be sympathetic in principle with the move for instance he could have offered his own guidance to the group fashioned the agreement along lines better suited to the county a viewpoint. Here it seems is one More example of the sheriffs Bullhead Edness in failing to seek advice from the county prosecutor. Another was pointed up Only the Day before when assistant states attorney Marshall Smith finally concluded after Long discussion of the subject in out of county Board that the sheriff was ill advised legally to be charging his grocery Bills to the county. Meanwhile the states attorney is to be praised for demonstrating his interest in the matter. It May be hoped he will enter directly into the conversations on the problem with full intentions of offering his own constructive a Failin area residents will have to exercise a lot More patience than the spirit of the times allows if they expect to be a a in on the conclusions of meteorological authorities on their latest study of Urban air pollution a effects on rainfall. We re relieved that those announcing the newly beginning experiments have set the period covered for at least five years. By that very act they Are serving notice on the interested Public that it had better take a Long look itself Over the swing of the years before drawing any conclusions. Theories about air pollution its effects on solar heat convection currents the possibility particulates Are a a seeding the atmosphere forming the nucleus for additional raindrops All have been falling on confused ears in these Days of increased attention to air Quality. They Are also causing considerable worry among those who would like to live out their years without having to escape in another Ark. From observation of this writers 62-year-Cycle, however it seems that we be had some pretty wet years before. After All it did take a bit of rain to Send the Mississippi up Over Broadway in those Days of the 40�?Ts a in both the 20th 19th centuries. And at Champaign Back in the Early 20�?Ts, the writer can Well remember the repeated week end weather that virtually a Emu dded Harold red Grange out in his senior year we re satisfied brought the Advent of the athletic Field Tarpaulin showing up Only a year or two later. At any rate the new rain gauge program is expected to give More sophisticated data to researchers in proving or disproving theories about pollution stimulating to Benefit or. Gail Myers president of Lewis amp Clark Community Monticello colleges reveals some enlightening information about the blending of the two institutions one Over a Century old the other a fledgling. The ultimate in flexibility will be built into programs for students he said. Projections Call for up to 2,000 students next fall 5,000 within five years. The Beauty of the whole setup is As we have emphasized before there will not be a wait while Campus facilities Are constructed from scratch. Also remarkable is the varied program ranging from courses on social services for the inner City to agricultural courses for Rural areas the president indicated. This blend perhaps is better balanced in View of needs of outlying areas As a result of the composition of the Board. We share enthusiasm of others that the Campus will be soaring to new Heights of Community service in filling the educational Gap which its curriculum is being carefully tailored to abuse curbs the . House of representatives has taken Forward looking measures in passing a Bill seeking reversal of the expanding drug abuse problem. The Senate previously passed a More limited version. And the administration had its own version. The emphasis on penalizing pushers with sentences of to years to life is Well placed. And reducing the penalty for possessing a drug for personal use from a felony to a Misdemeanour too appears to be a suitable answer to unduly harsh penalties for some users who need rehabilitation rather than incarceration. Added registration of some types of drugs handled by doctors manufacturers wholesalers retailers also May help curb the flow of illicit drugs. Added pressure in this area could help eliminate flow Back into the country of commercially manufactured drugs pills. We re Happy to see also provisions for additional narcotics agents funding for Community mental health centers. Special facilities to rehabilitate drug dependent persons too Are part of the far reaching Bill which needs enactment. Paul s. And Stephen a. Cousley readers forum Why Quot blow the system Victor Riesel maybe in a not running True to form although i have been highly critical of certain democratic liberals for having taken the Liberal the Small percent radicals to task. What in a trying to do is to maintain a nonpartisan position which is difficult. Hie republicans first started attacking the Liberal tanking democrats in which i agree. Now Ted Kennedy a Liberal Democrat says that the Campus red honeymoon is Over that if students done to Cool it they will blow the whole Ball game for the democrats. I personally think they have already. The republicans have been toiling the College students that they will have to take a More Active role in curbing violence by radicals. The students May be Able to help do this to maintain the financial backing of the so called establishment but How can they do it if the Powers that be done to have