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Alton Evening Telegraph Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Alton Evening Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Alton, Illinois County jail costs soar under prisoner Load by Joe Melosi Telegraph staff writer Edwardsville drug medical and food costs for the Madison county jail have zoomed astronomically breaking All time records during the four year term of sheriff George Musso. A Telegraph investigation revealed almost $41,000 has been shelled out so far this year for food and medical care with three months to go in the fiscal year. The county has spent $20,132 for medical and dental care a drugs medical supplies doctor fees and salary of a part time nurse to dispense pills. The Bills for the nine month period for groceries and meats have climbed to $20,568, records show. The $12,000 budget for doctor fees and medical supplies is All but used up. Only $179 remains. Of the $6,000 appropriation for drugs $3,700 has been spent and the $1,800 appropriation for a part time nurse has been overspent by $2,811. Here is about $7,400 left to pay grocery Bills for which $28,000 was appropriated. By the time Musso leaves office two months from now More than $55 too will have been spent Over his fou year term for medical care including $16,000 for drugs. Birr err. Or err. A Young school student makes his Way past a tree Laden with Snow. The Denver area reported Depths up to 5 inches with Fraser colo., in the Rockies digging out from under a to Inch snowfall. The preseason storm moved into the area overnight. A forecast of near 70 degrees saturday should return the area to Normal weather. A wire photo Antiwar protesters arrive Iii St. Louis for fall meet by Doug Thompson Telegraph staff writer St. Louis draft. Campus electoral and neighbourhood action workshops headlined the first Day of a two Day Quot fall peace action conference at St. Louis University. Antiwar protesters from several area groups began gathering this morning at Busch memorial Center on the Campus for the opening session of the conference. Hopefully the conference will draft coordinated plans for peace demonstrations and Clearing and Cool sunday Low 50 High 64 Complete weather Page b-4 activities this fall according to Keith Stephans conference coordinator. Quot St. Louis is the sixth largest Urban area in the . Stephans said. A but there Are no Are wide coordinated activities towards peace As there Are in Many Stephans said he is hoping for a at least 700�?� and possibly As Many As 1,000 at the two Day meeting. Some 13 organizations a a including the committee to end the War in Vietnam and the National coalition for a responsible Congress a Are sponsoring the conference. Most of saturday afternoon was scheduled for workshops on such topics As confrontation mass action draft action electoral action neighbourhood action and Campus action. O n sunday John t. Williams vice president of teamsters local 208 in los idea of Fence and hards rejected the food Bill will come to about $97,000. By Sharp contrast former sheriff Barney Fraundorf spent less than $7,000 in four years for medical care including $2,000 for drugs and $54,002 Ever the same period for groceries and meat. One of the reasons has been the difference in the jail population which averaged about 20 prisoners under Fraundorf compared to a jail population which hovered near 60 under Musso but started to decline last april. By the end of May an average of 33 prisoners were in jail. That average was maintained until a week ago when a mass Bond exodus began. The prison population at the jail plunged to its lowest level in four years wednesday a 12 a with the mass release of Over 30 criminal suspects the Telegraph investigation revealed. During a flurry of bail activity 42 recognizance Bonds were authorized by magistrate and circuit court judges on a Broad scope of offences ranging from traffic violations to arson. Six of those released left for Menard Penitentiary after pleading guilty to charges of theft armed robbery burglary and forgery. Jail crowding had posed Security problems for jailers when the jail held 60 or More. And fears were realized in july 1969 a five prisoners made their escape by threatening to kill one of the guards and a dispatcher. They were later nabbed in Ohio during a shooting e a change with Toledo police. Four of the five described As dangerous wound up with Long prison terms. The fifth Escapee returned to Madison county and entered a plea of guilty ending up in Menard prison. No further escape attempts had been made since then As Security regulations were tightened up and More drugs were being dispensed to Calm Down prisoners who developed a a jail fatigue within the cells. The recent mass release of prisoners included Many who were in jail since june Ani july. Chief circuit judge William Beatty had an explanation for it All. He urges the Public defenders office which handles most of the cases of those in jail and the states attorneys office to go Over the Ja-1 list and turn Loose those who Are eligible for recognizance Bond. He also urges speedup Al trials. Alton evening Telegraph vol. 135, no. 216 a Alton Telegraph printing co. 1970 serving Madison Jersey Maco Upin Greene and Calhoun counties Alton ii saturday september 26, 1970 22 pages Price 10c est. Jan. 15, 1836 report hints . Policy caused some Campus riots Washington a the closely guarded but already controversial report of the presidential commission on Campus unrest arrives on president Nixon a desk today amid hints administration policy will be blamed for some disorders. Republican politicians have rebutted talk of administration responsibility for collegiate violence with charges the commission was packed with liberals trying to excuse permissiveness. The e final report is scheduled