the guts to plug the loopholes in the Law that allow these radicals to run Loose one example a Man who shoots a thief in the act of robbing becomes the culprit because in the Eye of some courts he puts More value on private possessions than he does on human life. The courts release some of these creeps before the arresting officer can process the papers. When the courts Are More concerned Over the Protection of individuals than of society we Are taking giant Steps backward. I think the people should elect judges. Then the people can remove them. A lot of people have been predicting that Campus violence will be worse this fall than before. I think the people a h o u i d report anything unusual. A lot of these radicals have moved into residential areas. Their main purpose is to destroy the educational system. I Hope the College students will cooperate with Law enforce ent agencies report anything that threatens to foment any dangerous demonstrations. Especially certain militants who Are armed or have arms hidden. Unless these matters Are reported we could a a blow the entire education system for All t h e students who really want its benefits. Harold f. Kruse 252 penning ave. Wood River save the crawdads its bad enough Hie air we breathe is polluted our River is being poisoned with sewage. But please done to kill the crawdads in Rock Spring Park. My biggest thrill As a child was to go to Rock Spring Park with a hunk of liver or a Bacon. Rind tied to a piece of string pull out crawdads from the Stream. Today the crawdads would be thrilled if you caught them took them Home for pets to live in clean water. Thanks to Paul Hawkins Madison sanitary official if he can make it possible to keep the crawdads living for a few More years. William a. Crivello 349 Bluff St. Long before Marx the statements made in the forum likening the Modem peace Symbol to the medieval a a Crown a foot or a a Devil a foot sign in a quotation from an unnamed Oklahoma publication Are incorrect according to an article in the sept. 15 win Magazine by the it. Rev. Frances Itkin . According to Rev. Itkin the Symbol can be traced to the runic writing of the Early celts for whom it signified a Man dying in Harmony with the established forces of nature to be reborn. The same Symbol upside Down stood for a Man worshipping in runic. The Modem use of the Symbol a stylized version of the semaphore signals a a no a a do standing for nuclear disarmament goes Back to the 1968 peace marches in Britain. The medieval crowds foot witches foot or devils foot did take the form of an inverted Cross but was not enclosed in a Circle. The Circle has always signified love Healing wholeness Unity. The notion of the Oklahoma writer that any Symbol in common use in 1200 . In connection with real or imagined witchcraft could be part of a communist plot involves some amazing historical analysis. Karl Marx published his first Book in 1848 communism came to Power in Russia in 1918. How these men influenced events in 1200 to 1600 . Needs to be explained. To anyone who wears or displays a Symbol be it the Cross the Flag the peace Symbol or any other that Symbol Means what that person intends it to mean. I display the peace Symbol to remind All who see it that i seek an end to the senseless Slaughter in Vietnam a now. John b. Koch 239 East first s. St. Carlinville Lindsay Likely to bid for president Jack Anderson Pushy gof candidate seeks 400 lobbyists donations Washington Phil Sanchez a California Republican seeking to unseat the Veteran Democrat rep. B. F. Sisk has made a Brazen pitch to 400 lobbyists for Money to buy to spots newspaper ads $100 billboards. The handsome Sanchez now Fresno county executive officer has also implored the Washington lobbying corps for help with his typing pamphlet distribution phone calling. The lobbyists suggests Sanchez May even want to attach bumper stickers for him put up signs loan h i in their lawns for billboards. This astounding Appeal to the special interests is contained on an enclosure that accompanies a personal letter to the lobbyists from Sanchez a Campaign manager William Moffatt. A was a legislative advocate a Moffatt wrote the lobbyists a i am sure that you have developed considerable expertise in your area of forum writers note the Telegraph welcomes prose expressions of its readers own opinions. Writers names addresses must be published with their letters. Contributions should be concise preferably not exceeding 150 words Are subject to condensation. Moffatt asked each lobbyist to explain his special a legislative viewpoints for Sanchez a enlightenment. A i am sure or. Sanchez would be most grateful to have every kind of input from your friends associates As Well As from yourself a wrote Moffatt on behalf of Sanchez. Moffatt got the lobbyists names from a list published in the congressional quarterly. Washington lobbyists were dumbstruck by Sanchez a direct approach. They Are experts in passing out bundles of $100 Bills in dark places providing unlisted Stock options promising new plants in congressmen a districts buying tickets to $100 testimonials. But like medieval prisoners Washington lobbyists take Pride in the subtlety of their Craft. They simply do not let congressmen use their front lawns for Campaign signs. Moffatt followed up his first mailing with another solicitation