to be made Public at 6 . A spokesman for the commission said special reports on violence at Kent state and Jackson state colleges which claimed the lives of six students will be made Public next monday or tuesday. Members of the nine Man commission headed by form e r Pennsylvania gov. William w. Scranton have made few Public statements about their three month investigation. When one member Joseph r. Rhodes jr., 22, of Harvard University said he wanted to find out whether statements by president Nixon and vice president Agnew Quot Are killing the vice president called for his resignation. Rhodes one of four negroes on the panel refused to resign and said later he believes the president is making sincere efforts to reduce violence and unrest. Rhodes told an audience at West Virginia state College Friday a vast social War is developing and the Nixon administration i s partly responsible. He discounted speculation the commission report would be an indictment of the Way the administration has handled student disorders. But he said commission members Quot Are in the business of informing everybody of How he so Nixon so contributing to the Scranton said at the Start of the investigation in july Quot we Are approaching our task to get to the Root of the tragedies at Kent and Jackson there Are a few indications As to what will be in the report. Commission researcher Roland d. Patzer himself Dean of students at the University of Vermont said in an interview that much of the blame May be placed on College administrators who Are Quot making too Damn Many and one member Revius Ortique of new Orleans said recently the violence at Kent state and Jackson state showed the National guard is ill equipped to handle civil disorders. Quot we can to treat United states citizens in the same manner we treat the enemy a he said. Comments such As these have stirred criticism from some republicans and conservative groups. Smith charges Campus probe heavily favored radicals Nashville 111. A sen. Ralph t. Smith charged Friday that president Nixon a commission on Campus unrest has been Quot heavily weighed in favor of the radicals and has ignored the Quot Wanton destruction caused by the far left. Smith campaigning for the . Senate at a Washington county Republican dinner said Quot the younger members of the commission sometimes sometimes were obviously temperature punks into lower 50 s rain washes summer out of area Angeles will speak to the group. Williams a National coordinator of the National peace. Action committee is a Veteran activist in the Trade unions. Stephans said the purpose of the conference is a to further t h e Alliance of Blacks workers students and other sectors of the Antiwar movement a to plan activities for the fall peace offensive a to bring together t h e diverse factions of the peace movement. Speakers at the session this morning included Lucille boric of the National welfare rights organization in Milwaukee plus representatives from the strategy action conference and the proposed Standard Oil Boycott which will be discussed during the meetings. The crowd at Busch see Page 2, col. I by Steve Trosley Telegraph staff writer an Arctic cold front blew into the Alton area this morning dropping temperatures into the lower 50�?Ts and sprinkling the area with a Quarter Inch of rain. After Friday highs in the upper 80s, the brisk 29 Miles per hour winds that ushered in the cold from bringing fall to the area five Days late. The additional rainfall this morning brought the september total to 5.48 inches nowhere near the 1945 record of 10.04, but enough to cause flooding conditions. The . Weather Bureau at St. Louis reported it has been a wet summer with 5.08 inches falling in june Only three fifths of an Inch in july and then 6.44 inches in August. The amount of rain that has fallen this month is not unusual according to the weather Bureau hut the flooding conditions Are due to the sudden downpours. At St. Louis according to weather Bureau spokesmen the stage of the Mississippi is 29.9 feet a at tenth of a foot below flood stage. The River at St. Louis is expected to Crest at 32 feet tuesday. At the Alton dam. The River has risen above the flood stage of 21 feet in the last 36 hours due to excessive rainfall further North the River stage at Alton was 24vi feet this morning. The Illinois River at Grafton is above flood stage of 18 feet with the present River level at 21.6. In Calhoun county the state police report 2 to 3 inches of water Over Rte. 96 at Mosier. If the water continues to Rise As it has the Road May be closed. In the meantime temperatures Are expected to drop into the upper 40 s tonight and reach highs in the 6fl�?Ts for the next few Days. A warming trend is expected on wednesday. The front that moved through the Alton area today was responsible for the heavy snowfalls in the Colorado Rockies. Warm moist air moved ahead of i he front and when it met with the colder air coming from Canada Large amounts of precipitation resulted. Temperatures in the Rockies and Western Plain states will stay in the 30�?Ts and 40�?Ts As High pressure see Page 2, col. I arrogant irrational looking for the approval of their Peers instead of for the the commission was formed by Nixon after four students were killed at Kent state University. Headed by William Scranton former governor of Pennsylvania it is expected to release its findings today. This commission eagerly conducted an investigation of Law enforcement officials at knt state University but did not seek to balance this with a similar investigation of organized student terror and destruction a Smith stated. Because of this he said the commission will paint a Quot completely distorted he charged that the com Nession heard testimony of representatives of the University of California. Military leadership out Jordan forms new government inside editorial.a-4 sheriff should have sought Griffith said in Siu jurisdiction question. Mal.a-2 no chemicals found at Mal Landfill. Too years. A-6 Altona a first congregational Church observes 100th anniversary. Sports. By Wood River gets by stubborn shells family.a-8 Burn accidents Are easy to prevent. Elderly.a-3 elderly sound off on troubles at Edwardsville forum. Roche.a-5 politicians Power from constituency not god. By the associated press King Hussein of Jordan formed a new government today to work for reconstruction of his strife ravaged country As Arab leaders accused him and his army of violating the new cease fire. Ahmed t o u k a a palestinian who was chief of Hussein a Royal court was named prime minister. Toukan is a former Deputy prime minister. From Cairo. President Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan who led an Arab peace Mission to Amman and got the cease fire Friday accused Hussein of personal responsibility for the bloodshed. Coming on the heels of president Gamal Abdel Nasser a harsh Cable to Hussein Early this morning accusing him of trying to liquidate the Palestine guerrillas no Mairit a statement appeared to demand the Kings Scalp in the Arab worlds bitter internecine struggle. A we tried to implement the cease fire a Numajiri told a news conference Quot but we failed because one of the parties violated the he left no doubt that in his View the violations came exclusively from the jordanian Side. Jordan said the violations were the work o f diehard palestinian guerrillas. Guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat flew to Cairo with Numajiri Friday night to represent the palestinian viewpoint at a continuing meeting of Arab leaders in the egyptian capital. Numajiri said the egyptian embassy in Amman which serves As Headquarters for his delegation was fiercely shelled by jordanian artillery while the group sheltered there despite a truce ordered by Arafat and Hussein. A was we left for the Airport to leave Amman our armoured car was also shelled a Numajiri said. A Hussein himself is personally responsible for All that has happened. A Numajiri echoed Nasser a charge declaring Quot we Are convinced there is a plot by the jordanian authorities to liquidate the Palestine liberation the organization Heads the guerrilla listen silently As Lenz discusses arc problems by Dennis Mcmurray Telegraph staff writer enclosing the Rock Spring Park Pavilion with a Fence and posting uniformed Pou Cemen within the enclosure were rejected Friday As a Means of preventing recurring troubles at the weekly dances of the Alton recreation club. Thirteen teenagers of the recreation clubs arc Board listened quietly for the most part As mayor Paul Lenz told them that a Quot group of fanatics a and Quot special interest groups were disrupting the dances. Lenz Rad cancelled Friday n a hts a regularly scheduled dance. A shooting in which no one was hit occurred in the Park a week ago during the dance but not immediately in the Pavilion area. Yesterdays meeting was called by Lenz to discuss the future of the dances. A half dozen suggestions to prevent troubles at the sessions were made by the mayor and Jack p h i i b r i c Parks and recreation director. Only two of the teenagers had comments. Atter the meeting in the mayors office some of the arcs members who had said nothing during the meeting talked informally with a Telegraph reporter. They thought having uniformed police outside the dance might prevent another shooting but expressed the opinion that fences Walls and barricades solve the Basic problem of racial tension. The arc s Board is composed entirely of White teenagers. Not once in the nearly two hour session in the mayors office were the racial problems of the situation mentioned nor was the possibility of bringing More teenagers from minority groups into arcs discussed. Lenz and Philbrick agreed that it would be unfortunate if uniformed police had to patrol inside the dance. Philbrick said there has been Only one fistfight inside the dance area in the last three years and All the trouble has occurred outside. The possibility of condoning off the area around the Pavillion including part of the parking lot was discussed but difficulties were pointed out since the Park is open to the general Public not just arcs. Lenz told the teenagers that he did not cancel this weeks dance because of what happened last week but to prevent further problems for tha rest of the school year. He commended arcs for a Good program of Good Chan recreation and Quot you Young people have done much More in thinking and taking responsibility than Many adults Lenz asked the teenagers Why Thev did no to have better checking procedures. Philbrick replied that arcs issued their own ids in the past but dropped them three years ago. I would strongly advise you to re Institute them Vicc Klys Lenz said asking the Young people what they thought during the two hour meeting in the mayors office Only two of the 13 teenagers on the arcs Board present said anything. Most of the mayors comments were met with Stony silence and were responded to by Philbrick although Lenz said he wanted the Young Peoples opinions since he said he was leaving the responsibility in their hands. Lenz said if a Fence would be helpful he would go before the City Council and request emergency funds from the City a contingency fund for a Fence if the arcs Board wanted one. The Fence idea was not accepted Lenz also urged communication Between police and chaperones at the dance and Central police Headquarters in Case trouble occurred police chief Rudy Sowders a d radio communication was not possible because of a shortage of equipment. Arcs has been hiring an average of three off duty policemen to patrol the area outside the Pavilion

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