for a $100 donation As part of a a fiesta con Phil Sanchez a at a Fresno ballroom. The real door Price however was Only a modest $7.50. One astonished lobbyist said it was bad enough to be approached so blatantly for funds particularly by a Man not even in Congress but a the did no to even offer the ticket to the fiesta until the Day after it was Moffatt told this column woefully that solicitation was three lobbyists with their contributions the entire a Flop. Only even replied a legislative none made bought tickets or offered stickers. To attach bumper the View of America from the top of pikes Peak it is said inspired Katherine Lee Bates to write a America the it was published As a poem in 1895 put to music in 1913. By 1920, it had become so beloved that a Campaign was started to substitute a America the Beautiful for the a Star spangled banners As our National Anthem. But today the poetess if not her stirring words has been forgotten. For a year the Falmouth Cape cod heritage Trust has been trying to raise 48,000 to preserve her birth place As a historic shrine museum conservation Center. For All their pains the Trust has collected Only $3,000 the final papers Are being drawn up therefore to sell the landmark to a private owner on october i. Miss Bates was born in a dignified old federalist Home in Falmouth. Mass., near the Waters of Cape cod. These Waters shimmering in the summer Sun gave her the famous line a from sea to shining the old 1810 House is owned by Chandler Jones who has tried to preserve it As a landmark. But he is now forced to place it on the Market. A a in a hoped All along the Trust could buy it a he told this column. But the october i deadline is now Only a few Days away. Still he added hopefully a if something comes up in the next week maybe we can still work it footnote miss Bates was born in the House in 1859. Became a celebrated professor of English at Wellesley College died in 1929. She is buried in Falmouth not far from the Village Green where the House stands. Knott of knotty a Berry farm in California have issued the fund Appeal to a limited list but some letters went by mistake to labor supporters who turned them Over to this column. The Appeal cites the 1968 Humphrey Campaign which got financial backing from labor svs labor will spend a even More. On the presidential Campaign in 1972.�?� the letters seek $34,000 for a court fight a to ban the use of compulsory Union dues for political there is a Clear political note in the letters reference to a candidates office holders who Are under a the Power of Union although tax deductible groups Are barred by Federal Law from partisan politics the National right to work Legal defense foundation has quietly solicited $500 contributions to fight the political activities of organized labor. The foundations National advisory Council of business leaders made up of such Ultra conservatives As Walter president Nixon has quietly been grooming Gen. Frederick Weyand to succeed Gen. Creighton Abrams As . Commander in Vietnam. The president assigned Gen. Weyand to spend a Vear at the Paris truce talks to round out his experience before being shipped to Vietnam. The United states has failed in a secret Effort to persuade thai Indonesia to Send troops to Cambodia to help prevent a communist takeover. The Lon nol government begged for several divisions which the . Tried to raise from Thailand Indonesia. New York take it for granted that a a Republican mayor John v. Lindsay has decided to go for broke in the democratic party a As an intimate of his said the other Day who could find a better word for it John Lindsay who is the first to see the muck the muggers the garbage the pimps the prostitutes the port said kind of wreckage around him in this gory City knows not even he who walks tall on these sidewalks can hold grim Gotham together much longer. If it blows it will blow his chances for the presidency on any ticket. So among those who believe that John Lindsay has the finest Chance to be the strongest candidate for the presidency on the 1972 democratic ticket is John v. Lindsay. His advisors Brush aside the name of Ted Kennedy despite the big win in Massachusetts. They believe de Muskie is a Fine gentleman too intrepid ethical to make a gut fight for the nomination. They consider Gene Mccarthy As a sort of a powerless wandering minstrel who might be needed but has no base. And everybody else in the party is considered vice presidential material a except for Hubert Humphrey. So at this moment the strategy Calls for ripping gov. Nelson Rockefeller apart on or about oct. 15 endorsing the democratic Liberal gubernatorial candidacy of Arthur Goldberg. This Man Euver will not quite put mayor Lindsay in the democratic party. But As the labor Man closest to him Victor Gotbaum regional director of the militant american federation of state county municipal employees put it to me the other Day a the becomes a politician without a party if he fails to do a the is basically n progressive Democrat by intent thought motivation ideology a said Gotbaum a if he does no to begin to build a base in the democratic party he will have nowhere Togo. A now he May not want to go anyplace. But Victor do you know a politician who does not want to go anyplace a or. Gotbaum who has been managing sex Justice Goldberg a Campaign inside labor then predicted that John Lindsay would Back the democratic opposition to gov Rockefeller. And then then the strategy is to hit the primary Trail. Ifs later than most folks think a most politicos too. There la be far More presidential primaries in �?T72 than the East Village Here has hippie communes. This Springs from the a Mcgovern commissions report to the democratic National committee urging such primary Battles. Fact is that even the new Hampshire primary which probably will go to its next door native son sen. Muskie is about As much gone with the political winds As Rhett Butler. It is scheduled for the second tuesday in March. 1972. But it May be the nations second contest not the first. This May Well come in Rhode islands planned primary still to be set but insiders predict it will be set earlier than new Hampshire a. But mayor John Lindsay a mini Palace if that a what one can Call the Tumble Down City Hall Here guard just does no to want its candidate to go the Kefauver route. They done to want to Shotgun it they want to Bullet it. They want to go into a few significant democratic primaries such As in Oregon California. That a where there is the Jackpot payoff in political Charisma. Of course this is the thinking now. Lindsay a legions have Broad jumped at least one Mammoth political Roadblock a toe labor movement. John Lindsay is not exactly their favorite son to put it kindly. No matter what the democratic party leaders be they Ted Kennedy Larry of Brien Fred Harris or tile a northeastern intellectual americans for Demoe Ratie action establishment or the Gung to Western establish ment say the party a infrastructure is the labor movement principally the Al Cio the United Auto they did then news from the telegraphs of yesteryear25 years ago september 26, 1945 plans for rebuilding Rte. 159 from the East Vandalia Street intersection at Edwardsville to the City limits might be revived mayor Oscar Schmidt Laid. The War restrictions had caused curtailment of work already advanced under plans which called for widening by six feet removal of present worn Brick pavement to be replaced with Concrete. Six objectives of a newly introduced training program for veterans applying for jobs were announced. Under the new program the entire staff St state employment services would be trained to five better service to the applicants through Job service employment counselling first Choice of jobs keeping of transaction records seeking new jobs placing physically qualified veterans in Opportunity positions for employment referral to other services or agencies if needed. Or. O. A. Meyer Alton area veterinarian former battalion commander in the fourth regiment Illinois Reserve militia had been appointed a colonel in that regiment. Miss Marjorie Jane Dempsey had taken a position in the placement department of Harvard University Cambridge mass. The Rev. Roland Turnbull pastor of first Baptist Church had been appointed chairman of the Bible department at Shurtleff College would direct the religious activities on the Campus. Rev. Turnbull who was completing work toward his fifth degree had had two pastorate a teaching Fellowship at Northern theological Seminary in Chicago. It. William Thiebaud instructor on b-29s at Randolph Field registered at Shurtleff College As a pre Law student. He had also served As an instructor on b-24s after training at fort Worth. Carrollton a or. A. D. Wilson had been discharged from army service was preparing to resume his civilian practice.50 years ago september 26, 1920 prohibition was instrumental in saving the nation More than $2 billion during the previous year gov. Milliken of Maine told the National Congress against alcoholism meeting in Washington . He traced a High increase in the efficiency of labor a Sharp decrease in crime to the liquor ban. Also in the capital conversations Between japanese officials the american state department regarding California Laws Banning japanese ownership of land proceeded with Little results. In Chicago senator new of Indiana was accusing the Wilson administration of surrendering a your Friend the Republic of China to our antagonist the Empire of Japan a plans for a county wide automobile caravan tour for providing speakers for a series of meetings were Laid at a conference of the Madison county Republican Central committee presided Over by g. H. Lane of Alton. Women a in Large numbers a attended the meeting for the first time. Support of industries in enrolling their employees for their evening americanization classes was being sought by school officials. Only two industries h responded favourably to Date but letters were Bei sent to others. The 28th annual session of Illinois Council Juni order of United american mechanics convened Wood River. E. W. Schrimpf of Alton was elect state Counselor. Other area men named to Sta offices included j. A. Harrison of East Alton w. Jackson of Bethalto h. C. Christoe geor Neff j. H. Moll of Alton. Or. D. F. Duggan City health officer express anxiety Over an epidemic of diphtheria til threatened in Yager Park. Within a few Days the Bluff line Railroad w scheduled to Start trans shipping of Calhoun coun apples Here. It expected to unload a Barge full a Day a equivalent of five freight carloads. I

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